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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Things have been really strange this week. So much horribleness... On Tuesday, after my son had already saved a life earlier in the day, (he works for a heart DR, a well known cardiologist in Pasadena.) But that night, he was BBQ-ing some steaks... BEEF... and my best friend Rita had been here all day, visiting and she took a shower and washed a couple of loads of clothes. And she was still here when Daniel started up the grill. He had recently bought a little grill he uses charcoal with, uses it outside. He is getting really good at it too! Well, they were wondering if there would be enough if Rita stayed. At first he told her "no" but soon laughed and said, yes she could stay for dinner. So... when it was done we all got a plate, I handed Rita a steak knife and a fork. We both sat down to eat. I always meticulously cut my meat in small thin strips, but Rita was so proud she didn't have to use her knife, she has this silly notion that it saves me work on having to wash things, since I wash everything by hand. Anyway, after I was finished, I got up to go wash my plate and knife and fork, I was looking down but still saw her out of the corner of my eye, get up and crossing the room, towards where the other people were all sitting. I heard Shawndra say, "SHES CHOKING!!" And looked up and sure enough Rita was clutching her chest and couldn't breath at all! My son jumped up and started the Heimlich on her but it wasn't working, I got in her face, wanting to try to reach in and pull it out, she grabbed my arms, but Daniel told me to call 911... and so I did... she couldn't breath at all! All I could think about was remembering talking to a woman at a DR's office several months ago and she was telling me that she was a widow at 39, that her husband died in a restaurant, choking on a piece of steak. So, that was what was going through my mind as we were waiting on the ambulance. I was so scared my best friend was going to die in my house... my son has known her most of his life and he had an emotional attachment to her and was very upset when she fell out. She wasn't breathing at all and she passed out on the floor. My son said, "SCREW THIS!" And picked up her limp body and did some really strong compressions, let her down again and beat her chest and slapped her face, picked her up again, saying; "NO, don't do this to me Rita!" My son is a BIG man... over 6 feet tall and 280 lbs, built like a brick house! So we were worried he had broke a rib or two. She was having a very hard time breathing still. Another friend was telling him as he was trying to revive her, not to be afraid to break a rib, just get the meat out! By some miracle of GOD, he dislodged the meat just enough so she could get some air, she came to and was barely breathing when the medics showed up. And they put her on the gurney and took her out to the ambulance! It was several minutes later, I was upset that they had not taken her to the hospital, I had already called her mother and was standing at the front door looking out. Then one of the medics came to the door and said one of the techs had stuck hemostats down her throat and had pulled the meat out and said it was a HUGE chunk! They did take her to the hospital. She was in much pain. I got ready to go to the hospital, my son dropped me off. A few minutes later her mother came in. She was very upset and as I hugged her I told her she can't cry cause it would make me cry and we just couldn't do that to Rita! It was a terrible time. But it must not be her time to go because she survived like a trooper!

So I waited with her mom, the x-rays showed no broken ribs. But they kept her anyway. More for blood. She has a problem with her blood, it doesn't make itself. So she had to have, I think 3 pints. A couple years ago I thought she was going to die on my couch and she went to the DR and he immediately put her in the hospital... she was almost out of blood... I think they had to give her 9 pints. Well, so they took care of that, and on a second x-ray, there was a small crack in her breast bone. But she will be fine. They are more worried for her lungs too as she has emphysema. But she is being well taken care of.

She is still in the hospital tonight. I don't know when she will get out. But... the people in my whole house will next time be standing in line to cut Ritas meat! She is like a sister to me and very much a part of our lives. When I think of what the other outcome could of been....

This is a serious message to not only my family but to everyone... always cut your meat into thin strips. Chew that beef steak 50 times! These precautions can help you avoid a serious mishap.

Friday, February 01, 2008

After court...

We were all angry and upset the morning of court. I was ready to move away out of state and even change my will! When we got there and were in the hallway waiting to go in for the 9AM docket, I was sitting on a bench way down from the kids. I could hear them cussing at each other. And Joey was whining and wanting to get away from all that. And the bailiff told them the baby couldn't be running loose. So Jay ended up taking Joe outside to wait in the car. I was hoping that we could take him to see the Judge so he could see the real deal. But some things we just cant control.

So Estelle and I ended up in the courtroom alone, without Jay or Joe. I was still so angry. Because the charge was against ME. However, we were not going to see a Judge. They played a video that said this was just a preliminary thing and we were only going to talk to a few people at a table to decide if we were to see the Judge or not.

