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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

American Mistake???

I'm wondering if we made a mistake with America.

We want everyone to be the same... trouble is, we're not the same!

People ARE different...

Look and see the attitude that has come about with it!

HATE abounds within the hearts of too many people! WHY???

I am thinking its because we took GOD out of the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... For a long time our world was run by people who had a GOD sense about them... they knew the right and wrong of life and they founded our nation on the belief of FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all...

But now look! There is no freedom and there is no justice, because the powers that BE in the American PEOPLE have changed... The PEOPLE used to run things... but now, the people are getting screwed as the top dog gets away with lies and murder... and we cant even seem to be able to tell the difference anymore... harvesting a vote from dead people and simple minded people who can be bought and paid for with free food and a cell phone... small price to pay for all that power, 'eh?'... and really its THE PEOPLE who are paying that price... always has been, since someone put in the social care of people who have never learned to stand on their own two feet.

It's crazy to me to see these things...

People are actually afraid to shout out, "The king has no clothes!"

So now we have a bunch of people who live in the gray area...

Without the very thing needed to fight for what's right.

GOD... because GOD and HIS son Jesus are the very ones who we need to remember here. We need to know that GOD is truth... and in 'accepting a lie' you are 'denying TRUTH'.

Too many people do this in this day and age...

They don't have GOD in their heart and soul to tell them the truth!

Their own minds cant differentiate between right and wrong!

And when PEOPLE don't have GOD to guide them... they don't have the ways and means to stop the evil in their lives... many many many bad things that happen are the result of PEOPLE not following GOD... as GOD is TRUTH and LOVE and JUSTICE...

We can see the corruption all over the world, with Satan's plan in action... 'to make PEOPLE believe there is no GOD'. He planted the seed... probably way before Genesis. He wants us, not to have a way to discover who he is and what he is doing in the world.

Ahhhh, The old battle of GOOD against evil... not a new story. But sure looks like PEOPLE cannot understand that concept anymore since they don't have GOD to speak to them!

Its everywhere... in politics, in religion and in the hearts and minds of 'some PEOPLE'.

We as GODS PEOPLE... we have been knowing, that one day it would come to this... corruption in high places and THE PEOPLE had no clue cause they were to busy to give a care about other people and what they think... or to see what they were doing.

I, as a child of GOD... do care about what other people are thinking... and the more I look the more I see that to many people are not thinking about GOD, nor contemplate the things that are 'right and wrong'.

Some PEOPLE who are pretenders, only pretend to be good... they go to churches and think as long as they sit there for an hour or so... (some 45 minutes... less than an hour)... they are saints. Then they go and do the things that they would not talk about in church. They do things that they would never ever talk about with the PEOPLE at the church.


They hide it from others.

In their hearts they know that they are wrong, but the lust of the flesh, will get them every time! You can pretend that you care... but GOD knows, in your heart you really don't.

There are none so blind as those who will not see...

Some people become so power hungry that they corrupt what power they have to induce more power for themselves... they love to glorify themselves! They love to see others bow down to them... it titillates them! They feel like the most'est.

This is what I think men call narcissistic.

It is never a good thing when PEOPLE seek their own glory.

But we are to glorify GOD!

Remember Jesus... who came with GODS Spirit... and left it for US to utilize!

Be GOOD to each other... Play fair! Respect and care about others, if you expect them to respect and care about you!

We live in a world that could be a good place... but right now... so many people are serving Satan, its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

People are blindly following Satan because they can not see GOD anymore!

Our GOD STRENGTH is not there without GOD!

So we live like humans do... satisfying the flesh... doing only what makes us feel good and to hell with all the rest... but this can only go one way... to hell... just like you said. When you live to serve only your self and screw others... it will, in your end... bring on pain and destruction... sometimes only of ourselves and sometimes it includes others. :(

But you should know... we only had our backs turned for a second... and we WILL notice what you do... and we will have GOD on our side!

I am remembering hearing something recently... and he said... "Opinions don't matter... only the facts of law." Well when a few people twist the law to suit their own agenda... we ARE going to notice... and we WILL have an opinion!

We can look and see the history of the battle.

Its been around since forever... and its a battle of good verses evil... and if you take away the leader of the good... HA... you got that battle pretty much whooped!

So without Jesus... how can we win?

We cant... we will all fall down into the pit...

Until some HERO stands up! I mean a HERO that GOD sends... and that one will have what will be known as HIS SPIRIT... and THE PEOPLE take on the SPIRIT of GOD... only then can we see the enemy clearly!

And that's when we will defeat him!

And the battle will finally be won... for ALL will have the knowledge of GOD... and ALL THE PEOPLE will rise up together to fight the sons of men... until the very last one is gone!

Can you imagine a world where differences are celebrated! (Hey! We're working on it!:)

A place where PEOPLE understand each other and are helpful to the point of a great and mighty social success! A place where you can let your kids play outside again... where you don't have to worry about anyone hanging out trying to rape your daughters and murder your sons. A place where we can all live in peace wherever we are... not having to worry about bombs and demons directing people who choose to follow the evil in the world... simply because they can't see it!

Because in this place we KNOW evil, we talk about it and we avoid it at all costs.

I know that one day this will be the 'Heaven on Earth' that we have all been waiting on!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

And HUGS4ALL... and ALL4HUGS! :)



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