Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Not Just Another Christmas Story

I am feeling heavy heartened today.

I was reading some posts on Facebook and saw where one of my long time friends posted they were 'alone and working'... and my heart went out in pain because I can feel the lonely too... I mean with friends and family... it seems that there is a lot of love and cheer going on around me. But inside I am like... WTH?

I don't begrudge other people having a great time... life is so variable we never know what our own destiny will be. WHY? Because we are confused... We just don't know. We don't understand.

Its better to remain silent.

So, I was whining and complaining to GOD... because it does me no good to whine and complain to the people around me... because they are going to do what they want to do... because they know best for them. I got to say here... I cannot stand it... it makes me furious when someone is complaining that they never have anything... and I see them with cigarettes and booze constantly. I guess its one thing if you can afford to do that... but if your constantly broke... if your constantly complaining that you never have anything, but when you get paid the first thing you do is buy your cigarettes and booze and then go out to eat for every meal... and then complain that you cant pay your bills... now something is very wrong with that picture to me. You do have something... you just cant see it... because its going up in smoke and being pizzed out every few hours... this is someone who has made the cigarettes and booze their god. Now remember, we are supposed to know and keep GOD as our god... remember the first commandment? GOD is trying to tell us not to put anything between HIM and WE. Because you can make anything your god.

But lets NOT!

I was saying that I was complaining to GOD about this life of poverty. But you see... I don't smoke or drink... its something I choose not to do... I think it was those 3 years of being a bartender and seeing what happens to people who make 'the party life' their god. Ohhh, some of the things I have seen. Now, I am not knocking drinking... as long as it doesn't have control over you.

1st commandment... remember you must set things in proper perspective. You can drink... but you should also know when to stop drinking, so you don't lose your mind and do things that you shouldn't do. Hey, its what I so often talk about... CONTROLLING YOURSELF!

Be responsible. I understand that sometimes its very fun to get drunk... but make sure you have someone sober around to help you 'control yourself''... some people get very stupid and sloppy when they get drunk. PLEASE don't let that be YOU!

OK, enough about complaining about the drunks... I could go on and on about it all day... and include drugs too... have seen it all... we need to stay away from drinking and drugs... they can get a hook in you that you can't pull out...

...we are like a fish with a hook... waiting for someone to come around and pull it out!

GOD can... GOD can yank that hook right out so fast you wont even feel it!

But... and this is the most important part... WE MUST... with GOD INSIDE of US... have the strength and power to overcome... and even better... learn the lessons of life while other people ruin theirs... don't have to make the same mistake to learn the lesson... so look and see and avoid the problems in the first place... just DON'T DO the things that create the problems in the first place.

We live in a wonderful age... the age of INTELLIGENCE... we have it at the tips of our fingers... with Google and other information sources... we have no excuse to be estupido!

A body in motion stays in motion... and a brain in motion stays in motion...

Learn the things the easy way... like from me...

GODS answer to me this morning was this...

'How can you fight corruption when you cant even see it?"

And I get it!

We should all get it!

I see more and more... the coming together of THE PEOPLE! Except for the corrupted ones. And Our Lord will make a way for them to end their corruption... because we all must die... and they will too.

These three things I see... The Muslim standing up for the Christian... the Israeli standing up for the Palestinians, and the Russians standing up for the Americans. And I am pleased... because the spirit is that of LOVE and CARE and HELP... Praise GOD! I can see it! I know it! And it is amazing!

Remember the part about the lion laying down with the lamb?

We are it! We are all here... lions and lambs...

And we can make this happen PEOPLE!

Don't let the evil ones win... you know in your heart and mind what is right and what is wrong... because when you allow GOD to lead and guide you... its plain to see!

Some people would love for you to be confused and unsure... some people don't want you seeing the truth... they want you so involved with stories of untruth... and this gang against that one... constant war and a battle of wits and wisdom! There are some pretty smart people out there doing stupid things... they use their smarts only to bullshit you and make you buy their line.

Don't take the bait in the first place and you won't have the problem with the hook!

Get it?

As I have always been about 15 to 20 years ahead... in my head... I can see a place where WE THE PEOPLE come together with GOD leading and guiding us into the way that is good!

I sure don't want my grand children to suffer the same mistakes I made!

We can avoid it...

And we can do it NOW if we get our heads together and realize the key ingredient is LOVE...

