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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting Away With Murder

This blog has been in my head for a long time... there is so much to this that even now, I don't know if I can get it all down. But with GODs help... I will. IJCN,A

Just this morning I saw on the Houston news, that 2 fathers had murdered their babies.

How can this be? What possess a person to do this?

We hear of murder every day! It is a great sin! And it touches all of us. Even for myself, there are 2 murders that stand out in my mind and cause me great distress. When it comes to murder of family and close friends, it touches my very own life.

He was sitting in his truck, smoking a cigarette... and someone came up behind him and shot him in the head. I guess he never knew what was coming. But, can you imagine going out to your truck, sitting in your cab enjoying a smoke... and BLAM... your history! ??? I wonder if E will ever RIP... :( The cops don't know who done it... but I hear THE PEOPLE do know and I am sure there will be revenge :(

The second... is still an open investigation. But I can tell you that a VERY GOOD friend of mine was murdered in my sisters house. This has driven a wedge between my sister and I because after he was shot 6 times and stabbed in the chest multiple times... (some details I cant say)... she got on the back of a motorcycle with the guy who supposedly murdered our friend in self defense.  Now I don't know about you, but if my boyfriend was murdering my best friend, I would be calling 911... or running to a neighbors house to call 911... I sure wouldn't get on the back of a motorcycle and run off with the supposedly killer and then call the police an hour later. Frankly, my friend was a peaceful man and would NEVER attack anyone... and to me it was a crime of passion... a bit overkill! Self defense shoots 1 or 2 times and runs for help... PASSION combined with drug and alcohol influence goes to the extreme.

And the house was a drug house and a house of prostitution. I had stopped going over there years ago when I saw the dynamics there. For me I have the habit of when I leave someplace evil, I shake the dust off my feet and walk away and let GOD take care of things. I am not GOD and if I hated something... I would not play GOD and kill... (unless its certain bugs)... but I am talking about people.

The most terrible thing is... it sure looks like they got away with it. The city of Houston Homicide Div were just glad the people in the house of drugs and prostitution were gone. But the killer... (or killers) still roam the streets of Houston. Yeah... the cops bought that self defense crap.

Now, I do believe in killing someone in self defense, I am locked and loaded and my daddy taught me how to shoot, so I do not live in fear of strangers sneaking into my house. Because I believe that GOD would be the one doing the aiming, not me. I have never had to do this... thank GOD!  I have had to grab it to check the house a couple times... but have never confronted a stranger trying to do me or my children harm.

I have also had to take a gun away from a thug here when my kids were teenagers... where did I get the gumption to take a gun away from a thug? GOD gave me the strength!  I also took a knife away from one of them... where did I get the gumption to do it? GOD gave me the guidance! Because I was a single mom and I had to maintain control, for the safety of my children. Its been a hard life, standing up to the evil in the world. Altho I gave the gun back to the thug when he left... I kept the assault knife. It is MASSIVE! It is placed in a strategic place... just in case...

But I pity the fool who would try to sneak into this house, where GOD lives and is in control!

Now back to the main subject...

For the past few months, since C was murdered back in November of 2013... I have been so into true crime shows/documentaries. Learning everything I can. Feeling everything I can feel about the people who murder.

Its hard. I always make sure I am not tired. I must be alert and focused to understand.

And what I have noticed is... many murders could of been prevented if the victim would of just known a few things about the 'spiritual side' of the person. With GOD on our side teaching us about the spirit and showing us the truth about someones spirit... we can have power over the evil.

I believe that just as we ask GOD into our hearts, we can also ask the evil one in... believe me, there are many demonic spirits who are roaming around, just seeking people whom they can inhabit. With some it is very easy, because some people don't know the power of GOD would save them from that. They just didn't have the knowledge of the spirit!

In this world... we have the 'flesh' and we have the 'spirit'. We can know a lot about a person... its easy to sum up most people just by a glance. But if you don't have GOD in your heart and mind to show you the spiritual side... your only fighting half the battle. If we are not living in the spirit... we cannot know how to protect our flesh from the evil spirits!

