Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big Brother Is Watching

And... who cares? I don't.

I have known about 'big brother' since the mid 70's. It has never bothered me. In fact, I always wanted a big brother to watch over me... so I felt sorta happy to have 'big brother' watching! It was exciting to me thinking I must be important if 'big brother' wanted to watch me... and I felt security, thinking this would deter crime if people knew that they were being watched. I never gave a thought to 'big brother' becoming corrupt.

Of course we need some privacy. I would hate to think some stranger was watching me in my bathroom or my bedroom. But for real, the bathroom? Naw... I don't think I would want to go that far. I actually don't feel a threat to where I would want to put cameras in my bathroom. I figure if you come in, the cameras outside and in the house will be enough to see whose coming and whose going.

I think we should all be grateful that we have 'big brother'. This is really a good thing for our protection... but not to punish us for stupid things. For example, the auto stop lights where a computer takes a pic of you turning wrong or not stopping for a light at 3am when there are no other cars on the street... yes a computer actually automatically takes a pic of you and sends you a ticket in the mail. I think this goes to far. I believe the crime catching cameras should be turned off at night.

I wish we had a society where we wouldn't need 'big brother'. Even in the early years there has been crimes that would of been solved if there were cams watching. I LOVE the fact that if you go into a bank or a store and rob it, your gonna get caught on a camera or two... or three or four. It is a very stupid person who thinks that no one is watching.

I do get the satisfaction of knowing that GOD is always watching anyway... and if the law doesn't catch someones crime, GOD will... as GOD has cams in your heart and mind and always knows what your true intentions are! :)

In other cultures, they are taught to turn their brother in if they are doing something illegal. The sad truth is the laws have become corrupt and people get severe punishment for petty things. Like eating when they are supposed to be fasting. You know peeps... GOD doesn't want you to fast because you HAVE to... GOD wants you to fast because you WANT to! Because you are honestly feeling the sacrifice for something special.

GOD doesn't want you to serve HIM because it's the law... HE wants you to serve HIM with a pure open willing heart. GOD does not want you to love HIM because you are in fear for your lives...  but for the renewing of your life. Wanting to believe there is a better way... needing to believe in what is right and good.

I always live like there are cameras everywhere. Well, except in my bathroom. Even when the CPS came for a visit... I told them put cameras up in my house! HA! I think that sorta freaked them out. But I do think that would be a great deterrent for real child abuse. But then we are teetering on the brink of Orwells 1984. Which was written in the 1920's. But one of the big things about it was the people were all watched, in the streets and in their homes. Another thing was the people were all on drugs.

Now look. We are being watched and many of us are on drugs... illegal and pharmaceutical and alcohol.

Funny how some people can have a good vision of the future.

I can see a future where THE PEOPLE are good and honest and clean. Where we teach our children to LOVE EACH OTHER and to be kind. This will be the norm.

But it wont happen as long as there are people out there who teach hate. And people who don't care.

The great thing is, WE THE PEOPLE have time to work on it. However long it takes, one day we WILL understand the need to show the LOVE to one another. And one day WE will get it right. Every hundred years or so THE PEOPLE are different... yet they are the same. THE PEOPLE almost got it right in the 1960's, but they made the serious mistake of confusing GODs love with sexual love. So maybe the people will get it right in the 2060's :) But for us...

We are given one life to create a story. A story that will leave a legacy behind for WE THE PEOPLE.

Choose your way carefully and TALK about it. Because there will be those who will talk about you. Are they going to say good things? Or are they going to say bad things?

You have control over what they say...

By controlling what you do! :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Job As MotherPope

I do work for GOD... and I do not get paid for it. But that's OK. It is something I sought years ago to help me escape hell. Some have it much easier and some have it much harder... but here I am. Doing whatever GOD tells me to do in my heart. Helping others to understand.

I feel like my goal in life is to simplify the mysteries that have caused people to wonder for centuries. Its easy if you ask GOD to help you... and you are serious in your seeking. And believe me, I was very serious about escaping hell... not just for me, but for my children. And for them that deed is done! I have good kids who are safe and secure in themselves as people. My daughter gave me some problems, but I never gave up on her. Now she has a degree in Medical Assisting! I thought I was gonna lose her to the dark side, but I can see the light is shining in her today. And that gives me hope for a better tomorrow!

Now... there are people around the world who love me... yes, I get the message! And it thrills me to the core to know that you are reading these words! At first I thought this would be like a diary for my children and grand children... but it has turned into something much much bigger than that! And I am pleased! If you are reading these words... you are a child of GOD and I love you and am here for you! This is my job as motherpope. And you are all my children... I can see you there with a GODs eye view! And I want to THANK GOD for making me who I am... teaching WE THE PEOPLE that LOVING ONE ANOTHER is the way to go. I have taught that to my children and grand children and extended family! We have overcome a lot with the LOVE that lives in the commonality of the SPIRIT!

People, one of the biggest tricks of the devil is to distract you from the truth.

There sure is a lot going on in the world to entertain us... and that's a whole nother blog :)

But for real... we MUST WAKE UP... we must see the truth and say the truth. If you are lying to someone in your life... you should examine your motives. I would rather not say anything than tell a lie for the persons own good. Do we not believe that we can handle the truth?

Living in denial is a whole new sort of hell for people.

In the age we live in, we have the capabilities to live in PEACE with LOVE leading and guiding us in our hearts and our minds... you see... that's why some hated Jesus, because HE took GOD out from organized religions and put GOD where HE wanted to be... Within the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE.

REV 21, 3... read it and know that the place you find GOD is not in some church or in some person... not even in certain traditions... but only within your own heart and mind after you invite HIM in...

And HE will lead you into the way of the light... the path of goodness... the way that is true... the way of LOVE. Love leads you and guides you to to the way that has been good and true since the beginning of time. There are some who don't want you to know this sort of FREEDOM. Some would have you be a slave... a useful idiot... an infidel.

Arise above all darkness... rebuke the devils and THEY WILL GO AWAY!

Perseverance is key here. Never give up. Always stand strong on the word of GOD and you will find your way. I cant say it will be easy. In fact I think being a true Christian is one of the hardest things ever. Because we are tried in the fire... pressed to the edge... pushed to the limits. Its easy to be a moderate Christian. Believe that you are saved by the blood of Jesus and do well in your life and that's all that maters.

But to dig deep... to know the heart and mind of GOD is the most amazing thing ever! We should be giving up our lives to share the world with GOD. Because GOD is like the oldest common spirit of men ever. We are the same as the ones before us and the same as the ones who come after us. We are all wanted and loved by our GOD... the GOOD FATHER... who loves and cares for HIS children enough to let them make their own mistakes.

To truly learn to live with LOVE leading and guiding you is the ultimate goal!

Friday, November 15, 2013

HATE, In The Heart And In The Home

Some people believe that the opposite of LOVE is hate... but I beg to differ. I believe the opposite of LOVE is apathy. With apathy there is not feeling. With hate, there is tremendous feeling.

In fact, there is a fine line between LOVE and hate, simply because when we LOVE so much... to such great depth, then we are vulnerable to others when they reach our very core, and we may get hurt... then sometimes we hate them for hurting us.

Hate is also taught. By whomever is teaching you. When you have hate in the home... it is a living hell. When people hate each other, they seek to cause intense pain to the ones they hate. They plot and plan their destruction of the hated... with their hard hearted hatred they degrade and condemn the ones around them with hatred so deep, there is no care anymore.

I know these things because I grew up in hell... have lived there for years and have struggled with GODs help to escape and make a new life with my children and the grand children that GOD has blessed me with.

When there is hate in the home, there are demons floating around causing people to argue and fight and steal and use and take from the ones who are near to them. There is no true joy, only a fake, pretend joy that people show when they don't want to air their dirty laundry... but whispering at night to other haters who are also enjoying the negative energy. As hate takes root and grows and burns hotter than hell fires front hallway.

When people live in hate they can also learn that hate is not the way they want to be. They can see the other people in their lives who live with loving parents/family and they know there is a different world out there. It was strange to go into good peoples home and spend time with their families... I remember how I wished I was also blessed with a good loving family. But it was because I wasn't, that I am able to tell my story. If things were so good for me as they were for others... I would not be me. And I have always wanted to be someone else, live a different life. But I am me and that's all I can be. I never had that beautiful loving charmed lifestyle that some are so blessed to have. So I know what it takes to get away and make a new life. And the first step is to refuse to be like them. Just because they are haters doesn't mean you must be a hater too... it is much more fun to be loving and laughing with joy over seeing new growth... new life and new loves... there are so many people in the world who would be so happy to show you love... not all are haters. We don't have to be haters... and there is no good reason for us to be haters... haters live a negative life and the negativity is like a sickness inside... that eventually murders the soul.

You can survive the hate by recognizing that is it not good and move on to LOVE.

Its sometimes hard to let go, but let go you must, if you want to be free of hate. You cannot be free of hate when you live in a house filled with hate. Hateful people are not socially acceptable. They do not get along well with others and they DO NOT play nice. Haters will live a lonely life as they realize no one wants to be their friend.

People who live with hate in their heart will never find the PEACE that is promised to all who LOVE. If there is hate in your heart... the hate seeps out like a stinky poison that keeps people from going near you. People avoid you. Who wants to be around a hateful person? Other hateful people who feed off of the hate.

Hate is like a radical emotion that when combined with rage can do much harm to many people. Haters become murderers... violent... destructive... spiteful.. disrespectful... mean spirited... and rude. Haters will not make the world go round in PEACE... With haters... there will always be war and famine.

Hate is spread down through the grains of time... slowly evolving into a monster capable of all evil things. Get away from the haters... get out of the hateful lifestyle... it is the only way.

So, here we are today... and we see the hate all over... and we must all agree that hate is not the way to be. WE THE PEOPLE must know in our heart that we can overcome hate with love. We can LOVE the hate away... it is surprising to the haters when the people of LOVE stand strong in their love and do not accept the haters ways. We know the results of hate... and they are very dramatic... but who needs that sort of drama in their lives?

We as THE PEOPLE have the ability to LOVE each other... CARE about each other and HELP each other... but when you come across people who do not get it... move on... they will have their own self to deal with when karma comes back on them! :)

People... hate is evil. It is not productive. And it will destroy the earth and all her glory if not stopped!

We must also remember that anger is not hate. Being angry is normal for people like parents or bosses who get angry when you do wrong, especially when you do wrong on purpose.

It is my job as a mother to be angry with my children when they do wrong. It is not my job to beat them or murder them... it is my job to be mad at them until they get the understanding they need and figure out they were wrong... admit they are wrong and then we can forgive and help them to do better. But if someone is possessed by a demon, they will fight you even when they know they are wrong. Because demons think its funny to make people look stupid. One must rebuke the evil and find the way to LOVE. But if they do not choose to... just keep preaching LOVE to them and they will get tired of it and will go away!

Inviting LOVE into your heart and filling your home with LOVE will be your pathway to heaven! :)

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

SIN; Before And After

A long long time ago, before men created the common knowledge. There was a natural way of LIFE that the people followed. There was no self control. There was no sensibilities. Nothing to follow except the example of THE PEOPLE around you. People lived as animals. But soon found out they were smarter than the animals... and created something we call COMMON SENSE. It was very rare back then as people did stupid things all the time. Of course there was good and evil to choose from, but THE PEOPLE didn't know it.

People were harmed and lied to and murdered... for the reason (treason) of 'corruption in high places'.

Some had the natural ability to LOVE. But that was not the norm.

The norm was arrogance and greed and lust... men seeking power and control over others, like gods. But the good spirit of the real GOD was alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of HIS people, just as HE is today! You can look around and see THE PEOPLE proclaiming LOVE and TRUTH in the earth.

And so THE PEOPLE decided to collect information on how to live THE GOOD life. And so 'THE PEOPLE' using their 'hands' and led by THE SPIRIT of GOD, wrote the Bible... (just like I am doing now)... so can we please stop the argument that men wrote the Bible? Because MANKIND did write the Bible... but it was INSPIRED by the SPIRIT OF GOD!

So THE PEOPLE got together and wrote down a few rules... and the consequences of breaking these rules. And back then, yes, they were brutal in their punishment... that's how bad they hated sin! And people LIVED and died by the word... the rules... and the rulers.

