Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My Old/New Space

So I have found a little space! Its hard for people to find me, HAHAHA... but alas, here I am. My friend and sister in Christ bought me this laptop when she got some inheritance. It was so kind of her. I was REALLY surprised because it wasn't even my birthday!

And then also this desk was in one of the peoples rooms. It was nice in there but her sister bought a new recliner so she gave up this desk to have her sisters older recliner in that spot. And I had been doing some work in this storage room. Believe me I am so grateful to have GOD to help me sort through this mess. It used to be a living room but someone before me had sectioned off a hallway and had made a small room with cabinets and shelving, When I first moved in here it was like a small office with a desk and many shelves of books. But as time went by different people have thrown stuff in here like it was a storage room. Stuff piled to the sky! HAHAHA... well just a slight exaggeration there for the fun of it. And so I had to make room in the back part of the house for living.

Oh, we've had cats up in this room and a turtle and even a small swimming pool! Its been so full I never came in here anymore. It was a cramped space, even the letter carrier could see boxes and piles of stuff as he walked by. Slowly I had been getting in here enough to make a path to the other side of the pile, next to the window. Its sorta different, because it was hard to bend on the bed or sit with my legs scrunched up. In other words it was painful with these old bones. So I moved to the kitchen table, but that was even worse. There are several people walking around and my cord to this lap top was in the way, the older ones went over and the younger ones went under. And not to mention all the chatting and there was just no peace! And I am not the sort who will get all mad and make everyone walk on eggshells. Nope, I don't do that! So I could just do so much and I had to stop.

Now, getting back to the newness of being here in this little space, Its really OK except for one thing. I am sitting at a small desk in front of the window that has me staring at a neighbor who called the cops on my 10 year old grandson and his friend, who were playing with a basketball in the street. YA! She did! Don't ya have to like break something before the cops get called? I mean what kind of person calls the cops on 2 ten year olds playing with a ball in the street?

OK nuff of that. I am going to find a way to get past it. You know, like, Give it to GOD. That's what I am going to have to do because just thinking about it makes my blood boil. But we know that its OK to be angry but it shouldn't lead us to make things worse. So I just ask GOD to take it out of my brain! HAHAHA, but I don't want to have dementia or amnesia or oldtimers … I just want to think about other things that are better. Like I am so happy to have this little space its much more comfortable and convenient. The chatter and activity is in the distance and that just tells me that there are lots of people around to love!

Hey that leads me to think about how they messed it up in the 60's... they honestly thought LOVE was something that included drugs and sex. But many people still know the truth even today. Because they've been raised up by good parents whose soul purpose is to love and help their child to become a good productive adult. (actually the Holy Bible says, "Provoke NOT, your children to wrath.")  Where are these parents these days?  Really there are so many we couldn't wrap our minds around it. SO many good people in the earth who believes that LOVE is kind and good and full of life and laughter!

That is one of the greatest things about this house... is the LAUGHTER... and I LOVE it! Every time I hear each individuals laugh it puts a smile on my face! And if I died tomorrow I will be so content with the fact that I had 'MotherPopes Place' right here on earth, where we are each learning the value of truth and justice and morals... I mean, does it surprise you that there are laws that are morally wrong. (We have to work on that.)

I see a place where truth and beauty are the norm and there are no pieces of trash on the streets or under the trees. That is one HUGE thing that will improve LIFE on earth. Please don't throw your trash on the ground, imagine if every one did that. Wouldn't that be awful? I know that littering is against the law. But some igmos actually throw out their trash on the streets anyway, simply because its convenient for them. They don't care about anything else but their selves. I stand jaw dropped every time I see someone not caring for Mother Earth! She is our friend! :)

 Yes I think I'm going to enjoy it here in my old/new spot.

I don't even care anymore about the situation across the street, I do know that as far as I can see there is no trash on the street. I appreciate that.

I am thinking about y'all… I hope I can have more days like this to get these thoughts out of my head. I love GOD so much I don't want to ever argue with HIM again.... I want to do what I can to help the hopeless.


