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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wha???

I always thought that God would make my life easier, but it doesn't seem to be happening, I have been expecting a change for the last 10 years. But it seems that life is always full of bullshit, maybe its just the fact that God is there to help us through the bad times that matter the most. I don't know, but I sure do wish that all these trials and tests were over, doesn't HE know that I love HIM more than anything or anyone?

Well, an investigator from the criminal division of Brazoria county came knocking on my door, looking for Estelle. He said it was about her being a witness. So I gave him her school info, he went up there and came back saying she wasn't there, he looked mad, like I was hiding her. I contacted her on the phone and told her to COME HOME... she was all freaked out and mad... fear is the emotion before anger, so she was scared, but before she got here, he had told me some key words and I knew the people they were talking about. It was those horrible people who lost all 8 of their kids. Anyways, the story goes that daughter 1 and daughter 2 ran away from CPS custody, Estelle took them over to one of her friends house. Daughter 1 got arrested for prostitution and gave info to find her sister. Well, I told the investigator that she had brought them over here one time and I told her to get them out of here, I don't like them and I don't like their parents and I get a bad vibe... so she took them to J's. I told him, the investigator that these people were horrible people and I am glad that someone finally found out. Cause that man is insane, the dad of the kids, not J. I have heard so many horror stories about what went on in that house, serious drugs and sexual perversions... I told Estelle many many times to stay away from there. But she was so young and didn't listen to me, until the mom chased her with a butcher knife. I cant believe that she kept going over there.

Well, the FBI crashed in J's door and the daughter 2 was hiding in a closet. They handcuffed J and took him. This investigator says Estelle will not be charged with anything. But they did take J for harbouring a minor run away. He had both of them there until daughter 1 got busted for prostitution. I was so mad at Estelle for hanging out with these people. I guess God made this happen for a reason. She has to learn a lesson and she is feeling really bad that she caused her friend to be taken down like that.

Well, this investigator gives her a suppina, she has to appear in court on Monday the 13th, to testify about the things that went on in that house when she was there. You know, the drug house where you can buy drugs and have a woman, either his wife or one of his daughters as a bonus, looking back, maybe he was charging for them too... It was a horror story Estelle would come and tell me years ago... like the oldest daughter, whom I haven't even talked about, daughter 1 and daughter 2 are actually daughter 2 and daughter 3... but I don't know where the oldest sister is, but she is not involved with this. I think she is doing better. I hope. Anyways, I heard that she was on drugs and masturbating in the living room and the dad took her in the bedroom to 'take care of her' ... I was freaking out as she told me this. And lots more terrifying stories.... well, anyways, we talked to the investigator on Wends... and we went to the court house, last night, the district attorney needed to talk to her. Estelle was so scared, but she told the truth. So I don't know whats going to happen, if the parents are there, they will see and hear her testimony, I don't want them to get any ideas of revenge. But we don't want any trouble from the law either, so again, I put it in Gods hands.

Monday came and we were steady as we went to the courthouse. I had to go to the rest room, but as I walked away I heard the prosecutor talking very harsh to her, "I NEED TO TALK TO YOU"... I did do panic, but had to go relieve myself first. When I walked into the outer office I could hear Estelles tone, she was crying, extremely upset. I couldn't understand what she was saying, but I knew she was in distress, I started to cry under the stress of it. About that time, the investigator, came walking in... he saw me crying and set me down and explained they had learned more info over the weekend and she was being asked about it. I don't remember how long I sat there, but another nice lady gave me a tissue while the investigator reassured me that we were OK. Just something that had to be done.

When I was able to go to the inner office and talk to her, she exploded on me, "THEY THINK I WAS PROSTITUTING" I was shocked, I had heard that daughter 1 was arrested for prostitution and I knew the younger sis was doing that too, I had begged Estelle to stay away from them. Estelle had told me that she could never do that cause at the end of the day she could never wash the dirty off her. I did believe her. I have never sold my body, even when I had the opportunity to. There is something about it, that you can never come back from. Ewww...

So we were told that they had to say that to her because the defense attorney would attack her with that. They had to find out the truth. They believed her when she said, "HELL NO"

Well, they told us that the defendants were there. It was a waiting game for us. We talked about what would come out if she had to take the stand, I even got more information as I sat there. I was so shocked. And glad these people were so helpful in explaining things to me. This investigator and the district attorney were two of the nicest people I have ever met. But I wouldn't want to be on their bad side, that's for sure. I was glad they were there to handle things. And to make my daughter understand the severity of her actions. She was feeling bad that her friend J got in trouble for letting those girls stay with him, and then we found out that he is 29 years old and he and his brother both had had sex with both girls, so they are going to be in more serious trouble for that.
Estelle seemed to be floored. Me? I was horrified.

When they got the list in the courtroom of possible witnesses, and the defense saw it, they became eager to sign papers that allowed the state to maintain custody of their children. WOW, I never knew, the whole time, who we were going to testify for, I thought it was for the mom... but it wasn't until right before we left I found out we were the states witnesses. They were smart to sign custody over to the state, they didn't want Estelle up on that stand making public all those horrible things that went on in that house. It was very stressful. I learned so much, to much, much more than I wanted to know. But I also became aware how easy it is for kids to keep things from parents. I never knew some of those things. But I am glad I know now.

And now, I am mad. And waiting for them to make a move to harm me or my children. The Judge warned them not to have any contact with the states witnesses, or they would be arrested. But to be safe my son brought me his 9mm semi automatic rifle and my daddy taught me how to shoot years ago, so I pity the fool who wants to go up against me and my anger and anxiety. Not to mention, I know that GOD is on my side. And HE will give me the strength that he gave David to beat Goliath.

Most likely, things will just blow over in time. Nothing was made public record. But the FBI and the State of Texas have a little clearer vision on the situation. Aware of what is going on. It amazes me that there are such evil people out there in this world who can sure fool people into believing they are good, normal humans. From what I understand this problem goes back 25 years. My daughter just being a number in a long list of girls this man has tried to manipulate through drugs and alcohol.

I cant control the world, I cant control other people, so I just put it all in GODS hands.