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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Dreams

Dream #1; I was standing with a large group of people... you could hear THE PEOPLE talking... then there was a woman and a man who stood up high and the woman said, "I part my hair on the side." And we could all see that her hair was not parted on the side... and then another man stood up from off to the side and said, "NO, >she<, (pointing at me) parts her hair to the side!"  And all of a sudden a bright light shone on me... to show every one that I do indeed part my hair on the side.

Dream #2;  Was one of those surreal dreams... where you wake up all of a sudden and remember the whole dream and you are slightly startled. In my dream... I remember I was stressed out... and an old friend of 41 years called me on the phone, he gave me some very comforting words... when he was finished talking, I was reassured that all was well... Then I was called by my son to come help them at the store to cut coupons... his wife and mother in law work there and I am a team player so I was going... and I knew I was  donating my time to help cut coupons... so I got all ready and along the way, there was another friend of 38 years sitting on the side of the parking lot and started talking to me like he hated me. I was shocked! But continued on my way and ignored him... And there was a female also who irritated me... talking lies that I knew were lies... but she didn't know that I knew... so I just blew her off as a bit of a bother and continued on my way to help my family... I got to the back of the store... had a nice conversation with the boss and walked into a room where there were big sheets of coupons that needed to be cut I saw the kids and walked over to join them... and I woke up....

I then got dressed and went down the street to babysit... for free...
and my Grand daughter handed me these...

Can you imagine how I felt?

I think that means I am on the right track!

Thank You Jesus! :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Proof GOD Still Loves America, Because America Still Loves GOD!

I am not to into the popular shows on TV these days. I have antenna TV and I am happy with it.

I was watching Bounce TV and this is what I saw...

Not the greatest pic of one of the greatest men on earth... Jeff Foxworthy... I just happened to snap this pic at the end... the guy up front didn't actually win... It was the 3 women who prayed before the final test and they won 20 grand for their food pantry!

I was pretty good with the questions... had most the answers... but found myself entranced by this game! It was like I was not even thinking about any answers... I was so thrilled that America has this show!

Its called The American Bible Challenge! It comes on Bounce TV...  LOVE IT!

GOD Bless America Again!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Talk To GOD

Anyone can. And lots of people do! And You can too! Every day for the rest of your life! I do every day of my life! HE was there for me to talk to HIM the moment I first invited HIM in. And I am always praying without ceasing. I am in constant prayer to my Lord, He gives me strength! Sometimes HE will keep after me for days until I do what HE says to do. Because sometimes I too don't want to follow the rules... I don't want to look strange... but now, I have learned... when GOD calls... LISTEN close! There will always be a purpose for the call. You will always see the reason later on if you don't see it @ 1st!

GOD IS the LOVE that lives within the hearts and minds of HIS people... and we all have that common spirit from the beginning till the end! When I LOOK with my spiritual eyes I can see them all... all the ones before and all the ones who will come after... who will stand up for what is right and good! There are many! And I am almost certain the fight will continue long after I am gone. But fight you must/will!

I know I give Muslims a hard time, but its only because they haven't figured out that we should not murder people for sin anymore. We show LOVE and allow for forgiveness and rehab. One day the Muslims will stop the murdering of innocents and we will all live with LOVE leading and guiding us. All around the earth! One thing I learned very young... you cant categorize people... and we cannot forget the Muslims who have actually fought and died on the side of LOVE for the FREEDOM of the PEOPLE!

We have seen people throughout time having to fight for the rights of the people when some choose to keep them enslaved. Some even in the name of religion. But that is not where we are today.

We are at the final battle for world domination of good or evil... why? Because of technology.

We can send a HUG around the world... we can post some words that touch the hearts of people and make a difference in them knowing they have someone who cares about them and is praying for them.

There is HOPE...

That we can turn this whole thing around and spread the LOVE! :)

Stand up for LOVE and stand strong for loving the people who love you... with the pure LOVE of GOD that has been taught to us through so many good PEOPLE in the earth, throughout time... they have shown the way that is good and right and true and just.

We basically have ancient wisdom to learn our lessons from. Why are we making the same mistakes over and over? Why are we choosing the things of the flesh when its the affairs of the heart that really matter?

Since the beginning of time there have been PEOPLE who LOVE each other... and take good care of each other... and this is KEY to survival. There has also been people who hate... and the battles have raged on and on and on... now... with the modern ability to reach around the world we can STOP the hate!


Monday, October 14, 2013

HATE: Our Final Frontier?

Hate is here. It was there too.

But one day it will cease to exist!

Sure has been enough hate in the world.

Now THE PEOPLE will stop it!

There are many good people in the world who will stand up for goodness sake and teach another thing!

That other thing is... LOVE!

So weird to me that someone is such a hater, that he is lying about Jesus. HA! Jesus was so important that HE caused time to stand still and begin a new! People stood still and realized that LOVE over comes hate.

Humans since the beginning of time have hated. And other humans have chosen to LOVE.

I see now a lot of hatred going on... most of it happens to be in the Muslim world. Oh yes, they say they are the religion of peace... but they beat their wives and honor kill their women and daughters, they spread violent jihad and lies around the world! Of course other people are doing it too. But not legally like the Muslims do under Sharia Law. And PEOPLE are taught to hate at a very young age under Islam.

Children are seeing violence, beheadings and stonings as normal. Its their custom.

And again, as THE PEOPLE have done in the past... so shall they do again...

STAND UP FOR LOVE... do not tolerate hate to live in your heart or your home.

Besides the open hate that is taught under Sharia Law, other people learn to hate.

Lots of haters out there. Wives hating their husbands, yet they use them for their money... children hating their parents, murdering people in cold blood.

I am so tired of hearing statements that begin with the words, "I hate..."

Yet, at the same time I am seeing more and more people standing up against the hate!

Haters love hate! Haters are not helpful. Haters use and abuse other people. Haters are not civilized. Haters do not care about anything except hurting the people they hate. Haters are narrow minded as they can't see beyond their own nose. Haters feel no pain when they are hating... the hate enrages and excites them to hate even more. Haters condone violence against innocent people. Haters are arrogant and egomaniacs in their way. They feed their hate by sharing and spreading their hatred with others including children. Haters are not welcome in a polite society. Haters should be shunned. Haters need to be educated. Haters spread hate among the people. Hate teaches hatefulness to the children. Hate can be deceptively charming. And hate is my enemy.

How many mean hateful people have I seen? HA! A thousand in my own life? A million on the TV?

We as a people are not going to get anywhere in this life until we stop the hate. We are going to be stuck under suffering for the haters hateful lifestyle forever until we stand up and say NO!.

Why is there so much hatred in the world?

Well could it be, SATAN?

Of course it could be... that's his plan... to spread hate among the people of the earth, to divide us when we need to stand together in this critical moment in time. I find myself arguing with myself when it comes to hating hate. And every time, the LOVE comes and fills my heart with joy as I am hated by the souls of evil men for the glory of GOD, for I am HIS servant, HIS vessel, HIS child!

The spirit of GOD is a LOVING, kind, compassionate, forgiving spirit that lives within the hearts and minds of all of the GOOD PEOPLE who love LOVE. It is the common denominator that hold us together in this time of trials. We are for sure living in a great time of tribulations.... where the evil brother has wrecked havoc on the brotherly love that we have been trying to espouse. Its hard to hold onto hope when you see so many people suffering so much by the hand of the evil one. And Yes, I am one of those who believes that we can invite either evil or good into our lives. Just like the legendary vampires... they must be invited in. As we all have the freedom to choose whom we will serve... either good or evil... either GOD or Satan. In this time of one of the worst holy wars of all time, we must take a stand.

Just like THE PEOPLE have done in the past.

There is a time for war, where there is no hate. And we must never allow hate to mandate our way during war. I know there have been a lot of murderings with hate leading the way. Today it is the Muslims hating the Jews and Christians... But remember when Hitler hated the Jews? And remember when Napoleon hated the Russians? And now we must deal with Islam hating the infidel.

Funny, the only thing that GOD hates is sin.

And that is why HE sent Jesus. To die for our sins. Jesus was the final sacrifice for ALL sin.

The Muslims would have you believe that they worship the same GOD that the Christians do,
but if this was so, they would be teaching LOVE, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus's message was simple. LOVE one another... do GOOD to one another.

When we learn to live with LOVE leading and guiding us... that is when we will overcome evil with GOOD! And in this modern world we live in... we can literally spread the LOVE around the world...

And STOP the hate!  In the name of Jesus!

GOD bless us... Everyone! Amen :)

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Monday, October 07, 2013

I Am NOT a Muslim!

A serious thing I want to mention here is... when I do a google search, for MotherPope, lately something comes up that really irritates me. I don't know how this happened, but I don't think it did it on its own. 

Its a LIE that someone must of created. Because when you do a web search on MotherPope here is the 3rd thing that pops up.
Mother Pope: Me being a Muslim or not being a Muslim has nothing to do with my question to you since you LIED against Islam just to advance your bigoted views.

It sure looks like I am saying this doesn't it? 

It was actually something that someone said to me. Muslims hate me more than the Atheists do. 

It seems to me, if someone didn't know, they would think I am a Muslim.

I want you to know...  I AM NOT! 

                                 UPDATE  10/10/13

WOW... in one day it was taken down... changed! I am amazed! And I want to THANK YOU for reading my blog! When I first started this blog, I thought it would be something for my Grandchildren to read when they grow up, to get to know me better! And now I am up to 30 countries reading! I give all the honor and praise to GOD! I couldn't do it without HIM! :)

GOD Bless us! Everyone!