So sad :(   When evil men take power... GODs will is not done.

But here we are still... the same as back then... but THE PEOPLE sure have gained in knowledge! Well, sadly, not all of us has. But GODS PEOPLE will be around forever because they have the knowledge to sustain life. Because GOD knows that with LOVE we will care about and help each other to survive! Yes, survival is key here. And there are enough good smart PEOPLE to keep GOD here with us and to bring back JESUS and his words and ways among THE PEOPLE. And that is what we do now. We maintain and share THE WORD... the GOOD news that HEY! All is not lost! We have the info that we need to have a practically perfect life for not only ourselves but for our grand children and their grand children and all the children that will come after. Because although we are here only for a while... THE PEOPLE will be here forever... because that's what its all about... THE PEOPLE!

Sin has ruined many a life. And GOD knew that... and HE tried to tell us that... but we are so stubborn we refuse to admit there is something greater than WE are.

That's the POWER of LOVE!

LOVE can over come all sin, only if we allow it to. We must choose LOVE!

I believe the one thing that all sin falls under is 'arrogance'. When we feel like we are the most important thing, when we feel like our own desires trump another persons desires... we allow sin to corrupt us. And in the end we and our children will be the ones who suffer for our sins, because there are many sins that come when you are arrogant, and you can teach that same arrogance to your children, (unless they are smart enough to be real and they learn to 'NOT' act like you. When you are arrogant you see other people beneath you. You are allowed, in your own mind... and the minds of other arrogant people...  to defy, murder, disrespect and harm others, either for personal gain, or for your own amusement. When we allow sin to corrupt us... its not only because we murder people for their sin... but because GOD is watching and GOD will have HIS way, so that all will be well, because GOD wills it! GODs law always trumps mans law!

GOD, when HE was young... believed in people... believed they were basically good and so HE made it to where, when they made mistakes they had to sacrifice something. (some still believe in that today... in places). Some places on the other side of the earth, still murder their PEOPLE for sin... this was the old way. Unless you were rich and could buy your way out of trouble with gold or sacrificing an animal... (which animal which was considered, depended on the sin). But sin in itself is what is wrong with people. So GOD got tired of men going about sinning and not having consequences... and being able to buy their way out or murdering the poor, GOD quickly saw this was not working... (still today, some think we should murder the poor :(....) there are actually people who believe they can play like a god and take peoples life just because they are sucking off the system. Which in itself is a sin... because none are GOD... some are GODLY and learn from their mistakes to do the right thing, but none are GOD. The closest we have ever come to a human being, being GOD... was Jesus himself... he was what I call a PPP, (practically perfect person) Jesus was amazing because he loved everyone... it didn't matter where you came from or what you had done.. what mattered was what you were doing an where you wanted to go in life.


If we follow these simple rules, sin will not enter in.

We all make mistakes. We all have the consequences. There is no need to judge and condemn others. That is GODs job! We just follow the rules and do our thing, helping others whom we love along the way and we fulfill GODs plan... we fulfill the LAW that was meant to save people from their old selves.

We are so lucky to be living in a world that FORGIVES... and HELPS you if need be! There are millions of people out there who are willing to HELP... and they may not all profess to be Christians. I would like to say... there are 7 spirits of God that are common among THE PEOPLE... 7! That means if you are a good person... that is one way.... there are 6 others who are totally not like you... but who are good and acceptable to GOD also! It is not the ways of mankind that corrupts... it is the sin of mankind that corrupts... absolutely!

Now I am not going to get into all of the sins... we can pretty much tell which ways are bad for us and which are good by watching the GOOD PEOPLE around us. But I do want to touch on a few as an example here... just to insure the understanding of sin and its consequences.

In Gods eyes... a sin is a sin is a sin... but there are different levels of severity, depending on the sin.

So... we can start with my sin.

Gluttony. Yeah... I said it... and its a common sin because WOW... there are so many wonderful great tasting foods out there in the world... some can even make us salivate just thinking about it....  lol... 4 real... we have food commercials all day long... and the ones at night are the worst for me, because they make me want to go out and get it right then... as it was meant to do. But... I must seek the power of self control, because it is not healthy for me to do that. It may not be a problem for other people... but it is a problem for not just me, quite a few are affected... and gluttony leads to some major health issues... and some minor ones too. Now beings that my sin is gluttony... (which is the LOVE of food)... I fight the hardest on this one. We should never love anything more than GOD... and GOD says... take what you need and nothing more... but me and others like me... we love food more than we love ourselves! I mean who can blame us? Food is so yummy! Some people actually get excited when they know they are going to go out to eat. And I suppose sometimes, its OK to eat a little more than we need or should... but to do it all the time... well... the health professionals see every day the results of over eating. And that is why we have so many people who are against it because they see the results of gluttony! That is why we call it a sin.

Adultery... This is the LOVE of the flesh... or someone elses flesh... but it is something else that some have no control over. My sin might be gluttony, but someone else might be loving the neighbor more than GOD... well GOD knows that when people commit adultery... people get hurt. We do not want to hurt others, but it happens in the fall out of adultery. Anything that harms or hurts or murders life is a sin. And many families have suffered the consequences of this sin. Not only the person you cheat on... but in most times, its the children who suffer from this sin. So when someone commits adultery... they are choosing their personal pleasure over the well being of the family as a unit! So many have failed over the lusts of the flesh because they have no control over their sexual urges and they don't even care if its their best friends spouse. Even the very elect of GOD have fallen hard from adultery... and this absolutely shows that we are all human and we all have sinned.

Lying... you may not think lying is to terrible of a sin... but it is one of the worst... you may not know it, because people may not tell you... and then you think you are getting away with something... but the consequence of this sin hurts yourself more than it hurts other people. Because when you lie, people will find out... they always do... so you are only letting them know that you are not to be trusted... and believe me, people will have you pegged as a liar and wont give any credit to what you say... and you will be rambling on thinking they are listening to you but they are not because they know you are a liar. So its best to keep to the truth... because even tho sometimes the truth hurts... its not as bad as your gonna hurt when THE PEOPLE turn their back on you because your not even worth listening to because you lie so much.

Gambling... now this may not seem like its such a terrible thing. But whenever a bunch of rich people get together to create a place that takes money from the poor people... it is WRONG! It causes poor people to spend all their money on the 'hope' that they will win... but the rich men have already created the odds against that happening... the chances are... you wont win and will go home broke because the machines and such are stacked against you. Now as far as rich people going to gamble... I suppose that would be good for entertainment... but just as strippers cause men to lose thousands... so will your gambling habit! It is very rare that the house allows people to win. The chances are so slim, that if you are not very wealthy and can't afford to lose... the gamble is simply not worth it.

Greed... greed causes you to hurt others in your struggle to gain power. Greedy people do not care about the welfare of others... they only care about themselves... which goes against the #1 rule... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... GOD did not say... Love yourself to the extent that you forget there are other people in the world. NO! This is a tragedy when you use others for personal gain... no matter how you lay out the cards you are gonna lose. You should always remember... as I remember... because this is one of the first lessons I have learned. GOD (LOVE) is 1st...  my friends and family are second... and I am third. This means you care about others well being more than you do about yourself... which creates a sorta self sacrifice for the ones you love... but that is what GOD is all about... making special/personal sacrifices for those we love. Which GOD has shown us through others... we always make those sacrifices for those we love so that they can have a better life! We should always leave a good legacy for THE PEOPLE to follow.

Cheating... here again... when you cheat... you are hurting yourself more than the other people... even tho you are hurting them by showing them what sort of cheat you are... they will recover through time... but you will still be the cheater and will be stigmatized until the day you may confess that you are wrong and deliberately make the changes to not be a cheater. To live a better life as an example to others that you too can make a change for the better... you simply must realize you are wrong... and talk about it with someone you trust... because another thing that Jesus taught us is to 'confess your faults one to another'... so when you feel like you are wrong, you go to your sibling or your best friend... and confess you are wrong... and then decide to stop the sin... and then go on from that day as a new person who doesn't cheat people.

Murder... even worse... murder for sin... GOD figured out a long time ago THE PEOPLE were wrong in handing out the death penalty for sin. So HE sent JESUS as the final sacrifice for sin. No longer should there be murder for sin. But we are taught to forgive and help others to become better people... we all sin... and death should not be the final judgment by men. Lets let GOD decide when death should occur for each one of us... and lets work together for the well being of others to have/gain the power to overcome their sin with learning to do better... not ending a life for sin as an example to others... teaching that they too will die for sin, for this creates A PEOPLE who live in fear, not LOVE. And even in your own sin, if you murder someone... it is strictly forbidden for you to play like a god and judge others, whether you feel like you are right or not. Some may kill in self defense... but none should murder for any reason at all. And so many people murder because they cannot control their anger... GOD says its OK to be angry... life is full of trying times... and we can have righteous anger and still not sin... being angry is not a sin... but when you allow your anger to hurt others... that's when it becomes a sin.

Vanity... I believe this one is very serious in a lot of societies today. This is when you care more about the way you look, way more than you care about GOD. When you care more for the way you look more than the way you are acting... this is when you have a little bit of money and you choose to do your nails rather than buy a battery that will fix your car... when you always have money to buy your make up and have your hair done and buy new clothes and jewelry and other accessories... but whine and cry because you don't have money to pay your utility bills. Do you think we don't notice these things? Its like when someone gets married, you buy yourself a new blender and send the newlyweds your old one. Its just not the right thing to do. Vanity used to be a sin unto death... but today people are as vain as much as they are liars and full of gluttony. And the consequence to this one is... people wont like you because you are stuck up... they will laugh at you and make jokes about your conceit and they will never take you serious because you think the world revolves around you and they know different! You should never prioritize your prettiness to the top of the priority pole! Pretty is as pretty does... ya gotta ACT pretty to BE pretty!

Homosexuality... this is another sin that is common in our world today. It is one of the oldest sins in the book and on the other side of the world, people are murdered for it. However we should not murder them for being different. It is just their sin, not worthy of death. The way that you will not find heaven here is because you will not have the normal family unit of PEOPLE... Father, Mother, Sisters and brothers... who are male and female... GOD made us male and female... to be able to procreate and find immortality through our children... to teach the children strong moral values. But some people are satisfied with their sin. Some people say they are born that way... I disagree on that... that's like saying someone is born to love t-shirts. But I believe that some are born with higher levels of testosterone or estrogen... and society pegs them as gay... Leave them alone... I believe we must see this in people to know that it is a sin. You don't see male dogs or male cats humping their male friends. I have never seen a male blue bird doing it with another male blue bird... can you imagine seeing a male gorilla doing another male gorilla in the exit? I think not! And if the monkeys are doing it, it is because they were taught by perverted humans. It is not natures way. It is the one who recognizes the sin and repents and controls their lusts, who will find heaven. I am all for gay people living free... but they must NEVER devalue the sanctity of marriage by proclaiming to be the 'same as' a holy marriage. This is what is wrong in the eyes of GOD... causing THE PEOPLE to think it is the same thing is an abomination unto GOD and you will suffer for that, more than the actual act. Another way you will prob not find heaven with homosexuality is because you will be shunned by many people and looked at by some to have a brain disease. It would be embarrassing to be in a public place and see people become freaked out by you. It will hurt your feelings more than it will keep you from heaven. Its not the sin that keeps people from heaven, as we are forgiven and saved in the name of Jesus. Its the arrogance behind the sin that will be your down fall.

Fornication... another one of my personal sins... and I will confess to being a whore, or having been one... and I had a really fun time during those years... but I feel like after all I have been through and confessing my sin to others... and learning to do better... I have recovered from this sin. And it is the most funnest of sins in my personal point of view... but it comes from lusts of the flesh... and I suppose GOD doesn't care when you get older and it doesn't harm the children or cause problems creating more children... but right now, this sin in the world is harming the children as they are baring children out of lust instead of LOVE, which is not how it was meant to be. When people lived like animals... this was such a great sin within THE PEOPLE... that it became regulated through marriage. Even today we try to make our daughters follow protocol. Because if we don't, there are unwanted pregnancies... pregnancies that we hate because some are aborted... but if we could control our daughters... there would not be any abortions. But our daughters are blessed with the same freedom to choose, as we are... and there are many who choose to do good and practice restraint when it comes to sexual urges... yes, we do have good daughters out there, thank GOD... but what about the ones who do seek after that certain affection that comes from sexual intercourse, along with the feeling of being needed? I can tell you this... we do NOT murder them for it! Again, this teaches people to obey out of fear rather than respect.

Drinking and other drugs... first and foremost we must know that anything that comes from a seed has a purpose, so we need to know that those plants that we use for health issues... are there for a reason. Drinking and doing drugs can and will keep you out of heaven. Not only do they distort your brain, they give you tunnel vision and you cannot see the personal problems they cause... but other people do. Now drinking is OK as long as you don't over do it... a little is good for you! And its nice to relax at the end of a day with a drink or two to help you along to relaxation! :) And, not all druggies know they are druggies. They don't have the problem... (or so they think)... as far as they believe, its you with the problem. Drinking has brought many a good man down... oh yes and women too... when we drink to the point of being drunk, we are more apt to do other things that you would not do if you were sober... how many excuses has been... "But I didn't mean to, I was drunk!" it seems millions, maybe billions. And your friends and family soon become concerned as you start to fall apart. Again, its the people who cannot CONTROL themselves while drinking who suffer and cause their families to suffer right along with them. Drinking without control will lead you to an early death. Many have drunk themselves to death :(

The love of money... another sin that has resulted in murder around the world! And is the worst sin of all... because so many are affected by this. Money is power in the world. And the more money you have... the more power you have and the more money you want, to gain more power, then you start focusing on ways you can get more money... even if you have to lie an cheat an kill or steal for it. But when you have money and you do not love it and you just use it as a tool to build a better life for you and your family, it is not a sin. You see, when you can know that it is beautiful and lovely and wonderful to live with no financial worries... and be satisfied with the LOVE in your life... money can actually a blessing! Not all rich people are filled with this sin and it is not the money itself that is evil... the money is a good thing only when you get it by honest means... but when you love the money more than you love GOD and become corrupt in your way... that's when it becomes a serious problem and believe me... when you fail and lose everything you have... you will know that GOD is still GOD... always... it has been shown us throughout history... if you put money before your friends and family... you will lose your money. So if you have lots of money... never value it more than friends and family... it will lead you to ruin as GOD dishes out the good and the bad. Karma teaches us well.

These sins of mankind are the knowledge compiled since the beginning of time. You must know, they were not all stupid people... sure some had lower IQ's... but most people were pretty smart and they documented their life's lessons well, so that we can learn from them too. Just like today... most people really have it well put together. Most have no need for guidance. Most choose to do right instinctively, simply because they know in their hearts and minds that it is the right thing to do because their elders taught them to do better. That is why there are so many good people out there who are not religious people... but they know within their own souls to LOVE and HELP when you can.

And it is not that you must follow these rules or we will kill you. What it all boils down to is this... it is our right to choose, to have the 'freedom to choose' these ways. If you are the sort who is not stubborn it would be a good thing for you to heed the word that has been passed down, since the beginning of documentation. We all have the right to sin or not sin. But one thing for sure... you can't sin and sin and sin and then go to church on Sunday, and pretend you are good and are going to heaven... because GOD knows your heart and mind. He knows your ambitions and practices. And if its crooked or incorrect, like a GOOD DAD does... HE is gonna make you understand what is good for you... and if you do sin, you will have consequences.

It never changes. It will always be the same... Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin... we work out our own salvation with GOD when the time comes... that's when we will have to deal with our own issues.

What do you want THE PEOPLE (your friends and family) to remember about you when you die? Do you even care? If you don't care about the feelings of your friends and family, you are lost already.

You must learn that life is all about PERSONAL CHOICES... and sin has its consequences. Some believe that young people cannot be reasoned with... but I have always believed that if you can explain 'why' something is wrong, you have a better chance of helping young people overcome it!

Its all about THE PEOPLE... and the fact that, the people of yesterday and the people of tomorrow must be considered... and it must be done by WE THE PEOPLE of today! For it is THE PEOPLE who will cause change to come. Because we can live practically perfect lives... IF we just choose the right path!