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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writers Strike???

I can hardly believe that the writers strike is still ongoing.

Seems to me there is a simple solution.

Our actors are making millions of dollars! Some of them are very talented and write their own stuff. But now if you are an actor and you need to have a writer to tell you what to say... why don't YOU pay your own writers? Now come on! Come off of some of those millions, uhhhh, OK, maybe hundreds of thousands and give your writers their just due!

I did hear that Drew Carey created an account at a restaurant so that any writers with an ID card could go in and eat for free!

Why are not the other actors coming off with some of the EXTRA that they have??

I don't believe the consumer should have to pay more at the movies or movie rental stores. My GOD, we pay enough!

Please someone tell the actors who need writers to help pay for them!

Thank you for hearing my rant of the day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pre-Court Thoughts

I am reading a book these days, called 'Flesh and Blood' by Johnathan Kellerman and in this book, there is a detective talking to a man who says "we have FREEDOM here"... well... to my surprise, the detective replies, "Well, not really. There are restrictions under the law that prohibit certain behaviors." WOW, I had never heard it put that way before. I mean I knew we weren't really free, but I never heard it worded that way, which is really accurate and true.

I got a notice to appear before a Judge for ummm, let me get this right... for the offense of;

UH, NOT... here is how much I have CONTRIBUTED!

My alarm goes off Monday through Friday at 6:20AM. I get myself dressed and my hair pulled back, so the baby doesn't play in it. And I go wake my daughter up, I giver her a little shake so as not to wake the baby. And because I always wake up in a good mood, I am always singing happy songs or talking about something I saw on TV. The next thing I do is get the babies diaper bag ready, make sure he has all the things that are supposed to be in there. I have tried to let the parents do this, but it doesn't get done, so I have resigned to do it.

I am my daughters SNOOZE alarm for about 25 minutes. After that, I do start to panic. I did buy them an alarm clock a long time ago, hoping they would use it. But it ended up unplugged, in a little ball in the corner of their closet. So until they learn to do it, I have resigned to set my alarm and get up, because I know how important an education is these days.

Someone said, "MAKE THEM DO IT, how will they learn responsibility if you do it for them all the time?" When I tried to do that, well, it just didn't get done. We would have very loud screaming matches, which I will say at this time I HATE fighting. You would think that would wake her up... oh yeah, it sure does, but then she is in such a horrid mood, she won't get ready and she will just stay home with the baby, leaving me fuming all day. But all my worrying and anger isn't going to do any good as long as they don't respond to it. So that didn't work. I told her I had enough, said I would wake them up, but they are going to have to get things ready to go because I was NOT going to argue anymore. So, I started.. "OK, TIME TO GET UP!" and then I left them to do their thing. Well, it didn't get done, they totally missed the bus and didn't even call to let the bus driver know. Of course I also get the baby up and dressed. I also go outside and wait for the bus for them. We have a circle neighborhood and so the bus has to make the circle so she has like a 2 minute warning. With all I do, for real in this life for my children, I can hardly believe they think I don't care and don't try to get her to school.

So here I am stuck with a court summons. After all the work I put into it.

It doesn't stop there. I do all their laundry and dishes. All they do is throw their dirty clothes on the floor, and then it appears all clean and fresh in the drawers. Now you all know clothes don't do that themselves. Yup, I pick their clothes up off the floor and wash, dry, fold and put them all away. I do this not only for their BABY, but for them too. (Something I DO DO just for the baby is mop the floors, between 1 to 5 times a day.) Why do I do the clothes for them? Well, I tried making them do it themselves but it didn't happen and then caused her missed days because she whined all morning about not having clothes to wear. That's why I do their laundry. I have tried to get her to make sure she has clothes for school, but it doesn't get done, so I have resigned to do it.

This is going to seem the most ridiculous, tho not missing school related. They always leave their food mess on the table. I just don't understand why they cant throw their trash in the can that sits less than 3 feet away!?! Speaking of trash, I am the only one who takes out the trash. Jay will take it out if I ask him to while cleaning, but if others have stacked it up to overflowing, he will too. They have the attitude, 'well if they do it, I can too'. I have been trying for years to get them to just clean up their own mess, hasn't happened yet. When I go to bed at night, there is an 80% chance of getting up to a messy kitchen.

I have given up so much of my own life, I have inherited money which allowed me to not to have to work. So 100% of my time is spent on taking care of this house and kids. I don't have a boyfriend or anyone who is close and helpful. My children have run off all men I have ever wanted to be with. I have never chosen a man over my kids. In 1989, I even turned down 'FACES INTERNATIONAL' who tried for 4 months to get me to move to NY to work for them. But, I didn't have anyone to leave the kids with. I had my little sister living with me too. My Grandmother, she couldn't of done all that. Even today, I don't have anyone at my back. I have been doing this alone for so long. Doing nothing for myself. Well, when I am at the edge, I do go in my room and try to relax. But it does no good to bury my head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening. NO... I WILL FIGHT TILL MY DYING BREATH TO MAKE SURE MY KIDS ARE NOT IDIOTS! I will rant and rage until they they understand. I don't ask them to do much... all she has to do is go to school and take care of her baby. All of the other kids work.

She is NOT spoiled, she IS a pampered princess... and it is my fault. I have done everything for her and have told her that if she gets an excellent education she wont ever have to clean a toilet! As long as she is going to school and taking care of her baby, I WILL clean her messes and wash her clothes. I never ask her to clean the house. She will say I have, because when she was off of school I have asked her to throw her garbage away and wash her dishes. I want to make my daughters life easier... I don't want her to have more stress... and I will do all I can to keep her on the right track. If I didn't care, I wouldn't fight so hard for it!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Where's The Love?

It seems to be, that all around me the people are losing their minds! And even far away, people are losing their minds! In fact, there must be someone out there saying I have lost mine! In fact, I can say, I have not lost my mind! I have spent my New Years Eve cleaning the house and writing out the bills! I even sent in the county taxes! Hey, am I on the ball?

But, getting back to the people and their minds... I am reading in the news... all over the world, people are killing each other, needlessly. I honestly believe that it is all based on arrogance. When you think you are better than someone else, you will tend to become corrupt to prove it! I am actually wondering if these people understand that as a rule, people are good and are in shock and disbelief as innocents are slaughtered, in cold blood! We as a NORMAL people can't see or understand the insanity of killing as a way of life, to control people or events.

I shake my head... wishing that I could put the love back into the people... if there was some way that we could somehow show these people that LOVE is the way to go... why cant we all just learn to get along? It is so sad, there is such lack of respect for humanity.

It seems to me that Christianity has failed us… WHY? Is it because we have lost our way because we are asked to believe in things that seem strange and odd? Or maybe there was just to many sexual perverts in to many established churches and we have become afraid.

Well, with all reasoning behind us.. If we could just focus on what Jesus HIMSELF told us… if we could just erase all the crap we have piled in our thoughts and just concentrate really hard on these four things. For they are four things that we are told to do as humans.


And lastly, but probably the most important,


Now, I am willing to bet that that last one is one we have not noticed before. I never had it taught to me. I had to read it for myself! And I think the reason we are told to confess our faults to one another is to keep us humble. To keep us from committing acts that are like, mans inhumanity to man. And if we are telling our best friends what we feel is wrong with us… we are allowing ourselves to examine our own lives by helping us to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of the people we love the most.

OK, such is my rant for the first day of the New Year! May we all learn to love one another…