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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Security in Russia

I do get inspired a lot by the news. And this morning it was about the security in Russia for the Olympians. And what I noticed the most, is that all 5 of the people who are shown as a threat... (and they are just the ones they know about) are Muslims!

Now, I know that there are a lot of good Muslims who are like Christians... and just 'surface serve'. They stand on a religion that they don't know much about but they are devout and robotic, following the way that is good. They don't really read the books, they just know what they are told. And this is OK in itself. But if you are like me, you want answers!~ And the answers can only come from GOD. And that is HE who lives in your heart and mind and soul after you invite HIM in... HE who tells you what is right and wrong... good or bad... I feel like its normal for people to hear voices. If you don't, you have learned to ignore or control them. But what we do as THE PEOPLE of GOD, is we learn to rebuke the evil and cleave to the good. Because we know that evil must leave you if you use the name of Jesus!

Now getting back to the subject at hand...

Jihad is not talked about much. It was/is meant to be kept quiet. But in this day and age... who can escape the truth? People have been keeping records of world events for centuries. And we know the truth. But not all people do. Some people have no clue as to whats true and whats not. Some people just don't care. Some are blinded to the truth by lies of the devil. But here and now, we must see the truth in order to save THE PEOPLE.

You know my rule... KEEP IT SIMPLE!

And simply stating... Muslims have the same commandment as the Christians and that is to spread the religion world wide, each seeking world domination. And that's OK if you have a simple easy religion that doesn't call for much except that you be kind and help others.

But when you come from a religion that controls THE PEOPLE by terror... and violence. Well, its just not the way of LOVE! Now keep in mind that not all Muslims feel this way. About half are so stuck they believe the lies and love the terror... they LOVE to control the people with the terror... promises of violence if we play these games. I have always felt that this religion is a crazy prehistoric religion. The religion of the moon god. A god of animals that rule the darkness that creates chaos and mayhem...

We cant let them win!

Well, lol... they wont win. It is clearly stated that they wont win.

For the GOOD PEOPLE saw and knew the truth among THE PEOPLE!

We can clearly see the way. And it is not done with threats of terrorism.

We can only succeed as A PEOPLE when we are led by the GOD OF LOVE... which is LOVE AMONG THE PEOPLE! We know and appreciate the goodness of THE PEOPLE when it comes to communications. I have seen where some say the relationship between Russia and America are strained. Well it may be strained between a few haughty arrogant people... but not with THE PEOPLE!

I can see/feel the LOVE of the PEOPLE!

One day we will all come together and see what we need to see and do what we need to do in order to bring about world peace!  And just as a side note... Kicking Assad out of Syria is NOT the answer to the violence there! The answer, is for the people who are there to cause pain and suffering to the innocent people LEAVE and go back to Islamland! Go back to where they love this sort of gruesome crap! Where the defiant are glorified or murdered in cold blood... and it really depends on which side your on, whether your glorified or condemned to death.

It is a wrong plan when innocent young people are murdered for their sin.

Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin. We now FORGIVE and LOVE and HELP others to do better!

Its hard for me to accept the fact that "they want it that way."  HAHAHA they HAVE to want it that way, because if they object, they are murdered for blasphemy.

Now if I had to tell A PEOPLE what to do... I would simply say...


For in loving one another, you do GOOD to one another!

You should never belong to a religion that espouses HATE. And Muslims are trained to HATE the infidel... that is anyone who does not agree with Islam. And please try to remember that's only half. There are many Muslims who are trying to change the law... create a democracy. A lawful place where there is truth and justice to rely on. And many are getting there! And MANY are trying to move away from Islamland because they know in their heart, the habit of murdering for sin is wrong. It totally baffles me that a father or a mother or a grandmother or grandfather or an uncle or a brother can murder a female relative who is sinning and ITS OK!

Truth is... its NOT OK!

Truth is, GOD has been fighting against sins of the flesh since the beginning of time when THE PEOPLE had no guidance or rules. Like the Wild West used to be... and in some places it still is. But not legally. We still have the law. And the law is good. But the law is not there for the lawful... it is there for the ones who are lawless.

Remember, that Jesus has taught us that in our LOVING of one another we are good to each other... we don't hurt or oppress one another or cause anyone to live in terror.

See how Muslims try to control THE PEOPLE with the threats of violence and death?

Can we know now that this is real and we must deal with it?

I know that in the end, we will deal with it and it will be JESUS who will control the world one day, the second coming of Jesus will be seen from one end of the earth to the other... for ALL will know that LOVE is key here in this life. We are not here to destroy... we are here to repair/rebuild! When our house has a problem, we don't destroy our home... we FIX the problem and remain in the house. When we sin, we do not kill the sinner... we HELP them to know they are wrong and HELP them to learn a better way!

However we are now in a time BEFORE Jesus takes control of the world. And until we all come together in one accord and profess that JESUS is the way... to the truth and the light in this life, we will have the hate and strife!

One day the world will see the SPIRIT of JESUS filling the heart and minds of THE PEOPLE...

Until then... Let us pray...

Our Father, who wants us to create a perfect world... is a PPP (practically perfect person) guide... will soon create a perfect world because it is HIS will that will be done... whatever your label is... you will be a good PEOPLE. We will not follow the way of evil, we will not suffer for sins of the flesh... for the way of TRUTH and LOVE will be the common spirit of MANKIND for ever more! IJCN,A

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ahhh, to speak of the love of our youth! It is one of the most important things you could ever know about. Poets and song writers have been recording the adventures of YOUNG LOVE and LOST LOVE since the beginning of recorded time! But I feel like we are not getting there these days. I mean, as in knowing how special and important this life event is. And of course, as usual, there are MANY who already know this truth and preserve this LOVE at all costs! Look around, you can see them!

The most important thing to know is... you can never replace this LOVE, ever. You can never go back and undo mistakes... or right your wrongs. Sure you can make peace with apologies and tears, but you can never undo any harm you did to that persons heart. So it would be in your own best interest to learn from other peoples mistakes and learn to preserve your love. Because people are really screwing up... Look around! Think of the US shows that are so popular... Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos... Maury! We can see the results of human mistakes over and over and over again. The consequences are not only painful but devastating for the children and other family members involved!

People! We as A PEOPLE need to get it right the first time. Because when we get it right! It will be paradise... heaven... bliss... the perfect life! Yes, it can still exist if you work at it and avoid all the mistakes that you see others making. Mistakes that have been documented AS MISTAKES for centuries!

I would like to tell you about my 1st true LOVE. And how I lost him because I made a mistake and followed the example of my mother... and to hurt him, I had sex with his best friend and then left town. Boy was I wrong! I will forever regret doing this for the rest of my life. This is something I can never undo!

OK, let me go back a little bit, to explain.

I met THE LOVE OF MY YOUTH as I was walking with my friend Denise, we were walking back to my Grandparents house from being at 'her boyfriends' house. Well, her wanna be boyfriend, all the girls liked him. At his house, there was a lot of kids and they were playing foose ball and he would give my friend a glance every now and then. And she would swoon! lol... So we were walking home from his house, had just turned a corner and saw two older boys walking towards us. It was Robert and R.E.B.  aka Rebel. I knew Robert, he was the older brother of a neighbor boy named Tommy I went to school with... and Robert and REB were in the same grade, 1 year a head of me and Tommy. HA, I guess they were talking about me and Tommy had told Robert and Robert told REB and so they had gone to my Grandparents house to see me and found out where we were. So they were actually coming to find us, when we saw them! And WOW... it was LOVE at first site! The smile on my face was instant and our eyes locked with such intensity! He admitted to me later it was his first love too. And let me tell you... I still love him just as intensely as I did way back then. You know the sort of LOVE that makes your heart palpitate and your breathing quicken... and you break out in a sweat and cant seem to talk right! Oh yeah... THE LOVE OF MY YOUTH... there he was!    My friend Denise had just stepped on a lit cigarette with her bare foot and had to sit down... and HAHAHA... I was OK with that as I met this new handsome young man! Oh did I mention I was just 13 and he was a year older? It was practically perfect from the get go!

We had a GREAT summer together! We spent a lot of time together. Well, as much as we could... beings that we were so young. We would sit for hours on the phone, sometimes not even talking, as we would watch the same thing on tv.   And my good friend Terry lived 2 blocks away from him, so we all started hanging out. I remember the day he swooped me up and carried me the 2 blocks to his house and asked me to be his girl! I cried tears of joy and accepted his ring!  (Which was stolen later, at my dads).

I still drive by that street and enjoy that memory! Oh how I laughed... as I held him so tightly!

One day my mother got mad because one of my friends called her a bitch... and immediately my mother put me on a bus to my dads house. I don't know why she was there at my Grandparents... but I cant tell you how devastated I felt as I watched my boyfriend and my friend who pissed my mother off walking away together.  My soul was crying tears of expressions that it had never known before!

We wrote letters. I even did something desperate... I used another persons phone number on a party line to call him. What a stooge I was... I don't know what I was thinking except I wanted to talk to him.

When the depression finally overwhelmed me enough to tell my dad I wanted to go back to my Grandparents... (my mother had left)... he said; "Don't let the door hit you in the ass."  No kidding... those were his exact words. And they hurt!

When I got back to my Grand parents... we were in high school and he even had a new girlfriend. He was the football hero and she was the popular cheerleader. And I was the strange elusive poet playing my guitar and singing under the tree with my small group of friends. We were watching the football players!

He came back to me! Well, actually he would come over and spend time with me... and sneak to my window at night and talk to me for long periods of times. GOD, how I loved him. I honestly thought we would be together forever! He had my heart and soul wrapped around his finger!

I remember the summer I was 14, how many times I would spend the night with Terry. And all her 4 other siblings were there, and when their parents would go to work, REB would come over and he would lay with me in the bed, with just my panties on and he never touched me! He respected me like that. He would even protect me when Terry's younger brother tried to take the covers off of me! He was strong like that!

But when I started noticing that he was her boyfriend in school and seeing me at night, I became frustrated. I was close to 16 by then, as I went out with him and gave him my virginity in the back of a storage lot in the back seat of his mothers car! Oh yeah. It was all I had to give him to make him know how much I loved him. But he was shocked when he found out I was a virgin. When he realized I had never had sex before, he stopped and it seemed like he was in shock. He sat at the wheel looking down, like he had done something bad. Well, he felt that way because some of the mean girls at school had spread some vicious lies about me. I remember one was, that I had flushed my fetus down the toilet. It was a hard time for me. But I loved him more than words could ever say. And we did manage to be together later, on other occasions.

I had given him everything I had that was special... and I thought we would be together forever and be married and have lots of children! I'm telling you, I honestly believed that with all my heart!

But still, he kept her as a girlfriend at school and came to see me after. It got to me after awhile. I told my mother and she said, "I would get him back... you go be with someone else and see how he likes it."  And I did just that. That's when I had sex with his best friend and left town and went to live with my mother in Minnesota. It was a sad time in my life. But Minnesota was beautiful!

And he married her. If I would of not done what I did... it might of been me he would of married, when we all got out of high school. I should of waited for him! I tried to call him before I married my 1st husband. As usual my heart beat fast and I could barely talk, but then 'she' got on the phone and repeated some of the lies/rumors in high school. And he apologized to me said they had company and now wasn't a good time to talk, and so we hung up.  And they did divorce later. And I also am divorced... 3 times! I will never love like I loved REB! No one will ever take his place in my heart! And its been 41 years!

Dear GOD, how I wish I would of done something different! Because I not only ended up being raped by one of my mothers boyfriends... I also ruined any chance of making it right. How I wish I wouldn't of done the revenge thing. I sure wish I would of just been patient and waited till he felt comfortable enough to break up with her. After all, he loved me, I knew it. And I truly loved him.

Please, hear what I am saying... you can never go back and undo the wrong that you do... the only chance you have is to get it right the first time... and you have to keep working at it to keep it right. Because there are lots of things, other than jealousy... that can ruin a relationship. You must be stronger! Keep in mind sometimes you lose simply because that person has lost their soul somehow. I wonder if you would be surprised to know how many people sell their souls for the almighty dollar?

And besides... its natural to lose that fiery passion over time. But that doesn't mean you lose the love!  Your relationship just changes into more of a partnership, best friend type thing. Marrying your best friend is a GREAT idea! You will always have that seed of pure love glowing and growing in your hearts!

And, yes its true... you can fall in love again. But its NEVER the same as that first true love!

