Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coming From My Heart

I question GOD all the time about why is there Muslims who love me on my Facebook?

And I worry that Americans might think I have gone over to the other side.

And then GOD showed me I must do this because they are the ones who are misguided and need to learn that Jesus holds the keys to heaven... and that wine and women and song are something to love and enjoy here on earth, not having to wait till ya 'don't have a body to enjoy them anymore'...

Its time to stop playing GOD and stand up to the ones who are loving the actions of playing GOD in the here and now.

Because long ago, it was not just the Muslims who played GOD... many different PEOPLE have tried to play GOD and if you look throughout history we can see that the ones who think of themselves as GODS have the worst of falls. You can't deny it. You can't change it.

Because the SPIRIT of GOD moves within ALL men and women... GOD no longer reserves HIMSELF only for a small handful of men who are hiding behind a veil.

Or anyone who hides behind anything.

GOD IS available to all who call on HIM in the name of Jesus... ALL who read the New Testament and learn about the MAN Jesus who lived his life for GOD! Teaching us as an example on how to have THE PERFECT LIFE!

There are simple rules we can follow... 'if we will'...

Now GOD didn't have this SPIRIT AMONG MEN like HE does now, always... there was a time when 'our will' didn't matter... according to men... we 'had no will' in this issue... and then GOD saw that this was not how HE wanted things to be for HIS PEOPLE.

GOD loves it so much more, when we 'CHOOSE HIM' willingly!

If we don't want to acknowledge HIM we don't have to... but I can tell you right now if you don't, you will not have the best'est life that you could have, if you would just follow these ancient marvelous words that lead us down the path of what is 'all good'! And if you say, well I can be good without GOD... well if you stand for all that is good, how can you deny GOD as being the SPIRIT of all that is GOOD? Isn't that like not acknowledging the good in others? You know... a common spirit felt by others?


LOVE ONE ANOTHER was the words to be exact.

Now a days, we put labels on different PEOPLE because there are so many cultures and characters and creeds out there in the world and it is hard to know where you fit in.

Well, I can tell you that you can fit in where ever you feel the most comfortable. But rest assured that there will be OTHER PEOPLE... I mean that's what life is all about!

This includes PEOPLE everywhere, belonging to any group.

Does your PEOPLE promote LIFE and LOVE???

If it doesn't, then your in the wrong group! Just find a group that does promote LIFE and LOVE and the idea that we should be CARING about other PEOPLE...

Remembering that 'no one is perfect... no not one'! We all have our downfalls... and those are the things that control us...

Someone said, "I just couldn't control myself!"

Well if you were not in control... Who was?

Because we are born into a world of many different spirits... and some are good and some are bad... many years ago men saw fit to name them as 'angels and demons'... who always try to get us to do either very lovely things... or some very horrible things...

HEY... if you wouldn't want for it to happen to you... you probably shouldn't be doing it to other people... for example... it drives me nuts to have someone come into the room and ask me 'what I am doing' when they can see what I am doing... and then this morning... I walked into a room and asked someone 'what are you doing'?  Is it just something that people say to start a conversation?

Its just a natural thing...

Its all about self control.

Lets talk about rape... now some men think that if a woman is dressed like a slut, she wants to have sex... not even realizing that she is dressed that way for a reason... her reason... maybe she is proud of her body and wants to show it off... even tho GOD tells us that vanity is a sin... some women don't know this... and they are not wanting to be raped, they just want to show you their wares... or maybe a girl has lost a lot of weight and she is so happy and wears skimpy clothes... now you must remember, here in America, women have been having their freedom to walk around half naked if they want to... and men love it... but most know to just enjoy the view and make no more of it. You see... the men who feel like they can rape a woman because they think that's what she wants... must realize that... that is something that they themselves want... and they cannot control themselves. Now losing control might of been the norm back in the Neanderthals days... (but probably not)... these days we believe and know that in a civil society, we need to control ourselves! Don't listen to the evil ones when they whisper into your spiritual ears... BE strong and control yourself!!!

Its like me... my sin is gluttony... and every day I must control myself from overeating! Its a real struggle for me. And it upsets me to have commercials on the TV with all the luscious foods that are not so far away and easy to go get... it's a real struggle for me... but not for others who don't have the sin of gluttony. They appreciate the food and forget about it!

We are all different in our sins and none should play GOD... ever!

It baffles me how some sit in judgement of others when they themselves have sin on them too... it bothers me that some sins have become so common that most PEOPLE don't see the sin anymore. Just other people who have problems. So if you want to go on with your sin and not try to overcome it... please don't complain of the complications it brings... like adultery...  most people don't agree with it, even if they don't see it as a sin... they still know it's a bad thing.

But to whom?

Some may have a different perspective... its not our place to judge them... they need to work it out themselves... its really between them and GOD... but believe me... if someone comes to me and says... 'I've got a problem'... you best know I am going to point out the root of the problem and it is always going to fall back on the sin that GOD tells us to avoid!

In order to achieve heaven we must eliminate hell... and that will take a lot of cooperation!

We must stop the hating... stop the fighting... you see, Satan wants for us to all hate and fight each other... he feeds on it and throws it up to GODS face... so as long as we are not fighting against him, he will be strong in us, through us and over us :(

So bring on the Savior... the one called Jesus who leads us into a life of LOVE and RESPECT and strength in numbers of all of us who LOVE GOD and seek TRUTH!

Its you and its me... whether your Muslim or Jew or Christian or any other label people use to separate us. It will be when we are ALL united in the name of Jesus... where Jesus's message is strong and clear to everyone... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELP EACH OTHER OUT... and then don't forget another really important thing... CONFESS YOUR SIN ONE TO ANOTHER... that is to say... lets talk about the things that will bring you down in life... lets talk about the things that will lift you up... if we cant talk about the bad... how can we see the good?

You know... seeing another persons perspective is a good thing!

Don't be stuck in your own way of thinking... get out there and share your thoughts and ideas among yourselves... ohhh... OK... GOD is telling me that 'some of you' can NOT discuss new ideas because you will be murdered for it. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule... you do need to know when not to say anything... because many people suffer under men who play GOD, but I can see in my Godly eye view a PEOPLE who do not play GOD... A PEOPLE who know that GOD is LOVE and LIFE and CARING about other PEOPLE who don't have it as good as they do.

I see PEOPLE standing up and doing their part to help others... and this is how we get to a higher place in our lives... Oh, PEOPLE have sung songs about it since forever! :)

I am trying to think of titles and there are to many...

And so now we are waiting for the ONES who are closed minded to this idea of a 'LOVE' that has traveled around the world to 'open up their hearts and minds' to A Godly LOVE that we share and trust to be a good path to follow. And there will be no more hate and no more violence.

We have reached a point of a final battle... and it will be the final because now everyone around the world can see the GOOD and the BAD in this life... and with GOD we know which way to go!

We can look and see and know the truth even tho many evil ones spout lies and say they are truth. We know the truth... because GOD in US shows us the TRUTH!

We have a foolproof plan... and that is the way that GOD wants us to be... LIVE with LOVE leading and guiding you into TRUTH... don't back down and be strong because the Lord is strong in YOU!

I want to thank all of you from all the different countries who are reading... I am amazed to see several countries a day logging on and reading... and coming back! I praise GOD for the 102 countries on my readers list...  I am only doing what GOD tells me to do. I get a thought in my head and I have learned to just come in here and let it out! Sometimes I only have 5 words in my head and I come in here because GOD tells me to and I don't argue with HIM much anymore and then HE takes those 5 words and brings out a message that I have go go back and reread to even get it all! It just comes out so easily... and I feel a sense of joy at the weight lifted off of me.

GOD knows what HE is doing! And if we need answers, we can always ask HIM... and if you KEEP GOD in your own heart and mind... HE will only lead you into the way that is GOOD FOR YOU and your PEEPS!

For GOD is the culmination of all the SAINTS and SINNERS who have ever lived and breathed and died in nature.

GOD is the COMMON SPIRIT of LOVE for ALL OF US to know!

As We... learn to... LOVE EACH OTHER!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The World Of Worlds

I recently got back from an 8 day trip up into Arkansas and Missouri. I LOVE to meet PEOPLE! I cant wait till I can sell my books and go on book tours! I will be able to meet more PEOPLE like that... for the rest of my life! I day dream about it all the time! :)

What I love about GOD is when HE IS inside a person... that person is predictably Godly!

You know that GOD is a spirit and that spirit... The Holy Ghost... is what lives in our hearts and minds and tells us to do things that are good for other people... because we know that GOD IS LOVE and anyone who has that spirit loves others... like GOD tells us to.

I can instantly tell when someone 'has not' the spirit of GOD. Its easy to see, by their attitude and actions... Like those teens who go up to a person on the street and beat them up... or this new wave of BLM people who stand like stooges in the middle of the streets and freeways... gonna get their point across... Really? Me thinks not! Because what if there are PEOPLE in those cars being blocked who have to be somewhere important? What if there was a person who needs their medicine... what if there is a person who is trying to get home to a sick child? Or a person trying to get to the hospital? These actions of stopping people on the freeway, are NOT by the spirit of GOD and that is how we know they are not GODLY PEOPLE.

When some people do these things... they are not going to get 'good' attention... they are going to get angry people who have places to be and needs to fulfill. It is better to stand on the side of a park where people are at leisure who are willing to connect with you on a one on one basis, to learn about your hardships and spread your story, so as to help resolve the issue. People shouldn't be out in the street... the streets were made for CARS... not people and their protests... and look see how some will drive right through a pack of protesters who are in the middle of a street. It is not a good thing.

Now, what I saw when I was traveling with Sharon was very different... I was surprised to see how kind the PEOPLE were in Arkansas and Missouri...they are the home grown LOVE type (created by Jesus)... who are always so very nice. You know the sort of people who will see you doing something wrong and will ignore you and pray for you. And the same person can see you doing something right and pat you on the shoulder with a smile of understanding that no one else ever gets but you. You see, I too am the type of person that if I see you doing something wrong I will ignore it... unless of course you're in my house... and then your gonna hear what I have to say, with both barrels.

Anyway, as we drove and saw many farms and homes I realized how many people have their own little worlds in this HUGE one that we share. I can see these people... all kind and good... treating other people nicely and actually caring about all the other little worlds too! And lot's times, sharing those worlds. In each and every brain there is a small world all its own. We must learn to look beyond it... we ALL can learn to love and share the earth!

I see families together and everyone loves everyone... very few ugly people in GODS world... you know... spiritually... because you know the demons... they roam the earth to seek whom they can devour... and to many empty headed people do lose their lives to them. We are always finding dead bodies... after some demon possessed person murders them in cold blood.

It was their world. They did what they wanted to do. They lived their way.

BUT, life can be good! We can create a wonderful place like a lot of people have already done, if we just acknowledge GOD and learn to do things the right way.

You can look into the world and can see both good and bad people.

Some people are bad because they have no direction from the right path... they live in a world where people live to feed the flesh. And then people forget that there have been many good Godly people who have walked this earth before us... learned the hard lessons for us... WE are not the only ones... but yet, Satan wants us to think its all about ourselves... because if we are always thinking about ourselves, we totally sabotage GODS plan for us to have a good life caring for ALL of US.

Let me tell you... it might feel good now... but when your body wears out... and you 'are' no more...  then you will see the light and know the old ones... you will then know that you had failed and you can never go back and fix things... because although your spirit lives on... your body wont and your gonna have to go throughout all eternity knowing that YOU MESSED UP and you cant fix it!

GOD tells us in the New Testament, through Jesus, how life is... who we should be... and what we must consider in this world... because although we have our own little world in our own mind and spirit... we share the same earth... You see, the world and the earth are not the same thing... the world is a HUGE place... way bigger than the earth we live on.

