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Monday, April 30, 2012

For Joe...

Hey Joe... there has been some talk going around about your momma. And you know a lot of it because you are a very smart little boy. And I know that one day you will read this and I want you to know Joe... your momma didnt leave you because she didnt care or because she didnt love you. She knew you were safe with your dad. She didnt want to lose both of her children... so knowing you were safe, yes, she did leave, she left without telling anyone goodbye... but that is only because she couldnt face the terrible truth. She wasnt/isnt the very best mother in the world to you. And some think that is my fault, Joe... for always doing for her what my Nanny did for me. But there was a difference, she wasnt me. SHe had some problems that I never had as a young woman. Some people believe that children suffer for the sins of the parents... but that is only if you let it keep you down, believing its somehow your fault. Its not your fault!

I didnt have a very good mother either. And there were no excuses like, she was so drunk or drugged up she didnt know any better. She did what she did sober minded... and that hurt me a lot. Your momma was doing drugs. Drugs tend to take over your mind in a very bad way. I can tell you that she is NOT doing them now. She decided she had been a bad mother long enough and decided to follow her baby to San Antonio, to prove that she could 'change her playgrounds and playmates' and make a better life for baby James...  she wasnt abandoning you.... or not thinking of you. As a mother I can say she prob thinks of you everyday! But again, your dad and your uncle Steve... they are good men. And Kellie loves you more than you think! Believe me on that one!

We just have to find a way to cope with things as we go through them, Life is sorta backwards these days... and I sorta feel sad that you have to grow up in it. But indeed you must, grow up in it. The way it was laid out for you. It is what we do... carry on with life.

I am doing the same thing.

We are painting Uncle Dans room... and fixing the holes in the walls... and are making plans for you and James to be able to have a bed when you come visit! Until then, we will only get to see you a little bit here and there. And as you grow up... you are going to be able to make your own way over whenever you want! I will always be there for you as long as the Good Lord gives me the wake up call... Yes, I will be there. To sing songs... to listen to you tell me about your day. To eat yummy things!

You are a real treasure Joe. Its hard to put into words exactly! You have a purpose and its up to you to seek out that purpose. Do the best you can with an education. My Grandfather told me, "Get some education." And he also said, "Learn something new every day!" This is something that I love to do. I love enlightenment! I love LOVE and I want you to LOVE LOVE too...

You are gonna do something special one day, Joe. I know... you were born... into the world as you will serve... you roused about 4am on a Monday morning... and you popped into the world at 9:59AM ready for that Monday morning 10am meeting that most educated people do! I just know you will be a great businessman one day! You are so smart!

Dont ever worry about people leaving you, Joe... even if its someone very close to your heart... you remember the song... 'whether we're together or far apart, always together inside our hearts..." 

Because... people are sometimes meant to go away... for a reason only GOD knows. But usually its to learn a lesson. Or to go be with GOD.

I hope that I can leave for you a good legacy.... I feel like what I am is my gift to GOD... and what you are is GODs gift to me. A free treasure of love to fill a lifetime.

God Bless You Joe... and may you always know... that even when you feel you are alone... you never really are... because GOD will always be where ever you are! And dont forget me... I am going to be right there too... no matter how far apart... there we are... alone together.

I love you Joe Bear!

Ted Nugents Comments

As soon as I heard of these comments I was shocked to read that someone was actually saying these things. As a rule, insults dont help... but sometimes they help by helping the person blow off some steam. And Ted has been around for a long time... a respected member of society. A bit opinionated, but that is what is so great about America. We have to freedom to say what we are feeling and thinking about something or someone.

Calling someone evil is harsh I have to agree... but I have called some people evil before... why? Because there are evil people in the world.

In this case... Ted has a right to say whatever he wants to. And most of the time, people who are spoken against like that, brush it off like a grain of salt. Who cares what Ted thinks? So why all the secret service 'having a talk' with Ted... floating around... what? Ted has a right to his opinion.

I feel the negativity is because of the fact that Obama has said, that if it gets down to it, he will side with the faith of his father... who was muslim. Now, muslims work for Allah, the moon god who seeks world domination with brutal Sharia Law. And if you dont know about this... PLEASE do a web search on Sharia Law. If we were under Sharia Law, Ted would be beheaded for what he said.

I remember some great advice that my Grandfather said to me when I was 18, going out into the world... he said, "Get some education."

I have always been a reader. I am not a very good speller... my grammer is not always perfect... but I always put my heart and soul into what I write, so if there is a misspelling... well, I am human :)

OK, now back to Ted. I think that when people are harrassed for expressing an opinion, that is when troubles will get worse. I am sure that there are many others who feel the same way. To bad Ted, you brain farted.

As for me, when I saw Obama bow down to the King of Saudi... I felt this was his respect of his fathers faith. In his heart he serves Islam. It really bothered me. And then when the Queen came for a visit... the frikkin QUEEN of England...  Obama didnt have a moment to visit with her. The form of friendliness is obvious.

There are some who say Obama is the anti-christ. And ya know what?
They got the right to their opinion!