GOD IS LOVE... Love for one another... caring and helping those who you can.

I can also see the rich people helping the poor people in a way that makes LOVE the good thing that it is! I can see the rehabilitation of those who can't help themselves... we have the ability to change these peoples lives... until we all have a safe space and place to keep our families!

I know you get tired of stupid people not listening to you... but like the prodigal child... we all find our way... one way or the other... if we do stupid things, stupid things will happen right back to us. I mean...Stupid is as stupid does... so don't be stupid.. there is no need and nothing good about it.

OK, I am reminded of a little game I used to play... and I guess I still do... I can and do play stupid. I mean sometimes I have to... because I know they are not going to listen to me anyways... so let them have at it! But I see things in cause and affect... cause I love you and it affects my heart!

So... really... don't be stupid... not even when you play stupid... because its not stupid to play stupid... actually I think its quite brilliant! You remember the old saying... if you can't dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit!

But always remain true... don't let lies and men's manipulations get you down!

Rise above it!

Even if you can do nothing, except let it go and let GOD take care of it.

You just be strong... and remember when you invite GOD into your heart and mind it is a personal and private relationship only between you and GOD... and HE will not let you down. You may not understand everything right now... but in time, you learn.

I just think its better if you live and learn from other peoples mistakes.

And the end result will be like living with the Christmas spirit, everyday!

Loving and caring and helping others to have a better more happier life, everyday!

Its one thing to be able to die knowing you did the best you could... but it is an entirely different thing when you did something so wonderful, like Jesus did... so that PEOPLE will be talking about you thousands of years later! And we will be... here with all the knowledge and wisdom you can handle... don't let it be about all you can 'take in'... let it be what you can leave behind for the children!

We do have the choice ya know... to continue the hate and the rage... but why?

When we can live with the JOY of childbirth... the loving legacy you leave behind for them to follow... sorta like we follow Jesus because his message was from GOD the Father... the SPIRIT that fills our lives with LOVE and HAPPINESS... we can do it... just avoid the sins that have been pointed out that will hurt us. Learn from the other peoples mistakes...

Seek GOD first and formost...

You will find HIM through Jesus Christ, the final sacrifice for sin...

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

A Merry Christmas to All... and to All a good night! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Insanity Exposed

The past few days I have had some serious stress. I have cried many days in a row. I know that I must get though the days. I know that in the end, LOVE always prevails.

I had to wait a few days for my head to calm down. I have been in such a tizzy. Praise GOD that today I am still here and able to sit down and write about what I am feeling.

And I want to Thank GOD that I made it through.

The following are words that I wrote while I was in distress and couldn't finish them because of the stress. I am so happy that GOD is with me! I am so grateful that Our Lord has seen me through those dark days... starting with the lopping off of 5 Russians heads... and going on with the stress of the day, I was furious... and if you are glad that these Russians were murdered so horribly, then your part of the problem... because GOD wants us to LOVE one another and HELP one another... not murder each other, for some sick monster who tries to stir up the hate.


I remember when I was chatting with a Muslim and they asked me about being a Christian and I said something about loving GOD so much and they said, "and you didn't become Muslim?"

Well of course not.

Who wants to be a part of a hateful, holier than thou people who play GOD and still sacrifice for sin? I mean, who would do that on purpose? And why?

I think I have it figured out...


Oh, I really think I do. And here is the answer of WHY someone would want to be Muslim... because it gives power to the 'men' to run things the way they see fit. Men... wanting to be like GOD but yet are following Satan... just like Eve did all those years ago. She was seduced!

I don't want to sit and bash Islam because I know that all are not so devious. They simply believe what they are told and follow like sheeple for fear they will get their own head lopped off.

I cant believe what I heard last night, someone said ISIS was sexy. I am not sure, I have been in such a haze.. but I think it was Hillary Clinton on one of the late shows.., she made reference to our teenage daughters who follow ISIS because they think their sexy. REALLY? I think Hillary might think they are sexy too. I couldn't believe my ears!

I am feeling so terrible. Things are so messed up. Feeling overwhelmed with the BS.

I am fighting to stay sane... I don't want to be an angry bitter woman.

I have tried since I can remember to do what is right and good... and yet, every time I turn around someone is screwing me over... its a real messed up world we live in. I can see why King Nebuchadnezzar went to live alone in the mountains!


Back to today...

I am feeling better, as I said. I know there are many people in the world who are blind to the SPIRITUAL side of our life, they think its all about the material possessions and the desire for self greatness in the world.

But then there are those few who are not satisfied with all that. PEOPLE who know that there is more to this life than just the life, because with LIFE, well... it comes and goes. What matters is what we do with it. What matters is what we do for each other. I mean, if we love each other we're gonna do good things for each other. We will not go and murder someone just because they are following their own desires. NO... we allow them to follow their own path.

Just recently I heard that Muslims feel like its better for a Christian or a Jew or any non believer to be dead, rather than have a life without Islam. Isn't that crazy? For someone (someone's) to pass that sort of judgment on other people who have no clue what they are doing? This falls back to the 'control of the people'...



This is why GOD made the change from having PEOPLE go to the temple and make sacrifice to Jesus being the final sacrifice for sin! And this is where we are different. Christians who believe in Jesus... well, at least the ones who actually read and follow the WORD OF GOD... are forgiven if they make a mistake... they are taught to be better people when they are changed by the spirit... they then have the ability to tell others what its like to do wrong and then learning to do right.

I was asked, "How often do you say your prayers?"  And I am able to say... "The Lord is with me... I am in constant prayer." Because I have faith that Jesus was the Son Of GOD... as we all are supposed to be... I know that if I follow Jesus, all will be well. I know that GOD sent Jesus to create a new world... a new Testament... a new covenant that GOD HIMSELF approved and laid out for us. And that is to have the SPIRIT OF GOD living in our hearts and minds!

Why do not the Muslims recognize the worth of Jesus?

I feel like GOD wants me to tell you... its not about controlling THE PEOPLE through fear and death... its about PEOPLE controlling themselves for LOVE and LIFE!

We cannot know another persons soul... we cannot know the secrets and sins they hold... or dont hold. There is such diversity and so many levels of sin it isn't even funny. And only GOD can know the tiny details of ones life. Only GOD can be the Judge of their spirit.

Some believe that GOD is organic in HIS ways... but this is not so... GOD is a spiritual being... GOD can and does intervene in the world... like when the gun jams... or when there is an Angel there to take care of us... you think Angels are only spiritual? No... Angels come to us when GOD commands them and they are spirits that inhabit our heart soul and minds to do the work of GOD because we are HIS vessels... HE is the creator and we are HIS purpose!

Just as we can allow demons in, we can also allow the angels of GOD in and we do their bidding... we do what GOD sends the angels for to do... and we help others...

I see this so much today... PEOPLE feeling the spirit and going in and paying off other peoples lay away's... PEOPLE paying for others lunch or water bills and such... PEOPLE gathering blankets and coats and warm food for those living on the streets. It happens a lot this time of year... but I would love to see it happening all year long.

PEOPLE carrying gift cards and passing them out to other PEOPLE in need. The ideas are unlimited... but the bottom line you have PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

Not harming them!

There is a difference!

The explanation of the difference can be found in the holy books. I don't just say the Bible, but that's an excellent place to start... and start with the New Testament because the old testament is out dated... that was before Jesus and The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost came to save us from ourselves. There are many good books out there that were written by Godly people!

This spirit is not limited to any certain PEOPLE... it is FREE to all who acknowledge the TRUTH. For GOD is against lies and corruption... and so should we be.

And look see, all around the world, the world corruption is alive within the hearts and minds of some people... you cant put any religious label on them, because we have GOOD and bad in every race and creed. Some hide their corruption behind religions, some pretend to be good but in their hearts they serve Satan... and you know... its really hard to tell who is who... so its best to leave all that to GOD... we should not judge and condemn for sin... we must allow GOD to do HIS thing... within each and every one of us. We cannot know each other like GOD knows us.

So look not to others... look into your own self.. who are you serving?

We know that GOD loves the world... but HE is not apart of it... HE is a common SPIRIT among THE PEOPLE that teaches us to LOVE and CARE about and HELP each other. Not go in and kill and destroy and take over through death and destruction.

The evil will not prevail...

Because WE the PEOPLE will see to it that at the end of the day, there is only LOVE and KINDNESS flowing from our hearts and minds. Helping to create a more beautiful and peaceful place... no matter where you are... or who you are!

