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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Pizza Bag Loss

After a lifetime of abuse, a few years ago I thought somethings gotta give... something will cause things to turn out really good... after all... I have survived so much... and I am sure my life is half way over with... and I really thought GOD would finally give me a break and grant me peace and happiness.

HA!  Guess not!

So I am going to post some things that I honestly thought would be good things. Give me some value and help my family and other people close to me. Believe me, I am good on my own. I want to be able to help others... and I have a list of other people who would benefit from me making just 1 thing work. And over the years I have tried many things... and I am going to post them here. Because... well, I don't know why. I sorta feel ripped off and maybe getting this out here will help me feel better.

My Pizza Bags. I created these bags myself because I cant eat a pizza fast enough and if you freeze it in the box it dries out... if you freeze it in the bags it dries out. I had tried the square ones, but the extra space absorbed the moisture, even if you folded it over.  So I made these bags to use and they worked perfectly in keeping the pizza moist when reheated. One day I was making these bags and someone said, you need to tell someone about it. So I call a MAJOR uh, 'family company' who creates baggies... and I got a call back... in fact, I got a few call backs. And they instructed me to get a provisional patent... which I did... and did all the paperwork... several packs... several calls...  that was in 2009. They really seemed interested and I was told that they were taking it... 'upstairs'... and I would get a call back.

Well, I am still waiting on that call back. But in the meantime... I notice that this 'family' business has come out with their shape your food freezer bags.

This is just one of those things that I had high hopes for... and as usual, the American dream is CRUSHED  by big business... who only want to make a profit.

Well I still think that these bags...

Could be of GREAT use... they conform to the slice and slices can be frozen and eaten separately.

Because big business stuck me out... I still make my own... I am not going to buy their new shape your food bags. Because I feel like they sorta stole my idea and reasoning.

This is just the way it is... I guess :(

Kiss The Free World Goodbye...

I suppose it is a fact that even when you try to do good... live a good life... the harder the evil one makes it. Oh its not for myself... my life is actually OK. For me... being alone like I am.

But for my daughter and her dad... here is the rundown...

First of all Houston Child Protective services... came into my house, on a LIE... and I let them in because I had nothing to hide... yeah yeah yeah, you've heard that before... but for us, the facts are all truth. People... ANYONE... even people who get mad and have a vengeful spirit can call CPS and lie just to make someones life hell. Oh yes... the days of people calling in all concerned for the child... have passed. Now, people do it to get revenge. In this case... they were mad at my daughter... so they themselves being the horrible people they are... doing the drugs they claim was going on here... hypocrites... In other words... if CPS would of drug tested the ones making the call... that person would of come up more dirty than anyone in my house ever in my lifetime.

I cannot lie... I will admit, I have been smoking pot since 1972... not constantly like a freak... but socially. If someone brings me a doobage to smoke, I will sit and smoke it with them as we talk. I don't wrap my life around it and it is not my highest priority in life... in fact, there have been times I have quit, for various reasons... the last time was for my Grandson, when CPS was called in and my daughter was a minor. I quit. Its not a big deal to me. But the people came in like gestapo throwing their weight around! And ruined our home life even tho there was a clean home with good food and good clothes... not to mention family LOVE!

And I will ALWAYS think that it is wrong to judge a person by their human pee. In fact, we are NOT judged by our clean house and ability to care for and feed and love a child... not because of any child abuse... but for our urine. There was 'NO CHILD ABUSE' claimed... just all sorts of drugs. And the child was placed with his father. A FELON... but they didn't have to drug test him because he didn't have a CPS history and his felony was past 7 years. But if they would of known the truth... he was still doing those activities... he just hadn't gotten caught... and if they would of drug tested him, he would of been positive. And if they were to drug test him today... he would be positive. BUT... that's where the state of Texas PLACED him. To be babysat by some unknown, unrelated woman in a trailer park... among pit bull dogs and cigarettes and booze! Not in the loving arms of a blood grandmother... who has a safe and quiet and CLEAN home... who doesn't smoke cigarettes or drink booze... what is my crime? Smoking a doobage on a Friday night in the back yard with my friend... When NO KIDS are even here! That is what makes me unfit... yeah. I guess it would be so much better if I was a drunkard or on HAPPY prescription pills.

My daughter is clean... and cant get any help from CPS... when she is being verbally and mentally abused by this 'man' the state has placed her son with. She did stop smoking. That was the only thing she was doing... not the crack and meth that was reported. She did smoke cigarettes. But she has never been a drinker. So she is living there, suffering... with CLEAN URINE and CPS wont even respond to her calls. But if she were to take the babe and leave... she would have charges of kidnapping on her. The state has FORCED my daughter to live in poverty as a fugitive with an abusive drunk! These ARE THE FACTS!

Now her dad. We have tried for 2 years to get things straight with the state regarding his licence. I know, I just posted the story yesterday. And today things seem very bleak. A man who could be working... but cannot... because the state is refusing to help us get a legal licence. I have already gone into debt to help him pay thousands of dollars already... and there are thousands left to pay... something from 'TRAFFIC COURT' has ruined our lives like this! SO I guess he is going to have to go down and file for his own EBT card. We were already FORCED to draw unemployment! I am legally disabled (high blood pressure and diabetes and an enlarged heart)... but I have not filed... I do not collect any gov money... but it looks like I am going to have to go file for disability to help pay the bills! I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't have my nails or hair done... I buy my clothes at the Goodwill. I don't have cable and I don't sit around watching TV all day. I don't go out and party all night and sleep all day. If I am not cleaning or cooking or taking care of kids... I am on here... reading... and writing. Actually I do have anxiety problems and don't sleep to well without medication.

So now... I can say in all truth... THE STATE OF TEXAS has destroyed my home... made my daughter a fugitive... and stuck her dad out with trying to find a job with no legal licence.

What happened to our country?

I think I know... we have CREATED the BEAST... our SYSTEM... It is NOT run by human beings... its run by computers that are programmed to make money at all costs! Computers are not programmed to CARE about the people they control! And the sheeple just continue to let the SYSTEM lead them blindly. The BEAST has NO CARE whatsoever for we 'the LEGAL people'... they are to busy trying to enslave the people and make them into criminals!

What has MY HOME state done for me? Made my family into fugitives... criminals... outlaws...

Someone... ANYONE... PLEASE...  prove me wrong!!! ??? !!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Home State of Texas Does WHAT? pt 2.

I am sad to say... I made 2 appeals to Gov Perry and the 2nd one... there was no answer to.

We only want to be legal... but the state has not helped us at all.

I have posted on this before...

It started when I found my BD (BD stands for 'babies daddy', our daughter is 21 now) after him being gone for 14 years... the last 10 years we were told he was dead. He had a couple traffic tickets that he didn't go to court for... yeah he was an idiot not to go face the music... it would  of been better had he gone and taken care of business, but because he was not working and didn't have the money to pay 2 traffic tickets... he didn't go. Yeah he was wrong and he made the wrong choice... and it was years ago...

He will now admit he was stupid not to go.

So as soon as he gets here, we decided he would turn himself in to straighten out all the mess. So we take him down to Dallas, we live in Houston, but his/our daughter drove him to the police station that had warrants on him for not showing up for TRAFFIC COURT. So our daughter drives all that way... we go in and they take him... we knew they would... what we didn't know was, HOW UNPRODUCTIVE IT WOULD BE... when he called a couple days later we thought we were home free! :)


We go to change his address on his ID again... the state says... NO!

We get online and pay thousands of dollars worth of stuff I don't even know all what it was... I have never been in trouble like that in my life and have NO CLUE how to work the system. We went back... well the details are in the past...

Well, I wrote the GOV the first time and was promised help. We called a number and talked to a woman who said if you want to appeal to fax the appeal to a certain number... in the meantime... he got pulled over in my daughters car when he took it to the car wash for her... her temporary tags were out... which was the car dealers fault... we were having a hard time getting them... GOD only knows why... so... there was proof that he was driving with a suspended licence... but COME ON! The charges were dropped when my daughter took the plates to court to prove them real... the case was thrown out... but now... the state said.. NO you cant have your licence cause you were driving with a suspended licence...

OMG... helping his daughter... taking her car to the car wash was his offence against the law!

So I appealed a second time to Gov Perry... PLEASE... you have the power to take a murderer off death row... please wont you forgive my BD and help us?


Now his birthday has come and gone... and now his drivers licence shows that it is expired...

