Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Walking With Jesus

Its been a long time, I know. I have been filled with things I want to say here. I am up to 56 working hours a week so its hard to get in here. My daughter has moved back home so I have to share this room with her. She and her children are gone today. So here I am.

I am seeing in the world a great deal of lies for the benefit of manipulation of human minds. Why do some people want to deceive so many?

It has been that way since the beginning. And you probably know that it is greed... selfish greed. Because even the greediest will turn their back on the ones who help them get to where they want to be. And then they kill them so they alone can know what and why they are doing.. what they are doing. This type of thing does NOT come from GOD. As you know GOD is very adamant about people not lying. I am grateful that the SPIRIT of GOD is alive and well in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE. Its good to see... And I can not only see but so can many of the others who LOVE GOD! We know that in the end Satan will not win. For we will know the TRUTH and the truth will set us free! And free indeed will we be, when the one calling for LOVE fulfills HIS plan.

You see, since the beginning there has been selfish, self centered, self gratifying people who don't care about others. It was common to think only of 'self'. And that caused things to not be as they should be. There was no heart or soul... no care or concern about others.

GOD has tried many times to heal HIS PEOPLE... who should and will be WE THE PEOPLE! For ALL will now the words of Jesus. The one who made our way feasible to the feet of GOD. It will be good for us to know what GOD had intended for us.

Remember when Jesus was murdered? Oh yeah I guess the politically correct word would be crucified, but that is a word that was created to explain the course of legal murder. But when Jesus died, GOD gave us the Holy Ghost which is the 'comforter' whom GOD sent to live within us... the veil was ripped apart so that anyone could receive GODS SPIRIT... still don't get it? Well, before Jesus, it was known that GOD lived in the Temple, behind a veil... and the only way to get to GOD was through a Priest who lived there and could pass beyond the veil. People would go and make sacrifices... (this was all symbolic) and be forgiven for sin. But it was a sort of messed up deal because a man could sin and just go give up a bird or a four footed animal for various sins. And GOD knew that men were not taking responsibility for their sin, the animal was. And also the men behind the veil, some became corrupt. I can't say they all became corrupt because you can see even now that even tho some have become corrupt, there are still many of us who still walk and talk with Jesus and know and keep his words of LOVE and HELP and HOPE and prayer! We no longer have to go through any one person... or 2 or 3 or 8 or 10. I say that because some have become corrupt in groups... could even be a group of 100 or a thousand.... ya know?

So now that we can LIVE with GOD in our hearts and minds... do you see? It sheds LIGHT on reality. People don't have to be misled or misguided or manipulated when they have GOD right there inside themselves. Its no longer a group thing... its a one on one relationship with the one and only true GOD... who is the LOVE of and in ALL of US. So when someone says you have to go here or there to find GOD, do not believe them. Now, with that said... there are many places who have NOT been corrupted. And they go to Church or Temple or anywhere they create, for the community of the Saints. That is when a bunch of GOOD PEOPLE who LOVE GOD and EACH OTHER, create a place to gather together in the name of JESUS! GOD said, "where so ever 2 or more are gathered in MY NAME... There I will be in the midst!" So you have to have GOD in your heart to know which is which. Which place is truly serving the Lord and which place is in it for the money and status.

I was driving down the freeway this morning... and there was traffic backed up for miles... because of construction, part of the freeway was closed down. It took us 30 minutes to go as far as it would normally take 5 minutes. I looked to the right and saw one of those Hummer Limousines... which made me realise... the worlds problems are there for the rich and the poor. Didn't matter if you were driving a Cadillac or a Lincoln... or an old beat up, worn out car... we all had to wait our turn, waiting for the space to get on our way.

How very much like the Spirit, I thought, GOD doesn't care how we get there... what matters to HIM is that we 'get there'! And the jokes on them who are arrogant and egotistical... or narcissistic. Those who think they are so much better than others. It would make GOD very happy if the rich ones could acknowledge that they are just blessed by GOD... as we have seen many of them take a great fall and end up with nothing... they lose their homes their families and their jobs.

But ya know... there are those people of GOD who would gladly take them in and show them the error of their ways. Because we know that if you follow Jesus and do what is right, you wont be put in the way of failure. GOD does this to people to bring em down a notch, when they think to highly of themselves... when they think they are their own god.

We know the way to be is to become HUMBLE knowing the POWER that GOD has over us to give out the good or the bad accordingly.

We sure do have a lot of BS going on today with all the fake news... its amazing how some people love to manipulate with words, to make something sound so different than it really is. And ya know why they do it? They get a real kick out of it. Some people love to stir up trouble or confusion and they laugh at those who don't get it, or the ones who pretend like they get it and they carry on the fake news. And the Devil is laughing at them... or should I say, with them.

You see... there has been a spiritual battle since the beginning, when GOD tried to sort it all out for us. Its the battle... you know it... of good against evil... truth against lies... GOD against the Devil.

And here we are... some of us not even knowing about this spiritual battle because they don't have the SPIRIT of GOD in them... the spirit that tells them to be GOOD! And there are those who have the devil leading and guiding them to do bad thing and they don't even know their being bad cause they are laughing at their ability to manipulate your mind!

This is why we use labels.. GOD is all things that are beautiful and honest and pure of heart... and the devil is all about death and destruction and ruining peoples lives and leading you into the world of lies and doing all sorts of things that are bad for you, like gluttony... adultery... homosexuality... and I could go on and on... but you can easily find this list in the Word of GOD... the Bible... which has always been a Best Seller since it was written. I would suggest starting with the New Testament. The old testament talks about the way things used to be. But the New Testament talks about the way Jesus said it should be. As in LOVE one another... Do Good to one another... Help each other out!

Not to many people doing the right thing in the world today. And we're not stupid people. We are for the most part educated, with the Spirit of GOD within us that tells us when someone is lying for their own purpose. They just don't care that they lie to us. We are insignificant to them.

