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Friday, March 14, 2014

In Memory Of Brother Ed...

I wanted something very special for my 200th post.

But I never knew in a lifetime that this would be it.

I am both sad and joyous with the death of this man...

This was the man... head of 7 churches in 7 states... including, but not limited to... Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio... the good ole mid west USA where people are just born to be good!

I met this man when I was 19. He was head of the church I was baptized in.

And he was also my 1st father in law...

And because he was that special person in my life... I spent many an hour bending his ear and listening close when he was talking. I will never forget those years we would all go listen to him preach on those late Saturday mornings. The church which was the best I have ever known and was always in someones home...  was a non profit sorta thing... this mans only mission in his life was to spread the WORD OF THE LIVING GOD! And he did a GREAT job!

I'll never forget the day he walked around and laid hands on different people... and I was one of them... not all spoke, but as soon as he laid his hands on my head, my mouth opened and spoke words that I had no clue I was saying... but they did come. And it was that day that I was told because I was one of the chosen to speak... well, that brought on a new meaning to my life... a new purpose. They called me a Prophetess.. a Teacher... and then weird things started happening to me... like when GOD told me to go tell the lady who worked at the post office something and I argued with GOD, because I didn't know her that well much less the intimate details of her life...  I didn't want to look stupid... so for 3 nights I couldn't sleep GOD kept telling me to go... so the morning of the 4th day... I went to the post office to a woman I barely knew and said some words I had no idea how I knew them... and the moment I stopped speaking, her phone rang and confirmed what I had just said... I was so shocked I had to sit down on the floor right there at the post office window! And then the word got around... not that I was a prophetess... but that I was the 'girl with the ESP'... and they wanted me to get involved with them... but my father in law... put a stop to me joining in their world... I guess he wanted me to save myself... not for the world... but for the SPIRIT... yes... Brother Ed had a great deal with shaping who I am in my spirit today!

He was always proper... and fun to be with.  And he even supported me when I accidentally killed a neighbors horse!   (Oh Lord knows that's a story for another day)

His spirit was strong and fierce, yet his soul was gentle and kind. He LOVED all his children and all the people in his flock... and we all loved him too!

He was the man who taught me to follow GOD with these words... "All you need is the SPIRIT inside you! You don't need anyone telling you what or who GOD is... because you KNOW HIM intimately because HE LIVES inside your heart and mind!"

These are the words that shaped my soul... and brought me to have a mind of my own... I learned to ask questions... be a thinker... and to read GODS WORD for MYSELF!

The memories he has placed in my heart... will live on forever...

I am saddened that he died accidentally going to fast on a motorcycle...

I am filled with joy to know that he is finally flying high with our Lord!

He was a true man of GOD... He only cared about spreading the word and loving Jesus!

RIP Brother Ed...

I can hear the voice of GOD greeting you in heaven... saying...
"Well done, GOOD and FAITHFUL servant!"

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dear John Cornyn,

I hear you are not sure about the 'point' of open carry...
I hear you are not sure of the 'attraction' of open carry...

Well, I feel like it is my job as a mom and a child of GOD and a Texan, to explain things to those who don't understand. And so I wanted to get in here and really explain things to you today!

As a native Texan... my fellow Texans and I know that when there are many good guys carrying guns... the chances of some bad guy coming in and doing harm is FAR LESS than if no one had a gun but the bad guy. I mean... think about this... lets say YOU are a bad guy... and your thinking about going into Luby's and gonna shoot people at random cause your mad about something and you feel like your gonna make a statement.

Now wouldn't you think... 'Oh, this is Texas... if I pull out a gun, there's gonna be 10 Texans in there with guns to stop me before I can get 2 bullets spent.'

I mean really! You really don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure... your gonna die!

We have a saying here in TEXAS... 'Don't mess with Texas!'

So if its possible for you to OPEN your mind... THINK about this... when there are many GOOD guys carrying guns... the bad guys know to STAY AWAY!

It would be an idiot who does try to do harm.

Well, on second thought... even an idiot knows to stay away from places where the GOOD GUYS will out number you and will always be carrying guns... MULTIPLE GUNS! If someone is that stupid to where they are going to pull out a gun in front of 10 others with guns ready to stop them in their tracks... HA!