He cannot drive to go to work... we are now on unemployment... and NOW... it is even worse... HE could of had a JOB last week... but he didn't have a valid drivers licence! This is TRUE!


How stupid of me to think that anyone in our GOV would CARE about us!

I honestly thought we would hear the Governor take an interest in our unusual story. And give us some help!

HA! I guess in order to get any help you have to be an illegal...

We went again to the DMV to see if maybe the state had made it possible to get his licence... we got more info than we ever got before... the woman told us there was 8 things he had not paid!

The REGULATIONS and fees are almost 3 GRAND! We have already paid so much... we are in debt...  We have already paid thousands...

OVER TRAFFIC TICKETS! That prob would of only been $500.00 has turned into 5 GRAND!

So... I can now say... my home state that I have loved and been so proud of all these years... has not only STUCK US OUT... they have made my BD into a criminal... AND unable to find a job!

How am I supposed to feel about that?   "Beat me down and kick me when I'm down!"

Is there no justice in the world? Anywhere???

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Last Debate...

I have been thinking about what meant the most to me from this debate. What is the one thing that I could  take away from these 2 men talking (arguing)... I listened. I even had to leave the living room to go to my bedroom so I could hear every word. Because there were people out there talking about their thoughts while the debate was going on. I am not like that. I want to be quiet and express myself after.

I know its been a few days since the debate. But, I really have been thinking hard on this one.

I thought I could do better... ya know? think of something better... but all I could see...

Was the hate in the face of Obama... the HATE that was shown was evident to me. I am positive that I am not the only one who saw that. And all I could think... was how typical of a true blue muslim... to hate and play the blame game. Distract from the truth... and insult the infidel.

So now... what can I say? I spent that time of the debate, watching 2 men argue about things that matter. Both having a slightly different perspective. But at the beginning of the campaigning... I had one thought in mind... I already knew... by being informed of current world news... that there is only one thing to do.

And this is fact... I would vote for anyone who ran against Obama!

How can so many facts about this man be so evident and he has not been impeached?

It only proves to show us that its not who you are on the front... its who whispers in your ears behind the scenes. Its all about who you choose to stand up for. Or against!

The corrupted powers that be are run by GREED and LUST!

We can overcome! :) Get out there and VOTE!

GOD Bless America Again!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Struggle in Another Universe...

Ohhh and I do struggle... don't we all? Well most of us do, I suppose. I cant think of anyone who doesn't struggle in one way or the other, at some time or another.

So I was walking along the other day feeling very low... things were not going so well in life, due to OTHER PEOPLE who cause me stress... I cant help what others do, I can only help myself in how I deal with it... and I wasnt dealing with it very well... and then suddenly... I saw 'ME' in an alternate universe. I was shocked to see me laying there, I HAD to take a pic! Just to show everyone!

I could barely breath and I imagine people were wondering what I was taking a pic of. I wonder if some actually went over there and looked after I had gone.

And then I immediately THANKED GOD that I didn't have to live in that other universe. I so THANK GOD that I am FREE and able to be who I want to be. Say what I want to say... do what I want to do. Live how I want to live...  And of course... I do what I need to do. So grateful to GOD that I am in actuality... I am living a pretty good life.

I must give the credit to GOD... because my friends tell me they don't know how I hold it together.
As they would be going crazy. NUTS even...

Well... with a little perseverance... and patience... life will somehow turn around... is what I was always told... but I had been feeling so low I just didn't know anymore.


One of my friends sent me a surprise!

These flowers were a TOTAL surprise! I haven't had flowers delivered in years! lol... I answered the door, "Do I know you?" I asked him... Thinking it was maybe the neighbor kid wanting to show me what he got his mom for her birthday... "Uh, no" he said, "I am just delivering the flowers."  HAHAHA... OK, now I was puzzled. My daughter in law was here, she also wanted to know who was sending me flowers. I think she was late to work so she could stay and see who they were from!

Annie! OMG! One of my online special friends had been knowing I was having a rough time, she got the pic of me in the alternate universe too. lol... She had had a good payday and wanted to help me feel better! They came with CHOCOLATE TOO!!!  Oh MY... where is that chocolate, anyway! :)

And the same day... today... GOD must of felt I needed a double blessing... so I became NEEDED... Oh brother... here we go again... we found a tiny orphan running the street... the perfect little blessing...

Noodles... lol...  my Grand son named her Noodles... look at that tail just a waggin' lol...

Well of course I did the proper thing and put a notice out on the corner where we saw him coming from. LITTLE DOG FOUND it says... and has my phone number on it. I DID the right thing... and I will let a few local friends know about her tomorrow. ISN'T SHE PRECIOUS?  HAHAHAHA a little baby girl!

My daughter in law said, "Watch, no one is going to call and your gonna have a new baby." WHAT?? I don't need a new baby! I don't have time to watch her... so anyway, my daughter in laws mother has loaned me a little kennel... OK, that's nice.. its only going to be temporary... RIGHT?

So funny... a couple weeks ago... part of my sadness was that I had rescued another homeless dog, I LOVED him... I wanted to keep him so bad... here is his picture;
We had named him Eddie, he was starving on the streets of my friends house... he is a French greyhound... but my heart was broken when he ran off. He has not come back! :(

lol... when I first started thinking about writing about that pic of me in an alternate universe... this post was going to be SO DIFFERENT!          HAHAHA... Jokes on ME! :)

Because as you would know it... GOD always has HIS wonderful ways to give us JOY!

I am so happy to know that with some prayer and patience... things all come together for good :)

Update; 10-22-12
CoCo was her real name... and the sign did what I meant it to do. There was a message on my phone early this morning. It was a happy/sad day. We loved the little pup... but I knew that I didn't want to have to deal with another baby! But I would of taken good care of her if no one had called. And besides, I could tell by how happy the pup was, she had to of come from a happy home. I knew she was missed. I took the whole day letting her know how sweet she was... taking the opportunity to help potty train her with positive reinforcement! I had all day until the little girl got out of school and she came for her 'baby'!

Of course I could of kept the pup... some people would of, she is worth a lot of money as a pure bred. But, I have never been like that. And I knew that someone had lost their love.

So, I felt good. And I learned that I really am not ready to take this sort of thing on, even tho I want a pup.
And in the end... the look on that little girls face when she saw her little dog... was very much worth it!

Friday, October 19, 2012


I haven't had much time for the news today... but I did see where Putin say that the muslim veils are to be banned and are saying that Russia will go back to school uniforms like the old Soviet Union... WOW!

This is GREAT NEWS! I am so HAPPY to see France and Russia stand against the intention of the muslims. I am so happy that people are seeing what is going on with Islam... seeing the TRUTH!

I see in Mali... the muslims have closed 9 churches and 6 buddist temples.

I am quite aware of their intentions... and am so glad to see the savages will not prevail... so many lies told. Who do we believe? I can tell you right now, we choose the civilized man over the savages any day!

I watched an interesting movie tonight... it was about a Countess Bathory. My, how we humans can act. It sorta freaks me out to know that things are not always what they seem to be. How we can pretend to be good when our souls are evil and sinful.

For me, I cannot comprehend these things. I will never understand how someone can eat someones face off. Or slice their heads off. I will never be able to understand the craziness of all that.

But we live in a different time now. The new age... we are all pretty much able to be educated... to learn to read and write. And learn from history.  It is hard to know that there are still people in the world who cannot learn these simple skills. Well, mostly the muslim men want to keep the muslim women uneducated. This I truly know!

I do feel like we will see the time when the lion WILL lay down with the lamb.

I can see it happening... as I live and breathe... regardless of the attempts to control people with barbaric threats. Its hard to believe they believe their own sayings...

We are an intelligent species... We will find a way to make PEACE possible...

After all is said and done... it IS all about our FREEDOM to CHOOSE!

Lets choose PEACE... Lets CHOOSE LOVE!   Not hate or war...

And lets also choose the FREEDOM to be able to know the difference!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Freedom Of Speech

Well, Yahoo has cut my throat 2 times... some of my friends believe that money can make that happen... someone getting in there and deleting my profile. Yes... that is what happened! Now all those years of comments... just says, 'yahoo user' now. And if you search for my profile... used to pop right up first thing... and now... it is gone. Where did it go? I don't know. But I do know, that I did not delete it.

Well, of course we live in America... so I am free to create a new ID. HAHAHA... what a joke. Now they are doing the same thing to the 2nd MotherPope ID. And just about 5 minutes ago... my new profile cannot be found... even tho I have a direct link to it.

I have been writing for years... online... lol... I told my daughter that my audience reading my blog covered 20 countries... she says... "But your not getting any money."   HAHAHA... ahhh the innocence of a child! I feel like what GOD has given to me... I pass on for free... GODs LOVE cannot be bought... it is freely given. Yes I have studied the Bible over and over and over again... have read many different religious and non religious books and bios... and I can know a lie from the truth... and so I share with people world wide what I have learned.

And when I learned I was being read in 20 countries... I think I sat for several minutes with my mouth hanging open!  lol... and I WISH I could give everyone reading this blog a HUG... and its OK that I only have 1 follower... there are actually many more... but that one person is a personal close friend who has been there with me since day one! She is not in good health these days... I Pray to GOD for a healing for her, in Jesus name... Amen... we are still close... she just doesn't spend much time here anymore.

So if you are reading this blog... consider yourself HUGGED! I LOVE with a GODLY LOVE... people all over the world... all the way from USA to Puru... I want you to know, I love you! And you matter to me. And I DO respond to personal emails. And I THANK GOD for all the people!

My life is so far from this part of me. And what is even funnier to me... very few people in my real life know about this side of me. They see me as a mother, a grandmother... a neighbor... taking care of her family. But they have no clue about the strength that is actually within. Most people who know me in real life don't know this side of me. But here I am. A nobody really... but actually a somebody! :)

I was babysitting a couple of the grand kids and someone asked me... "How can you stand to watch SpongeBob SquarePants?"... they said for them it was like hearing nails on a chalk board. lol... well its because in my head I am not listening... in my head I am thinking and planning... at night when I am laying down to sleep... I pray to GOD for hours... my mind constantly going like a hamster in a wheel. This is a blessing and a curse. I am a thinker... a planner... I LOVE a 'steady as she goes' attitude... but don't think for a second I am not on top of things when things go off course... its then when I get a 'go with the flow' attitude... and I don't know how I do it... but it always happens... with GOD... I always land on top!

THANK YOU GOD for that! :)

Sometimes when life goes bad... as it usually always does for each of us in our own way... we the people with a common sense brain, work within reality to find a rock solid conclusion.

I am so blessed... yet...  I am so hated... sometimes I pray for death to take me out of this crazy world... give me a break... but every day... GOD keeps waking me up with the voice singing "GOOD MORNING! Its a beautiful day!" attitude filling my soul! WHY??? I asked GOD! WHY??? And I keep getting the same answer...

"Cause theres HOPE with MotherPope... no one can teach the world about LOVE better than MotherPope can!"

HAHAHA! WHAT!?! I ask???

And then I look at the people who know me and love me... and I see the people who dont know me but  hate me... and even the people who hate to love me.... HAHAHA... oh yes... they are out there... and I am so happy to make a difference...

When I get emails and responses from people who are hurting and scared inside... and I can talk to them, no matter where they may be... it makes a difference... WITH LOVE... and loving one another... we can all make a difference.

For in LOVING ONE ANOTHER and DOING GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... we fulfill the law of promise for a new tomorrow... a new beginning where we all agree that 'we are WE'!

We all matter... no matter bound or free... we ALL matter! I matter, you matter... my kids matter, your kids matter... we are all 'WE'... and we are all in this world together... and STILL... we have the freedom to choose each day to live a life full of LOVE. Or, we can choose to hate and be angry and seek revenge and be selfish and self centered and not think about our brethren... in that case... we will fail.

Lets NOT fail... lets support each other like real family... the... 'WE THE PEOPLE' family!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mysterious Pot

Does anyone know anything about this pot? I have contacted museums, auction houses, antique dealers... no one seems to know anything about it. If anyone does, please contact me at


The Second Presidential Debate

Looked like things were going pretty good, until I saw the rudeness of Obama. He literally made me mad simply by being RUDE. I didn't like how the moderator kept stopping the men. I say GO FOR IT! Let them battle it out with words. Don't stop them and don't let them interrupt the other. That's the way it should of been. But of course the gentleman of the 2 gave way to being stopped.

There was at one point, I am sure others saw it. You could see the evil in the face of Obama. The darkness overshadowed his charm. He didn't sparkle like he did in '08.

And about the statement Obama made that the rich make rules for themselves... well doesn't congress do that too? I mean, they don't have to follow the same rules and ways that us peons do.

I don't think that's fair at all.

I know how to cut the deficit! The greatest change of all would be to make all congress and all political jobs voluntary and limited to 2 years!  I know it sounds crazy! Imagine the Prez donating his time to his country!

I don't like the way Obama is spending the taxpayers money.

I don't like the way Obama looked at Romney. Boy, if looks could kill Romney would be dead!

I don't like the way Obama apologies for America or plays the blame game.

I did not vote for him either, I vote for the man... not the color of the man. And Obama got the vote cause he  was black. Well, he is 'sorta' black. But its not a 'race' race for me.

Its about ethics... and loyalty... and standing firm against our enemies. Not allowing them to come in and take over. Not allowing them to make our home theirs... unless of course they legally come in and follow our laws and stop allowing them to create their own. Trying to change our constitution to fit their agenda. Bah!

November 6th is coming soon... it will be our chance to show who really works for whom!

Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate

I thought things were going well until Biden started his fake laughing... and interrupting Ryan. I was thinking Biden had a chance to win the debate, until that ridiculous laughing and rude 'over talking' Ryan. And Ryan was so polite and let Biden show his bully self. So even tho I thought Biden made a couple good points,  his rude bully boy attitude turned me off completely.

Congressman Ryan... He came off as a cool intelligent eager to serve gentleman. There is only one thing I would want to tell him. And that is, there is a HUGE misunderstanding within the White house...  that is  Assad of Syria. I do NOT believe that Assad is killing his own people... I believe the muslim brotherhood is doing it and blaming it on Assad... A lot of people tend to believe the lies that are told in all earnest... oh yeah... the muslims are ALLOWED to lie to us... so that is why they are so convincing. They see their own lies as truth. And I don't know if people are just really gullible or they really want to believe them... or they just don't care  :(

As far as Abortions... I had one and I almost died. Oh yeah...  I have... given a baby up for adoption, had two of my own... and 3 miscarriages. I have never had a child pass away, I don't think I could handle that. I think that GOD knew that I wouldn't of been able to handle that. God never puts us through anything we cannot handle. Only God knows the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. But altho I think abortion is a very bad thing... I do support a woman's right to have one if she deems it best for her own life. I see so many pro lifers... but then they go home to their fancy houses and forget about the real facts of life. Babies being born unwanted... forced to live in poverty and usually have abusive parents with drug and alcohol problems... I think every pro lifer ought to take in at least 3 orphans at a time and when they grow up, they need to take in more. Some of these unwanted children are so broken...  they are beyond fixing.

But all is possible with Jesus! And maybe if the pro lifers would stop forcing people to accept their views, we could save some of these children from being born into this messy world. Because I guarantee its not the rich folk who are having to put up with the consequences of 2 horny people drinking and on drugs that create a child without even realizing it is being done. Or doing it on purpose because they KNOW the government will give them all that they need.

WARNING; this video is explicit...

Economy... whew.... well, I sorta agree with Romney and should let bankruptcy happen for those who mismanage their money. I mean, I don't see any bailouts for THE PEOPLE... only corporations? I think what would of been a better idea... would of been to get a list of the people who owed them and then go to them, one by one and take a personal interest and pay off their debt for them. That way, GM gets the money OWED to them and the PEOPLE get to free up their money so they can spend it elsewhere! Now THAT would of been an ideal stimulus!

Why bail out big business??? Bail out the PEOPLE! Now, that would of gotten ya re-elected Obama!

So sad for the people who don't see the truth in this life. But you know what the Bible says... "There is NOTHING hidden that shall not be revealed!"

Thank GOD for the people who actually TELL THE TRUTH!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mothers Advice To Mitt Romney

Your success is as easy as one, two, three...

