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Friday, August 23, 2013


I watched a new movie a couple days ago. It was called Equilibrium. It starred Christian Bale. And it stirred some emotions in me that I wanted to air here. Before I get started, here is a pic of Christian Bale as John Preston.

It really was a good movie. I give it a thumbs up!

It sorta reminded me of George Orwell's 1984. But different in a way. I supposed they had to update the idea when they found out how true this plan is. HAHAHA

For one thing, Big Pharma has convinced the govt of why THE PEOPLE should be on their chemical drugs. I thought the idea of shooting yourself with drugs was much worse than taking a pill every 4 hours like in Orwells 1984. But we should all know by now, that medicating the symptoms, does not cure the disease.

I think Equilibrium showed in the best way possible why peoples emotions are such a threat. 

In Orwells 1984 you had the 'thought police' every time someone had an undesirable thought the thought police would arrest you, and you would simply disappear. Men would come and take you away.

But in Equilibrium, the special cleric could intuitively pick out the ones who committed a 'sense' offense... and the police would follow the cleric to them and all the sense offenders were annihilated. It was pretty graphic. No books or pictures to make you feel anything... because people found out without feelings and emotions there would be no war. The awareness of nothing. The caring of nothing. No feelings at all whatsoever. 

But without hate or violence how could we know love or peace? 

Years ago, I was depressed and my Dr put me on Prozac. It did the job, I was no longer feeling depressed, but the problem was, I was no longer feeling happy either. I was literally feeling nothing. 

I couldn't do it. What a tragedy it would be if all people stopped all feelings. 

Sad to say, lots of people already have stopped feeling. They are drunk and on drugs, both legal and illegal. 

There are to many who are walking about like zombies... only caring to feed themselves. And sometimes not even that... 

Where is the love? 

It has been, throughout history, GOOD against EVIL... not just for us, today. It will be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. Individuals being born to choose a side... choosing to stand on the side of good or evil. Some choose good and some choose bad. Has always been this way... we all have the choice on which master we choose to serve. This isn't something from a movie or a book. This is real. 

Feelings and emotions are NATURAL! They are not to be denied. But are meant to be controlled. 

We have all felt the nudge of anger... the excitement of LOVE.  The passions of men have caused troubles for humans since... well, since for ever... either way you look at it, its gonna be there... past and future... LOVE and HATE is going to be there... and all that that entails. 

Do people see the hate that has sprung up in the world? People are hating on their own. Killing their own. 

It is an atrocity to live in fear... shell shocked for all your life. 

There are some cultures who live with hate as their GOD. Hate and revenge and murder and mayhem is their game in life. And the sad part about the whole thing... is the innocent children who don't understand this HOLY WAR. Who are standing dizzy with fear and not knowing who to trust!

So many innocent children are murdered simple because of hate. Passing judgment is in there too... with hate comes radical people doing horrendous things to other people. 

Mans inhumanity unto man. I have spoken of it before. But the evil is spreading and growing as people follow hate to the bitter end. Its a sad story in the end for all the haters. Because being a hater... you have people hating you back. Hate breeds hate. Violence breeds violence. People killing their own kind. 

What can save us now? We must fight their jihad, (HOLY WAR) because that is simply the way it is. 

We are not the only ones here, people. We are all connected to each other... from alpha to omega we are connected... and in the end... we will all be together. Except for the 2nd death. But at that point, who cares? We won't miss the sin!

I am angry that people don't take me serious. But I know I am not wasting my time here! :)

What is the answer? I believe we have an ingrained solution! The LOVE of THE LOVING PEOPLE!

Oh yes... there are many out there. Preserving the way that will always be true and right!

Some people, naturally follow GODs laws, simply by being a loving family!

Sad that its not the LOVE that is showing more than the hate these days :(

We do have the answer within our own selves to stop the madness... 

By loving one another! 

Where are the people standing up for LOVE?

Why are there orphans in the world living on the streets when there are those who live in huge mansions? 

You see, I believe we are seeing Genesis all over again here...  now. 

Because I don't see Genesis as the beginning, or the creation of man. I see Genesis as an experiment gone bad when some jealous jerk decides to be sneaky and persuade the subjects to defy YHWH... well it was all down hill from there. The first recorded man corrupting man. On PURPOSE! I can hardly believe there are humans who actually do that... but as we can see in the current and past news... it happens all the time. 

So where do we go from here?

The first thing to do is wake up and smell the coffee and realize that we all at one time must stand up for something. So what are we going to stand up for? Corruption in high places? NEVER! We must not ever allow corruption in high places to exist. If you see corruption... say something to a different law enforcement agency. Its only when people stop fighting corruption, is when that corruption will take over. Pay attention to what is going on. Stop being caught up in the parties and shopping and feasting and seeking personal pleasure. LOOK at whats happening in the world today! Do you know that there are some who believe that others should die over sin? And that is no longer valid or honorable since Jesus paid that price already.

Evil can only win if THE PEOPLE allow it to! 

I want to end this on a positive thought... it is such a joy as a mother and grandmother... to see the LOVE live on in the hearts and minds of the children! And no matter how it got there... I just give GOD the honor of spreading HIS deep sweet love... as a parent to a child... in word and deed since the beginning of recorded time, mothers love has been empowering people all over throughout time. 