The outcome IS GOOD!

Now it would be different if no one was allowed to have a gun... and we know the bad guys are not going to listen to any laws against guns... the bad guys are always going to be seeking and wanting guns for the POWER they possess. This would be a bad scene where there are no good guys with guns to stop the bad guys who have guns...

We as GOOD people are not going to be afraid to do whatever it takes to fight evil.

Maybe not everyone feels comfortable carrying guns... (some have that fear) that's OK.

Because you can bet your sweet bippy there will be many who will be very comfortable!

I am locked and loaded... my mother is locked and loaded... my son is locked and loaded... my neighbors are locked and loaded... and many Texans are locked and loaded. It would be sure suicide for someone to bring a gun in a public place with the intent to do harm. And we should all know it!

So do you get it now?

Surely you do...

GOD Bless Texas and GOD Bless the USA where the GOOD PEOPLE openly carry guns to openly show that we are prepared to fight back!

Monday, March 03, 2014

The Perverted Truth

There is nothing worse than someone who is trying to convince someone that something is true when its not. And people do this! I am so totally freaked out about it. And I must talk about it here today.

When I was a little girl, it was my Grandmother who influenced me the most. And I THANK GOD for her! She was the example that I followed in my life as my mother and dad were to young to consider the consequences of their actions.

So, my Grandmother would tell me this... "You should never get caught up in being a liar. When you start to lie, it becomes easier and easier and pretty soon you are telling so many lies that you forget which lie you told to whom and eventually it will come out that you are a liar and people won't believe anything you say anymore and won't want to be your friend."

I knew in my heart what she meant. She was right, I wouldn't want anyone lying to me!

And can you believe that in some religions people believe that, as long as its not your brother, its OK to lie. This is the worst lie of all... that it is OK to lie to someone if they don't matter to you. HA! But...


It doesn't matter if the person doesn't know you and will never know that you lied... GOD knows!

And that's all that matters!

It is so very strange to me how lies have become acceptable as the norm.

I gotta tell ya, this is INSANITY at its best! Manipulation at its worse!

I have 3 examples... the first is something that I have said before... and its about Chastity Bono. I remember Sonny and Cher had a little GIRL... and when she was dancing for DWTS, I just couldn't watch... because everyone kept referring to her as a 'he'... this is just plain WEIRD to me... I mean if you are born a girl and you want to be a guy... you can pretend... but that doesn't make you one, you cannot change the chromosomes you were born with! I cant believe that people feed into this delusion! You cannot be a boy if you are born a girl! It just cant happen in the real world of truth!

Another thing that really bugs me is this... here in Houston there is a law firm that has a commercial that I see all the time and the words sorta go like this... "Have you been in an accident... call us and we will make the bad guy pay!"  Now... if it is an accident... who is the 'bad guy'???

Again... on Steve Wilcos Show... there was a part that said... "Are you having a problem with someone and need to prove your innocence?"  Now... don't we live in the good ole USA? Where people are considered innocent until proven guilty???  When did we become a PEOPLE who needs to prove our innocence?

I will tell you when...

When people became liars... an now, no one believes anything anymore!

We live in a special time... a time that has seen a lot of corruption of the truth... we need to recognize the problem here and hold onto what is true. Not let lies go unnoticed. Call em out on it... or don't, its up to you... because, sometimes I know when people are lying... and sometimes I let it go because I don't want to waste my time on trying to straighten people out when they don't even realize they have gone astray in the first place. They would just be offended and tell everyone how terrible I am.

When PEOPLE see the truth and deny it... we will surely fail as a PEOPLE.

GOD wants us to live and speak the TRUTH...

And young people coming up today need to hang tight to what is right and stand up for the truth when they see it perverted. Don't let it go by... don't let perversion win... stand up for the TRUTH... just make sure your right in your thinking... we live in an age of info... we have smart people everywhere... we are no longer bound to having to lie to advance or escape a reality. That ole saying... 'If you cant dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit.' Just doesn't ring true anymore, because the 'bullshit' is a LIE!

GOD has told us from the beginning... DO NOT LIE...

It is better to say nothing, than to speak a lie!