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Friday, November 30, 2012

Modern Day Freak Shows

I do watch Jerry Jerry Jerry... and Maury... and now some new ones... they are the ones I call FREAK SHOWS... they make me feel really good about myself and they remind me how far men have fallen away from GOD! How far is GOD from the people who live Springer and Maury and Steve Wilcos lives?

Pretty darn far!

It saddens me to know that this is the case... there is no hope for a better tomorrow as long as people are not working for a better today! Well, the good news is that some are trying hard to do what is right and good. In fact, there are more than some... there are many who are doing really great things!

Heaven and hell are truly here on earth! And we can pick and choose our way. We slip and fall. We race and we slack. All are born into their own place/space, to work out their own salvation. Doesn't matter where you live or how you live... what matters is what you make of it. The attitude you have in your heart and mind... what you use your powers for... we all have certain powers ya know... each of us has a power of the will... its called WILL POWER... and if you really want something bad enough you 'will it' into your life. You see the bigger picture... you see that life extends farther than yourself. It extends WOW... around the world! Or at least it does for me. I feel I can see with the eyes of GOD sometimes... I feel sometimes HE gives me the glimpses I need to understand things... In people... its easy to see the people, doing the people things... and some are more passionate about things and others stroll along like life is a stroll in the park. But ya never know whats gonna happen in that park, ya see? That's the truth... You could be strolling down the path and the big bad wolf jumps out at you... this is an old story of truth! Men are sometimes wolves. (attitude).

What do you do? Do you even know what to do? Well if you would of read the book you would know what to do. Obviously getting smart is a good idea. Get all the book learning ya can... at something you love and get out there and 'get er done!' :) You can live a GOOD LIFE!

Its all up to the individual.

I choose LOVE. Loving the people.  After all... the answer to the old question "What is life all about?" well the answer is PEOPLE... I read that in a story about a mans last words on his death bed... and now, I repeat it here.. someone asked him what was life all about... the answer is THE PEOPLE... the people who love us and the people who we love... and if you don't have either of them... your doing something wrong. It doesn't really matter WHO the people are... as much as it matters how you treat them. The people you see on a regular basis... the people at work... or the family life... or a neighbor... or the guy at the grocery store... anyone you pass by... be cheerful and show respect and love to them. And its the real love... not the crazy love they exploded with in the 60's...

Anyway, there are to many people in the world who are so into their own self, that they think the world revolves around them... like spoilt little rich girls who smack other woman in the face at the bar at 4AM... I mean... this is NOT classy people! This is not the way you want to be remembered.

Remember LOVE is the KEY to a good life... follow LOVE and the grace of GOD will follow you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To All Muslims...

I want to THANK ALL MUSLIMS who have the guts to stand up against EVIL PEOPLE in high places and speak the TRUTH with a strong boldness... I also want to thank them for working together for the common GOOD for ALL people of the earth... Working together with other TRUTH SEEKERS & SPEAKERS who promote PEACE among men... even when it risks their lives under Sharia Law, of not only themselves... but their family too. The muslims are secular and most common people only want to live in peace... it is the 'powers that be'... who want to 'maintain power and control over the people' who make Sharia Law an issue today. 

Muslims... stop trying to convince me that Islam is a loving religion of peace... when I can see for myself that is is NOT!

And stop telling me to shut up... I will not shut up until you take the savagery out of Islam... remove mohammads Sharia... and stop legally murdering innocent people... learn to LOVE and FORGIVE and HELP them to repent and give them another chance to do better. For this is the way GOD has intended for it to be.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Proverbs 2000... Loss....

For almost 20 years now I have often thought that this book would be so BIG... I decided to do this book after watching Dave Ward on ABC Ch 13 asking a bunch of questions... and in my head it was weird, I had an answer for each of his questions... so they were planning a Town Hall Meeting. So I wrote a letter to them... I have blogged about this before... so I wont go into great detail again... but they responded to my letter and I was invited to the meeting, I showed my chart I had made for them

 and they extended the time to include me... but I was depending on a ride and I had to leave early... well anyways...  I had thought long and hard of what would be a good way to help STOP the violence and I knew right away that 'Proverbs' was what we needed... I wanted to make it into something young teens could understand... it took me 18 months to rewrite Proverbs 2000. I couldn't of done it without GOD... when I read it, it still amazes me. And I have it packed away... it is one of the top 2 things that I don't want to let pass without sharing. There is amazing ancient information in this book of how to have a perfect life... and I will share only a few pages here on this post. I believe the pages are taken 2 different ways but the words are the same.

This is an AMAZING BOOK! I could not had done it myself... as I did get stuck and it would be 3 days before I would 'get unstuck'! But I kept doing it, because I honestly thought it was worth it :)

And in my eyes... it was all worth it! :)

Saturday, November 03, 2012

My Skin Care... Loss...

This was the one I thought would make the most difference... but maybe the biggest will be SOTWOG... (something I will post later).  But this skin care was one of the most helpful of ideas...

About 31 years ago... I was watching the news... and it was being reported that the Retin A that they were using for acne was showing signs of reducing wrinkles. Ohhhh.... I thought... well... Retin A... is a derivative of Vit A... so way back then... I started buying Vit A... here is my current bottle

For the last 31 years I have been poking one of these a day and rubbing it all over my face... I then swallow the rest of the pill. Now the difference has been evident for years.

About 20 years ago... I went to a small local family owned pharmacy and told them what I had been doing for over 10 years... I had this paper created...

the address is no longer valid and this was before I became motherpope...
you see I did get a copyright on it. BUT WHO CARES ANYMORE?
Please note #8
There used to be a 10,000 unit bottle but after I told the pharmacist, they stopped making them.
I still use the 8000 units.

So I go in and tell these people about 'my thing' that I had been doing... and they told me 'how remarkable' and said they would be 'in touch'... well 2 weeks go by and I hadn't heard a word... I went back over there and they had been closed down! For real! Why did this happen?

Well, here it is 20 years later... people never believe that I am 53. Drs at the hospital thought I was R's daughter... lol... she is 6 years older than me... HAHAHA she was so mad... all I could do was laugh...  and the people at the cell phone store thought I was 15 years younger than D... and I am ACTUALLY older than she is. She got mad... I laughed! Whats not to laugh about? Hey, they knew what I was doing... they could of done the same thing. SO now... today... still people tell me, "wow... you look younger than so and so and she is 38"...

Well, I can tell you it is NOT genetic. Since I have decided to post all the things that I have thought of to help people... I took a couple pictures to prove that YES... we can fight the wrinkles... so easy it isn't even funny!

I tried to get a close up so you can see there is not many wrinkles... altho I have had a head cold so my eyes are puffy and a little more swollen than usual. But notice the wrinkles... not the swollen shadows from lack of sleep... I have been sick with a lung thing for about 2 months... but getting better  :)

This last pic only has lip gloss and eye liner... there is NOTHING on my skin.

So here is another one of my great losses in my life. But ya know... the world is catching on... for in the past few years... the cosmetic people have been putting Vit A into makeup... :)

But heyyyy... I was there first...


Friday, November 02, 2012

DPS Today

Throughout years of pain and struggle, I have at least maintained a clear record, I don't now how to deal with problems with the state... but I do try to help other people as much as I can. And today again... we go to the DPS... about the 12th time in 2 years trying to get his address change, we see we wont be able to pay the HUGE amount (5 grand) they are charging us with... something from traffic court years ago that would of been not a big deal... has turned into something I cant easily come up with. Altho if I had the 100,000.00 that I was ripped off... I suppose I could help him. But it seems that our system is programmed to cause men to fail. How can we come up with that kind of money and be on unemployment? So we go in to get an ID... that was yesterday... Oh you have to have 2 proofs of residency ... OK  GRRRRRR...  we go back up there this morning and they say... "Oh your Licence is expired, sorry, cant use that as proof"... must get your BIRTH CERTIFICATE! OMG... it just expired last week... isn't there like a grace period? I GUESS NOT!

GOD was on our side. His mother had just last week told him she had come across his birth certificate! 

WOW... Thank you JESUS! :)

We run go get it... come back... get a number and sit. And I realize that I am going to be late for the kids... I call my daughter in law to let her know I would be late... she called my son home from his job to sit with the kids... so weird, while we were driving in, she was driving out... she could of waited 2 more minutes... so my son is like OK... its cool... and he goes back to work. Inside I am laughing thinking that she couldn't call work and say I am going to be a little late. She would of been 35 minutes late. 

When I was leaving I was telling the other g-maw about the mess and was telling her about a woman at the DMV I was talking to about taking care of grand children, she had 4 grand children... she said... she told her kids... "I will take care of them, but when they turn 2, you gonna have to put them in day care."  The other g-maw says... "Who can afford day care? Its like 200.00 per kid a week. SO I added up the numbers... and figured I am missing out on about $1600.00 a month. lol.. but really... I feel good about doing what I can for the children. But on stressful days like today... even plan B fell through. I felt more stressed thinking/feeling they depend on me to much. 

Well, I am going to do what GOD wants me to do... no matter what. 

Speaking of GOD... and my motives to stand up for HIM... I do have a problem with the muslims trying to spread Sharia Law world wide... I fight them about it every chance I get. I believe that Obama is a closet muslim and is helping them infiltrate our country, putting many muslims to work in our system, in our govt. 

I saw a video the other day, I have it posted on Facebook, you can see the muslims having a parade and had changed our blue stars and stripes into their moon flag... that sorta irked me. SO anyways this morning when we went to the DMV... there were several of them. 

I want to tell you what I saw and heard... 

the man said something low... and the woman spoke up louder... said she wanted an ID... the man behind the desk asked if she was a citizen... she said "No..." and then leaned closer and lowered her voice and said something I couldn't hear. Personally, I think they are all flocking in to be registered to vote for their fellow muslim, Obama. They will prob go into the voting places all aggressive if they wont be allowed to vote. 

The second muslim people were turned away for some reason. They were sitting directly to our right. And I would like to say here... they say they wear the head scarves to cover themselves so men do not lust after them... but this woman wasn't all that beautiful. In fact, you could of called her down right homely... I am not lying. She should of been wearing that total black covering :(

I also saw Arabian men coming in with passports... are they going to get a paper licence to use to go vote? What is the deal with all these muslims at the DPS anyway???

I also want to tell about the women I talked to... a really nice Grandmother who had her 20 year old daughter with her at the place... she, the mother... had just gotten married and they were changing her name. There is some lucky newly wed man out there! The daughter showed me a pic of their friend Jamie who was a man but looked like a woman! I loved talking to these people...

And when they left, there was this vivacious young woman who sat down beside me and started talking... her children must of been young because she was involved with the Scouts... she also had her BA of Science and she worked at the fire department! She was amazing to talk to! She helped to remind me that by being the recluse that I am... I am missing out on so many interesting conversations with people. Sorta like talking to that little old lady from the 2016 Obama movie! These women remind me that we have a GREAT resource in the world... smart, strong women who know whats going on and have the strength and determination to make it!

It is my dream to be counted among them! :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

What Kind Of Person?...

What kind of person would stop their car in the street, open the door and put a bag of garbage out on the street and leave it there?

And not just that... I have seen people open a pack of cigarettes and toss the trash out the window...

Or throw out cups and bottles...

I am really having a hard time trying to figure this out! :(         Why do people do this?

It would have to be... Must be... stupid, uncaring people.

I would hate to be a person like that!