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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Second Coming Of Christ

First of all I want to Thank You for bearing with me here! We are up to 107 countries now and I do appreciate you sharing with your people... there are many coming to read everyday!

I am working 46 hours a week now. Thank GOD I am able to pay the bills! But this keeps me very busy and when I am done for the day, I only want to shower and fall in the bed! One thing for sure, I sleep really really good at night!

I am always communicating with GOD as I do what I do. And this blog has been rolling through my head for several weeks now... changing titles and content many times over.

The thing that forced me in here right now today is I got yelled at by one of my friends... well maybe not yelled... but she leaned close to me with squinty eyes and loudly said, "I'll pray for you!" which made me smile at the time, mainly because I am old in the Lord and she is a babe in the Lord.

But I got to thinking about how many people are not understanding facts because they haven't learned them yet. And I began to wonder about how many people are being deceived by men who use religion for profit. You know they have been doing this for years, but that doesn't mean it's anything other than self survival of the ones in charge.  And by the way, I know this is why so many hate me, because I am a truth teller of the SPIRIT! And they don't want me to tell you these things because it's going to take the power away from them and put it back where it belongs... 'Within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE'!

Long ago in the early 80's I saw a man on the TV say that 'he could tell how much a person loved GOD just by looking into their check book'! Ohhhh I got so mad that I actually threw a pillow at the TV... as he glanced to the side like he was looking at someone like... 'do ya think they bought it?'

Since the beginning of time there has been... 'usually' men who have control of the PEOPLE. And in many places we still have that going on. You can tell when you look at the facts of truth.

But the real SPIRIT will not be in a building... You will discover Jesus... as we all do... when He comes alive withIN YOU!

OK, now... here is why my friend got upset with me. She said, "we have about 6 more years until Jesus comes back and fixes things" ...  Now I have heard this before... my Grandmother said long time ago, 'in the 40's someone said  "Jesus is coming... Get ready for the rapture!" and many many climbed to the top of a hill'... and waited... and waited... and waited.

Nothing ever happened! And I have seen this happen many times over.

I ask GOD about it and GOD said, 'These people are living in the flesh." Jesus and his flesh will not come down out of the clouds... and think about it... If Jesus is coming out of the clouds and I can see Him... the PEOPLE on the other side of the world can't! And so this alone blows the theory of waiting for Jesus to come out of the clouds! And another thing... what this statement implies, LIMITS GOD... and there are no limits with GOD. He is not coming for just US... the statement is for everyone... those 1000 years ago and those 1000 years from now... Jesus will be there for them too!

Now, how I see it is by the SPIRIT! This makes much more sense to me. We can all see Jesus when he comes for US... and when we understand that Jesus will come in the SPIRIT... it lets us know that one day PEOPLE all around the world will see the GIFT of the SPIRIT of LOVE that Jesus brought to us... and Him leaving, involved 'each of us' having the chance to know Him!

We will ALL see and know the SPIRIT of Jesus which is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, prosperity... and all things that are good and right and true! As you can tell, Jesus has already shined within the hearts and minds of a lot of GODLY people who recognise that we are here to LOVE and HELP each other.

You see, to many people are living in the flesh, just like Satan wants... 'Live for the moment (in the flesh)... do what makes you happy (in the flesh)... only care about what gives you fleshly pleasure'... and we can see this happening... and we can see it's not the way that GOD wants us to be.

Many people know that GOD IS LOVE... but are you forgetting that it was GOD who breathed the breath of LIFE into us? Do you ever consider how some can have babies and others can't? GOD is the giver of LIFE and if we discount LIFE we discount GOD :(

I have heard that 'discord among the elites' is the problem... but I say not entirely... the problem is the 'arrogance' among men of the earth... every horrible thing you could do falls under arrogance. It takes arrogance to walk over and murder people who don't agree with you. It takes arrogance to take the food out of the mouth of babes... It takes arrogance to to feel superior enough to murder for personal gain... or to hide the truth.


So some believe in the need to erase GOD from the picture... erase their truth... to conceal their personal sin. Because some folks don't like their toes stepped on... if ya get my drift...

But we all know that in the end GOD will win because WE THE PEOPLE are a good people... we recognise good and bad when we see it... and we go on with the knowledge that we gain.

I can see the majority of the people are good and right and true... and when we find out that someone is a selfish liar we know we are not their priority. These people need to know... they need to become educated to THE TRUTH... and we know the TRUTH is RIGHT!

Don't feed their delusions. If a man decides he wants to be a woman... live life as a woman... truth is... he's confused if he claims to be a woman. He can be a he and pretend he's a woman... but to deny the truth... don't do it. SMH and walking away.

Things are changing so much these days... and there are so many people standing up for others who are just not right... so, 2 wrongs don't make a right... Yes we love them... but we don't lie to them and say... he's a she. It is untruth and therefore not something that GOD would promote.

So all in all... stick to the truth... PEOPLE will not like you if they catch you in a lie. So weird how some feel like they are allowed to lie... but they get really angry when someone lies to them.

We as a PEOPLE know... we have the common knowledge of Jesus!

We strive to make a good place to raise our kids.

We've made a huge mistake taking GOD out of our system... its because some people running our system don't want to go by what is good and right. I praise GOD for those who stand up for TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL! I see it every day! And I can't wait to see the results of the GOOD works of GOD!

We will get it together... We got this!

As long as we know and have and keep GOD as #1...

We've got this!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus... for GOODNESS sake!