You don't have to go anywhere to find GOD... for HE will come into your heart and mind as soon as you ask HIM to... nothing else matters, where you go what you look like or the things you do. It is a private relationship with GOD inside your soul. I can't tell you if it will start off small or big... its really about our individual choices. We will all see the good when we all choose to do good!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, March 28, 2020

We Shall Save Ourselves!

The one HUGE thing that GOD can do, is lead us out of chaos... and into the practically perfect life! We know that this is good for us... All of US!

We've known for a long time that GOD IS the spirit of LOVE in our hearts and minds.

I can't say enough... its not about what's in the flesh on the earth... but that there is something way more important, its about what comes after your spirit leaves your body! Where will you go? It's all about the LOVE man! Who have you loved?

I know we are going to get it together this time because we have the ability to send messages and tweets and videos instantly all around the world. And that was one of the prophesies of old that they didn't understand back then, because they had no clue about modern technology. But were amazed at how a message/thought can go instantly around the world... it was a great mystery... back then.

Now, the word of the day is }}}Jesus{{{!

Jesus guides us as we learn about him... the man... who gave US the SPIRIT of GOD! He made a way through historical notions to know him when we see Him... I always say forget about the 'old testament'. Sadly there are still some people hanging around, still stuck to the old testament. I felt so happy when I saw and heard a man who was a Jew, who found and LOVES Jesus. I mean we must give Jesus His just due! We must know that it matters how we choose to live! And we know that Jesus set the perfect example!

You know I always say... and will always say... the world is filled with the forces of good and evil. It is an old, old, old thing. It happened for all those who came before us and it will be there for the ones who come after. However... there will be a time when the good will overcome the evil, because people will make better choices. The young folk coming up will do this.

But there will be trouble. We all need to communicate on this. GOD IS LOVE and the LOVE that we feel for one another... as the message of Jesus was and is... "Love one another, do good to each other, help each other out!"

Something happened a couple days ago that made me feel so sad. It was when our President said that he felt the hate. Isn't that how it always is? The corrupted people hate whoever is exposing them and reprimanding them with Justice and Truth! Something we be lacking of late.

It is why so many families have fallen apart, marriages destroyed, friendships ended. Because GOD exposes truth, remember HE said, "There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed." So what happens in the meanwhile people try to HIDE what their doing. I say, If ya got to hide it, you know its wrong! Why do the children want to get away from their parents? Because they know what they plan to do is not something that their parents want to see!

One of the things I love to do is read the biographies of PEOPLE. I have learned so much by hearing about their choices and the consequences of them. All throughout history we can see stories of PEOPLE! Even in your own life I bet you can think of something that someone did that ended up in a very bad way. Sad isn't it?

People love to distort truth to make them look good. Well, that might be on the outside to family and peers, but GOD knows the heart of every person! So even if your pretending to be good, GOD knows and HE shares the info by HIS SPIRIT to the brethren. Which reminds me of an old saying, 'you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!'

Every day that you wake up is another chance to do something good and right for THE PEOPLE. Don't follow corrupt people. GOD will tell you all you need to know when you get HIS SPIRIT all nice and settled inside your heart and mind!

I know a lot of people who think the more they have the better they are. But not if they don't have the SPIRIT to lead and guide them. They will be foolish and buy for the pure pleasure of themselves, that's all fine and good, but what about the others? GOD says to help each other out, and that is a good thing for all. There has to be the different levels of PEOPLE... its the way it has been since the beginning of time! Each serving the other in a non corrupt, non hurtful way.

I had a Sista call me and said, "People are saying this is a test from GOD!" … (You know like are you gonna hoard for yourself? Or are you going to share?)  In my head I am thinking... like yes it is very much a test for us, no matter which side your on. And also, these things sometime happen on occasion... its called germ warfare. I wonder if it could be some people spreading this germ on purpose for to be a martyr for what they believe in. Hey, I don't know, but I can say for sure GOD knows and GOD will protect HIS own, unless of course its that persons time to die... we all do have a time. But if this is actually true... GOD help those who cannot see this is wrong in the eyes of GOD. I mean this is a serious offence unto GOD, because HE is the ONE who gives LIFE!

One day several years ago, I heard some one say, "The PEOPLE will POLICE themselves!" And we see that happening as PEOPLE step up against the wrong that they see. We have had a long enough time being complacent with corruption. Stand up! Speak out for GOODNESS sake!

