Friday, December 05, 2014


The word defiance can be either good or bad, depending on the way you use it!

As in every aspect of life, this is so.

Depends on you!

I learned something about people... children specifically... but some people never grow up and remain children all their lives. My mother was one... she was a defiant 17 year old for most of her life. HAHAHA... most...ALL is more like it. You didn't want to start any BS with my mother... she would put you in your place in a heartbeat... and that was OK if she was right! But so often she was wrong.

And GOD always gives out the result of our actions according to HIS ways. That's why it's so important to learn GODS ways... so we can avoid disaster! Now if my mother would of been humble... obedient to GODS word, her end would of been so different. But you know... ying yang... karma will get ya every time, I ain't kidding you!

I learned that if you tell a kid over and over what is expected of them... like a mantra... like showing them the way to go... they will reach a point when they will want to prove that your stupid and they can do their own thing. But they don't know, it will come back on them! Specifically... I used to tell my daughter, every school day... this mantra... "Go in... learn everything, because the more you know, the farther you go... people pay you more money for the more smarts that you get!"  It was positive yes... but it didn't tell the whole story!

Now... I say the same thing to my grand daughters when I drop them off at school... BUT, I add something... I add... "but you don't have to if you don't want to... you can choose to be stupid and not get an education.. you can follow the other stupid kids and not study... just have fun... but then, you will be stupid and no one will want to hire you for a job! But, its all up to you... you can choose to be stupid if you want to be!" And then I shut up and let them process that info... I don't keep talking like I used to do to my daughter. And ohhhh I love my grand daughters and I hope they choose to do good things with their lives... especially to be defiant to my suggestion that they be stupid! HAHAHA... see, I am doing different with my grandchildren... you live and learn, eh?

So if we can show the kids, both sides of life... the good and the bad... maybe it might make them more aware of their actions... we know that when GOD HIMSELF, decided to try to raise up perfect people from unlearned people of low degree... they were defiant and did what GOD asked them not to do. Typical kids... I think we need to tell them the consequences first!

A lot of people think you cannot talk to a kid and make them understand... I don't think that's true. I think you can talk to the children and they understand a lot more than some give them credit.

And that is where we must begin.. with the children. The Muslims know this, that is why they are so interested in getting their way in our school systems. And I am sorry if I offend anyone with this truth... but it's the truth.. and the truth sometimes hurts, don't it? And this is just going to be a consequence to your actions!

 As A PEOPLE we are not stupid !

I love to see the smart people all over the world!

It is a blessing from GOD to have smart people come up in the world!

Now, on the other hand... defiance is a good thing if you are being defiant, righteously! If you are standing up against evil people who have set the 'evil as norm' on the earth... by all means defy the evil ones! Because when you stand up and speak out against evil, you will be surprised at how many others will stand up with you!

We the PEOPLE are a mighty bunch... and we stick together by the SPIRIT!

Yes, the same spirit that has led the PEOPLE since before the beginning of recorded time!

We must know there is more to this life than what is in the earth... just as there is earth and sky... there is flesh and spirit... the two are one... but yet they are separate because some choose not to acknowledge the spiritual side. Some people think to be subservient to the spirit is as a weakness... I say to you... THE SPIRIT is our STRENGTH! The spirit is what is here after we are gone from the flesh... we know there is more to life than the earth... we have known GOD forever! The good Father... the good Mother... the good family who sticks together with LOVE!

LOVE... the thing that makes you feel like your a balloon ready to burst with joy!

Not pride... not arrogance... not.. 'my kid is better than your kid'... but to LOVE one another in this life... so you can love each other in the next! Because... just because you don't believe, doesn't mean its not there! Many have seen it through spiritual eyes! We just KNOW GOD is there! You don't have to know tho at the beginning of your spiritual search... you just have to believe... have faith... and you will see through spiritual eyes too... GOOD always overcomes evil... even if it looks like evil will win... just sit still a minute... (i love to pray when i sit still) because LIFE has both sides out there... a good side and a bad side... this is old news... but the good news is... goodness has already won... GOD won the moment Jesus died on the cross as the FINAL human sacrifice.

Now... since GOD is personal... we make personal sacrifices... we honor GOD by getting control of our flesh and make the personal sacrifices that only GOD could know about... for me it is getting control of my calorie intake, for others it might be controlling their private parts... or their mouth... or controlling any bad habit!  Its GOD whom you want to impress... not men! Men can pretend to be good and in the closet they are evil as hell... we cannot know for sure who is what when they only pretend to be good!

We know one thing tho... when we share the spirit of GOD we can know that we all know the rules! A common, likeness of spirit. You can NOT serve GOD and act evil! It's just not done! The big difference is like... murdering for personal gain... or killing to protect yourself or your family! The difference is... getting off work and going to the bar and wasting time with a ho... (male or female ho's) or... getting off work and going home to your home and family and work on mending things there!

Hey, if you are blessed to where you can go out and party and meet different people... it could be a good thing if you spread spiritual love... and not fleshly lust.

That is where they screwed up in the 60's... they were spreading the fleshly love... and they didn't understand or give credit to the spiritual side! The part that cares about others.. LOVING one another through it all... good times and bad. People make choices to sin and there are bad consequences for more than just that person... others suffer. This is not the way GOD wants us to be. GOD wants us to be mindful of our sin... and the spirit will let you know in your heart and mind all about it if you just pay attention and read the word. its all there... how people used to be and how people should be after the info that Jesus as GODS son brought to us!

We are HIS children... GOD cares about how we're doing... and GOD is not bias... doesn't matter color or creed or continent... Its all about the LOVE, Man! :)

It's all about the LOVE!

Do you love me? I love you! Why? GOD inspires me to! I have a love like GOD has prescribed... a limitless love... that expands around the world! I love people of all colors and creations.. (meaning being the creature you create yourself to be! Doesn't matter... if you LOVE.. your good! :)

And its gonna be when we can spread the LOVE world wide... that is when we will win! Oh I know it doesn't look so good now... but remember, its darkest before the dawn... and soon enough we will have a new dawn of humankind... where all humans are kind... one to another!

