Saturday, February 14, 2015

Classic Civilization

When GOD talks... I listen... and getting up this morning at 5am was not something I wanted to do... or had to do. But GOD... HAHAHA... HE doesn't have to say a word... all HE has to do is tap me on the shoulder and smile... I know what HE wants me to do! And when I woke up with this blog in my head, my body sure wanted to stay in the warm bed... but my spirit knew I had to get up and come in here to simply keep up.

So much jumbling through my head. I know some people think I am nuts instead, saying I talk to GOD like its strange... but it is not as rare as all that. GOD talks to many people who will only, willingly listen. And I don't mean those jerks... those hypocrites who say they believe but in their hearts and minds they don't. GOD knows the hearts and minds of man... so you cannot bullshit GOD!

I haven't even had coffee yet... but when this happens... when I get the blog in my head... the only thing to do is to come out here and get it out of my head! Coffee or no coffee.

I have been talking to GOD for over 35 years now. GOD wants to talk to all of us, but not all of us want to talk to GOD... its all spooky and we don't understand where it all comes from. So we just don't do anything except block GODS voice. And that's not good.

If we acknowledge the spirit, we know... that, like the old time movies, where we have both GOD and Satan sitting on each shoulder, telling us to do things, that there is a difference between good and evil. Some people have snuffed them out, killed off their spirit. Some people hear but don't understand the spirit... and fall for Satans false words, believing they are their own. But this is not so. And this is why we have all the evil doers in the world... they are not seeing in the spirit and the 'spirits of old' are playing havoc in their souls and cause them to do inhumane things!

GOD is always telling us to do good things... If you have a great idea, that is helpful to THE PEOPLE... that is GODS gift to you in this world... take it and run with it... enjoy your life... for that is what GOD wants for us... is to be HAPPY and successful... that is why HE took away the veil... and we can clearly see, what was only misty in our eyes long ago. We know! We are enlightened to the fact that there is good and evil in the world and we have... and WE have the freedom to choose! But, we cant always walk the line.,. we eventually loose our balance and fall to one side or the other... and that way, is like walking on a balancing beam... we get off in the end... and which side we fall on, we choose for ourselves, what is the most comfortable to us.

I mean the whole thing in this life is about the freedom to choose, and then having enough brains to know the difference between the 2 sides... its hard, because sometimes what looks good is bad and what looks bad is good. So we really must be tuned up with our spirit to know the difference, because GOD will tell you point blank what the deal is, if you really want to know. And you must not, 'know' and then deny the truth... oh that is something that breaks GODS heart and causes great pain and then comes the wrath of GOD on your head... its to bad most of the people who go like that, don't even know the truth because they have not sought the truth to know what and where it is in the first place! Knowing... and then acting out on that knowledge will save a soul from hell.

If GOD is all about life and rebirth of the body and spirit... then the old devil, Satan himself is all about death and destruction of all old things that we hold sacred! If Satan can get you to take your own life or someone else's, he is throwing a party in the street with all his minions surrounding his evil self with compounded evil that his people gift him with.

And then we have... classic civilization... where there is no confusion... where WE THE PEOPLE know what is good and what is bad and we stay away from the bad and cleave to the good. A place where all of the people have learned there is a right way and a wrong way. The difficulty comes in, because for most of us when we finally know the truth... we are old and we die... and all those young whippersnappers coming up have not yet learned the way of truth.

So it is a cycle of life, forever growing, forever living the same precious life over and over again... unless... we can somehow reach our children and make them understand why we do the right thing... why we tell the truth... and GOD is a pretty dang good reason to do this. But some have learned the law but have let go of GOD... and when we do that... it shows our children that it is not GOD but only man who is real... and that my friends will be another downfall of mankind.

We can change the world! We have the technology to do it! We can all get the info we need... this is the time, we can see the truth in the web we weave! There is nothing hidden from us anymore! My grand daughter watches Dr Pol... she loves it and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows us... and you know the age... of info... both the girls have learned to Google for information... and so, I stopped breathing for a minute the other day when I heard her speak to Google asking... 'How does a horse get pregnant?'  Oh wow... what to do? I couldn't stand in the way of progress or the expansion of her brain... so later I did the same search and sure enough... there it was... men bringing a male horse to the female and got them to... do it! Oh well... I guess she will be thinking about that for a minute and will be asking more questions later... but my point is... we live in an age where we can get all the info we want! We no longer have to go to someone to ask... we no longer must go to the library and check out a book to learn. Oh no... we have Google~ And thank GOD that we do... because no one should be lacking in knowledge these days.

The reason anyone would lack knowledge is because they are not into it.. they are into the things of the world... they wanna leap out into the world with both feet and land where they may... trouble is... where they land may not be the best place for them to be!

So we punish them... tell them not to do those things... and some listen... but others are just stubborn and want to do their own thing, screw everyone else. This is not good, because that makes us our own god... and that is something GOD knew was wrong long ago and is trying to warn us about today!

We are not GOD... some have that evil arrogant'ness about them and they are blind to the truth... they care not to know the truth... because the only thing that they can feel, is at the end of their own finger tips!

No... we don't do that anymore... WE as GODS PEOPLE know there is a higher power... something that has a control of truth and consequence... and it is not of this world... not of the earth... it is of the inner spirit of all THE PEOPLE... we all agree with Jesus... we all know the way to have a good life is to LOVE and CARE about one another... even when it looks weak and humbling! Besides that... when you do something for GOD it should be between you and GOD... and maybe your best friend... but the thing is you shouldn't do things to be seen and glorified among the people... but what you do for GOD, do in secret... not to be seen among men... GOD will reward you for!

Now, I really want to talk about this 'classic civilization' that I hear some talk about... and it makes me so excited to be able to see... this place that is in the world and in the works right now... because GODS PEOPLE are in charge... they have taken the corruption out of the hearts and minds of the certain few who are corrupt... because believe me... most of the people are good and honest people... because we come from good and honest people... and the world is full of good and honest people. But there is the evil among us... and it is foretold that the evil will be taken away in the end and this will be the One World Order that people keep talking about... but it wont be forced on anyone... for all have the choice and they choose 'goodness' for GODS sake!

For whose sake??? GODS sake... and what is GOD??? GOD IS LOVE in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE! And we can see that in all places. The rich love the poor and visa~versa... and the beautiful love the ugly and help make transition to beautiful... and I am not talking about in the flesh here... because inner beauty shines through even in someone who is not so perfectly proportioned. And we all know inner ugly makes even a beautiful body look bad.

Life is so variable because we have people who are different... and thank GOD that we do, because it takes all kinds in the world... a place where everyone has value and respect... and all celebrate life with the LIVING WORD OF GOD!

It sounds so powerful, because IT IS!

GOD is alive and well in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... we just must pay attention because its hard to tell the difference between good and evil when some things can be perverted by corrupt people.

Its not our system... its not the Democrats or the Liberals... for those are only as different as an opinion... it's when we allow corruptness to take over our minds and mouths... and we live life with lies and murder in our souls... no, it is not the system that is broken... it is the evil people working the system that has destroyed things.

This is not the end, my friends...

It is a new beginning, a new world order that praises the name of Jesus... where we all aspire to be like HIM!

The coming of a new age... sorta like the 'golden age' where life was perfect for most, but without the suffering of others to live that perfect life... the new age of Jesus... will not harm the poor or the weak. We always help to heal...

and I know my words are nothing new to some... I am not alone or special in the way I see things.

Maybe I am simply the loudest!

GOD bless us... Everyone!


Thursday, February 05, 2015

Texas CPS Policy

I have been suffering the past few days.

Have been in constant prayer. Not able to sleep.

GOD has shown me things that I could never see on my own.

And this is where I come to vent.

I believe what I witnessed between CPS and woman #2 was a crime of child abuse and Grandmother abuse. Not to mention the terrible pain in the stomach of a mother whose only crime was, she smoked a joint 2 months ago. But because of the hate of some... they love to lie and cause grief and terror on other people. But GOD forbid they get any of that coming back on them... then they cry and throw fits and say how wrong things are. Now isn't that the 'pot calling the kettle black' .

When people go in and rip crying children from mothers arms... it causes stress in the children who are not knowing or understanding anything. And even worse... after its done it gives the mother no sense of responsibility... I have seen more than one woman react with an 'I don't care attitude'. But for even a good person who is a good mother... it shows them how peaceful it is without the kids and will more than likely cause them to not worry about their children. It shows them how clean the house stays and how there is hardly any laundry... and no food spills to pick up. And leaves them to do... what?

No... this is bad policy. It is not helpful.

Now lawyers are good and all... and its OK to follow the law... but when you go in and rip families apart and then leave the parent to their own devices, and to cause hell for them... they WILL have negative thoughts. They WILL want to seek to get revenge... and may die trying.

