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Monday, July 23, 2012

Earth, We Have A Problem

OK, last night I was wanting to see a Godly movie. They have them on Trinity Broadcast Network sometimes. I was in luck, There was a 3 hour, no commercial breaks movie... it was the story of David. I LOVE these movies because it helps me to visualize certain things. Anyways, just being the person that I am, I also love to follow along in the Bible. So there I had it all set out... watching this movie... reading along... it was a great story about Samuel and Saul... taken from 1st and 2nd Samuel. In the old testament.

It was about how Samuel had anointed Saul, but Saul fell out of Gods favor for not following Gods commandments, so GOD told Samuel to go and find and anoint young David as King... y'all remember him, he was the one who slew the giant Goliath as a teenager.  OK, here's my first tiny problem, it says David was ruddy... isn't that 'not' dark hair? The boy in the movie was dark complected.

Now my BIG problem came during the anointment of David. Now, I don't know WHAT possessed whom ever to put this in the movie... but when done with the anointment and prayer, Samuel leaned down and kissed Davids cheeks.... OK... well...  that's done in some cultures... but... what happened next 'bout knocked my sox off! Uh... 'he kissed David on the lips????'  wha? NO WAY!!!  I was reading along in my Bible... and I read and re read and read again... and NO WHERE did it say Samuel, a prophet of GOD, kissed David on the lips! Someone please show me where that is stated in the word of God... because I simply cannot find it!! And... in the movie, David was anointed on the side of a mountain and they were alone, just David and Samuel! But... in the WORD... they were in front of Davids father and brothers... they were NOT alone.

Is this mouth kiss the result of the push to make homosexuality acceptable in the eyes of the people? Huh? For real? Its unacceptable!

This sort of ticks me off... you would think that Trinity Broadcast Network would get their sh... uh... 'ducks in a row'... so to speak!

I wish they would of kept it real!

Another way that we are not told the truth :(

Friday, July 20, 2012

We Are In A Crisis

I want everyone to know that I am a hostile witness here in speaking of the killings in Colorado today, at first I was sad and then I became very angry... in the 30 years or so that GOD has been telling me to tell certain people certain things, I have argued with HIM to no avail, its one of my worst faults... arguing with GOD. But here today I must say... this is where we are. And we are wondering why this has happened. We seek an answer that is not in the movie script, but is so simple to my way of thinking. I know that many will not agree and many will agree but not want to agree. But the problem people is that we have turned our backs on GOD. And thus, we have created a people who has no limits, no boundries to their thinking. When we took GOD out of our lives... we took away the very thing that teaches us to respect a higher power, that teaches us the difference between right and wrong. And in doing this... we have some who will play god... who choose to make these decisions for some reason or another, I believe its because they become arrogant in their thinking that they themselves are the ultimate power. Now I have been accused of being an uneducated fool... and thats OK... maybe I am... well, I can think of a couple other sins that I have that are worse. I may be uneducated by mans standards because I have not gone to classes or passed the tests... but by GOD I had the smarts enough to read stuff on my own. Read the Bible over and over again until I got it! I didnt have the luxury of a collage education, I had to work to pay my own way from the get go. I am not on any sort of gov benefits and if I get sick... well I have no medical insurance... (its all I can do to keep up the car ins and the home ins). But THANK GOD, my funeral is paid for. Because I would rather DIE than have what I have gained in this life wasted to save my life if I couldnt save my home. It is safe for my children and grand children. I am expendable. But I can believe in GOD... that my blood will live on. So I dont sweat it. I just keep on keeping on as long as the Good Lord gives me breath.

What is so disturbing to me is that we dont even know why these things are happening? Well, I do. Do you?

People... get back to the basics in life... what is life all about? Well, GOD being the GOD of the LIVING... we find that life is all about the PEOPLE in our lives... the people who love us and the people we love. Thats what life is all about. And GOD is who keeps us humble. Get back to GOD people... love your family and friends... this boy would not have done this if he had an ounce of GODs LOVE in his heart :(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

20/20 Where's Heaven? Barbara Walters... My Thoughts

God must of led me to turn on the TV at the right time because I am very interested in what people are saying about heaven. And I have my own ideas as 'MotherPope'. So I want to respond... to clear up some things that need to be cleared up, as far as I am concerned. Because when God puts something in my head and heart and tells me to do it, HE will never leave me alone until I do it.
It has been this way almost 30 years!
I really enjoyed watching Wheres Heaven... and Barbara Walters always makes conversations interesting! She is a people person and is very blessed by God. So it was with shear delight when I came across that 20/20 special the other night. Thank You BB Walters :)
I LOVE GOD. HE is the LIGHT of my world. And if your anything like me, your world is pretty dark. Or should I say... The World. We are just humans trying to deal with what is given us.
I am an Independent Christan. An Independent thinker. I have a statue of 'The Thinker' on my dresser... it is symbolic of my life. For the longest time I thought and felt in my heart, the 'thinker' was in pain... then someone who had been there seen the original statue, read the story, explained to me that 'yes' in life, he was in pain, a heartfelt pain. And that's how most of us are... getting buy with what we have, thinking and getting through the many pains in life.
It is a struggle.
In my struggle, I have always known that GOD would take care of me no matter what. Because I was raised up in hell, and met a few angels in my life who helped guide me out of there... so now I am compelled to help others get out of hell and be free of the bindings there.
I do believe that the religious origin was basically the same for most all. I mean, IF the people had a religion in their heart, because before Jesus came... and sent us the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost... which is the SPIRIT of GOD that comes to dwell in you when you invite him in. (Isn't it weird to know that GOD is like a vampire...who cant come in unless you invite him?) This is true, you must WANT to have GOD in your life, before HE can be there. GOD is a common SPIRIT that lives in the hearts and minds of HIS people.
It's all about the LOVE, man :)
God is LOVE... so its really very simple. You don't have to get into the whole issue of all the old stories. Of course we can learn by them, but some people simply must learn on their own... all the history in the world cannot convince a stubborn closed minded heart what is good for them. But if your heart is open and receptive to love and you love your neighbor and you love your family and you love your boss and you love your Dr and you love your community... and you stand firm on that love, then you have already fulfilled Gods law.
I remember in Luke how Jesus said, "You call me Lord, but you don't respect my FATHERS word." And that's just like today... lots of people doing lip service to God... or to other people... and yet they lack the true spirit of God in their own heart and then they wonder why life is so messed up. HA, we took GOD out of our lives... like the atheists did. And now they have no soul, no inner self to tell the difference between bad and good. Only fleshly desires matter. See, even Satan himself knew that Adam and Eve would gain the knowledge of the gods (good and evil) if they bit that apple. Which they did.. because they were LIED to. Deception is not our friend. Fact is, if we would honor GODS word and stand on the word of God, we wouldn't have the problems that we do.
I really LOVED seeing one of my favorite preachers on 20/20... I watch Joel Osteen almost every Sunday. At least 9 out of 10 times. And sometimes watch the same service on Wends nights on a different channel. I love Joel and Victoria... I believe they have the true spirit of God in their lives. And even before he answered I knew in my heart what he would say, the same as I always say. "We don't judge people like that." I know that's right! We can not know another persons true heart, because some of the people who LOOK like they are serving God, they are not really... the Bible speaks of these people as people who love to make a big show among men... on the outside they are shiny clean... but on the inside they are as filthy rags. No one can say if anyone is going to hell or not, because we are not GOD, we cannot know the inner true heart of man. You can find the meanest, dirtiest rudest person... and yet in their hearts when they go home, they love and protect their family with a fierceness. We can never know what is truly in the heart of someone. Some people cover it up and fake people out. There are many, many stories of people who seemed like normal people and then they do something and everyone says... 'Wow, I never thought they would do that... they were nice and normal." lol... or so we think! Eh?
The muslims... hmmm I am always warning people about the muslims. Here again, let me show you how on 20/20, the muslims... are looking forward to something in heaven that is attainable here on earth... that they themselves are against. The imam on there said their heaven has 72 virgins and much wine. Well... having sex outside of marriage and alcohol is something that they are against in this life... along with eating pork. They also murder those who speak out against Islam and any muslim that dishonors the family. And now, the muslim brotherhood is telling the people to tear down the great pyramids of Egypt? You know, the muslim brotherhood just gained control there... and we have already seen the deaths of Christians and women for adultery. Its an evil place and to think they are looking towards a heaven with unlimited wine and 72 virgins... I wonder if they are 9 year old virgins like Aisha? Will he have 72 little girl children to have sex with in paradise? (reading the news headlines of today) Hmmmm... Yes,I am hard on the muslims... because they are so wrong! God clearly shows me what is wrong... and its wrong not to give people their freedom to choose. Well, I am getting off topic I know... but until all women all over the world have the freedom to choose, I will fight against their enslavement... or you could say their ownership, like live stock.
How sad it must be to be an Atheist... it must be lonely not having something to believe in... to think that this is all there is... this is as good as it gets. That would mean that we are our own god... and that to me is selfish, arrogant, and sets us in a place where we are able to lie and cheat and steal from the idiots in life. (that's how you see others when you think of yourself as the supreme power) My son is an Atheist and he has the right to be that. He doesn't teach his kids about God... but he doesn't care that I do. My daughter in law just this morning told me that my eldest grand daughter who is 4 years old, told her during a thunder storm that, "Nanny says GOD will keep us safe." My heart leaped with JOY! Because until I told them that, they were scared and afraid of the thunder... so I told them that "the thunder is our warning that rain will soon follow and the rain gives water to the grass and flowers and trees... they need water like we do... so GOD will always keep us safe during the storm." It does my heart good to see them have the faith that they will be safe. I think its better than... well I am not going to waste time talking about the negatives of having a child afraid of the storms. And what about those who don't survive storms? Well, God called them home, it was their time. They are in a better place where you never grow old and you never have to cook or clean or poop and you never have pain and you are not bound by your physical body! You can go anywhere! And where do we go? I sorta agree with Richard Gere, (I always loved that man)... I believe that heaven is what we make it. What we live in this life is what we will remember for all eternity. Hell is when you die in a place in life, that is horrible... and you know it is horrible... and you spend eternity knowing you were horrible and you can... at that point, never go back and change it.
However, I am open minded enough to believe that maybe we can convince God to let us go back and try it again... if that's what we choose :)
I believe the 'bright light' is the conjelliation (is that a word? if not it should be) of all the ones who have passed... all together with Noah and Moses and Job and Abraham and Jesus and GOD... all together in one accord... one huge ball of energy... where your thoughts and memories can mingle with other thoughts and memories of others who have gone before us and have clung to the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, sorta like when you see the white light of all the spirits... some who you will know will come forward for you! I saw this happen with the deaths of my Grandparents! I do believe there is something after this life and to say we are limited to this life is absurd. What we do and what we accomplish in this life... can remain forever and ever... Amen!
The Jews... I have never met a Jew I didn't love! That is the honest truth. Yeah, well they are out for the dollar...but that is because they have known for a long long time what makes the world go round! I do feel sad that they cannot admit that Jesus was the son of GOD sent to earth as a final mandatory sacrifice of the flesh... and the muslims could learn a lesson from the Jews... no more sacrificing people for allah... stop worshiping death and destruction! And I know that some Jews are wasting their time, like people of other faiths who pretend to be holy... I happen to know that vain repetitions will not be what gets you into heaven! Take heed Catholics! You cannot be symbolically a child of GOD. It doesnt matter who you are or what color you are. But you must be a child of GOD by the 'renewing of your hearts and minds' through the grace of Jesus Christ! Even if you have to renew your heart and mind every day! Everyday, then... wake up with a fresh heart and mind, ready to serve GOD where ever HE may call.
I absolutely LOVE the Dali Lama... I would LOVE to meet him some day! He sure seems like a great fellow... however I believe he was put in his place by men. And I remember the Buddhists see Buddha as a symbol of man... which is very similar to the Christians view of how GOD inhabits man. Makes us good people. So much so, that some are willing to die for the cause. Thinking of the monks who set themselves on fire. I don't know how I am feeling about China taking Tibet from the monks... again, I cannot judge, I was not there. However, life settles in the dust. I think I feel sad that Tibet is going to be a tourist attraction, I believe it will soon lose its Holiness without holy people residing there. But now I am blabbing...
I noticed that something was missing, or at least I thought it was missing... the satanic religion. I guess they are in hiding in the dark. They are of the darkness and will kill for many reasons. You cannot know them on the street. These people are similar to the muslims in their thinking. There are some real horrific stories behind satanism. I don't need to go into those horrors since we live in the new age of the GODS... we bit the apple and now we have instant access to all the information in the world with web searches... we now can choose for ourselves who we will serve... just like GOD intended it to be since Genesis 1... Man has the conscience CHOICE within himself to do whats 'good and right'... or doing what is 'bad and wrong'! There is a HUGE line... we can all see it, we are not stupid... we have bit the apple and now we know it all... now what are we going to do with all that info?
Its really up to US... 'we the people'... because we are only teaching our children and our children's children what is up... so what is up? Will we stand up for TRUTH? Or will we deceive with lies?
What are we going to teach the children???
As MotherPope I want to teach my children to love one another, help someone out if you see the need. If we ignore someone in need, it will not make them go away. Teach patience... take a deep breath when you are exasperated... life is full of crap... so maybe take a few deep breaths... know that you are KIND and SMART and you can carry on. With GOD, you are NEVER alone! You always have the power within your own self that keeps you grounded. The whole GOD thing... its all in your heart... and mind... its not in the world... its in the peace and joy that life can bring and you see people living the good life every day, now that's heaven! There are many who are not caught up in the 'hate of the day'... they do their daily thing the best they can and leave the rest to a higher power... the GOD POWER... calling it GOD, gives POWER to the WORD and energy in your heart and mind to do the right thing at the right time... don't be scared and miss the right time... and don't be anxious and get ahead of life, that's what my Grandmother referred to as, 'putting your cart before the horse)... you will miss your mark... Heads up... arm yourself with the word of GOD. Put on the whole armor of God... y'all need to google that 'armor of God' thing an see for yourself what you find!
For myself... I know... and I have told a few others... and now I am telling whoever is reading these words... if I died tomorrow... I know I am going to go to heaven... and I will again be with the old ones who went before me and I am looking forward to seeing the memories of my ancestors and other people I can think of... like Nostradamus.. Socrates... Jesus! Wow... I am going with a list in my head! I am not afraid... because GOD will take care of everything... even as HE takes care of the grass and flowers and trees with the storms that bring the rains.
And if I go with my gut feeling... I'm betting I will be seeing Barbara Walters there too! :)
Someday... on the other side... :)