Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, February 24, 2014

THANKING GOD For Sochi Protection!

I want to THANK GOD today for keeping the Olympians safe and the games going smoothly!

I didn't get to see all of the Olympics. But what I saw kept me mesmerized! I LOVE that people can do these things... I love to see them push themselves to the max... some give up... some stick it out.

I cant really say which part I loved the most! But what I am absolutely sure of... is they are ALL WINNERS! Everyone of the players get congratulations from me! These are the best of the best!

Falling down is human... we are not gods... nothing can ever be perfect... so don't ever think anything can be. Nothing is perfect... you can win or you can lose... either is possible, even when you fall down.

The spirit of THE PEOPLE was captivating! I LOVE to see PEOPLE loving each other! These games are proof that we CAN all get along! I am not to much into competition. Like I said, they are all winners! But the details are fascinating. The memories will last a lifetime for these people! It is something good to get involved in as long as there is no corruption among THE PEOPLE.

So I loved watching! I won't name any names here cause I loved them all!

I thought the closing ceremony was awesome! I WILL mention the Bear and the Hare and the Leopard! They looked so real I would of sworn they had a soul. Then I realized it was the heart and soul of the people who created them I was seeing!

I LOVE the Russian PEOPLE!

What Majesty! What Elegance! How proud the forefathers of Russia are today, that Russia has come so far to the good! The PEOPLE are excellent! The age and perspective of the Russians is EXPERIENCE! They are heading in the right direction! Doing the RIGHT THING! THANK GOD!

I even LOVE Putin! Why? Because I can see him as a PERSON... not as a god or idol or anything superior to THE PEOPLE! Law and Order is the name of the game in Russia and this is GOOD!

The sparkly people at the end was just... WOW! Even when the 5th star didn't open up... I could feel the sense of humor among THE PEOPLE! I LOVED IT! Its always better to laugh, rather than to cry about some things! And when you look at the WHOLE of them... working together to create a certain effect. Now that is what life is all about!

THE PEOPLE working together to create beauty, for the world to see!

And I was very IMPRESSED!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


But I do believe in practically perfect people whom I call... PPP's... I can see them all over!

And I can also hear the murmurings... some are saying... "Oh she thinks she's so perfect!"  I know people who are my enemies read what I write here. Doesn't matter to me at all. Because I know that Big Brother is reading me too... and so many others... In fact, this week 3 countries have joined my reading list. And I am Amazed! I never thought in my wildest dreams that one day I would be here writing words that are read around the world! And I THANK GOD for it... because... well... my whole life I have lived in hell and danced with the devil. Even now I fight daily the evil demons who try to ruin my day... but ya know what? I NEVER LET them WIN! HAHAHAHAHA... And the devil never will win, as long as my LORD GOD is with me!

I really want to list this list here! I listed it in Facebook but here and there are different. Just like when I comment on Yahoo. Its weird... something just comes over me and my fingers start flying and I cant even keep up and even afterwards I read what I wrote and I think... WOW... where did that come from? Here is the list of amazing readers in order of most readers... GOD Bless you all...

United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
South Africa
Saudi Arabia
and Belarus :)

I keep this list close to my heart and it does my heart good to know so many are reading... and the views are climbing every day! It is amazing, yes, and I give all the praise and glory to GOD! Because I couldn't do it without HIM! You see... the thing is... I am really not special or perfect, ONLY GOD IS! But I strive to LIVE like Jesus who is and was a PPP too! There are millions of people like me who serve GOD. We just serve GOD in different ways! We are all servants to GOD, we just have different jobs. 

And the reason I am as close to GOD as I am, is because I grew up in hell and searched for a way out! I am working on writing about all that on another project. Sorta like an autobiography. I call it, 'MY SEARCH FOR NORMALCY'.

But GOD is there for ANYONE... even YOU... if you apply the time... and the need... and the questioning... OH the questioning... I have always had questions. Not so much anymore... I am older now and have grown in the Lord for... wow... 37 years since I got baptized. GOD has never left my side and I have never left HIS. I have gotten angry at HIM a lot... and I have not wanted to do some of the things HE wanted me to do. But I learned to do them cause when it comes to arguing with GOD... you NEVER win! 

