Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay Day

Wow, do some ever hate me! I speak the world of GOD and they hate me. That is, unless they understand me. And then they seem to fear me. But then again, I do have the POWER of the Word of GOD behind what I say and 100% of the time GOD will use me to have the final word. When I speak such power, most all intelligent people will shut up. Its only the stupid, stubborn ones who continue to argue about it. In the end they will always see how stupid they look.

I have posted many times here that homosexuality is a sin. OK. It is spoken of in both the old and the new testament. Leviticus chapter 18 and Romans chapter 1... read it and understand that the optimal life style according to GODS plan is a man and a woman in a marriage creating children to carry on after they are gone.

GODS word was made to keep us straight in this life so that we may have optimal life... it tells of all the things that are both good and bad in this world and how to keep from failing. It was not made for us to go in and change it to suit our sins. We cannot go in and change anything. The facts of truth will always remain the same.

I don't understand how people can feed into the delusion that we will never suffer for our sins. One sin is to lie. Yes one of the commandments is this, 'Do not bear false witness.' that is to say 'do not lie'... but look!!! Some are changing the truth about who they are and expect us to follow along with their delusion!

I say, "No, I will not follow your way of thinking" because I DO have a brain and I am not stupid! So you can pretend you are 'pretty' but we who know the truth, know you are only lying to yourself! And of course some of the others who just don't know any better will allow this lie. But the ones who feed into the delusion and continue to show a lie as truth, GOD will take care of them.

I, along with the majority of THE PEOPLE have been praying for a long time for PEOPLE to be straight... but GOD tells us its gonna get worse before it gets better. And this is pretty much 'very worse'... I can't even put on the news in front of the children... because I do not want their brains to be poisoned by the pictures of 2 fat, old, same sex people kissing... or goofy gays prancing around glorifying themselves...

If someone is a homosexual... it is not good to flaunt it... it is not simply a sin... but it is also an abomination unto GOD! It is like telling GOD, HE didn't get it right! And besides, GOD does not allow gay people to procreate... you do notice that don't you? 2 men, nor 2 women, they can neither create life! LIFE is a gift from GOD... the GOD of the living! There is no life with homosexuality!

Now we do need to remember that GOD said that there have been homosexuals since the beginning of  time... but GOD says WE as HIS PEOPLE 'DO NOT DO THAT'! So if your a homosexual, why are you trying to twist GOD into something that will approve of you? Homosexuality is a SIN! These are PEOPLE out there in the world who only choose to serve their flesh and GOD be dammed!

We cannot change the WORD of GOD! It says both in the old and new testament that this is wrong and we do not do it! So why do some fight so hard to make it acceptable? Maybe a homosexual will see it as normal, but it is NOT... and never will be! Ever!

I lost a very close friend of 24 years this past week. Because she loves some who are homosexual. She is an atheist and condemns GOD for this. And she took it out on me. When I expressed my opinion, standing up for what I believe in... The Bible... she stood up and spewed all my old personal secrets that she knew... all the things she could think of that I had done in my past... and you know how the internet is... a PUBLIC forum... she blasted me and my life changed in an instant to see the devilish actions of HATE and rage and disrespect... when GOD already forgave me. And I don't want to leave ya hanging... so I will tell you this much, she accused me of ruining some peoples marriages... my first thought was she aught to be glad I didn't ruin hers... I had told her years ago when I was coming out of my last marriage, I promised her I would never to that with her husband and I never have...

I didn't want anyone to love me like that... and so for 5 years I only dated married men because I wanted them to want me and then want to go home to their family... and I loved their wives almost as much as they did. I wanted to tell them how much their men loved them, so that they would come see me and then still want to go back to home and family. Yeah I know, it was terrible, but I am 'not' without sin!

And of course I am an advocate for the natural seed bearing plant marijuana, backed up in the WORD by this scripture, Genesis 1; 29... and have in the past sat with her as we waited for the delivery that was like ordering a pizza. We were in it together and now she throws that up to me in order to hurt my family... but little does she know, my family loves me... even the ones who don't smoke, they also love me.

And then I remembered... she is on psych medicine so I do forgive her.

We all know that 'sin' is something we work on... to improve ourselves into the way that GOD intended for us to be. GOD intended for us to grow up and fall in love and get married and carry on with children... remember what GOD said about the children??? He said, "... for such is the kingdom of heaven" ... GOD is LIFE...

We can live in our sin... but it will not get us to heaven. And that's just simply how it is.

The past few days I have been on a specific website deeply involved with the debate of homosexual marriage. Of course we all sin... and I can see the financial benefits of same sex marriage that I feel is the biggest part of the desire to marry... plus the fact that Satan wants to corrupt GODS word and he is set on, to do that... and it really is none of my business what anyone does in the privacy of their own bedroom, but these things should remain there... I do not like my grand children having to see this behavior... people need to take these personal sexual issues back into the privacy of their own homes because as long as they are flaunting their stuff in public, in front of the children, you will have many who will oppose these actions and we are still going to teach our children that these are not the PEOPLE that GOD intended for us to be. And it is Satan who is alive within them who wants them to do these perversions.

And now I am going to post some truth here... some truth that not even all GODS PEOPLE know, because they are not reading their Bibles and they are young and have a family member who is gay and they love them... Hey, I love my gay friends too... and I have a few... and I am not going to hate them or string them up or throw them down from a tall building... I am going to live and let live and let GOD sort it out!

But this is TRUTH... in the same place where GOD says homosexuality is an abomination... HE also included bestiality and incest... these are the sexual corruptions/perversions that GOD lists as being non productive for LIFE. So, what I said that got people all heated up was, "If your going to stand up for homosexuality, you also need to stand up for bestiality and incest, because they are all lumped together in GODS word."

WOW... you would be so surprised at how fast a homosexual will be offended by bestiality. Oh yes! And WHY??? Where we got homosexuality  is wrong, we also get how bestiality and incest is wrong. So why is one celebrated and the other demonized?

You would be surprised to know that I even had PEOPLE upset on a religious website when I posted that statement... and then I just pointed out the scripture to prove my point and they never said another word! I love it when good people learn from scripture and learn truth for themselves!

The problem is, a small handful of people say, we must allow this sin... WHY??? I would like to see a national VOTE on it and allow THE PEOPLE to decide! Because WE as GODS PEOPLE must stand up for HIM and the ways of Jesus... and Jesus didn't have to lay down the law of GOD, it was already laid out... just because Jesus didn't mention these things doesn't mean its OK... in Jesus's day it was a given that PEOPLE were not homosexuals... because in those days, homosexuals were put to death.

Jesus said, we no longer sacrifice for sin. He was the final sacrifice for sin... and we are all sinners... and when we figure that out and come together in the name of Jesus... and help each other to survive sin, is our only hope... We do it for GOD... we do it for Jesus because he too was put to death due to murder for sin... and back then blasphemy was something that was punished by death also...

But now we know it as the FREEDOM of SPEECH!

It was men who created religions... and that is a way of life... a custom or creed to follow and believe that we are all good... and we are... all good... but we also need to acknowledge there is another side that some follow... and that is what is contrary to what is good and right and just... and that is hate and corruption and perversions and wars'... but don't forget that GOD is the ULTIMATE warrior... GOD is the giver and taker of LIFE... so we need to pay attention and respect HIM!

We need to know that in this world there is both good and evil... and the battle of good against evil is not just a fable... it is real and has been going on since the beginning of time... and we must choose our side while we are here on earth and must not be fooled into any other opinion.

THE WORD OF GOD has been around a very long time... and it is FILLED with wisdom and knowledge that has been accumulated over a long period of time... and we need to take heed, because we are not the first and we will not be the last to have to fight in this battle.

Humankind will always find a way to survive!

And I am telling you now...  if we put our value of life into the hands of homosexuals we will not survive this issue! But GOD says in the end, we will survive as HIS PEOPLE!

Put your faith in the GIVER OF LIFE and worry not about death!

As 'the mind' is a very easy thing to corrupt, when all you desire is to satisfy your flesh.

GOD, PLEASE... save America...


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Communicating with GOD

I think one of the most important things that we need to be able to do for our children is to be able to answer these questions about GOD...

     "Where is GOD?"

When GOD cannot be found its simply because someone is not looking. They don't care about the things of the spirit and since GOD is a spirit and they don't care, they will never find the truth.

Many live like this, never knowing the truth. So sad.

Since forever, GOD has been mystified and so people don't understand. They are afraid of GOD by what they have read. If you have tried to read the Bible and have given up because you don't understand it, try asking GOD to come live in your heart and as a spirit HE will show you the meaning. I'ts really very easy...

When you invite GOD into your heart and mind, HE is inside you... YOU become GOD like, knowing the difference between good and evil. Also always giving reverence to the SPIRIT! The spirit has 2 sides ya know... a good side and a bad side.

It bothers me a lot when I see people who don't know that GOD is found right inside your own self... you don't have to go to any church or home or any 'place' where someone may say, "come here, I will show you GOD." No, no, no... we don't go because GOD is a spirit and is not limited to any one place or space. You can find GOD anyplace, any time, anywhere if you seek HIM in the spirit realm.

However, that being said... I also believe any place of worship is a good place to be, if there are true Godly people there to be found. Its always good to go to places where you can find like minded people. PEOPLE who love GOD and know the right ways to be. The problem arises when you find people 'playing like' they are godly... you know a sin is a sin is a sin... they will all lead you into the way that is not good. Sure go live your life without GOD, you'll make it... but when you see your world is incomplete... when you see no one loves you like your Momma... your gonna need to examine your own SPIRIT... are you good or are you bad? And who is to say what is good and what is bad? Well... GOD will always tell you what is good and right... whether you admit it or not you will know GODS truth... and then on the other hand... there is Satan in all his might and glory...or he thinks is his might and glory... we all know how ugly and pathetic his ways are... and he will always be telling you to do the 'self satisfying' things of the flesh... for a glutton he will always say, "oh YES, eat that second helping... yeah... its so good." Or to a person who loves to commit adultery, he is saying... "Oh it feels so good... you are so hot right now!" (Yeah... hot like hell!) Or to the one who has something to 'prove'... he will say... "Yeah.. go in there and shoot them all... show them all who has the power, because YOU have the power that I will give you to murder them!" Or to the one who steals and robs... "You know you want that and you can have it if you just do it this way..." And he proceeds to give all the personal reasons you could imagine!

We really need to acknowledge this spiritual side of life... because if we deny it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist... it just means you are going to lose out on the best life you could have. Yes, all this goes on inside your head... inside your heart... GOD telling you to do good things and the devil telling you to do bad things. You get to make the choice because GOD says you have the freedom to choose! HE loves it when we CHOOSE HIM!

Communicating with GOD is a very personal private thing between YOU and GOD, you don't have to have an intercessor.  Now the PEOPLE used to have to have one, but not since Jesus came with the message of GODLY LOVE among THE PEOPLE! Yes, we can all find the great power that GOD has to offer if we just give credit to the SPIRITUAL world.

Sometimes you meet someone who really acts godly but then you discover something that shows you that the person wasn't so godly after all. These are those who have found 'lies and deception' to be their way to the fulfillment of their flesh. So sad, isn't it? Because that is only serving 'self'. :( What do we do when we seek GOD?... when we seek the meaning of life... is... we give up the haughty high mindedness of the world and admit that there is something greater than us. Something that lives on, long after we are gone. LOVE lives on! GOD IS the power of LOVE!

It amazes me how GOD has a hand in all the great and wondrous things in the world. Some look at 'men' as gods... well certain men can be GOD LIKE... yes they can... but they are not born that way. We are all born into this world of 'choice' ... we can all choose who we will serve.

We choose to do 'this or that' in the world... and some things that we create, will last forever... I still have things my Grandfather created with his hands. He is gone but his stuff is still here! And when I die these things will be passed on to my children and that is how it should be, unless someone makes a huge mistake and gambles everything away... or loses everything in a fire or flood.

But if my kids act right and follow the 'good spirit within'... they will never lose these precious things that we hold dear. They will keep it all in perspective and live in a way that the devil cannot touch them... they will learn from someone, somewhere... the difference between 'good and evil' and BAM... they are gonna do good in order to have a good life!

But the things of GOD... are made to have an ending... anything that has life, will die... we all have an ending... we are all each like a small drop of water in a great tsunami... giving power for that instant in the constant waves of life, only to pass on the power to others as we make our way out.

Its a whole new perspective than living for self.

When you live for self, nothing will matter other than to glorify yourself.

But when you live for GOD your only matter is to help others to survive the evils in the world.

What sort of people would we be if we allowed the evil of hate to continue? When we can all accept the LOVE of Jesus that he brought into the world... that is to anoint us all with the SPIRIT of GOD... and that way, we all can know the truth.

Its the only way to go. And we know it!

When communicating with GOD you never stop talking to HIM. HE is always there to talk to any time of the day or night. The Bible tells us to 'Pray without ceasing' ... that is to have GODS SPIRIT alive inside of you and having the ability to call on HIM 24/7 any time, any where!

Now I understand why GOD has has me struggling so hard today.

For I want to attempt to answer the age old question...

'What is GOD?'

I believe GOD is the culmination of all the PEOPLE who have ever lived and who have every died and who will ever live in the future! GOD is a collection of all the ones with souls. All the ones who have a choice and who have made all the choices, both good and bad and have learned something from it.

And now... 'When is GOD coming?'

GOD isn't coming for all of us at once... well maybe a lot of us together... but GOD has always BEEN, and will always BE... and IS STILL alive and well today, living in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE! Each of us dealing with our own issues according to our own purpose and perspective. Each of us held accountable for our own actions!

Stop waiting for a huge smokey presence to come out of the clouds... GOD works within HIS PEOPLE... we are vessels for HIS SPIRIT!

Equally! GOD is not a respecter of persons... rich, poor, beautiful, ugly and all those in between are the same with GOD... we ALL bleed red blood. We are all alive and will someday die and what we make of ourselves in this world should be for the benefit of THE PEOPLE!

Praise GOD! Thank you Jesus!

All for ONE and one for ALL!

This is the SPIRIT of GOD that is promised to us!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Perfection Of THE PEOPLE

We are so lucky to be alive today! We have accumulated so much wisdom that we can be practically perfect at birth, born to privileged families, black or white or any color in between... some of us are lucky to be born into this world with a silver spoon!

These are the PEOPLE who have been blessed by GOD for some reason or another because GOD so loved someone in their family past that HE blesses them with all the worldly things but also with the greatest gift of all... our children!

Some who live in the world and have a different attitude may never have children... it is hard to pinpoint why some do and some don't because only GOD can know the heart of a person!

Some families who live in poverty are also blessed with children, to love and be there! GOD is in both the rich and the poor, HE does not discriminate. But for some unknown reason some are born into poverty because of some sin someone did way back when... lost everything... got to start at the bottom again. And we do... and the ones who follow the right path will make it.

It is all apart of the grand design of GOD... we can only wait and see to understand. GOD knows every little detail of everyone who has ever been born or will ever be born. Like a huge giant never ending spiritual tapestry... weaved together so tightly it will last an eternity!

Yes, I do believe in the perfecting of the Saints... I do believe that some can follow GODS word so closely that they practically never sin and they stay practically perfect people even tho they are tempted by the pleasures of the world just as much as any other human. But for some reason Saints have the spiritual POWER of GOD in their hearts and hands to deal with any situation they find themselves in. And these PEOPLE in the world are the ones who are going to keep our boat afloat!

People, no matter what color or creed, stand up and declare the truth, that LOVE is our GOD! LOVE is what leads and guides us... LOVE will always lead us to care and help others in their way.

PEOPLE, stand up for those who cannot stand... speak out for those who cannot speak... feed those who cannot feed themselves. This my friends is the path to Heaven! And this way we shall GO!