No... we need a new way... and I prayed and asked GOD and HE showed me a future system at work... where the people are not corrupt and they are smart and know they have some messed up things going on. And they discover that a BETTER way to handle these sort of situations is to take the child and the parent... and take them to a supervised place... where they can be watched and talked to and helped if needed to become a better parent. It is a HUGE place... a very beautiful and lovely place... an excellent place to be if you have troubles. It is safe and the people there are honestly good and helpful and full of love for you and your child. It is colorful and bright... and there is everything that anyone could ever need there, it is a place that teaches mothers how to cook and clean and how to legally care for their children! A place that fixes the problem instead of creating a whole newly discovered problem, a serious separation anxiety problem for the children. I am so proud of THE PEOPLE for getting together and making a safe place for confused and dysfunctional families. I would much rather know that the kids are in a place like that instead of left on the street to fix themselves... if that were possible they would be straight up in the first place.

Today... here in the present time, are to many parents left alone to fin for themselves and fix themselves. This is not a good thing because some of them have no clue how to be functional. And this should not stay policy.

To many are so blind. They cannot see the importance.

But there are those who are not blind to this truth. There are those who will take this info and start talking about how much better we could make the world if we would just change the policy.

Oh and one more thing while I'm thinking about it... I believe that people who are corrupt themselves should not be holding so much power over other peoples lives with their lies. I have seen to many people lie simply because it suits their purpose and that is 'corruption' folks.

To many corrupt people out there driven by hate and greed.

This is a sin folks...

We must struggle to right our ways.

We must know that GOD in all HIS glory will show us by HIS spirit the way that is good.

GOD has given us all seed bearing plants. To have a law against them is to have a law against GOD.

I pray for the PEOPLE. For there are no secrets here.

We cannot deny the truth.

GOD will have HIS day... have HIS way...

One way or another.

I pray for the children who are hurt by unseemly adults


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Satan's Place

Well I had my morning cry. But, everyone loves a happy ending! Right?

I grew up in hell... was born and raised in hell. I did know a few snippets of peace here and there when I lived with my grandparents, but for the most part I have only survived the hell. And even today... it is the same... there is so much evil in the world and we just accept it because we cant change evil, right?

Well... maybe we can't change the evil... but we can sure stay away from it. But that doesn't mean the evil stays away from us. Even as GOD loves the world, HE is sad that HE must spend most of HIS time fighting against the evil that dwells within the hearts and minds of the people.

Why is there even a hell? Could it be because certain people love to be there? People who allow the evil to have its way and take control of places and people? And others really don't know what to do with the shock of seeing evil paraded right out in the open.

Certain people are so in love with their own self, they cannot see beyond their own noses.

But for me... I have to see the whole spectrum. I see a world view that is so uncommon these days. I just thank GOD that others see it too. And see it we must, because it is the truth.

To many lies and manipulations... so much twisted truth... why? Because someone cant handle the truth, some people only want to hide the truth. Allow evil to run wild. Yes, evil running amok in the street and no one has the power or inclination to stop it. Why? Out of fear?

GOD teaches us to stand up against the evils in the world.

If there is evil, its because THE PEOPLE allow it. Some don't care, because it doesn't concern them. But others allow evil to reign out of greed and lust of power. Some people are so power hungry, when you give them a little power they love to go above and beyond that power because, no one will know the difference.

Well, no one but GOD and GOD says there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed... and that is why men fall/fail. Because they want to hide the truth and live with the corruption because they love the power it gives them.

It is a terrible thing, because most people living in the world are good people... but a few bad ones make a bad name for us. How can our children learn to be good when we are not?

Like the war on drugs, a complete flop. The narrow minded people do not know how stupid they look when they put a law against something that grows from a seed in the ground. It would be great if everyone could realize that GOD has given us certain things that grow from a seed to be helpful to us. But certain people want it to be against the law because man made chemicals are way better for us... right? Uhhh, I don't think so. I believe we all have different lives to lead... we are not all the same,

I don't drink, I don't smoke cigs... I clean the houses and love the babies, that's my life... well other than coming in here and posting my thoughts. I am very reclusive, I don't trust people. Because I have seen so many lie and abuse the system with lies.

Remember when they let Barabbas the murder go free?

Well nothings changed. I know a murderer who was 'let go' too... she actually got away with murder! Oh yes... well, I don't blame the system... they were just being who they are... I actually get it... you see, this murder was committed in a drug house... a house of prostitution and the police were just glad they got it closed down. It didn't matter that a man was violently murdered, he was a drug dealer. And if I didn't know the family, I would of been glad too. But his family didn't deserve this. Losing a son and a dad... and if you look a little closer, its just because he fell in love with the wrong person. He wanted to supply her with drugs because that was what she wanted. And he spent many years doing that, for her. While she called him her best friend, for... hmmm... about 28 years.   She started out drinking... and ended up addicted to meth... along with drinking, doing pills... crack, cocaine, whatever she could get her hands on. She would go to work and make money and buy all her drugs and liqueur and go have her nails done... and then whine because she couldn't pay her bills. She did do prostitution... her and her girlfriends... and one of my friends, unfortunately. It was a wild and crazy place, I stopped going over there years ago when I sensed violence. You see, I grew up watching horrible bloody violence... domestic abuse, where I was the victim. And I am very sensitive to it.  So over the years, it grew worse for them... I heard there was drug dealing going on there. I mean serious drug dealing. I did pray and ask GOD to take care of it, but I never thought my friend would die there. But you know, some things are just outrageous. What happened was this woman... she had her best friend... and she had several boyfriends... clients... but there was this one male friend she hung out with along with her 'best friend'...  and she was always working up these 2 guys against each other, getting them to hate each other. You know, nothing good comes from hate. And over a period of time that hate built up until this horribly violent, blood everywhere murder. He was shot multiple times... he was stabbed multiple times... a bit overkill for self defense eh? Yes, it really was. And you would think with self defense you would run to the neighbors and call 911... but no... these 2 took off and waited an hour before they called the police, Self defense never took root with me... I knew in my heart what had happened. Several of us did. But it didn't matter, the state cut a deal... they didn't want to put the woman on the stand, they said she is 'mentally unstable', one false move and the court would through out the case. So it was all accepted and agreed that this was not murder... because the man had prior violent history. I nor his mother ever saw that in him. We just saw a kid who was so in love he would give anything to please the one he loved. His mother knew he would waste his life on her. And what a waste it was. He will never see his grand children :( He was only human... born to make mistakes. And the woman??? Ha... she's back on the streets... nothing has changed for her... she is still drinking doing drugs and being a prostitute. I begged the law to help her somehow... but I guess they don't care as long as they got their paperwork done.

And then... there is another woman... same area... and her kids were all taken away because she smoked a joint 2 or 3 months ago... she did pass a urine test... but they dug in the newborns poop and found 1 mg of THC. This is so crazy to me. Oh, she has a history. A history of what??? There has never been abuse or neglect charged. Only pot smoking.

Weird... some people hear 'pot smoker' and they prejudge... they think all pot smokers are sitting around lazy doing nothing but arguing for the cause. Cause they want to smoke all day and be non productive. But the truth is, you cannot categorize people like that. You would be so surprised at how many good people are hiding in the closet about being a pot smoker. I have so much respect for Tommy Chong... so many people love him... I love him. Willie Nelson... a legend of a man... a great man... its so weird that some are easily programmed to hate all pot smokers.

Even my grandmother said, "Well, I guess there's worse things you could be doing."

The truth is... some people abuse it and some simply use it. The laws are changing all over. We are a people who has seen it all, we know that 'pot smoking' is not as bad as was told. Is told... by pot-a-phobic people who really have no clue about the truth. They are only parroting what they have learned.

People in the know would NEVER EVER rip crying babies out of mothers arms just because she smoked a joint a couple months ago. What? Condemn all pot smokers? This is absolutely ridiculous. Especially knowing the benefits of smoking... so many benefits. Simple non violent benefits.

I woke up at 3 am this morning... couldn't sleep.

Thinking about those boys who are suffering with separation anxiety, and the state took them from a home that has NEVER been in trouble... has never done any child abuse... only loving the children... has been smoking for 43 years, no trouble... and gave them to a man who is a felon, who has no home, who has to depend on others. A man who is using lies and mental torture to win at his game.

The thing is... I don't blame the system... no... it was put into place to be helpful... and for me... when I was a kid and was really being abused... stripped naked and beat... starting when I was not even 2 years old...  they had a rule if one got in trouble we all got in trouble... and me being the youngest of 4... I got beat like that often... and I didn't even know why. But back then CPS was young and they believed the lie that my mother had told me to tell them... I really did NOT fall down in the wood pile :(  ... but even after all that... I still believe in the system.

Its the PEOPLE who have corrupted the system that I don't trust. Its the people who work for Satan... and his minions... in this.. Satan's place.

GOD bless the children...


Friday, January 30, 2015

Amazingly Scary

Something just happened to me that sorta freaked me out! It was a clear message from GOD that I'm on the right track! I was coming in here to do some personal business, but what happened made me come right here and document what just happened to me... because I will forget later!

So like I was saying, I was coming out of my bedroom, was gonna come back here to do some personal stuff. As I was walking out my bedroom door, I paused to shut off the tv and the light, as they are both right there at the door. I also noticed that I had left the fan on... better to turn it off if I was not in there... now all this happened so fast, as I found myself heading to the center of the room for the ceiling fans dangling switch... and what went through my mind as I crossed the floor was this... 'Uh, you cant find the string in the dark'... as it was very dark after I turned off the light... and then... it was strange, I felt like I was living that scene out of Star Wars... 'Use the force'... "step out on faith and believe!' ...

WOW... you may think this is nothing... but to me it meant everything as I slowly reached my hand up in the dark and found the string on the first try! I mean, my hand went RIGHT TO IT!

You know... its the little things like this... that I can only hear and know... that assures me that GOD is with me! HE leads me and guides me into the way that is good and right and true!

I know I have a purpose... there is a reason I get up and head out in the dark!

And I THANK GOD for HIS presence!

I know we are told by GOD,  'Where ever there are 2 or more gathered together in MY name... there I shall be in the midst'  But I also know that GOD is with us when we are alone... for HE is always, constantly in our hearts and minds!

I think sometimes HE stays quiet tho... because HE is waiting on your move!

And the movement shall be... Jesus! In all his shining glory will be seen again... not coming out of the sky here or there... but we will see Jesus reflected in the eyes of our PEOPLE!

Its the SPIRIT of Jesus that will be what comes along within the hearts of all men! Its gonna be like there will be several billion Jesus's walking around, each doing good to one another!

I hear its gonna happen real soon, as we are putting the truth out there! I hear its 1 generation who will see the completion of heaven! After the holy war!

It is an exciting time!

Instead of having worry and stress over my children and grand children... I feel excited in the fact that they may find heaven! It's a beautiful search that THE PEOPLE will cause to happen!

We can already see heaven in the making!

With all my problems... with all the problems in the world... people being stupid and all... its so good to know it will get better! WHY?

Because WE AS GODS PEOPLE are NOT stupid! Whooohoooo!


Because we have the promise from GOD HIMSELF! And this is a BIG DEAL guys!

We are so blessed to be living in this age! The age of technology, where we can all see!

Yeah I know there are terrible things going on... but the thing we must remember is WE KNOW that it is going on... we know our enemy... we can see the wrong that is done..., and that helps us to see whats RIGHT and GOOD!

And we just put a label on it!


GOD is all things right and good... GOD is the spirit of truth!

Imagine if we were all blind... or blinded to the truth! HA!

Imagine that!

Thank GOD we can see... the whole world can see... yes, the whole world can see the truth!

Woe to the ones who cant see beyond their own noses... and woe to the ones who fight for the side of corruption... for they shall see their own fall!

GOD bless us... Everyone!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Long Arguements Gone

One of the hardest people to talk to about GOD is my son. He is a professed Atheist. Every time I say something about how GOD did this or that for me... my son will say... "Uh... your body did that." He has been the most stubborn of them all. But, he has also brought his friends to meet me and talk about GOD, I have turned many to Jesus, but my son has been so stubborn.

But today when he said, "Ok" ... I knew I had gotten him to understand.

Its all about the LOVE man!

GOD is a spirit, which is not of the fleshly world... GOD is of the spiritual world. And when we deny the spirit we lose out on so much info in this world! I mean, GOD is like the smartest being ever! GOD has so much wisdom to share... and the reason HE listed the sins and told us to avoid doing them, is because HE knew all these things will hurt us or hurt someone we love.

I use my sin for example often when I write because it is easy to understand. Gluttony is a sin... because in the end it is not good for you to eat more than you need, it not only makes you look like a selfish pig to others... it also causes many illnesses.

GOD tells us do not commit adultery because in the end someone is gonna get hurt... or murdered. How many people have died because someone went into a rage and killed them, when they went off with their man... or took their woman... how many have been murdered for this cause?

To many...

But GOD is there... has always been there, to tell us what 'not' to do!

Some people are so damn stubborn!

To know the difference between good and evil, I mean really knowing the difference between something good and something bad is what GOD wants for us. HE even tried to separate us from the bad... but we wouldn't have it, we were so stubborn. And the real trouble here is, some people 'want' us to be able to be bad and have it be 'ok'. We want to be able to sin and do what the hell we want to do and we don't want anyone, much less GOD telling us how to run things. We want to live like we want to live... do our own thing... even when it hurts others... or ourselves.

But this is not the way life works.

We are warned, by GOD, to avoid the evil ways of the world. GOD wants us to just enjoy our life without delving into the evil part of it. We already know there is good and bad in everything. We cant argue with that logic. You can do the 'pros and cons' of anything and have a decent list on both sides.

So to put it to use is what we are instructed to do. These instructions help us to avoid the trouble and pain that comes about when you sin. I think GOD gets a kick out of seeing us either make or break our own lives... I think GOD laughs and cries with us. That's why HE changed things when HE sent Jesus. HE wanted to take the 'do or die' out of the equation. He wanted PEOPLE to choose HIM on their own... it gives HIM a better kick to know we LOVE HIM by choice!

Most religions agree that LOVE is key.

Jesus told us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

And that is really a simple thing. We know what LOVE is... you know... it makes you feel like a big balloon ready to burst with joy! Its what makes us care... and help others! Its what makes us do the right thing by others. I mean if you love someone... I mean really love someone, you wont do anything to hurt them. That knocks out stealing and lying right there. Because when you lie to someone you love, its bound to come out, then they lose trust in you. Its better to tell the truth and face the consequences than to lose your reputation and be known as a liar!

When you love others... you fulfill GODS law!

It sorta freaks me out when I see so much hate in the world, because GOD only wants us to have a good life and treat others the way we want to be treated.

No matter what color or creed... (LOVE sees nothing of that)... GOD knows the intent of our hearts and minds... are your words twisted? Is your heart deceptive? GOD knows!

I think the devils plan is to divide us... to make us fight. And we are doing a terrific job spreading the hate... but why? Why are we so attracted to hate? Is it because it makes us look tougher? Does it make people afraid of us? Yes, I believe it does. When you go and do terrible things... normal people will HATE you, will be angry that you upset the stage of THE PEOPLE.

You cant make people follow what you say with violence... what you actually do is cause them to 'play pretend', until they can stab you in the back and get out of your clutches. Its nothing more than being stubborn, on both parts.

So sad, because it is well known we can cover a multitude of sins with LOVE that we share with each other. The greatest thing we know is what Jesus taught us... to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Do you think ISIS is showing love to the 2 Japanese journalists, who 1 already got their head lopped off in the name of the moon god?

There are so many gods in the world... even GOD told us to not have any other gods before HIM... HIM being LOVE... nothing is more important than LOVE!

My son said he would label himself a Satanist... HA!

I have known Satanists, and you know... both good and bad can be found there... and I have known they do 'human sacrifice' to Satan. The eleven rules for being a Satanist can be broken down by me in less than 10 minutes... its that easy! Some say they don't do sacrifice... but when you get really into it... they so do that! Just like the Muslims say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam... HA! It has everything to do with Islam... just like the Satanists... when you get right into it... there are some Muslims who want to spread their ideology by fear of death and destruction! They bitch about things when non-muslims do something to them... but its all good if they do the very same thing to non-muslims! And... always remember, they are allowed by their god to lie to us!

Now if I was going to put a label on me... HAHAHA... well... I would be labelled a Christian, because I have studied many different religions...  and I have also seen the fall of many great Christians...  and that is just how GOD works... if you are faking it, GOD knows and HE will take care of it! In HIS own way... in HIS own time!

And people are not perfect, well... Daniel was a PPP (practically perfect person)... but bottom line is people in general are not perfect but we can be a PPP if we study and try hard... but if we really want to have a great life, we just follow the rules that GOD HIMSELF set up for us... to avoid the problems that evolve from sin. Even our laws in the US are actually faith based.

So after all of this... after 31 years of raising my son as a Christian... after explaining the truth of life out of the 11 satanic laws... after teaching his children that Jesus tells us to 'love one another'.. and 'do good' to one another... and seeing his children love each other and being kind to each other... finally after all this time my son sees with new eyes!

My son may not admit to the world that he is full of LOVE... but to me it doesn't matter... what matters is what my son admits to GOD!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Arkansas Vacation

When my son goes on vacation, I get to go on vacation too! So when my son told my favorite travel friend he was going to have a vacation, she put it all together. She is the same person I went with last August after my mother passed and her husband had passed... so we went 10 days, 10 states.

But this last week we went to one hotel, 1 place... and that was Hope, Arkansas!

My new favorite place!

We stayed at the Super 8 motel right there off I-30. It was so nice... the people were nice... the air was nice... way different than what I am used to here in Houston. We met the breakfast bar lady, Pat... she was such a nice lady... we chatted and shared grand children pics. So funny because one of the days that Pat was off, there was another lady who was not so nice. In fact when some other travelers came in asking about Pat, this other woman said she didn't know who that was and they go through so many people. HAHAHA... when we told Pat that... She laughed and went and told the guy behind the front desk. We thought that was a crazy moment! But remembering Pat and the sweet young girl who sat behind the front desk most days, they really made our trip!

The first day we stayed in Hope, lol... I love the name of this town and I love the people there... and I am not democrat, I am independent, I vote for who I like best. But I did vote for Clinton, the first time. I liked him. And to be able to tour his grandparents home where he lived with his mother after his father, Mr. Blythe died in a car accident 3 months before Billy Blythe was born. What a terrible thing to have to go through as his mother and family during that time. I got really good feelings from this house. It was a really cool place! Loved every room. I even saw a letter written to the grandmother from Bill when he was in collage!

As we were taking the tour I noticed you could see the back yard of Vince Fosters house. I never knew Bill and Vince were next door neighbors! But I learned that... and that they were school chums for many years! Things concerning the end of their friendship were exposed to me... I understood way more about Vince Fosters story.

Now Hillary didn't enter the picture until collage. I would love to know who was the girl from Hope whom Bill loved... maybe still loves. I know she is there somewhere. Some girl. Who had Bill Clintons heart way before collage!

I knew in my heart that Bill Clinton was a very good guy! Oh yeah, he made mistakes... we all do. But seeing where he came from assured me, his story is one of faith and Hope... faith in the Father... and ... how can you go wrong living in a place called Hope?

We went to 2 really great restaurants... Our favorite was family owned, Big Jake's Bar-B-Que!

The other one was another family owned... Sheba's, my food 'smothered chicken breast', was very good, the only complaint we had there was with my friends turkey sandwich, it had 2 very thin pieces of turkey... most other places have way more than that. But Sheba's was mostly just bread.

If your ever in the area of Hope, Arkansas... go to Big Jakes... the people are friendly, the food is great! Oh and the smell when you first walk in the door... oh my... I can't put in words! Maybe 'heavenly'... because when I die I am going to be visiting Big Jake's in my heaven!

HAHAHA that sounds funny I know... and I am going to try to get back there asap in this life!

We also went to the Diamond Fields in Murfreesboro! We spent 2 days there... doing it was on my friends bucket list and I am so blessed she chose me to go with her! We had a blast! I even got funny videos of my feet walking through the muck and mud! I was laughing!!! The first day I thought 'OH yeah... God's gonna let me find a big diamond'! HAHAHA... yeah... God showed me a whole different story... that's why on day 2, I just went on a rock collection and walked from one side of the field to the other... and made the videos and collected a great rock collection. I did find a treasure... a huge 2 inch quartz! So I have the rocks from the river in Tennessee, the Cave in Rock in Illinois and now from the diamond fields of Arkansas! I am looking forward to collecting a lot more rocks!

The one thing that really bothered me was... well I am cursed to know what people are thinking... and there were some who thought we were gay. When in fact my friend is a widow who doesn't want or need sex anymore... and me, I am loyal to my babies daddy who is a sex fiend, wants to have sex every day morning and night... so I am so happy to get away from that... my friend wears jeans and has a short hair cut... and it really bothers me that people think we are like that... its crazy cause when homosexuality was/is a sin... and every one knows it... people don't think like that... but with all the gay people stepping up and demanding equal rights, it puts those thoughts in peoples heads. They are guessing we are gay. Thinking it... and that's all I need. I can pick up on those things. And funny because I do it too. I wish homosexuality wasn't crammed down our throats. I liked it better when people didn't talk about such things. Of course I love my gay friends... I would fight for their rights too... but I know from my studies that homosexuality is a sin against God... and God has told us that there has been gay people since the beginning... but we as GODS children, we don't do that. We cant change the word of God and it is in the old and the new testament. Right there along with don't have sex with your parents or siblings or animals. Its there and we cant deny it. But neither should we judge. A sin is a sin is a sin... I am just as sinful in my gluttony. Its a weakness of the flesh that we should all be mindful of. We don't judge each other for sin these days... our sins are private between us and GOD! We must all work out our own salvation.

Another place I want to mention here today is Washington Arkansas... a little town between Hope and Nashville... another wonderful place... in both Washington and Nashville we got off the beaten track to explore! But Washington... oh what a wonderful place! I so wanted to live there! I am so happy in my heart to know places like this exist!

Being able to travel with my friend is one of the greatest things ever! I am so blessed to have a friend who takes me with her when she wants to go. As we all know I live in poverty and could never afford to even go to Galveston on my own. Much less travel out of state. I feel like with the people praying for me... others are vessels sent by the spirit to take me places I could never go. I know GOD answered prayers. And I have faith that GOD will continue these excursions for many years!

GOD bless us... everyone!

And Thank You, Hope Arkansas... for restoring my hope in THE PEOPLE!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

CPS Commits Child And Elderly abuse!

Oh yes, this is one of the most craziest of all things in my point of view, but it just shows how corruption can ruin a good thing. Places where the power goes to peoples heads and they love to create drama and chaos separating a child or children from the mother and only home they have ever known.

This is what was happening when I came home from Arkansas vacation... my friend was dropping me off at my house when the street showed me a pic I was horrified to see. My grand kids being taken out of the house! You see... my daughter just had a baby and even tho she tested negative for marijuana, they went back into the babies poop and found it. And then came to the house to take the other children away.

Yes, they proved that my daughter smoked a joint within the last couple months.

And that's all.

CPS has been involved in our lives before, because of rumors of pot smoking and sharing and other lies. Well, I have smoked pot since 1972... I raised my kids just fine, thank you. Of course I never made the weed my god... but, when I am having anxiety attacks that my doctor usually gives me meds for... its easier to just go in my bathroom and sit and take a couple tokes and I feel better. It is medicinal for me. Has been and probably always will be. And the laws are changing all over the place! When something grows from a seed, it should be free for people to use for a purpose. Of course smoking anything is not good for your body and you should try not to smoke anything. But sometimes this helps, medically, for those who need it. I applaud those who don't need anything. And I think its better than getting something from the dr that has chemicals in it.

I have never had any charges against me for child abuse or neglect, because my kids were a higher priority than the weed. But I never was put through what my daughter is going through. It was a different time when people from cps used their 'hearts and minds'... not acting like robotic Nazi gestapo.

I don't understand how something like this... a trace of pot... this is no reason to come into the home and rip the crying babies out of a crying mothers arms, this is very traumatic and should not be allowed. And as being grandma, the sick burning in my body kept me awake all night last night trying to understand it all.

I always make sure they get vitamins everyday... and every time I see the bottle of vitamins there, I get extremely upset and have very much anger for these idiots who don't take into account the home is a good one, they just assume its not.

We have always invited CPS into our home each time a kid got mad at my kid they would call cps for revenge and twist the truth... evil people love to get you where it hurts the most. And we dealt with what we had to... and the only thing was, a positive marijuana test... that means we could of smoked a joint 2 months ago... and it still be positive. Even though there was never any evidence or proof of abuse or neglect... there has never been any abuse or neglect, I am here to tell ya!

It is a terrible Nazi type place we have here when 1 woman can come in and scare a mom into giving up her kids by threats... you see... cps didn't bother to test the person they sent the babies with. And if they had, he... the dad, would test positive too... but we are not going to point that finger at him, I would rather the boys be with their dad than someone I don't know.... and the person who took in Joe 6 years ago... she was a pot smoker too... CPS is wrong to be doing this crazy crap. They took the babies out of a safe loving home that the babies have always known... and sent them off with a dad they don't really know. They were crying... they wanted their mom... they wanted their grandma...

All because my daughter smoked a joint a few weeks ago.

I say... where is the warrant?  ... where is the abuse or neglect?


Here's the real kicker... the other grandmother drinks a LOT of alcohol... and smokes pot too and does other drugs... and yet she is good to take the baby. HA... We don't drink here... we don't do other drugs. Smoking pot is just an occasional thing. We don't sit around all day stoned to the bone.

Pot smokers are good people too... there are many pot smokers in the closet, hiding because of things like this... and still living a good life... because the weed is not their god... GOD is their god and they believe...  anything that comes from a seed is of GOD! Why? Because the Bible tells us so! Gen 1, 29

The house is clean... safe... where the kids are happy!

And ripping them away should be a crime.

We are calling a lawyer in the morning.

In the meantime... I try to stay positive thinking they are at least spending quality time with their dad! This is a good thing... and its better than CPS taking custody...

HA... they didn't take custody... I can see how stupid they would look if they did that... as I intend to tell the world how the city of Houstons CPS is corrupt and needs an overhaul! There are lots worse people doing lots worse things out there... things of real abuse and real neglect out there. There is no abuse or neglect happening here.

In all they ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct your path!
Proverbs 3, 6