1. Know that the respect of women has been longer and stronger than the disrespect of women. I suppose it was the arrogance of man that had and has created the disrespect... but I KNOW it is the LOVE of women... the LOVE of mothers... that has been the backbone of society! Sure there are some bad mothers... but it has to do with breeding and upbringing... In general, women deserve respect! After all we give birth to men!  Right now I think the most important thing to remember is, in this day and time, women have the strength and independence that has brought us to a place where women in general have the intelligence to know what they need for themselves. So please, in your running, the way to win will be to give the women the freedom to choose for themselves what is good for them, only a woman and her private Dr knows what is best for her. Government shouldn't be meddling into the private intimate details of a woman's life. Women should have the power to choose what they do with their own bodies... and therefore, suffer any consequences from their actions and deal with  life on their own terms without being dictated to about their choice to have or not have babies. Its a good life for those women like your lovely wife Ann, who can have a man take care of them... but even you must know, this is just how it works best for some people... not all people. If there is one thing I learned in this life is that there is much diversity... we cannot categorize women. We cant categorize PEOPLE! There is such a difference... and that's GOOD because here in America, just like in Genesis, we have the freedom to CHOOSE! Give the women what they want... and that is the FREEDOM to make their own choices regarding their own bodies.

2. Always remember that in America we have freedom of religion... and freedom 'from' religion. As you can probably know, there is a movement going on with Islam... now its a nice idea for them to have their freedom to worship allah... BUT... also know that WE as Americans have the freedom NOT to worship allah... someone posted to me yesterday that Allah, Jehovah, God... are all the same thing. But they forgot one thing.   JESUS! Jesus is what makes a world of difference! Jesus teaches us to LOVE and CARE about each other... to FORGIVE when we are wronged. But... Islam doesn't have the same freedom. PLEASE beware... Islams goal is to spread Sharia Law world wide! In my deep thinking, this may make sense to a lot of people since Islam is a uh... 'peaceful' religion... I happen to disagree, knowing the world events of muslims working for worldwide Sharia Law going on today. Innocents die every day under Sharia Law! Now I have talked to a lot of people about this subject for over 2 years now. Ever since Obama had that 'special dinner' for the muslims... NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH SELLING OURSELVES OUT! Many people say that they will never take over in America... because we have the constitution... but know this... when they get the majority in the house... they will vote it in! I have read their book... and they wont stop... unless we make them! The muslim brotherhood will lie to your face and stab you in the back, they are trained like robots to do this. They are allowed to lie to us, to advance Islam. Never trust them! Keep your eye on the sidelines... because they will have a brother or a cousin there to stab you in the back or cut your throat if you disagree! I cannot stress how important this is for the freedom of Americans. It is a real threat... and we need to be on guard! Personally, I believe we need to bring all of our people out of Islamland and stop funding to any muslim nation. Because they are going to be against us, no matter what their mouth says... in their heart, they hate us and want to kill all the infidels. I know there is some good in Islam, but that is a FRONT! This is why so many Imams don't want women to be educated... because women know this is a CROCK of SLOP! On my facebook, there was a male muslim who attached himself to me and swore loyalty of a dog to me and said he would deny Allah and Islam... altho he said it in a much cruder way. I was taken aback... some of my friends believe he is just trying to get close to me... somehow in my heart, I feel he is telling the truth... he knows Islam stinks. I believe he just wants to live free! After all... why do muslims want to move away from Islamland? Could it be for the FREEDOM? Perhaps for some... but for others its about world wide Sharia Law. Always remember and never forget... the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, which lives in the hearts and minds of HIS people... says... if someone doesn't want to be a Christian, wipe the dust off your feet and go on with your life... NOT cut their throat if they don't agree. We must have the freedom to choose!

3. Stand up for GOD! We are a nation based on the principals of LOVE... and FREEDOM... and HAPPINESS... there IS a Holy War going on right now! I have recently gotten into Revelations .. and even in the Thessalonians it speaks of this... and we are warned of this time. All the signs are there! It goes way back to 2 half brothers who split and have made war ever since. Bring the hammer down on that one! Will ya? Because this is not a war of flesh and blood, but a war of principals... morals... good against evil. If you know the Bible, you know I speak the truth! We are all in this together... we must fight the good fight of faith!

Now I am just a no body... expressing my opinion. But according to the word of GOD, I am a somebody... and we all have to be in one accord... thinking the same thoughts... wondering the same things...

I believe with all my heart and soul that Obama is a closet muslim, but this is currently being known by THE PEOPLE... in the documentary 2016... and also the new movie on Obama on Netflix. More and more people are becoming aware that Obama has placed many muslims in the house... and they are challenging our constitution. So odd to me that in France the muslims are fighting for the freedom of speech and yet in America, they are fighting for the restriction of speech!

Please Mitt Romney... give us what we need! :)