Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, October 30, 2015

Mad? Still?

Not so much.

I am still angry, but not so much raging as I was. But I do feel that there is a possibility of being mad again. But here it is, Friday and haven't heard a word. And that's a good thing. I don't need evil corrupt judgmental people up my butt inside my own space. Now, if I was a horrible person it might be different. If I was a horrible person, GOD would not be on my side.

GOD has always been on my side!

GOD has never let me down!

So I woke up early today from one of those surreal dreams...

In the dream someone I was close to was having a problem, but I don't know who.

But it was a big family and they were very rich. They lived in this HUGE mansion. From what I saw the house was as big as 2 football fields, but I only saw portions of it.

The problem was... the house was divided. Some of the people living in the house had become evil and corrupt. And I was helping the good lady fight against them. Yes, it was a woman... and she had other younger people with her, but in the house the evil lived.

It was sorta like a video game I see my grandson play... I never got to see the whole house, much less enjoy it! But I did find the evil one... (ones)... and things got a little crazy with guns going off, them screaming words of hate... and ended with me driving right into them as they were trying to shoot at me! You know how GOD works. How many times have we heard about bad men trying to kill good men and the gun jams... or something happens that stops them. I know GOD works like that.

I have an idea what this dream means... but I don't think I have to go into all that as I know with GODS SPIRIT you will know yourself what it means!

I think this is why some people hate me. Because I am saying that you can find GOD right there inside your own heart and mind. Remembering it is true that before Jesus men had to go to temple and make fleshly sacrifice to the priests... it was a BIG deal... so much rigmarole... to appease GOD

But when Jesus came HE changed all that!

No longer could men sin all week long and then go and make a sacrifice of a bird or lamb... what have ya... and it be no skin off his nose... and so the hearts and minds of men were not so good at that time, because sin was pushed off on the animal being sacrificed... and can you believe that in that day that was moderate???

Then Jesus came and when he died, he did not leave us without help... and that was the comforter... and that is the SPIRIT OF GOD that dwells within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE...

And there are many people who don't want you to know that.

For a couple of reasons...

1. Religions are BIG business... we know this by how mad Jesus got when he flipped the tables of the corrupt people in the temples... and let me say... some of these men live like kings! And maybe so... after all... they do lead you to GOD... if you listen to them... and give them money... and do what they say... but in the end you will find that GOD was inside you all of the time... and you know other men follow men of more ancient barbaric times of older religions who sought to control THE PEOPLE... through strict rules... and also ways out of those rules, and proceeded to make sin OK.

2. Which brings me to the next reason. Some people don't want you to even believe in GOD because SIN IS BIG BUSINESS! They are people who work for the evil one, Satan. But then they are the same people who want you to think its all a joke, doesn't mean anything!

But the truth is... with GOD... through Jesus... it does mean something... it means a lot... it means you can have a perfect life... if you follow the message of Jesus who was GOD in the flesh... who taught us to come together with LOVE for one another... in the name of Jesus to share a common spirit of LOVE... and do the RIGHT things among THE PEOPLE. When you do the right things... and your kids do the right things... you create a GOOD LIFE for the family. If a parent doesn't teach a child the ways of GOD the child will learn on the streets... from other dark horrible people... that 'ya do what ya gotta do to survive'... and that includes... cheating, lying, stealing... murdering... there is so much bad out there in the world, you wouldn't believe... and most of them always PRETEND to be good... just to get your goat!

Its amazing to me... that so many people are so clueless...

But I Praise GOD and I Thank Jesus when I see PEOPLE who have the spirit of goodness and righteousness... and I do see them... every day, I do!!!

GOD gives us LIFE... and then he gives us a CHOICE... to choose whom we will serve... there's a part of me that thinks GOD is thoroughly entertained by our antics... but is always there to set us straight when we seek the good things in life. Home, Family. A job to go to that is helpful to society. But look, we are allowing evil people to have their way because we have become complacent... accepting of sin because its so common.

But the thing is... GOD wants you to do BETTER!

Our struggle is not with each other... its against the power of evil which can make our lives a living hell... we see in the world... GOOD and BAD... we see gods of the past... both good and evil ones... its about who we, as A PEOPLE...  are going to lift up and promote!?!

The word on the street is, the churches are PACKED! People are choosing the GOOD things in this life over the things that hurt us so badly... and it is sin... don't be a dummy... read, read, read the Bible... and don't start with Genesis... start with Matthew, Mark,  Luke and John... and continue the New Testament because remember Jesus changed the covenant with GOD... learn about Jesus... the man! Its not a fairy tail... its all about what we have learned in the world. We cannot dismiss our studies of mankind. We cant just live in the moment because in a moment the moment will be gone! We must consider history and think about the future of our children!

Please consider your spirit... because its whats in the inside that its all about... Pretty is as pretty does... ya gotta act pretty to be pretty... Goodness is as goodness does... ya gotta act good to be good!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

I am feeling much better now!

I know there are new readers who I feel need to know why I do all of this... its because I was raised up in hell... and my way out was through Jesus... his words showed me the way out of hell! So many people think heaven and hell are a myth, but its not... we see evidence of this everyday! And of course... 64 countries is pretty good, I think... and that's what keeps me here!