Lots of people today are living without the spirit. They are open to demonic possession.

I want to say here, that for the most part... WE THE PEOPLE are doing GREAT! Many follow the path of LOVE which was taught to us by the Holy man Jesus, son of GOD!

The message was simple... Love one another... Do good to one another... Help one another!

Anyone who lives with these simple instructions are pleasing GOD!

Remember, there are 7 spirits of GOD... so find one that suits YOU!

We don't have to do anything more than do what GOD puts in front of us to do.

That good idea you have... to help someone out! That's from GOD a spirit of LOVE!

If you are having thoughts of murder and terror... that is NOT God! But an evil entity.

I believe the serious problem that we are facing and can be fixed, really blew up when we took prayer out of schools. When we did that, we turned our backs on teaching our children to respect GOD, and HIS people. When someone goes nuts for whatever reason and goes and murders people for what ever reason... its because they lack the GOOD SPIRIT of GOD that should be instilled in our children.

For some kids that daily prayer was all they knew of GOD. They knew, that every day we would say the pledge of allegiance, showing respect for our country... and we said a prayer acknowledging a SPIRITUAL HIGHER POWER that can save us and help guide us against all evil.

Even if that's all they got out of it, it was enough to show them they need to respect the spiritual world as well as the physical one. For some that was enough... for others who wanted to know more could do personal research and can find the answers to the questions they have. If I can do it, anyone can!

When I was very young... oh 5 or 7 ish... every Sunday my older sister and I would walk to the local Baptist church, where it was put out to me by wonderful people... that GOD is first, my friends and family are second and I am third!  Those words have guided me my whole life and I still use them to this day!

It causes me to care about others. It causes me to swim an ocean for someone who wouldn't jump a puddle for me. It has always allowed me to keep things in their right perspective. Simple guidance, eh?

If we don't have GOD's spirit to guide us... there are plenty of demons who will latch on!


Love one another... do good to one another... help each other with personal issues!


We would never murder someone we truly loved with a GODLY love!

However, I do believe that many have murdered because they loved to much, like an obsession... I see it happening in the world today. Men killing their women because of certain diverse problems, or the woman was going to leave them. To many men have the mentality that, 'if I can't have you, no one else will'... and they will justify the murder like that. And they won't care!

Crazy love... right? A physical love...

But not a SPIRITUAL love...

I remember as a kid, the man across the street had come home one afternoon and found his wife in bed with his best friend... doing it... and he killed them both. And got away with it, under 'temporary insanity'! Men totally understood the crime of passion back then, but when women started doing it, things sure changed! HAHAHA...

We are living in a very special time... the Holy war is in its fullest swing... prophecies coming true... mans inhumanity to man... its a terrible thing without GOD leading and guiding us.

Reach out to those who seem strange... who may have problems...

In the future... I see a group of very smart people creating a new field... Oh wait... I see it happening now! But soon it will be the main event in most peoples lives... People helping people... getting involved with the kids... like in your face... but with such a beautiful spirit, the kid can not help but respond!

But when soulless people lead... it creates more soulless people who will sometimes not be able to protect themselves from the evils of the world.

The earth is GODs gift to us... the world is what we create for HIM!

And to many people are without the guidance of GOD!

And this is a problem. When people lose their way... there is always legions of demons ready to take over.

And if you don't believe there is separation of body and spirit... if you don't believe that both of these parts of 'life' play a part in our destiny... then I really feel sorry for you... your only living at 50%.

You see the truth is... in the spirit... you never get away with murder... with GOD, there will always be justice... even if men get it wrong... and some people get away with murder in the flesh... soon enough... and also for some, not soon enough... GOD causes the GOOD to always overcome the evil! Even when it looks like evil is winning... in the end, GOD takes care of everything for goodness sake!

When we all agree that the message of Jesus will save us...

We shall truly be saved!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Delilahs Dilemma

For a while now I have been haunted by Delilahs spirit.
Something is wrong...

Delilah has had a bum rap... she is thought of as the ultimate betrayer...

But long enough has been to long...

Its time to set the record STRAIGHT!

And I guess I must be the one to do it... since she is begging me to.

Sampson and Delilah were IN LOVE... and I mean that to the fullest extent.

Samson was a man of GOD a true righteous man who stood up to... and fought the evil in his world. And fought well, he certainly did! He was so close to GOD, they shared the same breath!

After all... he went to live with the Priests when he was just 2 years old, love and goodness was ingrained in his youth. His heart knew no evil... except the evil in the world around him. He followed the way that was good... and the evil people of the day HATED THAT... they hated him for being so powerful! They wanted to bring him down! But GOD had a plan... that would bring them down!

The problem is... for to long Delilah has had to know her name has been sullied by the misconception of the people! Delilah did NOT betray Samson... she was FORCED to... by the Religious Police!

Yes... they had kidnapped her FAMILY!

And if she wanted to save her family from death, she had to find a way to turn Samson over to the officials. She was torn in her soul, she loved both Samson AND her family! She was... as we put it... 'in a pickle'!

You can never win with the Religious Police without direct intervention from GOD!

And GOD did intervene! HE always does when we are dealing with the evil powers of Satan.

Samson was captured... and Delilah and her family and friends were together again but were afraid and also feeling the anger... and yet...  feeling hopeless... so they prayed.

We all should know... Sampson 'brought down the house'!

The corruption that had overcome and had made the people of the day evil... finally lost!

And we all know... GOD WINS in the end!

And that means the end of everything... every time and every place! Back then... or now... GOD is the same... HE always wins! The idiots who consisted of the Religious Police LOST!

And they will lose every time they form a body that judges others for sin and murders innocents.

The evil of man can be fought and can be controlled if we choose to live a life with GOD living a life with us, in our hearts and in our minds! HE will help us control the evil of the world when we are on HIS side!

Whose side are you on?

GOD blessed Samson and Delilah with a LOVE that was true and real...

And they suffered when the evil people came and created terror and chaos.

But they WON in the end!

And so will we... THE GOOD PEOPLE of today!

WIN in the END! :)


Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm Sorry, But I Can't Say "I'm Sorry"

I guess we all have those topsy turvy moments when we don't know which end is up... sometimes when something seems bad, it is good... and when something seems good, its really bad.

This is the story of Bosco.

Bosco is my dog. Or I should say WAS my dog, until yesterday.

He was almost 15 years old. He was having a hard time getting up in the mornings. Like most old folks, he prob had arthritis. And for the past few years he has been crying for no reason. He has had a cyst on his back for a few years now and one was growing on his neck. He had developed a skin condition on his back a spot by his tail where he would chew and the hair stopped growing there. We had treated it several times and then we knew he would always suffer from this condition. He wouldn't let us touch some areas. And he got to where he wouldn't let me brush him below his waist. When he was younger he would sit as long as it took me to make his hair clean and beautiful. But lately... he was matted up and would sometimes get his long nails caught in a mat and it was very frustrating for me to blame him for not letting me brush him there. So from the waist up he was the same beautiful boy we loved... but from the back he looked like some homeless dog who couldn't find anyone to brush him. But we knew. He was our stubborn old dog.

Bosco was a miracle dog. I met him early 2000. I had just gotten a divorce and the thing I missed the most was the dog, Saber. He was a big German Shepard mix that belonged to my X. I told GOD I would like to have a dog just like Saber but just a little smaller. And one day I had a friend here from Washington and she was on my pc and I was watching tv and I looked up and saw a dog in my back yard... I said, "Hey, there's Saber", we all got excited. But it was not Saber that time. I laughed because after the divorce Saber would jump the fence and come to my house which was just a couple miles away. So I thought he had done that again... but on second look I saw it was a smaller dog that looked like Saber. We checked his tags and saw that he belonged to a neighbor around the corner. He was about 8 months old according to our PPP vet.

