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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I wanted to clarify a couple things. CPS, never took custody of the children. They are with family and we do see them often. So its not as bad as it sounds. I mean as far as CPS, taking control. They have not. They are jut throwng their weight around.

I respect the law, I LOVE cops and judges if they are not corrupt... but...

I am going to do everything I can to fight and try to help with the changes needed to make this weed, what it is... a plant... not a demon.

Free the weed, it comes from a seed and fulfils a need!

Read Genesis chapter 1 verse 29... it will be very enlightening!

The Taking of James

The Taking of James…

I am so angry I cant even function. I cant eat, I cant even get dressed. This goes against my normally happy sunny disposition. When I cant eat, and have thoughts of suicide… there’s something WRONG!

CPS has done MORE harm to my family than good. I am one who usually looks to the positive! And I am trying really hard to focus on anything that could be even thought of as positive at this moment.

The first thing that hurt me was that my daughter was denied the right to breast feed her newborn. Then, CPS told her she would not be allowed to take her baby home from the hospital.

WHY??? Because of marijuana! Yes, that’s it! Nothing else… just that! They said it was in the babies poop, from 3 months ago! YA! She sat with her friends 3 months ago and smoked a joint! And has her kids taken away! What kind of world do we live in??? She’s a good mom! I am a good grandma!

Judge me by my WORK by my HOME… not my urine! I think that CPS could of found a more humane kinder way to handle this other than separate a family! This is why CPS has a bad rap! Keep the family together… put them both in a rehab, together… or have someone come into the home every day for monitoring and teachings. Or put in cameras where the baby is going to be, to monitor like that!

What really makes it bad, is the people who called CPS the second time they were doing worse drugs! They just got mad at my daughter for some petty reason and called in a false report! This is wrong when people can do this! The first time CPS was called was after IKE, we were cleaning up and had the doors and windows open as we were without power. That was also the day we discovered that Joe could open the gate! Now in my day, a neighbor would get onto the kid… take him back home… and been mad along with the parent… NOT CALL CPS… and the kid learns not to wander and the parent learns its time to put a key lock on the gate, which we had on there before CPS came. We were even told we were a drug house, did coke, meth and crack… and that we were prostitutes! This is crazy and goes against who I am as a person! The real deal was, I inherited ‘old money’ to pay our way! I don’t need dirty money to survive! We are not the richest people, but we are not the poorest. We are doing much better now that Estelles dad has been found not dead and has come home after 14 years! Things are very happy and we all love each other! Usually NO STRESS!

I think we live in a place that is very WRONG when it judges someone by their urine. Not the fact that they can provide a good happy safe place with lots of love and food and care… NO!~ that doesn’t matter!

SO now… my daughter is hysterical and suicidal… I cant even hardly breath.. And have shut myself down… I cant even be there for her because I am angry at her for telling me she wasn’t smoking. Which she wasn’t… but must have been, behind my back, to of caused this problem!

The law is WRONG! And I know there are many people who are working to get this changed! How can we have a law against something that grows from a seed in the ground, when GOD HIMSELF said HE has given us ‘every herb bearing seed’? I know why! Because the GOV is making to much money on it being illegal. And it wasn’t even illegal from the beginning… it only became illegal in the early 1900’s and it was because of a high profile murder case that involved, ‘passion and adultery and racism‘! NOT~ he was so stoned he accidentally shot and killed an innocent! How do I know? Because when I became a foster parent… a United States Marshall told me the whole story! So our law against marijuana was based on a LIE!

And has caused me to lose 2 precious grandsons when they would be better off with me! I am MotherPope… I am in the International Poetry Hall Of Fame… I have many awards from the National Society of Poets. I have NEVER put ANYTHING above the children! My whole life is about the children! I am a child of the 60’s… I have tried most everything… but I don’t drink alcohol… an I don’t smoke cigs… I quit them both years and years ago! I am not taking ANY pharmaceuticals other than what my Dr gives me for diabetes and hypertension. What do I do? Well, let me explain… I grew up in hell… I was stripped naked and beat until we would bleed! My first recorded panic attack came at age 15 when my Grandparents took me to the emergency room... I have been dealing with it since then… the Drs gave me pills, but I cant function on them. I have to have a clear head! So I learned to live without the drugs… except the weed. Yes… when life causes me to have the anxiety… I go into my little bathroom, turn on the exhaust fan and use a tiny one hitter… In 2 minutes, I feel better and I am happy and can still function just fine! I have never had a problem!

The only reason my daughter has problems is because someone got mad at her and got revenge by calling CPS. I guess that’s better than the murder that one person did, that was labeled a suicide by the police!

Life is really messed up! Separating families like that is unproductive because, it causes the people involved to be in denial and maybe run away from the problem… and may also causes hate and anguish… and the loss of the personal bonding for the baby and family.

CPS has taken 2 children and placed them in a much worse place than here with their Nanny. You see, I am more than just Grandma… I LOVE those kids… I sing songs with them… read with them… eat with them… my world is revolved around the kids. Its who I am as a person. Its who GOD made me! I have been a foster parent, a step parent and have taken in many stray homeless kids that my kids would bring in. Just loved them. There have been about 20. I have raised good kids! No serious problems!

