Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh yes, here I go, I had a new sensation! A new thought, a new wonderful utopian moment! Today, was the first day, I went to the store with my youngest, we got two grocery carts and she got stuff for her and Joe and I got my stuff, some for Joe... and then it happened! We went to check out and I paid for mine and she whipped out her card and PAYS for their own stuff! It was one of the most magnificent moments of my life! She is 18 now... she has a job, she is making great strides! In fact, a few weeks ago, she started washing her own dishes!! OMG Lord, have mercy on my soul!

Its laughable! To look back and see how I have struggled and did all I could for the kids. I did pretty good. Just the fact that they will always know I never chose anyone over them... that will be what shows them the most how much I loved them, reguardless of the bumps along the way.

And now, my baby is grown, taking her baby to the store to buy them food and toilet paper! This is an extreme HIGH for me!

So I hearby now and forever, proclaim this day, June 21st, MOTHERPOPES FREEDOM DAY!

Freedom from the stress of how am I gonna take care of the children??? Now from here on, what I do for the grand children, will be what I want to do! Not that it is my responsibility to HAVE TO DO it. And even to be able to sit back and let the young folk take care of themselves. Of course beings that Joe had such a young mother, I will always have to be there more for him, to feed him good food instead of the TV dinners his mother gives him. He looks so good. So healthy and smart. Smartass too for such a young child. But he is all fun and joy for me. And probably the one to take care of me in my old age. Well, hopefully it will all be good. You know me, I just do the best I can and leave the rest to GOD.

So here I am, swinging on a cloud, cloud 9 to be exact. lol... the greatest joy my life has ever given me, has been the children. Watching them grow up and become adults. I have been everybodies mother, it has been a good row for the most part. Starting with my sister, she was 4 and I was 19 when she started coming to stay with me. I always babysat the kids around us, and even have letters somewhere, letters of recommendation for caring for children. There was Foster children and Step childen and friends of my children... and my sister and my niece... Of course I have always loved all the children and I think they have always felt it. It was a strong genuine love that was safe and stable. Always, stable. I admit I have taken a few chances, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Even if its not what you planned or wanted to do. Life is very tricky like that. So make a plan but be flexible.

The house is very still and quiet. I can hear the soft humm of the fan blowing... the refrigerator kicking on and off. The ice dropping in the ice bin. I love the quiet. I am at peace.

I have made a couple changes in my life lately, which has been good. First I quit buying soda. I drink a lot of water! I will have a diet soda when I go out to eat. Which is maybe 2 or 3 times a month. Not bad. Always trying to work on portion control when eating. What I have started doing is cooking big batch of healthy for you food and putting it in small portions in small containers and freezing it, taking them out one at a time as needed. And waiting till my stomach growls before I feed it. I am really going to try to fix my numbers. As in health numbers, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, trigs... I hardly ever eat sugar, unless it is naturally in something. No carbs either, except brown rice. I do eat that. Oh and the Barilla Plus pasta, that is made out of chick peas and lintals. I havent even eaten a donut in years, the last few times my daughter has bought donuts, I have not eaten them! There was a time I couldnt of resisted and I would of eaten one or two. So I am glad I am able to not do that! I am going slowly but surely, into a better life. A time where I can enjoy 'time' as time goes by, not always worried about having to do something for a kid. Like buy school supplies or pay the fine to get their cell phone back after it has been taken away. Or have to deal with another angry teacher. HAHAHAHA


Let the hard times go and let the good times roll on in...