We know what is good and what is bad in the world, GOD taught us that, way back in Genesis. We know that we cannot hide the bad from our children and expect them to not find it, so we should teach them there is both good and bad out there and when they leave out our door they are on their own 'with GOD'... when they are with GOD, nothing can hurt them. Teach your children to avoid the evil and they will know how to avoid it when they come to it, they will create a plan in their head before they need it. It is a good thing if we give our children the tools to survive out there!

When my son was oh about 7... he started noticing there was a difference between girls and boys. I always told him, "There's gonna be a lot of beautiful girls out there, but there will be 1 special one who you are gonna love more than any of the others... you just have to wait and see who that will be by the time your ready to get married!" And my son was loved by many many girls... but the one who stole his heart was this sweet and innocent... or not so innocent, but sweet 14 year old neighbor. It was a natural process as they met and hung around in the same group for a while and then my son started riding the church bus with her, as her mom and dad made all of their kids go on the church bus on Sunday. And if you knew my son... HAHAHA... you would know this was miraculously TRUE LOVE in the making... and now they have been together wow... 15 years now... they have 3 beautiful children who give me the greatest gift of love... as they are the great loves of my life!

My son doesn't try to do good for me or for GOD... my son does well because of the LOVE that he has in his heart for his family... and shhhh... don't tell him that he's actually following what Jesus told us to do... because he will just roll his eyes at you!

When children choose to do well by their families its because they are taught to do well by parents who do well to them. Children learn what they live, so if you have a secret life behind closed doors that only your children know and you would be really freaked out if they told your secret to the world and they wouldn't even dare because of personal fear... oh... lets say its verbal abuse or violence that is covered up... well you will not teach your kids the path to heaven that way, even if you are pretending to be on that path... you are actually going the wrong way on this road of life and your showing your kids the road to hell.

Heaven or hell... depends on you and what you do now... in the earth... while you have the breath to do it and set a good example for those around you. Man the sails, hold the course... you'll get there soon... I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see the children as adults setting the PEOPLE on a better course, other than hate and greed and lies and deception and violence.

We can shine a light on the subject to make it more clear and that light is Jesus... he will spotlight the path to heaven if we just follow him in the spirit! Doesn't matter what 'so and so' is doing in their heart... what matters is what you are doing in your heart and mind to help others to find the path also... we follow in a group... some wavering and others pulling them back on the right path.

And so there are different people out there... some serve GOD and some serve the evil one who will hand you your worldly pleasures at the sacrifice of your own soul!

Hang on, PEEPS... its gonna be a bumpy ride!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA :)

Monday, June 15, 2015


I would love to be a bird on a wire, looking out on all the action below!

Not so much because I am feeling arrogant or cocky, but because I love seeing things through GODS eyes... which is a special gift when you get very close to GOD! You wont need anyone telling you how to live or what to do, because you will know in your own self what to do because with GOD in there, HE will tell you all TRUTH! I love to see the world with a GODS eye view. You can see so much more in this life when you use the eyes of GOD!

No, I am not special... YOU can do this too!

It amazes me how GOD always gives and takes PEOPLE in and out of my life. All while I am fighting all the sin and all the strife. And anyone who is here with me, is going to learn as we go! Because with GOD, HE always tells us so! We learn as we GROW...

And because of this, I am not even the same person that I was years ago. GOD came in and changed me so, now I see with eyes that HE has given me... through the SPIRIT!

Another gift from GOD is discernment of spirits... we can know who is who if we just listen to what GOD has to tell us! I love it when I can show people that I can know what their thinking!

There is a man called J... he was raised up in a great family... but he is the outcast. He is one who got lost in the world of drugs and prostitution and he ended up in jail. Now one thing that I do love about our system is... jail is a GREAT PLACE to find the tools to find GOD. Isn't that crazy that on the outside, we are not so inclined to instruct people in the school systems on spiritual matters, yet... we have the tools needed in the jails and prisons to find GOD and lead a good productive life?

We have known for a long time, the good and bad of this world. If you do not follow these well laid out plans that GOD has given us in this life, you are bound to make mistakes... or should I say you will make the same mistakes that have already been made and talked about and the laws given to keep THE PEOPLE straight and on the right path! If we ignore this info, we are bound to fail.

So with GOD, we remember HIS SON, Jesus who came to give it to us simply... You can fulfill the law if you follow these words... LOVE ONE ANOTHER, DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER, BEAR ONE ANOTHERS BURDENS... and one I feel is very important is to CONFESS YOUR FAULTS  ONE TO ANOTHER, because when we do this we are able to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of another child of GOD. I hope you can see that if we would just love each other, we wouldn't cheat or murder or lie to each other... if we truly LOVED EACH OTHER, there would be PEACE and LOVE all over town! Wooohooo!

Anyway, getting back to J... he was raised with privilege. His family owned a few great business's, but when he became all mixed up, sliding in with the wrong people... getting involved with the wrong things in life, his polite, distinguished. well established family didn't want to have much to do with him anymore, he lost the 'power' that a good family could of supplied.

Oh he was a high roller, had his entourage... drove a Mercedes, flashed a lot of cash. But when you steal and deceive people with lies and manipulation, the good people learn to avoid you.

So when he was sitting in jail, he found GOD and discovered that Jesus is the key!

Now he is a new person... he has a new attitude... he smiles a lot and he is working a real job! He even got his girlfriend back! He is doing so good these days... he is even sending me daily Bible scriptures! HAHAHA, I love it! I am on a list of people he sends them to!

I love it when PEOPLE have a craving for GOD... I love to see 'babes in the Lord' grow! I love to see the look on his face when he 'gets it'! He is learning all over again... walking in new footsteps... following the footsteps of GOD! He is so excited, he even has his girlfriend praising GOD!

You see... GOD can fix you! All ya got to do is ask!

My niece, she was the same... lost in Satans world... didn't know how to get out! She prayed to GOD and GOD heard her cries and knew she needed a reason to change! Against all odds, she became pregnant, it was a miracle!

Now most people might think that this is a bad thing, but GOD knows what HE is doing!

Because at the age of 37 she will become a first time mother for a REASON... even tho I had prayed for years she wouldn't become pregnant, GOD knew what it would take to change her. She is the type of person who when she found out she was pregnant, she quit everything! Well, she didn't quit smoking cigarettes :(  She had been the black sheep of the family for so long, but my Grandmother loved her special... she was the 1st great grandchild from the 1st grandchild!

That didn't help her back then, she had that princess syndrome going on. My Grandmother had coddled and pampered her for so long, I knew it would be a disaster. And so she was all about pleasing herself with Great Grandmas money! And all she wanted to do was party. I always say, its OK to party, but not to the extent that you make it your life's ambition! But she did... and when she lost Great Grandmas money, she had to find a way to supply her party lifestyle, so she got fake boobs on someone else's credit with the promise of, "I'll pay you back" which she never did... and she became a well known stripper! Her picture was even on a billboard advertising the strip joint! She got all caught up with the easy money. And boy did those men load her up with the $...

In a perfect world we wouldn't need places like that, but we don't live in a perfect world... we live in a world of CHOICE! We can choose to serve Satan if we want... and some people want to. Doesn't mean we should all do it. But it's there for a purpose... so you can choose that way of life if you want to... GOD does not force you to LOVE and serve HIM, HE loves it when we choose to sacrifice 'self' for the better good of HIS PEOPLE.

But I digress... so my niece became pregnant and it gave her a reason to leave the devils den.

She is now a new person, very different than the self absorbed pampered princess thing she had going on. You see, here in America, we are all royalty... you hear all the time men referring to their wives as Queens... and women referring to their men as 'Kings'... and we do have many pampered Princess's and Princes here in America. Family dynasties that will last forever because the PEOPLE choose the right path and GOD will bless them for it!

In life we are blessed and we are cursed... we are up and we are down... the thing is, we shouldn't dwell in the bad places that we find. But always acknowledge and seek the good!

So that even for 'we' as humble servants of GOD and for those who have seen and lived in the dark side but want to stay away from it... there is POWER in the spirit... there is 'mercy' with GOD when we are truly sorry for the bad that we have done. But don't think that you can do bad and take this for granted, because if you know its wrong and you do it anyway... GOD will have no mercy and will let you fall in your way. For GOD is the GOOD and RIGHT spirit that fills our souls with TRUTH and LOVE and always guides us into the way that is good... on that, you can depend!

So no matter where you been, you can find the way of TRUTH if you simply follow the LIGHT... the light that is so bright it illuminates your heart and mind in a way that nothing else can... in a way that man made lights will never expose, because its not the things in the world that control us... its the things of the spirit. I cannot express more to you about how important it is to acknowledge our spiritual world. I cannot understand how seeing the world and what is in it, we can think of ourselves as the highest power???

I am witness to the fact that there is evidence unseen by worldly eyes, evidence of GOD that can only be seen with the 'eyes of the spirit' which in turn, you can see with a GODS eye view!

When you invite the spirit of GOD into your heart, you get a new set of eyes... you discover the spirit within is greater than what you find in the world today.

That is of course, if you can see beyond your own nose.

GOD Bless us... Everyone... IJCNA

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Right To Offend

GOD really knew what HE was doing when HE put me in Texas... Because Texas is probably the only place that can handle me! Its why Pamela Geller was safe, here in Texas... because in Texas... We don't mess around with stupid PEOPLE!

You can ask anyone who knows me, I am hard to live with!

And anyone who wants to live with me (and believe me, there are many who do) the first thing I tell them is, "Hey, you got to be on your toes with me... because if I have a problem with you... you are gonna hear about it!"

I will not kill you... I will not burn your stuff in the driveway... I will not harm anything that belongs to you... I will however protect my home from the evil that men can subscribe to! I will get my guns and I will stand with GOD on my side and rebuke you out of my face... and off of my space!

I have offended many people in my time, Why? Because I am one who will stand up and say the thing that most PEOPLE are thinking! To bad, so sad if your offended, but I won't back down!

When I say I am a Christian, I expect people to know that I have a certain creed that I live by... and they do not include drugs or drinking to solve my problems... and the only time I have a problem is when someone gives me one! I am so easy... so mellow... I love to smile and sing throughout my day... I love to laugh with the children... and I will give my life to protect them...

...and their 'RIGHT TO OFFEND' if someone is giving them a problem!

Now we don't go and offend people just because we think we are all that and love to push people around just because we can... oh no... we should never be involved in any violence or rioting or destruction... no matter how mad we get! But also, not forgetting that we do have the right to kill if someone is in our space, all up in our face and we feel our life threatened. We must be like that here in Texas, because there are some wild crazy ass people roaming around and here in Texas an evil man who is cut down in his tracks, well... it's considered a good thing!

I am not one to start shit... so don't start shit with me!

I am so happy to see Texas is now allowing 'open carry'... I believe that the ones who feel confident and strong, should be allowed to show that we will not tolerate evil actions, there are many who are ready to fight back and I believe the crime rate will go down when GOOD MEN start fighting back and winning by the grace of GOD!

I know we are taught to be loving and passive... but we must remember that from the beginning, our GOD was a fierce god and one who will give out violence and destruction when evil men are in control, for GOD will 'fight' to win back the HEARTS and MINDS of HIS PEOPLE!

Don't be coming into GODS country and expect to bring evil with you... because GOD is stronger than any evil and will end your tyranny and oppression after a battle of wits!

Evil will not win, we know that! We know that HATE and violence will come to an end as THE PEOPLE agree, the message of Jesus matters...

The expression of LOVE and CARE will carry us farther than hate and greed.

When we show LOVE to our children we place in them, the seed of LOVE... and it is a true blessing when our children understand how special LOVE is... because some people don't have a clue! :( Some people are never taught the value of a good parent... the value of a good child!

If your smart, you already know about the POWER of LOVE!

I am not bringing a new message... I am hanging onto the message of LOVE, but also... LOVE with a backbone to stand up to the ones who are pressing/pushing the evil in our faces!

I am proud to be a Texan... I am happy with my Mexican, Asian and Black neighbors... the diversity here in Houston is one of the greatest things that we have! It proves that we can all live in PEACE, if we just will and if we stand against people coming in and trying to take over with violent intimidation and causing fear of death and destruction.

It takes a strong person... a 'strong spirit' to survive in this world...

And we can ALL have the strength of David when he slew Goliath, when GOD is on our side!

Don't fall for the lies of Satan... he would have you with him in hell if he had his way... GOD wants to protect and save you from all the pain and suffering... so follow the GOD of LOVE and you will NOT lose and you will always have what you need to be a winner! A winner with GODS help!

Don't be afraid of the evil one... if you knew his true power you would laugh and stomp him out of your life for ever! And in the end that is what THE PEOPLE will do... stomp out the evil among men... where ALL will know and love the truth and be a strong witness to it! For it!

For GOD is TRUTH and LOVE and all that goes with that good stuff there!

GOD can heal a damaged heart and a damaged mind!

Just stand on the WORD OF GOD... like I do! :)

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Corruption Among Men

No matter what anyone says... there will always remain one fact...
one truth.

When people... not just men, but also women and children too... follow Satan's ploy... like Eve did, they will certainly fail! I know a young woman... she is so beautiful, charming and soft spoken... on the outside... but on the inside she is the sort of person who routinely goes into restaurants and orders a grand meal and then when she is finished she goes to the restroom and then leaves without paying her bill. You would think she would run out of places to go without them catching onto her, but she just moves around and picks new restaurants... she also bed hops... a different man every week, she can do that with those good looks! But she has left a heartbroken husband and a child for his family to raise :( when I first met this woman... I thought 'what a nice person'... HA! Don't be fooled by people like her! She is living for her own self and considers no one else! :(

Selfish greed makes for a bitter end! Now she has been busted for stealing all the money out of her Grandmothers bank account! I guess the next few of her meals will be on us, the tax payer.

Now for honest people... it's different. Even when someone doesn't know much about anything, as long as they are honest they can find their way out of any situation!

You don't have to be smart to be good!

We have the law... GODS law and mens law. We basically learn what we can and cannot do when we see the law in action. But one thing clings to my soul... sometimes our law forgets about GODS law! You hear it all the time, "Ethically, morally... it may be wrong... but according to men's law, its OK." You see some people use the law and twist it and become corrupt in their ways.

This is the flaw in our system!

Our system works... its certain people who corrupt it!

And thus the battle... of good and evil still prevails today! When evil people take power... well... its not good for anyone, not even themselves! The evil corruption festers with sin... greed, lust... lust of power and control... leading to GOD only knows what... and its only when GOOD PEOPLE step up and speak out against the corruption, that gives POWER back to THE PEOPLE to charge the evil one or ones with the rules of law and bring down their little corrupt empire through TRUTH and JUSTICE!

WOW... its a beautiful thing, when it works!

What we are doing is struggling to become saints! That doesn't mean we will ALL become saints... some will always be lost in their sin. But it does mean we all have the potential!

I lost 2 distant family members around the same time last week... a cousin and a step brother, they both killed themselves. I hear some say, sometimes there is nothing you can do to help them. Well... that may be true, if you cant see beyond your own nose!

I think you can help them if you care enough to pay attention to the signs... and you are willing to go down into the darkness with them and take their hand and lead them out... this takes a lot out of you... but its like a sacrifice for someone you love. You must be strong in the spirit with GOD... in you... and for you! Jesus went to hell and won the keys to heaven... so can we... go through hell and survive to see heaven! I am living proof!

When there is corruption it distorts reality and it takes real PEOPLE to recognize it... robots never work... well, unless some smart people create an app for that... that has a goal to prevent corruption! We do have a lot of those. But its the inside job that we cant see, that gets away with murder!

Some say 911 was an inside job, well that could be the case, since we have already been infiltrated with the people who would want to do such a thing with their corruption!

Some people choose the evil things in the world... but one day ALL of us will know that WE AS GODS PEOPLE are against the corruption of our system and will have things in place to stop it before it gets started. If we just don't feed the corruption it cannot grow... so if you see or hear of corruption... TELL EVERYONE! So that you may ALL stand together and defeat the corruption with the knowledge of TRUTH!

And that truth is... the LOVE of GOD... that has been tried and true for millions of years!

We can even see in our animal kingdom, the love of a mother has the strength to fight any predator... Did ya hear about that woman who lifted a car when it fell on her husband? Now that's what I'm talking about! GOD gives us what we need when we need it, to fight for our survival.

Fighting corruption is fighting for survival!

Remembering the message of Jesus... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... in doing so... you wont hurt the ones you love... IF you truly love them!

Now don't say we always hurt the ones we love... because I know we do... BUT... if we loved that person 'more' than we love our selves, we would put their happiness above our own and we just wouldn't do the things that would hurt them!

So remember it is the WEAK PERSON who hurts the ones they love... because a strong person would fight against the thing that would hurt their loved one!

We STAND for LOVE! We are STRONG and TRUE!

We as GODS PEOPLE will always be here... like Supermen and women and Batmen and women... fighting corruption where ever we may find it!

Because when corruption prevails, its because the PEOPLE saw it and did nothing! For various reasons... either they are afraid for their lives... or they are being paid not to see!

Standing up and taking chances is honorable... and with GOD on your side, I guarantee you will win! LOVE and TRUTH will always prevail in the end!

Thinking again of the man Snowden... the guy who had to hide in Russia because some corrupt people want to kill him? I say NO... the man was speaking out and telling the truth! This truth has been known for years... I was aware of this from back in the 70's... I forget that people are born everyday who don't know this truth. I tell everyone I know, our govt has this thing going on where they want to know every detail of our lives... this could be either a good or bad thing, depending on the ones in charge and why they are doing it. Personally it doesn't bother me. I just WISH they would do some spying on me and tell those corrupt people in CPS the truth of my life!

Oh well... in GODS time all will be well!

I am proud of PEOPLE like Snowden... and Pamela Geller... who are strong enough to speak out and tell everyone when they see something that is just not right!

We should all do the same!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Morning Miracle

Sometimes I hear some say they do not believe in miracles.

Are they just trying to argue with me or what??? HA!

Well... ???

OK, who cannot believe in the miracle of 'child birth' ???

Who can even know a miracle when they see it?

It was a miracle you missed that car that whizzed by in front of you, running that red light... It was a miracle that you passed that test! Oh, there are many things that are real miracles to real people. And they are all different, because our miracles are quite personal, between us and GOD because GOD sees the need before we do! He's watching out for us!

One of my frequent miracles is getting a close up parking spot when I am tired or in pain... another miracle... not burning the dinner... miracles are the little things in life that could of gone a very different way, turning out with a different end!

I have been trying to explain GOD to my daughter in law for several years now. She and my son are more agnostic than any thing else... and I have been trying to make them understand for years... but my son believes it is the power of the person that makes or breaks a life. Well, if your raised up with morals and ethics... you tend to believe the world is like that. But its not, not always... because there are trials and tests... and Ying and Yang going on that we are not even aware of if we don't pay attention. So I am pointing out things when I can to the people I love.

Like this morning... my daughter in law experienced a miracle of her own, that I used to show her what miracles really are...

You see, GOD uses people... and this morning I happened to make to much coffee... I didn't want to waste it, so I got a big plastic cup and made a huge 2nd cup all hot, tan and sweet and it was a trick to hold on to the cup while driving the short distance to my son and daughter in laws house... I was also carrying my own thermos.

When I walked in, I discovered my daughter in law had over slept... and didn't have time to make her coffee... and because we drink it the same way, I knew GOD had made me make to much coffee because HE knew that she had over slept and would need it!

I just didn't want to waste good coffee! :)

I have heard so many stories of personal miracles... remember hearing the story about an orphanage who suddenly needed a hot water bottle for a new born baby to keep it warm... but they didn't have one... well, way before... GOD had put it in someones heart to put that hot water bottle in a box and send it to that orphanage, so that it would be there at the time of need! It was a miracle when they opened the box and saw the much needed hot water bottle!

So you see, if you pay attention to the details, you can see miracles happening everyday!

Maybe not for everyone... but they are happening for all who believe and can see GOD working in the details! It is such good news that we can attain this beautiful spirit just by asking!

Praise GOD... I knew when I saw the smile on my daughter in laws face this early morning... I made a home run when I explained to her, that is how GOD works and creates miracles!

The other night, I was watching the show, 'What Would You Do?' and I saw the people reacting to a mother consoling her son when she didn't have enough money to buy the toy he wanted! And most all of THE PEOPLE paid the difference needed for the kid to get the toy! This renews my faith in THE PEOPLE in the world... you never know when your entertaining an angel! You never know when GOD will show you a way to 'be' an angel for someone and be like these people who cared enough to help create that 'miracle' for that little boy!

Oh, I know the show was staged... but look and see, it is an example of how much we humans can really care about someone else, even a total stranger! We can care about someone else's kid! We can show GOD how much we LOVE HIM, and them, by following through with the good thing that we can see that we could do for someone else!

But always remember do not caste your pearls before swine... GOD will give you the knowledge to know the difference between someone who deserves it and someone who doesn't!

A line from an old Amy Grant song says... 'I only have to do what I can find...'

So whatever GOD puts in your heart to do... whenever you see for yourself the need... please be free with your loving care... and by doing that you are sharing the LOVE that GOD wants us to have... and it will be that personally seen 'miracle' that only we can know and see... by looking through the eyes of GOD...

Let GOD lead and guide you into the way of LOVE... the way of caring for others.

Create a miracle for someone...

When GOD shows you what to do!

GOD Bless Us, Everyone! IJCNA

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Don't Party With Satan

I am always constantly reminded of how some have one view and others have another!

And it all falls back on the choice of the 2 powers in this life.

Are you going to serve GOD? Or will you fall to Satans false charms?

I am wondering which is the stronger for you?

And I am wondering why some PEOPLE choose the pleasures of the flesh over that which is good and right? Oh wait... me thinks I do know... because I have served my flesh and wow, did that feel good!  

But let me say, that did not work!

When we forget about these 2 powers, we let go of the 'strength of the powers'.

With the 2 powers that are in the world, we shouldn't deny that they are there!

Because they are surely there, but if you don't take the time to check it out, you may never find the answer. Well, that is... until it's to late!

I guess a better question is why would any one choose to do evil after they know the difference between the two?

Like in Genesis... (here I go again with Genesis) when GOD wanted to prove that HE could raise up the children of the earth to be God like. But HE kept the 2 powers separate, trying to keep the kids from learning the evil. But when you have others who are jealous and takes the evil and pretends that it is good... well, there will always be a problem there. Me thinks its better to tell the kids straight up that there is good and evil in the world. Teach them at an early age to love... LOVE!

It breaks my heart to see a kid lost because a parent has turned their back on them. Why turn your back on your kids? Did you see something you love better? GOD forbid!

If Jesus himself told us that the children are the kingdom of heaven... why would we put anything above them? Our kids are an extension of ourselves who will be here when we're gone and they are the ones who will be struggling on... please give your children a good foundation of love... don't neglect them for the party down the hall, hosted by Satan himself!

We have to remember that throughout history we have seen some men do good things and some men do bad things... now which did the best thing? Of course, the good that was done will build onto what others have left behind... but the bad is destructive and cruel.

Like seeing Muslims throwing gay men off high buildings... THIS my friends is NOT the thing to do!!! I cannot express more strongly... this takes away the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! And there is nothing more important to GOD than giving us the freedom to choose! HE tried to force us into the way that was good and HE saw the defiance, so now we know that something that is forced on you is not so welcome as something that you can choose for yourself!

Why is it that we glorify evil so much?

This Bruce Jenner deal... now, I am certainly not saying that Bruce is an evil man... no... he is just caught up in the cares of this wicked world... and he is corrupting the truth about his gender...  aaahhh, only in America... a place where you can be what ever you want to be, if you have enough money and support. HA! Well, I can tell you something that is true... even with all the transgender... you can never change the chromosomes that you were born with! Sure he makes a beautiful transvestite... but we should never feed into the delusion that 'he is a she'...  I have always loved Bruce and I think seeing all the beautiful women in his life having so much power... he fixated on them and wanted to be like one of them... well, he did feel like he was one of them. And I feel like I am 16 years old inside! HAHAHA (wish me luck on that one please!)  I am certainly not here to condemn him... but I am here to tell you that GOD created us to be who we are...  male and female HE created them... both of the sexes... created by GOD... both worthy of honor and respect!

Another reason we should never party with Satan is because he will lie to you and cheat you and trick you into believing you are invincible... a pretty strong statement if you ask me! So the trick... is to just not be around his place... don't hang out where Satan can seduce you into being different than what you are inside... how many of you will hear something and know its wrong but wont say anything? Well I have to point my finger at myself, because its easier not to get involved in the first place... better if you choose your party place to be somewhere in GODS country!

The great thing about GOD is that when you ask HIM in... HE will gladly come into your heart and mind and live there with you forever, leading and guiding you into the way that is good... because GOD wont lie to you... you will always know in your heart the truth. Now whether you want to admit it or not, that's up to you. Because sometimes its better to stay quiet and sometimes its better to speak out. But the one thing to remember for this problem... you know? If your stuck in a place where you are not free to speak your mind... get away!

Don't be partying with Satan... because he will make you lose your way! For living this life is either here or there... you must make a choice... you cannot serve both evil and good because one is contrary to the other!

GOD stands for LIFE and LOVE and FREEDOM and TRUTH and you know that ole rascal Satan stands for 'death and hate and restricting your space and place with lies scattered here and there'...

So you choose for yourself...

...... the answer is clear to me...

When you choose to go to the devils den... it gives him power to seduce you with the lusts of the flesh... you will most likely fall... and when you arrive at the 'truth spot'... you will realize you can never go back and right the wrongs that you did!

Or... you can choose to live in TRUTH... and you can light the way for others like Jesus lit the way for us! Stand on that truth... don't let anyone BS you! Because the greatest of liars receive their power from the dark side... they cannot see the truth... but you can, if you will!

Sometimes one will be seeking the truth and you must be there for it... don't try to push your truth on them... but when they ask... stand strong on the WORD of GOD! Like I do! :)

GOD has made a promise to us... and that is... this... we may have a great life with HIM if we choose to... but if we choose to party and be deceived by the cares of the world... we wont even know until its to late that we didn't pay attention to the details... as long as it felt good we did it... we didn't think of the problems we would encounter when we choose to serve the fleshly lusts and not the LOVE that GOD has so instilled into the 'saintly souls' of past and future!

We have a choice to make... will we serve GOD? Or will we serve men?

I beg you as a good mother would... Please choose to do GOOD things... don't waste your life with the worldly pleasures of the day... I'm not saying never party... there is a time and a place to party, but just don't make that your whole life's ambition! As there are so many others in the world who need us to set the example and stand up for GOD and HIS word!

Its all up to you!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! :)