It is very important that we share the word of GOD with everyone so that we ALL can know the power of LOVE and we can all feel good about our lives. I think that when we get our lives together... rich people will start helping out the poor. Like, I am a poor person... I am in debt 60 grand.. that would be a drop in the bucket for a rich person to get me out of debt. You know, I fit the criteria... I am not going to waste my money on cigs or booze... I don't waste anything... I just would like to pay off my creditors. And wouldn't it be nice to have a program that does this for people? It would not only help the poor, it would be a great economy boost! I am struggling... I make 8.$ an hour. I pay my bills on time. I have never filed bankruptcy... I have never blown money for the fun of it. I have often thought that I could be a writer and sell my books, but that isn't happening. But... of course I am here writing this blog for nothing... you don't have to pay me to read the things that goes through my head. GOD says 'do this' and so I am doing it. I love all of you... I think I can see you... as When I close my eyes GOD puts faces in my mind... they flash by and I can only think its the ones who love me. And I thank GOD for that. Sometimes I get depressed and think I'm not doing good... and I think that's why GOD shows me the faces of the people whose hearts I touch. I praise GOD and I thank HIM for we are at 112 countries now. And just today 21 people logged on at the same time. I always wonder about that. The only thing I can think of is somewhere teachers are having classes log on to read. Or maybe a government entity is grouped together. I don't know and I am OK with not knowing as long as GOD knows. So as long as I hear GOD telling me to get in here and write... I will.  And the wonder of it all is that even when I don't know what I am going to write about... GOD takes over my hands and guides me as I go!

So even though I am not in here as often as I used to be... know that as long as GOD gives me breath I am here for YOU... For HIM... and all those who will someday hear about me and come to see what I'm all about. And that is... HOME and FAMILY and ALL of GODS people who are just starting out on their path of life! I am not here to judge anyone... because I am fighting my own fleshly battles. But I thank GOD that I have HIM who gives me the strength and the wisdom to carry on.

Carry on... carry on...

As we all must do. Don't let the Devil tell you that your not worth it... Don't let the demons take you to a place that will blind your spirit to the evil in the world. Because... its not all about us... its about all the ones who have come before us and all the ones who will come after us.

Sure an evil man can do his evil deeds... but GOD knows... and one day that evil man will die and others will come up knowing GODS LOVE and will right all the wrongs that the evil ones had done. We will naturally have and live with the LOVE and CARE that GOD intended.

I see such horrible people doing such horrible things. And I pray... That GOD gives them their just due... for they will have their reward in the pits of hell, knowing they can never come back and do a do over. And for those who believe that we can make a deal with GOD to let us come back and try again... are also the ones who know in the first place that they don't want to screw up... for the wages of sin is death. And that includes death of the spirit. The second death.

Don't lose your soul for something that can only serve your flesh... save your soul for to serve GOD and the things that Jesus taught us when he walked and talked with GODS PEOPLE here on earth. Yes there are many Saints alive out there.. but they are smart enough to stay away from things that could corrupt them.

Live as GOD intended us to live...

And that is to have LIFE and have it more abundantly... doesn't matter your label or your social status to GOD... GOD is only concerned with your HEART and MIND... and that you see and know TRUTH and most of all... set a good example for the CHILDREN... for such IS the kingdom of HEAVEN!

GOD has not abandoned us... some PEOPLE have abandoned HIM.

All we have to do is acknowledge HIM and give Jesus his just due.

Lets go to bed tonight and ask GOD to come into our hearts and minds... and lets wake up to a new day and a new attitude... doing our best even when we feel we're doing our worst... just do what you know GOD wants you to do. And leave the details to HIM...

HE WILL sort it all out!

GOD Bless Us... Everyone!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Why? Why? WHY?

So many things we don't understand... and some things we won't understand until GOD tells us.

Like the parent who doesn't teach their kid to brush their teeth and then after the consequences of not taking care of their teeth... they complain about their kids teeth going rotten. I mean, this really happens.

I think my biggest complaint these days are parents who love themselves more than their kids. The parent who chooses things in life to serve themself at the sacrifice of their children.

I was talking to someone today... and they were saying that 'people will never figure it out'... and I abruptly knew that one day THE PEOPLE will figure it out... most already do.


It seems that to many people are not only selfish but also arrogant in their thinking that the world revolves around them. They are a product of their own world... not allowing others in. It hurts GOD to know there are people out there like that, after giving us such good advice that some refuse to acknowledge. If they would we would all 'get it!

I hear so much about equality... but as much as people want to believe in equality... sorry to say... we are not equal. I know that GOD created us all equal and we ARE equal in the eyes of GOD... but in the eyes of a society of people we are not. A big example of this is if you have money, you're gonna get the best health care... if you have no money... well, after a long wait you will discover that the medical system doesn't work as well for you. To many people have died because we don't have a 'correct' medical system in place.

I remember when I had first inherited money... I went to an upper class store... and I was wearing old  ragged clothes... the sales person totally ignored me, turned their back towards me and walked away. I knew then... that we are not equal. Going to a restaurant... if you have money, you get served... but only IF you have on shoes and a shirt... if you are homeless, without money and proper attire... you would be turned away. Or arrested if you went in and ordered up knowing you had no money to pay.

We are NOT equal.

You want to go to a movie or some sort of entertainment??? ... you better have some money... or you would get turned away... and then laughed at by people who think you are nuts.

I went with my sister, to take her to the store. I waited in the car. She didn't have enough money so my grand daughters who were with us came out to tell me she needed money. And when I went in... there was my sister way up front digging in her purse, she couldn't find her card to pay. There was a line all the way backed up to the door... and my sis holding things up. I quickly stepped up and paid the lady, but while that was happening... people in the line started complaining... now, my sister is disabled and she didn't lose her card on purpose... but these people in line were getting rowdy about it.. and GOD BLESS the Ladies behind the counter who were the clerks. I think my sister was oblivious to what was going on, while these ladies started shouting louder than the people saying ... "this is a convenience store and we serve everyone... you just got to wait your turn!"  Oh, I wanted to hug them! Believe me I heard and saw it all... and I couldn't even look those people in the eye as I walked out... I kept my eyes lowered... yes, I was embarrassed... It bothered me that my sis is disabled and has tremors so bad it affects the way she moves... but it hurt even worse when people were so impatient and not giving a care about my disabled sister. But, GOD blessed us to have those ladies who boldly stood up for my sister... I am so grateful to GOD that there are people out there like that! And... not that it makes a difference, but they were black ladies standing up for my white sister! Praise GOD!

I have lately been under the impression... with the new groups like BLM and other haters, who get all violent and destructive... who stand on the freeways and force the drivers to stop or run over them...   and I may be the originator of the 'reverse racism' thought... but, you know, a long time ago... for many years in the USA white men bought and sold black people... there were different public toilets and water fountains, one for whites and one for colored. And now, some people are so freaking out about racism this and racism that... when the whole time GOD just wants us to LOVE each other no matter what color or creed or custom or doctrine or tradition... none of that stuff has anything to do with LOVING one another. Those ladies were acting with LOVE for my sister... it's the way it should be!

We are all learning and growing... we all can know that LOVE is the way to go.

It's not easy! Even for me... I am still learning!

If there's something I learned real good this week was working through our challenges. Oh boy... was I challenged... and I think maybe GOD was testing me... to see if I would belly up or step out on faith... I decided to step out on faith. I remember the exact moment I made that decision. Was when I discovered that I had forgotten my glasses. I was on my way to pick up my check stubs that they keep at the office... which is way across town. So, I took a deep breath and started praying to GOD.. I was praying for mercy and guidance... I was praying constantly...

First of all... I can see without my glasses but I can't read small signs... I pretty much knew where I was going and decided I could do this!

So, my first ooop's was when I got on the toll road not meaning to... its this area of freeway that goes over the train tracks and you can get on the toll road or you can go about 100 ft and stay on the frontage road that takes you over the tracks... but I didn't see the sign... so I stopped at the toll booth... digging for change... I didn't have any money and only about 75 cents and I needed a dollar and seventy five cents... I asked the lady if they take a card... ohhhh, no cards accepted... so she handed me a paper card that was a toll violation stating they took a picture of my car licence and I had to go pay this fine at the toll booth store... I was grateful to have a way out! I took the card and got off the toll road! I did a couple of good turns and then missed a turn because I saw it was another toll... so I just turned right on the next available street and went all the way to the street that I turn left on. There were many lights and the car was shaking and I was still praying... Lord have mercy... lead and guide me by Your Spirit! And I remember exactly what HE said!

"Face your challenges... follow the plan even when it deviates... The Lord is with You!"

And praise GOD HE WAS! Even when I was lost, GOD made me calm and I found my way!

The ride home was just as crazy... I knew the major freeways and where to go... but to see the signs I had to get right on it... I was heading east to turn south... and at that point, I saw the freeway split, but I had no clue exactly what to do... I cried out to GOD... "Lord, what do I do?" and I heard 'go right', I looked and saw I had a small open space... and when I got up on it... I DID need to go right! Whew, I made it by the skin of my teeth... with the grace of GOD! When I turned back east (yes, I was zigzagging home) there was some construction going on that I didn't see... and I was clenching the wheel and clenching my teeth... and something else that was puckered up too... I was on the edge... and then there were 2 trucks that I didn't see... I soon saw the one in the back going slow with a whole long line of people behind the truck... and I was on a schedule, had a Drs appointment. But GOD said... get over... and so I did... and got up there only to discover another truck just like the other one... who was having mechanical problems and had a whole long line of cars behind him too... but there I went right on up to a free wide open space! Praising GOD with a smile on my face!

And this is the lesson... I may not know exactly where I am... but GOD will get me where I need to be! GOD shows me in my heart and soul! One day many people will have this knowledge because they will know that GOD will lead and guide them! Just like HE does for me! Now... I knew this to be true... but for to live it out... to just get through the motions of the moment... is a scary yet wonderful thing!

There was no freaking out or giving up.. oh, there was some moments that I wanted to turn around... but you know I had to get all this done! When I got home... I was so relieved... even telling my family about the day I could barely believe it... and if it was a test from GOD... I think I passed!

There will be some things we don't understand... and some things we know there are consequences to. There are reasons why GOD changed it to be about the LOVE and the patience and the joy and excitement of life!

Why do bad things happen to us? It can always fall back to sin.

GOD says to LOVE one another... if a parent LOVES themselves more than their children, the children will suffer in one form or another. It is important for a parent to always put the kids as first priority... as more important than themselves. It's the way of LOVE. And we could solve a world of problems if we would always do this.

Thinking about the parent complaining about the dentist having to fill cavities and capping bad teeth, yet it's their own fault for failing to teach their child to take care of their teeth.


When will these people figure it out?

It depends on them... are they choosing not to see?

Are they blinded to the truth?

Can they not face the truth?

GOD sent Jesus to teach us a simple lesson.

Love each other!

Teach your children to love... you show them LOVE and when you grow old they will have LOVE and care back for you! You can't be mean and ornery and rude to other people and expect them to love you. Sad they cannot know this simple thing, but you taught them different.

I wonder why some people choose to be atheists... do they know they are going against all that is GOOD and right within the hearts and minds of people?

Why are they denying perfect LOVE...

The devil wants you to be selfish and mean... he wants you to waste your money on booze and cigs and fake nails and fake hair, gold and fancy cars ...  it's sad when this happens because GOD usually has to teach a serious lesson about the difference between fleshly and spiritual desires. I guess when someone thinks something is bad about themselves... they don't really want the truth of it to be  plastered all over the news.

The demons roam around just looking for a sucker who can be fooled into believing in the dark side. Why? Because Satan himself laughs when he can tear down a soul and destroy a life that GOD has given. But it's really not that complicated. If you want to know more, beyond the message of Jesus, it's easy to learn more. If not and you want to keep it simple... just know that GOD is the god of the LIVING... GOD gives us LIFE... and even tho' we live on the earth where both GOD and Satan has their space... we must remember the message of Jesus...

LOVE each other... care about others, help others when you see that you can!

So simple. Too simple.

Why do people confuse things? Well, we know that GOD is not the author of confusion... we have the LIGHT to guide our way... and when the light seems dim for some reason... we go on faith!

Knowing that GOD will work a work that will be awesome and real and GOOD for you and other people in your life... and if you're close enough to GOD in the spirit... you will know why... even if you cant put it into words.

You just know...

Praise GOD for all blessings and all guidance!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I was reading Psalms 23 the other day... as I sometimes do and I was struck at how simple the opening words were...

The Lord is my Shepherd... I shall not want!

And I stopped and thought about it... if I were to simplify for the ones who have no clue, I would say this...

GOD is my guide... I have everything I need!


Really! I mean have you ever thought beyond the repetition of these words?

I was feeling them not just reading them!

Most of my prayers are these words... "Lord, Lead and guide me by your Spirit!"

This means that even tho GOD doesn't have any materialistic signs that point the way..  HE does have spiritual signs. And its like, you cant see them unless you are feeling HIS Spirit. If you're not feeling the Spirit it's because GOD is not LIVING within your own heart and mind. And all you have to do, is ASK HIM IN! HE is not going to barge HIS way in. He is not going to FORCE you to take HIM in... he isn't going to cut your head off or shoot you in the head for not serving HIM.

We all have our own choices.

That is the wonder of our Awesome GOD... HE gives us the freedom to choose our way!

I've been reading a lot lately about how many atheists and agnostics are in the world. And I laughed to myself... HAHAHA, if they only knew that if they are living with LOVE for each other.. and they are kind to each other and are being helpful to each other... they are ALREADY doing what GOD says for us to do! They work hard and they LOVE LIFE!

GOD is LOVE... GOD is the god of the LIVING... that's US... thats WE... but not limited to US... because someday it's going to be THEM... cause WE will become THEM...

The Unborn... the ones who will be coming after we're gone... no one can live forever!

It is fascinating to me that we can create something that will live on and go on forever! And that we ourselves are so limited. I've seen people come and go and the stuff they made/created is still around! I have these really cool shelves that I watched my Grandfather build, when I was a young child... they now sit in my back room... the room that I am in right now... and I look at them and I remember him building them... and I get all joyful inside my soul for giving me those moments in my life that I feel my roots running deep! I read somewhere that some people believe that as long as someone is remembered, they never really die!

I believe that is what keeps Jesus alive and well...

The second coming is not going to be his body floating out of the sky... it's going to be when HE comes into your heart and mind and shows YOU the difference between good and bad. No one has to tell you... you just KNOW... that is KNOWING GOD... that is GOD being in the very place HE wants to be! Inside your soul... left to US when Jesus was murdered.

The SPIRIT OF GOD will indeed LIVE forever!

Let's be apart of it!

It's what makes us KNOW someone personally, we watch what they do, we hear what they say... we know them by their actions. If they are trying to tell you that your better because your label is different than someone else's... they are wrong!

The enemy is ARROGANCE... thinking yourself better than others to the point where you can kill them and steal their stuff and you think it's good!

But, when Christian people meet Christian people... we know its not about labels... it's not about color or creed or culture or doctrine or tradition... it's about the LOVE man! It's about knowing that they are not going to turn on you with lies and deceptions... but now... that is not 100% ... there are some who hide behind religions... some who use religions as big business. I'm sorry I have to say this... but it's the truth. I wish it wasn't. But corruptions have run amok... and we are sure that there will be problems when someone with power becomes corrupt. We've seen it a billion times over!

And praise GOD we have HIS PEOPLE who come and stand up for TRUTH and for what is RIGHT and GOOD for ALL of US! I love it when I see people who make lots of money who go out and help others who don't! This is going to be what saves us as a PEOPLE! The rich will actually be grateful for their bountiful harvest, so to speak... and will use the extra to help others in need! We do see this... but it's not a popular thing... to many are selfish and do not care for others... but one day... the Spirit of Jesus will be in the hearts and minds of EVERYONE... EVERYWHERE!

Because we can all agree that LOVE is where it's at! LOVE is the best way to go... when PEOPLE spread the LOVE ... whether they know it or not... they LIVE with LOVE... they act with LOVE... they speak with LOVE.


Don't let anyone tell you that you have to do this or that to be accepted by GOD... it amazes me what some have done in the name of a god. You see it's not about if you are seen going to a church or a temple or a mosque... it's not about having the power of life and death over a people... it's about how much you cherish LIFE and LOVE! It's about how much you respect others... how much you help others to take the first few steps in the right direction, making them able to be a productive citizen!

We are faced with choices everyday! It's been that way since forever!

Some people know that it's natural, normal even... to have some who are good with their money... and some who squander their money! Some say that MONEY is the root of all evil.. don't believe that! In fact it's when you LOVE money more than you love GOD... that's when it becomes an evil habit. Its like, its OK to love your make up... as long as you LOVE GOD more!

Its OK to love your home... as long as you love GOD more!

GOD can make ya or break ya!

You can learn these things by me or someone like me who teaches the WORD... or GOD will have to teach you the lesson! And that usually includes consequences that your not gonna like!

I tell the children when they are little... you can avoid a lot of problems if you just do not have anything to do with their causes!

Its OK to love your job... or your position... but LOVE GOD more!

Its OK to love your car... but LOVE GOD more!

What is GOD???


Where do you find HIM?

Within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE!

Where is the evidence?

Look at all the GOOD that PEOPLE have done for each other! My Grandparents did good by me... I do good by my Grandchildren, which teaches them to do good to their grandchildren. Now, I used the example of Grands because I didn't have a good mother... and I don't blame my dad for leaving her. But he wasn't there for me either! But truthfully it's the parents JOB... it's the parents responsibility to do right by their kids... and it's a good thing when kids take care of their ailing parents or grandparents!

You know poets have written about it... singers have sung songs about it... about LOVE with both its joys and pains. GOD doesn't want you to have pain with it! Only joy... is why HE has caused people to write about it and record the good words of LIFE and LOVE!

Can't find GOD?

It's because your not looking in the right place!

You can't find GOD 'out there' or 'over there' or 'in that building.' You can't follow someone to GOD, like don't believe anyone who says 'I will show you GOD'...  because the only place you can find GOD is within your own heart! When you follow the example of Jesus... you will find 'the love' that will save you! The power of LOVE that GOD gives to you freely when you open your mind to the truth... I don't want you to be confused. GOD is not the author of confusion!

I could talk about this issue all day...

But really it's simple...

The words are easy...


No hate... no anger... no death... no destruction of souls for sin...

Be good to each other...

HELP each other out...

Can't find GOD???

Look for LOVE because GOD is LOVE!

You want to be loved... you can find that, in the EYES of HIS PEOPLE!

GOD Bless US, Everyone!


We are now up to 109 countries!

I praise GOD and Thank HIM for that!

Monday, January 01, 2018


I am not sure why GOD wants me to write like this. My life is so full of LOVE and LIFE... I am surely blessed these days! So much to do, I never get caught up!

But in all my ways...I acknowledge HIM and HE directs my path here... for you!

I remember the song, This Little Light of Mine... and I remember when someone in the church said it should be this BIG light of mine... and I think about how BIG the Spirit of GOD is... and yet we still  say 'its little' because we each have our own little part!

It is my belief that my little light will combine with the SPIRIT of GOD!

I am thinking about Russia! A beautiful GRAND place that has a history that is as rich as GOLD... actually more precious than gold. When GOD speaks to me about Russia... it is with great LOVE!

Here's truth... GOD LOVES Russia!

Now that doesn't mean GOD doesn't love China or Russia or Australia or Africa or Mexico, ect! Because GOD LOVES ALL OF US!

I just don't understand the hatred for a PLACE... any place. And if you say you hate Russia... than the problem is within you! Its not that the Russians are coming to take over. Truth is... NO OTHER place or religion will ever take over America! Not that they haven't tried...

America has always belongs to Her PEOPLE... and we are a GODLY PEOPLE!

Truth is... when you strip away the labels... PEOPLE are PEOPLE no matter what place, color or creed... or traditions or doctrines there are for people to follow and be labeled by.

I don't know why we always want to use labels, I guess they are there to tell us differences of state and mind. But for real... GOD has PEOPLE around the world who LOVE HIM and want to promote the TRUTH/facts of Jesus... of anyone who teaches LOVE and PEACE and KINDNESS and GOODNESS among the PEOPLE!

I'll never forget seeing a video... and even then, I didn't see the woman who spoke in the video, but she could of been any woman as far as I can see. What was going on was, the take over of Gaza by the people who promote death and destruction... she spoke out against them... "But we are a good people..." and you know I know when someone speaks truth... and this woman was speaking TRUTH... they were and still ARE a good people! They are just caught up in the front lines of the age old war of... GOOD against evil!

This is the war that we are fighting still today... its not a place that hates a place that has a different label! It is a war of PRINCIPALS... morals... ethics!

I will always remember our Beautiful Judge Milian explaining to the people that it might be ethically, morally wrong... but its not against the law. It hurts my heart to know this is true.

And its a problem!

But with GODS ways... if its morally or ethically wrong... its wrong against HIM!

And to be honest... Russia is not responsible for the Trump Presidential win... if anything the Russians were praying to GOD that Trump would win! And of course we know that Trump was sent by GOD to win! And we PRAYED... as in the Russians and Americans and also with others around the world who knew the consequences of the OTHER CHOICE!!! 

So many people were absolutely clueless of the moral/ethical facts!

I was like... WTH???

I am so surprised with all the fake news! Its just lying without being morally or ethically wrong!!! Or so they think... and so they do!

Here's more TRUTH... GOD tells us 'do not lie'... and everytime that someone posts fake news... they are lying according to GOD! And you know... 'There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'! There will always be GODS PEOPLE to make right the wrongs done by men who entertain evil.

I know, that within my lifetime we will see the perfecting of the saints! It is already happening! You know... GOD sometimes works very slowly... but its because of the stubbornness of some people.

I love to know that even tho' some do not talk about it... they do always follow GODS laws simply  because of their ancestors who made the CHOICE to follow Jesus.

That is to live life, loving and respecting others.

Helping those who need help. I see where some go out and pick up street people and give them the chance to step up in life. They help them get a job and they in turn help society be strong enough to help anyone else out there. And that's what GOD is all about.


Recently a Church took in 2 lost souls off the street... (as many do)... but these two, stole from the church and disappeared. HA... to me... I would be glad they are gone... but hold on to the lesson... some want the help and do a good job becoming a good citizen,  others take advantage of the situation for their own selfish ways. But GOD tells us to just wipe the dirt off your feet and do not be bitter or judgemental... the next one might be one who was sent by GOD to get real help!

Ya win some... ya lose some!

But keep going in the way that is good because its GOOD for YOU, by GOD!

I believe we work out our own salvation... you can't save all... but that is only while we are still learning. Someday we will live in a world where there are none who are alone... helpless in the dark. We are the CHILDREN OF GOD... with the knowledge of the ages!

Some will be hard and hopeless... let GOD take care of them. HE will!

You know what they say... "Do the best you can and leave the rest to GOD!"

I love to see how GOD works and what GOD has planned for us... HEAVEN! And we can make it! We know that in the end LOVE always wins! Some will suffer but at the end of the day and the dust is settled... WE THE PEOPLE will win!

People everywhere around the world will let go of the hate... and cleave to LOVE...


There are places in the world where the crime rate is very very low... the PEOPLE have learned to be civil.. and LOVING and caring and helpful!

Its so funny to me... someone does something kind... and the news people are right on that! I mean... this should not be news... but it is, because we are still fighting the demons that are roaming the earth seeking innocent people to devour. But its getting smaller and smaller...

It seems like its an explosion of hate... but really its not... we're just figuring out the details. Looking for the day that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that the way to go is to follow the example of Jesus... the man who showed us GOD...

Sometimes it overwhelms me... the spiritual world... as in Genesis... I can see both the evil and the good... and I know that WE THE PEOPLE GOT THIS!

We can overcome evil with good!

If you could see how easy it is to stomp on that ole' devil... You would be having a dancing party stomping out the evil among us. But then...

 Ohhh, I am so HAPPY for THEM... THE CHILDREN OF GOD who always promote the good... and spit out the bad... we will all be tempted... you know... like to sell your children... or follow the whore... or drink yourself to death...

But... WE choose NOT TO!

GODS GOODNESS will happen... I can see it coming!

The world will not fall... the world will not fail...


And we are glad about it!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA...

I LOVE you Russia! Not all people are haters... Thank You for always coming back to read these words... I am always a little excited when 13 to 23 people from Russia log on at the same time. I love it.. I always wonder if its some class. Whatever it is... whoever you are... I Praise GOD and Thank Jesus 4U!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back To Basics

First of all let's go over what GOD is... G-O-D is a label we put on the SPIRIT of LOVE...

Since the beginning there has always been a force... and they are pressed against each other like 2 shields... one against the other. It has alway been so. Since the beginning.

Which by the way, was not the beginning of the earth... it was the beginning of the separation of good and evil. The beginning of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil! As in Satan's own words, now we are like GOD... knowing the difference.

To me Genesis was an experiment in a time that was before time existed.

Men inspired by the good things that GOD has given, to began to develop written wisdom.

And here we are... so lucky to be living in these days... we have so much to learn and understand. All the things and ways since the beginning of time are ours to choose from!

As Eve was innocent in the garden... who exactly was hanging out over the wall encouraging her to take of the thing that GOD had told her not to... that spirit was one of deception for the destruction of her spirit... she had no clue... but now Adam... he knew in his heart that he didn't want to disobey the one who gave him 'the LIFE'!!! But he was alas, human... and swayed by the woman.

And this is why some old religions do not include women in the GOD HEAD!

Now the difference is, that of human desires... which is more important? Feeding the flesh or feeding the spirit? Its all a matter of personal choice. What you value in your world!

What really cracks me up is those who live and lie... and yet, get mad at someone for lying to them. Or someone who is cruel... and then falls apart when someone is cruel to them.

Now when GOD established this wisdom... some men... and I have to use men because it was the men who ran things back then... not so today! But at that time... men became corrupt and saw to it that their 'religions' were self serving... instead of serving others.

Whereas GOD tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, do good to each other...

And PRAISE GOD I see this happening all over the world today! WHY???


I love to see all the BEAUTIFUL spirits!

Now as time went on... GOD saw that men became corrupt in the flesh... which distracted them from the SPIRIT! And GOD knew that HE would have to find a way for men... errrr PEOPLE to become healed from this sin... GOD gave us the 10 commandments... but the people still had a fleshly heart and succumbed to the weaknesses of the flesh.

Time marched on... and people used the old ways to conquer and convert the people to a rigid course that was destructive and demeaning to GOD and his SAINTS. If someone messed up the system killed them. There was no mercy... and the people learned to hate... there was no love in their hearts... only revenge and murder.

After all, since the beginning we had free will... Eve had the will to follow the evil words of Satan... or cleave to the GOOD that GOD had given her.

She wasn't the first and she wasn't the last... but she is one of the first few, used by GOD as an example to us of what happens when you fall away from GOD.

And GOD cried... and then became angry.

And in GODS anger HE knew that HE must give us an out... a way to know and understand HIS SPIRIT... and after a time... as predicted... GOD gave us Jesus!

Jesus was a good man who had the strong will of Samuel... Job and John among others!

He was the perfect man who had come to spread the word of GOD much better than anyone had before... well... I think Confucius had it together too... as we know that 500 years or so before Christ, he said... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!"

But with Jesus... we learned to LOVE EACH OTHER... and when Jesus was murdered... sacrificed for nothing other than the sins of THE PEOPLE... He left us THE HOLY GHOST... The comforter... the one who is with us when no one else is... the SPIRIT OF GOD!

Yes, GOD found a way to establish HIS will in our own hearts and minds... we don't have to worry about anything because with GOD comes a LIFE of LOVE and TRUTH and JOY and PEACE... and above all... the wisdom to know the difference between that and 'death and hate and lies and depression and chaos!'

I look around and see more than most... I see the difference in the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE... and I see GOOD GODLY PEOPLE standing up for what is good and condemning what is bad.

The confusion comes when people don't know what is bad for them. They think that sin is OK and are trying to justify it. But the thing is... we can never make lies into truth.

We can never make life out of death.

Ohhhh I wish all of you could know the JOY of the Lord! It is so wonderful... and THANK GOD many many people out there have it! Why? Because the spirit of the family! Good people who live and love and help and see LIFE as it should be... the way GOD intended it!

Many people out there know of this... and it's not in the money... because I would rather sweep a dirt floor where there was LOVE rather than recline in a mansion of hate.

Oh the pain of it all... comes from within...

So as we grow as a PEOPLE... and I am thinking about the ones who are young and strong in the SPIRIT and know GOD intimately! They know what is right and good for them and their PEOPLE... and they will get there... and I believe we are in that generation... because GOD has said the info would be around the world at the same time... and we have that with the media and the internet!

Even now they are going strong... GOD IS WITH THEM!


We are the ones who are going to get it right! We will overcome the evil with good.

In time... not to long of a time... evil will die out because people will no longer be fooled by the lies and deceit. Evil will no longer dominate our world like it has in the recent past.

I love to look forward to when evil has been locked up in hell... is no longer tempting the children... the people live and die in peace as nature progresses.

Yes... smart intelligent people who know and respect the HIGHER POWER that is GOD... the SPIRIT OF GOODNESS and kindness and LOVE for each other.

The SPIRIT that has been repressed by some will be glorified by all!

It won't be about gluttony.. adultery... or being selfish at all. I don't want to even say... but I can see why and how this got started... but you know my policy... no finger pointing and no blame.

As these are things that we work out ourselves with GOD.

GOD shows you in your heart truth... and what we do with that information will create the human that we are. 

I love seeing the good that will be done by GOD through the hands of HIS PEOPLE!

Some only think of themselves... OK... for example, here's one a lot of people can relate to... feeding our flesh more than it needs when we could be feeding others.

Giving our love to only one who satisfies our flesh... (adultery) and not caring about the results this will have on other people in your life. The one that you married... and the children you have... you choose to glorify the flesh of some bimbo who doesn't love you... only your money.

I remember when I did Proverbs. I got stuck... took me 3 days of prayer to see the meaning... it was so different than the words said... but in all, it was how sad it is for a rich person to have to wonder if they are loved for their hearts or for their money.

Many people say... 'money is the root of all evil' ... but truth is... its the "LOVE of money" that is the root of all evil. When you love the money more than the person handing it to you.

Yes, the world is in a squander because of the choices of certain people who became corrupt... or in other words... followed the voice of Satan... that lying self serving manipulator that has many names... many places in time... the one who convinced some to be self serving... at the expense of every one else... or some bodies else.

But we remember that GOD HIMSELF knows that HIS LOVE... in the end... will win!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus for the words of LOVE


I love you all... I am grateful and thankful for you to come read... when I get down and discouraged... GOD reminds me of YOU... all of you... and I find the strength to carry on...

For the LOVE and care of my BROTHERS and SISTERS in CHRIST!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Room Divided

The Lord has given me a vision to remember here today.

I see a very large room.

I mean it's HUGE like a stadium... with many people... packed so tightly, they are almost fused together. In the middle of the room... there is a wall, running down the vertical length of it, dividing the room into 2... and on each side of the 8 walls, there are 8 mirrors. So that when in the rooms it is reflected back on itself so the rooms seem infinite.

I can look close and see what is going on...

There are lots of PEOPLE on both sides...

On the left there is chaos and violence... hatred streaming out of mouths that are abusive. Some people are screaming and some are breaking things... tables and couches, chairs and whatnot... There are cries of pain and suffering. There is blood splattered everywhere. They are scratching and biting each other. Everything seems to be black and red in color... black for the darkness of their minds... and red from the blood that is spilled every now and again.

No one is calm. No one is kind. There is no peace. People are arguing nonsense of things that I have never even heard of... arguing of things that have never been argued about ever before.

People hurting people... people treating other people like animals.

There is fear and confusion.

My mouth has dropped open in response to the shock of it all. I back up with my Lord to feel all that can be felt in that room. It is a sadness almost like a sickness that overwhelms my soul.

But, I am safe from the suffocation of evil people.

For, My Lord Is With Me!

We watch the old Dracula movies... and we wonder... but we are not afraid because its just a movie. But this ancient tale is based on a man who was written about from long long ago. But he didn't feed off of blood from a biting wound in the neck, he feeds off the blood of others as he arrogantly commands death to any person for any reason.

And sadly, there was a time when people lived this way, like animals devouring each other for the process of personal gain. It's not a pretty picture. In fact, its pretty dark... and the people are not very smart.

I don't understand the mentality of  people who will use and abuse other people just to fulfill their own personal lusts. I don't want to see it. But I have to see it. GOD says to see it and to show it to everyone. HE wants us to know of the evil in the world so that we can avoid doing THAT again.

Because one day... life... The PEOPLE... who are alive... are going to see... and understand that LOVE is our GOD... and life will soon become like the 2nd room... the other room... on the other side! I LOVE this room and this where I choose to be... I can go in and feel welcomed and be treated well indeed! Oh the beauty of it all...

People in this room are very smart... they know that LOVE is the most precious commodity that there ever was... and is! They are wise to teach their children to live with LOVE leading and guiding them! They are helpful and caring because they have seen this all their lives! They are kind and considerate...

They know that God is just a label we put on the SPIRIT of GOODNESS that we as Christians share. The love that has been passed down from parents to children since... well, since the beginning of knowledge!

And wisdom is thick in the room on the right!


I love that we can know what we want in life and we can teach these things to our children! We love to show them how to be lovey and caring and honest and helpful!

They know not to lie because when you lie... it shows that you know it's wrong!

Did you ever think about it???

Oh I love to see it! I love to know that its real!


He IS the GOD of the LIVING!

And here we are... LIVING!

We all know that my #1 sin is gluttony... I love to eat all the yummy foods that are so plentiful in this day and time... but my other sin... (aaaahhh, you didn't know I had any... right? HAHAHA)

I get jealous... envious of the people who live like GOD wants us to live... not like for me... my parents... both of them loved themselves more than they loved me... or any of my siblings... and most people who live with those like that... learn to be just like that... self absorbed... self indulgent and screw anyone else... you know... like the one who will go to a banquet and eat a whole pile of food while there are some who haven't eaten... sitting on the sidelines... wondering if the glutton realizes what they are doing... don't they know they are being selfish??

I am thinking of the ones who can learn from this.

So as I was saying... I was envious of the woman who had great parents and who had raised great kids who learned to love their parents... and then marry a man who loves her like her parents loved her, and she knows it... not like the ones I married who thought more of themselves than they did of me... but it was what I was raised with, it was what I was used to... what I knew.

Now, I see these practically perfect people all the time! Its very rare that I come across those who are heartless and ruthless and conniving, all just to satisfy their own fleshly desires!


There are so many good ones... like the ones in the room on the right... Loving... and laughing... and watching in wonder as they discover fascinating things together! They love the children... they love to watch the children grow! They don't care if its their own kid, or someone else's... we appreciate them ALL!

Remember when Jesus said... "Suffer the little children to come unto me... for such is the kingdom of heaven."  YES, He did say that!

They were all out camping and there were many people chatting and laughing... and the little children LOVED Jesus, because kids are smart like that... they can feel the love! And so their momma's were telling them to get back and leave Jesus alone... he was tired and didn't need to have children all up in his space... and that is when He said it! He knew that our hope is with the children!

And so it is now... but you can see the battle raging, can't you... you can see the good saints of GOD standing up for truth and justice! For life and for LOVE! And for FREEDOM to choose! :)

It's all about the LOVE, Man!

It's so easy a child can understand!

It takes an adult time to develop the hard core sense of corruption that comes from the greed and lust! And all the stuff that that implies!

I love to watch as people LOVE and help each other! I mean... its the way that GOD intended!

The problem is, to many people get all into themselves and their idols who are all into themselves... I mean the whole world can see the problem here.

Now here's the solution...

GOD is first... my friends and family are second... and I am third...

That is to say... when you are loving your peeps... and they are loving you... well... It just don't get much better than that! Loving... helping... sacrificing self for to give help to others!

Its a beautiful thing!

And I am really working on not being jealous of those practically perfect people... having practically perfect children and grow to be practically perfect grandparents! Children who grow to have a good life and a practically perfect story... with a practically perfect ending!

I know lots of them!

We cant live forever... but while we're here we can create a beautiful story... that one day will make people cry tears of joy at knowing the struggle is real...

And, I tell myself... I grew up in hell... if I hadn't, I wouldn't be able to tell my story of how I survived and how GOD has helped me... even tho it was a horrible terrible time for me.

In my life, I have missed out on a lot of good stuff... and yes I am sometimes a little jealous of people who have all that good stuff... but ya know... I guess for some reason... that only GOD knows... HE chose to bless those people with the goodness they have!

So that is why... I am dedicated to my story... and the good thought that, you can have that good stuff too... and so can your children... and your children's children... and so on and so on and so on.

I guess my final thought here today is, you cant pick the cards that are dealt to ya... but you can pick how you play the game!

Just like you can pick a room... left or right?

You choose...

It's your turn!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Thank you for sharing... we are up to 108 countries now!

GOD Bless US, Everyone... IJCNA

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The World As We Know It

So much running through my head... I'm working hard as i can, and so much yet to do.

But I had to come in here... I have to let go of some of this stuff.

I need to start with this new shooting. And everyone wants to know why this man did this. I can tell you this... its very simple he did NOT know GOD!

GOD is the GOD of the living... and anyone who makes death of innocents is not acting according to what GOD has told us throughout the years. This man was entertaining demons.

If you don't believe in demons... doesn't mean they are not there.

GOD is all kind and loving...

GOD teaches us through Jesus, to LOVE one another... and to LOVE your enemies... do good to those who spitefully use and abuse you... and then dust the dirt off your feet and get on your way.

There are so many people out there who want us to forget about GOD, they want to do their dirty deeds and have 'the people' say its OK. Oh yes.. there are some who want to sin every day and have you believe that its all good. But it's not!

GOD said the word is the word and will always be the word and if anyone tries to change or manipulate it, will be cursed. And this is because we do not, should not distort TRUTH!

The truth brings freedom... but the truth is also something that can hurt.

But GOD will never stand behind sin... sin will always be sin for a reason.

So, no matter what they try to say... or do... to try to convince us that they are good... we know by their actions and attitude who they're living for. Who they're working for...

Good on us that MOST of us are GOOD PEOPLE. We were raised by good PEOPLE who taught us the difference between good and bad. I mean its been there for a million years or more... the war between GOOD and evil. It happens ever day in many different places.

Praise GOD that most of US, LOVE GOD!

But there are some who are self serving... both my mother and father thought of themselves before their kids/family. How sad we learn to late where our priorities should be.

Where there is no LOVE for each other... that is Satan's playground. And how does he get in??? You let him in... simply by not acknowledging him. He can get in your heart and mind and play tricks on your brain. And you don't even believe...

The worst thing we could do is deny GOD.

Things can go so bad so quickly if we don't know or understand what's going on in the world. So its a good thing to recognise that GOD is GOOD and wants us to be kind and helpful to each other.

Look see whats happened... there is no idea of good versus evil... but we've been dealing with this issue in our movies and cartoons for a long time. It's not make believe.

Truth is, we can all be a Super man or a Super woman! I see them all the time... and I sure admire the ones who do their best everyday for the betterment of their world. Our world!

GOD showed me that there is one earth... but many worlds... in each of our own minds there is a world... a happy world or a world of pain... or maybe a world of stress... or a world of sadness... we create our own worlds... we create our own stories.

How many worlds are there? Well, how many people are there in the earth? Billions? We all have our own thing going in our world... and sometimes we share our worlds... so we are together... but separate... in perspectives. It's a good thing!

You can't expect everyone to think and agree with you.

GOD has shown us that we are to respect other people's... cultures... creeds... and doctrines and traditions... Life is variable.. depending on who you are and how you were raised. I think it so wonderful to see the differences! We can enjoy going to different places!

GOD says the thing that is the worst is corruption in high places.

And that is why people... bad people... corrupt people... hide what they do.

And yet they don't know that GODS word says, 'There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'!

So what is the wise thing to do? Be smart and know that GOD wants us to have a GOOD life!

Too many people are down and depressed... why? Because they got caught up in their own self pleasures... as Mary Poppins said... "Some people can't see beyond their own noses." And they can't help but not care about others. Because they don't know GOD.

We are wrong to listen to corrupt men who see themselves as better than common folk... better than GOD... they want you to accept their sin...  and that is the first step over the edge... before the fall.

And people who don't know GOD or understand HIS ideas and words, live in a wasted world. A world that is created for themselves... and when they discover they are all alone... it's all downhill from there. This is the reason for the suicides... Lonely people who don't know how to LOVE.

So we as a PEOPLE in the USA struggle with the ones who want us to respect their sin when we know it is not the way to be. Sin causes trouble and trouble causes pain.

Who wants to live in pain??? Not I, said the one who is writing these words.

I don't want to suffer anymore! I've lived in hell... and some people still cause me grief... but for the most part, the people who live here all love and help each other. We are all happy to be here and we enjoy the simple things in life. Like, GOD has blessed me with 8 of the most beautiful grandchildren! And, I even have 3 great grandchildren... altho they don't know about me... long story, saved for later.

I really want PEOPLE to know that GOD has better plans for us... and one day we're going to find our way... because GOOD ALWAYS OVERCOMES EVIL!

And the more we fight, the faster we'll get there. Let them come with their evil, bad selves... GOD IS WITH US! We will win in the end... which won't really be the end.. just the end of the 'world' as we know it!

I have found my PEACE! I am happy with the LIFE that GOD has given me...

I am not afraid to talk about the hell I went through... but most days are spent in a joyful daze... or do I mean days? Does it matter? Can it mean both? :)

I'm doing the best I can with what GOD gives me! I stand up for those who can't stand up themselves... HAHAHA that reminds me of what happened when I was shopping the other day... in front of me there were 2 kids wrestling on the floor... the mother was trying to tell them to stop, but they weren't listening... (typical children) and the older sister was on top of the younger brother and he was crying... now, my heart always goes out to a crying child... so I leaned over him with a big smile and asked him if he wanted help up... and I reached out to him... his mother came over and I think I had put an idea in her head... she leaned down and hugged him and kissed him and I smiled and when I walked by the older sister, I smiled and said.. "Now you be good to your brother! OK?"

I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing... wasted among the unlearned... but the little boy got hugged and kissed by his mother... and that is always a GOOD thing!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA!