Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, March 28, 2016


I want to thank GOD for allowing me to be here...

Sometimes the human in me doesn't want to say some things. Sometimes I think that GOD could of found a better person than me to do all of this... sometimes I just want to quit and be someone else... but then I think about all that I have been through... and wonder who I would rather 'have' all of this pain... and I cant think of anyone. Not even my worst enemy.

And then I realize how GOOD GOD IS... and how HE has helped me to survive a multitude of sin... not just mine... but the sin of other people whom I love and who were supposed to love me.

First of all, we must remember that GOD so loved the world... because the world is a beautiful place... but, you have the good and the bad in the world to choose from. It's the way it should be when we have the freedom to choose! Remembering that GOD did not send Jesus into the world to condemn it... but to save us... from our own selves.

You see, the problem here is... that some people who do not know GOD want it to be OK to sin... sin is sensational to some people who love it... but sin in the world is what goes against GOD and is the one thing that can mess our lives up... totally, if we let it in.

It sorta freaks me out when I see some people standing up for sin... and they don't even know that sin... will, in the end hurt us the most. And GOD knows this... it has happened for far to long... and now is the time to recognize this TRUTH.

How can anyone be against GOD when GOD is LOVE and compassion and the ability to help... GOD is the combination of all the Saints who has ever lived and died... and that is a pretty powerful spirit! GOD is a way of life that avoids pain and suffering. GOD does not want us to suffer pain in our lives... so HE sent Jesus to explain to us how important it is to LOVE one another... and look what they did to Jesus... some people hated Jesus because His truth trumped their lies.

GOD is the common spirit of LOVE and CARE that lives and breathes within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... and we all will someday really care about this fact.

Yes, I know in the world there is the good and bad... the ying and yang... the 'helpful' and also the ones who hurt and tear down what good the people have built in their lifetime. But that's the way that GOD wanted it to be... well at least after HE was betrayed by someone who was supposed to care. So, HE decided to give us a choice... It's all up to us what we choose in this life.

Some people choose sin over sense... for example... lies... you know GOD tells us not to lie... you know, that one that says, 'Thou shall not bear false witness.'   That's lyin', Folks...

Why should we not lie?  Well... do you like it when someone lies to you? Like when you go and buy a car and you ask... "Is there anything wrong with this car?" And they say... "Oh nothing wrong with the car... runs like a top!"  Little do you know the car will do like a top and topple when you least expect it. Would you like that situation for you or your family?

Remember the 'Golden rule' ...

In the Bible it says... 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'  And, about 500 years earlier Confucius said; "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you."

So many people cheat on their spouse... you know... that's a sin... but then they get furious at the mere thought of their spouse cheating on them.

Some people can drive a car all crazy like, thinking they know what their doing... and then they get all freaked out when someone they are riding with drives a little crazy... "Oh, I know what I'm doing!" they say. HA! Really???

Because GOD has told us in advance of the things that will hurt us or cause harm to those we love. I cant count how many times men leave a long time wife... for that sweet young thing he found... and the original wife suffers great pain... or it could be a woman leaves a man... awww man... they go crazy... sometimes murdering the woman and even her family. They just go insane with all the pain.

And this situation is one that could be avoided if they would be together for the 'right' reasons... so many people get together for the wrong reasons... both men and women will marry for money... and they don't talk about it. And when someone marries for money and not for LOVE... they will soon be going off with one they actually do love... or lust after and then go to the next when they get bored.

Now if you are happy living in sin... well, its your choice to do it... but it doesn't make it right.

GOD has been there... done that... knows the answers to all the problems... forgiving and leading us with HIS WORD... and even for the ones who can't read... Jesus left us 'the comforter'... which is the Holy Ghost that is very much alive and well, living in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE...

As a PEOPLE we know what is right and wrong... we can put several people in a room and tell them a story about sin... and maybe a couple of them wont see the truth because they too, are blinded by lust or greed... but the majority of the PEOPLE will know the truth and will have a good opinion.

I thank GOD and Praise HIM for all the good people in the world... and there will always be THE GOOD PEOPLE in the world... because... of the POWER OF LOVE!

To sin or not to sin... that is the question...

You know... we need to love each other and that includes loving the sinners... because one day they will be faced with the truth and will discover on their own the pain of sin.

Like... Homosexuality... HA... yeah I know... but I gotta say it... think of this truth... if we put all lesbians on an island and all men who lust after men on another island... what will happen? Seriously... after 100 years you may have the last 2 standing wondering who will be the last one sitting... you see on both of the homosexual islands... there are NO MORE PEOPLE... and this is a truth of LIFE... you NEED male and female in order to create LIFE... and remember... GOD is the GOD of the LIVING...

Now, GOD will still allow you to live in sin if that is what you want to do... but HE tells us that WE AS HIS PEOPLE do not do homosexual stuff... leave it to those who choose to do it. For GOD will not lead us into a way that will end our existence.

It seems to me that over the years... some people want to make SIN acceptable...

And I am wondering how can we separate sin from sin? Oh this is a little sin... its OK... I want to do it... yeah, go ahead... lie, cheat, steal, kill, disrespect your elders... its all there for our choosing...

But if you steal, will you be mad if someone comes and steals your stuff?

If you dis your elders will you be surprised when they move away and never want to be apart of your pain anymore?

If you stab someone in the back are you going to say its OK for someone to stab you in the back??? GOD forbid...

That which was always bad, will forever be bad...

Which is why we see so many GOOD PEOPLE in the world.

We have seen the results of sin...

Are we going to allow sin in???  GOD forbid! Look at the results of sin!

How can anyone speak against GOD, when GOD is all that is good and right and just...  and has the knowledge of  both GOOD and evil???

People are so quick to dis the BIBLE, but look see? It has all this good information in it... and those who want to sin and who are confused by the words of GOD simply because they choose to stay the way they are... unknowing... not seeing the consequences of sin, they will have their reward.

But, GOD wants us to know... HE wants us to know that if we choose sin something bad will happen... sin always brings on horrible consequences...  and it always will.

Will there ever come a time where sin is acceptable?

Yes, acceptable as being in the world to choose... but never acceptable to GOD!

Sin will never, ever have a happy ending!

How bout the sin of 'envy'... oh yes... I know... did you forget?

I struggle with this one a lot... I have to ask GOD almost every day to help me to not be envious of those who have a wonderful life handed to them on a silver platter... the ones who are born unto good people, and are willing to follow the LOVE they are taught...  and soon enough, they grow to have their own GOODNESS to pass on down to their children too... Families blessed by GOD to have that great life that we call the 'American Dream'! I see it... you see it.. we all want it.

Unless of course you follow sin and do things that are unseemly!

Remember that old choice that GOD gave you???

Look and see the ones who defy GOD and do horrible things??? And those who think they are serving GOD but they are really serving some other god and most times, self.

And do you think there are no other gods but GOD??? Well, remember our very first old testament commandment? First thing... GOD says... 'I AM the Lord your GOD... you shall have no other gods before me!"  That's right... 'no other gods before me' means there are other gods that we could put above and before GOD... Ya get it?

We recognize GOD when we see HIM... for HE is all about LOVE... LIFE... Loving Life... Loving and caring about each other... helping each other to make it in this world, that GOD so loved that does contain both the good and the bad, so that we have the ability to choose!

GOD did not come to condemn us... but to save us from our own sin.

Its not about pointing the finger and rushing in and condemning someone for their sin... its all about making sure your own life is well and away from sin and that you are being the example of how life can be, if you choose not to sin. Life is about LOVING OUR LIFE... and loving the other people who make our path worth living... trusting that GODLY PEOPLE will never corrupt the things of the world... like politics and religions... wild parties and even, polite societies!

For we know with GOD there is a place all beautiful and fine!

With GOD, we are safe knowing there are evil people who choose evil things in the world... but also knowing that when we get it all figured out... that is when we all come into agreement that the new and only commandment is the mantra that we follow... and that is to...

LOVE your neighbor as yourself...

You know... your neighbor is just as important to GOD as you are... and when we learn to know this... that its not all about what we want... That is when we will create a heaven unto GOD that respects HIM and our elders with the up most respect and love for one another...

It's so good to know that... HE IS HERE still with US... just reach out to HIM! HE WILL BE there for You too!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, March 21, 2016

I See 3 Distinct Necessary Changes

I think the greatest part of going through trouble is coming out the other side! So many people do not get through heartbreak or pain or suffering :(

But we can, if we have the right tool at the time needed.

I have been struggling here... trying to give everything to GOD... but I seem to always come back full circle with all the lies and manipulations some people spout. I keep trying to tell them, I know your truth... I can feel things I shouldn't.. but they don't listen.

At least I can come here and post things and know that it is being read by people who want to know! Not like those young folks who think they know it all!

Anyways... I can look out and see the things that GOD shows me... things that are happening but are also trying to be stopped by some people who will benefit off of your confusion... but I got some serious news... GOD is not the author of confusion... and GOD is making these changes, working these works in the world... and GOD will not be stopped! HE see's a problem, identifies it and HE and all the Saints with HIM have the ability to see the answers to a world of problems!

But some problems are not what they seem, so you must look very closely... least you be fooled or lulled into something that is not so good. Something that you don't understand.

The first thing that I see that is evolving by GOD is the fact that the Jews are hearing the words of Jesus! They are realizing that Jesus holds the keys to heaven... (symbolic keys) and they are bringing Jesus (who was the promise of GOD) into their hearts and minds and they are learning and growing with Jesus in their soul as they try their best to help others to know and understand the message of LOVE. This is a beautiful thing to see, as we can see the LOVE that is growing within!

The second thing that I see GOD evolving is, I am able to see that Jesus is finally being brought to the hearts and minds of the Muslims... this sounds crazy I know... but there are Muslims out there who have heard the message of Jesus and they LOVE it! They have never known these things before as all of Islam was taught to them by force and by threat of death. But now they are learning that its not a religion that can save you... only Jesus has the way to save you!

The Jews and the Muslims are 2 of the oldest religions in the world... and look see what is going on there... especially the ones who do not know Jesus.

Jesus warned us of the people who have only a 'form of religion', but lack the SPIRIT!

I have seen enough dead churches in my life... :(

Its about letting go of the old ancient barbaric practices/habits, and learn to 'lean on LOVE'!

When I see on the news... the riots... how people go mad and kill and destroy... I see men throwing down men and surrounding them and kicking them and hitting them and throwing rocks at them, even shooting and stabbing them or blowing them up.

And I cringe inside.

Anyone who knows Jesus knows that we are not supposed to be involved with violent people or riotous attacks or actions... and I can tell you, when that is happening... I am praying to GOD for JESUS to show them, that those actions will not get them anywhere. Most sane people look and see that there are much better, more constructive ways for us to deal with our anger!

And now #3... and that is where we as a United PEOPLE... all agree in the message of Jesus... we can all see that we are better off LOVING and CARING about each other... and we let go of our ancient history also... and we focus on the message of Jesus!

I am not here to tell you THE MESSAGE... it has already been written... but I am here to tell you... read the New Testament... and I say New Testament because it is the current one we are bound to these days... I think we need to buy the book... start with the New Testament... read the words written by; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... the men who knew Jesus best!

But I will quickly sum up the message, right off the top...




What did Jesus say to the woman at the well who was a 'ho'? First off notice what he DIDN'T do... he did NOT murder her for her sin... he saw she was in pain... He forgave her... and told her to...
"Go, and sin no more."

When we recognize that GOD IS LOVE... and we make LOVE the most important thing in our lives... there is no room for things that hurt us... no room for anything other than Happiness and Joy with the ones you love and the ones who love you!

Where will you find GOD???

Reflected in the eyes of HIS PEOPLE!

Praise GOD, Thank You JESUS! :)

GOD Bless us, Everyone... IJCNA

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


One of the worst things we can have in our hearts is defiance of Truth... That means there may be some times when we are defiant for righteousness sake... Like in fighting corruption when you see it... you get many voices to rise up against the lies, to expose truth... and the great thing about TRUTH... we will know it when we see it! One thing I can see is truth... you can say anything you want to... but I recognize TRUTH! And so can you!

We need to fight for TRUTH whenever we can... or whenever we have to. I say that because sometimes I just don't want to get involved... I too feel the defiance welling up... I don't want to... But knowing that GOD wants me to... is all I need to shut up and just do what HE tells me.

Sorta like a Good Father in the blood... when you know that Father is good, you follow HIM even when you don't want to. Especially when the fight is against lies and corruption of the heart and soul... no matter where you find it!

The problems we are facing today are all because of defiance...

Remember when Satan defied GOD? Way back in Genesis?

You know Satan was a soul who had hate and destruction in their heart... he wanted to defy Yahweh... He wanted to see our Lord ruined by the failure of Genesis...

But we know in the end... it was Satan who was the failure... for THE PEOPLE got wise to the lies of the evil one... and learned to turn their backs on him. As we still do today.

Or, some of us do.

I see people being so mean and rude and defiant... like when I post how I love Jesus... some one posts a cartoon of Jesus fucking Jesus. Sorry folks but I have to speak truth here. It was so disrespectful and mean... and well... I know that GOD is going to get that person for that. And in the end that person will know that its not really a funny game... although we tend to see it as a game, reality is not always fun. The truth is, there is a wrong and a right...

A good and a bad...

We can't always live in the grey area... I know some people LOVE the grey area... because they can hide their sin in there... but to our surprise GOD gives HIS PEOPLE the eyes to see in the spirit... and we know and we can see what your doing!

I can look into the world and I can see the good and the bad in every color and creed!

I bet my Grandmother never thought that I would remember all her words and repeat them as often as I do... because my Grandmother used to say, "you have the good and bad in every race." I personally have never been racist... sometimes when I see the criminals on the news... and they are black... I hear the echos of public racism from the past... but I am always reminded that its not a black thing... I have good friends who are black and they are good people!

We are just PEOPLE trying to get along with PEOPLE...

But to many people live with hate and defiance and are really useless to us... until they straighten up and fly right! HAHAHA Another one of my Grandmothers sayings... "Straighten up and fly right!"

I look and I see some really good people... all getting along well... respecting each other and caring about each other... Like The Good Lord tells us to!

And then you have the 'Haters'... who will smile to your face and they just want you to let them into your place/space, just so they can see what they can take from you. I heard recently about a man who met a woman... oh yes... its an old story. And she is all flirty and cute... and the man is smitten... and she soon gets inside his house and then calls her man or men or people to come and they all murder the man and rob the house... why murder the old guy? You know... dead people can't help the police find and prosecute.     Just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

Its scary.

I know.

Who do we trust?

Teach the children to trust NO ONE!

But logically, you can trust the ones you know well. Well, at least to a certain point... I can see many men who have been busted with corruption and people were so surprised! Like, What???

I think its important to trust your spouse... or your sister and parents and such.

I do know that if the person is a Christian, their heart is filled with love for me. We can trust them. Unless, they are hiding something... like so often we have discovered many GODLY men falling from grace with sins we never knew took place!

So we think... hey, these men of GOD are supposed to not sin...

Yeah... I know... but some people are weak. You know? Their flesh is weak.

And that my friends, is where we need to rely on GOD... not men... I think we would be surprised to know what goes on behind closed doors of people who are supposed to be perfect.

I don't believe in perfect people... however I do believe in Practically Perfect People... those who mean well... but Satan slips them up by lies or a misunderstanding... or fleshly desires.

Fleshly desires are natural... but should not be more important than GOD.

And GOD gives us limits for our own good!

As we grow and our hormones rage... we can hardly help going a little nuts... but we need to know that GOD is there... and HE knows you wanna... but you must know its better if you don't!

I think the lesson here is, Don't get to cocky... because when you get cocky and think you are so great nothing can stop you... I am here to tell you... GOD can!

And how does GOD work?

Through the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE...

We know Truth and we can see Truth!

And in the end... The Truth will set US FREE!

GOD wants us to be free... HE wants us to live and discover life and all it has to offer... and then HE wants us to choose to do/be GOOD! He does not want you to choose defiance, just because you don't want anyone telling you what to do. Oh, I remember that was how I felt at 15. But I think a lot of that was me defying Satan more than GOD. I don't remember ever defying GOD... But I remember many times that I did argue about some things I didn't want to talk about.
But in the end, GOD always wins!

I guess, you just need to know... we are not the first and we will not be the last... but we have the technology to all agree that WE ALL matter in this world.

Respecting other cultures and creeds does not mean we are giving in to their demands or that we give up our own... it simply means we understand that the evil one is active all over the world... and we must all join together to fight the good fight of faith... and we need to know that we can do it! We are almost there... we have the direction... don't ever let anyone take that from you! Your sense of direction and what lies over the hill... for Our Lord has already told us to be aware of the war against good and evil. You never know what is waiting for you... but GOD can make it to where you will know how to deal with anything that you may have to face in reality.

We do not all have the same reality... our sins are our own and they are between us and GOD and no human can play GOD and play Judge and Jury and condemn someone for sin, anymore.

GOD LOVES it when we discover our sin on our own and choose to do better on our own! GOD is not all about pointing out others sin. And in the case that you do see someone you love sin... you take that person into a private place and you tell them what you know about their sin. Share the load, so to speak. Don't go out and announce to the world that someone has sinned and is in need of sacrifice... we no longer sacrifice for sin! We help each other with it to make us all a better PEOPLE! And if that person doesn't want to do better... that's what jails are for... you know? For the defiant ones, who defy the righteousness of the PEOPLE!

My words are not new... but for only a... 'renewing of THE SPIRIT' :)

One day we will ALL BE FREE to be the WE that we want to be!

One day sin will be something that we just know is wrong, because PEOPLE WONT DO IT anymore! One day it will all be about helping each other to be the best person they can be!

And ya know what?

GOD already has that covered! Just read The Book! Starting with the New Testament!


Know GOD, know PEACE... no God, no peace.

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, March 04, 2016


"This is the day that the Lord has made... Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

I know there are to many times when PEOPLE cannot enjoy the life. Sometimes we run across corruption that is so deeply seeded, we cannot bear the thoughts that we think!

Yesterday, as I was strolling through the store... I heard a man talking on one of those mics that fits on your ear... I thought he was talking to me, (as some people do) but quickly noticed that he was talking on one of those fancy ear thingies... I think he was talking to his mother or his sibling or his best friend... someone he felt comfortable telling his troubles to. He was saying how he was at the store... that the day before, he had come home and there was no food in the house... kids were hungry and 'she' wasn't there... she was out getting her nails done... and after that she called and said she was going to stop and get burgers at TGIF... but she never did... she went out partying with her friends... and even the next day there was still no food, so the man had to go to the store after work. 

I felt so sorry for him. Here he was going to work and doing what he was supposed to do... and then, having to go and get food to cook. He had a big pack of chicken and makings for a salad! He looked like such a good man... and he sounded like such a good father... and then he has a woman who loves herself more than she loves 'home and family'!

I do live in poverty... but the bills are paid... and I don't have to go about getting my nails done or going to party with my friends, while the kids are sitting at home eating crackers and peanut butter because mom went out to 'enjoy herself'. No way... because the most important thing to me is HOME and FAMILY! What would make me happy would be to see the kids healthy and home and eating good foods that I get and prepare for them! 

Now, some mothers buy junk food that the kids love to eat... I don't think that all mothers who buy junk food are terrible... they are just not educated. At least they are there for the family! 

We can... and do... teach good nutrition all over the place... 

But as far as loving myself more than I do my family??? 

I could never make this world all about me and forget about the others... believe me... one day those kids will grow up and see where mom's priorities lay. We all figure it out one way or the other. 

When I was a kid my mother and dad got a divorce... now, GOD did not intend for us to get divorced... GODS intent was to teach us how to LOVE each other and work out the problems... but these days its all about 'self' for most people... if they can't have their own way they are going to make a way to have their own way... so they get a divorce to do their own thing. Now, not all divorces are like this... some, which are always based on sin... like domestic violence and abuse... or cheating on the spouses... both of these are sin related... and if there was no sin there would be no divorce. If people could only see LOVE as the top priority and care about others just as much as they care about themselves... it would be so different. 

Are we not told to LOVE our neighbor as our self???   That would break down to the fact that they are just as important as you are and their feelings matter just as much as yours do!

Agree to disagree and find a common ground, because learning to compromise is one of the greatest learning skills of all time... and simply believing in GOD sets you on the right track... with GOD living inside your heart and mind, HE will cause you to feel and see things beyond your own nose!

GOD doesn't want you to be selfish... GOD doesn't want a mother to forget about the hungry kids at home and go out and have a manicure and then go party till 2AM... Now I am not saying that we should never go out and party... because I think GOD wants us to have a good time while we're here... enjoying life... but remember, we should always put GOD... above all that! Sure, go party but let GOD know how much you love HIM... HE really doesn't want you to have a miserable life... HE wants you to LIVE LIFE to the fullest! HE wants you to enjoy your time here... for this is the day that GOD has given us... let us rejoice and be happy without forgetting there is something far more valuable than the party... and that is ... HOME and FAMILY!

Now you see... if mom would of gone and gotten food and taken it home, that man would not of had to go to the store after work to get food, he would of gone 'home' and spent time with his 'family'... all would be feeling the happy togetherness of LOVING each other! It's really a fabulous feeling!

What it all boils down to is LOVING others just as much as you love yourself!

New concept???


A very old one. 

When GOD saw what people would do when they were all arrogant and selfish... HE simply said... "LOVE others just as much as you love yourself!" 

And when we all do this... we become IMPORTANT to each other!

And that is the KEY to survival!

When you hate and think your all that... in the end GOD always shows you the results of this lifestyle... when no one is there for you... and you cant even pay someone to help you!

Now GOD is not going to lop your head off if you choose not to believe, that was the OLD way... for GOD so loves us that HE gives us HIS MESSAGE... and that is to LOVE EACH OTHER... help each other out... do you think that mother was helping out 'home and family' by forgetting about them and thinking only of herself getting to the party?

GOD forbid...

You know... we are told that what ever we do to others, we do to/for Jesus ... because Jesus was the man who GOD gave the keys to heaven... and that's just the way it is!

Nothing you can do to change the truth of HIS WORD...

It is a warning that if we do certain things there will be bad repercussions... like will the children of this mother who didn't care about them, care about her when she gets old??? Depends on if they hear the words of Jesus and forgive her for not caring... sure she can be forgiven, and told she is loved.... but in her mind she will always have the regret of not doing it the 'right way' not being there for them... Can you imagine her joy had she been the sort of mother who cared for her kids as top priority? And when she grew old they would come to her and she would feel the perfect love... and have no regrets knowing she did the best she could and now she see's her love will live on...

Isn't that what we're after in the first place? 

Well, if we follow the word of GOD we could have that practically perfect life!

It still hurts when some people argue and say that GOD is a fake fairy tale... which tells me they have never read the Bible or heard the word... and when they do, they don't get it... because GODS word goes against what they want to do. Funny to me... because GOD wants you to do what you want to do... only HE wants you to want to do the right thing!

The TRUTH of GOD has been around a very long time... and yes... religions were created by men to control the masses... and by now, we have put GODS laws into our own... but the TRUTH of LIFE will always be there for us... and that is what we learn when we read the Bible... and remember start with the New Testament. Learn who Jesus was... learn his message. 

It's not about the law... it's about LOVE and if anyone wants to boo LOVE... well I would say that person doesn't know LOVE... 

Who will teach the children to LOVE?

"I will" says I... 

This morning the youngest in the car on the way to school... asked me, "whats GOD?"

I said... "GOD is a common SPIRIT of LOVE that LIVES in the hearts and minds of PEOPLE!"

GOD causes us to choose to LOVE other PEOPLE...

And one day... everyone will learn the great message of Jesus... and they will rejoice... 

... knowing it's their privilege to have the knowledge of good and evil...

And to be able to USE IT! 

Praise GOD! Thank you Jesus!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA