Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, October 24, 2014

Girls 2 Ladies

Some days I get to take my grand daughters to school. My son works and my daughter in law goes to work and goes to school... one day she will be an RN, so I do a lot for them as a Nanny.

I was taking them to school today. And I tell you... lol... that is the BEST time to talk to the children... when they are trapped... locked in place and cant escape the talk!

The youngest, age 5 was having a tude this morning, so the morning talk was about attitudes and how we should be grateful that we lived in a country where we educate our children. I told them that in some places on the other side of the earth, girls were not allowed to be educated... a girls only thing in life was to cook, clean and have babies... still. I know that that was the way it used to be... even here and other places... and it is still a good deal if you want to do that.

But girls now a days have so much more to look forward to. We can have a life!

We can do our own thing... make our own way!

Sure its good to have a good dad who takes care of you until you can get married and be taken care of by another man... if you want that... it's for you! But a good dad knows that sometimes you must allow some of the girls to run their own race, fly their own course... and women can achieve greatness these days!

Be flexible with your children... allow them to explore their world with their own strength and courage... allow them to step into their own shoes if they want. Oh sure you can be a strict ruler and say they MUST... but please be a good parent and let them go and make their own choices.

You cannot force something on someone if they don't want it.

We have a great PEOPLE whose individuality is prevalent!  We are so lucky to be living in this age... and its only gonna get better for THE PEOPLE... we will overcome the evils in the world... Oh yes... our children can escape it, if we fight on... to keep the PEOPLE free!

On the way to school this morning, I gazed over at my 2 beautiful grand daughters... I grew a bit misty eyed... knowing the evils in the world that some day they must face... but I also know that evil will never overpower them! They are too smart for that... and they love to talk about GOD and the devil... which is sorta weird because my son is agnostic... he says I am silly. But that's OK... the girls are learning that there is a higher power... that they are not the most important thing... but that what they DO is the most important thing... and they know its important to do good things for GOD and for THE PEOPLE!

They are learning that they too... will grow up and have to handle life as it is.

I am going to have them well prepared! Dont'cha think? HAHAHAHA

I think of other children whose parents don't care... they are drunk or on drugs... I feel sorry for those children whose parents are addicted to such chemicals... making the drink or drug their top priority and are sorry parents. I pray for those children... because here in America and other places like us... those children have a chance for a better life! Our past will not hold us down!

Most people know I grew up in hell... my mother didn't drink or do drugs... and she was still mean and cruel and selfish... I feel like this hurt me mentally and emotionally, but also helped me to see the dark side and want to get away. I grew up having to clean up blood... like someone had been murdered... after some of the adults fights. I saw stab wounds and busted lips and black eyes and bruises... my step father even broke my mothers arm... twisted it around and karate chopped it and then escorted her to the hospital where she told the doctors 'she fell out of the truck'! Oh yeah!

I have often... throughout my life asked GOD... WHY???

And now I know its because when someone is in pain... I can say... hey... I been there... and it does seem at times that we cannot go on... but then... as time goes by, we realize that somehow we do go on... and we survive... and we thrive... and one day we make it!

Well, that is unless we go to the dark side and we give power to the evil one... and in that case we are doomed :(  but with GODS help...  and GODS strength that HE so generously gave us... we can all be winners in this life... and winners always leave the losers behind if they want to just be losers... alas... winners always help the losers to do better if they see the need!

That's what makes us WINNERS!

Don't allow your conversations to involve evil things or ideas... when you see something is wrong... it is! Fix it or get away from whatever it is, because it will drag you down. GOD forbid it be someone leading the lambs astray... GOD will protect HIS own and will stop the evil in its tracks!

Oh yes... this is a great thing that GOD has blessed us with... the POWER to resist the devil... and he must go away from you... it is written that all the evil ones are in subjection to GODS command! Pray to GOD all day, every day... and watch the relationship bloom!

So as I watch my grand children make their way in this life... I am so happy to see them learning the proper ways of GOD! I was so happy to see the 5 year old walk... uh... run into the school this morning... and what do I do?


I smile as my heart is filled with the joyous knowledge that they will have a better life! And you can have a better life too, with GOD as your guide! HE's there... right there in your heart... if you only let HIM be!

GOD Bless us... everyone! IJCN,A

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I love to be specific when it comes to GOD because so many people are afraid to know HIM just because they are scared of HIS might and power... and to hear so many people dis GOD, WOW this is so wrong... but for them its easier to do that, rather than learn the details. PEOPLE make a grave mistake when they turn their backs on GOD... but no matter if you believe or dis believe... HE'S there! Still...

Because GOD is not of this world... and GOD was certainly not created by some people like a fairy tale... The PEOPLE have found GOD and have written about it for... well... since the beginning of writing about something more than worldly issues... as in, something more on the spiritual side of life. Something that runs deeper than our skin and bones and blood.

GOD is the power that keeps the heart pumping... GOD is the LIFE within us!

PEOPLE never have to fear, because GOD is something that is bigger than the world and bigger than any plan anyone can make... that goes both ways... if your in the right... GOD is going to be on your side... if you are in the wrong... GOD is still gonna be there to tell you how wrong you really are...

Sometimes it takes a minute for people to realize their wrong. But it will come...

When people are wrong... they may not see it right away... and it even goes deeper than that... some people don't really know they are wrong because they have been taught that to do it the way they are doing is right... ummmm right by whom? Right by men? Or right by GOD?

Since forever, we have had 'good against evil'... I mean, they are both in the world... you can have your choice... you can follow the evil men who do evil things... (sure you can... absolutely positively you can)... but WHY? In the end you will lose! Not only lose your life on this earth... but also lose your eternal life... you will lose your soul in the second death, that is death of the spirit!

You see, GOD has taken HIS power out of men and put it right there inside you... and HE will tell you your doing wrong... but will you listen?

GOD is so happy with the PEOPLE who stand on HIS word and are good and just and honest and clean... PEOPLE who stand up for what is RIGHT for the common good of mankind!

But GODS concern is for the ones who are wrong... and don't even know it! These people have been raised to do things that go against GOD and think its OK. And that... my friends, is NOT OK.

When the majority says we must abide by morals and ethics... and that men should live with integrity and truth... there must be something to it. We as GODS PEOPLE know the truth because GOD tells us the truth all the time... and for the most part people listen because it just makes sense!

But woe to the ones who murder and destroy and pillage and plunder for self gain...

You know... most of the world has learned this is not the way to be... well... think about this... there have been many who do this throughout history... but look now... who are the ones doing this today?

It is being done and we can all see it!

But there are many who turn a blind eye because it benefits them somehow or they are not concerned because it doesn't concern them...

But many do care... and many are stepping up and speaking out.

There is something wrong with a religion that executes anyone who criticizes them.

There is something wrong when men go into cities and murder anyone they see and rape the women... and cut off the heads of a few to instill fear into the hearts of THE PEOPLE!

Yes there is seriously something wrong here.

You don't see this much anymore because we have become civilized... a democracy... and capitalism is great for THE PEOPLE! The reason I say this is because when good men are blessed by GOD and make billions of money... it is their duty by GOD to help the less fortunate.

And we are doing a pretty good job doing that. But the problem is some people have become corrupt... lazy... don't want to work... think its OK to have the govt pay their way. This mindset is learned... who taught it? Friends and family... everyone should go to YouTube and watch, 'Swipe your EBT its free'. This is the mentality of to many people!

We as THE PEOPLE try hard to take care of our own... but when our own become corrupt in their way... how can we fix it?

I always believe the answer is with our children... we should teach them to be worthless parasites sucking off the taxpayers is the wrong thing to do. So many being politically correct, afraid to offend the poor arrogant ones who demand their needs be met!

Now I understand there are some who really need the help... who are desperate... but maybe the rich PEOPLE can create more places that give 100% help. A place to stay and rehab and food and child care. There is so much corruption that most parents find places and people who will trade the food at 50% off for cash to supply their drug and booze habit. The kids never win in these homes. Better to have regulated places for hungry homeless people rather than give millions out to corrupt people who don't do right with it!

To much corruption in the world... people pretending to be good.

PEOPLE... stand up and speak out on the behalf of the innocent... fight the ones who choose to hide their corruption... the ones playing with people through lies and false promises...

I pray for all the ones who are caught in the crossfire... but the promise from GOD remains the same... ask GOD to come into your heart and mind... ask GOD to lead and guide you into the way that is good... HE WILL... it is HIS promise to us... to all of us!

WE can fight the evil among the people... but we have to be strong against the demons who roam the earth seeking people to control...  doing harm to all who will follow the evil one... and doing harm to even those who innocently follow the evil through others... the ones who have to face the evil not by choice but by association. Our job is to stay away from evil people.

And really the answer to a world of problems is found in LOVE...

With LOVE people care and want to do their part for the common good...

Part of GODS strength is working within HIS PEOPLE!

When we acknowledge GOD...

GOD always leads us into the way that is GOOD!

How do we find GOD?

Listen to the words of Jesus...




Jesus tells us how to find GOD!

I pray for THE PEOPLE... especially THE CHILDREN...


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like Jesus...

Or Christ like... that's the way we should all strive to be!

I am a little behind in my work today. The Lord was chastising me yesterday, I guess its because I really have been a little lazy... I should of been in here Monday... or at least Tuesday... but I am merely human... faults and all. But GOD always has a way of guiding me to the place where I should be... need to be... in HIS eyes!

So I woke up today... felt really good, (unlike yesterday). I think GOD understood... after all Jesus walked on the earth... he was tried and tempted... and he understands that some days are not as good as others. So I don't think GOD wants to punish me. However... HE does find ways to let us know we should be... or could be... doing something for HIM!

So I woke up this morning... having a hot flash... I took my gown off and turned over, ready to go back to sleep... when my phone went off with a text message... one of my Sisters in Christ (GOD bless her) sent me a pic of the NYC sunshine... WOW that sun was bright... (update; later that night after she read this blog, she told me it was actually not the bright sunshine, but it was the bright light from the platform at the station, but if it motivated me, that was good enough, HAHAHA) anyway, back to the event... GOD started in on me... sure I wanted to stay in bed... but GOD had better plans! Then when my lovely Sister in Christ... unknowingly said to me... "Good morning! I hope your day is good and that you get to your blog!" (she likes to read it)... but she didn't know GOD was using her to prompt me... so in the dark... I got up, to prove to GOD how much I love HIM! And I feel so much better that I am here and not laying in the bed being lazy! Isn't that how we feel when our natural body wakes up for exercise and we really don't want to get up but we do and we are glad about it later? :)

This blog is about something that came into my head on Monday morning... I had gone to babysit and it was early morning and the TV was on showing some morning talk show... they we're talking about some man who wrote a current running play... his name was Russell... and his new play is making a hit on Broadway, I don't know much of the details... I was busy and didn't get to see the whole interview, but got enough info to be inspired to come and write about what I am feeling!

I saw a scene in the play, where someone was being mocked for being 'like Jesus'...

So many thoughts rolled through my head... aren't we supposed to be like Jesus? I mean isn't that the goal? To be like Jesus? I think that's the truth...  and we are all called to be like Jesus!

I can see a place... where all THE PEOPLE of the world came together and agreed the words of Jesus are our salvation! The call to LOVE and RESPECT the goodness in people and work to abolish the bad... we have come a long way to this day but we are not that close because of the hardness of men's hearts... and that hardness has now spread into the hearts of women too... I remember a time where it was the women who cared the most... now it is equal... some men do care as much as women these days... but then again... some women have become hard in their hearts, only seeking personal gain.

I LOVE to see THE PEOPLE in time... but I prefer to look forwards... it is the best place to be... men have acquired heaven... and all is well... there is kindness and joy within the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... wow.. it is amazing how beautiful our future will be as GODS PEOPLE!

I am reminded that we 'as people' are like individual drops of water in a great tsunami... or a single grain of sand in a wide desert... WE have been and will always BE... but... we are not as GOD... GOD is something that defies the flesh... GOD is something that inspires us TO BE... like Jesus!

GOD is a wondrous thing... how HE can put the SAME SPIRIT... that was in Jesus, in US! And to think this should be the norm for everyone! We should all be like Jesus... Jesus himself expected us to be not only like him, but to do even better!

Because in the time that Jesus walked in the earth... it was possessed by men who ran things according to the flesh... it was all for themselves, in the moment... because they never thought of a higher power! I love to know there were men who were good in the world.. surviving in the dungeons... inspiring the people whom GOD had them come in contact with... THE PEOPLE who knew... KNEW Jesus was speaking the truth and was showing us that there is more to life than what we see with our fleshly eyes! There is something higher than 'self'...

Another thing is... 'We've come along way, Baby!" Many good people whether they are into religion or just into LOVING ONE ANOTHER... as long as you LOVE ONE ANOTHER... you will find the way... in LOVING ONE ANOTHER... we find a path to heaven! There are many ways we can do this... we could struggle to make things harder for some, to get what we want... or we can get there together... and that, my friends... is when we will have the second coming of Christ... when we ALL come together to agree it was the words of Jesus that saves our souls...

GOD is going to be there whether we are with HIM or not! And I pray we never get to the point where we do not acknowledge GOD! There is always some great disaster when THE PEOPLE do not hold GOD as a higher power!

We are born into a wicked world... we look and see our options... it is clear... what will we serve? Our flesh or our spirit? Now remember, the spirit is for forever... our flesh is only temporary... which are we to feed? The part that dies away? Or the part that LIVES forever?

There is a great reason why GOD wants us to serve HIM on our own... GOD loves it when we have a willing heart... when we want to do good things... not for ourselves, but for others... and that's not to say the other people around us... but we must consider the future US!

The US/WE that we will be in 100 years... the WE that will be in a 1000 years!

We must consider something much larger than ourselves!

It is so sad when people make it about themselves... we all hate that.. to see someone stand up and be all about themselves... what they can do for themselves now... and screw everyone else!

I see a place where rich men choose to take care of the poor people simply because we are all needed for different reasons. How can rich men appreciate what they have without seeing the poor mans life? How a poor man can appreciate being poor when they see a rich mans problems, is an amazing thing that GOD can show us! And some people just know it is better to NOT have money... by seeing someone who does have money... and it goes to their heads and makes them act in ways that they should't! Life sure has interesting twists and turns... money is good for people who do not make it their GOD, bad for those who do!

Our life is full of choices... look out into the world and see the good and the bad... look closely and examine which is a better life! Living for the lusts of the flesh for the moment and suffer the consequences... many have done it this way... many have lost their souls to the evil side.

I wish we could put our lessons that we have learned into the hearts and mind of the youth before they become corrupt! Which men have become corrupt... but GOD is an evolving GOD who grows and changes with THE PEOPLE... the ones who live a life caring about THE PEOPLE... something more than themselves are the ones serving GOD... because whatever you do to anyone... you do it to GOD... do we take care of us? Or do we take care of US?

Open your eyes and see the BIGGER picture!

See us as working together to become a better WE! As in... WE THE PEOPLE!

The way to find to feed the spirit is to read the word of GOD... but please don't start in the old testament... start with the new one... that includes the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus... the one who we should all emulate! The one we should all want to follow... His words can be found in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John! These are the men who knew HIM!

It was a strange world back then, where 'THE PEOPLE' had no voice... where things were run by men who saw themselves as gods... but then here came Jesus... who had a voice! Who was not afraid to speak out the truth.. to teach THE PEOPLE it was better to 'LOVE one another'... and instead of harming, we heal. We value the WE in WE THE PEOPLE we think about others along with ourselves... we value the LIFE as we are able to LIVE it!

There are so many blessings from GOD... and I am so grateful for those who believe... whichever way you choose to follow... however you can get there... get there... because our GOD, THE GOD OF LOVE transcends color and creed... our GOD lives and dwells within the hearts and minds of each of us who choose to follow HIS way... its easy to find... and the great thing is... once HE'S in... HE'S IN! And you cannot deny HIS truth! GOD is THE WAY... the truth... the life! There is no other way! You cannot buy your way into heaven... you know what I mean... some think you can buy your way out of trouble... you may be able to bribe men, but you can never bribe GOD!

GOD sees it all... HE hears your every thought... sees your every deed!

Now if that seems scary to you... the all powerful GOD of LOVE... then you must examine yourself! Because GOD put HIS power IN you... and to be afraid of GOD is to be afraid of yourself... your brothers and sisters in Christ! We are supposed to work together... for the common good of all mankind... and we should never be afraid with GOD at the wheel!

Its our own choice that we freely make... what's it all about in your life?

Your flesh, something that will grow old and die? ... or your spirit something that can LIVE on throughout all eternity!?!

I pray for you to find your truth!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! :)


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Living In Poverty

I don't mind really, living in poverty. I don't need much. My son feeds me... to well... I don't smoke or drink... and I am not the type who needs to go have their hair and nails done, I buy my clothes at the Thrift Store on 50 cent day... so I am very low maintenance.

I can hold my own for sure. Just the other day I lanced my own abscess on my tooth! My babies daddy, pulled his own tooth last month... our last years income... $15,000.00! And that was before he paid 5 grand in child support! But its all good...

I do enjoy a safe home... this internet... good friends. I haven't always lived in poverty. I have only known middle class living, my whole life. Always had what I needed and worked hard for it.

I was really happy, even living in poverty... until yesterday... when an old friend called me. We have been very good friends for 24 years. And there she was, crying on the phone saying her daughter in law kicked her out because they had gotten into a fight. WHAT?

Let me go back...  shortly after I inherited money back in 99' ... she had gotten a foreclosure notice on her house. I felt so sad for her and wanted to help. So I slept on it... thought long and hard... wondering what I would feel like not helping vs helping... after all she was a widow...  and I felt like I could help her and still be OK. So I made her an offer. I told her I would pay for the house if she paid me back with monthly payments or gave me the money back if she sold her house. She sure went for it. Her whole family knew! Oh, I was a good friend! Yea for me... right?

It lasted a little over a year... she paid almost every month. Then when her daughter turned 16, the payments went down and then she couldn't pay me anymore. I kept thinking she would when she could... her daughter would get a job and I would get my money back. But that never happened... I never said anything because she was in school and very good at it. And time passed... me... having my own troubles with my daughter... not wanting to go to school... getting pregnant at 14. It was a struggle and I didn't get any help. 2 years of govt buying our food. But none of my friends were there for me... and I continued to struggle alone.

And I continued loving my friend... helping her out when she needed it. Helping everyone out... several friends who stabbed me in the back, borrowing money and then I never hear from them again. I lost over 100 grand helping out other people. And I never thought my long term friends would betray me. But they did :(

I cannot express in words how I am feeling inside.

I sure have learned a valuable lesson!

So what happened was, I lost my families money by trusting my closest friends! Would I do it again? Probably. I would just be a bit more careful! It is GOD in me that dictates my care for others. So I would continue... knowing that in the end, GOD knows the truth!

So... a few months ago she told me that MUD was taking her home... her son and daughter in law and her 2 kids had been living with her all these years and they never paid a dime... she got behind in some payments... and she did that by not opening her important mail.., she would toss it in a pile and take the pills the Dr gave her and she didn't think about it... until they got notice her home had been sold at auction and they had 30 days to get out... I was so sad... nothing I could do anymore, I had given away all my money... so they moved to a hotel. How? I wondered... and then a couple weeks ago she told me her son and daughter in law got another room for them... so they could have privacy... I wondered how they could afford to 'just get another room'... even with them both working it was hard to come up with that sort of money just to have sex. I was a bit peeved to say the least. Wondering how they could afford to get a second car... wondering for weeks how they are surviving... upset that they were spending so much money... that they didn't have.

So, my friend is crying on the phone... her daughter in law got her a room for the night... WHAT? How can they afford that now? Where did her daughter in law get the money to pay for this extra hotel room with a kitchenette... oh... the truth stung right to my heart.

You see... back in 2000 I paid almost 33 grand to save her home... she got it down to about 29 when she stopped paying. And when she got the check from the lawyer, a check that I was told would be about 4 grand... turned out to be 40 grand... and she gave the money to her son... because she didn't have a bank account and she trusted her son... well, his wife has now taken possession over the money... spending it on the extra car and rooms... and I am sure alcohol and drugs... and other things... I am sure they have long spent the 11 grand over the 29 that was owed to me.

So last night... I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up today I cried again... the pain is deep. How could someone so close like a sister do that? If it was me and someone paid off my house and when I got money back, the first thing I would do would be to pay that person back! I even told her she could use one of my accounts that was not being used.

So last night someone said... 'my friend... when she got the check... she didn't let me know'... and she never gave me a dime... was she even going to pay me back? If not... then her daughter in law ripped her off because she was going to rip me off. :(

Sure makes sense doesn't it?

GOD Bless us... everyone... IJCN,A

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Some People :(

One thing that bothers me very much is when people act one way when they are alone with you and then another way when they are in front of other people. I have seen this to many times!

Even my very own daughter... for years... when she would get around certain people she would really get mean and nasty. The weird part is... when you get her alone... she is the sweetest and most respectful person ever! Oh yeah... this is true!

And some peers... you get them alone and they are one way... get them in front of others... and they are totally someone else! This is why I avoid crowds, to many fake people trying to impress!

I believe there are lots of people in the world who do this... as I see it all over.

There are some who are real smiley to your face, but behind your back, they bite you to your soul!

How can we know when someone is like that?

We really cant... that's why so many people are so strict about who their children marry! When you marry someone without knowing their nature... you are playing Russian Roulette, which is a terrible game with no winners! You can never truly know someone... except the part that they show. And in the beginning they are usually on their best behavior! It takes about 6 months of living with someone to know their true nature. No one can play pretend forever... they do slip up and show those red flags most people ignore :(

There is a proper way for life that GOD has been trying to tell us for a very long time... unfortunately not everyone listens to GOD. It is very few people of the world who actually care about something other than themselves. And I do get it... if you don't know GOD, what else is there? Except the flesh that hungers for self satisfaction, self gratification. No matter what it is... it comes in many forms... food, drugs, booze... sex. It just depends on what you like.

But I am here to tell you these things do not matter when it comes to the spirit!

GOD is a spirit and can know your spirit... and you don't even know HIS! :(

GOD is not some mysterious thing... HE is a real entity... I think HE is the combination of all the saints that has ever lived and will ever live. And who knows... really... GOD could grant us a second chance... or a third or 4th... we simply do not know about that. But maybe... GOD does love us and wants us to have a great life... and if we do make it to heaven by the skin of our teeth... whose to say we can't as spirits come and go from the earth?

I do know the spirits have the capability to know our own spirits... so if your momma or grandma has passed... they know what your doing... where your going and what your feeling! You cannot hide from the spirits... we must learn to live with them!

So GOD has been trying to tell us when we serve our flesh... when we live in the flesh... and we don't feed our spirit... its like, our spirit looses out on the LIFE it could of had if we had not put the flesh first! When we ignore our spirit... we lose out on the greatest gift from GOD... the comforter... the Holy Ghost... the thing that GOD sent 2 us after Jesus was murdered by the people who thought they were doing right! :(And we still do this today! :(

Some people follow the ways of old... that separates the spirit from the flesh... and that is not how it should be... not since the day of Pentecost. Now don't freak out and think Pentecost is the direct line to GOD... no... it is the title they gave for the day when Jesus left this world and left us with the 'knowledge of  good and evil' and telling us it is our choice, there are no gray areas!

The old way is to conquer and condemn... by the flesh... and so they kill the flesh not knowing they can never kill the spirit! I praise GOD and thank GOD that people around the world are learning that GOD is more personal... HE is the part of you that tells you to help others... not harm them!

I hear people crying all over the world... crying out because they don't understand how we can live in this sort of world where men control men by corrupt means and slaughter innocent ones in the name of some god. But this is the way it was foretold. We knew it would come to this...

Jesus told us himself this would happen... look... it even happened to him! He was hated and murdered because he spoke the truth... but he also changed the world with his spirit which was the spirit of GOD. Back then the gift of the spirit was very selective... now it is open to anyone who chooses to serve GOD... and that is to LOVE and HELP each other.

When you get an idea in your head to help someone... that is GOD!

When you get an idea in your head to harm someone... that is Satan!

We must know the difference so we can live accordingly.

Right now the world is full of corruption... men in high places who are not showing the love... we have seen good and bad people since the beginning of recorded time. We know we have a choice to choose... and we need to count our blessings when we are able to live a good life... and I also think we need to count our blessings when we are living in hell and GOD is something that we can only feel on the inside, yet not be allowed to show or see on the outside. Some live like this :(

I pray for all of THE PEOPLE who are caught up in the middle of the mess that is in the world today. You cant ever tell what someone is going to do... unless you know them and know their spirit!

The idea is to keep the common spirit of GOD alive within THE PEOPLE!

Believe me... when we deny GOD... HE will deny us... this has happened throughout history... and then we go about whining and complaining about things... when it is our own fault that things happened so horrible in the first place. Sometimes people cant see beyond their own noses!

This is why when you start to read the Bible, start with the new Testament because that is OUR covenant with GOD... the old Testament is there so we can learn the history of THE PEOPLE. We need to know, when PEOPLE deny GOD... there is destruction!

We must NEVER deny the SPIRIT OF GOD!

When we don't learn about GOD and we try to do things on our own... we make mistakes... we do... we are only human... but GOD is a spirit and knows the spirit of THE PEOPLE... and GOD can warn you when your to close to danger.

For example... now I cant give all the examples because there are so many and I like to keep these blogs simple and light! But the thing is... we must know when we do some things... and ignore GODs laws... wow... we really screw up bad! OK, for example... the 12 year old child is out and about and meets another child and they go off and do whats natural... the fleshly thing... and then you have all these children having babies... what a terrible thing when babies are born to parents who don't appreciate the life they created...  And when someone commits adultery... for whatever reason... I have heard them all... But if you see it as a weakness and you beg GOD to forgive you and you try not to do it... simply because GOD says not to... well... you can overcome! But if your all cocky and arrogant thinking your all that and sleep with all the people who come wanting you in your life... GOD has a way of helping you learn your lesson, that usually includes tragic consequences.

This is how it is in everything that we do.

Now, we know that it is good and right to hit puberty and fall in love... this is a love that will last a lifetime... and people throw it away like its trash....  or maybe it wont happen that early... maybe you will have to wait till your 30 to find LOVE... depends really on you. But the good and right way is to grow up in a place where everyone knows whats going on with whom... and when young people naturally fall in love, that love is nourished by THE PEOPLE... but also kept in check so there are no unwanted babies coming in the world without the love of LOVING PARENTS/PEOPLE.

2 young people out on the town... not knowing each other... meeting in a night club... having a few drinks... sexual tension rises... inhibitions go out the window and the 2 usually end up having lustrous sex. Where's the LOVE man? Where is the deep devotion? The ideas of a loyal union that lasts a lifetime... where even the thought of being with someone else makes you cringe!

Don't waste your youth on lusts of the flesh... don't allow man made alcohol to stop your better judgement... your critical thinking! People blame the liqueur for so many stupid moves... PEOPLE who know GOD, also know that a little booze is OK... to much... will bring your doom!

Teach the children to READ... instill in them a hunger for knowledge... they will find GOD for themselves, simply by reading and getting educated!

So many smart people don't like to read the Bible because its mysterious and hard to understand... well... I say... when you have the SPIRIT of GOD on board... everything is shown to you in truth! You don't have to be told what something means... go to GOD and HE will show you!

Be smart... but not cocky...

Educate yourselves to a higher level...

Meditate and pray always knowing that GOD is right there for you!

Have no part of the ways of evil... or evil men who allow evil to control them!

Control yourself... do not allow your body to dictate to your soul...

Know GOD has a way of teaching us a lesson if we don't learn it on our own!

I want to thank GOD for all PEOPLE who come read my blog.... YOU inspire me! Over 10 thousand views on google... 5 countries yesterday reading this blog! I am amazed at what GOD can do... now get it right... I said "what GOD can do"... because without HIM... I am nothing! I am blessed to be HIS humble servant, LOVING HIS PEOPLE everyday!

GOD Bless you... and GOD bless us all... everyone!