Don't be afraid, The Lord is with You!

I thank GOD that we are all here... 115 Countries in all, and several a week! I thank GOD for you! I am happy to have something I can do till I die!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus for THE SPIRIT OF LOVE!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Words and Labels

I am quite concerned about the way people label others.

I know labels are good for a description and yes, I really do get it. But what happens when we get the wrong labels? Why would anyone want to give place to the devil? Yes, I have heard it for all my spiritual life. I always heard the elders say, "Don't give power to the devil!" So from what I understood you must be very careful what you say, because the power is in the words we speak. If you say someone is selfish, your voicing your opinion, but you also give power to satan. Your giving your thoughts and words to the negative! This can force a child to go there, simply because they have been told that they belong there. They were told by someone who said it and believed it to be true with the narrowest minds in the world!

Now when it is in your face we can all see it, we don't have to think about it or talk about it. Its best to let GOD handle it. And if you are in a relationship with someone who we can all see is a selfish person, you need to go them in private and talk to them about their sin. Yes, being selfish is a sin! It's called 'arrogance'.

Now, I want to tell you that my eldest grand daughter who is 12, has used these words; Radio Demon, Kinky, Angel Dust and Daughter of Hell. Now... WHY???

I am wondering why these words are popular among the children!

I have seen a few videos that shouldn't be videos! You tell them don't watch that crap and they just hide it from you! What can we do? Why are we not protecting our children from video trash?

Why do we allow our kids... (and that means collage age too) to be subjected to wrong information.? Information that makes them haughty and vain? Or don't we know yet that haughty and vain is very ugly!?! Have we lost our way because someone decided truth shall not be heard?

Its just wrong!

We are labeled enough to pick a side and fight and argue about what we believe that is the right thing? Only GOD knows the right thing because some people hide so much of their ugly.

I hear that the abortion righters and the pro lifers are squabbling again today. And neither one is able to see the others opinion at all! I am sad to be in the middle of this but here I go.

There is no absolutes here. As we are different sorts of people. I have heard that there is a type A and a type B. But I believe that there are also types C,D and F's! We have different lives and means to live. And we must be open minded about these things. I can see a place where we can all get along, knowing that an unwanted pregnancy is not a good or godly thing. GOD wants us to be chaste until we find the perfect mate. Or not, depending on your train of thought. But I believe that Gods truth will always be. So, do try hard to save your virginity for the Love of your Youth, as GOD had planed for the Practically Perfect Peoples life... (PPP). As we know its all to easy to get caught up in the moment and do something you didn't mean to happen. That's why men of power in the past created chastity belts. Because when your hormones start raging... you want to pacify them. But we as Christians still value LIFE and all babies are a miracle of GOD that is given to us for our pleasure in our old age. I tell you... I LOVE having grown children and half grown grand kids! They are truly a gift from GOD, and I know this as a fact! Because GOD gives LIFE!

Think about the ones who never have kids and they long for them, enough to kill their best friend for their baby. Yes that really happened not long ago here in Texas.

And the people who end up in a nursing home until they die and its just another day in the life... uh... their last day. And they are alone in their heads and can only dream of a better place. I feel so sad for them. I know my last day will be with the kids and I will die with a smile on my face! I know they will always make me smile!

So... we should understand that getting pregnant before true love and marriage will not always be the 'right thing' but neither is condemning these people who make that sort of mistake. And sometimes I think its only a mistake in the eyes of tradition. God doesn't care about labels such as 'bastard'... GOD brings life on HIS time. And most people who have these kids wouldn't give them up for all the tea in the world! Kids are what we make them. They will emulate you! I LOVE people who have come from darkness to know the light and that it is good! Just because your parents are not good parents, doesn't mean that you cant do better with your choices! Hey! Of which a child I am!

I praise GOD and Thank Jesus for being the final sacrifice for sin and forgiving us when we admit that we're wrong... We can do better! And what we need to remember as pro lifers, of which I am... am not going to force a child onto a person who knows they would not be a good parent! I mean they know that they wouldnt be a good parent and so we need to find a good plan for those women. In a perfect world there would be a way to save the embryo to be planted in another place. I can see it now... it is supported by rich people who have money to allow for every woman her choice... oh, did I mention that abortion will become obsolete? Because the woman can have a live embryo transplanted either out or in. We don't have to murder unborn babies.

And that means that the unwed mother should not die for her sin.... Jesus was the final sacrifice for all sin for all people! (The thing that most woman would and could choose is the morning after pill... the Plan B pill.

Knowing all this. There is no need to scream and murder people because they do believe or don't believe... these things should not be talked about in the streets. But left to the ladies and their mothers and Dr's. Or Aunt or Grandmother... just depends on your own perspective. And these things should be private! Not contemplated by narrow minded people in public places!

So... yes... abortion is wrong... and so is the actions that lead up to the need of one. But we as Christians have no place to judge any other soul but our own! We can say... yes we believe that LIFE given by our creator is greater than any lustful pleasures. But we are not to judge, but to help... take care of kids where ever they are. Rich people create more orphanages and hire people who LOVE children! Create a place to care for unwanted embryos. And praise GOD for the life of the Children... For such is the kingdom of heaven!

I pray that we learn the value of labels and make them work for us, not against us!

GOD Bless US, Everyone, IJCNA

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Follow Me

You can go and say you're sorry and you can even try to forget about it, but you can never go back and change what you did!

So, the best way to avoid this is to not make the mistake in the first place!

This is very hard if you are stupid and stubborn, so that you don't learn from other sources that its not a good idea to do certain things.

Well, the Bible teaches you the things you need to know to have a really good life, the life that GOD wants you to have.

I need you to know... that GOD has and needs HIS PEOPLE to continue with the good things we learn. We are taught by the oldest teacher in the Book... the Holy Ghost. The spirit that comes to live within your heart and mind when you choose to follow the way that is good and right and most perfect. And we get that info in our souls to help us make good choices. Because a lot of people, if they knew the consequences for the action, they wouldn't make that choice.

If you don't want a baby, don't do the things that make you have one!

We are not here to serve ourselves, we are here to serve each other!
I am thinking about how GOD loves people who are appointed in HIS name who teach others the way to find a GOOD life! Some choose to be single working to do the work for anyone who needs them. That way you can make spontaneous decisions, you don't have to call anyone for final aproval. But of course that's not for the people who do want to call their parent or spouse or sibling for their opinion! You see how GOD works BOTH WAYS? Our Lord personalizes the relationship HE has with US. He is there and HE IS here.. and HE WILL BE forever and always!

Even for YOU too!

I do believe in PPP's... (Practically Perfect People)...

I believe we struggle every day to make a better world for our brethren!

Personally, I believe you should learn to know the man Jesus. There are many, many writings about him. But the best way to learn, the shortest quickest guide would be to read the words of the men who knew him and wrote his words! The New Testament, start there! Read the words that Jesus spoke! If you can get a bible that has these words written in red, it makes it easier.

And never will you once see the man teaching GODS PEOPLE to go kill and steal and destroy! GOD wants us to respect all 7 of his spirits... I feel the need for US to hang tight to the LOVE that is taught us by HIS SPirit! Jesus said to LOVE your enemy. How else can you teach anyone LOVE if ya don't show it???

And when EVERYONE around the earth and in the sky, agree that LOVE and CARING and HELPING others is KEY to have a great life! You help me and I help you! Like the men who had short arms and long spoons, they finally learned to serve each other! 

With GOD, There is no HATE!

With GOD there is no ARROGANCE!

With GOD there is no DESTRUCTION!

Someday, people will learn not to emulate the bad things in life!

When we all RESPECT each other enough not to lie to them... then we will have PEACE and JOY! And all the really cool things that LIFE has to offer!

We were not created to be depressed and anxious in life. But because of some choices of some people, it causes us to have these issues. GODS people can get to the heart of the problem in prayer with GOD, which is a personal meditation with the spirit of GOD and HE always helps us to see TRUTH and RIGHTIOUSNESS!

GOD doesn't want you to destroy your life with drugs and alcohol. Sure drink a little, smoke a little pot... I mean make sure it serves a pourpose! And relax and think about certain situations, how can you make life better for not just yourself, but for other people too!

Don't allow hate and anger to cause you to make a bigger mistake!