All the long term relationships start as young love! And finish with a place in heaven! But, it sure won't be easy. And I can tell you that if you break up and find a new love, you will find problems with that relationship too. And so on and so on, because no one is perfect! You might as well work your problems out with the first one and I PROMISE... it will be worth it in the long run!

Nothing can replace this young LOVE... and the couples who manage to keep it, in the end will have something that is more precious than all the jewels or money in the world! And no amount of  money can buy TRUE LOVE my friend! Because it happens to be a FREE gift from GOD!

When you find your LOVE, and you give yourself sexually... in GODs eyes... your married... your relationship is sanctified by GOD and will last a lifetime if you allow it to! This LOVE is sacred and can never be torn apart by any human being... unless you allow it to, because when you are truly in love... you don't want anyone else... you heart wont allow you to be with anyone else...  because its not in LOVES best interest to do so. Always remember and never forget... be good, be smart...

Because it has a GRAND PURPOSE! :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I think of all the holidays, I love 'New Years' the most!

Its like... a new chance to get it right... a new beginning!

GOD bless our new beginnings!


The Beauty Of Christmas

Now, I never mince words about the fact that my family lives in poverty. My babies daddy got laid off last year and we drained our savings and now that he is working at a different job making half the money, things have been really... in a terrible state.

But I have enough blessings in my life that keep me focused.

A safe home, 6 healthy, beautiful grand children to share the love with every day!

And really great friends!

And this years Christmas showed me how sometimes a plan really does sometimes come together, when you least expect it... and even when you are not holding out for much hope of a super day!

It didn't matter about the mounting debt. Or the fact that I was eating more and more meals at my sons house. Or that for the last several months I have been having to hang out my clothes, which in itself is great... but living on a corner street everyone can see my laundry hanging out. I am the ONLY one in the hood hanging out my clothes. And really... I don't mind.

There is no money for extras. I am grateful for the rice and beans which is a mainstay in our home.

Our daughter has moved back home, she has 2 babies in diapers. She is going to Texas School Of Business. She is sure struggling. She often gets diapers and staples from a local Church. Hey, it is what it is.
We are all struggling.

It was a particularly hard year this past year. Its good that I am frugal and know how to pinch pennies!

So here we were... not expecting a good day... and there is a particular friend, I will call her, Ms T. She is a good friend of the family and was concerned about the boys not having a Christmas. So she asked me ages and sizes... I thought OK, she was going to get a few clothes for the boys...   then...

I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when she showed up with about 8 boxes of Christmas Cheer!

I wept tears of joy as I went through boxes and boxes of non perishable food items...

I never want to forget the Christmas that was... because of Ms T's LOVE and generosity.

Here is my pantry... stocked full and overflowing... (like my blessings)

And here are some shelves in the front hall...
I was deeply moved by the loving care of this woman... who put OFF her own Christmas to take the time to make sure that we would also have a GOOD day as well... These pics do not even show the baby bath soap, the laundry supplies... or the presents that were for us... I went to bed that night seeing my babies daddy sleeping in a pile of candy! It sure was a treat he didn't expect!

Here is a pic of my bar that has nuts from a neighbor, a bottle of wine from a friend, Christmas coffee from another friend... bows from the gifts of clothes and toys for the boys, who ripped through them before I could even take a pic... even the box of tissues were given to us from someone who cared that we had more than just our sleeves to wipe our noses with... all tokens of love from others who love us.
Its a beautiful day in the life...

The sentiment is amazing...

I am humbled and amazed that my friend would turn out to be such an amazingly thoughtful person. She knew we were struggling and her loving actions have seen to it that we will make it through the worst of times... very soon our daughter will graduate and will be able to help us, help her.

I think its just a beautiful circle of LOVE and help... the way Ms T came and made our Christmas a night of wonder... Wondering how I became so blessed to have this living angel who walks around aka Ms T, caring for those who have less than she and her family does. Well, the truth was GOD who asked her to do it... and she answered GODs call with a big YES! Praise GOD, Thank you Jesus! GOD blessed me with an angel on Christmas eve!

If anyone reads this who has donated or helped anyone in need... please allow me to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and soul... its this sort of people in the world who make it what it is...

A world full of LOVE... searching for PEACE among men... and A PEOPLE willing to share and give loving care and help for the ones living in poverty... I could never thank you enough...

And Ms T... GOD bless you special...

You are an amazing woman!

A true child of GOD!