We went around to their house and no one was home. We went back again and no one was home... my friend from Washington was so upset... when we took him there the first time we looked around and saw the dog food stuff in the back yard so I lifted him over the fence thinking he was OK... we started walking away and I turned to look and watched as he jumped up on the chair and then up higher on the table and then over the fence into the neighbors yard and then out their gate and into the street where a car hit him in the front and then he went right between the tires. Well my friend went nuts! She called the police saying the dog needed medical care... I tried to tell her that the city of Houston police department had better things to do than worry about that dog. He was OK... We decided to take him back home.

My daughter and my friend kept going around the corner to see if anyone was home. It was very late by the time they got home... and my friend had gotten the run around form the police for hours, saying they couldn't do anything until they were told to, by the city animal control people. Well, this wasn't good enough for my friend, she just called the police and told them to meet her at the peoples house. Like I said, my daughter was keeping a vigil out for the people... and a neighbor must of known how to contact them because when the police showed up, so did they. I stayed home but my daughter and my friend went around the corner and talked to the people about what happened. And it was close to 10:30 pm when she came home and asked if we could take him. I told her I would think about it.

That night I prayed to GOD and I asked GOD what to do. My house was filled with kids... I was a single mother...  I wanted a dog like Saber and this dog could be it. So the next morning I told the kids... Yeah... this could be the answer to my prayers... so we went around to their house and again they were all gone, but we saw the dog tied to a fishing stringer, you know... the kind you use to put your fish on while your fishing... it was so short about 6 feet and was next to the water and food, but was still restricting him from the yard... I realized that... not only could he be the answer to my prayers... we might be the answer to his! So I wrote a note saying we would take him and left it on their door. Again, my daughter couldn't wait till the people got home... she was constantly walking around the corner to see if they were home.

When she saw a car there she came and got me and we went around there and knocked on the door. The whole family came to the door. The father said, "we were just talking about this." And he had my note in his hand. He told us that they were having a problem keeping him in the back yard. (Their house was so pristine they didn't allow dogs in the house). I finally convinced the boy to let us take him. I had a house full of kids who would love him... and he would be a house dog... and the kid could come over any time to visit!

He finally said OK and he led the dog to my house while the dad carried the huge bag of dog food. They were very nice people but I could see they were relieved to find him a loving home. And the boy did come visit every now and then, but after about 4 years, he stopped coming around. I am guessing these people are the sort of people who stay busy, I think they all worked.    I would also see them from time to time when I would walk Bosco to the vets office. Its just around the corner past their house, half way up the street.

We has many good years...

But lately... I have been very concerned... and frustrated... poor Bosco... slowly became blind and deaf... he couldn't hear me when I would call him. He used to love going outside with us... like, in the driveway... but last week a neighbor lady complained. My daughter told her he was blind and deaf and wouldn't hurt her. He was a loving dog... loved most all people. Loved most all other animals.

And after Saber had jumped his fence so many times, my X just left him here. So Saber and Bosco... great buddies until Saber, who was about 12 years old went walking on his own... he was also blind and deaf... in his mind, he was just 'walkin'... which he loved to do! And stepped out to cross the street and because he couldn't see or hear... he was hit by a car... a neighbor came and told me... and I called my X who came and got him and buried him. He has been gone... let me see... January 16th, it was 5 years.

The last few months I have been very frustrated. Bosco was old and didn't like the kids messing with him... and by now... my daughter has 2 little boys, both in diapers... and they love to play with Bosco... but Bosco didn't love to play with them... and would always try to get away from them... sometimes nipping at them. He would seek his privacy in my personal bathroom in my bedroom. There is a dark stain on the wall where he laid in the corner there... nice and cool and quiet! He was a GOOD dog... I loved him so very much.

But the worry... it was hard seeing him have a hard time getting started in the morning.

And when he became less tolerant of the children... I prayed to GOD on what to do.

I had been talking about putting him down. But everyone said NO and wouldn't go for it. But I was worried. He wasn't hearing me calling him back from the street. We have an open house... lots of friends... and he would just walk out the door with us. And couldn't hear me calling him home.

He was also phantom barking... like barking at nothing, at odd times... like 3 or 4 am. I am a very light sleeper and can hear a pin drop. A dog bark goes through me like hearing one of the kids fall down. It goes through me like a million frozen knives all at once. I would get up and all was well.

His stomach was getting sensitive... many days I would wake up to stomach bile by the back door... and just prayed that the boys wouldn't get into it when they woke up before anyone of the adults. Nothing worse in my head than visualizing the boys playing in the dog throw up.

I think what tipped me to the edge was when he got vicious with one of the boys last week.

I called my vet and talked to them about it and they told me he was so old and has had so many shots over the years he doesn't have rabies. I was concerned about the small scratches he had put on one of my grandsons... and knew he didn't have rabies. Well, they said they didn't do the euthanasia and gave me some numbers to call.  I took the day to talk to a few friends. And got some very good support.

Like my brother said... I am doing him a favor. And to my dad it is just the cost of a bullet. But he is country folk, that's just the way its done out in the country. But I couldn't let anyone do that to Bosco. I was torn between the grandchildren and the dog. It was the worst position ever. But I knew what I had to do.

    I didn't want to do it... but I had to.

I finally decided to take him to the City. I mean... if he would of bit a neighbor the city would come and take him. So we decided to go to the city. But I didn't choose the city of Houston... we chose the city of Pasadena. I must say... The city of Pasadena, Texas has some GREAT people working there!

When I went in I was greeted at the door by a VERY nice lady... I didn't even get her name.

But she was a small middle aged Mexican American... Her hair was long and permed and she had on make up... very lovely lady... she was so understanding and so helpful! I just wanted to hug her, but I didn't. I cried the whole time. I did have to pay... but I didn't mind that. I just knew that Bosco wouldn't have to suffer. He would never walk in front of a car like Saber did and get hit and be in pain for an hour or so until he died. He would never have to suffer the pain of a heart attack... he would simply 'fall asleep'... this gave me comfort.

And there was a beautiful young girl who came out to get him... I wonder if he thought it was my daughter? Well she stood there for a few minutes... we all talked...  I didn't get all into a long goodbye... because I had been saying goodbye for a while now... and I was already crying silent tears... I would of broke down if I would of gotten down in his face to say anything... but they knew... and Bosco was just so happy to have all these lovely ladies make over him... he WAS a GOOD dog!

Even now... as I am finalizing here... tears are dripping from my eyes...

But like that lady said... I gave him a good life!

And I allowed him to die with dignity...

RIP little buddy Bosco...

I will see you when I get there!

Beloved Bosco

Monday, April 14, 2014


And I could see THE PEOPLE, each as droplets of water on the top of a great tsunami!

The activity was GREAT and AMAZING...

There was some falling down in the back... they were old and tired... and new ones springing up in the front, bringing on a LIFE FLOW of a great and mighty PEOPLE. And this has been the way since the beginning of time and will continue on until we perfect the way we walk! For WE THE PEOPLE have the chance to knock out all evil... we have the power to destroy all creators of hell and all those who bring violence into a world that was made for the people to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... and help each other survive!

But there is some corruption among the people...

We should ALL stand up and say "NO" to the ones who choose corrupt means to feed their ego.

Little do they know it will be their arrogance that will cause them to fall/fail!

When some see themselves as all powerful as a god... and subject the people to their subjugation, that is going against what GOD wants for us. We can do better! We WILL do better!

The good news is... there are many, many good people doing many good things in this world! Living life with a passion doing what they want to do, which always includes helping others who are less fortunate.

I have always said I wish I could create a place... called Mother Popes Place... where I can help THE PEOPLE who are trying to get away from the evils in the world, but then I knew that I had already started that! For over 35 years I have taken care of over 30+ people who have come and slept on the couch or the floor and then moved on in their own lives. (But one day I hope to EXPAND! :)

But getting back to the facts... I want us all to agree that LOVE and RESPECT is the way to go.

And GOD will give power to THE PEOPLE to overcome the evils in the world!

Yes, one day when we can all agree,  the teachings of JESUS still ring true...




Then... We shall be saved!

IJCN,A  :)