That happens too often! You can read about it in so many bio's!

GOD always rewards the good and breaks down the evil.

And evil has so many names and faces, so watch out for that.

And it will be a humble loving caring PEOPLE who will win!

There will be no more war because there would be no more corruption or greed!

Loving the children in the world enough to take care of them first! I definitely believe in the power of youth to do fabulous things! And we can all be PPP's and the world will be a better place!

Please give Jesus his just due... his generation was corrupt too. Make his name be first on your lips when you see something that you couldn't miss in the world that is GOOD and JUST!

Praise GOD for the SPIRIT!

And, GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Last night, I Had A Dream

Yes, last night I had a really weird dream and this morning I woke up and spoke it to a friend and as I said the words, GOD showed me what it meant... 

In this dream!

I found myself on a fancy travel vehicle. It seemed like it was on the ground and in the air at the same time. But when we got there I saw that we got off of the water! There were lots of people, I didn't know them all, but I knew a few. Funny no one had baggage!

When we got to the place, we walked into a very bright room! You could see there were people everywhere, here and there. They were all talking and laughing! I walked through a closet and saw a ring that was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I didn't know who it belonged to but I knew it belonged.... not to me! But I held it anyway and walked on through still looking at it.

Coming out of the hallway, I looked to the left and to the right, seeing a long row of recliners and chairs and couches as far as I could see. Some were empty and some were occupied with people. I sat down with a big poppa type man and talked about feeling bad about taking the ring. He smiled and laughed and pointed to a doorway.

I left the ring with him and went in the doorway he pointed to... it was a huge shower... I took off my dirty clothes and had a wonderful shower, I was so clean and shiny! But I was very naked!!! Oh Lord, everyone saw my nakedness! But a lovely beautiful older Lady opened a door and smiled at me like she understood and gave me a towel to dry off! I was going around with just a towel, feeling out of sorts when all of a sudden 2 ladies came and they had washed and dried my clothes and helped me put them on.

I looked down and the fit was perfect... and I was in perfect fit!

I joined the larger room that seemed to go on as far as I could see! People everywhere! People doing what they loved to do! Chatting with LOVE and affection! Laughing about silly things of the past, Glorifying in their future!

I felt like I was apart of them! And I LOVED them ALL! 

When I woke up I was still there... at peace, with joy and full of love! 

I told my best friend about the dream and as I was speaking the words, the truth was shown to me! I had gone to heaven! I had my sin, which is odd, because the first trouble I got into in my life, was when I was playing Truth Dare Double Dare, Promise or Repeat. Y'all know that one from way back. Stupid game that allows you to do or say something in particular. I had double dare, so did another person, we were double dared by the group to go steal something from a shop in the mall. Oh how stupid I thought it was. After all I was a Christian and knew it was wrong by GOD, but wanted that comradeship of my friends. So we did, and we did get caught. I had taken a 5 dollar ring!

Coincidence?  I think not!

I was basically a good kid. And GOD knew I would learn my lesson if I got caught! Oh my Lord, When we were filling out papers... I lied on every question. But my older sister and her friend was also at the mall and some of the kids went and told her and she called my Grandmother, who allowed me to be taken down to Juvenile Hall. Which I did get locked up in a cell. For a few hours. But late in the day, there were no charges and my grandmother took me home, to her house, where I felt so bad.

So, getting back to my dream, when telling it, I saw who the Poppa type was in the recliner... It was the father of one of my closest friends, he died back in the early 80's. He was a PPP man whom we all loved. And he was a good father figure for me, I never really knew my dad. And I did have a PPP Grandfather, who I looked up to my whole time with him! 

And so many people I knew that had already passed, living in this bright beautiful place, where there was no crying, no anger, no violence! I saw so many people that I knew, I cant even say all their names here! I chatted with them laughed with them! But someone told me it was time for me to go back!

I was so glad to have clean clothes and extra knowledge that I had gained from those living there! It felt like they had my back! I knew it was going to be a good trip! And I don't think I will be so much afraid when I have to go back to where they are!

GOD Bless them ALL! 

And GOD Bless US All, Everyone, IJCNA

Saturday, January 25, 2020


I'm really having a hard time with people who speak half truths or... just plain lies. And they may not even know they are lying because they have been told a lie from someone else. And so forth and so on, so how can we judge? Only GOD can judge. But often times people who have GODS SPIRIT figure it all out and they expose lies. THANK GOD for these people who take the time and energy to work on straightening us out!

We know that lying is one of the BIGGIES... I mean GOD thought it so important that he sent HIS PEOPLE to know and write about it! So that now we know how important THE TRUTH is!

What set me off today is how writers catch your attention with something that puts a whole different idea into your head. You can read the titles and get an idea about what they are talking about and then read the article and its actually a twisted truth.

I beg you all of GODS PEOPLE... do not let this go on.

Be smart enough to study about something when you first hear about it. Get into the facts... remember on Dragnet? The cop would always say, JUST THE FACTS. And that is what we need to do, stick to the facts as is known. Not going on something that someone said as a matter of opinion.

WE THE PEOPLE have been here for a godzillian years, we are not the only ones. I can see this as now I know a whole new set of people! When I was young I had my Grandparents and a few Aunts and Uncles. Now... Now its my grand children. And its a strange thought how this happens. But GOD is all about the strange and unusual! I love to see GOD baffle people to the extent of shutting them up! It's a great feeling!

We, The PEOPLE do better living with truth and justice!

That's why GOD wants us to learn about HIS SON, Jesus! Yes, Jesus was a carpenter, descended from royalty! He was such a man of GOD that people have been writing about Him for over 2000 years! I mean the original story is the greatest story ever told, but the testimonies of the PEOPLE who discovered the secret of GOD... wow... there are so many stories you could spend the eternity chatting with other spirits who LIVED IT!

So, here you should be reminded that GOD IS the culmination of all the saints and all the sinners who have ever lived and breathed... and even the birds and bees have eyes to see! So when you find JESUS and you learn about the HOLY SPIRIT...   that is when things will start to make sense!

If life doesn't make sense to you... talk to the one who created it! Its a common spirt and that is why one knows the other! We can see Jesus in others who have learned before us!

And believe me, life is all about learning! It never stops! You can learn something new everyday until the day your body dies! I tell my grandkids how wonderful school really is, because someone somewhere made negative remarks to them about school so I spend a lot of my time countering negativity. Really upsets me cause they should be aware of that! Even Jesus when he was 12 was found studying in the temple! He read all the greats of the past! And I bet He is having a great time chatting with them about US! HAHAHA... yeah, I really believe that! I do, I do!

OK, now think about this??? DO you think its OK for someone to lie to you?!? If say, someone lied to you when you want to hear the truth... would you let it go??? Heck no! Some people will be put to death for it! But yet... the ones who would put you to death for it, thinks its OK for them to lie to you! And you sure don't want to be lied to! I would rather be told the truth than to be deceived with a lie. Who was it who said "I'd rather hurt you honestly than deceive you with a lie." Oh yeah, that was Dan Hill. Y'all should check him out. He was the product of interracial union. Well, we all loved him anyway, even tho there were those who hated.

I think the bottom line is arrogance. If a man sees himself as superior he is able to do terrible harm to THE PEOPLE. Its a lot like vanity… GOD doesn't want us to be all about ourselves. GOD wants us to care about each other no matter what color or creed or doctrine or tradition! And it is a great thing to be who we are, no matter who we are... Like, if your a Jew, its OK for you to be a Jew... no matter what you choose to be... be you... but CARE about others who are not just like you!

Viva a la difference! Appreciate others who are different. I mean, they will learn to appreciate you too! We all have different gifts... interests... what works for one may not work for others. We should depend on each other!

For example, say someone sees something in your house and pretends to love it and offers you money for it, then they go to someone else and sells it for a hundred times more! Is that fair and right to the original owners? NO, by GOD, its not! What would be right, would be for the man to tell you honestly what its worth and then sold it for a high price and only take a percentage. That's the honest way.

But so many people just don't get it!

Here's hoping You DO!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, January 10, 2020

Emotional Roller Coaster

Oh the wails of life.

My 13yr old grandsons paternal Grandfather died suddenly from a major stroke :(

Sometimes LIFE/death hits ya smack dab in the face and it HURTS!

And there is nothing you can do about it.