GOD is GOOD... HE is a GOOD SPIRIT among US who leads and guides us into the way that is GOOD. And HE will always be there for US when we call out to HIM.

HE is not of this world... but of the next... and we will all see Jesus coming for us...

... each in our own time...

Today is our time to LOVE to CARE to HELP... tomorrow is not promised.

Lets get it right!

Let go of the bad things that hinder us.

Hold onto the words of Jesus...




It is through Jesus that we find our way to GOD!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Thursday, December 03, 2015

What GOD Wants...

GOD is the GOD of the LIVING... GOD is what gives us breath... GOD is what has control of our lives... IF we allow HIM to! GOD can only be seen with the eyes of the SPIRIT! GOD is an AWESOME GOD that is so HUUUGE that we cannot totally describe HIM without the SPIRIT which is leading and guiding us to all that is GOOD and RIGHT and HONEST and JUST!

I can see with the current events of the day that we are in a very wonderful time... I know it is so bad it hardly seems right to call it a wonderful time! But you see... WE as A PEOPLE must hit bottom before we can bounce back up! And we as A PEOPLE must see and know the evil, before we can call it out! And WOW... have we ever seen the evil of the day... now... some PEOPLE have seen the evil before and just didn't have the fighting power to overcome it! But now... in this day and age... WE HAVE THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE! And it is WE as A PEOPLE who will KNOW and SEE the times, as they are a changing!

The battle is not against flesh and blood... the battle is against false truth and injustice and corruption that takes root in the hearts of some people!

Isn't it a pity that not ALL can see the things that GOD has blessed us with? Why? Because these gifts are gifts of THE SPIRIT... but if you do really well... GOD rewards you openly!

I may live in poverty... but I have HOME and a FAMILY who love me very much!


Recently, my own personal life is actually getting better. My daughter... GOD Bless her, has finally come to the party! What party??? The PARTY of GOD! Yeah... GODS PARTY!

We're having a GREAT TIME doing what Jesus taught us to do! LOVING ONE ANOTHER, Doing good to one another... bearing one anothers burdens! For this is the message of Jesus! Given to HIM by OUR FATHER which is in heaven! Doing perfectly well among HIS PEOPLE!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

GOD wants us to be PPP's... (Practically Perfect People)

If we are lucky to have ancestors who followed GOD and set the foundation the correct way... we are born into what is good and right and true... what is REAL by GOD, is practically perfect!

I think that GOD always intended to teach us to do good things... but that ole Satan... he was so jealous of GOD... that he (Satan)... he wanted to blow things for GOD and take HIS place... oh yes... don't we see this all the time in our world???

You see there is the potential for heaven and there is the potential for hell... not everyone knows this, because for a long time we really didn't need to know all there is to know... we are blessed if our parents and Grandparents served GOD... because those families make up what is heaven... Practically Perfect PEOPLE ... doing practically perfect things that GOD has been trying to teach us for years...

Remember Jesus was found at the age of 12 in the temple... chatting up the wise men... he wasn't out in the street making trouble with the local boys, because we are told not to be doing that by the SPIRIT of GOD... read your Bible, its all in there... but be sure and start with Matthew and Mark and Luke and John, these are the men who really knew and understood Jesus as a person and wrote down the things that Jesus would say... because Jesus was trying to teach us the direct way to reach GOD... and that is through the SPIRIT!

The Lord revealed something to my heart recently... well, something that was just refreshed in my mind... and that is... that it's not about color or creed or tradition or doctrines... there are many, many different religions in the world. And its not so much that they are religious, its more about if they are good or bad PEOPLE! Because its always been that way... its not about US or them... its for and about everyone of us... all those who have ever lived and all those who have yet to be! The SPIRIT is there for everyone who has ever lived and breathed the breath of LIFE... GOD IS THE GOD OF THE LIVING... and the message of JESUS says for us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER, CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER!!! All of us... no matter color, creed or doctrine... its all about Jesus and how he directly links us to OUR FATHER which is in heaven... the GOD of Abraham... the GOD of Jacob... the GOD of Daniel... the GOD of David... THE GOD OF matter what... no matter whom... we all can reach GOD through Jesus... its about the POWER of THE PEOPLE who stand together and do away with the things that GOD doesn't want us to have anything to do with. Things like HATE and jealousy... corruption of any kind where you seek your own greatness and screw everybody else.

It's all about the LOVE, Man...

Problem is, Satan is also trying to hang out and make you do bad things that will hurt you and your family... and let me tell you, its not just him, its also his minions who also will try to bring you down... because they want to drag you down to hell. They too, are spiritual, you cant see them, but they can get into you head if you let them. Lots of problems come when a parent lets the evil into the house, because then it automatically exposes everyone of the children to the oppression of evil.

This is where we get those ones who go out on their suicide missions and want to take others with them... some for a reason, others for no reason at all, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time... in the path of a raging demon sent here to ruin your life!

As I speak of this, another shooting has occurred in San Bernardino.

Do we need much more of this to show us?

And now look, more Muslims going in and shooting strangers, because they don't care! It's what they are taught to do by their holy book and any Muslim who doesn't agree with this plan is not following the book. Because these ancient words are to cause 'fear'in the hearts and minds of the people... Islam is like any other religion, which is implemented to control the PEOPLE and to gain people... and to conquer and take over the land for Allah. To them, they are only doing what they are told to do. They think they are right. And so, we do have those who are told by certain Imams to go and do these things simply because their religion tells them to.

This is where I can see what John Lennon was talking about in his hit 'Imagine' ... when he said, "and no religions too" ...  because even if we take the religions away... like when someone says, "I'm not so much religious as I am SPIRITUAL"  you see??? because we still have GOD... the GOD of LOVE that is a common spirit among men and women to do what is good and right by others!

What, you ask...  is good and right? Well our ancient forefathers knew what was good and right and they wanted to create a nation not held in bondage, not forced to do this or that... We are a great nation that has the freedom to choose! And you can see for yourself if you choose to go in and kill a bunch of people, you must be ready for the consequences. Our laws here in the United States are based on the laws of GOD that have been passed down since the beginning of time! Some basics are, Don't lie, Don't steal, Don't kill... the laws that GOD gave us were put there in place by GOD to try to help us avoid a horrible life. If we follow the rules and let LOVE lead and guide us, we too can have THE PERFECT LIFE!

These rules are made to keep us safe and happy and peaceful. When you break the rules, well, nothing good can happen for you, every problem you have can be traced back to sin. That is why GOD HIMSELF told us to stay away from sin... don't do these things because they will in one way or the other, hurt you or someone you love :(

Like my sin of gluttony... this is a sin because it is dangerous... being overweight can kill you... and you are GODS temple... and if you die from diabetes or high blood pressure, you lose the life that GOD gave you! Same with drinking alcohol... now the Bible tells us that its not the 'drinking of alcohol' that is a sin... but letting it take over your life and become addicted and overdoing it, because it takes you out of your 'right mind'... and that is where we have a problem... people get drunk and do things that normally they wouldn't do. They have no self control... and isn't that what its all about? Hearing about certain actions that can hurt you and others... and trying hard not to do them?

Its so weird to me when people demand the right to be destructive... to their own selves and to others in their families... and we LOVE you still. We hope and pray that you come to your senses and do things the good and right way that is beneficial to all of us!

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you all the sins one after the other... that has already been done... read your Bible for that... however I am going to try to make some sense out of it all, to help you understand the 'whys' of it all. Because sin keeps you away from GOD... all sin keeps you from having that practically perfect life that GOD has promised we can have, if we follow the rules!

Contrary to popular belief, rules were not made to be broken... rules are put there to caution us, 'danger ahead'... but different religions allow for different sins... for example the Muslim religion which we were just talking about, the one that encourages people to go into a peaceful place where there are groups of humans and go in and kill everyone, to get their attention, to make them follow this strict religion out of fear... and this is one thing I know... GOD does NOT want us to follow HIM out of fear... HE wants us to follow HIM because we LOVE HIM, like HE loves US!

Anyways... like I was saying, some religions allow for sin... Muslims allow you to have more than one wife... you can have 4 wives and 1 temporary wife... that means that you can go to this place and pay money to a religious man... and then go and have your wife for however many hours you want. So you see, prostitution and multiple wives are not a sin under Islam. Neither is murder of a woman who pisses you off... but I am not going to get all into that.. altho I could... but you can do a Google search on that and get all sorts of good info...

Now, here in America, we don't care how many woman you have... some want none and some want them all... we allow you to have as many as you can handle. But you know some may have a problem because of jealousy among the women... GOD tells us that, to serve HIM, its best to be single, but if you must have a woman, its better to be the husband of one wife. You see Islam goes back to the Old Testament and is not restricted by Christianity like the New Testament.

GOD has tried over and over and over again... to lead us into the way that is good! So many do not listen... and here in America, you have the right to the freedom to choose not to listen. But when your world falls apart, don't start blaming GOD for something YOU did to yourself. Because GOD warns us of potential problems. HE tells us not to do certain things... not because HE hates you or wants to control you... but that HE want's us to control ourselves!

GOD wants us to follow the rules which has been set in stone! If we would do that, we wouldn't have problems! Look out there in the world... see the HAPPY PEOPLE who have a practically perfect life??? That is because they and their families choose to play by the rules. And the SPIRIT of GOD is what leads and guides us through the delicately woven tapestry that we call LIFE. Life... GOD is the giver of LIFE... now what we do with that life is up to us. Look see the ones out there who are messing up, we all  know at least one. People who are selfish and think only of themselves. Like for example... my own mother... I remember when I would want her... I was very young... 3 maybe 4... 5... and 6... it wasn't just once... it was many times... where she would be sitting on the couch watching TV and I would go up to her... simply wanting a mothers love and she would tell me to "get away... I'm watching TV"... now you see there? She was only interested in what she was doing. She wasn't thinking about how much I needed her... she was basically turning the TV into her god.

I can't tell you what this did to my heart and soul. But I can tell you that that was not the way that GOD wanted her to act. if she would of understood the message of Jesus, she would of put her child first priority before the TV. She wasn't thinking of her child, she was thinking only of herself.

I don't want to make this blog about my mother and my suffering... I have many stories to tell there... but all in good time! The focus today is on THE LIVING... you and me... living the LIFE... how are we treating THE PEOPLE around us?

Are we mean? GOD forbid... maybe in the military they are a bit stern... but they also know there needs to be a balance of HAPPY... When a Sargent gets mad... hey... could be RIGHTEOUS ANGER... if he has a reason, he is in the right to be mad and we should acknowledge that! But that's not always the case. Sometimes men get angry and its more about POWER and ARROGANCE, than anything else. This is when ALL GOOD PEOPLE need to stand together for the common good of all and call this person out and let the chips fall where they may.


And you know, one day we WILL WIN... and the reason it will be now is because of technology... we have the ability to reach THE PEOPLE around the world! PRAISE GOD! And we as WORLDLY PEOPLE can see what the deal is. The message of Jesus makes sense and puts all things into perspective. There is never a time where GOD sticks US out. HE is always there to show us TRUTH and explain to us what the deal is... about everything.. all we have to do is ask... and GOD which is a SPIRIT will answer in the spirit... don't wait for an audible voice to tell you something... GOD within speaks loudly to our heart and soul... the thing about it is... there is the devil also trying to get in your head... now he can only throw spiritual darts at you... he cant get in your head without you letting him in. So you must know who is giving you the idea... and let's not forget that you're in the mix too... so when you have an idea... like say... your mad about something and your going to go get someones attention by going into a public place and shoot random people... now most of us know that GOD is not going to tell us to do anything like that because GOD is about LOVE and RESPECT and kindness towards others... now who could want such destruction and hate to manifest itself into our lives... HAHAHA... I am thinking many have it right... with the old cliche "The devil made me do it!" that's right... because its the evil in the world that calls for death and destruction.

Remember when the Bible said, 'and darkness was across the face of the deep' ??? Hollywood imagined it to be a dark nothingness... but I don't believe that's what that means. I believe that it means that at one time it was the spiritual darkness that had consumed THE PEOPLE.

Now, we as THE PEOPLE are way smarter than that... I am amazed at some of the people I meet! Like that young boy in the hot tub on the way to the Caribbean... WOW... I can imaging what he will be in his life! Just like the many others who have half a brain to THINK!