The world goes much farther than some wish to believe as they only see their own world. Some believe this earth is the world... but we will see the real world when we pass over into the spiritual one. Then we will see what really matters!

Your body and your life is and will be what you make of it... but when you lose your life... what will you have left? Will you have wonderful memories? Or will you have terrible memories? This is where we find the difference between heaven and hell.

Some people do illegal things because their soul is corrupted and they are following the demons. They will hurt you! They are not Godly people... you cannot trust them... they can pretend to be good but they will murder you for your tennis shoes or your money or your jewelry or your religion or even just because you snore to loud!

Hey! Did you know that 'that' is something that GOD talks about? HE explains it so clearly... don't put your heart and soul into these 'things' in the earth that can be taken away from you! If you are blessed to be rich enough to have money or jewelry you should know... if you love it too much... when its gone... your world is gone. That is making the jewelry and such other things, your god.

Really... that is why GOD tells us to love HIM 1st... and follow Jesus... who tells us that our world should be about 'each other'... we should value US as A PEOPLE... the whole group... All of US!

We all matter... we all have this matter in our brains... we all deal with the earth in all her glories... but what really matters is what GOD has created! There is a difference between things that GOD made and things that men have made. However it is a nice surprise when you see men make things that are inspired by GOD! Because you have Godly PEOPLE who read and know GODS WORD and understand the key to heaven is to 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

And OHHHH did I feel the love! Its weird the gift that GOD has given me...

I have like... a Gods Eye View of things when I listen to HIM and see the whole picture!

The down side to that is, when I hear someone say they love me and I know they really love the party life more... how many of you have someone you love like that... you love them so much... but they love the drinking and the drugs and cigarettes (etc etc etc) more than you and more than GOD?

And who did that? Men. Men made cigarettes and men made alcohol and certainly men have made drugs that can kill us!

But GOD gave us all things that are created from a seed... a tree... a plant... (that includes marijuana)... and remember... in order for a person to be born, a seed is planted also!

Nature is a fabulous thing!

We all have our own lives that we create... and we get out of it what we put into it! We should put love and respect and joy and PEOPLE who enjoy all these things into it... the world we are born into can be a good thing! Many people in the earth know this... many, many good people doing good things all around the world! And I Praise GOD for it and I thank GOD for it!

But then you have the ones who serve only themselves.

What matters to them is only what they can see in their own little world! Its all about what feels good to them... what they want for themselves... and they couldn't care less about other people. In fact they will kill them or rip them off any way they can, to fluff their own pillow! They are selfish and inconsiderate... they go against what GOD has laid out for us to follow... they just fall asleep with their fleshly eyes open in church, because they are not there to advance their spirit... they are there to be seen of other men... so they would think of them as 'good people'... but they are not... and the minute they get out of church they are off to their next sin and they don't even think they are sinning.

Like so many others who are traveling the wrong road... they don't even know they are doing wrong.

You know, when you see a woman who cares more about herself than anyone else?

GOD says women shouldn't be like that.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER... is so easy!

We all have our own worlds... we each have our own memories... we all create our own legacy. I love to see PEOPLE serving GOD! I love to see people heading in the right direction!

I know that the earth offers all sorts of pleasurable things... people have created a place where we can have anything we want! But at what cost?

Will you pay with your very own soul?

Will you give up 'knowing GOD' only to lose out on the great things HE has to offer?

Because if you follow anything other than GOD, you will miss out.

I am so thankful that GOD made a way for me to go on this 8 day trip, deep into the heart of America! I felt the love... I saw the people LIVING in a way that if not for the clothes and the cell phones... it could be 100 or more years ago.

But... not all people live for LIFE or LOVE...

Some people seek thrills that have nothing to do with GOD.

We are all different in our desires... not all can make a speech... not all can skydive... not all can fix themselves. But with GOD we can do all of that and then some!

Some people love the outdoors... some people love the indoors... some people love to ride horses... and some people prefer driving a car. I remember when I was 12 and living with my dad in one of the smallest towns in Texas... I rode a horse to the store, just like they did over 100 years ago!

We all have different likes and dislikes... and that doesn't make us 'wrong' in GODS eyes! But for some reason its making people see people as being wrong 'in the world'.

We are here to make sense out of non sense. We are not here to 'save' all the people,
 cause most of the people are doing just fine and dandy... We are here to help save the ones who do not have it together. We must show them the right path... I mean if we've never traveled, how do we know the right path from the wrong one?

You must get GOD into your heart and mind and HE will tell you the difference.

And you will be just like me... able to see with new eyes the world of the spirits!

Be right... follow the way that has been tried and proven to be the most'est best'est way to walk. Its real and its ready and waiting for you to spread the word to all who are lost... wouldn't it be great to link up all the lost souls with someone who knows the way and can reach out and let them know they too can be wise and have a better life than what Satan has to offer them in this world.

Look and see... in the world of worlds... see the corruption?

This will lead us into hell... Godly PEOPLE will stand up and STOP the corruption for goodness sake... because regardless of what  Satan wants us to believe... GOD is stronger than Satan... and we can know HIS WORD and we know ungodly people are just plain wrong... we know them... be cause we know GOD!

I thank GOD for all HIS wisdom that can be read about, starting in the New Testament in the Bible, don't waste your time reading the Old Testament first, we no longer go by that.

Read the New Testament, read about The Man Jesus, who came to save us of our sins.

You see... its not good enough to know that Jesus died for our sins as the last sacrifice for sin... we also need to know what he said and how he lived... as an example to us to go by.

We should all strive to live like Jesus did!

And also remember the words to the woman at the well who was a self professed sinner... remember what Jesus told her? Words that we need to know...

"Now, Go... and sin no more!"

You can get through sin... and don't do it again... or your going to have the same problems.

This is our problem today.

We had lost the wisdom of GOD!

But now, I am happy to see THE PEOPLE scrambling to find it!

Now go and get on with your life and LIVE and be HAPPY... stop doing the things that hurt other people... stop doing things that are hurtful to yourself. And you will also see how practical it would be... to live and see and be all that GOD wants and hopes for us.

It is not GODS fault if you don't listen...

But you will see GOD working in your life if you do!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus!

GOD Bless US, Everyone!


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump and Khan and Clinton Too

I try to forget certain things... I really do try... I have so much to do in this real life of mine, its easy to let things go... but when I cant let it go, when they won't leave me in peace... I come here and spill my guts to you... and it works every time at releasing them!

I am not a stupid woman. I keep up with the news and current events and I have several sources of news... so I am not trapped into believing whatever one chooses to show.

Some are just to stupid to repeat... but now, seems like this is really getting seriously stupid!

I have discovered that we have a very ambiguous world, you can find whatever you want to in the media... whether true or false. There is such an overflow of news out there that somehow some facts get twisted into someones opinion... like I can go to a Hillary loving site and find all sorts of positive things about her, or I can go to another site and find out all negative things about her. We have come to an age where people can say and do whatever they want to... and try to hide the truth and pretend to be something they are not. But people get wise to the lies!

I am so tired of watching 2 certain shows that are back to back after the news. I wont mention names or titles and I really love both of these shows and have watched them for years. But I am about ready to find something else to watch. Because every single night its been hating on Trump... hating on Trump. I keep asking myself WHY are they being so hard on Trump with his small things... and not even mentioning Hillary's current news? Why are they not talking about her HUGE things?

And then I discovered. She has employees who are somehow related to the top media dogs!

I just get madder and madder...

I mean, how many times has Trump lied while under oath? I don't think we have anything like that on him. Yet, Hillary has been proven to be a liar and treasonous... and not to mention she would rather sleep than get up and take care of our people who are being murdered... in cold blood... to pacify our enemies! Some of her atrocities are the most horrendous ever... but no one is making jokes about her and her HUGE corruptness!

I suppose as long as people are not taking about it... other people cannot be educated to the real facts. But I hear that the media is not really all that stupid... I hear some people are coming up in the media who don't care about money or ratings... they want to expose the truth!

Praise GOD we have these young people coming up who don't mindlessly follow the lies of the manipulators... we all need to stand on truth and speak our minds about things.

And Mr Khan... Grrrrrrrreetings... I would like for you to tell me just what makes you so special when we have SO MANY parents of soldiers who have died as heroes in the line of duty? What makes your blood better? What makes your family so much more important than all the other families who have suffered the same exact loss?

Ohhhh could it be that you were bought and paid for... for the side who wants to hate Trump and make everyone else hate him too??? (with a corrupt purpose) why??? And what pray tell does Donald Trump have to do with your sons condition? I mean really? Where does The Donald come into play here with your story? Me thinks you should back up and realize how you look in the eyes of THE PEOPLE! You take one jab... Donald is not a sissy boy... he is a REAL MAN and he's gonna give ya what for... because you need it! Its not right all this BS occupying our minds while there are more important issues at hand!

Now, I don't know if Donald Trump reads these words... but I want to just get this out there...

I know Donald is not 'the most perfect man' in the world... (I would have a hard time finding one of those)...  but Donald Trump stands for Home and Country... he cheers on a Family that has the right to free enterprise and the ability for men to work the system for the good of all. We have basic laws and rights that if you follow, you too can achieve greatness!

But know this... Hillary works for Hillary and Clinton Foundation. All I can say here is I hope your paying attention to the facts about this woman! And believe me... People are talking! Because when you do things that make people talk... PEOPLE DO TALK... and we need to open our eyes and ears and listen to these facts! Lets face it... there are not many of those 'studious news loving types' out there... most people are out eating and drinking and shopping or at the party.... rather than to sit down and pay attention to politics!

Can you believe this? That some people don't even know what Hillary is actually doing! They only see the regular short clips of her doing her thing for the camera... trying to make you love her... sorta reminds me of Mommy Dearest.

Its all to deep and ugly for me to want to see more!

Here is a simple reminder.... the fight is not one flesh and blood... it is one of morals and principals of right and wrong. It is the fight where we call out corruption when we see it... and expose it to THE PEOPLE as the truth that it is!

I still don't understand why Hillary is running for President and Snowden is in exile, with 'this current administration' pointing fingers of treason at him! He can't even go home! :(

I'm wondering if we will even find real justice in this world these days??? But I can close my eyes and can see Trump living in the White House! And it will be a good thing!

I think if Trump wins... we will be saved... and we will find true justice for all the wrong doings in the system today... because look see...  Trump has not sold out to our enemies! And you know in all the movies... after the good guys rid the town of the bad guys... they always set all things right again! And Praise GOD, We will too!

The fight is to wake up every day and do the best you can for those around you... because when you make sure others are OK... they will make sure that YOU are OK!

Its not that hard... a child can understand! Its as easy as the story of Jesus!

There was once upon a time, a man of GOD named Jesus... who taught us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... and to DO GOOD TO EACH OTHER... and He left us a good legacy for our children to follow! Because when we follow the path of Jesus... we follow a man who walked this earth and taught very important lessons we need to know in this life, so much so that several men wrote it down... and now over 2000 years later...  we still tell his story... of how he united THE PEOPLE!

Yet still alive is the ways of men loving the POWER that they have had from long ago... the ways the Muslims still believe in today... you know... men playing GOD and murdering for sin... they don't want to think about how Jesus came and took that power away from 'mere men' and put it within the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE!

Only GOD is GOD... and no man can be set up as HE... we know that when men set themselves up as a god... that they will have the worst fall!

We are a blessed nation... but lately we have lost track... I don't know why... most likely we were just doing other things and didn't pay attention as the demons crept in among us... like they do when we don't have GOD to protect us and keep our heads straight!

We sure did ourselves a great dis-service when we took GOD out of our lives, so many people have lost their way... hopefully there are enough still hanging on to GOD so that HE will be with US and protect US from the evils among US!

Hillary... "Shame on you!"
Khan... "Shame on you too!"
Trump... "GOD Speed, Brother! IJCNA!"