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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2016 The Movie

I was very compelled in my soul, to go see this movie. I was told by a Christian brother not to go, his preacher told the people not to go because it is not total truth. Well, I can recognize truth when I see it. And the only thing I saw that was possibly untrue was the fact that it was stated he was born in Hawaii.

When I went in, I was open minded enough to know I had to STAY open minded in order to grasp what the author D'Souza was talking about. I loved that this man was in search of the truth! And I think he found it!

I was alone for the first few minutes... it was a matinee on a Tuesday, so I knew there would hardly be anyone there. But after a few minutes, one older woman had come in while I was unaware. Just the 2 of us. A few seats apart, not talking. Just taking it all in.

Not really hearing anything new, that we hadn't heard as far as the news went... but I never knew that Obama had so many brothers and sisters. And seeing his brother in Kenya speaking... wow... that was surreal. I could see the strong resemblance. The air of arrogance. I see he wrote a book in 2010... I am sure he had help with that. I have been writing for years... many things... books, songs, poetry...  and I have no help, so they remain unpublished. But this isn't about that. I see the man has done well for himself since his brother became the great savior of the world.

The thing is, I don't believe socialism works... I believe Capitalism WORKS... Some men are more motivated to create and build... and others are more prone to just want to party away their life... be nothing... have nothing... use nothing (but people)... and leave nothing but bad memories behind.

During the conventions, I watched them both... I noticed something was missing... and that was what was in this movie today, what was missing in the conventions speakers speeches... is revealed in this movie. His paternity... his roots. Where he comes from.

I can see where Obamas head is at now, much more clearly... when I would look at him before... I was wondering what the heck was/is he thinking? Now I know.

One of the things that the lady Ilene I think her name was... said... was she thinks if Obama gets elected its gonna get worse than what the movie talked about, I believe she is right. She also said he was a muslim. Yeah... she did... without me saying anything...  wow... I am so blessed to of met her and was able to talk to this wise lady after the movie was over. So funny I was so into our conversations and had to pee so bad, I asked her to go to the restroom with me! HAHAHA... we had a great conversation! Thank you GOD for that! :)

I believe that Obama wants to destroy the rich men... because rich men are powerful and there are certain  people who don't want men to be powerful. And I do honestly believe that he (Obama) is devoted to handing the USA over to Islam for Allah... I believe he believes he is the great savior of the people bringing all into one accord with Islam under Allah. I have watched closely as this man has spent the last 4 years doing... uh... what? Killing Osama? Big deal... he was a mere pawn in the game of Islam... and Obama knows that. And Obama also knows that he himself is just a pawn in the game. Its all one big game to the big game players.

All of what was in the movie was real, taken from the news or from real places and people who are in the know... and now I know.. and you should know too... the visualization was colorful and makes me so glad to be living here in the good ole USA!

I pray to GOD we are not heading nor will we ever head towards a one world order under Islam... you see... divided we may stand, united in our respect and trust. But when you cant trust the ones who are programmed to lie to you.. for your own good... well... this is just not right and we should not stand for it! I can see the people are blinded to the catastrophic events that will soon be here if we allow this man to continue in the house. It is his job to enslave all the people and not only us... but our children who will inherit from us. Inherit what? DEBT? You bet! "Oh sorry kids, mommy and daddy have nothing to give you because the government owns it all... we can only leave you our debt."

Over my dead body!

I am not here to blame or condemn Obama... as a matter of fact, I bet he is a good husband and father. But I do know there are secrets that he keeps locked up inside and portrays a true blue AMERICAN image... but my gut tells me he is not. His heart is buried in Kenya with his father... with the muslims... and he will lie to us and tell us what we want to hear... so it will give him more time to allow the muslims to take over the world system for Islam. I mean, that is their goal.

If it was true that moderate muslims are true muslims... then why did they want to come to the USA? Why don't they stay in Islamland and be happy? Now that is a goofy question, I know... they wanted their FREEDOM! OK, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if they left Islamland for the sake of freedom, then why are they trying to instill it into our America?

That lovely lady I had a talk with after the movie... she said her daughter in law worked at a new school, called Harmony School... and it is muslim... the enemy is already within... and when they get enough people  here, they will have the majority and they will vote into law, the Sharia Law... a world wide system of law and religion that all must follow... or be murdered by the mob. Look at J. Christopher Stevens... an innocent man along with his fellow employees... died at the hands of savages recently. Is that how the world is heading?

