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Friday, March 29, 2013

Backwards World Looking 4 Second Coming

Life is UGLY sometimes. The demons abound in the hearts of men.

People are so backwards and they don't even know it.

We live in a world where nothing makes sense anymore.

What are we gonna do about it!

PEOPLE, its time for us to make a change. We must fix the problems that we are facing.

Where's the LOVE, Man?

I never thought I would see the day where Russia and China makes more sense than the USA. It just goes to show ya what can happen when corruption takes root. There is secrecy and people doing things in hiding. Obama says... all this crap about transparency. HA! He is number 1 at hiding things. Now granted Obama is only a puppet in the world. But I believe a man like Kennedy or Reagan would not be doing things that Obama and his crew are doing.

I saw on a documentary.. (I love documentaries) on Secret Societies... someone said, "Our president is not elected... but SELECTED!" And I believe him. We are run by men who wont show their faces as our enemy. (Things are not always what they seem). However, I believe in this world, WE THE PEOPLE will have our day! The goodness of mankind will have its RUN in the very near future!

We are on the brink! We are fixing to topple over...


As people we are prone to be evil. Do the things that we do for selfish gain. I mean its all throughout HISTORY! Evil persons doing evil things. Corruption in HIGH PLACES is what will be our downfall!

You see, we are born into this world only knowing what we have. If we have good parents, we are lucky. If we have bad parents, we struggle. However this does not dictate our own personal choices. Like, I grew up in hell. My mother was a liar, a whore... a thief and a manipulator. Which taught me, I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE THAT! When I was a bartender between the ages of 28 and 31... and I saw all the drunks and their antics... it taught me... I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!

We all have our own personal choices. Just because our govt is corrupt doesn't mean WE have to be!

Just because our govt is in debt, doesn't mean WE have to be!

Things are so horrible these days. Well, it was predicted!

The signs are all there. We MUST as a WORLDLY people step up and fight against evil!

I always feel like the mother of the world. I don't know why I feel this way, but it is what it is. It has been this way a long time. I love ALL the PEOPLE of the world and wish people could learn to get along like family.

As a mother, I want my family to be happy and whole.

I see things that I shouldn't... I know things that I shouldn't and I don't know how I know them. Except that I have a hotline to GOD for all purposes... and I see evidence that is unseen by others. At first this was scary, but I am used to it by now. I use it as a tool.

Some people sometimes have NO CLUE as to the truth of what is going on in this world. Making enemies out of people who wouldn't be an enemy if they only knew the truth!

SO sad for the PEOPLE who have to live and suffer under LIES & CORRUPTION!

I DO dream of a world where PEOPLE LOVE PEOPLE.

This is what Jesus was talking about! People loving people would solve a world of troubles.

We do have a lot of good people in the world doing a lot of good. But it only goes so far!

I believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus. And my non bias opinion is that HE wont be coming out of the clouds in the sky... or out of a certain church. We will see the 2nd coming of Jesus reflected in our own eyes and also reflected within the eyes of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

GOD is a GOD of the living. And that's ONLY if you ask GOD to come and live in your heart and mind. Otherwise we are all born spiritually dead. That means we have nothing internal to tell us that certain things are morally wrong. What some people call a conscience. But thankfully, most cultures teach this.

People seem to be surprised that I say it is normal to hear voices. But how can we deny this? Only some are brave enough to say this truth. Others are so afraid to say it cause they don't want to look stupid to others who are non believers. But the thing is... I feel like... its a lot like those old movies that depict a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other... and they are both telling you to do this or that. GOD is going to be telling you to do good things for yourself and others... (because LOVING ACTIONS are key here)  and the devil is going to tell you to do bad things, things that are self destructive and destructive to others. Without GOD to lead and guide us, we follow an arrogant path which puts us as gods and that is NOT our place!

NO! We are human, born to make mistakes. We as a people can become very horrible if that is our will. GOD gives us a FREE WILL. HE doesn't want us to worship HIM out of fear... or because it is demanded. HE wants us to LOVE HIM, because WE WANT TO! Simply because its the right thing to do!

