Thursday, September 18, 2014


Some of my blogs come in my head over time and evolve until I understand the whole concept and then I come and post it until all the thoughts are out of my head. But also some are brought on by the news of the day. Like today. And boy do I have news.

First of all... I want to talk about what is going on today with Obamas decision to arm the ones in Syria who say they want to fight ISIS... but... they are also the ones who want to tear down the democracy in Syria... We should NEVER help anyone who wants to tear down the democracy... that is like being a bully. Now, sometimes there is a need to take people out of high positions... but it should be done in the name of democracy! If the PEOPLE want Assad out let them VOTE him out!

Rep Loretta Sanchez D-Ca said it right... We don't know if they will turn and attack Assad... and WE DON'T! I think instead of blowing up 500 million dollars in a war... where WE DON'T KNOW whats really going on... we could give that money back to our own people! Pay off the poor peoples homes... put that money where it could DO SOME GOOD... back into the pockets of THE PEOPLE! Or at least put it on our debt! We will cease to become a great nation when we allow other countries to buy us out! We owe China so much money its unreal!

I hear some guy said Assad is evil... well... there is the potential for evil in all of us... many people espouse evil... they love it... oh lord.. we even have evil people living right here in the USA and sometimes you just have to go down to that level to FIGHT it straight on! Like the govt did in Egypt! Wow.. what a GREAT place Egypt is! The history is AMAZING... and I have a great respect for the Egyptian PEOPLE who stood up and showed up in the millions to oust Morsi, who wanted to implement Sharia Law!

But the thing is... its not the same thing in Syria! Assad is a good man... he doesn't even want to be there.. he is held there by protocol... the PEOPLE want him there! Anyone who REALLY knows whats going on WANTS Assad there... Assad is for the freedom of THE PEOPLE... if you want to be a Christian or Buddhist... Assad doesn't care! You see, that's why they want Assad out... because HE SUPPORTS the FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE!

And we know the habit has been for Muslims to come in all friendly like and make us trust them... and then their cousin is behind them hiding a knife ready to cut your throat the minute you don't agree with them! They control THE PEOPLE through fear!

This is why so many are converting to Islam... Muslims will report the number of conversions and feel all pompous about it.. but what they don't/won't tell you is 'people join because they are usually in fear of their lives' unless their just crazy maniacs who want that sort of barbaric lifestyle!

Why do I care? Hmmmm.. I recently saw a video in Muslim country... a father was 'playing' with his children... 3 of them.. 1 was just a baby, they were all under 5... the father was waving a huge knife around... telling them to come put their hands down to be cut off or he will cut off their heads... they were all crying tears of distress that I have heard since forever... I know the cry... it transcends languages... a babies cry is heard around the world... if I could arrest this man... and his wife for laughing about it... ooohhhh I would lock them up until the children were all grown! How horrible they love to strike terror in the hearts of their OWN children! You can see the video on my Facebook...

And while your at it... yesterdays tweets came when I heard Obama wanted to support the people willing to fight ISIS.

And then today I get someone calling my phone... from 2022418210 they left a message... It was an Arab or an Indian woman... saying I needed to call them immediately... and 'do not forget this phone call'... (HAHAHA coulndt even talk American!) "I must call or they would start a lawsuit." No I will not call back... funny thing... they think I am stupid! HAHAHA... They think all of Americans are stupid... because so many live for the flesh... we love to eat and smoke and drink and gamble and visit prostitutes and whores... HA... they do it too only they hide it... or they call it something else... 'a temporary wife'.

I am sick and tired of these people demanding their way into our system!

The American PEOPLE... must stand up and call them out! I know you don't want to have to do that... We Americans like things to be calm and cool... and some love to see the arguments heated up in truth in our courtrooms... this is where we need to put it... we need to demand the ones who are leading our country to a horrible time... we need to send them packing! We do not need people in our system who only want to get involved in other peoples issues that we don't really know whats going on because they are allowed to lie to us! The problem is this... we really need the ones who are telling us the truth! This is the difference... and for most people its hard to know the difference!

When I did a web search on the number that called me... I knew it was an illegal call. And I discovered I wasn't the only one... and then think about the ones who get that call who don't take the time to do a search, much less leave a reply.

Not to long ago I also got a strange text from a number... 9045139340... it was from Jacksonville FL. A web search showed me it was an over seas owned dormant business. How dormant can it be? When it was used on July 21st to send me a text... 'Allah Akbar' is what it said! I feel honored that someone things that highly of me that they want me to know that their god is great. After all... I am not anyone different than anyone else... HA... most people don't even know me as MotherPope!

I am honored and yet humble that GOD made me MotherPope. I did not make myself into MotherPope... GOD has been shaping me for the role for 37 years! I am who I am because GOD has led me in this direction... and I can't NOT be me. Oh sure I am a grandmother of 6 who is involved daily in the help of raising the children. And they will remember me as such, because they have no clue about who I am when I come in to my PC and connect with the world. And I do this because GOD tells me to do it. I know that some who have their lives together... living in the world... might mock me... but that's because they don't understand me. They don't know my history of living in hell and escaping it only through the grace of GOD! GOD the SPIRIT... sent Jesus the son... as a man to know our struggles and to help us find the way...

The way is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

Muslims say we are hating them... well they hated us first! The thing about America.. we're gonna give you exactly what you give us... you hate us... we're gonna hate you right back... you love us.. we're gonna love you right back. So the Muslims who show us LOVE are the ones who are gonna make it here... because they ARE HERE! Believe me... they try to reach me all the time. I love them... but hey... I am living in my world... FREE to be me... you cant even find me because nothing is registered in my name... anymore! And I am gonna be me... until GOD decides to take me home! I am so grateful to GOD that HE put me in a position that I never have to stop! Some people make other things their god... and when that other thing dies or breaks... their life is over! I am so glad that I am not like that... because GOD is alive... and HE LIVES in me... and HE LIVES in ALL THE PEOPLE who live to serve HIM... and how do they serve HIM??? Through LOVE!

So I am just gonna LOVE my way through it... I LOVE GODS PEOPLE... no matter where they live! Russia... China... United States... Germany... France... Slovenia... India... Singapore... Latvia... Netherlands... Poland... Canada... Ireland... Sweden... Tunisia... United Kingdom... Japan... Ukraine... Peru... Algeria... United Arab Emirates... Israel... Kazakhstan... Malaysia... Slovakia... Venezuela... Philippines... Italy... South Korea... Thailand... Nepal... Turkey... Brazil... Spain... Senegal... Lithuania... Romania... Belgium... Indonesia... Kenya... South Africa... Malta... Saudi Arabia... Belarus... and the newest... Syria! These are the countries that hold my reading audience. And these are the ones who are able to get online and read the news! As I have never had any publicity... and have reached I know its 45 countries... and almost 4000  people! This must be by word of mouth... or my mouth on yahoo news boards... leading people to do a web search. Lately... it has been strange... since forever you could do a web search on motherpope and about 5 things would pop up. Recently that has changed and I wonder why? Now when you do a web search, you get Mother Pop.. or Motherpipe... it sorta bothers me because I know that someone might be doing this on purpose to make it harder to find me! And yes... since it started there are less people logging on :( sorta pissy in my way of thinking). But... I know it will stop soon enough... the right people will see this and it will be fixed! I however will continue to be me because in the end... GOD is on my side.. and always will be because I LOVE HIM most of all!

Along with the 'allah akbar' that was text to my phone, I have also have publishers contacting me... wanting to publish my book, Poems and Proverbs by MotherPope! I didn't take their deal... so I have many messages... but I am waiting for someone with the RIGHT message!


GOD has put a LOVE inside of me, that transcends places and people.

I am honored to know people around the world... I love them and I pray everyday for world peace! It is within our grasps if we just get our shit together! Its just not right the children should have to suffer war... and hatred... and beheadings.. and stonings... or just out right, shot in the head!

I love you DEAR PEOPLE who are reading and coming back... and I am praying for you... no matter if your telling the truth or if your telling lies. Islam makes it so hard to tell the liars from the truth tellers... we must be cautious... and trust none... but some... need to be heard!

You know... that is one of the 10 commandments... it goes like this... 'Do not bear false witness'... that means 'do not lie'... when you do this you put yourself in harms way. Unless of course your already in harms way... and you lie to stay out of harms way... ahhhh... life is so variable.. you have the good and bad in everything and everyone... we just have to choose to do the good... LOVE ONE ANOTHER.. DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... its just bad karma to lie and steal... there are so many people in the world who want to help you get out of a bad situation.

I know that its not just truth tellers who read this blog. I am open to the fact that the enemy of GOD is reading too... and that just proves they are feeling the stress of someone speaking out against them. Well... this is AMERICA... home of THE FREE... I can have my say just as much as the next guy... just because I step on toes doesn't mean I hate you... it means you are wrong and your feeling the pain of being wrong within your own self! You do it to yourself... I don't care if you are a man or a imam or the Prez of the United States... my opinion counts just as much as yours! I have read the books... I know the truth... and I am gonna say it even if it hurts! Because evil hurts THE PEOPLE... the evil ones do not care about the life of THE PEOPLE...

but GOD cares...

And I care... and there are many many like me who also care... and we are working hard to fix things... the problem is... you cant change people... they must want to change.

GOD has blessed us all over the world... and then the evil one steps in to ruin it for everyone... and just as GOD uses HIS PEOPLE... to do HIS work... Satan also uses his people... he drugs them up or causes them to be drunkards, or makes them lovers of their own flesh... and makes them do stupid things they wouldn't normally do in their right mind!

And this is our mission... to show everyone the truth... and give everyone the freedom to choose!

For me, my worst sin has been gluttony... I love to eat... it is a struggle for me daily not to eat the luscious foods that so many enjoy... and I can't imagine having someone FORCE me to eat chicken when I want to eat beef... or give me oatmeal when I'm in the mood for a salad! In other words... I cant imagine a place that dictates and enslaves people and forces them to comply or die. Unfortunately some are choosing death :(

We must work hard to stop the ones who are getting out of control... doing things that we don't do as civilized people anymore...  or doing things in secret... thinking no one can see...

But... GOD can see... GOD knows the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE!

GOD knows the haters and the traitors...

And GOD knows the ones who choose LOVE as their guide...

GOD IS LOVE... treat each other kindly... in the name of Jesus!

AMEN! :)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life and Death

PEOPLE want to have life. No one who is living 'THE LIFE' wants to die.

PEOPLE even want to save other peoples lives... Look at how many people are against abortion... why? because it is new LIFE... we should all know how important that is! Oh yeah... a woman has certain rights over her body... but one day PEOPLE will learn to do baby transplants in order to save a life... because there are those who do not respect nor want to harbor life... (but they don't have a problem doing the thing that creates the life)! I feel very sorry for those people... because one day GOD will have to teach them how very important life is... and GOD don't play around... HE IS who HE IS... has always been that way... and will always be the entity that teaches us the way to walk in  truth and light!

Its better if we can learn to appreciate LIFE for what it is... GODS gift!

Why do I love my illegitimate grand children as much as my legitimate ones? Because they are both a GIFT from GOD! Both something that is given to carry on. I have heard it said that we can reach immortality through our children! GOD sees to it that if we are honorable... we are allowed such a gift! Now don't start thinking so many are born to people who are not so honorable... but remember... we cannot know their heart... or their past... they may look like hell on the outside... but GOD judges people from the heart... not by how close you follow the rules!
And GOD gives life to those who merit it!

Sometimes GOD gives life through others.,, a baby needs adoption... I recently watched Raising Isaiah. It was a great movie that showed that LOVE transcends color!

People become attached to those who LOVE THEM!

I feel particularly sorry for those who seek death through no fault of their own... but because other people make their life a living hell! People should check themselves to make sure they are not causing pain and grief to others. Because believe me, you will be held accountable for that!

The meaning of life can be found in the PEOPLE who love us... and the PEOPLE we love!

Life really has no meaning without others to share it with.

I feel so sorry for the ones who grow old without others. And usually GOD tries to help you out there... and always gives us someone to love... or OTHERS... to love! I feel blessed to the bottom of my toes to see my children and my childrens children smiling and loving each other! When I see the children showing love and care for each other... well... my heart overflows with joy, seeing them enjoy the gift of LOVE that GOD has given them... has given US... they could never know the strength and bond that comes from GOD! But they will learn when they can understand it!

Some PEOPLE naturally know and appreciate the love and life they are given... others take it for granted. Those who take it for granted will learn... the hard way. But that is their choice!

You see when PEOPLE make the personal choice to serve themselves and not others... they become greedy and self centered... they don't care about others... and only think of themselves... and when people do that... GOD has to show them... in some way that they are wrong! And won't let up until the person understands and knows they were wrong!

If you don't want GOD teaching you important lessons in life... get a heads up by learning all you can about the right path. And follow it... Oh you won't have a totally perfect life because... we are humans... no one and nothing is ever perfect... but there is what I like to call PPPs... or Triple Ps... that would be Practically Perfect People... who learn the ways of GOD before the hard lessons come. Follow the rules and you will have a more perfect life! Oh yes it can be done! Follow the rules and all will be good and well... maybe not perfect... but you will handle the imperfect... perfectly!

Death... its better when we can appreciate it for what it is... a transition to another place... it will be a spiritual place not a physical one... that is why you need to work on your spirit while you have the chance... READ everything you can about PEOPLE... past and present... and then think beyond the present and know that there will be THE PEOPLE still... a hundred... 500... a thousand years from now... and even beyond. PEOPLE are naturally born to reproduce and die... we don't have much time to get it right... so its best to get it right while you can and not suffer more hard lessons.

No one should ever play GOD! GOD has everything under control... we can work for GOD and spread the GOOD NEWS... but we should never usurp HIS position!

If you are physically ending a life unnaturally... you are going against GOD... and GOD forbid, anyone be thinkin' they can do that with no consequences! Thinking about ISIS... lopping off heads... this goes against what GOD says for us to do... these men are evil men and what makes it even more terrible is they think they are doing the right thing... HA... the right thing according to an ancient barbaric religion that has no soul or spiritual life! Because if these men knew what they were really doing... they would not be doing it... GOD gives life... HE wants us to have it... and have it well and good... and have wonderful memories to take with you when you get to go to heaven... where all your ancestors will be... well unless they suffered the second death.. and that is death of the spirit... but we wont remember that stuff so it won't hurt us! What we will know will be the good memories that we create... but if we create chaos and mayhem... we will not make it there... as there is no place in heaven for chaos and mayhem. There is not the things of the flesh there... so we know these people will not find unlimited wine and many virgins... so sad when people allow a doctrine to dictate chaos and mayhem... it is not right for anyone to live life all stressed out wondering if someone will accuse them and murder them... in the name of some god.

The REAL GOD lives and breathes within the hearts and minds of HIS people, no matter who they are... they are helping and healing... NOT causing death or destruction... Hey... its OK to have a statue... as long as your not worshiping it... its OK to love something... but not making it out to be your reason for living... as GOD is the only reason for living... the GOD that teaches us to LOVE an CARE about each other!

We are not stupid! We know these barbaric people have no sense of respect for life or death. They are led by blind men who have been led by blind men for a very long time! These are men who seek power and control of THE PEOPLE.

Religions are good and nice to get involved in as long as it teaches us to LOVE each other. Many religions teach this basic humble belief... but then some groups teach people to hate and dis each other... we are seeing this a lot these days. People who have nothing to believe in have no love or care in their soul... we are bombarded with sub messages telling us that its OK to be bad.

PEOPLE... there is no time ever that is right for us to be bad. If you are starving... don't go steal stuff... there are many places where you can get food without stealing it! If your horny... want some good old fashioned humanistic sex... don't go rape someone... there are many places that you can find sex with someone willing to help you out! No one should ever feel like they can overpower GOOD with evil... because WE THE PEOPLE have learned a long time ago this will cause bad vibes... and we know what we put out we will get back... live by the sword... die by the sword. Live for the flesh... you will die in your flesh... with no way to go back and make it right... you see, that is the real hell... when you do bad things to people your whole life... and when you die... you are confronted with the truth of your actions by those who have gone before us... I believe that is what GOD is... the culmination of all the souls who have done well and had a good purpose and lived that purpose to the best of their abilities.. and they will leave this life and go to be with those who have already passed... and add to the greatness and knowledge of GOD! If you can imagine the LIGHT that is lit by all the saints that have ever lived and breathed... wow... you would know the brilliance of a LIGHT as bright as the sun!

I want to say here and now... I am for LIFE... I am for THE PEOPLE no matter where they are living... and I can see them... past, present and future... and WE THE PEOPLE are a creation of GREATNESS! We are born to be great! It is our own selves that slows us down! We are our worst enemy if we allow ourselves to be caught up in the evils of men... this is not the way of LOVE.

GOD wants us to be GOOD... and to help others to be good... and to live with a passion for life! Smile... Care... get involved with THE PEOPLE.. because your time will end one day... and when you do go back to GOD... it will cause a wave of ripples that will last to forever on the other side... and when you get there... you will either be celebrated with all the LOVE of THE PEOPLE... or you will be cast aside... to be a forgotten part of history.

Do yourself a favor... play the right hand... teach others to play this game of life... the tried and true ways... that have a history of support! The ways of LIFE... the way of Jesus... the one who taught us that in the world... there is good and bad... and you can never know which is which because so many bad people pretend to be good... know in your heart that you are doing GOOD... and let GOD take care of the rest... because believe me... GOD will have HIS way... irregardless of ours!

I pray for the PEOPLE who suffer at the hands of evil men... it is an atrocity that I hope I will never have to suffer... and I thank GOD that HE put me in America... where we are FREE to be who we want to be... but within the limits of the law! I think it is important for us to stand and fight against people who believe it is right to lop off peoples heads in the name of any religion!

GOD Bless us... everyone...

Friday, September 05, 2014


One of the greatest misunderstandings about THE WORD OF GOD... is that it was written by men. Well, OK... how do you expect GOD to write it? I mean, GOD is a spirit!

We as HIS people are merely HIS vessels... so when GOD wants to spread the word, HE uses HIS vessels as tools in the earthly world. We live in the flesh in the world... PEOPLE create good or bad in this life. This is why GOD gave us HIS word!

The Word is a wonderful guideline for life. If we follow the way that GOD wants us to, people would have a better life! Because in the Bible... there are instructions on how to live a GOOD life. And GOD gives us the freedom to chose... to learn... or not to learn... HIS way.

Oh sure, you don't have to follow GOD, you can live in the world and do your own thing... but in living for the flesh... you will make mistakes. If you can imagine all the intelligent spiritual people who work for GOD... you would be uhhh, FREAKED OUT!

It freaks me out when GOD tells me to write this... or that! And over the last 36 years I have learned to listen to HIM. Just like HIS people before me. They collect all the good instructions... and say... "Hey... if you don't want the troubles... its simple... don't do the things that make you in trouble!" And The WORD tells you exactly what not to do!

My grandparents taught me... if you don't want people talking about you... don't do the things that make people talk! Its very easy to understand!

So we can say... the WORD OF GOD is good to teach us things... before we get into trouble!

The WORD OF GOD... was written by men... who were inspired by GOD! ~ TRUTH! :)

Lots of people don't want to take the time to read the WORD!

Too bad for them :(

When we read... its best to start with the New Testament. It is the new covenant... the new deal GOD has given us... to lead and guide us into the ways that are good!

It all boils down to our knowledge!

If you don't learn it through GODS WORD... you will learn the hard way!

And the WORD has told us many a great thing! From Genesis... where we are told that everything that comes from a seed comes from GOD! And remember... its not just trees and flowers that grow from a seed... PEOPLE start also... by planting a seed! :)  and... all the way to Revelations... where we are told that GOD HIMSELF comes to live in our hearts and minds... IF we let HIM!

You see... in the Old Testament, we know that GOD did not dwell in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... they were guided by men of GOD who were blessed to know GODS spirit! And THE PEOPLE had to go to the place where the Holy Men would be... and seek forgiveness and give/make sacrifices for their sins... or wrong doings... and sometimes, the penalty was death! Just like Islam... certain sins mean certain death! This is the OLD way... the way of old... because what happened was GOD was disgusted by people who would come and do the actions of sacrifice and then go out and do the sin again... it just wasn't what GOD meant for people to do. So GOD decided to change the way of THE PEOPLES relationship with HIM... HE wanted a better way to reach the people instead of by the formality that was set up among THE PEOPLE... GOD wanted to personally show HIS PEOPLE the way... So HE sent Jesus... HIS true SON to show the way... which was way different than what was the norm. The norm was sorta like communism... a lot like Islam.

You notice that Communists get a long with Islam? And Islam gets along with Communism... they are both about the CONTROL of the PEOPLE! This is not the way GOD wants for HIS PEOPLE!

Jesus's message was very simple and clear... we are to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... BEAR ONE ANOTHER'S BURDENS and one I don't hear preached much and that is... to CONFESS YOUR FAULTS ONE TO ANOTHER!

And when the worldly people hear this... they called out for the death of Jesus because they didn't like what he was doing! He was starting to teach THE PEOPLE about how to acquire PEACE among the people! He taught us that its not the doctrines or traditions that would save us... but it is the LOVE for one another that will bring on the peace!

Now, many Christians are like 'there'! We may not be perfect, but we can understand LOVE and CARE and HELP... and we can learn to change our bad habits and control ourselves... we don't need MEN telling us this or that.

WE have the FREEDOM that is our GOD given right!

We can be or do anything we want to do...

...because what we should want to do is always GOOD!

Unfortunately there are still some out there who see evil as good :(

Sad... but, GOD told us it would happen!

So now... in this time... in this age... the age of enlightenment... where people learn its not what goes into your mouth that hurts,  its what comes out that harms... when one dictates to all.

(I must note... if you eat to much... in that case it will harm you. They didn't know back then that there would be cheap fast food on every corner making people fat... and its peoples lack of self control that is harmful.)

And that's what we need to take away from all of this. PEOPLE cause harm when they sin... when you over eat... that is a sin... you get fat and unhealthy and you die an early death. Not to mention all the money wasted on junk food that you could of lived without!

And sin... is sin... is sin... Remember the CA Gov... who not long ago told his wife that he had fathered a son with the maid? Now this is not unheard of... many have done this now and in the past... it is a sin also. And now there is pain that will never go away. Sure you can forgive... its forgetting about the pain... that's the problem :(

That's why GOD says Do NOT commit adultery, because they already did that and it was not good! Marriage was created... and to say... do it this way or something bad will happen!

Which is how it is with all sins...

I can see the results of sin all over the place. Children without fathers... or children without mothers... or children without mother or father and are raised up by someone else. And those someone else's are most likely PEOPLE who know GODS word, who are taught to love one another and do good to one another... so they take in other peoples children... a gift of LOVE, to say the least!

When you read THE WORD yourself... you get a whole new perspective of life! I would tell everyone... READ THE WORD OF GOD! We have to specify word of GOD because there are many out there who are not writing for GOD. And we have to have the SPIRIT of GOD living inside of us to know the difference! Because without GOD in your heart... you will learn to do things wrong and not even realize it's wrong! :(

Its about personal choices... GOD gives us the freedom to choose!

Its easier to learn by other peoples mistakes... and we as A PEOPLE can see and know what happens if we do things wrong. We have bad consequences!

When you learn this simple message... you know in your heart when you do wrong!

People who do not follow the rules... do not know when they are wrong and they are doomed to learn the lessons the hard way... and I have seen it happen many times over! It is very sad.

With LIFE... we don't get a do over! :(

I learned the hard way! :(

When you ask GOD to be your SPIRITUAL guide... HE will... because its HIS will for you to be saved... its HIS will for you to have a better life!

So many people in the earth... many doing good things... leaving behind a good legacy... but there is also much evil in the world... and that would include lopping off someones head when they don't agree with you! This act is wrong! We are not here to hurt or harm others... we are here to HELP and HEAL... whatever... whomever... its our duty to all PEOPLE... to help and heal.

If you are doing something wrong... STOP IT!

The thing about asking for forgiveness of sin... is you have to recognize it is wrong and you must take the steps in order to stop the sin! Its usually all about self control!

It is NOT a woman's fault if she gets raped... it is the man who must control his urges when he sees a beautiful woman. The man must be strong enough to enjoy the beauty of a woman without harming her! It is terrible to think that in some places PEOPLE believe its her fault when a woman gets raped. Their thought is... women should not be walking around all sexy and desirable! I say... WE have the FREEDOM to walk around in what we feel comfortable with. Sure some people might stop and stare... because most GODLY women cover up so they do not cause men to sin. But again... GOD gave us the freedom... so we just stare at the oddity of the few and go about our business... it is none of our business how people choose to dress... our business is to mind our own business and let that person work out their own salvation!

Just like the gays... hey... let them be gay... but when we stand on the word of GOD... we know that even tho some people are gay... GOD says for us... HIS PEOPLE... not to do that... just like HE says... don't have sex with your parents or siblings or your animals!

In the world there is good and there is evil... they are not the same... being GOOD is RIGHT... and being evil is wrong! And you better believe WE have the freedom to cater to each... we have the freedom to choose our own way! Its harder to choose to do the right thing.

Its much more fun to do the wrong things...

But... remember...  there are severe consequences to doing the wrong thing!

When thinking about the actions of THE PEOPLE... I am so grateful to GOD for those who choose to LOVE... those who choose to do the right thing by GOD... and learn to have self control... and learn that 'to sin is to lose out on the special things of life that GOD has to offer'!

When we sin... the problems come... and they compound with time :(

Save yourself! Know GOD... learn HIS ways...

HE will lead and guide you into the way that is good! HE will take you out of the sinful world and give you LOVE and PEACE! Just like a GOOD FATHER would! A good dad will do everything for his kids to help them stay on the side that is good and right and true! A good father will be angry at his children when they do wrong... if you have a good father... you want to please him... you want to show him you can be good too... just like him... and you carry on... with LOVE for THE CHILDREN... because this is where we find heaven... we love the children... and in turn they learn to love also... this is the way GOD wants our life to be like!

Believe in GOD.. because HE is there for you too... it is promised... to all of us!

What do we choose?

I choose to read the WORD and spread the WORD... like so many others B4 me!

I hope YOU choose the way of LOVE too...

Its simple... just ask GOD to come live in your own heart and mind... read THE WORD for yourself... know the truth for your self... make the choices according to GODS will... and you will... find the pathway to heaven.

Be joyful! Its our right... through the new covenant... to REMAIN FREE!


...that STILL LIVES... and breathes within the HEARTS and MINDS of HIS PEOPLE!

Through Jesus... I am a CHILD OF GOD!

Are you? :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams, RIP? Ummm, only GOD knows :(

Poor Robin Williams... had the world in the palm of his hand... and it still wasn't good enough. Which shows us that all the money in the world... all the fame and wonderment of his 'gift of gab'... couldn't even save him.

When people live in the world... just for the world... and ignore their spiritual side, this is when they have problems. They are so deep into the world, they don't see past the end of their own noses. But this was not fully the case for Robin. He knew the world intimately. And he cared for other people!

I do know why he did this. I knew when it happened... the 'whys' of it. But I had to take some time to soak it all in. There is so much to the deal that was handed to him. Will he rest in peace? That depends. Did he see GOD and ask for forgiveness when he was in that state after he realized there was no turning back? This is really just between him and GOD. We as humans can only speculate.

There is so much to Robin Williams, I really loved this man, he was a lot like Charlie Chaplin, who wrote SMILE, which is like my theme song. Even I, have this nervous laugh and joking attitude when I am upset... if you find the humor in things, anything comes easier. But the pain is still there.

I can feel people. I don't know how I do this. But I can. Sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it is a curse. But again, you can choose to see the good or the bad. Or I should say... we are aware of both the good and the bad, and some choose to dwell on the bad. This is not the way of GOD. When we go through life and go through trials and tests... there will be a lot of wrong out there. But what matters will be, if we choose the dark side. Or if we simply ignore the spiritual side. Like I feel Robin put that out there to the world. Now... how he really felt inside... who knows? He might of talked to GOD daily. We as humans can't know his personal relationship with GOD. He could of known GOD to the extent that he wanted to be good. But the world took him through places and things that he didn't ever want to talk about.

I feel like this last job was the straw that broke the camels back. He was faced with some reality that he just didn't want to deal with anymore. In my heart I think Robin knew the truth, but was afraid to say it for fear of making people unhappy with him. He went along with the trends... not because he wanted to, but it was his peers who influenced him in his worst times. And it was his peers who pushed him over the edge. He couldn't handle the pain that was givin to him by the people who was supposed to love him the most. And again, it was because his people lived in/for the world. And the world sucked him in... and dragged him down! I must say at this point, not ALL of the people did this... but a few. They know who they are!

I remember when I was doing Proverbs 2000... there was a scripture that I got stuck on for 3 days... and I prayed and thought and prayed and thought... and then BAM... it hit me all at one! The whole concept of how hard it is for a rich man to know if he is loved for his heart or his money! What a problem! :(

Living for the flesh... its fun...its great for some people... they do good deeds and all... but GOD says we won't get to heaven simply by doing good. Sure... you can live a good life... and when you choose to do good, you may not realize it, but you are doing GODS will anyway. But some refuse to acknowledge the spirit! And that is where they go wrong. If Robin would of loved GOD and served HIM and not the world... he would of known the LOVE and perseverance of GOD and would not of done what he did. But its not supposed to end like that... it should be more like this... through it all... we continue on... knowing that GOD has a plan... knowing that GOD will take care of every detail... every problem!

Will Robin go to heaven? I would like to think so... but he robbed THE PEOPLE of his gift!

Why do people live to serve the world? We can't survive the evil of it!

We can only survive the evil of it with the protection of GOD!

We as A PEOPLE know the difference between right and wrong/good and evil. We have laws in the world to keep us straight, but men of darkness take over and pervert the laws of our human system and then corruption abounds. They won't acknowledge GOD but they allow the dark one to come and posses their souls! :(

But that doesn't mean we have no hope!

When the GOOD PEOPLE stand up and speak out... and lead THE PEOPLE into a spiritual awareness... we will stand on the GOOD... demand the evil to GO AWAY! We as PEOPLE with GOD, have power over the darkness! And we CAN live through the hard times... because we all have that path to walk... and we do it alone... and other people are just like scenery passing by. In the end... its just US and GOD.

And GOD in US! :)

I do hope and pray that Robin found his way to the light! GOD knows he lit up our hearts... I would love to meet him on the other side! Because in all his pain... if he asked GOD to forgive him before he crossed... He will be happy on the other side... waiting for US! Lets keep his name in our hearts forever and always...

Thursday, August 07, 2014

RIP Momma :(

Where do I begin? I suppose with the pain... the pain is great!

Not because my mother passed... I know she is in a better place and is with the ones of old whom have already passed. I can hardly wait for my day to come... being able to communicate with past family and with Jesus and Socrates and Confucius and Nostradamus... and Mother Teresa and Charlie Chaplin... Andy Griffith... to name a few.

No, this pain comes from living in hell. Most people know my mother was not a very good mother. She was mean and self centered and if you dare to cross her... well, we could say, her revenges were well known. She taught me to lie... and to fear... and to keep secrets. When I was 15, she had sex with a whole group of motorcycle men, who came to the apartment... I could never describe her happiness to see all those 20 something motorcycles lined up in the parking lot... for her! I wish I could go more into this... but saving that for another time.

But also it was my mother who taught me to sing... and to clean as you go... this was prob the best advice she ever gave me... clean something right away, don't set it down... turn on the water and scrub it and leave it to dry... if you always do this, you will never have a sink full of dishes. Of course back then we didn't have a dishwasher... we were the dishwashers! I remember when my mother had broke her arm... well she didn't do it by accident... my then step father had grabbed her left arm and twisted her around and karate chopped it and broke it... but she lied to the people at the hospital... said she fell out of the truck :( and I had accidentally burned my right hand... so we worked together to do the dishes, Me using my left hand and her using her right! She also taught me to be tough and resilient... and independent and strong. There were some good things... but...

She also taught me to be a whore :(

I have so many mixed feelings.

So I came here to make my plea with everyone... Love your children... teach them to love other people, you do this by loving them more than you love yourself... and you show it! Like when my daughter broke up with her first babies daddy... he thought he was gonna make her suffer... and he took the bed when he left... so I... cleaned up her room... swept the carpet, because that was after a hurricane and we had no electricity for the vacuum cleaner... and when I had cleaned the area... I moved my own bed into her room. And made a pallet on the floor for myself... and it was 30 days before I bought a new bed. I always thought it was a good example of love... but it is possible it went unnoticed... except by the boy who wanted her to suffer. He was shocked to see that it was I who was suffering, sleeping on the floor. But me knowing my daughter was in a bed, made me happy. I just cant help that.

I am so different than my mother. When I was little, I was looking at my mother as an example of how NOT to be. I didn't want to grow up to be like her. And to this very day, I live with sorrow after doing to REB what I did to him, because of the advice of my mother. Looking back... I didn't win with the revenge... I hurt myself, probably more than I hurt him. Why would my mother give such terrible advice? I don't know :( He continues to this day, to tell me I worry about stupid stuff... and communicates through the rare text... but the thing is... I can never go back and have a redo. GOD I wish for that... but it will never happen. Sometimes I think GOD somehow protected me, because REB turned out to be a handsome Casanova... and all the girls wanted him. Still do. Me too. And years ago his mother said, that I was the one who ruined him. I guess maybe I did. And he reminds me that it was I who left him. YEAH, only because I listened to my mother... and did the wrong thing. I will regret that move for the rest of my life.

My mother was not a good example.

We as women, and really we as parents... need to pay attention to what we are teaching our children. Because if I would of had a Christian mother... well, she did profess to be a Christian... but she wasn't very Christian like and she wasn't reading the word, that's for sure... because if she had known the word, she would of told me to 'hold fast for love'... and when school was past, he would of come to me... and nothing from the school would matter any more. And you know that means that he would not of had found another girlfriend if I had stayed and stuck it out.

I was his first love... and he was mine. And we were torn apart because of the terrible advice and demands of my mother. I have seen who my mother was through her actions throughout the years. Saw her steal... commit adultery... lie. Be mean. I grew up in hell seeing and feeling the things I did. If my mother made a decision, it was going to be in her favor... screw all else.

But you see? She created me! To be... whom you see. Who has seen both sides of the world. And you see how I fight so strongly for LOVE... and where did I learn that?

Through Jesus! A man who existed over 2000 years ago... who really laid down a message of a rebirth of the souls of men... and he held the keys to heaven... and that is first to recognize both good and evil. Love is good. Hate is bad. Its really simple. Love one another. Do good to one another. Its so easy!

But people have to make things harder than they have to be. People are stubborn and arrogant and rude.They cant even see the beauty of truth anymore they have become so corrupted.

But we cant help what other people do.

My mother many years ago, chose to be a Wiccan. And you know, I know what GOD says about judging people... and I never judged my mother for her pagan beliefs. She quietly settled down in the country... and things were good for awhile... but then there was this murder in my sisters house. And I knew the victim... and I knew my sister... and I just didn't believe my sisters story. Well, court will settle the matter August 15th. Or I should say, the courts will start on the matter and work to settle things.

But you see, my mother believed my sister. Took her side. And I was made to understand that this was probably a way she protected herself from having to admit the truth. And even now I feel like GOD took her so she wouldn't have to go through what is going to happen to my sister.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. And I cannot tell the whole thing yet. But rest assured I already have something going on for after the trial. But I do stray...

What hurts me the most... is when she sided with my sister, she unfriended me on Facebook... She wouldn't answer my texts or emails. Or answer my calls. I knew she had cut me off. It was like a knife to the heart... because it was based on lies. Lies of the devil who really really wants to make my life miserable. But... no matter what... I know GOD has a plan. I place all problems in HIS hands.

I want to thank Digger... he will always be my hero for getting her to the hospital and calling me on her phone and I had those last few words with her. "Mom! I love you!"... "I love you more!" (as she would always say)
"Mom, from what I understand you can survive this, but you just have to rest! OK?" ... "OK"... "Mom, I will talk to you later ok?"... "OK"...  "OK, get well, I love you!" ... "I love you more!" and those were the last words she would speak to me!

It was so quick... Sepsis came and took her within days... I am sure she would of died a lot sooner if they had not kept her on life support. But because I was shut out... I could call the nurses... but my mother left my younger sister in charge. And I know my mother would not of wanted to be kept alive artificially. And I understood what the Drs were telling me, but there was a part of me who just wanted her to survive... just to 'friend me' back on Facebook. By day 8, she was swollen and turning black... so my older sister signed the papers to stop life support. I couldn't get out there, but I did go on day 3... she was laying there... "Momma.... its Nancy... I come to see you!" no response... talked to the nurse a little bit... and again... "Momma... I wish you would talk to me"... And then... "Lord GOD bless my mother... Momma... all is forgiven... there is nothing to worry about... all is forgiven... I love you... and I pray it be GODs will that you come back to us! IJCN,A Walking out of that room was like, the hardest thing I had to do... but I had to do it because I had little grand children waiting in the waiting room... and they needed me.

My mother has for years been an organ donor, she had it all set up to donate all her organs... she had taken such good care of herself... didn't smoke, rarely drank... kept her weight down... but when the time came... the bacteria had penetrated every organ she had... it had even reached her brain. In the end, her body was unacceptable for science.

So my younger sister... still in charge of things according to my mothers will. But now my mother has seen the truth... she has communicated with Chris and he told her the truth. My mother is no longer blinded by sin.

8 days... and even then, that was to long. She lived on life support... some of us thinking she would pull through... my head going this way and that... knowing my mother wouldn't want to live with no hands and feet. The Drs had told us, even if she did survive she would lose both hands and feet due to gangrene. My mother would be so unhappy about that. She was already unhappy that her daughters didn't get along. But I tell you truth here, it wasn't because of me. My mother now sees the truth... the truth that my hands are innocent.  And in the end... when they took her off of life support... she cried.

I faced the reality of it all... knowing GOD has a purpose.

And thanking GOD for sending Dig... because of him, we had that last phone call.

We as A PEOPLE, We got to know... When you least expect it... the Lord gives and the Lord takes away... and then the Lord gives again... Today... I found out that I will soon be blessed with another grand daughter... if ever there was a way to try again... this is the way... I only show the way of Jesus... the way of LOVE! Now its time for me to write my own family chapter... and believe me, it's all filled up with LOVE!

Keep to the path of truth my little ones... you know not when your Father in heaven will call for you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Love, Our Love, ONE Love

My love is... our love... and that is ONE LOVE... around the world love! 

When people realize that LOVE is key to a good life... that will be when we see the second coming of will be when we all learn to share HIS LOVE and that would be the LOVE of the FATHER who is GOD who IS a spirit which lives within the hearts and minds of HIS people!

My love is so strong that I spend my time thanking GOD for the opportunity to help others. 

Our love is so wonderful, that we learn to work together for the common good of all.  But that doesn't mean we sacrifice any one on purpose! 

I wish ALL MEN could learn that life is to short as it is... to waste time harming instead of healing! We must have honorable intentions and practice peace and not just talk about it! I know THE PEOPLE are hearing my words... my blog is now read in 44 countries... and I thank GOD for that, because I feel blessed to be able to be here and speak my mind! Lord knows, everyone knows I'm gonna speak my mind... as long as my mind is there to be able to think and reason and figure out and learn and teach... things like, we should learn something new everyday and that would mean being open minded to the truth when you see it and having the ability to make changes for the better! And that is... to consider the space and feelings of others. If you are offending someone... BACK OFF... GOD tells us not to be offensive or rude or hurtful!

Put away the ways of old and evolve into a new age... That would be the age of PEOPLE who find the truth about true love... they almost had it right in the 60's... but they screwed up thinking sex was love... OH Dear PEOPLE... sex is not love... but in a sexual explanation, GODs love is like our hearts making love... getting as close to each other in our hearts, as possible... and that includes deep places... like sacrificing our own self for others who need us more than we need ourselves!

Oh last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... there was a band from Jamaica... I LOVE Jamaican music! I love Bob Marley, even tho he wasn't perfect in everything he did... his music was perfect and will continue on as the generations go by... ok... I am going on about my own thoughts... lol... but I do love PEOPLE all around the world... just like Jesus tells me to... I am in love with every culture and every creed... I love the diversity of THE PEOPLE... it's ingrained in me somehow... I can find the beauty in every race! And I do mean race... that would be ummm Arabian people... not Muslim people...because we all know being a Muslim is NOT a race of people... but a creed. And even then it's all about the difference between the ones who implement Sharia Law. Sharia Law is not about PEOPLE LOVING PEOPLE... but about people CONTROLLING people! And that is the one thing that we know that we cannot, should not do... control people. I mean, if some people prove that they cannot control themselves... then yes, we need those people in a controlled place where we all know they need to be. 

But the FREEDOM we are givin... the ability to make that personal choice of which path to follow... that is what GOD wanted from the first place! But men continue with this control crap! Hey! SET THE PEOPLE FREE! Allow for personal choice! Because GOD only wants a servant who serves HIM willingly... its a heart thing... ya know? Between each of us and GOD... only.

'ONE LOVE' which serves all... hopes for all and dreams for all... will one day rise up... not to make war... not to show hate... but to HUG and show nothing but LOVE for one another! 

We can all be different and still be the same with ONE LOVE felt round the world...not for the sake of Thanksgiving... or Mothers day etc etc etc... but for EVERY DAY of our life! 

There is so much murmuring and complaining... but we are taught not to do that. We sit down and talk about the issue like adults and work out the problem with detailed finesse!

I have admitted here that I lost my love when I ...  'done him wrong'... but here I am still, showing the love to the children... because... 'such is the kingdom of heaven'... 

But I am still suffering for that terrible choice I made all those years ago when I chose to harm instead of heal... but please forgive me because my mother taught me to hate... to be angry and resentful and to seek revenge, even when its cold. My mother was not a very good mother. 

So no one can tell me that LOVE does not overcome evil... what matters is how hard are you gonna fight for it? How hard will you fight for the righteous goodness of loving someone? ...anyone? ... everyone, if possible... because I guarantee... GOD is not looking at the color of our skin... (we all bleed red blood) or the size of our income... (we all make our way)... NO... GOD looks at the heart... which is reflected there if you just look in the mirror and see something more than your flesh or your dress... GOD looks for LOVE!

We all must go through it...  you know... its a personal thing... and GOD is a spirit WHO CAN get all up in there... in your heart and your mind... BUT... you must remember... you find, most always... what you seek... and you ALWAYS find GOD when YOU seek HIM... and no one or nothing else has anything to do with it! Just between spirits... YOURS and GODS!

Its not hard to life a good life... its just about choosing who you serve...

Who do you serve? Examine yourself and you will see... you should be all that you are meant to be... to them... to us... to the world... in this day... just show what you say...

What do U say?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Should US Invade Syria?

I can't believe I just saw an ad for a poll asking this question! Should the US help invade Syria?


What kind of people are running things here in the USA? Sharia Loving Muslims?

Syria is the last hold out for secularism. You can be who you want to be in Syria... but not if the IS takes hold of it. If that happens, Syria will also belong to Islam where they hate everyone who is not a Muslim and are instructed to murder anyone who won't convert, unless they are rich and can pay money to be left alive.

What a sick evil world it is under Sharia Law.

Syria run by Assad is not run by Sharia Law. But if the idiots who are trying to take it by force have their way, Sharia Law will come in and there will be many heads a rolling!

I personally think its the Muslims that Obama has paved the way for into our system, who want the world subjected to Sharia... this is their ultimate goal... to spread Islams Sharia Law world wide. This is the Sharia that murders for sin... the Sharia creates a life where men can play gods and command jihad to conquer the world for Allah. And remember my friends... 'If the blind lead the blind... they both fall into the ditch.'

I would rather have a world with no religion, than live in a world under Sharia.

It is amazing to me with all the information in the world, these certain men think we should still murder for sin. Now I understand the law of the land, where people do get the death penalty for committing certain crimes. But under Sharia Law... most sin is legal. It is legal for a man to have 4 wives at a time... here in America a man can have more than 4 women in his life... but not be married to more than 1 at a time. A man having sex with a goat is legal in Islamland... as long as the goat is a female. It is legal under Sharia Law for a man to beat and/or murder his wife... legal for a father or brother or Uncle or Grandpa to murder a female family member for sin...  Oh the list goes on and on... but I will not, for times sake go on and on about the sins of Islam. But if I'm asked... :) I will talk about it.

And while I am here... I also want to comment on Israel and Gaza. Again, arrogant men who want to spread Sharia Law... They wanted Gaza... Israel says, 'OK, have Gaza'... and then they use Gaza to get close enough to shoot Israel! Have they not ever heard, 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'? If a man loves bloodshed he is not of GOD... because the real GOD >IS< LOVE... Sharia Law shows no love!

I hope... and I pray... in Jesus Christs name... that GOD knocks out the evil quickly! The Bible tells us it will be 1 generation that sees the Holy War finished... and now... we have the power to do it, see it, know it! We have the power to tell the world how wrong HATE is... how wrong it is to play god and murder for sin... how wrong it is to lie... or pressure anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

People... GOD is not a god of war... HE does not like bloodshed... HE wishes 4 the people LOVE and prosperity... and to treat each other like we want to be treated! I read a comment a day or so ago... and it is so true... 'Islam is the only religion that does not know the GOLDEN RULE!'

I pray for all of us... there are so many places where the evil is trying to spread its wings over the populations and cover them with Islam... in my heart I know they are fighting a losing battle, because I know according to THE WORD... THE PEOPLE of GOD will rise up and smash out the evil within... it has happened before... over and over and over... throughout history... there are many stories told and also untold stories of GOOD~V~EVIL... I mean that's a lot of what Genesis was all about... mans inner battle of good verses evil... well it was about more than that... but for times sake... we know GOD gave us the freedom to choose to do good or evil... and one day... I can see it.. around the world THE PEOPLE will stand and declare victory for the GOOD PEOPLE blessed by the GOD of LOVE!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A