The problem is with our GOV. Creating a law that was based on a LIE! Causing some to believe it is way worse than it really is. Its not a gateway. It doesn’t make you a bad person! It’s a plant from mother earth! I wish that all the weed smokers would be allowed to ‘come out’ like the gays have! And they will I am sure! Because I will start a revolution! The weed should be free… it comes from a seed… and fulfills a need!

I think we could solve a lot of problems if we put this natural herb in the right category… and maybe make it policy for anyone calling CPS on someone to identify themselves and have to pass a drug test and be a tax paying citizen with no criminal background!

One of my friends today said, she wondered what would happen if every person had to take a drug test! Every person! Wouldn’t we be surprised???

I wish there could be cameras in my home to show I have a good safe happy home and CPS is WRONG to take children away just because of the THC in the urine. If it was cocaine, or crack or meth… alcohol… yes… but weed? NO! To many good people out there hiding in their closets because people who don’t know or understand are the first to judge! I wish they would talk to me… talk to the people who know me. Instead of taking the baby OUT… put cameras in the home… anything except rip a family apart.

Now… I cannot even answer my phone to anyone! My daughter is being released from the hospital and needs a ride home and I am NOT there for her… because I cant stop these tears. I can barely move.

This is so wrong… even my 5 year old grandson is suffering because he wants to be here… where Nanny sings songs and plays games and watches educational shows with him! NOT where they all sit around drinking booze and smoking cigarettes watching adult TV while the children have to find something to do.

I am like a cross between Mary Poppins and Maria from Sound of Music! Talk to my kids!

I LOVE to pull out my guitar and sing for them… I have also taught them to sing! I work with my Grand daughter with her letter sounds… I interact with them! They run to me when they see me and get upset and even cry when they have to go home, or I have to leave. All these words are true and correct! And can be backed up by many people who know me. I am going to write a list here at the end!

My 4th grandson who was born 2 days ago… well, when I held him at the hospital and sang softly to him… he stopped crying and smiled!! I have witnesses!

I don’t know what to do! What do I do? I want to tell the world… I want to show the world the home that this baby is taken from! All the stuff we have for him… oh, not to mention… patience is one of my strong suits… a baby crying in the night will wake me up at the first ‘wa‘! I am not saying my daughter wont take care of him… she does take care… but what I am saying is I would be there to support her and care for the baby when she has to go back to school and needs a good nights sleep!

I am a clean freak… my floors are so clean you could eat off them. I mop at least once a day… sometimes up to 3 times a day depending on the weather! I keep the bathrooms clean… I cut up fresh fruits and veggies almost every day! I do laundry for everyone. I have a rule as long as they are working or going to school, I will do all these things for them. My last thought of the day is my thanks to GOD for my home and family and friends!

I am not one who goes off and screams and cusses and belittles… or talks down to… It is ingrained in me to sit quietly and talk about things with them… Like Ward and June Cleaver did for the Beaver! Like lots of old TV shows that shows people sitting and talking about things. I only rant when my buttons are pushed!

I don’t know who I am going to send this letter to, but if its channel 13... I am the woman who had the chart on my thoughts on ‘domestic violence‘… at the town hall meeting in 1993... I wrote a letter and got an invitation to the meeting… I showed someone my chart, which I still have… and then Dave Ward and Gina Gaston announced there was more stuff and were going to extend the time… but I had to leave, I depended on a ride from my husband at the time who would beat me up on a regular basis. That’s why I left!

Please… is there anyone out there who can help me?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oh No, Obama...

Yahoo is censoring my comments again, so I am compelled to write this here. This is in response to Obama wanting to get more money to bail out the houseing industry. Oh the news doesnt put it as bluntly as I just did, but I have tried to post this comment 4 times already. Here it is... finally, I guess I got a couple thumbs up before they removed it, so it came into my yahoo updates. Lucky for me, I thought this rant was gone forever.

Obama to call for $5-10 billion refinance plan

"WOW... as I was reading this article, I was wondering if others could see though this line of crap... OK, so lets create MORE politics to save housing... hmmm is this a bail out for the housing like they did for the car industry? Heres an idea... instead of paying the Gov to help... how bout paying the people directly? Want to help those who have been faithful payers? How bout paying off every home that has been faithfully paid on for at least 10 years! I honestly believe there is corruption of greed among a lot of people in high places. Here in a country where men are supposed to be free, our gov aways finds ways to enslave not only ourselves... but our children. Why are loans given to people who cant afford to pay them back??? Thats like putting your money down a rats hole... this is just a scam to make the poor man believe that the gov is going to help them... this is crap... gov doesnt care about the poor man. Those rich pompous weirdos only care about their next stunt! The truth is normal people who work hard to save and make it easier on their children are the ones having to pay for the ones who feel entitled. The ones who blow an go... whatever turns them on. I am sick and disgusted seeing materialistic ungrateful people whine and complain, these people create their own problems... get off the drugs, put down the bottle... let go of your penis and get real about the problems facing us today! P.S. anyone feeling sad about things... please go to you tube and find Lee Greenwood... watch and listen to him sing... GOD BLESS THE USA. sure made me feel better! Thank you for reading my rant... its a good day :)"