Quick side thought here. Strange that in the past, the US Govt was so worried and cracked down so hard on those they deemed to be communists. But now these days... the muslim enemy is within our govt, come in like a Trojan horse... ready to take over for Allah... and no one seems to notice that. But the struggles against this evil have been noticed for years. Centuries even... but these days people are so caught up in the latest fashions or food or party place... or shows. People who are not paying attention to world events. (I don't know what I would do if I wasn't up on the worldly events). I look at all the people going about their day. Knowing so many are lost. And my heart cries out to GOD... please HELP THEM!

Inside my soul, I embrace death. I would LOVE for it to be my time to go see GOD and all HIS saints. But GOD keeps telling me there is to much to do! Even the people closest to me are suffering. I thank GOD every day that my son has created a normal life for his little family. He did it by the book! Not so much because he is a Christian man... but more that he is a GOOD man. He has been to church. But he and his family are just doing things the right way.

And if you follow this one law... you cannot lose! 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER'... for if you love one another... you fulfill the law!

My purpose is not for those who have it all together. My purpose is for those who don't.

Life is full of choices. And we all have to make them.

Whats it gonna be for you?

Are you going to do GOOD things for your friends and family? Or are you going to do horrible things?

People who choose to do the horrible will be the losers in the end. Even if you think you will be able to get away with corruption. The WORD says "There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed!"  We cannot escape that truth!

I wonder how long it will take... until the WHOLE of MANKIND... sees JESUS for what HE was!

The KEY to Heaven! And where is heaven? Well, please don't think that it is floating around in space somewhere. Well, in a way it is. This is a vague truth.

We all have the power to go to heaven or hell. We do this by our deeds. Don't think when you die that that is the end of things. NO! Your spirit/soul lives on... it is an energy entity all its own. And I have personally seen the HUGE light from GOD and HIS saints!

We are only bound in these bodies for a while. We live and we learn. And when we die, if you have done and created evil... you must spend eternity knowing you did wrong and you are crying with regrets... knowing you can never go back and change things. That's why we MUST... while we are alive, create and do GOOD things... so that when our bodies wear out and we are free to join the spiritual world... we are able to go with no regrets... and happy that we did GOOD things in our lives, so that others who will come after us will learn and benefit by the good that we have done. Then you are able to be at peace, knowing that you did well and pleased GOD!

How you spend eternity is how you live your life!

And as far as I know... we only get one go round. Physically...

Spiritually... whose to say?

Spiritually... the skies the limit! We can do all things for GOOD through Jesus!

Yes, the second coming of Jesus is coming... and HE will show HIMSELF...
within the HEARTS & MINDS...


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Thoughts on The last 3 Posts!

My first thought, that Mike was a muslim, was when he said the word paradise. And the fact he called me fat and ignorant. That is famous moves of muslims... they insult and name call. So from the very beginning I knew who I was dealing with! He could also be just a hater of GOD.

But I couldn't believe his attitude. And his knowledge of the Bible was the same as any demon can quote.

Oh yes... Satan himself knows the WORD of GOD!
I could hardly believe the lies he was saying. Almost like the exact opposite of the truth!
It was crazy... and I drove him crazy! :)

As he said I was ignorant of 'my own' religion... I had to laugh... he had no clue about what I think of religions. And personally many great religions are only for the world. They are IN the world and OF the world and have no connection with the 1 true GOD of LOVE who lives in the hearts and minds of HIS people... (that is NOT to say everyone, only those who choose to follow HIM) Jesus warned us of these people of the world, who pretend to be religious but lack the spirit!

I do believe there is some truth in the fact that there is some people who remain virgins their whole life, sometimes it has nothing to do with GOD. So sad :( But this man was making it out to be that people of GOD were not supposed to have sex. HAHAHA... We are sexual beings... we wouldn't even exist if we didn't have sex... lol

I couldn't believe that this Mike guy thought he knew me so well as to say that I am not a Christian!  I am not one for labels... but he was sure putting one on himself!

And something that really bothered me was he never capitalized God. I know I always write GOD, but he, taking so much energy to tear me down, not once ever gave God that respect...

Mike didn't understand that it was NOT me who said homosexuality was wrong!

How strange that Mike didn't understand the sensuality of the act of Mary Magdalene oiling up Jesus's feet and wiping them down with her hair. The LOVE cannot be denied. Mike seems to think I believed Jesus was married in my own mind. However there is many documents that Mary Magdalene was the secret wife of Jesus... but she gave him up, knowing what he had to do for GOD as the last sacrifice for the sins of the people.

HAHAHA... and he thinks I am lost! WOW!

I really liked the fact that he said I was clobbering people over the head... all I can say is... good, I hope he felt it real good!

My believe is based on over 2000 years of thinking! Its called The Jesus Way. I have read many different religious books... but I believe the ONLY way to GOD is through Jesus. Accepting the fact that he was the SON of GOD and was sacrificed for the sins of the people who believed! And all we have to do is ASK HIM INTO OUR HEARTS! Invite HIM into our souls... it was promised to ALL of US! We DO have a comforter who remains with us living inside our hearts minds and souls... and the longer HE is there, the stronger HE becomes in your life. The trick is to recognize HIM as TRUTH and actually LOVING ONE ANOTHER... as Christ LOVED US!
Is that so hard to believe, Mike?

I could hardly believe it when he said that there was no need for people to procreate after Jesus death! WOW... and Weird!

Oh yeah... and TRUE LOVE may be beyond Mikes understanding... but for anyone who chooses to believe... YOU are GOOD! :)

Now what was more important to me was that Mike said that same sex love was beyond my understanding... well, YES, he is right... BUT I know by THE WORD OF GOD... that as HIS servant, I don't go there. (I really never had the desire, even tho I had many opportunities)  So, all I need to know is that GOD says, both in the old and new testament that homosexuality is an abomination unto GOD. And that is good enough for me!

Now, there was a part that yahoo deleted. I don't know why... but I think I tried to redo it in my 'Yahoo Deleted Me Again' post.

I honestly believe that GOD will reveal to him what I try to do in my life, not that I am special, as anyone can have what I have if they seek it.

And I do happen to think that I am cosmically important to the people who love me who have already passed and my family that will be in my future whom I will see in another place someday.

And it really shocked me when he said that GOD didn't care about my desires and wishes, as I believe with all my heart that MY GOD absolutely cares about my desires and wishes! HE is the first to be there for me in all ways! I cannot count the ways that GOD has proven HIMSELF to me, there are to many! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt GOD cares about those who care about HIM!

And his comment about my mumbo jumbo belief system of GOD within...
is the same that Jesus promised to all who choose to believe!

And I also asked him in the deleted post who was the 'WE' that he was talking about... but of course he could never answer. Muslims never answer your questions, all they do is shout insults and name calling... talking in a condescending way. Not very original in my point of view!

lol... I couldn't believe that he was going on so... about me remaining silent! On a 'public news board?'  lol... And he was giving all my posts a thumbs down and never did I give him one. You would think he would not even care about me... but care, he sure did! :)
He uses correct grammar and punctuation... but never capitalizes God or the Bible.
Ohhhh, and he tells me to "read the damned bible'  WOW!

He really rants... but I LOVE the part where he talks about the 'bits that I use to clobber my enemies'... HAHAHA, now I see that as a compliment! :)

And so weird he would say I was illiterate when I was reading and writing.
I wonder if he knew how ridiculous he sounds?

Funny, in the end... LOVE always wins... notice in the end... when I said, "I know who you are"... he ran off... he didn't even ask HOW I knew him... but you see... Jesus tells us to LOVE our enemies... and that's what I was doing. Loving my enemy. And that is what I meant when I said I knew who he was... my enemy.
Poor Mike, I hope GOD helps him out one day!