When I was a young woman, my Grandfather used to say... "THINK before you do something... what are all the things that could happen from your actions... and then make your choice." In other words, don't go off all willynilly doing what you please... pleasing only yourself. Consider and respect others. Like... the other day, I went with my daughter to the tax assessors office and we were standing in a line... we first noticed a Muslim woman, now at once I recognized that she was wearing jeans and wearing makeup and had modern technology in her hand and she was alone in line so I knew she was not a strict follower of Islam. She was only feeling a particular form of religion... she was only wearing a head scarf. My Grandmother used to wear one of those when I was a kid... it was more about preventing the wind messing up her hair than any religion. I didn't feel a threat from the Muslim woman because I didn't feel an evil spirit on her. My daughter was a bit unnerved, thinking we would be blown up. Well, had I not known the difference I would of felt the same way.

And then behind the counter... we discovered a man who was dressed like a woman, even had long pretty hair... at first we assumed that he was a she... but when he got up to get a copy off the xerox machine, we could definitely see facial hair and no boobs! Now, I know a lesbian who I love dearly and she also has some lite fuzzy facial hair... but I believe that is just her high levels of testosterone. But this man... he was a young 'man' and had very dark thick facial hair, and he was dressed very feminine.

My point is... there are haters... there are some people who would murder the man for being effeminate... and there are some Muslims who would want to murder all other non-muslims. But at that moment... I didn't feel evil spirit on the man either... I simply believe he probably has a higher level of estrogen than most men and also accepted by society he is free to dress however he wants. These 2 people were the minority... but all was well... we were all doing what we were supposed to be doing... the man was working, on the job... and the Muslim was paying taxes.

HATE is so outdated. I would never look at either of these people and feel anything but love and peace. We live in a world where we can be and do whatever we want to, as long as we follow the rules and this would mean nothing more than humans being human together.

Our laws are based on the laws of GOD... Don't steal, don't kill... etc etc etc... its up to us to figure out the rest... because you are free to sin if that is what pleases you... but seriously, its not about what pleases you... its about what pleases GOD.

You can eat yourself into an early death... you can be a slut and be vain and self absorbed if you want to... but all the things that GOD tells us not to do will lead us into a way that is not good!

Self reflection will do you a world of good. And then also, don't try to beat your kids into submission... LOVE them into your heart and soul and always take the time to be with them and explain things to them that they don't understand. maybe gluttonous people have learned to be gluttonous from their parents... but we now know what makes us fat... we sometimes forget that we have had many, many smart people born into the world who has already figured all that stuff out... and so some pay attention to their diet and they do not get fat in the first place... and we as a people are trying to teach our kids to eat healthy... but there are no legal rules for that... but there is with GOD... because GOD tells us not to be a glutton. I use gluttony as an example because I know first hand how it feels to desire all the good yummy foods out there. I have to practice my self control everyday! And for you it may not be food... it may be sexual in nature... like adultery... or even worse... bestiality... YIKES!

Its all out there... we have to choose our way... and control ourselves!

I fight everyday to limit my calories... some people fight everyday, the desire to have sex with the neighbor or co worker or in law... some people fight the desire to drink alcohol everyday. I mean... its sometimes a huuuge struggle. And please don't get the idea that I am some huge obese person... as I do still have my girlish curves :) ... and its because I do choose to fight the desire to eat every day that I am able to say this!

Or the struggle not to hate... that's a huge one since we have so many reasons to hate.

Its all about who you allow to be in control of YOU... will you hold to what is good and right and just and honest and clean? Or will you succumb to arrogance and deception and put yourself above all else... even GOD!

That is a huge problem... when people see themselves as their own god. Oh yes... this happens a lot. you can look and see which ones do this. Its not hard to discern evil from good when you have GODS SPIRIT showing you the way... the truth... and the life!

Look out among the world leaders... you can see who are serving self above others.

GOD just wants us to have a GOOD LIFE... and have it more abundantly... a home and family to LOVE and be loved by... PEOPLE working together for the COMMON good of ALL..

This is the SPIRIT that GOD wants among HIS PEOPLE!


Its so simple a child could understand!

When we as A PEOPLE find and fix the PROBLEMS in the world... we will find paradise... I have seen paradise... and I know it IS at hand! And I see the ball (earth ball) bouncing and hitting bottom and coming back up again... as THE PEOPLE work together to get rid of the bad... and cleave to the good!

We can do it... you and I... if we spread the word and stand on faith that GOD is in control and knows the ways of HUMANS... and can direct US ALL into the way that we should go!

PRAISE GOD, Thank you Jesus!

I pray for US... ALL OF US! IJCNA