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Friday, March 25, 2011

For the Prosperity of the People

Something has been weighing heavy on my head. So,here I am again. And I am glad that I have the time to sit here today to express my thoughts and feelings. This is me and this is who I am and I know that not everyone is going to be agreeable to my thoughts or ideas. But in my own mind, I have to get it out and into words, or I will not be able to rest. Writing for me, is a release of sorts.

I want to talk about the violence. I have lived it. And I learned that I did NOT want to live that way. I am a survivor, I fought the devil and I won! I am also very blessed in so many ways, it would take all day to list them. But then again... life is not perfect. I wonder if it ever is/was. I think that some people do live practically perfect lives. Or they become practically perfect through life experiance and learning history.

History is key here. We cannot deny the fact that barbaric brutes have been alive and well in people of many races and creeds throughout history. I want to speak here of the Native Americans who in past American History have been terrorized and murdered in cold blood by the white men who came to posses the land. The Indian knew little of this thing called LAND OWNER as the Native Americans do not believe anyone can really own the land. I am sure our white fore fathers who came here for a better life, taught them well. I took American Indian History in High school. I used to walk home and stop in a certain patch of woods and cry alone for the many lost children. How many people know that collecting scalps were introduced to the Indians by the white men? I am wondering how far back this practice actually started.

I do know that the Indians did a little fighting among themselves. There is none that are perfect. But I can sure tell you that Pocahontas's father did not murder his daughter when she fell in love with Captain Smith. I can sure tell you that the Indians did not always kill white women. Some took them in as family and treated them well. The Native American Indian has its roots in the GREAT SPIRIT. I believe this is the same as the great spirit that is alive and well still today in many other people in this world. That common spirit of LOVE and KINDNESS holds us together as brothers. I am personally mixed blood. I have 2 different types of Native Indian blood as well as some French and Scotch/Irish... so call me a mutt. I am OK with it. But the truth is, I am the mixed blood of enemies... proof that love always survives in many forms.

I love and appreciate many of the old teachings of many different religions. As a human being, I can honor Buddah as well as the Great Spirit... there are many good ways to find the right path. Just take one and enjoy the ride. Cause it will cease to exist very soon anyway. Sooner than you think. I dont mean the religious books and ideas will cease to exist... I mean LIFE IS TO SHORT to behave like igmos.

My Grandma always said... 'you have the good and the bad in every race'.

Goodness stands on merit, not belief or skin color.

You can tell the goodness of a person by their characture... not their possessions.

Lets remember who was the real owner of America. Oh wait... who can know who that would be? Do records go back that far? I remember my Grandmother telling me that when she was a young woman, it was common for newlyweds to put the house in the wifes name. Would that mean that the woman runs the place? My mother who is a Wiccan is saying that the Bible represses the wife of God. Who can know this info? We can only guess. Could be.

We the people are in this world together... knowing nothing is perfect. But we can still strive for perfection. We can judge like Jesus judged. We can choose for ourselves what is good and right for the children. No matter how they fight against it. This is another serious issue of our times. Rearing the children. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Because our job as parents is to be mad when our children mess up. And really... we dont WANT to be mad, we have to be mad to show the degree of disapproval. The uprising of the children was predicted long ago... now where is the respect? The songs are singing about gangsters... or we could call them gang-stars, they are not teaching the children well. The movies emulate real life. It is a sad and scary world out there. Look at what we have allowed to happen. We have had our heads buried in the sand for long enough.

When young women have to fear for their lives by their own brothers and fathers... there is something wrong.

When young men can go into the street or into a building and kill random people... there is something wrong.

When mature people sit back all complacent on meds... who is willing to stand up for the children??? This is seriously wrong.

I becheech you all... to stop the madness... love one another. Do not allow corruption to survive. Stand up... all of you... and say what you feel. Just be careful what you are feeling. You could be wrong. Different people have different feelings. Some are right and some are wrong. Some good, some bad.

The Native American Indians have learned a lot about men. You see? It wasnt a specific type of man who was a barbaric murderer. Men of all types have done this horrible deed. Why are so many agreeing that this is the way to make a difference? Violence only begets violence. Unless we stand strong together and say NO WAY ARE YOU GONNA DO THAT CRAP. Its gonna keep happenin... You kill, unless in self defence... you should be killed. It does not put us on the same level as them. It seperates us from them. And shows the children that this action will not be tolerated.

Am I being to hard? Maybe. But look at what I am up against!