Ya know... I am a deep thinker... and I can reach low enough to feel the savage in me. The idea that revenge is good... shedding of the blood of the guilty is cleansing... if someone murdered one of my kids I would be first in line to put a bullet in the murdering maniac... yeah... I would be that mad. But the LOVE of JESUS is in control... and we are under a new covenant... and GOD occupies my heart and my mind... according to  Hebrews 8;10. And I can see that ancient tradition of barbaric measures that are abound are evil.

Towards the end of the movie... I was angry... not so much at Obama... but at the people who placed him there. The plan... was simple, yet complex. He is sympathetic to the muslims who burn effigies of him... but he knows its all for show... and tolerance of another religion? HA! We can barely tolerate the hate they send out. Hateful threatening terroristic threats from the muslims all over the world... and Obama apologizes for us. Hey, I don't want anyone speaking for me... not even the president. I am an independent thinker and I can speak for myself... and I make no apologies to the sensitive muslims... Morsi is a bully.

Everyone who plans to vote, should see this movie... and not be motivated by the winning of the black man (the black man won a long time ago)... but be motivated to let the muslim go home... where he can do damage only to his own soul and not our country.

This movie exposes all the horrible factual details in an hour and half. But I will buy a copy as soon as it is available... there was so much I wanted to take notes. I took mental notes.

Go see the movie... I did... it was worth it! It was informative and I LOVED IT!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today Is Your Birthday, Its My Birthday Too Yeah...

It was the year 1900 on September the 20th to be exact, when Edith Minette Campbell was born. The second child of Hal and Blanch Campbell.  She was a beautiful, dutiful young child... always helping her momma out with her 2 younger brothers. One day her world came crashing down when she was 10 years old, her older sister, Doris who at 12 years, suddenly passed away from 'brain fever' I think they used to call it, now we call it cerebral meningitis. I was told they had gone to a parade that day... and the sis developed a fever. What a sad sad time for the entire family. And life does go on. Soon thereafter, her momma got pregnant with her baby sister, my Grandmother... Kathryn Estelle Campbell, she was born early fall, August 12, 1913... Blanch could hardly handle the new born babe... afraid to get close to lose another child? God forbid. So Edith took over the mommy roll to the new baby, taking care of her needs and allowing my Great Grandma Blanch her space.
Aunt Edie as she was known to me was 'smart a a whip'... a real go getter... and being married 3 times was a scandal in those days... but she survived it all and became her own woman in her 60's. She divorced her 3rd husband... well, you can't stay with someone when life goes all topsy turvy on ya. She told me that there were a few couples... and they would swap... (Uh... What?) Oh yes people, I am keeping it real. Not changing history for anyone. I am a straight up straight shooter! This is her story that she had told me.
She was never able to have children... I don't know the details of all that, but she had some female problems at a very young age and had a complete hysterectomy. But...
On her 59th birthday, she got the 'best present of all her life'... ME... lol... her words! I promise! :) I WAS HER BIRTHDAY GIRL! That's what she always called me, for the rest of her life! She was partial to me, I do remember that. And I also remember how sad that made me feel for my older sis. But she (my sister) was sorta prissy and my Great Aunt didn't like Miss Priss attitudes.... and besides, my sister was my Grandmothers favorite, her first Grandchild... and many times while we would be with my Grandparents, I would go spend time with my Great Aunt Edie, while my older sis stayed at home with my Grandparents. Ohhh what fun I had. She taught me so much! Most of what I am today is what she created in those informative years. She taught me about manners and music.  She taught me to play the piano... and I was in heaven when she taught me to dance! Oh how we would dance, me being so little that I would learn by staying on her toes! Oh the sweet music! She would play record after record of the greatest music I had ever heard! Oh how I loved Boots Randolph and his Yakity Sax! Whooohooo, they just don't make em like that anymore!
At night when we would go to bed, she gave me the option of sleeping in the guest room and I did a few times, but it sure was great when she said I could sleep with her, if I wanted to... She always took a container of water to bed, I still do this, to this day! She would tell me why she changed from a glass to a closed container...  when in her past she had taken her glass of water to bed and went to sip in the dark and she felt something touch her lip... she turned the light on and it was one of those HUGE tree roaches... lol... so from then on, she had her little plastic closed container of water that she would share with me if I needed a sip... we would lay in the dark and we would whisper softly our thoughts and plans, until I could hear her gentle snoring that allowed me to huddle up against her back and snuggle in peace. HAHAHA I remember her telling me if her snoring ever bothered me to nudge her in the back. I never nudged. I loved the sound of her rhythmic breathing... I knew I was safe and all was well in the world.
I remember waking up and she would fix me the most wonderful (bad for you) food! She would toast a piece of bread and put a beef patty on it with a slice of cheese... and here's what she said made it taste so good, she drizzled the hot liquid fat off the beef patty on top and it soaked into the bread to give it an awesome taste. Oh it is one of the most wonderful things you ever put in your mouth! And so totally bad for you... lol... but we didn't know that back then... so y'all don't do that! Well, maybe just once, just to have a try!
When I was very young... I can remember my Grandmother would drop us off at my Great Aunts work...  her boss, Mr Garrett was a fine man. The office was small but had 3 desks and a restroom, I would LOVE to sit behind one of the desks and use the 'official' paper! My aunt was a beautiful, efficient worker, I LOVED watching her take care of so much... the typing, the paperwork, the men when they came in... "ABCO Aluminum" she would say when she answered the phone! I was quiet and respected her life and was always treated properly from all of the people there. I remember that I was in AWE of how she was the only woman there... and she was in charge!
One day as my sister Kathryn and I were walking to my great aunts house... which was down the street, turn left pass 2 short end blocks, and right on the next street, which was also an end block... over a bridge and then we came back up 1 short end block and she was the 1st block to the left... and like 3 houses down on the right! It wasn't a very long walk. One day as we were walking over there... a girl I barely knew with a bunch of kids, stopped me. Wanted to fight. I had no idea why! She was a new kid at school and she was in front of her friends, prob trying to show off... and she told me she wanted to fight. "OK" I calmly said, but still not understanding why... I just stood there looking at her... she says... "Put up your dukes" ... "HUH??"  I just stand there looking at her. She asked me why I am not putting up my dukes... and I say... "Because I don't fight with my hands... I fight with WORDS."  lol... well she was so freaked out the way I said 'words'... she ran home and I never had another problem with her.
As I grew up, my relationship with my Great Aunt grew up too... and when we moved, she did too... and she was always within walking distance for me! From the time I was a young teen, she would let me take care of some of her lite work... and gave me money for helping. And when I turned 16 and got my DL... she let me know her car was always available to me, whenever I wanted to use it. Ours was a very special relationship... I could always turn to her when my heart was broken... or there was something on my mind... she always had time for me. Always had an ear and always had GREAT advice... "in life you can count your true blue friends on 1 hand."  When I was crying... she would say... "Shhhh, just sit still, time always changes things... its not going to last for ever."  As she grew older... her going out with me to the stores and restaurants came to a screeching halt when she fell down in the store, I picked her up, but she was so embarrassed, she never went out again. I would always go and do her laundry, check the mail and vacuum and dust and clean the bathroom and kitchen. She paid me very well! I was always shocked at the amount! And if I cleaned the oven, it was double! Wow! Those were some good days... she knew she didn't have to pay me like that... but as she would say.. "I would rather give it to you while I am alive so I can see you enjoy it!" We played cards... she cooked great food and I would go eat with her. Or she would bake a cake and would send it home to me or my Grandmother... her baby sister... oh the days were bliss... her days were quite as she loved to watch the birds on her front porch, she had bird food out there... bird watching...  it was her favorite thing to do... and she also LOVED football. Only she didn't love to hear the men 'blabbing' as she would say! HA! I think she enjoyed looking at the men... that's right! She loved the men.. she had told me stories of her going gambling down in Galveston in the 20's, I believe she always loved a good party!
I remember it was the late 80's... I called a radio station and had them play the Beatles... "nananananananana today is your birthday... its my birthday too now... nananananananana"... loved music, loved my Great Aunt and loved life! She was amazing... a tower of strength... my rock, my best friend... I had no say when her brothers and sister and sister in laws insisted on her going to an old folks home... I stayed in her apartment as long as I could... I was just going through my 1st divorce. I was lonely at first. But I always went to see her. We would take her out for the day... the summer before she passed we were able to take her to Galveston and rolled her into the water were the waves could lap at her feet...the look on her face will always be priceless... cherished always in my minds eye. We also took her to my home for Christmas... Even though she was not the lively lady she used to be... she was smiling and she was still one of my most precious blessings!
The last time I saw her... I had taken my new baby, Kathryn Estelle, to see her. Her eyes lit up at the precious babe! And she was crying... but not because I had not seen her the late months of my pregnancy. I didn't think it was a good idea.... because she never thought it was a very good idea to have children. She felt a woman had a better purpose these days. So I was worried about her being worried, so it was a few months I didn't see her. But that didn't seem to matter to her when I presented the NEW 'Kathryn Estelle' to her... and when she realised I had named my new baby after 'her baby' which was my grandmother her little sister whom she took care of her whole life, it was so overwhelming to her... It was a moment I will never forget. I am not sure... but I guess my Great Aunt must of realised I would need to spend my time caring for the baby... because she passed away a few days later.
I remember the night we went to the funeral home... she didn't want a funeral.. but those precious hours with her that night will remain in my thoughts forever. It was raining. My Grandparents were not even in town, they were visiting my Uncle in San Antonio. And no one wanted to get out. I was bound and determined I was going to be there... I was going to see Aunt Edie... in the storm... alone... if I had to... my mother at the last minute didn't want me to go alone. So she went with me. The place was quiet. It was late. Aunt Edie looked perfect in her silk blue dress. I cried, she was so beautiful, the make up was perfect, she hadn't worn make up for years so it was a nice surprise. My mother and I were alone. No one was close to her like I was, because to be frank, she was a true blue blooded bitch if she didn't like you. And she wasn't fond of any of the others in our family. This made me feel sad for my other younger sister also... because she took a few verbal hits from her. If she didn't like something, she would LET YOU KNOW! (HA! Maybe that's where I get it from! lol) and she didn't like my younger sisters dad, or her boyfriend. She didn't like my older sisters daughter either... she really didn't like the things they chose to do and she had turned her back on them. But always, I was her best buddy... and when I said my goodbyes to her... I leaned over and kissed her cheek and touched her hand... and as I did... the thunder rolled and the lights flickered and I could physically feel her warm hand on my cheek, just like she had always done, my whole life... always as I hugged her goodbye... she always put her hand on my cheek on my way out the door... and it really freaked me out when I felt it there that night. Spooked my mother pretty good too... she could tell by the look of shock on my face that something special had happened.
I still have some of her stuff... her old records that I still play today with my own grandchildren! And her drivers license... her last dress... some furniture... some kitchen things... when she went into the home... most of her possessions became mine. The big mirrors that grace my walls are the ones that graced her walls all my life. But the thing that she gave me that is my most precious possession... would not be the music... or the fine dining manners... but the awesome spirit of strength and courage that was hers... and now... is mine.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT EDIE... RIP... I will see ya when I get there! {{{HUGS}}}

Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Thoughts On The Political Conventions :)

As I posted on yahoo news on the 6th, 'I guess if you sprinkle a few truths in with the lies, the people will tend to believe the lies'. I do honestly believe that the people believe the lies, innocently. They're just narrow minded and they WANT to believe so badly!!

I want to post my thoughts on both the conventions, yes, I watched both of them on PBS and later on 'channel 2', when they started. I would like to start with the Dems... 
I was surprised to see a nun... with a bus load of nuns... when all the time the gov is saying 'seperation of church and state'... and all of a sudden they have some nuns on board... and a nice one to boot! So which is it? Is there a link between church and state after all? Hmmm... I wonder.
And the workers of GM... now this is what I don't get... WHY? Why didnt Obama, instead of giving all that money to the powers that be at GM... why didnt he go to the PEOPLE who are in debt to GM and pay off 'their' bills? WHY? If the current gov is 'for the people' why didnt it happen like that? Instead of giving money to BIG BUSINESS, which by the way... is whom he wants to take more money from! I guess some rich men dont care if they give their money to the gov and some do!  For me, personally, I wish we would have a FLAT 9% TAX, like the other guy wanted... 

Which brings me to another firm belief...
We are giving our medical dollars to the wrong people! Dont pay the gov or the ins co's for what we can pay the Drs directly! It is the Dr's whom we get personal with... not the GOV or the INS companies. Our DRs know whats best for us... that suits our individual needs! SO why are we bringing all these other people into our medical care to rape and pillage the money (red tape and dictates who gets what)? And this Sandra who spoke at the dem convention, why is she speaking out against Romney? He isnt even in yet and she has already had the problem. Here is what I understanding, This woman was MAD because her current insurance was not covering her birth control. What does Romney have to do with her current/past issue?  I agree with the majority of the people... 'I paid for my own birth control' too. Is this woman so afraid that she may come across a man whom she wants to sleep with and he wont have a condom? I mean if your sleeping around like that, you have to be more protected than just birth control pills. You need to wrap something. Male or female, they make condoms to fit all shapes and sizes.
Now... then... I must say... I don't like to be yelled at... is that what they resorted to, to get our attention?