And its not that I have some theology degree... or any degree at all... its just that throughout the last 39 years since I was baptized in the name of Jesus and desperately sought a way out of hell... I have learned so much by reading my Bible and other religious books that were also helpful for me to see that the SPIRIT LIVES... within US!!! And in the spiritual realm there is a FORCE of GOOD against EVIL... its not just some game... well... wait... OK... if you want to think of life as a game... OK... play the game for real... because the fight is for real... because people who are doing the bad things think they are right... and they need to be educated to the truth of life! And we got to do it! WE as GODS PEOPLE must take a stand and show that there is a much better way...

You can have a much BETTER LIFE if you follow the Christ who serves the GOD that is GOOD and JUST and RIGHT...

Its all just your matter of thinking...

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm Still MAD

Still waiting for CPS to show up with their warrant...

And I think its RIDICULOUS that I haven't seen 3 of my grand kids in almost a YEAR because of the harsh JUDGEMENT of the all powerful all mighty CPS corrupt people and their comdemnation of simple pot smokers!

Can ya tell I am still mad??? I am one MAD Grandma! GRRRRR...

GOD forgive me :(

GOD Bless US... Everyone! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'M MAD Part 2

Here we are waiting for the 'warrant' from the CPS...

My blood is still boiling... I want to scream and cuss at them, but GOD tells me to settle down.

I am going to be OK.

But all I can think about is how they turned my simple pot smoker daughter into some zombie type taking Prozac, Klonopin, Ambien and something with Codine for pain... OH... but THAT'S OK...

Well its not OK for me! Is one big reason I hate them, when I should not be... I have to ask GOD to forgive me every hour... every few minutes for the HATE that I feel with this corrupt system. I would much rather deal with a slightly lazy pot smoker, rather than the zombie that cant get out of the bed!

Thank GOD she is weaning herself off of them!

Another thing that bothers me  WHOLE LOT... Other than the fact that I have never even met my 11 month old grand daughter... YES... this crap has been drawn out for 10 months now... just for the natural weed that grows from a seed and fulfills a need!

But my grands # 4 and #5 have also been taken away from a pot smoker and given to a 2 time drug felon and are not allowed to come to my house! And what makes it even worse is I have a grand #6 who misses the the boys and who hung out with them... and with them gone... he is not very happy and I know that the boys, grands # 4 and #5 would of already shown grand #6 how to use the potty chair!

I cant believe how it is legal for CPS to ruin lives like they do!

And guess what?

I am still MAD...

But praying to GOD for HIS strength and HELP!


Friday, October 23, 2015


When I started this blog... in my mind it was just a journal for my grand children (family) to read when they grew up... and most importantly I learned to keep a journal when I went through 3 years of psychotherapy after I tried to commit suicide at 28 years old. It took some time to undo all the damage that was done to me when I lived in hell... and it taught me how to fix what ailed my head. At the end, my therapist who was with United Way was Madelyn... oh how I grew to love her. I went to her for 2 years... (the other therapist was court ordered from my divorce). Which was OK... but that didn't help me as much as Madelyn did... and when I stopped seeing Madelyn, it was because she told me that she was taking a private job and would be leaving United Way and that she thought I was well enough to go on my own, but she would hand me over to another therapist if I felt that I needed to. Well, she had become the mother that I never had... and had helped so much to set me on a road to recovery... FROM HELL... and I thank GOD for her! I had changed my life... oh... it wasn't drug related... it was about growing up with domestic violence. Violent beatings that had made me a victim.

Anyways... so I started this blog from the idea from the therapist to keep a journal... but now it has reached 64 countries... I never in my life would of thought that it would do that. And so I know that many people, even in my home town of Houston, Texas are reading! Praise GOD!

I have to say... I live in poverty... and if I had the money... I would hire a lawyer to sue CPS, to CHANGE THEIR DRUG POLICY! ... And if you hear me... feel me... please call CPS in Houston Texas and tell them their drug policy is WRONG! PLEASE??? Because I cant seem to do anything without money... all I can do is come in here and post my thoughts. Praying that someone somewhere can help! GOD tells us that HE created the rich and the poor... I think its because we need each other to survive and that keeps us humble... or it should. Some think money means they are above others... and in a way they are, because if I was rich I would already have a helpful lawyer who does it to help people... I need a pro bono lawyer to start :(

Many smart people are getting wise to the lies of the devil... we now know that the 'weed' ...  'pot' ...  marijuana is not as bad as some say, the propaganda over the years has been ruthless as well as useless. Many intelligent minds are being changed about legalizing this 'weed' that comes from a seed and fulfills a need! And I would LOVE to be apart of that change... since CPS has hurt me more than they ever helped... I would like to see the policy changed to where simple pot smokers are not considered the same as meth heads or heroin freaks who kill their children!

I have been an on again off again pot smoker since 1972... oh sure I have done other things... I was a little wild and crazy... but I quit cigarettes and I don't drink much anymore... maybe once every 5 years for a specific reason. I have never been involved in many other chemical drugs. And I have never been in trouble... I love and respect the law... but in this case the law has it wrong... the law against this beautiful plant is wrong... HOW CAN WE HAVE A LAW AGAINST SOMETHING THAT GROWS FROM A SEED IN THE GROUND??? Sent to us by GOD HIMSELF for to help us with our problems!?! For me it has been a life time of abuse and depression and emotional pain that would of killed me, had GOD not saved me through people like Madelyn, and the healing parts of the beautiful marijuana plant!

We know this by Genesis 1; 29!

But yet... STILL... CPS treats us like an abusive heroin addicts who neglects the children! My Lord... I don't even abuse the dog! I even hate to kill spiders, because they eat the flying insects and I would hate to hinder their food chain!

Inside I am so angry... and I DO NOT like it!

I am feeling the hate more than ever... and I DO NOT like it!

My stomach hurts and I DO NOT like it!


Because yesterday morning my sleep was so rudely interrupted by a HUGE knock on the door... you know the kind of knock that the police make! I scrambled to get dressed, the whole time my heart is beating like crazy and I go into panic attack. When I got to the door, I knew it was CPS...

It would of been better had it been the police! I love the police, (as long as they are not corrupt)!

Instant anger and hate rushed through my whole body... these people have been screwing up my life since 1989... and I have never been in trouble and I have never had my kids taken away, the rumors were proven false! But they still want to come messing around because of the evil lies that some people say because they get mad and they USE and ABUSE the system to 'get back' at who ever they get mad at... why cant I be charged with something before CPS comes banging on my door? Why wasn't it the police banging on the door? Why doesn't CPS only respond to calls by the police or the hospitals? Why do they make it policy to believe anyone off the street... including the ones who are drug users and are revengeful for someone sleeping with their boyfriend? Why is our system so screwed up that it is wasting all this time and money to harass (not help) us, simply because of the lies of Satan?

For starters, I will NEVER again allow CPS in my house! I used to allow them in... many times I allowed them in... and I was nice and polite to them... but never again... They can knock all they want but, NEVER again will I ever be kind enough to let them in! They have already ruined my life and caused me to have anxiety problems... I used to let them in... EVERY TIME... BECAUSE I had nothing to hide... and I only wanted to straighten out and resolve what ever caused them to come here. And they were nice... back then. I never had any charges of neglect or abuse and the people who came in here had sense enough to see that I was a good mother and nothing became of it. I even told them I was a pot smoker, but NEVER around the children... I never let the pot... (which is lower on my list of priorities)... to ever be more important than the children. GOD forbid!

Now... just now... at this very second... 3 CPS people are at the door... with a policeman... they say for their protection! HA, I ask them... what about MY protection... they say... he can be there for me too... so I do let the cop in... HAHAHA I really liked him! But CPS will never come in my house again! I explained to him that this all started when someone met my daughter at my sisters house and it was a drug house and a house of prostitution... and they wanted to have sex with her and she told them no... the next day they had someone call CPS... I am so mad because for all these years CPS has been told that it was MY house that was the drug house and a house of prostitution... when it was actually my sisters! And with the murder that was committed there... the house was shut down. Has nothing to do with MY house! And I yelled... I did go off on those women. And I am glad that there was 3 of them... to see how angry I was.

So they want to see my niece... you know, the one I talked about before... the one who is an x stripper and x drug user. And remember... she didn't have anything to do with our family while she was lost to drugs... but... she prayed to GOD to help her get out... and soon she became pregnant. After all the years I prayed that GOD not allow her to get pregnant... GOD answered her prayers and so she is 36 with her first baby. When she did discover she was pregnant, it was her way, her chance to get out and she knew it... so she bravely asked me to stay here, the whole time she is thinking I would say no. But I let go of the past and helped her for GODs sake... and I know my Grandmother would want me to be there for her... and so I am. I do help her, teaching her things and... with all my heart I love that little baby! As I have always loved all of the children!

I never hesitated. She is a new person now. She is a good mother... she is seeing the joys of being a mother and she has been crying all morning. Well, I wouldn't let the CPS in but I did allow the police in... to check on the baby. And they did and every thing was fine... but that wasn't good enough for CPS. They wanted to come in and see the house... take pics of the fridge... and you know...I am really OK with that... but my niece was scared. But they have nothing on her. Except a past. And today, my niece is clean... she has nothing to fear... she will be negative... but she made the decision to tell them to get a warrant... which is our right. The cop was a good man... he was really on my side. Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

So they didn't get in... and I am waiting for them to come with a warrant.

So CPS is forcing a young mother to be scared for her situation and will now run away again. In fact, they are already gone. And I HATE CPS for it! And I would allow her to live here... for free... but...

Doesn't this mean that CPS is NOT allowing me to CARE for my niece? Sure she has other places to go... but they are not clean or a good place to be. CPS is forcing a 2 week old baby back on the streets because of a scared new mother! (Fact is, they were both tested in the hospital when the babe was born and were both clean.

All because of the confusion of Satan... he hates me so much he is trying to get me to fail... I will never fail because I will never give up! GOD has made a promise... to always be with me and help me even though the devil uses other people to try to destroy my life.

Oh, they're not after me... they don't even want to talk to me. But it's MY house and isn't that what Jesus tells us to do? Help the ones who are down and out... be there to love her and care for her when she has the realization that she wanted to escape hell, to have a better life? And I am here to help!

So obviously SOMETHING is wrong here! With the CPS drug policy... when Jesus says to love and care for someone and the official politically correct CPS who are above the police... who can order the police around... but that doesn't mean the police are really on their side. Today, when CPS was gunning for us... the police were there for ME! Praise GOD!

Now... I promised GOD that I was going to say this... even though its not politically correct... but this is what these horrible CPS has caused for me... in my soul... I hate to say this... I don't want to say this... and I know that some will be mad at me for saying this, but it is the honest truth... so I will say this... as of today... and I cant say it is forever... CPS could change their policy and then my opinion would change... but here is some truth...  If and when I see a child being abused or neglected... I WILL NEVER CALL CPS... never... because that child is better off being in the hands of people who have a problem but still love the child... rather than be in the hands of someone who only wants to help because of the money they get! I promise to GOD... this is true. As corrupt as CPS is these days... never will I report abuse or neglect... because the abuse and the horrific things I have seen because of CPS, ripping crying babies from a crying mothers arms... whose only crime is she smoked a little pot... and handing them over to a 2 time drug felon, who had some time to clean up before he was asked to do a drug test. This should be a crime!

Such a mess... such a mess...

I am sick and tired of being judged and condemned just because of a little pot!

I have never been in trouble... I love the law... I respect the law... and none of the 10 commandments say 'Thou shalt not smoke pot'! For GOD has given us this plant for its resources! Throughout the years men have manipulated this law to suit them. I can imagine how empty our prisons would be if they let go of all the 'simple pot smokers'. Even the CPS Specialist said her case load would lighten by 12 if they would just adjust the law to not include this natural seed growing plant as a DRUG!

And you know what??? I am still mad! Because I am frantically trying to figure out how to fix this. I do have a plan growing in my head... but I wanted to get in here and finish this blog so I can tell the whole story. Sometimes when I am fighting for my life... I get the anxiety and its hard to talk. So I want to post it all here first before I start heading down another avenue. Altho, you know GOD tells us not to worry about what we will say, HE will put it in our mouths what to say when we need it!

But I am still baffled... GOD tells me to help and CPS says that I cannot! They are judging me under false pretenses without knowing anything about me except what lies were told.

We went to the Lawyer who is handling my daughters case and they are only interested in the one issue and they have no more pro bono hours to help me with this one. So if anyone knows someone who will help me... please contact me at   ... or anyone wants to write... I do check that email. Or contact me on Facebook

I know that GOD has a plan... and I know that CPS has a job to do... I understand that, but I am not sorry about going off on them this morning... I was angry at them... they don't hear me telling them the truth...  and they believe liars... and their current policy treats non criminals like criminals.

OH... that's right... its a crime to smoke a little pot, but sodomy is now legal!!!

Yeah I am mad... and funny thing... my engines are still rolling with this issue. I remember when my daughter was a minor mother who smoked a joint and CPS made us both go to a drug rehab class... and I will never forget the OWNER calling me into the office to get the details of my story... and she told me... "Never give up the fight!" And she was talking about the fight to free the weed that comes from a seed and fulfills a need! If one woman can start a chain reaction to get GOD taken out of our schools... maybe one woman can start a chain reaction to set THE PEOPLE straight about this beautiful natural plant that solves many many problems...

LOOK and see... I predicted that Colorado would have monetary success beyond belief when they legalized this natural plant that helps us in so many ways. Peoples opinions will change when the truth comes out... and we are just now discovering the truth... its not as bad as we were led to believe in the war on drugs... you see... its because of this... Cannabis is NOT a drug... it is a natural PLANT that comes from a seed... is a gift of GOD... that men have throughout the past hundred years ago tried to make it into something evil when its not. I want to again tell the story that I got from a United States Marshall... about WHY the law is against it... you know... about the murder that was a crime of passion and racism... not really a case of 'oh he was so high he killed a man'. The propaganda against it was way different than the truth. And if anyone wants me to rewrite it... as I think I have written it on this blog already, somewhere but if anyone wants me to rewrite it, just email me at the email above and I will come back and re write that story.

But in the meanwhile... I need help.

Its not about drugs... its about my address and my reputation... and the way I am judged by people who don't even know me! People who sit in offices all day getting paid to solve all the children's problems, when they don't even see with their own eyes the truth. Well I am here to testify that they have only ruined the lives of the people I have seen them touch... and of course I don't see the good work that they do, because I don't hang around people who are that stupid.

From here on out I will be in constant prayer that one of you out there can be there for me! If you know someone who would be passionate about this issue and use my story to fight to make proper changes... please ask others, to ask others... can someone out there help me?

Oh and one more note... a little off the subject, but touches my heart! When I logged on here today I saw that 5 Russians were reading at the same time and there has been also in the past 10 and 12... up to 21 Russians reading at one time, many times... No, I'm no scared... I am elated! I LOVE IT!!!  I have seen many documentaries on Russia, it is a beautiful place... and the Russians are beautiful people... and to anyone who thinks I'm wrong for loving the Russians... I would ask you... WHY??? Do you hate them?? Because I don't! I love Russia... I love China, I love France... I love many countries... many many... I love ALL the GOOD PEOPLE around the world. I do not believe that all are evil... I feel that evil is scattered around the world... not stuck in one place or type of people... And I know that in the end... we will find HEAVEN when we all learn to LOVE one another!

After all, wasn't that the message of Jesus?

One day in the future... it will all be OK... we will fix the wrong in our systems and we will be able to free the weed that comes from a seed and fulfills a need!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Gift To GOD

So much jumbling around in my head... all I want to do is go lay in my bed.

But I do know clearly that I want to talk about what someone just said... that the Christians and the Muslims are the same barbaric thing...

I do know that in the old Testament it is truly barbaric... the ancient, before Jesus life was very very similar to what Muslims have going on now, today.

Remember King Henry who had the head of Anne Boleyn cut off?... I mean that was the way some people had it. It is old and it is barbaric and that was even after Jesus because that's the way it was as a matter of controlling the people. And it works.

And I believe that is why so many men will convert to Islam, because it gives them power over their women! Absolute power. To where it was absolutely OK for a man to murder his wife if she didn't... 'mind' him. Most women just learned it was protocol to just be agreeable.

I feel so sorry for people who must live a lie like that... where men can be evil and spread evil and think that he is all good! Its insane... and that is why GOD sent Jesus to CHANGE THINGS...

We no longer have 'control' by fear of death.

As GOD has taken the power away from 'men' to control by fear and make the change to controlling THE PEOPLE simply by loving them!

HATE has been around for a long, long time...

GOD sent Jesus to set us free from hate and learn to live a much better life through LOVE!

I saw a video today of an alleged Palestinian...

Now first off... I really don't want to get in the middle of HATE... but GOD says to... so I must come and speak what I hear... and please know that I love ALL THE PEOPLE... but I HATE the HATE! And that is why I am here... because some people think that to 'hate' is the way to be right.

OK... this video was of a child, a very young child... of say 5 or 6... and they were saying that they wanted to stab a Jew.

Now my opinion about Jews... well... like I said... I love ALL PEOPLE...  and GOD says we shouldn't label and murder... for... secular reasons :(

But I can tell you that it has been my experience that some Jews are hateful also. Its crazy how 2 sets of religions can hate each other so much... and that is why GOD picked the Gentiles over the Jews that fateful day. But the hate is followed so fiercely... its a terrible thing.

For me... since people love to label others... I will confess that I am a Christian... and I am a Christian because Jesus, The Christ... the final sacrifice told us to STOP the hate... and to frikkin LOVE ONE ANOTHER by golly... and to care about each other.

So I do care.

About the others... as I can see many a good Jew and many a good Muslim who are just labeled and deemed bad... but... are not really so bad at all.

And then you have those who are evil, who are hiding behind a label.

I look and I can see all the chaos among the ones who are confused.

I look and see people who are suffering for those who love to hate.

I look and see some who sit on a thrown and profess to be good, but are really bad. If I didn't have GOD to show me the truth through the spirit I would be confused also. I would want to just crawl into my own space and let the chaos go on around me... but NO... I am merely a servant to our Lord.

Why are some people so addicted to hate???

Why did the child want to stab and kill the Jew???

Because ... "They stole our land!"

Oh dear GOD... why do people go on about something that doesn't matter anymore...  I remember when something like this happened in other places. Fact is... we are who we are and where we are for a reason. And I guarantee that land belongs to NO ONE>>> everyone will die and not be able to take land with them... why fight over something that isn't even yours??? The land belongs to GOD... and men who fight over it are NOT of GOD!

We cannot kill for something that isn't ours in the first place... isn't that called insanity?

Look, I know that this blog is read in many places... and many come back. It must be for a reason... and for some reason GOD keeps me coming back in here to talk about certain things.

And its obvious that many are listening... and I am NOT saying I am a god... I am simply a human who has survived HELL by the SPIRIT of GOD... and I want to share how I got out of there! Because it was not fun... it was very stressful... and should not be inflicted on anyone!

And it seems as if this war... this religious war of HATE goes as far back as 2 brothers who vowed to hate each other as long as their blood line lived.

And here we are... 2015 AD...  and we haven't gotten farther than all the hate and the men playing god... and the murder and sacrifice of many a beautiful soul???


Hate... I see it in to many places...

And we wont get anywhere until we realize that it is the HATE that is causing all the pain and destruction. I should know... I am hated also.

But ya know what???

GOD LOVES ME and JESUS LOVES ME! And so with GOD on my side, all will be well even tho it seems the whole world is falling apart.

One of the things that I hate about me is that awful ability to feel other peoples pain. And I didn't even know that it had a name, until recently. Funny, I always thought it was a curse. And even now I have my own thoughts about it... because, sometimes it does feel like a curse. But I know it is just a heavy burden that my Lord has given me to carry so that I can know the 'truth'.

I can see both sides of the issue. And it disturbs me to see that these people think they are doing right by lopping off the heads of people they think are against them.

 This morning I saw a pic of a group of American Muslim women who held their hands up and they had all written 'Down with America' on their palms and arms in a black marker... now, why??? Why are these women hating the very people who support them?

Why is it that the Muslims who are seen as refugees in the UK and Germany are hating their host countries? Why are these Muslims taught to hate from so young of an age?

And Jesus simply said to... "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"

Dear GOD... some of them even hate themselves!

Where's the LOVE??? Man!!!

Is this what you are going to teach and show the world? HATE???

So odd to me that some people cannot think straight... they think land is something that 'belongs' to them... wouldn't it be more realistic to say that 'we' belong to the earth? We are organic and we will all someday die... but however...

GOD is the god of the LIVING... and HE LIVES within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE and HE will come to you too if you just ask HIM to...

Will we waste our time living in hate and murder and lies and manipulations???

Or will we learn to LOVE ONE ANOTHER?

I am not saying that we have to accept each others sin... GOD forbid... lots of good people don't have much to do with their family member if they are sinful... because sin hurts not only yourself, but your family. Remember, if your right eye offend you? Pluck it out!

So to those who think we should be without religions... I say this... we NEED GOD...  GOD is WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE and is very important in the way we will survive... and the survival ratings will be much higher when we find a way to share the LOVE and help others out when we can see they are having a problem.

Its all up to us... the humans of the day...

GODS gift to us, is LIFE...

Our gift to GOD is what we make of it!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus... for this life!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hands Down

My eldest Grand daughter came walking out of her room the other day... stomping like a mad bear... and of course its my job to show her the difference between good and bad... she does have a little attitude when she doesn't get her way... but isn't that so common among the young?

So she is stomping by me and I immediately show her what she looks like... (sometimes they are totally unaware of that) and so I pull up my shoulders and stomp like that ole bear, arms flopping and feet stomping... and she busts out in laughter... and calls her sister to come see! And asked me to do it again.. and me being the helpful one that I am... I did it again...

The little one laughed so hard she fell over...

GOD always gives me what I need when I need it!

I was reminded of a time when I was a young child... oh, about 7 or so... my Grandparents put us in a class at Montgomery Wards for etiquette and proper lady stuff... you know I grew up in hell so I thank GOD for my maternal Grandparents who made up for their daughters inadequacy. I enjoyed these classes... they taught us many things... even how to sit! I remember the teacher saying when you sit like a lady you always sit with your hands down! Because if you sit with your hands up it looks like your waiting for a handout! Oh yes... this is what they said! Isn't it funny how even in a child's class for proper etiquette they teach us not to be a beggar!?! HAHAHA I love it!

So here I am now, teaching my grand daughters about proper etiquette...

Teaching them to walk like a lady is one of the greatest things I can help them learn to do. Because that's not something that you get usually, at home... or at school... it should be taught in both places, but it seems that some have lost what guidance GOD gave us. Altho I know not all... I know there are places out there that still teach our young people proper etiquette! Its just that you need to have the funds to pay for the classes. I am thankful that my Grandparents thought to do this for me!

I remember one of my favorite movies... 'Gigi' Oh, it was a lovely story about a young girl, played by Leslie Caron... growing up in the Parisian golden era! And the young woman was sent a couple times a week or maybe every day, it wasn't clear about that... but she was a young girl in training... to be a lady! And she was sent to an Aunts house to learn her lessons on the proper way to walk and serve tea the right way... right down to knowing the difference between a real gem and a fake!

Anyway, my point is, we should all learn these proper etiquette actions... and I am happy to be here to teach them to my grand daughters... oh believe me... I have lessons for my grand sons also and that is already happening! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Last week a little baby child was born into this world...she is family! GOD saw my broken heart from the 11 month old grand child that I have never even met yet, because CPS says I am a horrible terrible person because I smoke 'pot' and the children shouldnt be around me! HAHAHA (laughing hysterically) ME! The one who LOVES children MORE than anything... certainly more than smoking a little pot and would never put 'smoking pot' above them! Now to be fair... they... CPS says I can go visit with the children at their office...that, they would make a time to have the other family members (who are drunks and heroin addicts) bring the child so I can uh... visit! I say NO! If I am such a horrible person I will not subject them to my horrible self! I actually think it is CPS who are horrible people because they are denying these 3 children the LOVE of a good grandmother!

But all is not lost... GOD knows my heart and my habits and HE knows I don't harm the children... but the fact is, according to these 'man made laws' created to cover a GOD made asset... I could smoke a joint with my friends in the back yard of my own home while the children are all sleeping... and then 3 weeks or a month later, I will not pass a drug test!

This is ridiculous! And CPS Policy is WRONG to compare simple casual marijuana smokers with abusive neglectful heroin addicts! And I am PISSED about it!

But you see? There is a new child... and of course the others whom I see almost every day!

GOD is the god of LIFE! And bless GOD Thank You Jesus the corrupt people couldn't reach to the ends of the earth with their condemnation. Because GOD sees that I am a good person, just trying to survive in this wicked world. As much as I try to do good... and oh I am not perfect... my sin haunts me everyday! Even my past sin... I guess what I want to say is... even my original sin still haunts me today... if I had not done what I did all those years ago, my life would be so different today. And it wasn't just me who got hurt that day... and I just pray that someday GOD feels like I have suffered enough... and before I die, allow me to right that wrong... because when I die it will be to late cant go back and change it. But while I am alive, I can say I am sorry and ask for forgiveness, and I have. But it doesn't change my reality. I am still suffering for the after effects of the sin. My original sin :(

Yesterday, I found my favorite vacuum cleaner at the Goodwill! I knew it was sent by GOD as soon as I saw it! I know that some rich person who could afford to go out and buy a new one got frustrated when the belt broke and gave it to Good Will! And someone who was staying here ruined my old one that I loved so much... and so we threw it out. And it is very hard trying to find one of them. There are so many newer models that I cant afford out there... so when I spotted it I knew I had to get it! It was labeled as 20$ but when we told her the brush didn't spin she marked it down to $13.99!!! I didn't care if I only could use the poles... I wanted it to at least clean my ceiling fans and small ac window units. And I didn't care that the brush didn't spin! So I got it home and had babies daddy try to fix it... and he couldn't. So when I got up the next morning it was all laying there, I even tripped over it. but when I went back to sleep complaining to GOD about it. When I woke up for the second time that day... GOD gave me a dream or a vision... on how to fix the vacuum cleaner! I am not kidding... I know it sounds crazy, but it's true! GOD is there for us when we acknowledge HIM... and so when I got up I went and got the screwdriver and somehow knew inside my head where the belt went, because GOD had shown me a pic of the proper placement in my head... now some may laugh... yes it is a laughable situation... as changing a vacuum belt is not so difficult for some... but for others, we have no clue and take it to a small machine repair shop just to find out the belts needed to be replaced! HAHAHA so true... so true... so I just followed what was in my head and WOW... I fixed it! I sorta felt a little silly telling the children that GOD helped me fix the vacuum, but they totally understood! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Now most of you know that I live in poverty. I don't make no bones about it and really I have a safe 'home and family' who loves me... so nothing else really matters. Ohhh... you PEOPLE matter... WOW... if I did't have you PEOPLE... you PEOPLE keep me going... and coming in here to express my thoughts... YOU are whom I LOVE because GOD taught me to, through Jesus... who was GOD in the flesh... now... some say that he was not... because 'who was he talking to when he was praying'???  ... well... could be a pretty good argument, but the thing is, GOD is a SPIRIT... and the SPIRIT is in more places than just inside Jesus... and besides... Jesus was here to set the example for us to follow...

... and pretty soon there will be so many 'Jesus like' PEOPLE walking in GODS SPIRIT on this earth... because GOD IS A SPIRIT so HE transcends all flesh...  And we will know that the return of JESUS will not be fulfilled by something 'fleshy' that our fleshy eyes can see dropping out of the clouds! For it will be THE SPIRIT coming out in ALL who acknowledge HIM that we will see! Anything else is Hollywood inspired. Not at all the real thing... only some humans idea.

So we know that we will see the second coming of JESUS within the SPIRIT of  HIS PEOPLE!

Praise GOD for THE SPIRIT that HE left us, when Jesus was crucified! Remember the Holy Ghost that Jesus told us would come for US?? Well all ya got to do is believe in HIM... receive HIS SPIRIT and the answers to life's many questions will be open unto you... too!

And in the end... the lesson of the day is this...

GOD WINS... and HE creates WINNERS...


GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


The biggest decision you will ever make in your life is....

Whom will you serve?

The oldest and most popular war... ever, is the one between GOOD and evil!

Everyday we make the choice... 

Since 'some people' have taken GOD out of our system... they have taken away the KNOWLEDGE and wisdom and understanding of GOD along with the respect and LOVE of others. 

For most, its all about 'self' and how materialistic things can make a body feel good. 

When GOD created PEOPLE in HIS image... HE gave us the knowledge to have the best life ever! The ancient barbaric actions of old were gone when GOD made us to be above the animals. But now, some are still practicing those animalistic ancient barbaric actions. 

I heard another Muslim yesterday saying how 'we are all wrong'... that Islam is a religion of PEACE and 'we' are the evil ones... HAHAHA... who is she kidding!?! I told her she needed to go tell that to her brothers working for ISIS... they are murdering 'in cold blood' anyone who disagrees with them... and they are destroying ancient artifacts that are sacred to the people... they are not tolerating any one else to have a different opinion. But yet they continue to demand our respect without respecting us! They have no rights in their countries and they are trying to make all countries just like theirs. 

Now I am not hating like they say I am... isn't that weird? They say we are hating them, when the whole time, they are the ones who originally hated us! Its all a crazy game of war... 

... of GOOD against evil...

We as GODS children know this!

When we have GOD in our hearts and minds... HE tells us what is good and what is bad. HE tells us to read HIS word, to learn specifically what to do and what NOT to do. 

We see Muslims dancing in the street when someone is murdered (or someones). Remember 911??? Remember how they partied in the streets!?! The difference between them and Christians is the Christians really do hate the violence. GOD tells us NOT to go out rioting and destroying and murdering... and you can see so many who do it... that is because the evil one has gotten into our system and has created a greedy arrogant lying manipulative people! Oh, there are many... many people who cheat and lie... and isn't it funny how they get so mad when someone cheats them... or lies to them? I have seen this with my own eyes!

There is a HUGE difference between corruption and righteousness... HUGE!!!

And this is where we choose...

But know this, anyone who is corrupt will be found out as there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed! Everything comes out one way or the other... you will be found out... why??? Because GOD knows... and GOD has a power that we can never quite understand... we simply must have faith and believe in truth and justice and righteousness and in Jesus's name! 

Its like karma... ying/yang... what comes around goes around... 

There are so many who come up and don't know GOD and they think they can get away with whatever suits them. They see themselves as a god and think they are beyond reproach. HA!

GOD'LL get em! For sure!

You see, when you think there is no god... like GOD, you do your self a dis service!

There is the flesh and there is the spirit! Who knows, maybe they are the same to some... and maybe there is a higher power that controls the things in the earth... because GOD not only gives out the good, HE also gives out the bad... as discipline... to teach us... to change us!

HE loves the fact that we have the freedom to do it the correct way... (HIS way) or do it our own way... now we might choose the right way just because it feels right... but we also choose the wrong way...  because it feels right... to our flesh.

Thew whole issue is to know there is something much much greater than we are.

Its not good to think arrogant thoughts because 'arrogance' is the root of all sin.

Now don't confuse arrogance with a healthy ego... we should feel happy with ourselves when we know that we are GOOD... like GOD wants us to be!

But we also know that some choose the evil things in the world. Some choose it for money... others choose it for fame... but when your evil... people notice... and that doesn't make you good... it makes you a freak... someone who doesn't want to learn or listen to GOD who tells us to do good things.

Do you think GOD would tell a man to rape a woman just because he feels the desire for sex? NO... GOD says to control yourself... do you think GOD would tell someone to murder for self gain, to get ahead in this life? NO...

GOD will set you up with hard work and the LOVE and CARE of others!