Now the bizarre post... the man on Facebook... this was new to me. I didn't really know how to respond. But I wanted to be loving.

And MY PRECIOUS 'LadyK from Kenya'... it does my heart good to be able to talk to fellow Christians all over the world! This post... is one of the finest examples of why I do what I do. Its good to know that there are people all over the world with a like mindedness for GOD... and that's in the name of Jesus, which this sister shared... with the LOVE of GOD!

These are 3 out of hundreds... The Bizarre, And Mike and the beautiful LadyK... I just wanted to post these conversations so that others can know and can see...
Loving one another with the LOVE of GOD that was taught to us through Jesus!
I love most all religions if they lead people to the way that is good... but my very favorite and chosen label for myself is a 'Christian'... Because Jesus made is so simple... anyone can do it! Where ever you are... you can ask GOD to come and live inside... and HE WILL!
I have seen the evidence that most don't see.
I am blessed to see through the eyes of our Lord...
Jesus is the answer to a world of problems.
Jesus said to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...
and if we would ALL do that... as A PEOPLE...
we could spread the LOVE of GOD WORLD WIDE!

Ya know what? I think the LOVE of GOD has spread its wings world wide!
Its just that not all have accepted this LOVE!
But happy to be able to be here and share the GOOD NEWS!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! :)
And YOU can TOO! :)
In Jesus Christs name, Amen :)

And The Bizarre...

  • Facebook User

    I am an Arab who was born and lives in an Arab Muslim country, but I dropped it because Islam is contrary to the freedom and the supremacy of women ..
    for me the woman is alone worthy of worship and adore.
    I love to submit myself to a woman against Islam or an Israeli woman who would do me her dog and her slave, and uses me to fight Islam and Muslims ..
    for a sexy dominatrix woman I am ready to betray Islam and Muslims and denounce Islam and insulting allah and mohamed.
    I speak Arabic and French and I am bad in English, so I use google translation ..
    my respect to you
    your dog mohamed.
    • Nancy Pope

      wow... this is interesting...
      but you are a good man eh?
      • Facebook User

        i swear that i am
        • Nancy Pope

          I feel in my heart that you are... but you dont have to feel low...
          you are who you are and you are where you are for a reason.
          I do feel sad when people are raised up to be something that their not...
          • Facebook User

            i dont feel but i belive in the supremacy of a women
            • Nancy Pope

              my mother would agree with you 
              • Facebook User

                not you?
                • Nancy Pope

                  well, I sorta look up to a good man.
                  I think we as mothers... we bare sons... who we LOVE... and as women we LOVE those who love us.
                  • Facebook User

                    ok i am exactly what i said you in my first message
                    • Nancy Pope

                      you are very young?
                      • Facebook User

                        • Facebook User

                          i am '40YERAS
                          • Nancy Pope

                            thats not to young 
                            • Facebook User

                              • Nancy Pope

                                you have some beautiful women on your site.
                                • Facebook User

                                  yes i like that
                                  • Nancy Pope

                                    I know you do. You are a healthy man! 
                                    I would love to have you as my slave ;D
                                    I have never had a slave before...
                                    • Facebook User

                                      i swear on your honor that i am ready to be areal slave at your feet
                                      i am ready to betrary allah and islam and all muslim under your feet
                                      i am ready to fight them with all my strong
                                      • Nancy Pope

                                        Thank you... you are a good man... I know it!
                                        • Facebook User

                                          no need to thank me it is me who must thank you
                                          • Nancy Pope

                                            respecting women is a good thing! 
                                            • Facebook User

                                              i respect and worship them
                                              • Nancy Pope

                                                good boy! 
                                                • Facebook User

                                                  my respect to you
                                                  and fuck allah and his pedophil prophet mohamed
                                                  • Nancy Pope

                                                    goodnight... talk more later... sleep well..
                                                    • Facebook User

                                                      ok thanks veyy much
                                                      i want to tell you that i am ready to do all to serve you and serve you friend or all other sexy girls who like to have arab muslim like me as dog and slave and use me like she want