Think of all the saints... and all the knowledge of every crack and every crevice in everything that is and was alive in all of this earth and sky since the beginning of time! IT IS HUGE! IT IS MASSIVE!


And HE is watching... always has... always will... and people can choose to believe and grow in the Lord and become PPPs... or they can chance it on their own... feeling alone... and scared. WOW... I don't know how I could live without placing my problems in GODs hands... Believing in the miracles that HE does every day! 

I was talking to my Dr on Monday... I got some bad news... for me. And my problems do seem hopeless... I asked him if he believed in GOD... and he told me that "the medical field has seen some things that they cannot explain. How someone can be sick and dying and somehow it seems faith in GOD can heal them... and we don't understand it." 

So I am believing in GOD for a healing.. a HEALING of the PEOPLE... and I am apart of that healing.

When you live in hell, you start looking for a way out. Well, at least some do... I did. And the only way to overcome evil is with GOOD! Oh have I tried to be good... but goodness sometimes never changed the situation for me. I was very lucky to of had Grandparents who were PPP's and loved me. 

LOOKING for GOD is something of a personal road to travel. You cant buy it... someone cannot take you there... and you could die looking if you don't have the right attitude. But... if you continue and keep looking to what is GOOD and RIGHT and TRUE... that's when you see the true beauty of LOVE... with its wonderful spectrum of colorful elements! So different and multifaceted... So new... yet so OLD!

The search has been around since the beginning of time. 

And here we are... in our time... reading the old books... believing in the spirit and communing with GOD and all of HIS saints... and what are we doing?

Hopefully we are doing what we LOVE to do!

People are so different you cant really say one way is better than the other... you just have to do what you feel in your own heart is good and right... FOR YOU! And let others do their own thing and they will reap their consequences from the actions they choose to do. 

Someone chooses to cheat on their spouse... they think its a secret... but THE WORD says... 'There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'... so... all in good time the truth is exposed. Well, unless you figure out your wrong and ask people to forgive and make the change to do better. But somehow.. someway... the truth always comes out! I would rather someone hear the truth from me, rather than someone else.

Someone chooses to have sex before marriage... oh... it feels good alright... but this is wrong on so many levels. For one, a girl should value herself more than just being a freebie... and 2, if there is not true love there... eventually it will fall apart... and 3 the chances are very high you will create a child... and not have a father or any paternal family to help you. When I think of all the young girls who gave themselves so cheaply... was seduced like Eve was... and lost the most precious part of themselves... well, it makes me want to cry to see all the unwanted children from unwed mothers who cant even take care of themselves.

Someone chooses to rob a store... people should know by now that there are cameras EVERYWHERE!
They are listening in on your phone calls, reading your texts... being a thief is never the way to go. It is better to be a beggar on the side of the road, than a thief.

And I wont even get into murder here today because there is to much information it needs its own blog. But no one... I mean NO ONE should ever play GOD... no one is able to take a life and not be held accountable by GOD. We just don't do this!

There are things that we have learned over a period of time that should be and are second nature to some. Good people all over the world doing good things... and fighting for the ones who are not so fortunate and don't have a voice. Are not allowed to have a voice or has had their tongue cut out.

Here's my deal... I am not perfect, I am not special... I am just a grandma... however... I am a child of GOD and I try everyday to do the right thing... I CHOOSE to do what I do because I LOVE GOD and know HIM personally and want to tell the world about it! I have struggled and fought and have fallen a time or two or 3... but the thing is... I haven't given up... I always get up because GOD is not finished with me! And tho I am stressed and ridiculed and hated... I am still happy with the beautiful blessings of GOD (LOVE)!

People, don't choose the sin! Just don't do it! Its not gonna be worth it in the end.

People... keep the LOVE flowing even tho you are persecuted and in pain...

Its GONNA be worth it... in the end! :) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Naughty Nation

Life... HA! What a JOKE! Oh.. its not a joke? lol... oh yeah... that's right... life is not a joke.

