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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sexuality and Lies

I was irritated with what I saw on The Bill Cunningham show...

I am certainly not hating on the transgender people... but come on... TRUTH is TRUTH!

There was a woman who was dressed like a man... and she wanted to be called 'him' and 'he'.

Now, You and I both know that if you want to live transgender... it's really none of my business... and most likely I will never know anyone who lives like that... so, I don't begrudge those who wish to.

But... when you want me to start feeding into your delusion, that you are a 'real man'... well... that is just not possible in my logical brain. I know that if you are born a woman... you have the DNA of a woman and no matter what... your DNA will always say you are a woman. Same with a man... If they are born a man... nothing can make their DNA say 'woman'! I promise, if one died anonymously, the autopsy people would do blood work and it would tell the truth!

So back to the show, the mother and sister were having a hard time dealing with it... and rightly so in my point of view. The transgenders are asking us to go along with their untruth, when truth is... they are NOT the real thing... they may dress like one and may pretend to be one... but they are NOT one!

It's not that this mother hates her child... she just didn't want to speak a lie! She knew her child was a girl! She knows the truth in their family all to well!

And when you say that its my 'ignorance showing'... oh, now you see that's where I draw the line!

I have MY RIGHT to know and believe the TRUTH!

Your asking me to speak and believe a LIE!?!

Is this what our world is coming to?

In light of current events it seems like 'lies' and 'corruption of truth' is the norm.

Why is it that I am hated for not wanting to speak a lie?  If I call 'her' a 'him' you and I both know it is a lie... HA... Like I am going to be stupid enough to believe something that I can see with my very own eyes is not true? What sort of fool do you take me for?

Your expecting me to accept this lie, shows me your own deviant mind!

NO... I am not going to agree or accept this UN-truth as TRUTH... I am NOT GONNA DO IT! And you can NOT make me... This is a prime example of people loving money more than morals... more than truth. Your gonna press a lie as truth... for ummm... what? Ratings? I guess freak shows have always been very popular!

This is what GOD, through HIS SPIRIT has warned us of!

And we are smack dab in the middle of it!

What will we choose?

To feed into the delusion of one who refuses to accept what GOD made them to be?

The last quote... I wish I would of written it down... cause now I cant think verbatim... but he is allowing the one who is delusional... to hate the ones who are trying to tell them the truth... and embrace the delusion that they feel! Oh yeah... embrace the lie... embrace what ever you mind wants to think it is! Truth doesn't matter anymore... only 'self' matters!

People this is a wrong way of thinking!

GOD is LOVE... GOD is TRUTH... and this show was not serving GOD. And it struck me as odd because I have heard Bill refer positively to GOD in the past. But maybe... he is only reading the script! You see, only GOD knows where his heart is. We as a people can only judge as humans can... by the actions... but only GOD can know the inside of the soul.

So here it is for today... NO I will not say she is a he... if she wants to pretend she is a he... that is her right to play pretend... (to say the least)... but NO... your not going to make me accept a lie as truth!

The solution to this disagreement is... knowing and remembering... that not ALL PEOPLE have turned their backs on GOD... remember???... Or maybe you don't remember because you have not actually read your Bible... but hopefully you can remember the story of Lot and his family... and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah... thinking about the conversation with GOD and how GOD said that HE would not destroy the city of there was 'one' good Godly person in there... and look... there was none... and so the city came down.

We must remember that GOD loves us... and most of US are HIS! HE will not destroy US for their sin... not as long as we can pick ourselves up and know that GOD IS TRUTH and LOVE and LIFE... and WE ALL work together for the common good of THE PEOPLE! And we are A LOT of PEOPLE... I am telling YOU! GOD has shown me that HE has good loving people around the world who love each other and follow TRUTH and have JOY in LIFE and LIVE with HAPPINESS, watching the family grow!

Praise GOD! We will not allow them to force us or push us or bully us into their lies and delusions!

We stand on the Word Of GOD and we KNOW that in the end... WE will Win!

With all the LOVE and LAUGHTER and GOODNESS of GOD that we can hold!

And there will come a time... when all sin has been forgotten... and THE PEOPLE will KNOW and LOVE GOD, because GOD knows and LOVES THEM...

I can see this time as clear as time standing still! And yet... so much LIFE going on all around us! As we learn to LOVE the moment that we are given... and do the good things we can do while we're in it... because one day our chance will be gone... and our job handed to another!

Praise GOD... Thank you for letting me let off some steam...

I love you all! Because you are here with me! You keep coming back... like a family!

And we are... The Children of GOD!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am writing this letter to you, because I was very angry at the CPS and after many angry letters and posts... someone said, the CPS is only following the law and that I should direct my anger to you... the DEA.

I want to invite any of you and all of you to my house to see the home that you tore down! I want you to see the space and place that YOU took the children from! I want you to know that you could probably find it hard to see a place more suited for kids, with the REAL LOVE of a Grandma that they can't resist!

I was at the hospital last night, July 14th... to bring my daughter and her daughter home. You see... CPS had placed my grand daughter in a place that was abusive... and she was so terribly abused, she ended up at Texas Children's Hospital.

When I saw her... she cried and shied away, she wouldn't come to me... my own granddaughter WAS AFRAID OF ME!

Let me start here... January of 2015, I was coming home with a friend who I had gone on vacation with. My daughter had had her baby girl while I was gone. And when we pulled up into the driveway... I saw a tall black woman all angry, demanding the removal of the boys... my daughter had called their dad... and he was there... my daughter crying... not just crying... but wailing! And the boys dad is jerking them away from their mother... they are crying and they see me and they scream... "NANNY NANNY NANNY" the pain that stuck me to the middle of my soul, was the most terrifying helpless moment of my life, something YOU wouldn't understand and I pray to GOD you never have to know the feeling of.

Their dad... who is a 2 time drug felon... started screaming at me in front of that CPS woman... saying things that he KNEW was not true... just to make me look bad so he could keep the boys, The courts had given my daughter custody and he was supposed to only have supervised visits, it was unlawful for them to go with him that day. (It would of been better for the state to take them... but that's not how it had to be... cause they didn't have anything, other than the small amount of THC on her). And he knew CPS would jump on his band wagon. Which they sure did... Now, he has kidnapped them and moved and wont answer the CPS phone calls.

I haven't seen them in 19 months??? Over a little POT???

You see, my daughter was a pot smoker...

Heck... I have smoked pot since 1972... oh not all the time... just sometimes....  and I have never been in trouble... I have NEVER harmed a child... and I have NEVER sat around smoking pot while the kids went hungry and unsupervised...  I think this makes me the most angry... THEY THINK I put the pot ahead of the children... and they think they know that I am terrible evil demon pot smoker... they think that I cant do anything except smoke pot! I tried to tell them... but they wont listen. Where is the justice in that???

When CPS first came into my life, back in 1988, it was because a female neighbor who tried to get me drunk and have sex with me got mad at me when I wouldn't have sex with her. The next day 'someone' called CPS saying my son was in the street spraying himself with Raid! And that was a LIE... it was easy to get through that one... and then years later, when they came and asked me if I smoked POT, I told them the truth... "Yes, I have been smoking pot since 1972... and I don't mix it with the kids. And nothing was made of it. They could see that all the kids were well taken care of!

Now... today, I firmly  truly believe that these black women who have come into my house the past few years have had an agenda... and that is to screw my family over for 400 years of black slavery... I felt that they hated me because I am white and they are making it more difficult because my family is white and the trend these days is blacks hating whites.

There was never any abuse... there was never any neglect... there was never a judge who demanded that the kids be removed... NO... it was just black women who came in like gestapo and scared my daughter into giving up her babies... now... if it was today... I have learned... I would of told them to get a warrant! I would of protected my grandchildren with my life!

This time with my daughter... I told her to stop smoking 'pot' because I knew they could use that against her... (which they never did to me, and yet, the laws are changing all over the nation)!

Yes, I told her to stop smoking and she said she did...

But of course, she was a defiant youth! I must say that she was a perfect child until she turned 12 and started going over to friends houses... one in particular where the parents pretended to be good and yet, they allowed the kids to drink alcohol and do drugs. I didn't know this... because they came in saying how they love to go to church and all... since then... I have learned some terrible things... and it makes me so angry that I was so deceived.

I will never forget walking up and down the street in the wee hours of the morning waiting for her to come home, to find out later that the so called PARENTS... would drive by and not let her out until I went inside. Grrrr... And wouldn't you know that later, they did get in trouble and CPS placed 2 of their boys in a home where they were both murdered... I think it had something to do with a fight over a video game between the boys and a family member.

Anyways... I have been though some hard times... but she was really doing better the past few years. She had testified for the state... and we were left in peace. She stopped drinking and she stopped doing all the man made chemical drugs... all she did was smoke some pot with a friend when the boys were sleeping. In fact it was a rare event for her. And we had talked about how important it was for her to quit smoking... which she said she did... but the baby came early... and even though she had passed her drug test, they dug into the babies first poop and found THC.

That's it! No abuse or neglect... nothing but that...

So here we sit... 19 months later...

Both of the boys have been kidnapped by their 2 time drug felon biological father... and the little girl... doesn't even know me as her loving Grandmother!!!

It has been a week and she still wont come to me!

I have 7 grand children... All of them come to me, except her.

My heart is truly broken!

I wake up with terrible anxiety worrying about the boys... I cry all the time for them. They were such a big part of my life! I want you to see the video of me singing with the boys before they were so wrongly ripped out of our lives. And now... oh... wow... I cant tell you how much hurt and pain I have been through. You could never know the sleepless nights, crying myself to sleep.

When my daughter was able to go see the boys, before their 2 time drug felon dad kidnapped them and moved away... she told me that the boys asked about me... and cried to their dad to come see me... but their dad is mean... That's the reason my daughter left him... he hit her and one day threw all her stuff out in the yard and even threw her down the stairs... and she was pregnant! And then he locked her out for hours, while she begged him to let her in. Do you blame her for leaving him???

Do you blame this blameless pot smoking granny for wanting to love and care for her daughter and her offspring? Can you see me? Can you see the real me???

So this man knows that if the boys come to see me, they are going to want to stay... so he tells them NO... and tells them they will never see me again?!? Grrrrr...

I will never in my life time ever believe that this man is a better person than I am, just because I have THC in my system. HA, he does too!!!  What this means is... I never smoke around the kids... you can do all the things right all day... and then when the kids go to bed... I can go out in the back yard with a friend on Friday night and we smoke a joint and a month later I fail a drug test... I am a bad person because they find THC in my urine... has nothing to do with the actions of a good mother and grand mother... has every thing to do with the corrupt thinking of some people who love to hold power over someone else.

None of my grand children have ever seen me smoking... and they are 9 and 8 and 7 and 5 and so on... the 9 year old has never seen me smoking, but he knows I do and he doesn't judge me like that... he knows in his heart that I LOVE him more than anything.

And here's something interesting... I AM THE ONE WHO taught the boys to LOVE their DADDY when he came over and they were afraid of him... I hugged him and said I loved him as an example. Yes, you see, I knew it was important to share them with him... but his attitude of anger... and meanness is not something they would ever be fond of.


I don't drink, I don't hang out in bars or night clubs, I don't do any drugs that you can find so easily on the street... Nooooo.... I love to stay home and take care of the home and family!

But no one sees that... no one cares...

Did you know that CPS gets paid by the case and are not salaried?? Did you know that the more cases CPS has open, the more money they get???

Did you know that CPS preys on poor people who cant afford a good honorable lawyer?

Did you know that with CPS rules... a simple casual pot smoker is treated the exact same as a hard core abusive heroin addict, who physically abuses their kids??? Ha! A CPS worker told me that!

Did you know that all someone has to do if they get mad at you is call in anonymously and they can lie all over the place... and are really taken seriously?

I even tried to tell them... hey, I am MotherPope... I LOVE THE CHILDREN...

They didn't care... they just hated me more, to prove to me that I am a NO body in their book.

And did you know that CPS got my daughter off the pot which they labeled a dirty drug test... enough to have all her kids taken away... but was given a clean slate for the Prozac and the Ambien and the Xanax and the codeine for pain that the Doctors put her on...  Oh YES... they took her from being a totally functional pot smoker where she could at least get up and take care of business... to someone who couldn't even get out of the bed!!! She was drugged up beyond belief and yet... that was all good for CPS! Well, IT WASN'T GOOD FOR ME!!! I had to witness this destruction of my family! And I had to deal with my zombie daughter for almost a year, until I convinced her that all those man made chemical drugs were bad for her! She finally quit them on her own! She misses the pot but doesnt dare do it anymore for fear someone will judge her by her urine...

And if I was such a horrible bad person why was I able to spend all that time with my sons kids and my daughters oldest son? How can they say that I'm a bad person and take away the boys and my youngest grand daughter and yet allow that? Truth is, it didn't fit into their agenda... because my son would fight them tooth and nail with his very last dollar and they know they don't have a leg to stand on.

I also maxed out my credit card for a lawyer who didn't do anything, just told my daughter to do what CPS says and she stopped answering our calls. And then I gave up my savings I had put away to pay the taxes... but I gave it to a lawyer who made a few calls and told my daughter to do what CPS says... and then said 'the money was gone'... I live in poverty... I can't just pull money out of my... you know... I don't have a money tree... oh I used to... I had an inheritance... but then I lost over 100,000.00... from friends who... I thought I was helping... but then discovered they were not really friends when they ripped me off! So I feel like I have been screwed enough in this life...

Are you people even giving a care? Or has all the world gone crazy?

Something tells me you are so bored with my TRUTH...

Well... this is why you need to come to this house and see what you have done to destroy not only the house and the kids... but MY HEALTH! I know you don't care about my mental and physical health... because I am DYING inside!

And you know... the law that made pot illegal in the first place was also based on a LIE...

How do I know? Because back years ago, I found myself smoking a joint with a United States Marshall. And of course I am asking him, "HUH" ???

He told me that the crime that was committed back in 1903 that made pot illegal was NOT a crime of, 'oh he was so stoned he killed someone'... NO it was a crime of passion and adultery and racism... that was covered up and blamed on the innocent weed that was found in the hotel room that day! Back in 1903 it was unheard of, for a white politicians wife to have an affair with a black man. You know... they twisted the truth 30 years later in the movie Reefer Madness. But the thing is... it wasn't a white piano player... he was black... and the woman was not a popular prominent politicians wife... in the movie she was a young unmarried girl who was dancing all crazy and killed someone... OK... let me speak the truth here... There was once upon a time... a politician and his lovely wife... and after some years, she became bored... and so she started hanging out at the local piano bar... drinking her loneliness away... in time she fell in love with the black piano player there... and they started having an affair... as you would know soon enough people started talking and word got back to the politician... and one night when his friends told him where they were... he went to confront his wife... a fight ensued... and the black man killed the white man in self defense... and as we still see today... these things like racism and adultery are covered up...

So, the pot became the blame...


We now know that 'pot' is not as bad as we thought... it has spent so many years, talked about as a bad seed... and people are believing false words... oh isn't that an old story? Imagine that... PEOPLE believing LIES!

But...  if we had been reading our Bibles... we would know that Genesis 1; 29 tells us that "GOD has given us every herb bearing seed that is upon all the face of the earth for our use..." And I can tell you from personal experience that 'pot' cures a lot of ills. My own doctor who is a long time respected Dr... would give me... and has given me Prozac and Xanax... and other drugs... because he knows I grew up in hell and he's been my Dr since 1972! Yes... its true...  but I told him YIKES... after taking them I knew that I couldn't take them. I ended up in the bed all day not caring about anything, much less my kids! I need to be able to get up and do stuff... I can't be out of it like that!

For me... the pot works better than the man made chemicals... that the tax payers and insurance people have to pay for... and to speak the truth here... WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GROW THIS BEAUTIFUL BENEFICIAL PLANT IN OUR GARDENS!

Who are you to tell me that GOD doesn't have it right, when I can see with my own eyes... that HE does... and that pot doesn't keep me in the bed all the time! I think that some people are working with some other people for greed and lust of money... because if growing a plant in our garden can help us... and can help us FREELY... we should be doing it! Especially knowing it is a natural help!

Stop standing behind the lies and confusion... I bet 100% of pot smoking people would agree... smoking pot is not as bad as the law says.,.. and I bet 100% of never before pot smokers are only saying NO SMOKING POT because of the law... not because they know it is a bad thing. They are only following people who train them to say such. Because I don't think pot is for everyone... some people don't want to smoke and that is good! I am glad they have such wonderful stress free lives! But then you have people like me, who have found great relief from smoking it!

Cannabis got a bum rap back there in that hotel room, in 1903. But you know... the truth was actually known by many people... and the truth has been passed down in stories like the one told to me.

Now WE AS A PEOPLE need to FIX IT!

Just like we have to fix our corrupt government... we must fix this law that was based on a lie!


The way I feel is, I haven't lost yet... I am still alive... but if I died tomorrow... and I have not seen the boys in 19 months because of the corruption of many... then I will have lost. But for now... I am still alive and I am here... and I have written about this subject many times before... but whats different now is Grand child #7 is home with her mom. I know she is safe now... and it makes me so mad to know about her abuse and wonder how long it has been going on. How long has my baby grand daughter been suffering this awful abuse???

My daughter and I got into a fight this past Sunday... and it is YOUR fault, Dear DEA...

My daughter wanted me to watch the child while she went in the hot truck to do some errands... normally I would say 'Absolutely Yes'! But I had to tell her 'no' because the child still wont come to me. Until she clings to my neck like she clings to her mothers... it has to be no. I am not going to babysit a child who sees me as a stranger... and if things would of been different... she would know me... she would come to me and give me baby love. She sees her eldest brother and her cousins giving me love and hugs... but sadly as of today all she can do for me is turn away.


Oh the anger... and the rage... all because of the corruption... and the lies...

Did you know that instead of ripping the kids away from the mother... CPS could of kept them together in a facility? Oh... but when we told them about it... they said, oh your almost through... your fixing to get your kids back. But is has been several months... Why???

I would guess that CPS doesn't know where the boys are! If my daughter can have her baby, those boys should be home! But their NOT... because CPS let a 2 time drug felon take them! And now... HELLO... did I say he kidnapped them???

I want to see my grands #4 and #5!  This is Grandmother abuse!

And when CPS came and ripped crying children out of the arms of a crying mother... that was CHILD ABUSE... and even then it was intentional abuse on our family! There was only 1 black woman... no police, no warrant to remove the kids...

Ohhh... I can't put into words how angry I am... and HATE... Oh let me tell you I have to ask GOD to forgive me several times a day... I beg for HIS help... and HE only tells me to shhhh... its all apart of HIS plan to set things right...

One day I will see the boys again... and I will have all of my 7 grand children all together for Sunday dinners... and it will be wonderful...  I have all faith in my GOD who loves me through the pain... and helps me find some bits of PEACE... that TRUTH will come out and all will be set right!

Unless WE as a PEOPLE are gonna allow lies and deception to be the norm...

I am waiting for you... my door is open... come over any time and see the LOVING HOME you tore apart! Come on... I bet'cha won't... I think you don't want to see the truth...

Maybe you can't handle the truth!!!

Lord GOD, allow this post to be read by someone who cares...


GOD Bless Us... Everyone!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

American Mistake???

I'm wondering if we made a mistake with America.

We want everyone to be the same... trouble is, we're not the same!

People ARE different...

Look and see the attitude that has come about with it!

HATE abounds within the hearts of too many people! WHY???

I am thinking its because we took GOD out of the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... For a long time our world was run by people who had a GOD sense about them... they knew the right and wrong of life and they founded our nation on the belief of FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all...

But now look! There is no freedom and there is no justice, because the powers that BE in the American PEOPLE have changed... The PEOPLE used to run things... but now, the people are getting screwed as the top dog gets away with lies and murder... and we cant even seem to be able to tell the difference anymore... harvesting a vote from dead people and simple minded people who can be bought and paid for with free food and a cell phone... small price to pay for all that power, 'eh?'... and really its THE PEOPLE who are paying that price... always has been, since someone put in the social care of people who have never learned to stand on their own two feet.

It's crazy to me to see these things...

People are actually afraid to shout out, "The king has no clothes!"

So now we have a bunch of people who live in the gray area...

Without the very thing needed to fight for what's right.

GOD... because GOD and HIS son Jesus are the very ones who we need to remember here. We need to know that GOD is truth... and in 'accepting a lie' you are 'denying TRUTH'.

Too many people do this in this day and age...

They don't have GOD in their heart and soul to tell them the truth!

Their own minds cant differentiate between right and wrong!

And when PEOPLE don't have GOD to guide them... they don't have the ways and means to stop the evil in their lives... many many many bad things that happen are the result of PEOPLE not following GOD... as GOD is TRUTH and LOVE and JUSTICE...

We can see the corruption all over the world, with Satan's plan in action... 'to make PEOPLE believe there is no GOD'. He planted the seed... probably way before Genesis. He wants us, not to have a way to discover who he is and what he is doing in the world.

Ahhhh, The old battle of GOOD against evil... not a new story. But sure looks like PEOPLE cannot understand that concept anymore since they don't have GOD to speak to them!

Its everywhere... in politics, in religion and in the hearts and minds of 'some PEOPLE'.

We as GODS PEOPLE... we have been knowing, that one day it would come to this... corruption in high places and THE PEOPLE had no clue cause they were to busy to give a care about other people and what they think... or to see what they were doing.

I, as a child of GOD... do care about what other people are thinking... and the more I look the more I see that to many people are not thinking about GOD, nor contemplate the things that are 'right and wrong'.

Some PEOPLE who are pretenders, only pretend to be good... they go to churches and think as long as they sit there for an hour or so... (some 45 minutes... less than an hour)... they are saints. Then they go and do the things that they would not talk about in church. They do things that they would never ever talk about with the PEOPLE at the church.


They hide it from others.

In their hearts they know that they are wrong, but the lust of the flesh, will get them every time! You can pretend that you care... but GOD knows, in your heart you really don't.

There are none so blind as those who will not see...

Some people become so power hungry that they corrupt what power they have to induce more power for themselves... they love to glorify themselves! They love to see others bow down to them... it titillates them! They feel like the most'est.

This is what I think men call narcissistic.

It is never a good thing when PEOPLE seek their own glory.

But we are to glorify GOD!

Remember Jesus... who came with GODS Spirit... and left it for US to utilize!

Be GOOD to each other... Play fair! Respect and care about others, if you expect them to respect and care about you!

We live in a world that could be a good place... but right now... so many people are serving Satan, its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

People are blindly following Satan because they can not see GOD anymore!

Our GOD STRENGTH is not there without GOD!

So we live like humans do... satisfying the flesh... doing only what makes us feel good and to hell with all the rest... but this can only go one way... to hell... just like you said. When you live to serve only your self and screw others... it will, in your end... bring on pain and destruction... sometimes only of ourselves and sometimes it includes others. :(

But you should know... we only had our backs turned for a second... and we WILL notice what you do... and we will have GOD on our side!

I am remembering hearing something recently... and he said... "Opinions don't matter... only the facts of law." Well when a few people twist the law to suit their own agenda... we ARE going to notice... and we WILL have an opinion!

We can look and see the history of the battle.

Its been around since forever... and its a battle of good verses evil... and if you take away the leader of the good... HA... you got that battle pretty much whooped!

So without Jesus... how can we win?

We cant... we will all fall down into the pit...

Until some HERO stands up! I mean a HERO that GOD sends... and that one will have what will be known as HIS SPIRIT... and THE PEOPLE take on the SPIRIT of GOD... only then can we see the enemy clearly!

And that's when we will defeat him!

And the battle will finally be won... for ALL will have the knowledge of GOD... and ALL THE PEOPLE will rise up together to fight the sons of men... until the very last one is gone!

Can you imagine a world where differences are celebrated! (Hey! We're working on it!:)

A place where PEOPLE understand each other and are helpful to the point of a great and mighty social success! A place where you can let your kids play outside again... where you don't have to worry about anyone hanging out trying to rape your daughters and murder your sons. A place where we can all live in peace wherever we are... not having to worry about bombs and demons directing people who choose to follow the evil in the world... simply because they can't see it!

Because in this place we KNOW evil, we talk about it and we avoid it at all costs.

I know that one day this will be the 'Heaven on Earth' that we have all been waiting on!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

And HUGS4ALL... and ALL4HUGS! :)