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Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Room Divided

The Lord has given me a vision to remember here today.

I see a very large room.

I mean it's HUGE like a stadium... with many people... packed so tightly, they are almost fused together. In the middle of the room... there is a wall, running down the vertical length of it, dividing the room into 2... and on each side of the 8 walls, there are 8 mirrors. So that when in the rooms it is reflected back on itself so the rooms seem infinite.

I can look close and see what is going on...

There are lots of PEOPLE on both sides...

On the left there is chaos and violence... hatred streaming out of mouths that are abusive. Some people are screaming and some are breaking things... tables and couches, chairs and whatnot... There are cries of pain and suffering. There is blood splattered everywhere. They are scratching and biting each other. Everything seems to be black and red in color... black for the darkness of their minds... and red from the blood that is spilled every now and again.

No one is calm. No one is kind. There is no peace. People are arguing nonsense of things that I have never even heard of... arguing of things that have never been argued about ever before.

People hurting people... people treating other people like animals.

There is fear and confusion.

My mouth has dropped open in response to the shock of it all. I back up with my Lord to feel all that can be felt in that room. It is a sadness almost like a sickness that overwhelms my soul.

But, I am safe from the suffocation of evil people.

For, My Lord Is With Me!

We watch the old Dracula movies... and we wonder... but we are not afraid because its just a movie. But this ancient tale is based on a man who was written about from long long ago. But he didn't feed off of blood from a biting wound in the neck, he feeds off the blood of others as he arrogantly commands death to any person for any reason.

And sadly, there was a time when people lived this way, like animals devouring each other for the process of personal gain. It's not a pretty picture. In fact, its pretty dark... and the people are not very smart.

I don't understand the mentality of  people who will use and abuse other people just to fulfill their own personal lusts. I don't want to see it. But I have to see it. GOD says to see it and to show it to everyone. HE wants us to know of the evil in the world so that we can avoid doing THAT again.

Because one day... life... The PEOPLE... who are alive... are going to see... and understand that LOVE is our GOD... and life will soon become like the 2nd room... the other room... on the other side! I LOVE this room and this where I choose to be... I can go in and feel welcomed and be treated well indeed! Oh the beauty of it all...

People in this room are very smart... they know that LOVE is the most precious commodity that there ever was... and is! They are wise to teach their children to live with LOVE leading and guiding them! They are helpful and caring because they have seen this all their lives! They are kind and considerate...

They know that God is just a label we put on the SPIRIT of GOODNESS that we as Christians share. The love that has been passed down from parents to children since... well, since the beginning of knowledge!

And wisdom is thick in the room on the right!


I love that we can know what we want in life and we can teach these things to our children! We love to show them how to be lovey and caring and honest and helpful!

They know not to lie because when you lie... it shows that you know it's wrong!

Did you ever think about it???

Oh I love to see it! I love to know that its real!


He IS the GOD of the LIVING!

And here we are... LIVING!

We all know that my #1 sin is gluttony... I love to eat all the yummy foods that are so plentiful in this day and time... but my other sin... (aaaahhh, you didn't know I had any... right? HAHAHA)

I get jealous... envious of the people who live like GOD wants us to live... not like for me... my parents... both of them loved themselves more than they loved me... or any of my siblings... and most people who live with those like that... learn to be just like that... self absorbed... self indulgent and screw anyone else... you know... like the one who will go to a banquet and eat a whole pile of food while there are some who haven't eaten... sitting on the sidelines... wondering if the glutton realizes what they are doing... don't they know they are being selfish??

I am thinking of the ones who can learn from this.

So as I was saying... I was envious of the woman who had great parents and who had raised great kids who learned to love their parents... and then marry a man who loves her like her parents loved her, and she knows it... not like the ones I married who thought more of themselves than they did of me... but it was what I was raised with, it was what I was used to... what I knew.

Now, I see these practically perfect people all the time! Its very rare that I come across those who are heartless and ruthless and conniving, all just to satisfy their own fleshly desires!


There are so many good ones... like the ones in the room on the right... Loving... and laughing... and watching in wonder as they discover fascinating things together! They love the children... they love to watch the children grow! They don't care if its their own kid, or someone else's... we appreciate them ALL!

Remember when Jesus said... "Suffer the little children to come unto me... for such is the kingdom of heaven."  YES, He did say that!

They were all out camping and there were many people chatting and laughing... and the little children LOVED Jesus, because kids are smart like that... they can feel the love! And so their momma's were telling them to get back and leave Jesus alone... he was tired and didn't need to have children all up in his space... and that is when He said it! He knew that our hope is with the children!

And so it is now... but you can see the battle raging, can't you... you can see the good saints of GOD standing up for truth and justice! For life and for LOVE! And for FREEDOM to choose! :)

It's all about the LOVE, Man!

It's so easy a child can understand!

It takes an adult time to develop the hard core sense of corruption that comes from the greed and lust! And all the stuff that that implies!

I love to watch as people LOVE and help each other! I mean... its the way that GOD intended!

The problem is, to many people get all into themselves and their idols who are all into themselves... I mean the whole world can see the problem here.

Now here's the solution...

GOD is first... my friends and family are second... and I am third...

That is to say... when you are loving your peeps... and they are loving you... well... It just don't get much better than that! Loving... helping... sacrificing self for to give help to others!

Its a beautiful thing!

And I am really working on not being jealous of those practically perfect people... having practically perfect children and grow to be practically perfect grandparents! Children who grow to have a good life and a practically perfect story... with a practically perfect ending!

I know lots of them!

We cant live forever... but while we're here we can create a beautiful story... that one day will make people cry tears of joy at knowing the struggle is real...

And, I tell myself... I grew up in hell... if I hadn't, I wouldn't be able to tell my story of how I survived and how GOD has helped me... even tho it was a horrible terrible time for me.

In my life, I have missed out on a lot of good stuff... and yes I am sometimes a little jealous of people who have all that good stuff... but ya know... I guess for some reason... that only GOD knows... HE chose to bless those people with the goodness they have!

So that is why... I am dedicated to my story... and the good thought that, you can have that good stuff too... and so can your children... and your children's children... and so on and so on and so on.

I guess my final thought here today is, you cant pick the cards that are dealt to ya... but you can pick how you play the game!

Just like you can pick a room... left or right?

You choose...

It's your turn!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Thank you for sharing... we are up to 108 countries now!

GOD Bless US, Everyone... IJCNA