We were not the first to be called up. There was a few. Including a soldier whose daughter was a run away. I think it is so sad that she disrespected her soldier dad like that. And it made me grateful for my problem. And there was a 15 year old male, who had a terrible attitude. And WOW, did they come down hard on him! His poor dad working his ass off to pay the boys way in life and the kid is in a disrespectful, defiant way... he didn't have another chance. They locked him up. Then there was the mom who cried the whole time she was at the table. Her son being like a baby letting his mom try to get him out of trouble with her tears. (I was SO afraid I was going to be the one who cries, as is my habit).

I told Estelle she better do some good talking because it would be better for them to hear from her, rather than me. I was prepared to speak. And I had also helped her to prepare, by telling her to get the paper from the school that says all the time she had made up by staying late on Mondays and Fridays, (when the other kids got out early). And by going in on Saturdays.

While we were waiting, the bailiff was sitting in a seat about 5 feet away from me. There was a short wall between us. He was sitting above in a section behind the shelf like barrier, and he was writing on a paper. It slipped off and in a split second, without thinking I popped up and picked up the paper for him. If I hadn't done that, he would of had to walk to the center of the courtroom and back to the side wall. He was in his late fifties, I suppose around that. And when I handed the paper to him he said, "Bless your heart" WOW... did I ever need that!! Who would of known that by that simple act, I would be blessed in my heart like that. I am not the type to say, 'piss on him, let him get it himself.' It makes me think about Jesus and while he was hanging on the cross, HE didn't spit on them and curse them. He said, "FORGIVE THEM FATHER, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO." I had respect and love and care for that man.

The people at the table, there was 5 of them, 3 women and 2 men. I don't know who they were or what their position was. But they were talking to each other, after we had been called up, they apologized for their delayed conversation, which I didn't even hear because it didn't pertain to me. But it was then that GOD worked a miracle with Estelle. She smiled and was very respectful and just explained the facts, that on some days when she was sent home, she wasn't able to get to the DR with the baby that day and that put her off another day. Which there was only 7 unexcused absences, almost 30 total. And all I had to do was nod and made small comments that backed up what she was saying. It was never about ME not getting her up and on the bus... it was all about that she was showing herself to be responsible and having her paperwork together. The lady who seemed to be in charge. A Ms. Rodreguiez... smiled and told Estelle how impressed she was with her. She had all her paper work together and she could tell she was trying. All of the people agreed! I was so proud of her, she is so smart! I even told those people she wanted to be a lawyer, they all smiled and told her it was a hard road. Ms. R also told her that she had a hard road as a teen mother and asked her to tell all her friends NOT to get pregnant at such a young age. (I was so impressed that these people knew to be hard on some and understanding with others, this is a wonderful gift of insight into the kids and I appreciated that!) These people were all great! Finally, I saw our system doing a good work!

So within about 5 minutes, we had a contract she had to sign saying she will go to school every day and if she misses she has to have a note from the nurse at the school or a DR's note. That left me totally out of it! I LOVE THAT! I don't have to worry about making excuses for her to miss school and she knows that. And since then, we have not fought in the AM because she knows she has to be responsible and knows I cant help her to miss school on a whim, or because she doesn't have clean clothes. As far as that goes, I am devoted to helping her get through her school. And make it a point to have her clothes ready for her. She will have enough time later in life to do laundry. Yep, she is a pampered princess in this way. I cant do everything for her, but will do this simple thing, like my Grandmother did for me, that I so appreciated when I was a teen because I was going to school and working a lot of part time hours at Burger King! So I know she has enough stress taking responsibility for her baby... a real person in her life who depends on her and his dad. However, I do make them take care of their own baby. I am not one of those Grandma's who babysits all the time while the parents go out to party. But I am there for hugs and affection when he wants it.

All in all, we have a good little life here. I can see all the kids maturing and changing. I am also so proud of my son. He will be 24 next week and I can see him becoming a man before my very eyes! He has a baby daughter who is due in March! My Grand Daughter! WOW... I have a son and a daughter and a daughter in law and a son in law and I have a Grandson and now soon a Grand daughter!!! Who could ask for a better balance in this life? (well, I could have a good man by MY side, but alas... to my dismay, it isn't like that).

I counted the days until she turns 18... 610 days from today! And I know that someday they will all be grown and gone, but until that time... even tho I am stressed with all the housework and trying to keep up with everything... I also have peace and joy and can see the love in the house. All the kids get along and even Jay and Estelle are closer than ever and are spending more quality time together... we all do.

They are all good kids... YES, I AM truly blessed!