To much hatred going around... and the ones who hate, are the ones who say people hate them... I know there's some psychological issue there that my simple words cannot describe, but I will try... like, because they hate, they think others hate also, like a cheater thinks that all others are cheaters too. They know not of the LOVE of GOD that was taught to us by HIS son Jesus the Christ the final sacrifice! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

I can see the devastation of the world :(  because GOD so loved the world... Satan takes personal joy in wrecking it! Satan and his minions spend all their time trying to ruin what GOD has put together. Now don't start thinking that GOD is all mysterious... GOD works within HIS PEOPLE.... we are HIS vessels... we are who keeps GOD real... when we follow LOVE and HELP and HOPE!

These things are what 'WE DO' for GOD!

I can see what GOD shows me... some think I am a weirdo... and I have to deal with that... but its because they don't know GOD... they don't understand HIS ways... HE IS a great mystery... but not if you KNOW HIM!

And that is why I want to step up... I want our children to know that if they follow GOD too, one day it will all be well with THE PEOPLE living on the earth. But we must gain wisdom and knowledge to make it so!

Satan is trying his best to tear GOD and HIS work apart... Satan and his followers delight in seeing GOD cry. You see, demons are only evil spirits who roam the earth seeking whom they may devour... Satan wants you to fail... he wants you to hate... and he wants others to hate you too... he wants division, he wants violence and destruction.

Satan wants us to take away all signs of GOD so the children will think HE is not worthy.

I think what breaks my heart the most is when I hear someone say that GOD is not real... they compare HIM to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy. Over the years Satan has worked a work to cause chaos and mayhem and confusion. Satan loves it when we fight and argue. Satan loves it when we lose control and rape and murder and destroy. Satan loves it when you lose control of yourself and fall into his pit... into his plan to ruin GOD.

And what is GOD???


We serve GOD when we LOVE one another and do good things for one another and HELP each other out of a bad situation. I think the thing that hurts me to the core is to see people who could help,  but they hear about a problem and then say... "Oh... to bad so sad"... there is something that they could do to help, but they don't... because they don't have the spirit of GOD in them to know what to do that is good!

GOD is going to tell you to love and help others... Satan is going to tell you to love and help yourself and screw all the others... 'kill them if they get in your way'... that is what Satan would say!

So, the whole thing is about wisdom and knowledge to know the difference between good and evil. Its about leaning on GOD when we don't understand something ourselves.

Like someone I know... she is such a good lady... a GOD fearing woman who chooses to serve others above herself... always putting others before herself... and yet she lives with a man who loves crack more than he loves her. And she allows him to do his own thing because she knows that only GOD can change the heart of a sinner. Oh yes, she does hate... she does feel the anger and the desire to kick him to the curb... but she knows that GOD is not finished with him yet.

We are all on our own path.

We make our own choices... You can choose to serve Satan and hate and kill and destroy.... or You can choose the way of GOD.. the way of LOVE and kindness and caring and helping others.

Its up to you, but in the end... know this... you reap what you sow... and if you sow evil... evil will come to devour you... heart and soul... and GOD will let you go... because you want to!

Remember... we are NOT all GODS children as some would have you to believe. For, how can a child of GOD serve Satan?  The answer... a child of GOD cannot serve Satan.

Like they say... you can't serve 2 masters. You can try to pretend to be good when you have an evil heart and evil intent... but we are onto you... and in the end... GOD will win!

I can see a place in time... it is a bright shining place and it glows far into the next world...

It is a place where EVERYONE agrees that LOVING and caring is the way to be!

There is no war... no hate... no lies or deceptions...

A place where evil no longer exists because GOD is going to turn this world into HIS place... with PEOPLE who LOVE HIM and follow the way that is good and help others to understand the way that is good... where all work together for the common good of THE PEOPLE!

Not a place where everyone is the same... but where everyone is different in their diversity and yet they all see that it is good to hold onto our different cultures... and yet... share them with others who are seeking their own path and we plant good seeds for them to follow.

Dear PEOPLE, we can not make bad into good... we can not make good into bad... they are both separate entities... entities that have power for you to choose... entities that have been conflicting since the beginning of time. We play along with each... that is called 'walking on the fence'... but its to late for that now... because at one point your going to fall... and whichever side your leaning to... that is the side you will fall on.

I beg you Brothers and Sisters... don't walk the fence... Don't confuse evil with good... Don't think that you are the all powerful one, because GOD will knock you down every time to show you how wrong you are!

Our flesh will one day die... but our GOD will live on forever!

And when your flesh loses its life... your spirit will be carried over to the next one and you will have your memories and your family... and you will know LOVE for all eternity!

I think the worst part of hell is when GOD shows you the truth of what you have done in your life and there is no way that you can go back and fix it!

And there is no place for Satan in heaven...

But both Satan and GOD are in the world... both vying for your attention and loyalty and support.

And we know that THE GOOD PEOPLE of GOD will overcome evil with good... and the evil one will be so mad... and he still thinks there is a chance for him... but there is not. Because GOD is good... and WE THE PEOPLE are a GOOD PEOPLE... and GOD is on our side!

It makes me sorta sad that I won't be able to see it... well... maybe if GOD sees fit.

But there is a beginning of goodness... and it begins within your very own heart.

GOD will tell you to do good and be kind and helpful... Satan wants you to hate and terrorize and destroy what GOD has made... and it started with the first bite of the Tree of Life... now we have the ability to know the difference between GOOD and evil...

Remembering that things are not always what they seem...

Satan's MO is to confuse and scare us and divide us as a PEOPLE...

Together we can conquer that ole devil... and he knows it!

Choose GOD... choose LIFE... Choose LOVE!