Oh yes... time. Hmmm... well, if we don't stop killing ourselves... we will learn to control world population. We will learn how to control our destiny...  as we learn to control our emotions. We won't fly off the handle in a rage nor do anything that should be left to GOD to take care of. The worst thing we can do is play GOD. So many people have tried doing that... and have been consumed with their own arrogance... Nope... what we do is we EMULATE Jesus... who was the FINAL sacrifice (according to GOD) for stupid humans sins. We sacrifice 'self' in order to serve a higher purpose... like caring for all those children out there dying needlessly... wouldn't it be great if we could LOVE every child?

So sad that some hate and murder innocent children. We MUST not stand for this... as a WORLDLY UNITED PEOPLE we must demand that humans stop doing this to humans. 

We can stop mans inhumanities to man... by stopping the hate. Ending the need for war, humanely. 
And promoting the LOVing care of each other. Children should not have to lie awake at nights hearing the sounds of a war that they don't understand! 

And all children should be allowed the privilege of being LOVED!

And its not going to happen without PEOPLE taking action. Show LOVE as an example... teaching others to LOVE... for in LOVING ONE ANOTHER... well... that's the only thing GOD wants from us!

So stand up and stop the barbaric lifestyles of some of the cultures who allow it. No matter where you see it. If you SEE abuse... REPORT IT. Now, I feel the need to say how horrible it is to report lies. Make sure all your reports are true and correct. I feel like if you know the people, its good and right to try and say something to them before involving the officials... cause that is a viciously used, moral offence... and also one of the commandments of GOD. Do not lie on someone to get them in trouble just cause you mad at em. 

And again... if you are loving one another... this will not happen. 

For nothing is stronger... than LOVE!

In the end... LOVE will win! :)

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Where did we get the idea, to be bad is good and to be good is bad?

Where its OK for homosexuality to be acknowledged with the celebration of same sex marriages... but a Grandmother is not allowed to see her Grandchildren... just because she smokes pot on occasion for relief of pain and anxiety.

We sure have our priorities backwards.

We glorify actors and sports figures and singers... but we dis stay at home mothers and police officers and teachers. These are the people we should be admiring and supporting.

My Grandmother wanted me to be a teacher. Teachers used to be well respected people and well taken care of. Now days... they are angry and feeling dissed.

Why is it that people can do an act... or sing a song and they get praise... and millions of bucks... but the stay at home mothers get nothing special after years of feeding children and cleaning dirty diapers? Its HARD to keep up with babies when they start off in life... everything is out there... good and evil for them to get into. And someone must be there at all times to keep them out of dangers, they have no clue are around them.

I remember when I was very young... like 7... my older sister and I used to have plays and shows in our garage... we would hang up a couple blankets for curtains... and sing and dance and tell jokes. We even got our Grandmother to fix us up some pies to throw in each others faces as a grand finale. Anyone can do that. But it takes someone special to be a cop, a teacher and a MOM.

This deal with Snowden... Obamas getting his panties all in a wad, over this? A man who speaks out with the truth? I mean whether or not it was acceptable... the man did tell the truth. I could see him getting in trouble if he lied. But gee. He told the truth. I think THE PEOPLE can handle the truth.

I am happy that Russia knows the importance of granting Snowden a place to be free in peace.

We are so lucky to be living in the USA so that we are FREE to stand up and speak out with the truth. And be dammed all who don't like it! If Obamas preacher can damn America... I can damn the people who want to hide the truth, punish the truth!

And the truth will set you free!

There is no reason what Snowden said should be cause for indictment.

For years I have known Big Brother is watching. And it doesn't bother me. I sorta like the fact that Big Brother is watching over me and mine. I mean why should I fear? Its Big Brother!

People are going insane these days.

Have we lost our way?

NO! There is HOPE!

There are to many good people in the world who will keep us on the right path. But right now... the GOOD PEOPLE are being laughed at. 'Get with it'.. the liberals scream at us.  BUT>> What about the old wisdom that has been collected throughout time? There is a clear path! Anyone with a little LOVE in their hearts can see it! Its no mystery. We all know the way to go is to >>>LOVE ONE ANOTHER<<<!

And we do have MANY PEOPLE who love one another. And, we always will! We have had good people since the beginning of time! And THE GOOD PEOPLE will always be! Throughout all eternity! Or as long as man does not kill man to extinction. To many want to do that!

We have to STAND UP for truth! So what if the truth hurts... at least get it out in the open and deal with it! Straight up now! Stop with the secrets and lies! The indiscretions. The thing about sin is... we acknowledge it... and then seek to do better next time!

There are several basic principals at work with Jesus. He taught us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... Do good to one another... Bear one anothers burdens. And one thing that I never heard anyone preach about until recently... and that is... >>> Confess your faults one to another.<<<  How many people do we see doing this, in this self centered arrogant world we live in? HA! Some only brag!

Life is really hard to get through these days. Nothing makes sense anymore!

But there are those who can make sense out of non sense and they will be the ones who will change the world as time goes on... and on... THE GOOD PEOPLE handling things!

But for us...

Its simple, really. Chose who you will serve... will you serve yourself? Or some wicked scheme of the devils for amusement? We must look ourselves in the eye and see all the truth that is lying there.

Are we serving up hate and discord? Or sharing our LOVE completely?

Its all up to the individual person who stands among men with the simple truth in life!

We Can make a difference... throughout time...  we lead by example...

Love One Another...

Do GOOD to one another...

Bear one anothers burdens...

Confess your faults one to another... (least no man boasts!)

And always remember....

Arrogance is VERY unattractive!