When I first thought of this post, I thought it would be called A Sinful Nation... but to make it more fun I chose the word, Naughty! :) Either word would work... as we look around and see whose naughty and whose nice... so funny... its always the naughty ones who get into trouble and who gets us into trouble!

It may be fun and easy to be naughty... but let me tell you why its much better to be in control and do good things instead of bad. For starters... when you do good works, no one can say anything bad about you at your funeral! HAHAHA...

And... the life of a good person, well... it is miraculous how THE GOOD PEOPLE survive!

It is always wise to LOVE OTHERS more than you love yourself.

There are to many people in the world who love themselves more than anyone else... well, except for their idols and icons... but for the most part, people who love themselves more than others will not hesitate to sin against GOD and will hurt others for their own personal gain. You can look around and see people who lie and cheat and steal and kill... all for personal gain.

Now the trick is to make them realize that there is something greater than they are.

That something came in the flesh to teach us a better way... the right way... the way of LOVE.

When you love someone more than you love yourself, you would never have a thought to hurt them.

And this is the message that Jesus had for us... it was his GREAT LOVE, taught to him by THE SPIRITUAL FATHER, GOD... who dwelled within the heart and mind of Jesus! And Jesus offered up his life to tell us something that most people don't want you to know! That GOD is REAL and He's right there inside your very own heart and soul, when you ask HIM to come in and be with you!

So anyways... getting back to the subject... LOVING one another is a great thing. When you love each other, you help each other... and no one is haughty or arrogant or expectant... just people helping people to become better people. Yeah... that's the ticket!

Because we are really born to sin... remember? Its fun and easy!

Now the good news is... there are many people in the world doing very good things... and that is how we know what goodness is... when we SEE people being good, we learn to be good!

The problem is when people choose to do bad things.

We have known for a very long time the difference between good and bad. And we have learned that... to be bad has terrible consequences... and to be good has very good rewards.

Some people are blinded... have no clue what to do... they follow the way that has been taught to them... they say, "I am a good person, so I will go to heaven". This is not true... as we must fight the corruption wherever we may see it. We also should self reflect and see ourselves how others see us and try to do good things in this life... cause you know... we only get one life.

What I believe... is we must create our own heaven while we are here... not wait for others to make us happy... but to make the changes needed to become a GODLY person... and what we become is our gift to GOD. Frankly, I want GOD to be happy with me when I get there! I don't want GOD to look at me and say... "I never knew you." And boy let me tell ya right there... that'll really get ya when your standing before GOD HIMSELF and HE is examining the details of your life... seeing all the things that you thought were secret and sharing it with all the heavenly hosts... What will GOD say about you?

Oh, we've done it all... people deceiving people... its the way of the beast... women waltzing around half naked... oh well, maybe 3/4 naked... and then we must punish the men for lustful actions... there are so many ho's out there it isn't even funny! There are so many men who are dogs and yet treat women like dogs... and this goes on and on. A good father would keep his daughters in line... not allowing them to run around 'lookin' like a hooker'. Yeah.. and the hookers too... again, sinful nature... but alas... the nature of the beast...

Carpenters ripping off home owners... Doctors ripping off Insurance people... Car dealers ripping off the car buyers... Drug dealers ripping off druggies... women ripping off men... and men ripping off women... men ripping off men and women ripping off women. These things would not be happening if we carried LOVE in our hearts for one another.

The way to find your true happiness... is to make others happy...

When we go around in life grumpy and mean to others... it puts a negative spin on your reputation and when you die, the people... YOUR people... will be saying... GOOD riddance!

What matters is what we do for others in this life... while we are here! That is what GOD will be looking for... what kindness did you show? What sort of forgiveness have you given? What sort of HELP were you to others in need?... Even a slave has a purpose higher than being a slave... we are alive and free to be whatever we choose to be. We can choose to be hateful and negative... but then remember, it has its consequences... someone might just decide to catch you unaware and shoot you dead<<< TRUE STORY! The good people will avoid hateful people. And haters always die and no one will remember them...
not even GOD!