Mrs.Obama, now I must say... I can't help but like this woman. She is firm and strong with her children and I always admire a woman like that. And I believe she is loyal to her husband... but then again... so is Hillary Clinton and so is Ann Romney, among others. What I found interesting is she didnt talk about Obamas 'paternal roots'. This really bothers me because people need to know that info. People really need to know the the truth of that matter, for sure. I believe that Obama has been groomed by unmentionable people for years... I believe the muslims intend to press Sharia Law world wide and Obama is their western hope. I honestly dont think that every single dem in the whitehouse agrees with all of this. But it is moving in so slowly that we dont notice it to much. A muslim person just today told me that one day I will be crying for Sharia Law... HA! NO... I think NOT... because I FIRMLY believe in the FREEDOM of the PEOPLE! Sharia Law is not people friendly. It hacks off the hands of young boys for theft! It murders young woman on a whim... and if the father or brother or uncle or grandfather doesn't do the deed, the mob outside in the street will. People need to educate yourselves to Sharia Law. Do the web search... 'Sharia Law'... 'honor killings in America'... 'muslims destroy churches'... there is a whole world of truth out there that people are not realizing is going on, cause we are so caught up in TV... music and video games... or 'other hobbies'...  I don't think even Hillary knows what it all means... if you have not read the Koran yourself, you cannot know. I have read it. I know their plan. And it may seem all perfect and beautiful like in Qatar, but there is hidden secrets that will soon come to light for all of us to see! And it really makes me wonder, because these woman say they wear their covering for modesty... but they wear their jeans so skin tight you can see every curve of their arse and inner thighs... and they paint their face up... to attract men?... but I thought they didn't want to feed into the lusts of the men? I just dont get all that... how is a cloth covering only the head and neck gonna stop the men from ooogling their arse??? How will women survive as a priority under Sharia Law? How can women win being owned and sold like cattle, and slaughtered if they make one mistake? I think there are a lot of vermin in the earth and we need some pest control!
And now to Clinton... it comes to no surprise to the people who know me, that I vote for the lessor evils... and Clinton was young and handsome and really created a great show... and I voted for him... the first time. I am not reb or dem... so dont judge me by those 2 words. I will vote for the one I like the best. And I do that by what I see. Now I see 3 of my closest friends, who are on disability... get denied, certain medicines and treatments... I have seen my friends lose their homes and their jobs... and I am seeing them having to go to the welfare lines to get their 'fair share'... It used to be the church that handed out the help... and they also will show you a better way to live your life. However, there have been MEN... who have professed to be GODLY, but have acted against GOD... we have seen this from the beginning of time... even King David himself displeased GOD. But our GOD is a forgiving GOD and HE helps only those who are humble and admit their mistakes and they realize that they LOVE GOD more than they love themselves or the things of the flesh/earth... and any man who has loved a woman who was married and 'unavailable'... they do live in the flesh and make moral mistakes... due to the 'lusts of the flesh'. My own sin is food, it isnt sex (anymore), or drugs or lies... its FOOD... I fight it every day because I find I am very weak when it comes to food... so much so that I have asked my kids NOT to bring me certain foods anymore (they love to feed me)... yes, food is my weakness... and people may laugh at that because they have great control... well... we all have our sins... I work on staying away from food like an alcoholic stays away from alcohol... but it is harder for me cause we all gotta eat and when I get a taste for something and get it... I totally enjoy it. Yeah, I am going to keep working on that too. I am already doing good. And am down to ummm black coffee as breakfast and very small healthy meals. Anyways I could write a book about losing weight and getting healthy, but that is not what I want to do here today.

Now C. Kennedy... I have always admired Caroline... loved her dad... but was always suspicious of Ted. I think Caroline is a great person... but again, I don't think she understands the consequences of Sharia Law. I think she should actually look into it. And she mentioned women and children, but what about our elderly? If I remember correctly under Obama care, the elderly are passed over to help the young (workers). Old folk are a burden on our healthcare system and I believe there are those who want to eliminate the sick old people altogether. Me? I think they should be made a priority, because ya don't get old without getting wise, usually stupid people don't survive past their 40's or 50's.

Another lovely lady, Madam Albright... but I sorta disagree that Obama 'won' when Osama Bin Ladin went down. Osama was a martyr, a pawn of Islam, from both Osama and Obamas perspectives. And Obama MUST support Israel in order to stay in good graces with the people. Most people agree that Israel is sanctioned within the hearts of many a nation. Ours as well. And I believe that Romney knew how little difference the killing of Osama would make, it was not a big deal in Islam, they believe they go straight to heaven and get 72 virgins and unlimited wine! HA! Yet here on earth, they are against the booze! (I think their drug of choice is opium). The killing of Osama was not a big deal in my eyes either... whether he is alive or dead, Islam continues to spread its Sharia wings farther and farther these days! And isn't it just like a muslim to blame another muslim? And what happened to a trial? Something seems fishy to me.  

I wonder how many of these dem speakers were bought? (side thought)

I believe the majority of the people are doing good... makes no difference that Obama is in the White House... We just need to get GOD back in the hearts and minds of the people! There are a lot of people doing a lot of good things and I LOVE THAT! :) So lets all stand UP for 'GOD' this time and see where that takes us!

Mr. Kerry? What FREE WORLD? I think the only place that can claim a free world is the elusive tribes in the thickest parts of the world, no electricity, no taxes, no crime, united in their clan... free of taxes and gov involvement in their lives!  

And who were those 2 goofy blonds? YIKES! 

The dems say that Mitt is confused... I believe that if Mitt is confused, its because hearing lies doesn't make sense to him. I can't remember who said he was confused, but fancy funny speech wont help the people to believe the lies.

I think Mitt is saving his courage for the debates... I would like to say I think Obama sold out GE to China... (why not a bail out like for GM? Could it be for the big wig muslims in the state of MI?) So many conflicting actions. America IS IN political decline... Intolerance? REALLY? Incredible debt? To WHOM? And just a reminder... Republicans are NOT going to take the country backwards... this is impossible with the people paying attention... Mitt is not going to wing it alone... he will have many helpers to help him keep it real. Including me... as I have been known to write a lot of letters to certain people :)

I believe we can solve a lot of worries by getting the muslims out of the White House... they are thick as thieves in there... Less dependence of foreign oil? I think its time the car makers make a new sort of car...  I have a GREAT idea of a new sort of transportation... a 'local cab like' business with a sort of rickshaw theme but totally enclosed, run on young leg power, either by one strong adult or 2... and of course the enclosure has A/C and heat, supplied by solar power... I think there is also a small motor also powered by solar power, but that can be cut off once the vehicle gets on a roll. That will cut out a lot of gas cars on the road. I would love to get into more detail about this... I see it as different colors and owned by the person driving them... (new jobs for the strong)... looks like there are different ways to create this... rolling power... but it looks to me like its chains and large tires on the back that will move with little effort. When I close my eyes I can see deeper and notice there is space in the back for people going to the store and wants to carry groceries or other things back home in them. Not kids... lol... they ride in the middle. I wish someone could see my vision!

We have NOT won the 911 war... it is ongoing... just the next muslim is ready to take over... At least Romney isnt knee deep with the muslims... at least he is hesitant about going there... At least his natural GOD given instincts can warn him! So, No, the '911 war' has not been won... it has merely just begun! 

Last summer when Obama was working with the Republicans... on 'new tax breaks for the wealthy'... weren't you thinking that 'the more money a person has the more they will spend it'? Or 'leave it to their family for support and use'? And the more they can 'invest in new businesses'? We live in America... where we have the pursuit of happiness... and if it makes a man happy to work hard and make lots of money? Why take it away from him? There will be no incentive to work!

And about Obamacare... My dad is taking the same medicine that I take, for me, its a 4$ monthly prescription. For him, medicare is not only charged, but his part is 350.00! A MONTH! Now how is that right? Its really messed up in my way of thinking! Can ya wrap your head around that one? I can't!

All in all, it was a good pep talk Obama! 

Now about Reb convention... well... I LOVED ALL OF IT! LOVED Clint, even if I didn't get what he was doing at first... (sometimes it takes me a minute!) HAHAHA 

I think the Romneys will bring the LOVE back into the WHITE HOUSE! Mitt may not be perfect, but nobody is. At least Mitt is not descended from the muslims... at least Mitt will be educated and powerful and determined enough to stand strong. Mitt wasn't my original choice, but I was bound and determined to get the mislim influence out of the White House... so I would vote for anyone with enough power to vote against Obama. Its not that I HATE Obama (like the muslims think I do)... its because I LOVE Obama that I think he needs to check out and go home. He too, is a mere pawn in the game of politics!