Monday, January 19, 2015

Arkansas Vacation

When my son goes on vacation, I get to go on vacation too! So when my son told my favorite travel friend he was going to have a vacation, she put it all together. She is the same person I went with last August after my mother passed and her husband had passed... so we went 10 days, 10 states.

But this last week we went to one hotel, 1 place... and that was Hope, Arkansas!

My new favorite place!

We stayed at the Super 8 motel right there off I-30. It was so nice... the people were nice... the air was nice... way different than what I am used to here in Houston. We met the breakfast bar lady, Pat... she was such a nice lady... we chatted and shared grand children pics. So funny because one of the days that Pat was off, there was another lady who was not so nice. In fact when some other travelers came in asking about Pat, this other woman said she didn't know who that was and they go through so many people. HAHAHA... when we told Pat that... She laughed and went and told the guy behind the front desk. We thought that was a crazy moment! But remembering Pat and the sweet young girl who sat behind the front desk most days, they really made our trip!

The first day we stayed in Hope, lol... I love the name of this town and I love the people there... and I am not democrat, I am independent, I vote for who I like best. But I did vote for Clinton, the first time. I liked him. And to be able to tour his grandparents home where he lived with his mother after his father, Mr. Blythe died in a car accident 3 months before Billy Blythe was born. What a terrible thing to have to go through as his mother and family during that time. I got really good feelings from this house. It was a really cool place! Loved every room. I even saw a letter written to the grandmother from Bill when he was in collage!

As we were taking the tour I noticed you could see the back yard of Vince Fosters house. I never knew Bill and Vince were next door neighbors! But I learned that... and that they were school chums for many years! Things concerning the end of their friendship were exposed to me... I understood way more about Vince Fosters story.

Now Hillary didn't enter the picture until collage. I would love to know who was the girl from Hope whom Bill loved... maybe still loves. I know she is there somewhere. Some girl. Who had Bill Clintons heart way before collage!

I knew in my heart that Bill Clinton was a very good guy! Oh yeah, he made mistakes... we all do. But seeing where he came from assured me, his story is one of faith and Hope... faith in the Father... and ... how can you go wrong living in a place called Hope?

We went to 2 really great restaurants... Our favorite was family owned, Big Jake's Bar-B-Que!

The other one was another family owned... Sheba's, my food 'smothered chicken breast', was very good, the only complaint we had there was with my friends turkey sandwich, it had 2 very thin pieces of turkey... most other places have way more than that. But Sheba's was mostly just bread.

If your ever in the area of Hope, Arkansas... go to Big Jakes... the people are friendly, the food is great! Oh and the smell when you first walk in the door... oh my... I can't put in words! Maybe 'heavenly'... because when I die I am going to be visiting Big Jake's in my heaven!

HAHAHA that sounds funny I know... and I am going to try to get back there asap in this life!

We also went to the Diamond Fields in Murfreesboro! We spent 2 days there... doing it was on my friends bucket list and I am so blessed she chose me to go with her! We had a blast! I even got funny videos of my feet walking through the muck and mud! I was laughing!!! The first day I thought 'OH yeah... God's gonna let me find a big diamond'! HAHAHA... yeah... God showed me a whole different story... that's why on day 2, I just went on a rock collection and walked from one side of the field to the other... and made the videos and collected a great rock collection. I did find a treasure... a huge 2 inch quartz! So I have the rocks from the river in Tennessee, the Cave in Rock in Illinois and now from the diamond fields of Arkansas! I am looking forward to collecting a lot more rocks!

The one thing that really bothered me was... well I am cursed to know what people are thinking... and there were some who thought we were gay. When in fact my friend is a widow who doesn't want or need sex anymore... and me, I am loyal to my babies daddy who is a sex fiend, wants to have sex every day morning and night... so I am so happy to get away from that... my friend wears jeans and has a short hair cut... and it really bothers me that people think we are like that... its crazy cause when homosexuality was/is a sin... and every one knows it... people don't think like that... but with all the gay people stepping up and demanding equal rights, it puts those thoughts in peoples heads. They are guessing we are gay. Thinking it... and that's all I need. I can pick up on those things. And funny because I do it too. I wish homosexuality wasn't crammed down our throats. I liked it better when people didn't talk about such things. Of course I love my gay friends... I would fight for their rights too... but I know from my studies that homosexuality is a sin against God... and God has told us that there has been gay people since the beginning... but we as GODS children, we don't do that. We cant change the word of God and it is in the old and the new testament. Right there along with don't have sex with your parents or siblings or animals. Its there and we cant deny it. But neither should we judge. A sin is a sin is a sin... I am just as sinful in my gluttony. Its a weakness of the flesh that we should all be mindful of. We don't judge each other for sin these days... our sins are private between us and GOD! We must all work out our own salvation.

Another place I want to mention here today is Washington Arkansas... a little town between Hope and Nashville... another wonderful place... in both Washington and Nashville we got off the beaten track to explore! But Washington... oh what a wonderful place! I so wanted to live there! I am so happy in my heart to know places like this exist!

Being able to travel with my friend is one of the greatest things ever! I am so blessed to have a friend who takes me with her when she wants to go. As we all know I live in poverty and could never afford to even go to Galveston on my own. Much less travel out of state. I feel like with the people praying for me... others are vessels sent by the spirit to take me places I could never go. I know GOD answered prayers. And I have faith that GOD will continue these excursions for many years!

GOD bless us... everyone!

And Thank You, Hope Arkansas... for restoring my hope in THE PEOPLE!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

CPS Commits Child And Elderly abuse!

Oh yes, this is one of the most craziest of all things in my point of view, but it just shows how corruption can ruin a good thing. Places where the power goes to peoples heads and they love to create drama and chaos separating a child or children from the mother and only home they have ever known.

This is what was happening when I came home from Arkansas vacation... my friend was dropping me off at my house when the street showed me a pic I was horrified to see. My grand kids being taken out of the house! You see... my daughter just had a baby and even tho she tested negative for marijuana, they went back into the babies poop and found it. And then came to the house to take the other children away.

Yes, they proved that my daughter smoked a joint within the last couple months.

And that's all.

CPS has been involved in our lives before, because of rumors of pot smoking and sharing and other lies. Well, I have smoked pot since 1972... I raised my kids just fine, thank you. Of course I never made the weed my god... but, when I am having anxiety attacks that my doctor usually gives me meds for... its easier to just go in my bathroom and sit and take a couple tokes and I feel better. It is medicinal for me. Has been and probably always will be. And the laws are changing all over the place! When something grows from a seed, it should be free for people to use for a purpose. Of course smoking anything is not good for your body and you should try not to smoke anything. But sometimes this helps, medically, for those who need it. I applaud those who don't need anything. And I think its better than getting something from the dr that has chemicals in it.

I have never had any charges against me for child abuse or neglect, because my kids were a higher priority than the weed. But I never was put through what my daughter is going through. It was a different time when people from cps used their 'hearts and minds'... not acting like robotic Nazi gestapo.

I don't understand how something like this... a trace of pot... this is no reason to come into the home and rip the crying babies out of a crying mothers arms, this is very traumatic and should not be allowed. And as being grandma, the sick burning in my body kept me awake all night last night trying to understand it all.

I always make sure they get vitamins everyday... and every time I see the bottle of vitamins there, I get extremely upset and have very much anger for these idiots who don't take into account the home is a good one, they just assume its not.

We have always invited CPS into our home each time a kid got mad at my kid they would call cps for revenge and twist the truth... evil people love to get you where it hurts the most. And we dealt with what we had to... and the only thing was, a positive marijuana test... that means we could of smoked a joint 2 months ago... and it still be positive. Even though there was never any evidence or proof of abuse or neglect... there has never been any abuse or neglect, I am here to tell ya!

It is a terrible Nazi type place we have here when 1 woman can come in and scare a mom into giving up her kids by threats... you see... cps didn't bother to test the person they sent the babies with. And if they had, he... the dad, would test positive too... but we are not going to point that finger at him, I would rather the boys be with their dad than someone I don't know.... and the person who took in Joe 6 years ago... she was a pot smoker too... CPS is wrong to be doing this crazy crap. They took the babies out of a safe loving home that the babies have always known... and sent them off with a dad they don't really know. They were crying... they wanted their mom... they wanted their grandma...

All because my daughter smoked a joint a few weeks ago.

I say... where is the warrant?  ... where is the abuse or neglect?


Here's the real kicker... the other grandmother drinks a LOT of alcohol... and smokes pot too and does other drugs... and yet she is good to take the baby. HA... We don't drink here... we don't do other drugs. Smoking pot is just an occasional thing. We don't sit around all day stoned to the bone.

Pot smokers are good people too... there are many pot smokers in the closet, hiding because of things like this... and still living a good life... because the weed is not their god... GOD is their god and they believe...  anything that comes from a seed is of GOD! Why? Because the Bible tells us so! Gen 1, 29

The house is clean... safe... where the kids are happy!

And ripping them away should be a crime.

We are calling a lawyer in the morning.

In the meantime... I try to stay positive thinking they are at least spending quality time with their dad! This is a good thing... and its better than CPS taking custody...

HA... they didn't take custody... I can see how stupid they would look if they did that... as I intend to tell the world how the city of Houstons CPS is corrupt and needs an overhaul! There are lots worse people doing lots worse things out there... things of real abuse and real neglect out there. There is no abuse or neglect happening here.

In all they ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct your path!
Proverbs 3, 6



Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dear Muslims of Today

I was conversatin' with Our Lord, about this mess that these Muslim men have created.

What a shame. And you should be ashamed if you think the violence is good.

The problem here tho' is... 'what you are putting out is making THE PEOPLE hate you'.

When you keep causing all this chaos and destruction it makes you look bad!

Who can be loved for evil actions... truth is, no one will be loved for evil actions... love has no place with evil men. Men who love themselves in power, more than they love GOD.

Most people got over that violence along time ago... why are you not letting it go?

I see Sisi in Egypt (GOD Bless Sisi, I love him), saying "Islam needs reform!"

Well, of course it does!

We no longer sacrifice for sin!


Now, I know some men love Sharia... but that is 'men controlling men' kinda thing... can't even say women because with Sharia women are nothing but slaves, if not born and raised Islamic. But here is the beautiful part... since forever... Arabian men have been heros and strong sensual men... yes some men are this still... but other men must learn to let go of ancient barbaric habits and for the love of Jesus Christ give him 'his just due'... see him as the final sacrifice and stop murdering for sin! Its wrong and GOD doesn't want us to do that violence anymore... it doesn't work...

GOD doesn't want HIS PEOPLE to fear HIM... but to LOVE HIM for goodness sake!

You must tell your people "doing this violence is wrong".

And I know you love Mohammad... but LOOK SEE... its 2015...

We've come a long way, Baby!

We love and help others to do good!

MY GOD, Even a child could understand LOVE! We no longer pillage and plunder... we no longer rape women and murder children... WE DONT DO THAT ANYMORE!

In this world, I believe you should be what you want to be. And Islam has been around a long time. But it was changed over time, by men who married babies... and cut off the heads of all they dislike... but we know this is not the way of LOVE. This way does not allow the freedom of the people to do what they will.

And I am inclined to tell you the truth, THE PEOPLE will do what they will... and will stand against the evilness of mankind and speak out and say... "No, we no longer sacrifice for sin or murder with chaos within the hearts and habits of the people."

A new age is dawning... your children can even see the truth!

Let it go! (singing 'let it go' in my head)

We know this violence doesn't work.

Reform the law and you might get some respect!

Look, I don't hate you.

But I have to stand when MY FATHER in heaven tells me to stand.

Remembering what the message of Jesus was???




Its so simple.

Anyone who argues with LOVE will be seen in truth as the true evil one.

Hey, I'm just standing on the word of GOD!

I love all PEOPLE of all races and places...

Praying for the day when LOVE is within all!

Respect and 'not trying to take over' will be the norm.

We can get there!

Children of GOD, do not be afraid... face your fears straight on with the strength that GOD gives you... Don't listen to lies and deceptions... the devil will bring you down!

Hang on to what is GOOD and RIGHT and TRUE!

No one is above anyone... we all work together for the common good of THE PEOPLE.

Because... I am Charlie... WE are all Charlie! Rest assured all who die standing for the FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE... and surely the freedom of expression will live on in the hearts and minds of who???  THE PEOPLE! The strongest entity known in the earth!

PEOPLE standing on the word of the strongest entity in the world... GOD!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!


Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Skin We're In

I feel like GOD is like our skin... it (HE) holds our stuff together. And when someone destroys that skin... we lose life. GOD is very much like our skin. Holding us together whereas without HIM we would fall apart.

Many are falling apart.

But lets get to the good news. WE as GODS children are doing a GREAT job! I can see that there are many who are learning to do better by the minute! Around the world, GOD is working!

So its sorta like we need to keep our stuff together... for GOD to LIVE... (in us)

I love that many people LOVE GOD... and the devil really wants you to think that to serve GOD you look like a wimp. He wants you to think your all silly and goofy looking when you humble yourself to GOD. But what you must remember is when you humble yourself to GOD, HE can help fix things and help you hold it together when you don't have the strength to do it alone.

So, screw that old devil who wants you to be stupid!

From the days of old evil has been trying to murder the good in people... a single evil spirit can inhabit a human and cause all kind of chaos... for real... this is true... if you allow any evil spirit in your life... it can ruin you. For many it is to late. But its not to late for you!

You can be like them... living high on the hog in heaven... not by works but by the GRACE of GOD. This is why we were given JESUS! Jesus was the final sacrifice... we no longer sacrifice for sin.

We rehabilitate!

Something amazing has happened for me! My eldest grand daughter was starting to have an attitude... and everyone told me I must beat her ass... my son takes things away from her... and tells me to beat her ass... but for me, inside... I feel like if she loved me (if she knew Jesus) she wouldn't treat me like that. Good girls listen and mind their elders when they are speaking truth. On the other hand... good girls defy their elders if they are telling them to do something wrong!

It is always good to stand up for what is right. And GOD inside your heart and mind always tells you what is right and wrong.... but then again, the devil always has to jump in and have his say too... so don't listen to him. He will tell you to do some terrible things, some bad things :(

Now what works for some doesn't work for others, so you must have GODS spirit to be able to interpret the truth, this is how GOD defies the evil ones... GOD leads and guides us by HIS spirit so we know the truth in our heart and soul... but the evil ones are usually blinded and can't see a damn thing with their spiritual eyes. The evil one blinds some with distortion of the truth. A terrible thing, in my way of thinking! I always keep my spiritual eyes on GOD... you should too!

Now getting back to my personal discovery... 'how to change their attitude'. This has baffled me for years... you know... you get so shocked when you see a little child have an attitude. But its inevitable. The devil is so much in the mix that they are bound to discover that attitude one way or the other. And really, parents were even having this problem in the old testament.

There are many who use corporal punishment. There are those who use domestic violence. There are those who just ignore the behavior and chalk it up to 'youth', but I think none of these ways are the best way. GOD showed me the best way... 'we over come evil with good'!

So the next few times my grand daughter had an attitude... I laughed and went up and hugged her close... kissing the top of her head... laughing all the while I asked her if she knew how goofy, silly, funny she looked when she had that attitude? HAHAHA... it was so different than anything I have tried before. One of my Sisters in Christ who I met online in 2010... and have never met, was amazed when years ago, I was having a problem with this same child, falling on the floor and crying... I went right down on the floor with her and cried with her... (her sister must of thought we were nuts) and my Sister in Christ said that was some sort of {insert psychology phrases here} I don't remember what she said it was... but it was GOD who made me do it... and it was GOD who led me to laugh and hug and kiss and ask why???  HAHAHA... and guess what happened???

I haven't had a problem with her since... and I have even waited a few weeks before I posted this so I could know it worked! And it has, I suppose in the future when (and if) she does have an attitude again I will do the same thing, because it seems to have worked! Praise be to GOD!

GOD is always helping me like that... in life... when I am baffled or shocked... GOD always leads me into the way that is good! The solution is always spot on!


Because GOD has been around a long, long time. And HE KNOWS! And HE shares! But it really depends on which side your on... good or evil... and what your motives are. Because if your motives are selfish and greedy... GOD will not be on your side and you will not be on GODS side.

Because GOD is the life that is given... the breath that we take... the consequences that come... good or bad... it is the spiritualness that has been around since the dawn of mankind. When we gained dominion over the earth and animals because we are superior due to 'THE SPIRIT OF GOD'.

We can KNOW HIM, intimately!

Yes we can! And many do already! And GOD is not concerned with them... HE knows they are going strong.. and HE will support them always... through this life and the next!

But what about the ones who choose the other side?... the materialistic side?... not the spiritual side... well... they will have their reward... but when they meet their maker... their gonna have some trouble then... because if they have no spirit... if they never had that 'spiritual awakening' in this life... it will be the time when GOD says... "Sorry, I never knew you."

I've said it before and I will say it again... and I will keep saying it always... 'Just as there is earth and sky... there is flesh and spirit.'  And everyone needs to be aware of this!

We only have this one life. We are young and we are old and then we die, can't take anything thing with us... BUT!!!... we can leave something behind. What will that be?

You know it is really up to you.

Whom will you serve? Good or evil? Its out there in the spiritual world. It has always been and will always be... a fight between the two...  and who will win your soul?

It was prophesied a very long time ago that 'good will be bad and bad will be good'...

I think we have seen this in the world already... I really don't want to name names... I hate to criticize the person... I want to focus on the spirit.  I want to help show you the truth... because in my personal life... this part of me is my gift to GOD... Even tho' hardly anyone knows who I am in my real life. I mean some know... how can you get over 15,000 hits from 47 different countries and not be known? So some know and I think half are scared and stay... and half are scared and run away. HAHAHA this is what I have seen. Some have even gone so far as to try to sabotage my online ID... like... for years you could do a web search and find like 5 things of MOTHERPOPE.... now... you can't. Now someone has created 2 other ids that take you to them when you search motherpope...  I went to my sons computer... he has a real fancy one... and did a web search on motherpope... and nothing will come up... even when you search this location specifically... ''... nothing comes up... oh BlogSpot comes up... but not motherpope. Nothing comes up anymore. I don't know how that happened... And why would someone want to divert anyone's attention from me is so bizarre to me. Who am I hurting here?

Most of the people I have met online love and support me. And I thank GOD for that... because word must of got around before they shut me down... did they silence me? Uh, no. I guess I am only privy to those that have the link. So weird to me. Oh there is 2 sites that pop up and those are donation sites that never worked out and I am glad they didn't because I was just desperate to pay some bills. I don't make money here... it comes from my heart. And people must be coming back because most days there are hits on here from more than one country.

And that is GODS gift to me... the people who come back to read. Its what keeps me coming in here. I live in poverty... but it doesn't matter. I do dream of the day I sell my book. Lord knows I am ready to go on some book tours and meet THE PEOPLE... I do hope this happens before I die. I would love to go on book tours! Oh but that will never stop me from coming here! I am going to come here as long as I have people coming to read. (And I bet I would have a lot more readers if someone wouldn't of messed me up on web searches). I pray that someone reading this blog can help me there. That would be so awesome to get my ID back in the web searches :)
Did you hear about that 23 year old man who chopped off his mothers head in Florida on New Years Eve? I wonder if he knew Jesus? My bet would be... he didn't know Jesus!

Do you?

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Germany

I am so happy to have Germany on my list of country readers... you know, this whole thing is like crazy to me... I never ever thought that one day I would grow up to be MotherPope... a writer that writes from the spirit and is read in 47 countries around the world! My Grandmother wanted me to be a teacher. But I went off into restaurant management... I am a people person, I love PEOPLE and being in the food industry, that was good for that. Most everyone loves to eat!

But then, GOD decided that I needed to be someone different! This whole motherpope thing evolved over the last 30 some odd years. I never set out to be who I am today... it just sorta happened! And I certainly don't get paid for it... my LOVE... GODS LOVE is FREE! Given freely to me... and I give it freely to you!

I thank GOD for it because I have communicated with people around the world. This is a GREAT JOY to my soul... because I love THE PEOPLE... everywhere! I don't know how I can do this... everyone seems to hate everyone these days, but this is my truth and so I share all that stuff here. I come in here and write from my heart and that is something that GOD has gifted me with... I could never do all this on my own!

In thinking about the people all around the world... and loving them, I want to say here that one of my loving sisters in Christ, way down in Africa... has suddenly gone quiet. The last thing she posted was in July. And the last thing she wrote to me was... 'the Islamic militia (my words, not hers) had come to her village and lots of people are closing up shop and shutting down windows and that she... as a Christian was treated like lower class.'  This broke my heart and so I broke out in prayer... and asking GOD to take care of her... and thinking with my flesh... 'PLEASE just convert with your mouth... keep it quiet that you are a Christian and when they go away, you can know it was duress'... but knowing my Sista like I do, she prob stood tall and proud with her Jesus... and GOD only knows what happened. But I haven't heard a word or seen a post since July. And I am frankly, quiet pissed about it. And I pray to GOD that HE takes HIS glorified place back into THE PEOPLE and let us have some respect and PEACE!

But there are those who will not allow it! There are the Islamic militia that is spreading out around the world and is trying to set up house in every country... of course THE PEOPLE will not allow it, because in most countries, its THE PEOPLE who run things!

Only in Islamic run countries is there, 'death to gays and anyone who has sex outside marriage'.

In the REAL WORLD, Islam will never take over... this feeling is strong in GODS SPIRIT... I mean we all know HE wins in the end... but GOD is fighting... men who are robots who tout an ancient barbaric law that should be reformed, repealed, retired... to contain the element of FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE deep in the heart of it! It will happen in the end... it is predestined, has been prophesied... it has been proclaimed! GOD will overcome evil with GOOD!


Because GODS PEOPLE will rise up and make it happen!

You can see it happening right there in the heart of Germany!


I see THE PEOPLE rising up against the horrible evil ones who will be there until, WE THE PEOPLE force them to back down, back off and go back home!

This is the way of THE PEOPLE... and then someone says, its been predicted that they take over... and I am like... Don't you think they have taken over enough already?

Look at how the posses the land and control their people... look at how they get into many different countries and try to take over using our own law against us? She how they are DEMANDING that we make concession for them? This is how they take over and when there are many more of them than there are us... they will make it happen, they will have US under their feet...

But the funny thing is... they don't know it... but it will be our OWN LAWS... and OUR OWN PEOPLE who save us! Smart people who are able and willing to stand up against the evil ones... and force them to realize, we are so different than they are. We do not sacrifice for sin anymore... well, at least WE THE PEOPLE don't... but there are some lone wolfs out there who take the law into their own hands... they play like a god and murder innocents just because they are told to by Allah... and his servant Mohammad, the murderer, rapist, pedophile that he was. He was only serving the moon god. He wasn't even following the REAL GOD... the GOD of Jesus!

So anyways... I want to shout out to Germany, where THE PEOPLE have been gathering against the Islam religion weekly... and what was the numbers? 17,500 was estimated? Man, that is awesome! I mean we all know the Holy War is gonna happen... it has been trying to happen since forever... and it has won in places... in the past, but the final battle is yet to be. It is coming on strong now and most young people alive today will see this GREAT EVENT! The final battle where THE PEOPLE get to see the rejection of a religious controlling militia and see ALL THE PEOPLE set FREE~

Yes it will happen...

WHY? Well mostly because we have the technology TODAY to be heard around the world... you can see the truth is out there! It is seen and THE PEOPLE are standing up and speaking out. It is true to many are getting their heads cut off for standing up for GOD and or what's right... but... who the hell lops off heads anymore? It is ancient and barbaric and has been going on for too long... and GOD has had enough of that crap... Too many people are dying needlessly because a small group of men... (and I do mean 'men' because mothers... mothers who love their children would never agree this is proper), are parroting 'evil in a beautiful form'.

Even when our law system puts evil people to death, it allows them to simply fall asleep. No violent end. We must have the law... we must have people willing to stand up for the law... because without the law, we would have all kinds of crazy lawlessness happenin'!

So, you see THE PEOPLE of Germany? Standing up... standing strong... standing proud?

And please... don't let ANYONE bully you into believing that 'your not that heartless' simply because of your past... The German PEOPLE are PEOPLE just like all of us... they feel... they love... they struggle to exist! They are WE! We are ALL... GODS CHILDREN!

We are stubborn... we are conquerors of our world... We are INVINCABLE!

We are a force to be reckoned with...

So just sit back and watch GOD work WITHIIN HIS PEOPLE ...

And enjoy the show... just make sure your on the right side!

Right... by... GODS side!

GOD bless Germany!    and ...

GOD Bless US... everyone! IJCN,A

Friday, December 05, 2014


The word defiance can be either good or bad, depending on the way you use it!

As in every aspect of life, this is so.

Depends on you!

I learned something about people... children specifically... but some people never grow up and remain children all their lives. My mother was one... she was a defiant 17 year old for most of her life. HAHAHA... most...ALL is more like it. You didn't want to start any BS with my mother... she would put you in your place in a heartbeat... and that was OK if she was right! But so often she was wrong.

And GOD always gives out the result of our actions according to HIS ways. That's why it's so important to learn GODS ways... so we can avoid disaster! Now if my mother would of been humble... obedient to GODS word, her end would of been so different. But you know... ying yang... karma will get ya every time, I ain't kidding you!

I learned that if you tell a kid over and over what is expected of them... like a mantra... like showing them the way to go... they will reach a point when they will want to prove that your stupid and they can do their own thing. But they don't know, it will come back on them! Specifically... I used to tell my daughter, every school day... this mantra... "Go in... learn everything, because the more you know, the farther you go... people pay you more money for the more smarts that you get!"  It was positive yes... but it didn't tell the whole story!

Now... I say the same thing to my grand daughters when I drop them off at school... BUT, I add something... I add... "but you don't have to if you don't want to... you can choose to be stupid and not get an education.. you can follow the other stupid kids and not study... just have fun... but then, you will be stupid and no one will want to hire you for a job! But, its all up to you... you can choose to be stupid if you want to be!" And then I shut up and let them process that info... I don't keep talking like I used to do to my daughter. And ohhhh I love my grand daughters and I hope they choose to do good things with their lives... especially to be defiant to my suggestion that they be stupid! HAHAHA... see, I am doing different with my grandchildren... you live and learn, eh?

So if we can show the kids, both sides of life... the good and the bad... maybe it might make them more aware of their actions... we know that when GOD HIMSELF, decided to try to raise up perfect people from unlearned people of low degree... they were defiant and did what GOD asked them not to do. Typical kids... I think we need to tell them the consequences first!

A lot of people think you cannot talk to a kid and make them understand... I don't think that's true. I think you can talk to the children and they understand a lot more than some give them credit.

And that is where we must begin.. with the children. The Muslims know this, that is why they are so interested in getting their way in our school systems. And I am sorry if I offend anyone with this truth... but it's the truth.. and the truth sometimes hurts, don't it? And this is just going to be a consequence to your actions!

 As A PEOPLE we are not stupid !

I love to see the smart people all over the world!

It is a blessing from GOD to have smart people come up in the world!

Now, on the other hand... defiance is a good thing if you are being defiant, righteously! If you are standing up against evil people who have set the 'evil as norm' on the earth... by all means defy the evil ones! Because when you stand up and speak out against evil, you will be surprised at how many others will stand up with you!

We the PEOPLE are a mighty bunch... and we stick together by the SPIRIT!

Yes, the same spirit that has led the PEOPLE since before the beginning of recorded time!

We must know there is more to this life than what is in the earth... just as there is earth and sky... there is flesh and spirit... the two are one... but yet they are separate because some choose not to acknowledge the spiritual side. Some people think to be subservient to the spirit is as a weakness... I say to you... THE SPIRIT is our STRENGTH! The spirit is what is here after we are gone from the flesh... we know there is more to life than the earth... we have known GOD forever! The good Father... the good Mother... the good family who sticks together with LOVE!

LOVE... the thing that makes you feel like your a balloon ready to burst with joy!

Not pride... not arrogance... not.. 'my kid is better than your kid'... but to LOVE one another in this life... so you can love each other in the next! Because... just because you don't believe, doesn't mean its not there! Many have seen it through spiritual eyes! We just KNOW GOD is there! You don't have to know tho at the beginning of your spiritual search... you just have to believe... have faith... and you will see through spiritual eyes too... GOOD always overcomes evil... even if it looks like evil will win... just sit still a minute... (i love to pray when i sit still) because LIFE has both sides out there... a good side and a bad side... this is old news... but the good news is... goodness has already won... GOD won the moment Jesus died on the cross as the FINAL human sacrifice.

Now... since GOD is personal... we make personal sacrifices... we honor GOD by getting control of our flesh and make the personal sacrifices that only GOD could know about... for me it is getting control of my calorie intake, for others it might be controlling their private parts... or their mouth... or controlling any bad habit!  Its GOD whom you want to impress... not men! Men can pretend to be good and in the closet they are evil as hell... we cannot know for sure who is what when they only pretend to be good!

We know one thing tho... when we share the spirit of GOD we can know that we all know the rules! A common, likeness of spirit. You can NOT serve GOD and act evil! It's just not done! The big difference is like... murdering for personal gain... or killing to protect yourself or your family! The difference is... getting off work and going to the bar and wasting time with a ho... (male or female ho's) or... getting off work and going home to your home and family and work on mending things there!

Hey, if you are blessed to where you can go out and party and meet different people... it could be a good thing if you spread spiritual love... and not fleshly lust.

That is where they screwed up in the 60's... they were spreading the fleshly love... and they didn't understand or give credit to the spiritual side! The part that cares about others.. LOVING one another through it all... good times and bad. People make choices to sin and there are bad consequences for more than just that person... others suffer. This is not the way GOD wants us to be. GOD wants us to be mindful of our sin... and the spirit will let you know in your heart and mind all about it if you just pay attention and read the word. its all there... how people used to be and how people should be after the info that Jesus as GODS son brought to us!

We are HIS children... GOD cares about how we're doing... and GOD is not bias... doesn't matter color or creed or continent... Its all about the LOVE, Man! :)

It's all about the LOVE!

Do you love me? I love you! Why? GOD inspires me to! I have a love like GOD has prescribed... a limitless love... that expands around the world! I love people of all colors and creations.. (meaning being the creature you create yourself to be! Doesn't matter... if you LOVE.. your good! :)

And its gonna be when we can spread the LOVE world wide... that is when we will win! Oh I know it doesn't look so good now... but remember, its darkest before the dawn... and soon enough we will have a new dawn of humankind... where all humans are kind... one to another!

Evil is gonna go down like the wicked witch in Oz...

One more thing before I go... I know there has been a lot of talk about white police killing black folk... and I am sad about that... but it's what happens when we mix races... would it had been different if the policeman was black, or how bout a German police killing a Jewish criminal??? In the USA its possible... but not probable... odds are its 'probably' gonna be a white police and a black criminal... its just the odds of the stats! Sad but true! Some people have the facts misconstrued, some people have reverse racism going on, but it is only because of the 'hate' that is living in the hearts and minds of 'some of the people'.   I have a feeling if we stick to the facts, the true facts... and keep it simple... we will see how the population is set up... maybe black men are the ones most desperate to go out and rob and cheat people... and therefore they are more inclined to be caught doing so by either white OR black police... And, why do people make the choice to go out and steal and rob, murder or do drugs anyway??? Why do some fall for Satan's pleas? Satan seeks joy by being defiant to the goodness of humans... he loves to make them stumble and fall... and the humans... just cant help it... they are weak and followed the wrong path... did the wrong deed... made the wrong choice... their 'own choice'! And no amount of complaining will change 'their choice' or the results of it! Get real... if these men were not doing what they were doing... the police wouldn't of even been there!

So you see, I always try to let you know you have a choice to do good or evil... some still choose to do evil... who knows why they are weak and unable to follow GODS word.  WE can choose to do better! With the spirit inside, we can ALL know in our hearts and minds both good and evil... and we can always choose... one day we will all choose LOVE... and we will then create paradise...

Steady on Brothers and Sisters... the best is yet to be!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A  :) 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Furguson, Missouri

I can sure see racism is alive and well in the minds of some of the people.

But its turned around. Now the blacks hate the whites. I suppose this is why GOD split us up and tells us to reproduce and multiply, AFTER OUR OWN KIND.

But... hey! It's 2015! (Or it will be in a month!)...  What are we thinking?

Well, I can tell you... most are thinking with their heads. But here is the info we MUST consider. This boy was out in the streets stirring up trouble. And here we have a cop who is just trying to do his job. Can we possibly think about things without thinking about the color of skin? We are all the same in the eyes of GOD. We all bleed red blood!

And whose being racist? Not me. I don't care what color the kid was. He shouldn't of been out on the streets getting into trouble. He was suspicious... not because he was black... but because of where he was and what he was doing! And anyone who is up in arms about this should stop and consider this... It would't of happened if Brown would of been at home with his family. Not out on the street making trouble. Now, the story would be different if he was just running to the store to get milk for his little siblings.

The haughty attitude of the parents is not even worth getting into here. Because where were they when their kid was on the streets?  Oh please, someone tell me they were working to make money to pay the bills. HA... Is 'thugs raising thugs' the acceptable way of life these days? I think NOT!

Has anyone thought that the reason was, not BECAUSE he was black...
but because 'HE HAPPENED TO BE'?

I sure have heard many times... of people of many races being shot and killed by the police.

The reason people are being destructive, is because people are filled with hate and anger and are not afraid to act out on it. These people who are pillaging and plundering across America are only showing their limited intelligence, their lack of understanding the truth.

The kid made the choice to go out and do what he did.

He shoulda stayed home. He shouldn't of been out there confronting the police!

PEOPLE... unless the police are corrupt... they are our friends our protectors!

I can remember when I was a very young girl... the Police were praised and respected for doing their jobs. When I was a bit older... I started hearing people call them 'pigs' it broke my heart and was so different than the old fashioned RESPECT that the PEOPLE had had in the past.

It was when people became corrupt that they hated the police. Granted there has been corruption within the police themselves... I will never deny that. But WE THE PEOPLE need to watch and make sure we know whats going on there.

My daughters grandpa was a policeman most of his career. He was a Sargent when he passed away. He had a great funeral. He died way to soon. But he was one of the greatest men I have ever known. You see I knew him before I knew his son. I always wished my mother would of married him. Little did I know she was just his 'ho'. So the fact is... he was a good man. He would of never become corrupt. And there are many police who would never... who will never become corrupt.

The potential for sin is still there, but in this day and time... we have cameras watching. And we do need to remember these people are human. Cops are not perfect... I am sure many have a side that is sinful. Like the ones who let the girls work the streets with a little selfish lustful allowance for themselves. This is a common weakness, and some just have a hard time developing the strength to deny the fleshly desires.

But see, we need the police! We need some one to come when there is trouble!

Can you imagine the world without police (and fire fighters)? People who risk their lives to protect others! These people deserve our up most respect! Well at least the ones who are not corrupted do. I have always loved the police... to be honest I always wanted to marry a cop!

It boggles my brain when I think what these people are implying... so do they think it should be OK for kids to go out at night and get into trouble? Should we allow people to act as thuggish as they please? HA! Thugs sticking up for thugs the way they love... to violently destroy and tear up and set fire to things that belong to innocent people! Oh yeah... I can see the Islamic militia getting all excited as they see the hatred and violence that they love to see spread among the people!

Didn't Gandhi say 'Hate is not the enemy, Fear is the enemy."  I believe this is truth because... we must not be afraid to stand up to the hate and violence! We must not allow them to win by 'striking fear into our souls' to where we back down from the fight. The Holy War!

We know this life is a journey to find your peace before you die... and we cannot find peace when we are living in fear. Now, its all up to us... what do we choose?

It all falls back on the fact that we have the freedom to choose to do wrong.

But more importantly, we all have the freedom to do the right thing too... and stand up to the wrongs in the world and work together to make things right!

GOD is good... Satan is evil... whom will you serve?

GOD Bless Us, Everyone! IJCN,A