One of the greatest things that we can do is acknowledge there are many diverse people in the world... many different doctrines and traditions... and some with none... who are just trying to get by in this world. People who are looking for something to fill that empty spot they feel so deep within their souls... that spot is solely for GOD... where HE was meant to be... where HE wants to be... living in you... leading and guiding you into the way that is good. Sure there are many demons in the world enticing you to sin... remember, sin is fun! But there is something way more important than some fun sin. Its so easy to fall. But in this day and time... we have the knowledge to know that if we do good... then we will reap good. And if we do reap bad things, its usually an example that GOD has put upon us to teach us to LOVE the way that is good and right!

They almost had it right in the 60's... Free Love... yeah... but NOT sexual love! That's where they failed... they confused GODLY LOVE with physical love.

But the message that we must most remember... is that 'LOVE is universal'... and with LOVE comes kindness and with kindness comes loving actions. No matter if you are Buddhist, Muslim or Christian or Jew... or even an Atheist or Agnostic... doesn't matter what you are labeled... what matters is that we learn to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony

I am sure many would agree with me that the opening ceremony to the Sochi 2014 Olympics was totally WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS and eye catching!

I LOVED how the speakers made us all feel like we are all apart of these games! We were surely united in our diversities! I especially loved it when the speaker gave a very sublime remark for the terrorists who would LOVE to spoil our joy and happiness with violence... 'don't even think of it'!

And oh how I am impressed with Prez Putin... this man has really got it going on! I am reminded of an email I received comparing Obama to Putin... HAHAHAHA... poor Obama! HAHAHAHA :)

I LOVED the colors! I loved the Russian history! You could see the joy and happiness on every ones faces! I loved the huge horses who 'floated' across the field... I loved the computer generated effects! I LOVED everything about it! And when the 5th snowflake didn't open up, it didn't even matter... we as humans are used to typos, computers getting stuck... and people falling down... I feel like it just reminds us that the world is not perfect... even when there is a glitch, we know things aren't perfect and we just fix it and get on with it! When a model slips and falls on the cat walk, she gets up and continues... tonight I slipped while mopping the floor... thank GOD I just got up and continued mopping! So the snowflake issue is nothing to dwell on... nothing to stress over... shit happens... so we clean it up and move on!

I could feel the joy in the hearts of THE PEOPLE! It was a GREAT feeling!

I saw the Olympians taking videos and pics on their cell phones as they came out! Wow! Modern technology... they will be able to relive that moment for ever! I can feel the excitement and the fear mixed together to crate a unique feeling they will never forget! I am so happy for these athletes!

And when they ran in with the torch, I remember when I lived in Syracuse, Missouri back in '84 I lived very close to the interstate they came running down... so I was beside the road watching them pass through town... and to my surprise he motioned for me to come and run... since I was in my 20's I started running and the guy handed me the torch and we ran side by side for a minute! It was wonderful... the people were whooping and hollering! I LOVED that moment... so I can honestly say I know how it feels to run with the Olympic torch!

When the flame lit the bowl at the bottom and traveled up to the top, I was crying tears of joy!

The fire works were great! The looks on the peoples faces were great! Happy people gathered together to celebrate the games... I remember my Grandmother LOVED the Winter Olympics! She would stop what ever she was doing and really got into it! I loved her enthusiasm... and I am happy to be able to carry on for her... in loving the Winter Olympics!

GOD bless Sochi and Lord continue keeping the games safe from jealous people who want to start trouble by terrorizing Sochi... Lord protect the athletes and let the games be played in peace... with THE PEOPLE having fun! And send the evil one away to sulk in his sin! I love you GOD! You have never let me down... I believe all terrorist plots will be halted...  IJCN,A

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Praying for Sochi 2014

Praying for Sochi and all the Olympians... asking the Lord to take care of HIS sweet children as we have fun and play the Winter Olympic games in Sochi... and may they all have a good time... and also for all the workers who are supporting these games! I pray for happiness and joy to reign worldwide as we all enjoy watching these beautiful people do their thing... IJCN,A