Evil is gonna go down like the wicked witch in Oz...

One more thing before I go... I know there has been a lot of talk about white police killing black folk... and I am sad about that... but it's what happens when we mix races... would it had been different if the policeman was black, or how bout a German police killing a Jewish criminal??? In the USA its possible... but not probable... odds are its 'probably' gonna be a white police and a black criminal... its just the odds of the stats! Sad but true! Some people have the facts misconstrued, some people have reverse racism going on, but it is only because of the 'hate' that is living in the hearts and minds of 'some of the people'.   I have a feeling if we stick to the facts, the true facts... and keep it simple... we will see how the population is set up... maybe black men are the ones most desperate to go out and rob and cheat people... and therefore they are more inclined to be caught doing so by either white OR black police... And, why do people make the choice to go out and steal and rob, murder or do drugs anyway??? Why do some fall for Satan's pleas? Satan seeks joy by being defiant to the goodness of humans... he loves to make them stumble and fall... and the humans... just cant help it... they are weak and followed the wrong path... did the wrong deed... made the wrong choice... their 'own choice'! And no amount of complaining will change 'their choice' or the results of it! Get real... if these men were not doing what they were doing... the police wouldn't of even been there!

So you see, I always try to let you know you have a choice to do good or evil... some still choose to do evil... who knows why they are weak and unable to follow GODS word.  WE can choose to do better! With the spirit inside, we can ALL know in our hearts and minds both good and evil... and we can always choose... one day we will all choose LOVE... and we will then create paradise...

Steady on Brothers and Sisters... the best is yet to be!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A  :) 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Furguson, Missouri

I can sure see racism is alive and well in the minds of some of the people.

But its turned around. Now the blacks hate the whites. I suppose this is why GOD split us up and tells us to reproduce and multiply, AFTER OUR OWN KIND.

But... hey! It's 2015! (Or it will be in a month!)...  What are we thinking?

Well, I can tell you... most are thinking with their heads. But here is the info we MUST consider. This boy was out in the streets stirring up trouble. And here we have a cop who is just trying to do his job. Can we possibly think about things without thinking about the color of skin? We are all the same in the eyes of GOD. We all bleed red blood!

And whose being racist? Not me. I don't care what color the kid was. He shouldn't of been out on the streets getting into trouble. He was suspicious... not because he was black... but because of where he was and what he was doing! And anyone who is up in arms about this should stop and consider this... It would't of happened if Brown would of been at home with his family. Not out on the street making trouble. Now, the story would be different if he was just running to the store to get milk for his little siblings.

The haughty attitude of the parents is not even worth getting into here. Because where were they when their kid was on the streets?  Oh please, someone tell me they were working to make money to pay the bills. HA... Is 'thugs raising thugs' the acceptable way of life these days? I think NOT!

Has anyone thought that the reason was, not BECAUSE he was black...
but because 'HE HAPPENED TO BE'?

I sure have heard many times... of people of many races being shot and killed by the police.

The reason people are being destructive, is because people are filled with hate and anger and are not afraid to act out on it. These people who are pillaging and plundering across America are only showing their limited intelligence, their lack of understanding the truth.

The kid made the choice to go out and do what he did.

He shoulda stayed home. He shouldn't of been out there confronting the police!

PEOPLE... unless the police are corrupt... they are our friends our protectors!

I can remember when I was a very young girl... the Police were praised and respected for doing their jobs. When I was a bit older... I started hearing people call them 'pigs' it broke my heart and was so different than the old fashioned RESPECT that the PEOPLE had had in the past.

It was when people became corrupt that they hated the police. Granted there has been corruption within the police themselves... I will never deny that. But WE THE PEOPLE need to watch and make sure we know whats going on there.

My daughters grandpa was a policeman most of his career. He was a Sargent when he passed away. He had a great funeral. He died way to soon. But he was one of the greatest men I have ever known. You see I knew him before I knew his son. I always wished my mother would of married him. Little did I know she was just his 'ho'. So the fact is... he was a good man. He would of never become corrupt. And there are many police who would never... who will never become corrupt.

The potential for sin is still there, but in this day and time... we have cameras watching. And we do need to remember these people are human. Cops are not perfect... I am sure many have a side that is sinful. Like the ones who let the girls work the streets with a little selfish lustful allowance for themselves. This is a common weakness, and some just have a hard time developing the strength to deny the fleshly desires.

But see, we need the police! We need some one to come when there is trouble!

Can you imagine the world without police (and fire fighters)? People who risk their lives to protect others! These people deserve our up most respect! Well at least the ones who are not corrupted do. I have always loved the police... to be honest I always wanted to marry a cop!

It boggles my brain when I think what these people are implying... so do they think it should be OK for kids to go out at night and get into trouble? Should we allow people to act as thuggish as they please? HA! Thugs sticking up for thugs the way they love... to violently destroy and tear up and set fire to things that belong to innocent people! Oh yeah... I can see the Islamic militia getting all excited as they see the hatred and violence that they love to see spread among the people!

Didn't Gandhi say 'Hate is not the enemy, Fear is the enemy."  I believe this is truth because... we must not be afraid to stand up to the hate and violence! We must not allow them to win by 'striking fear into our souls' to where we back down from the fight. The Holy War!

We know this life is a journey to find your peace before you die... and we cannot find peace when we are living in fear. Now, its all up to us... what do we choose?

It all falls back on the fact that we have the freedom to choose to do wrong.

But more importantly, we all have the freedom to do the right thing too... and stand up to the wrongs in the world and work together to make things right!

GOD is good... Satan is evil... whom will you serve?

GOD Bless Us, Everyone! IJCN,A

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Beheading of Peter Kassig

When it comes to ISIS... the news is never good.

See how they threaten and taunt us? They hate us and love to kill our people!

Here's a thought... and I know you guys are listening... Peter Kassig was a helper... HELPING PEOPLE was his job... and he was kidnapped... (A CRIME)... and murdered in cold blood, (a crime)... for what? To SCARE US?  HAHAHA... no... you are actually digging your own grave... and I know you don't want me to talk about it... believe me, I don't really want to talk about it to you either... because to me it is a waste of my time... but to GOD... it is more than that... and that is who I serve and if GOD tells me to come in here and say something, then I do it!

No MAN tells me to say anything that comes out here!

Here is the rest of the thought... remembering, Peter Kassig was a worker... helping others... and that means he WORKED FOR GOD! And when you do such low down things like murder a man of GOD... well... sorry for you, because GOD is going to be very angry... and where is GOD? HEY... HE LIVES in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... and believe me... HIS PEOPLE will respond.

You see, Peter was... well, using your own words.... he was a mere 'cell'... but then you have to remember... He was a cell in OUR BLOOD stream... and it may take us some time... but things will be set straight, soon! You can bet your sweet bippy on that!

You may think you are serving GOD... and I admit, you are serving a god... but not THE GOD! And how do I know? Because GOD says there is no more murder for sin... GOD says make peace... GOD tells us to LOVE and HELP one another! And LOOK... Peter was doing what GOD wants!

It never ceases to amaze me how some 'men' can be so evil... how some men teach their children to murder is to do good! It is never good to murder! EVER!

And GOD is going to take down all those who oppose HIM!

We are taught to LOVE one another... how did you LOVE Peter Kassig?

Dudes... you are heading down the wrong path... following ancient evil ways... believe me... this went out of style way over 2000 years ago! What good do you do when you do these beheadings? Why follow men who do these things? Are you afraid for your own life? What you really need to be afraid of is what GOD is fixing to have happen to you! You may think you are serving righteously... but look within your heart and think for yourself... don't think about old doctrines or traditions... think about LIFE... and how precious your own life is to you... and then know that others have that same desire... to live and love. When you think that others don't matter... then you won't matter to GOD.

Here is something you need to think about too... you know... Jesus had a great opinion in this world.. when he said to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... he made it so simple to understand... and if y'all can't understand those words... wow... I feel sorry for you! I remember when Jesus was 12... his parents lost track of him... they didn't have GPS or trackers like we have today... they looked and looked everywhere... and you know where they found him? Well... you know... right?

I believe Jesus studied the ancient books. I mean think about it... Jesus said... DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU! And was it about 500 years earlier? when Confucius said... DON'T DO SOMETHING TO SOMEONE THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT DONE TO YOU! Oh yeah! These were not just opinions of mere men... but it was a school of thought that not every one understood... as there were so many people who loved to cause murder and mayhem for selfish gain. But this is not the way that GOD wants for us!

It seems to me that men will follow whatever they are taught... and for to long Islamic Militia... have been 'the religious police' going around and passing judgement on who shall live and who shall die. This is a HUGE MISTAKE! You guys are doing wrong and your not even knowing it is wrong... but if you ask GOD into you heart... HE will tell you that you are doing wrong... as we who already have GOD within us... we can see your wrong too! The whole world can see your wrong... because GOD is in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE around the world... doesn't matter color or creed... GOD is still GOD and HE still talks to HIS people!

And if GOD is not talking to you... then.. are you even listening?

We are so blessed to be living in the age! Where we have a lifetime of info at the tip of our fingers... there is nothing that we cannot find out about... people have been gathering information for a very long time! We would be STUPID not to pay attention!

Living in the world is fun and exciting... we live life with a passion... but some peoples passions run evil to the bone... and like I said... GOD is fixing to do a work to stop the insanity of mankind!

You really have to stop and consider which side your on!

There are no gray areas when it comes to the spirit... there are 'good actions' and there are 'bad actions' and by now we should know which is which... problem is some don't want you to know... some want you to serve their evil purpose... and they will drag you down through the pits of hell with them! Both blinded to the truth!

From ISIS in the north to the Loco Boko Haram in the south... we shall overcome your evil ways... We shall win and you will die and you wont be a problem in the world anymore! More and more people are seeing the truth and responding with their actions... I think even Obama has lost his steam and is realizing Islamic militia will never win... they have tried and tried... and they always lose... and they will always lose! It has happened many times over... and the main problem I can see here is your giving the good people who believe in Islam... (who are not following the book, who do not murder for sin anymore) a bad name... I can see a person speak out about being a Muslim and they are filled with such pride... and I know its because they haven't read their holy book... they just heard about a religion that practices peace... (they don't know the real truth of Islam). For me... I read their book... I read many holy books... and I did read in the Koran where it tells Muslim people to slay the infidel... but then I see Muslims around here who haven't the slightest clue about the true nature and therefore they stand up for something they don't really know the roots of! Yes, I get that you worship the god of the old testament... but your not giving Jesus the credit he deserves... and you make his death into nothing... or... something y'all are used to in your present everyday life!

Old habits die hard I suppose.

But look, I am not here wasting my breath am I?? Cause I sorta feel like a mother who cares about her wayward children. I can see you all as little children... doing things you shouldn't... doing things you wouldn't if you lived in a place where they didn't do such things! Is that why so many Muslims are moving out of Islamland?

No one wants to die. And the ones who want to die have mental issues and needs a Dr and meds. It is not normal to do these beheadings. It is not normal to want to strike fear into the hearts of the people... would you like it if we did that to you?

I can see people getting really worked up with this way of life... they have no sense of self value... lol... and I see so many others who have all the self value in the world... such a strange world we live in... it has the odd death and destruction brought on by arrogant men who have no soul who carry on these ancient practices. What are you teaching your children???

When we teach our children to love... it simply teaches them to care about other people... there is such a diversity of people... but there is only good and evil to choose from in the world... GOD gives you the freedom to choose either... or...  But GOD loves it so much when we consciously choose to serve HIM... for goodness sake!

Lets all know that we can turn away from evil... GOD always gives us what we need to do the right thing! And when all of THE PEOPLE agree that we are all worthy of life... we can help each other... you can stop the madness of men... simply by not being apart of it!

Look, I know that many Christians have not been perfect... no one is perfect... but we have the opportunity to try and be perfect... like Jesus... it was his actions that proved his value!

And I have met many a PPP... (practically perfect people) in my life... these are individuals who saw the world in truth and chose the good path... and could recognize in their own hearts when they are wrong... and they ask GOD to forgive them for their wrong and they do not do the thing again!

They STOP sinning! On their own! By their own choice!

Amazing isn't it?

People have been sinning since the beginning of time... its because they are weak and succumb to the lusts of the flesh... its not the end of the world... you must live and let live... and leave the judging to GOD... you must let go of the ways of old and usher in the new age... the age of enlightenment... where we as THE PEOPLE... can be super smart people... and of course that means flaws and all... we just know that when we know we are wrong... we are wrong and can change for the better!

I know in my heart I am not wasting my time here... I mean now that I am here... I know that the ones who need to read this blog... by GOD they will read it! You know, I really never come in here with an agenda... I just know the spirit leads me to see things I never thought were possible and talk about it in truth! It is my journey... it is my path that I have freely chosen.

I love GOD so much... I have seen the evidence of GOD that is not always seen by men... and I can also see why GOD so loved the world... our world is beautiful! Our people are BEAUTIFUL!

We are THE WORLD... We are THE CHILDREN of the most holy GOD!

GOD Himself told us there are other gods out there, when HE gave us our first commandment! GOD gives us the freedom to chose our god as we like... but for HIM... the GOD of LOVE... the GOD of LIGHT... the GOD of the GOOD LIFE... HE gave us a promise we can live by... a promise that transcends color and creed... it is the promise of the SPIRIT... HIS SPIRIT... the same spirit that lived and breathed in the man Jesus! The same spirit is promised to whomever asks for it with a pure heart! Believe me... evil men have been seeking GODS power since... forever... but evil men will not find GOD... the only ones who will find GOD are those who seek GOD first and foremost as a higher power... the ones who know there is more to life than simply eating and breathing... there is a FANTASTIC something out there just waiting for us to discover HIM!

And we can know HIM... if our will matches HIS will... and that is to serve GOODNESS and TRUTH all the days of our lives... and in doing so... there is no question or wonder... there is just knowing that GOD is there! It is HIS promise to all of us!

I feel HIM... do you?

GOD Bless us... Everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I recently had an issue. With my daughter. Now over in Islamland, there would be no problem, she would of been executed years ago. And I would not have the worry or stress.

But in my heart I know that is the wrong thing.

I love my daughter.

Even though she made bad choices... I admit it was a mess from the time she was 14 and told me she was pregnant. Now this is an old issue... many girls in the world have gotten pregnant at 14, some don't even realize what made them that way. I feel sad for the uneducated girls who cant help their problem.

I should even go a step back. When she turned 12, she fell into a family... had 8 kids... went to church. (And btw, this is why I don't get involved with churches. Because to many horrible people hide behind the church and they pretend to be good.) At first I was relieved, she had bonded with the two oldest daughters... I wasn't really worried. But then when she started staying out late. Oh I remember walking the sidewalk at 1... 2am... wondering... worrying about her!

She had always been an exceptional person as a child. Was in the gifted and talented program all her early years. Both my children were in the 'gifted and talented' program. Which proves you can live in poverty and struggle... and you can still have great kids! I did have a lot of stress and worry. All I could do was pray. And cry and pray.

I didn't know back then... the dad was selling drugs and prostituting the girls. One day at the end of my daughters school years, a detective from the state came to my door and told me so many things I didn't want to hear. Well... turns out the state took all the children. Sadly 2 of the boys were murdered in foster care. The family fell apart. I went through 'hell' at that time. I think I even wrote here about it. Today, the oldest daughter is thriving well in the home she was taken to... the second daughter is still a drug addict and a prostitute. They don't come round here no more tho.

I have finally taken a stand. Standing on the word of GOD while living in a world that has been corrupted by men who think they are getting ahead, making money off of the weakness of innocent children. The sad truth is... if these men would not be doing these corrupt things we would have a better world. I know if that dad of 8, would of been the real man he pretended to be in the church, my whole world would be different today.

But he took my daughter and her bff... the daddy of her first child. They had known each other since she was 4 and he was 7. I already wrote about that... but the thing I am remembering today is the fact that if corrupt men had not corrupted her... her whole life would of been different. But she was allowed at 12 years old to drink and do drugs and have sex. All hiding behind my back.

Why do men corrupt our daughters and then laugh and call them ho's?

The way GOD wants us to do things, is to raise our daughters and keep them from horrible people. But how was I to know, when he was pretending to be good? And then she got hooked.

Yeah,.. drugs... sex... crazy music. I know, its an old, common story. Sorta gives us insight as to 'why' alcohol went through prohibition. But we know we cannot force people to live a perfect life. They gonna have to 'want to' themselves in order to succeed properly.

I often day dream about the life my daughter would of had... could of had... had not this man influenced her. And I am not blaming the man specifically. But he was the one who corrupted her. There is so much more to this that it makes me sick just talking about it. Things like how he sold his daughters with the purchase of  a rock. How he had sex with his daughters to 'calm her down'...

OK, I want to barf.

The thing is... there are people out there who are seeking new girls all the time... and more than just this one man. There are perverted men all over the place. And you cant trust your daughters to tell the truth... because they are 'having fun'... It is great if you have a daughter who is strong in herself to stand up and say no to these horrible people. And if she didn't have her bff there with her maybe she might of been different. But she was'having fun' ... and I cant say that it has been totally a mess. The baby is 8 now. And there are 3 more babies.

I can't tell you how much I feel blessed with these babies... and somehow I think GOD meant for them to be here... regardless of how they came to be. They are flesh and blood... my flesh and blood... and they will go on after me. I don't worry much about my future... I have so many grand babies! So I must say, this is the way it is... because GOD could of done it different.

Now here is the way that GOD has planned for us... we are raised up with LOVE and kindness and patience and help... we are secure in ourselves because we have support from our loving families... and women are cherished and treated well. They are associated with other good families. They are cared for and protected from the evils of the world at all costs. And then they grow up and get educated to be strong independent women! Or they marry to have families. Wow... it sounds so simple... yet so sad this doesn't happen for all women.

There are to many women like my daughter who grew up... and got into the world and became mean and defiant. She didn't have her dad all those important years... I believe it would of been different had he been here. But lucky for me, she had an older brother who cared. Thank GOD he cared enough to help me with her as much as he could. But at that point she was so into drugs and alcohol, even he couldn't control her. She is 23 now and still has idiotic moments... but I can see GOD working in her... showing her the errors of her ways. She has a chance to learn and grow...and do better.

We will not throw her out... why would I do that when 'out there' was where she went wrong!

I am not advocating drinking... or drug use. But come on... we should all know by now that a little bit of booze is OK... but over indulging is not good for us! We want to limit ourselves in all things... we don't serve the flesh anymore... we are more concerned about our spirit!

My daughter seems like an angry youth... but inside she is a sweet, loving mother. That's one thing she got from me. I do regret all those years of depression they had to see me go through... but it is what it is. At least I didn't go off into drinking or drugs to ease my pain... I was a cutter at one time an that was because I was trying to distract from the internal pain, but then I realized I was just causing more pain... believe me I have suffered enough! And it was only by the grace of GOD that I survived! GOD is THE ONE who showed me there is a better way! And that is to suffer the hardships with grace and humility... because we are all gonna suffer one way or another. We all learn our lessons one way or the other.

It would be better if we could learn from others mistakes and just keep it real and do things the way GOD intended for us to do. Doing things the right way. And what is the right way?

There is much diversity in the world... just like Revelations talks about the 7 spirits of GOD... GOD is even diverse! We have many people finding the many ways to live a good life!

The reason it all falls back on Jesus for me... is because he was sacrificed for sin... and in GODs eyes he was the 'last' sacrifice for sin... He died so that we may live... because truth is.. Jesus never did anything that would of ... or should of subjected him to death. He was the perfect and final sacrifice for sin. Our sin... and all sin. And Jesus had a message for us... it was simple... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Do good to one another! Help each other out! It's so easy... it IS so easy, even today... because we know the promise is for us also... not just them back then... and it is promised to all that come in the future also!

Men are asking the age old question today... Where do we come from?

HAHAHA... the answer is so simple... We are created out of LOVE...

Or we should be.

People will never know the truth of the beginning. People will always wonder because they are looking outwards... they must look INSIDE...

What do we have in us?

If you love GOD... your good! And you fight against the evil ones in the world!

I remember the way I felt when I was sitting in the back offices of the state... waiting to see if my daughter would be needed to testify for the state of Texas against the man who corrupted her. I remember how alone I felt because at that point it was hard to see where GOD was on my side... and now... I know that GOD was always on my side, no matter what I suffered through... I am so grateful that my daughter is home... and safe from those who would corrupt her further... and most of all... I thank GOD for putting HIS spirit in her... so that she knows what is good and bad for her and the boys! lol... I mean 'her boys'... as in children... not her 'buys' as in Johns... I am thanking GOD she didn't take that route... and I am thankful that I have a safe place for them, All because GOD loves us...

I read a note from a woman... saying she wanted to rid the world of... herself... uhhhh... to find peace... WOW... it hurts to know there are people out there who feel that way... do I need to say here that she is not a Christian? That she is one of those 'other religions' who do not have the SPIRIT OF GOD! Sure they tell you to do right... but they lack the spirit. So sad for them, because...

It was GODS SPIRIT that comforted me when I was down... and supported me when I had the floor ripped out from under me... and showed me the true joys in this world!

Remember... this is something that doesn't discriminate who you are... and only wants to be apart of what you are now... so you can have the GOOD SPIRIT in your heart and mind... doesn't matter color or creed... just look inside yourself... that is where you will find GOD...
if you only ask HIM to come in!

GOD bless us... everyone! IJCN,A

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Decision 2014

Praise GOD! Thank you  Jesus!

We can all breath a little easier now that the power was taken back from Obama and soundly put back into the capable hands of WE THE PEOPLE! This is a great day in history!

The day when THE PEOPLE woke up and at least got up enough gumption to get to the polls and show Obama and his cronies whose boss... and as usual... it is... WE THE PEOPLE!

I love how our system works... we may move slow... but we get the job done!


I knew you could do it! I had all faith that we are where we should be! We are paying attention and we do care! This is absolutely how things go for those that believe!

Everything just feels better!

... and to the REPUBLIC... for which it stands...

does anyone know and understand what happened here last night? We got our republic back! HEY! It even has a beautiful word hidden in side... PUBLIC! That is sooooo... like WE THE PEOPLE... and it is BEAUTIFUL to see... and to know... and to understand what this means... because this event means more than anyone can possibly know! Unless GOD tells you! The tapestry of life is so interwoven that we cannot tell where and who makes up the beginning and who makes up the end...  PEOPLE... we are in this TOGETHER! And we proved it yesterday when we all got out and voted our minds! Thank you for that!

We voted from our hearts and minds... where we could see the best of where we should be in this world! Living FREE... I didn't need anyone to tell me where to go or for whom to vote... I knew in my heart what was needed... and that was THE GOOD PEOPLE banding together to show a stance to those who seek to destroy our nation, out of arrogance and bitterness... and here is a fun fact... and sorta like a message to the evil people in the world... 'YOU WILL NEVER WIN'! You have tried and tried... and you even used and abused people to get where you are in this world! You may be hidden from the eyes of the public... but you cannot hide from the eyes of GOD! And GOD has MANY PEOPLE in the world... and we know what your doing... and we will stop you before you get your foot out the door! Notice I didn't say "foot 'in the door"... cause you been inside for so long we could never know the right day you came in... we must of been asleep... but in my guess it was somewhere in the 70's... and it has taken the AMERICAN PEOPLE a long time to catch on... but we DO catch on... and we DO bide our time and TRUST that GOD is in control... as long as we serve HIM!

And we sure served HIM yesterday! We got off our butts and did something worthwhile! We used our system for what it was meant to be used for...


Its a brave new world out there... there are lots of things to do and get involved in... we can all live free and have a great life while we can... cause ya'll know when we die... we are going to have to make amends for our actions... better to do it now... and let GOD lead you into the way that is GOOD! So you can be at peace in heaven for all eternity! Hell is realizing you don't have a body anymore and you cant go back and do it right!

We must learn and grow everyday... we must know that there is good and bad to choose from... its out there! Its what GOD was trying to keep away from poor Adam and Eve... GOD tried to give them a  perfect life... GOD wanted to keep them away from the evils in the world... but they were young and stubborn... like a lot of our kids are, who are raised up in such freedom... and hey... do ya blame them? Sin is FUN! It serves our bodies to the level of the highest heights... but yet can take us crashing down the the lowest of lows... and it will be because we choose it! :(

This is why it is so important to choose your way carefully! For example... it is not a sin to drink alcohol... what is a sin is to over drink... to keep on drinking even though you have had enough! Or ummm sex... ok, its OK to have sex as long as you keep it simple... but to go to far... like with rape or adultery. That my friends, is sin... to over indulge in anything is a sin because it serves the flesh and GOD wants us to care more, about something else... our spirit of/for THE PEOPLE!

So sad some don't even know they have a spirit! :(

Well, I have a spirit... and it is the spirit that Jesus left with us on that day way back when... you can read about this event in the Book of Acts... read it written by the men who were actually THERE!

We are so blessed as a Nation... and for a minute there, I thought we were gonna fall to the evil one... but I don't feel that way anymore! Today I feel like WE THE PEOPLE are standing stronger and brighter than ever! Sure, we will have to clean up a bit... (if ya know what I mean). If you don't know what I mean... go into your closet... and examine your heart... and when you feel the empty space... know it can be FILLED with the SPIRIT OF GOD... and all you have to do is ask! Ask GOD to come into your heart and mind and create a soul that will live on forever... throughout all eternity!

I will be so pleased to meet my maker and see my old family who has gone before me, and to meet the ones who came before me... and eventually meet all the ones who will come after me! I trust that GOD has HIS hand on US and will take care of everything in this world! Why? Because I know GOD loves the world... and HE loves you too! Just like I know a good father would!

PEOPLE! Its a beautiful day in the hood! Because we got out and we made a difference! We spoke our mind and GOD heard us! We CAN fight corruption within our space! We just got to keep standing on the word of GOD...

Thank GOD we already believe... and praise GOD, it shows!


Monday, November 03, 2014

For GOD So Loved The World...

We are not taught that GOD loves 'the earth'... or that GOD loves 'all the people'...

We are taught that GOD loved 'the world'... and the world is what THE PEOPLE have made of the earth. That doesn't mean that GOD loves 'the evil' in the world... (altho there was a time that statement could of been argued, a time when GOD was betrayed by someone HE loved... before the time of Jesus)... I believe that what GOD loves the most is HIS PEOPLE who have made a paradise in 'the world' by spreading the GOOD life... the GODLY life... its not just for America... or Dubai... or Europe... it's for the whole world!

What GOD loves the most is the diversity of truth! And the diversity of the people having personal choices regarding the world. GOD loves the fact that when HIS PEOPLE have a choice... we choose 'GOD' as all time supreme being IN the world! For GOD is not of the world... HE is not flesh and blood... but HE did send HIS son Jesus who 'was' flesh and blood, to tell us all about it!

And Jesus's message is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

I guarantee the ones who are lopping off the Christians heads are NOT serving GOD, but are serving men. GOD is the god of the 'living spirit'... not the god of the dead. GOD loves to see us holding onto what is good and right and true... and when HIS people stand up and say, "HEY... no way!" GOD loves that! When GOD sees us standing up for the poor and the down trodden... the weak and the defeated... GOD becomes ecstatic! GOD loves to see the strong hold up the weak... the seeing, leading the blind... the walkers carrying the ones who cannot walk!

GOD loves to see us helping each other!

I love this part of GOD... and the best way to say it is like this... way back when... and even now... the rich and poor are supportive of each other! This is the way of good in the world. A friend of mine has been taking me out and about... we love haunted houses... or the stories they involve... and we were on a guided tour of the Moody Mansion in Galveston and our guide told us how the house was run... adding that to all that I have read about the history of men... and I know that the fact is true... THE PEOPLE needed each other! They depended on each other! The rich depended on the poor to be their help... and the poor depended on the rich to fulfill their needs also! It was really a win win situation!

Now 2 things could of happened... and did happen... when the masters were good... they were like family... the ladies depended on their servants to help them dress... do the cooking and cleaning... the rich ladies never got their hands dirty... or I should say they never had to... but I can see that some got right down into helping if they have to... sorta like a restaurant manager will bus tables on a busy, busy night! These people found their way to heaven simply by getting involved with the help... and lots of women did this... for the sake of the home and family, but some didn't have to! And then you have the haughty, arrogant ones who never lifted a finger and punished the help for not doing everything perfectly! When you punish people for not being perfect, you make a grave mistake!

So you see, one persons truth may not be another persons truth.

Doesn't matter to GOD.

He sees us in our own truth... are we being honest in our dealings with others?

Are we treating 'the help' rightly? Fairly? With justice for all?

GOD loves the fact that we can each choose our way and when we choose HIM... well... that pleases HIM more than anything... for 2 reasons... for one... we are doing right by HIM and also we are doing right by HIS children! And whats so funny... seriously funny, is that some people don't even know what they are doing! Some people are good honest people just because that's the way they were taught...not because of any spiritual teachings... but they are following GODS laws anyway! And then others are doing evil... like murdering for sin... and they think its the right way... and they have no clue they are in the wrong, its just what they are taught by other evil men!

But we all know... or we SHOULD all know that murder for sin went out of style...  ohhhh about 2014 years ago when Jesus died on the cross. GOD no longer needed a sacrifice for sin... because sinning became a 'personal choice' among the people... and have you ever noticed that people love to sin in groups? So strange to me how that happens... just stick it out there for all to see and don't care about the consequences... until those consequences of sin have a personal affect... then people want to whine and cry about it! They cant even see it was their own sin... (which is a personal choice) that got them into the situation to begin with! The solution? Stay away from people who sin! It's easy... just say "NO" to them and walk away!

Choosing to work for GOD is honorable... because it's sorta hard... because what we are doing in serving HIM, is we are denying the fleshly desires! Awwww... you saw that coming... didn't ya? Because we know that all sin is something that serves the flesh and not the spirit! Remember? We must acknowledge the spirit world in order to get it right! We must know that there is something more important than serving our flesh... this means many different things for many different people. For me (and lots of others) it is gluttony... well, I am still struggling too... it is the thing that is my weakness... I love all the worldly foods... and tastes of decadence... and the flavors of a good bbq pit... Oh yeah!  And it is my taste buds that I serve in the moment of my sin... now it could be anything else for anyone else... instead of being addicted to food, some are addicted to drugs, drinking... or committing adultery... lying... murdering... or just arrogant and proud of the clothes they wear... or the car they drive or the house they live in... now this is where you must understand... GOD is diverse here too... HE may put some in a heavenly place in the world... because some are holy and deserve it... but also... when men become greedy to where they will kill and destroy to gain the high places in the world... that is corruption... that is a sin and GOD will punish all sinners one way or the other!

Its more than just deciding if you will be good or bad today... because all the good works in the world wont help if the spirit is corrupt! You can do real good on the outside... but if your insides are corrupt... well GOD always knows... the people around you may not know... but GOD knows your heart and mind and your intentions! If your intention is personal gain... for self interest... well I can tell you right now, you will suffer the anger of GOD and you will fall/fail! Look at how many people who we thought were righteous by looking at them... but then found out through events they were not so righteous after all! We find out not because we are good at knowing secrets... we find out because GOD is good at knowing the secrets of the spirit and GOD has told us that there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed! So rest assured... the truth will come out! And if you know or have evidence of corruption as truth... it is your job by GOD to throw it out on the table so all can see!

Because when you work for GOD, HE works for you!

HE is on your side!

Its never gonna be less of a struggle for us... even with GOD on our side... HE holds us up when we would normally fall down... HE gives us the strength we need to be a winner!'

Look at David... who became King from being a sheepherder... and look how he took out Goliath... who was NOT on GODS side! And look at Daniel... the man who was so loved by GOD that the lions even loved him! And look at Jonah... who GOD caused to survive being eaten by a whale! These men (and the list is long of men who survived through miracles) had GOD on their side! They were winners! We can be winners too!

GOD will always be on the winning side because with GOD its all about loving each other and helping each other and holding each other up when we are down... this is the message of GOD through Jesus who was a PPP... (practically perfect person)! Jesus could of had the world in the palm of his hand... but he chose to serve the spiritual world... and GOD knew that he would! Is why HE sent him! GOD will always both test and bless us when we serve the spirit and not the flesh!

And how do we deal with sin? With GODS help of course... we will learn to stay away from sinful people... is why we have a renewing of the mind! We recognize that sin is destructive and do our best not to sin... now that doesn't mean you are perfect... only forgiven! And you keep trying with all your might... and in the end... you win!

One of the greatest things (in my opinion) that GOD did was taking the spirit away from corrupt men and placing it where it belongs... in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE! We as A PEOPLE know what is right and what is wrong... even in our man made laws... we know what is right and wrong... don't say 'we don't'! The second coming of Jesus will not be a giant man coming out of the clouds... but will be seen coming out in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE! When we can all agree that the message of Jesus is the right way to go... LOVING ONE ANOTHER... DOING GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELPING ONE ANOTHER... notice the 'one another' statement... that doesn't mean that we help others to be seen of men to glorify ourselves... no... it is the time spent alone with someone who needs the help that you can give them... GODS work is not to be seen of men as glorious to self... the glory is with GOD! And GOD will not ask you to help someone if you have nothing to help them with... but GOD will give you what you need to help others... if you only allow it, if you only choose to, for GODS eyes, not the eyes of the world!

Always remember... loving GOD is a personal choice... and GOD lives and breathes within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... and so when you help that stranger on the street... you are not only helping them personally... you are showing GOD that you are full of love and compassion... exactly like HE wants you to be! And it doesn't matter if other people can see what you are doing... GOD sees you... and HE said... whatever you do for anyone of HIS people... you do it for HIM!

A poor street person can belong to GOD just as much as a rich person can... in fact it is harder for a rich person to serve GOD... because some are only serving themselves :( to bad too cause the rewards from GOD are out of this world! We must understand in GODS eyes... it doesn't matter what your social status is... HE will love you if you are rich or poor... good looking or ugly... black or white... you get the picture! :)

The bottom line is... in the world... we need each other! We really do!

HAHAHA I can hear people saying... "I don't need any body!"  HAHAHA I was once deceived by this lie too! I once thought that all I needed was me... HAHAHA... boy was I wrong! GOD came along and taught me that I did have needs... and they include spiritual needs too... and one of the greatest things that GOD has given us is the 'communion of the saints'! And please don't think that saints are only holy people who gave their life up to GOD... 'saints' can be anyone of  GODS PEOPLE who choose to serve THE PEOPLE for the common good OF THE PEOPLE 4 GOD!

To sin... or not to sin?... that is the great question!

For me... I have to say... because gluttony is my sin... and we all know it, and I fight this sin daily! Here is my testimony of the day... I have been so stressed out lately... with my mother dying suddenly and our unresolved issues... also one of my closest friends (who always called me their best friend), ripped me off 29 grand... and my daughter is pregnant AGAIN out of wedlock... with her 4th child from a man who is a 7 time felon still living at home with 2 of her other children... (heavy sigh) and to many times I find my comfort in 'comfort foods'... (lots of us do this... I am not alone here)... and this is a sin because when we eat more than we need, it is harmful to our bodies which is 'the temple'... (you know the ropes)... and so when I went to the Dr last week, all my numbers were up... I had gained 10 lbs... my blood pressure was 158/93... my sugar levels were up... along with my cholesterol... whew... I was crying tears for days... and resolved myself to lose the weight... and then here came Halloween... grand kids mean candy all over the place... and I had a piece or 2... but when I got home... I found more candy... I heard a voice... 'take it to the kids'... I didn't listen... and this was a caramel peanut cluster... and with the 1st bite... part of my tooth broke off! (I didn't listen)... Oh crap... ok, I get it! I should of been satisfied with the 1st candy... the second piece, GOD frowned... and the third piece... GOD had to take matters into hand for my own good! I got the message, for real! I am grateful it is only a small piece on the inside where people can't see... and it doesn't even hurt... but that is how my GOD is... HE teaches a lesson... but doesn't make it to harsh... because HE personally knows that yummy stuff is my weakness... HE wants me to be strong and fix my problems and learn that I can't do that if every time I turn around and see something yummy, I have to eat it! You see? GOD is working constantly to shape me into a better person... and HE does that to all of us... we just have to know HIM... and learn HIS ways!

So what its all about then... is... after you learn there is a better way... you struggle to listen and learn... for all your days... and one day GOD brings you to that perfect place... where you find peace and serenity just being in HIS presence... where HE is smiling down on you and saying...

"Well done my good and faithful servant!

GOD bless us... every one!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Girls 2 Ladies

Some days I get to take my grand daughters to school. My son works and my daughter in law goes to work and goes to school... one day she will be an RN, so I do a lot for them as a Nanny.

I was taking them to school today. And I tell you... lol... that is the BEST time to talk to the children... when they are trapped... locked in place and cant escape the talk!

The youngest, age 5 was having a tude this morning, so the morning talk was about attitudes and how we should be grateful that we lived in a country where we educate our children. I told them that in some places on the other side of the earth, girls were not allowed to be educated... a girls only thing in life was to cook, clean and have babies... still. I know that that was the way it used to be... even here and other places... and it is still a good deal if you want to do that.

But girls now a days have so much more to look forward to. We can have a life!

We can do our own thing... make our own way!

Sure its good to have a good dad who takes care of you until you can get married and be taken care of by another man... if you want that... it's for you! But a good dad knows that sometimes you must allow some of the girls to run their own race, fly their own course... and women can achieve greatness these days!

Be flexible with your children... allow them to explore their world with their own strength and courage... allow them to step into their own shoes if they want. Oh sure you can be a strict ruler and say they MUST... but please be a good parent and let them go and make their own choices.

You cannot force something on someone if they don't want it.

We have a great PEOPLE whose individuality is prevalent!  We are so lucky to be living in this age... and its only gonna get better for THE PEOPLE... we will overcome the evils in the world... Oh yes... our children can escape it, if we fight on... to keep the PEOPLE free!

On the way to school this morning, I gazed over at my 2 beautiful grand daughters... I grew a bit misty eyed... knowing the evils in the world that some day they must face... but I also know that evil will never overpower them! They are too smart for that... and they love to talk about GOD and the devil... which is sorta weird because my son is agnostic... he says I am silly. But that's OK... the girls are learning that there is a higher power... that they are not the most important thing... but that what they DO is the most important thing... and they know its important to do good things for GOD and for THE PEOPLE!

They are learning that they too... will grow up and have to handle life as it is.

I am going to have them well prepared! Dont'cha think? HAHAHAHA

I think of other children whose parents don't care... they are drunk or on drugs... I feel sorry for those children whose parents are addicted to such chemicals... making the drink or drug their top priority and are sorry parents. I pray for those children... because here in America and other places like us... those children have a chance for a better life! Our past will not hold us down!

Most people know I grew up in hell... my mother didn't drink or do drugs... and she was still mean and cruel and selfish... I feel like this hurt me mentally and emotionally, but also helped me to see the dark side and want to get away. I grew up having to clean up blood... like someone had been murdered... after some of the adults fights. I saw stab wounds and busted lips and black eyes and bruises... my step father even broke my mothers arm... twisted it around and karate chopped it and then escorted her to the hospital where she told the doctors 'she fell out of the truck'! Oh yeah!

I have often... throughout my life asked GOD... WHY???

And now I know its because when someone is in pain... I can say... hey... I been there... and it does seem at times that we cannot go on... but then... as time goes by, we realize that somehow we do go on... and we survive... and we thrive... and one day we make it!

Well, that is unless we go to the dark side and we give power to the evil one... and in that case we are doomed :(  but with GODS help...  and GODS strength that HE so generously gave us... we can all be winners in this life... and winners always leave the losers behind if they want to just be losers... alas... winners always help the losers to do better if they see the need!

That's what makes us WINNERS!

Don't allow your conversations to involve evil things or ideas... when you see something is wrong... it is! Fix it or get away from whatever it is, because it will drag you down. GOD forbid it be someone leading the lambs astray... GOD will protect HIS own and will stop the evil in its tracks!

Oh yes... this is a great thing that GOD has blessed us with... the POWER to resist the devil... and he must go away from you... it is written that all the evil ones are in subjection to GODS command! Pray to GOD all day, every day... and watch the relationship bloom!

So as I watch my grand children make their way in this life... I am so happy to see them learning the proper ways of GOD! I was so happy to see the 5 year old walk... uh... run into the school this morning... and what do I do?


I smile as my heart is filled with the joyous knowledge that they will have a better life! And you can have a better life too, with GOD as your guide! HE's there... right there in your heart... if you only let HIM be!

GOD Bless us... everyone! IJCN,A