So you cry and your sad and then somehow the GOOD LORD sees ya through. Its good to have faith in times of sadness and anger. Because in the end, with GOD, you always discover the good purpose in all things. It may take 40 years of learn'in, but it will, in the end,
 be seen by the wisdom and knowledge through the eyes of GOD HIMSELF!

We say we don't know... we don't understand. And all the studying in the world won't do ya any good without the SPIRIT of GOD to show the SPIRITUAL SPECTRUM!

We must see things with the death of Jesus being the final sacrifice for sin.

Like in the old testament, it gives no space for repentance and forgiveness and second chances. With these GODLY (LOVING) actions we show people how to care.

I see a place where no one cares... Its a terrible place where people fight against people for any obscure or silly reason. I know long ago, it was about conquering and all... but that is really nothing but taking what isn't yours. In a civilized world we care about other people who care about us. That's why you see all these closed minded people standing up for evil. Because they cant tell the difference between what is good and what is evil.

The path has always been there for every single soul who walks the earth.

For the ones who came before us... and mostly for the ones who come after us.

I am happy to see the young people becoming aware of the spiritual world and they are doing what they can to make it a better place! Any man or woman of GOD knows its all about making things better for all of us, not just some of us.

No matter what your label, if you have THE LOVE in your heart to where your main goal is to HELP OTHERS... this is what GOD was trying to teach us through Jesus. If you don't know the story of Jesus please go to Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. These are the men who knew Jesus best and they wrote about it! Its up to each of us to learn about him.

Many people have families that Jesus is so ingrained in them that you could say they are practically perfect people. I see them a lot in life. GODLY people who know all about Jesus and the SPIRIT of GOD... the Holy Ghost that lives on today within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE.

Are you part of HIS PEOPLE?

If you are, I know that you know that we know about the TRUTH and JUSTICE among the people. Its common spirit that binds together all Sisters and Brothers through Christ! Christians. Its a simple label. Its all about loving each other and caring about each other.

Imagine with me if you will a place where everyone was out for only themselves... they don't care who they hurt getting what they want. And you will see that it is the arrogance of corruption that is our enemy.

Our whole mission is to know the difference between good and evil and acting the way Jesus said we should act.  I see Jesus almost everyday within some people. It,s the most wonderful part of the day.

Nothing from GOD is crooked or perverse.

And respect for others is top priority. I can tell you in all truth, if you see yourself as a god... as the most important... GOD will find a way to teach you the meaning of being humble. It is written, the meek shall inherit the earth. That will be when all lay down their weapons of war and WE ALL know the meaning of RESPECT of one another.

I promise, arrogance will get ya nowhere!

But please don't confuse arrogance and high-mindedness with elite intelligence. Some people are very intelligent, not just because they have the spirit of GOD leading and guiding them, (because even a simple man can have the SPIRIT of GOD leading and guiding him) but also the ones who have studied with a passion the ways and means of survival in this world.

Yes, we do have evil in the earth. But GOD tells us that in the end LOVE WILL WIN!

That means that all with an evil spirit will have died away and there will be a new earth where PEOPLE actually LOVE and CARE about everyone and not just themselves or their own clan. For all will know the meaning of LIFE is LOVE and JOY and PEACE for all.

And we know that JOY and PEACE is all that GOD wants for us!

I've said it before and I will say it again! Its OK for you to love stuff... but just LOVE GOD MORE and all the other stuff will be added to you! Love your makeup! But love GOD MORE! Love your clothes and jewels, but LOVE GOD MORE! Like for me, I love all the wonderful foods out there, but I LOVE GOD MORE and GOD says don't eat more than you need! So I am able to put my priorities straight! Love your car and home, but LOVE GOD MORE! LOVE your lovers, But LOVE GOD MORE!

It reminds me of my favorite Proverbs verse, In all your ways acknowledge GOD and HE will direct your path! No matter what you love in life... know that GOD (LOVE) IS above all!

That being said, Beware of the ones who choose to lie and murder and steal and take, take, take for their own. Don't be caught up being all rude and selfish, I promise you won't like the end of that crap!

Well, I better go do what I must to make my world a better place!

I hope you choose that too... the outcome is magnificent!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA