Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back To Basics

First of all let's go over what GOD is... G-O-D is a label we put on the SPIRIT of LOVE...

Since the beginning there has always been a force... and they are pressed against each other like 2 shields... one against the other. It has alway been so. Since the beginning.

Which by the way, was not the beginning of the earth... it was the beginning of the separation of good and evil. The beginning of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil! As in Satan's own words, now we are like GOD... knowing the difference.

To me Genesis was an experiment in a time that was before time existed.

Men inspired by the good things that GOD has given, to began to develop written wisdom.

And here we are... so lucky to be living in these days... we have so much to learn and understand. All the things and ways since the beginning of time are ours to choose from!

As Eve was innocent in the garden... who exactly was hanging out over the wall encouraging her to take of the thing that GOD had told her not to... that spirit was one of deception for the destruction of her spirit... she had no clue... but now Adam... he knew in his heart that he didn't want to disobey the one who gave him 'the LIFE'!!! But he was alas, human... and swayed by the woman.

And this is why some old religions do not include women in the GOD HEAD!

Now the difference is, that of human desires... which is more important? Feeding the flesh or feeding the spirit? Its all a matter of personal choice. What you value in your world!

What really cracks me up is those who live and lie... and yet, get mad at someone for lying to them. Or someone who is cruel... and then falls apart when someone is cruel to them.

Now when GOD established this wisdom... some men... and I have to use men because it was the men who ran things back then... not so today! But at that time... men became corrupt and saw to it that their 'religions' were self serving... instead of serving others.

Whereas GOD tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, do good to each other...

And PRAISE GOD I see this happening all over the world today! WHY???


I love to see all the BEAUTIFUL spirits!

Now as time went on... GOD saw that men became corrupt in the flesh... which distracted them from the SPIRIT! And GOD knew that HE would have to find a way for men... errrr PEOPLE to become healed from this sin... GOD gave us the 10 commandments... but the people still had a fleshly heart and succumbed to the weaknesses of the flesh.

Time marched on... and people used the old ways to conquer and convert the people to a rigid course that was destructive and demeaning to GOD and his SAINTS. If someone messed up the system killed them. There was no mercy... and the people learned to hate... there was no love in their hearts... only revenge and murder.

After all, since the beginning we had free will... Eve had the will to follow the evil words of Satan... or cleave to the GOOD that GOD had given her.

She wasn't the first and she wasn't the last... but she is one of the first few, used by GOD as an example to us of what happens when you fall away from GOD.

And GOD cried... and then became angry.

And in GODS anger HE knew that HE must give us an out... a way to know and understand HIS SPIRIT... and after a time... as predicted... GOD gave us Jesus!

Jesus was a good man who had the strong will of Samuel... Job and John among others!

He was the perfect man who had come to spread the word of GOD much better than anyone had before... well... I think Confucius had it together too... as we know that 500 years or so before Christ, he said... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!"

But with Jesus... we learned to LOVE EACH OTHER... and when Jesus was murdered... sacrificed for nothing other than the sins of THE PEOPLE... He left us THE HOLY GHOST... The comforter... the one who is with us when no one else is... the SPIRIT OF GOD!

Yes, GOD found a way to establish HIS will in our own hearts and minds... we don't have to worry about anything because with GOD comes a LIFE of LOVE and TRUTH and JOY and PEACE... and above all... the wisdom to know the difference between that and 'death and hate and lies and depression and chaos!'

I look around and see more than most... I see the difference in the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE... and I see GOOD GODLY PEOPLE standing up for what is good and condemning what is bad.

The confusion comes when people don't know what is bad for them. They think that sin is OK and are trying to justify it. But the thing is... we can never make lies into truth.

We can never make life out of death.

Ohhhh I wish all of you could know the JOY of the Lord! It is so wonderful... and THANK GOD many many people out there have it! Why? Because the spirit of the family! Good people who live and love and help and see LIFE as it should be... the way GOD intended it!

Many people out there know of this... and it's not in the money... because I would rather sweep a dirt floor where there was LOVE rather than recline in a mansion of hate.

Oh the pain of it all... comes from within...

So as we grow as a PEOPLE... and I am thinking about the ones who are young and strong in the SPIRIT and know GOD intimately! They know what is right and good for them and their PEOPLE... and they will get there... and I believe we are in that generation... because GOD has said the info would be around the world at the same time... and we have that with the media and the internet!

Even now they are going strong... GOD IS WITH THEM!


We are the ones who are going to get it right! We will overcome the evil with good.

In time... not to long of a time... evil will die out because people will no longer be fooled by the lies and deceit. Evil will no longer dominate our world like it has in the recent past.

I love to look forward to when evil has been locked up in hell... is no longer tempting the children... the people live and die in peace as nature progresses.

Yes... smart intelligent people who know and respect the HIGHER POWER that is GOD... the SPIRIT OF GOODNESS and kindness and LOVE for each other.

The SPIRIT that has been repressed by some will be glorified by all!

It won't be about gluttony.. adultery... or being selfish at all. I don't want to even say... but I can see why and how this got started... but you know my policy... no finger pointing and no blame.

As these are things that we work out ourselves with GOD.

GOD shows you in your heart truth... and what we do with that information will create the human that we are. 

I love seeing the good that will be done by GOD through the hands of HIS PEOPLE!

Some only think of themselves... OK... for example, here's one a lot of people can relate to... feeding our flesh more than it needs when we could be feeding others.

Giving our love to only one who satisfies our flesh... (adultery) and not caring about the results this will have on other people in your life. The one that you married... and the children you have... you choose to glorify the flesh of some bimbo who doesn't love you... only your money.

I remember when I did Proverbs. I got stuck... took me 3 days of prayer to see the meaning... it was so different than the words said... but in all, it was how sad it is for a rich person to have to wonder if they are loved for their hearts or for their money.

Many people say... 'money is the root of all evil' ... but truth is... its the "LOVE of money" that is the root of all evil. When you love the money more than the person handing it to you.

Yes, the world is in a squander because of the choices of certain people who became corrupt... or in other words... followed the voice of Satan... that lying self serving manipulator that has many names... many places in time... the one who convinced some to be self serving... at the expense of every one else... or some bodies else.

But we remember that GOD HIMSELF knows that HIS LOVE... in the end... will win!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus for the words of LOVE


I love you all... I am grateful and thankful for you to come read... when I get down and discouraged... GOD reminds me of YOU... all of you... and I find the strength to carry on...

For the LOVE and care of my BROTHERS and SISTERS in CHRIST!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Room Divided

The Lord has given me a vision to remember here today.

I see a very large room.

I mean it's HUGE like a stadium... with many people... packed so tightly, they are almost fused together. In the middle of the room... there is a wall, running down the vertical length of it, dividing the room into 2... and on each side of the 8 walls, there are 8 mirrors. So that when in the rooms it is reflected back on itself so the rooms seem infinite.

I can look close and see what is going on...

There are lots of PEOPLE on both sides...

On the left there is chaos and violence... hatred streaming out of mouths that are abusive. Some people are screaming and some are breaking things... tables and couches, chairs and whatnot... There are cries of pain and suffering. There is blood splattered everywhere. They are scratching and biting each other. Everything seems to be black and red in color... black for the darkness of their minds... and red from the blood that is spilled every now and again.

No one is calm. No one is kind. There is no peace. People are arguing nonsense of things that I have never even heard of... arguing of things that have never been argued about ever before.

People hurting people... people treating other people like animals.

There is fear and confusion.

My mouth has dropped open in response to the shock of it all. I back up with my Lord to feel all that can be felt in that room. It is a sadness almost like a sickness that overwhelms my soul.

But, I am safe from the suffocation of evil people.

For, My Lord Is With Me!

We watch the old Dracula movies... and we wonder... but we are not afraid because its just a movie. But this ancient tale is based on a man who was written about from long long ago. But he didn't feed off of blood from a biting wound in the neck, he feeds off the blood of others as he arrogantly commands death to any person for any reason.

And sadly, there was a time when people lived this way, like animals devouring each other for the process of personal gain. It's not a pretty picture. In fact, its pretty dark... and the people are not very smart.

I don't understand the mentality of  people who will use and abuse other people just to fulfill their own personal lusts. I don't want to see it. But I have to see it. GOD says to see it and to show it to everyone. HE wants us to know of the evil in the world so that we can avoid doing THAT again.

Because one day... life... The PEOPLE... who are alive... are going to see... and understand that LOVE is our GOD... and life will soon become like the 2nd room... the other room... on the other side! I LOVE this room and this where I choose to be... I can go in and feel welcomed and be treated well indeed! Oh the beauty of it all...

People in this room are very smart... they know that LOVE is the most precious commodity that there ever was... and is! They are wise to teach their children to live with LOVE leading and guiding them! They are helpful and caring because they have seen this all their lives! They are kind and considerate...

They know that God is just a label we put on the SPIRIT of GOODNESS that we as Christians share. The love that has been passed down from parents to children since... well, since the beginning of knowledge!

And wisdom is thick in the room on the right!


I love that we can know what we want in life and we can teach these things to our children! We love to show them how to be lovey and caring and honest and helpful!

They know not to lie because when you lie... it shows that you know it's wrong!

Did you ever think about it???

Oh I love to see it! I love to know that its real!


He IS the GOD of the LIVING!

And here we are... LIVING!

We all know that my #1 sin is gluttony... I love to eat all the yummy foods that are so plentiful in this day and time... but my other sin... (aaaahhh, you didn't know I had any... right? HAHAHA)

I get jealous... envious of the people who live like GOD wants us to live... not like for me... my parents... both of them loved themselves more than they loved me... or any of my siblings... and most people who live with those like that... learn to be just like that... self absorbed... self indulgent and screw anyone else... you know... like the one who will go to a banquet and eat a whole pile of food while there are some who haven't eaten... sitting on the sidelines... wondering if the glutton realizes what they are doing... don't they know they are being selfish??

I am thinking of the ones who can learn from this.

So as I was saying... I was envious of the woman who had great parents and who had raised great kids who learned to love their parents... and then marry a man who loves her like her parents loved her, and she knows it... not like the ones I married who thought more of themselves than they did of me... but it was what I was raised with, it was what I was used to... what I knew.

Now, I see these practically perfect people all the time! Its very rare that I come across those who are heartless and ruthless and conniving, all just to satisfy their own fleshly desires!


There are so many good ones... like the ones in the room on the right... Loving... and laughing... and watching in wonder as they discover fascinating things together! They love the children... they love to watch the children grow! They don't care if its their own kid, or someone else's... we appreciate them ALL!

Remember when Jesus said... "Suffer the little children to come unto me... for such is the kingdom of heaven."  YES, He did say that!

They were all out camping and there were many people chatting and laughing... and the little children LOVED Jesus, because kids are smart like that... they can feel the love! And so their momma's were telling them to get back and leave Jesus alone... he was tired and didn't need to have children all up in his space... and that is when He said it! He knew that our hope is with the children!

And so it is now... but you can see the battle raging, can't you... you can see the good saints of GOD standing up for truth and justice! For life and for LOVE! And for FREEDOM to choose! :)

It's all about the LOVE, Man!

It's so easy a child can understand!

It takes an adult time to develop the hard core sense of corruption that comes from the greed and lust! And all the stuff that that implies!

I love to watch as people LOVE and help each other! I mean... its the way that GOD intended!

The problem is, to many people get all into themselves and their idols who are all into themselves... I mean the whole world can see the problem here.

Now here's the solution...

GOD is first... my friends and family are second... and I am third...

That is to say... when you are loving your peeps... and they are loving you... well... It just don't get much better than that! Loving... helping... sacrificing self for to give help to others!

Its a beautiful thing!

And I am really working on not being jealous of those practically perfect people... having practically perfect children and grow to be practically perfect grandparents! Children who grow to have a good life and a practically perfect story... with a practically perfect ending!

I know lots of them!

We cant live forever... but while we're here we can create a beautiful story... that one day will make people cry tears of joy at knowing the struggle is real...

And, I tell myself... I grew up in hell... if I hadn't, I wouldn't be able to tell my story of how I survived and how GOD has helped me... even tho it was a horrible terrible time for me.

In my life, I have missed out on a lot of good stuff... and yes I am sometimes a little jealous of people who have all that good stuff... but ya know... I guess for some reason... that only GOD knows... HE chose to bless those people with the goodness they have!

So that is why... I am dedicated to my story... and the good thought that, you can have that good stuff too... and so can your children... and your children's children... and so on and so on and so on.

I guess my final thought here today is, you cant pick the cards that are dealt to ya... but you can pick how you play the game!

Just like you can pick a room... left or right?

You choose...

It's your turn!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Thank you for sharing... we are up to 108 countries now!

GOD Bless US, Everyone... IJCNA

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The World As We Know It

So much running through my head... I'm working hard as i can, and so much yet to do.

But I had to come in here... I have to let go of some of this stuff.

I need to start with this new shooting. And everyone wants to know why this man did this. I can tell you this... its very simple he did NOT know GOD!

GOD is the GOD of the living... and anyone who makes death of innocents is not acting according to what GOD has told us throughout the years. This man was entertaining demons.

If you don't believe in demons... doesn't mean they are not there.

GOD is all kind and loving...

GOD teaches us through Jesus, to LOVE one another... and to LOVE your enemies... do good to those who spitefully use and abuse you... and then dust the dirt off your feet and get on your way.

There are so many people out there who want us to forget about GOD, they want to do their dirty deeds and have 'the people' say its OK. Oh yes.. there are some who want to sin every day and have you believe that its all good. But it's not!

GOD said the word is the word and will always be the word and if anyone tries to change or manipulate it, will be cursed. And this is because we do not, should not distort TRUTH!

The truth brings freedom... but the truth is also something that can hurt.

But GOD will never stand behind sin... sin will always be sin for a reason.

So, no matter what they try to say... or do... to try to convince us that they are good... we know by their actions and attitude who they're living for. Who they're working for...

Good on us that MOST of us are GOOD PEOPLE. We were raised by good PEOPLE who taught us the difference between good and bad. I mean its been there for a million years or more... the war between GOOD and evil. It happens ever day in many different places.

Praise GOD that most of US, LOVE GOD!

But there are some who are self serving... both my mother and father thought of themselves before their kids/family. How sad we learn to late where our priorities should be.

Where there is no LOVE for each other... that is Satan's playground. And how does he get in??? You let him in... simply by not acknowledging him. He can get in your heart and mind and play tricks on your brain. And you don't even believe...

The worst thing we could do is deny GOD.

Things can go so bad so quickly if we don't know or understand what's going on in the world. So its a good thing to recognise that GOD is GOOD and wants us to be kind and helpful to each other.

Look see whats happened... there is no idea of good versus evil... but we've been dealing with this issue in our movies and cartoons for a long time. It's not make believe.

Truth is, we can all be a Super man or a Super woman! I see them all the time... and I sure admire the ones who do their best everyday for the betterment of their world. Our world!

GOD showed me that there is one earth... but many worlds... in each of our own minds there is a world... a happy world or a world of pain... or maybe a world of stress... or a world of sadness... we create our own worlds... we create our own stories.

How many worlds are there? Well, how many people are there in the earth? Billions? We all have our own thing going in our world... and sometimes we share our worlds... so we are together... but separate... in perspectives. It's a good thing!

You can't expect everyone to think and agree with you.

GOD has shown us that we are to respect other people's... cultures... creeds... and doctrines and traditions... Life is variable.. depending on who you are and how you were raised. I think it so wonderful to see the differences! We can enjoy going to different places!

GOD says the thing that is the worst is corruption in high places.

And that is why people... bad people... corrupt people... hide what they do.

And yet they don't know that GODS word says, 'There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'!

So what is the wise thing to do? Be smart and know that GOD wants us to have a GOOD life!

Too many people are down and depressed... why? Because they got caught up in their own self pleasures... as Mary Poppins said... "Some people can't see beyond their own noses." And they can't help but not care about others. Because they don't know GOD.

We are wrong to listen to corrupt men who see themselves as better than common folk... better than GOD... they want you to accept their sin...  and that is the first step over the edge... before the fall.

And people who don't know GOD or understand HIS ideas and words, live in a wasted world. A world that is created for themselves... and when they discover they are all alone... it's all downhill from there. This is the reason for the suicides... Lonely people who don't know how to LOVE.

So we as a PEOPLE in the USA struggle with the ones who want us to respect their sin when we know it is not the way to be. Sin causes trouble and trouble causes pain.

Who wants to live in pain??? Not I, said the one who is writing these words.

I don't want to suffer anymore! I've lived in hell... and some people still cause me grief... but for the most part, the people who live here all love and help each other. We are all happy to be here and we enjoy the simple things in life. Like, GOD has blessed me with 8 of the most beautiful grandchildren! And, I even have 3 great grandchildren... altho they don't know about me... long story, saved for later.

I really want PEOPLE to know that GOD has better plans for us... and one day we're going to find our way... because GOOD ALWAYS OVERCOMES EVIL!

And the more we fight, the faster we'll get there. Let them come with their evil, bad selves... GOD IS WITH US! We will win in the end... which won't really be the end.. just the end of the 'world' as we know it!

I have found my PEACE! I am happy with the LIFE that GOD has given me...

I am not afraid to talk about the hell I went through... but most days are spent in a joyful daze... or do I mean days? Does it matter? Can it mean both? :)

I'm doing the best I can with what GOD gives me! I stand up for those who can't stand up themselves... HAHAHA that reminds me of what happened when I was shopping the other day... in front of me there were 2 kids wrestling on the floor... the mother was trying to tell them to stop, but they weren't listening... (typical children) and the older sister was on top of the younger brother and he was crying... now, my heart always goes out to a crying child... so I leaned over him with a big smile and asked him if he wanted help up... and I reached out to him... his mother came over and I think I had put an idea in her head... she leaned down and hugged him and kissed him and I smiled and when I walked by the older sister, I smiled and said.. "Now you be good to your brother! OK?"

I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing... wasted among the unlearned... but the little boy got hugged and kissed by his mother... and that is always a GOOD thing!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Second Coming Of Christ

First of all I want to Thank You for bearing with me here! We are up to 107 countries now and I do appreciate you sharing with your people... there are many coming to read everyday!

I am working 46 hours a week now. Thank GOD I am able to pay the bills! But this keeps me very busy and when I am done for the day, I only want to shower and fall in the bed! One thing for sure, I sleep really really good at night!

I am always communicating with GOD as I do what I do. And this blog has been rolling through my head for several weeks now... changing titles and content many times over.

The thing that forced me in here right now today is I got yelled at by one of my friends... well maybe not yelled... but she leaned close to me with squinty eyes and loudly said, "I'll pray for you!" which made me smile at the time, mainly because I am old in the Lord and she is a babe in the Lord.

But I got to thinking about how many people are not understanding facts because they haven't learned them yet. And I began to wonder about how many people are being deceived by men who use religion for profit. You know they have been doing this for years, but that doesn't mean it's anything other than self survival of the ones in charge.  And by the way, I know this is why so many hate me, because I am a truth teller of the SPIRIT! And they don't want me to tell you these things because it's going to take the power away from them and put it back where it belongs... 'Within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE'!

Long ago in the early 80's I saw a man on the TV say that 'he could tell how much a person loved GOD just by looking into their check book'! Ohhhh I got so mad that I actually threw a pillow at the TV... as he glanced to the side like he was looking at someone like... 'do ya think they bought it?'

Since the beginning of time there has been... 'usually' men who have control of the PEOPLE. And in many places we still have that going on. You can tell when you look at the facts of truth.

But the real SPIRIT will not be in a building... You will discover Jesus... as we all do... when He comes alive withIN YOU!

OK, now... here is why my friend got upset with me. She said, "we have about 6 more years until Jesus comes back and fixes things" ...  Now I have heard this before... my Grandmother said long time ago, 'in the 40's someone said  "Jesus is coming... Get ready for the rapture!" and many many climbed to the top of a hill'... and waited... and waited... and waited.

Nothing ever happened! And I have seen this happen many times over.

I ask GOD about it and GOD said, 'These people are living in the flesh." Jesus and his flesh will not come down out of the clouds... and think about it... If Jesus is coming out of the clouds and I can see Him... the PEOPLE on the other side of the world can't! And so this alone blows the theory of waiting for Jesus to come out of the clouds! And another thing... what this statement implies, LIMITS GOD... and there are no limits with GOD. He is not coming for just US... the statement is for everyone... those 1000 years ago and those 1000 years from now... Jesus will be there for them too!

Now, how I see it is by the SPIRIT! This makes much more sense to me. We can all see Jesus when he comes for US... and when we understand that Jesus will come in the SPIRIT... it lets us know that one day PEOPLE all around the world will see the GIFT of the SPIRIT of LOVE that Jesus brought to us... and Him leaving, involved 'each of us' having the chance to know Him!

We will ALL see and know the SPIRIT of Jesus which is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, prosperity... and all things that are good and right and true! As you can tell, Jesus has already shined within the hearts and minds of a lot of GODLY people who recognise that we are here to LOVE and HELP each other.

You see, to many people are living in the flesh, just like Satan wants... 'Live for the moment (in the flesh)... do what makes you happy (in the flesh)... only care about what gives you fleshly pleasure'... and we can see this happening... and we can see it's not the way that GOD wants us to be.

Many people know that GOD IS LOVE... but are you forgetting that it was GOD who breathed the breath of LIFE into us? Do you ever consider how some can have babies and others can't? GOD is the giver of LIFE and if we discount LIFE we discount GOD :(

I have heard that 'discord among the elites' is the problem... but I say not entirely... the problem is the 'arrogance' among men of the earth... every horrible thing you could do falls under arrogance. It takes arrogance to walk over and murder people who don't agree with you. It takes arrogance to take the food out of the mouth of babes... It takes arrogance to to feel superior enough to murder for personal gain... or to hide the truth.


So some believe in the need to erase GOD from the picture... erase their truth... to conceal their personal sin. Because some folks don't like their toes stepped on... if ya get my drift...

But we all know that in the end GOD will win because WE THE PEOPLE are a good people... we recognise good and bad when we see it... and we go on with the knowledge that we gain.

I can see the majority of the people are good and right and true... and when we find out that someone is a selfish liar we know we are not their priority. These people need to know... they need to become educated to THE TRUTH... and we know the TRUTH is RIGHT!

Don't feed their delusions. If a man decides he wants to be a woman... live life as a woman... truth is... he's confused if he claims to be a woman. He can be a he and pretend he's a woman... but to deny the truth... don't do it. SMH and walking away.

Things are changing so much these days... and there are so many people standing up for others who are just not right... so, 2 wrongs don't make a right... Yes we love them... but we don't lie to them and say... he's a she. It is untruth and therefore not something that GOD would promote.

So all in all... stick to the truth... PEOPLE will not like you if they catch you in a lie. So weird how some feel like they are allowed to lie... but they get really angry when someone lies to them.

We as a PEOPLE know... we have the common knowledge of Jesus!

We strive to make a good place to raise our kids.

We've made a huge mistake taking GOD out of our system... its because some people running our system don't want to go by what is good and right. I praise GOD for those who stand up for TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL! I see it every day! And I can't wait to see the results of the GOOD works of GOD!

We will get it together... We got this!

As long as we know and have and keep GOD as #1...

We've got this!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus... for GOODNESS sake!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Suicide is Painful

I've heard it said that suicide is painless... and I'm like... Says Who?

Not only is suicide very painful when your body/heart explodes... but there is so much pain within the PEOPLE who have to deal with the aftermath of such an event. It's not what GOD wants!

At night when I can't sleep, I love to read about PEOPLE in the past. People who have been known and talked about. People who commit suicide. And we are all like... 'Why?'

First of all I am not one to point fingers... We know who they are and We know who WE are.

And we just don't get it... we just don't understand it :(

I feel... and I have felt all along as MotherPope, my job is to simplify GOD. Because really it's all very simple... as simple as we need it to be. We can tell a child... GOD IS LOVE... Jesus teaches us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... and that's it! For most people, that's all they need. We are born and if we are lucky we naturally know LOVE through the PEOPLE who love us. As we get older it's our job to teach the younger ones... just what sort of love it is... :)

Its the Jesus LOVE... or The Love OF JESUS.

We are so busy loving other things... we forget about the basic things in life.

Like the reality of GOOD versus Evil. This is a true thing.. and it will be, until WE change it.

In the world, there are both of these entities. It's simply the SPIRITUAL nature. It's how we ARE. It's what we DO. When you are facing the world, you can have the 'birds eye view' if you get yourself close to your creator... find GOD and HE will show you all about everything you need in this life.

The problems come with all the death and destruction... (that is what GOD is trying to PREVENT for us to have to deal with... US and our children). So we know that the problem is the LACK of SPIRIT within THE PEOPLE. When GOD is not there... there is no direction within the person... the evil one can talk them into doing anything just by throwing a spiritual dart... you've seen the movies... poisoned darts... think of them like that... they are bad ideas. And when these people get a bad idea, if GOD is not in their hearts and minds to show them it's a bad idea... well... you know what happens. And it always has an unhappy ending... especially when you figure all the good years there could of been left.

We can make our lives either bad or good, by following people who are good or bad. And one day there will come a time when ALL will choose the good and the bad will simply be tossed away.

I look and I see these lost souls who have no god other than their money or their clothes or their cars... or the booze and such... these people think in materialistic terms... they think the more you get the better you are. But, nothing could be farther from the truth... truth is... the more you get the more likely you are to become obsessively corrupt. And that is following the evils that are in the world.

Have we totally forgotten about the SPIRIT!?!

Now the good news is... I can see the SPIRIT coming back into THE PEOPLE!

I can see it when people fight corruption... and that happens everyday now a days! We are finally getting it and we know there are certain things that we shouldn't do and should do, but sometimes it's hard to know the difference without the SPIRIT leading and guiding you... like, we want to tell a person they are dragging a roll of toilet paper behind them, or their skirt is tucked up... like tucked into their underwear at some point. But we don't want to tell a drunk or a druggie that they are sinning like crazy and yet... they can still overcome it and claim victory within and for their own soul!

So many people see the world in a way that is overwhelming and cruel... and they feel like killing themselves is the only way out... and some choose to take others out with them. The more they don't know them... the better they are known. It's some crazy thoughts I know. But hey, it is what it is. We can only see it, recognise it and fix it.

So, I think that as we learn to control ourselves by learning to control the SPIRITS within... we will see much progress in the prevention of suicide and/or murder-suicide.

Here's TRUTH... GOD gives us a free will... you don't have to serve GOD or acknowledge HIM... but if you don't, you are bound to learn the hard way... not learning from GOD means you're going to learn within the world... and within yourself. You can see if there is dark despair... you know if there is hope for a better tomorrow. We know these things to be true and we have domination over them by knowing that GOD is on our side... working in our hearts to lead us into a way where there is no suffering and no pain. If PEOPLE loved each other like GOD wants us to... there would be no heartache... no 'desperation' felt so strongly, that we feel we're going to take the devil's way out.

You see, the Devil wants you to kill yourself... he looks at GOD and laughs... and says... "Oh yeah... see what your 'child' has done?"

But,  GOD wants you to live and have a better life. You can't control other people, so if people are bringing you into a place where you're feeling like you need a way out... call out to GOD and HE will help you find the path that you are best suited for. You know... it's not the label or labels that you put on yourself that matters... it's the way you treat other people... ALL other people, not just your own people!

I often wonder about the parents and/or families of the victims here.. how they can learn to survive and forgive... I mean what else is there to do when GOD says HE will take care of it? We learn to sit down and hush... and give it to GOD and just do the best we can for the PEOPLE we love. I know our nature is to strike back, but if you do that... it makes you just as bad... two bad people don't build each other up... but two good people who are forgiven with LOVE... CAN help hold each other up!

Do you get it? We can choose to do better!

We can be good for OTHERS sake!

If you care for me... and I care for you... it's a really good thing! And it's the way that GOD wants us to be. Caring for each other... you can see the difference can't you?

Let me go a little deeper... there is one person who inherited a million dollars... and it didn't take them long to go blow it with a huge home and new clothes and jewelry and a fancy car and probably be the life of the party, buying all the drinks and foodstuffs... but when the money's gone and you can't pay for the party anymore... what do you have?  But, if you gain a million dollars and you spend it helping the people that you love... like, you pay off their houses and debt... all these people will be there for you when your money is gone... you could probably find more than one person who will carry you when you need it! It's the way of the SPIRIT! But then you have to know when to end your stay... you need to find a way to provide for yourself... it's the GODLY way... the Bible says, "If a man don't work, he don't eat." It's good incentive isn't it?

So, we are faced again with another suicide. A smart woman who was a veterinarian, made a deal with her boyfriend, they were going to kill both of their spouses... well they were found out and so the female jumped off her apartment in a high rise. She was a rich woman... Owned her own business. What was going through her mind? GODS word says 'there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed'... so when you think you are making a secret plan and its bad... it's going to backfire in your place. There are police on the lookout for people who want to kill other people. So, when the Devil gives you the thought to do something like that... its best if you have GOD inside to show you the right way. And there was a better way, if she would of had GOD in her heart, she would of never had anything to do with a 'murder for hire' in the first place because one of the original commandments says... Don't kill! So she wouldn't of even entertained the thought... she would of rebuked it and with the SPIRIT of GOD to back her up, she would still be alive today. But she didn't call on GOD to help her... she thought she knew best. And now... well, her boyfriend who is sitting in prison wants to be out for the funeral.. But NO, he won't be able to go. Texas Law is tough! You know the old saying... "Don't mess with Texas!"

What I'm trying to say here is, we have a choice... choose Jesus and learn what he taught us as a HUMAN... and as The Son of GOD!

I have another thought here... and this is for the others who didn't mean to die.

There are those who didn't mean to die... and their story is that of a suicide. But to get technical here, sometimes we don't know that we are about to die... not like the girl who jumped off the high rise... she knew she was going to die. But I am talking about the ones who go to the party and drink to much and take to many pills...

DEAR GOD, I don't know the attraction to the booze and pills... except that some folks are so unhappy in their life, that they use drugs and alcohol to cope with their sad existence. Here's the kicker... its even so important that its written about in our national paperwork... its called 'the pursuit of happiness' so if you are unhappy, you have the right to be happy and if someone is getting you down... you move or divorce... but that's not the way GOD says it should be. When you get married PLEASE make sure that it is True LOVE. Because True LOVE never fails... and it never dies... it can be wounded... but it can also be healed. But, I do digress.

My point is something that I already have taught my older Grands. Don't make the party your life. Enjoy the party but KNOW when to go home! The party is not THE LIFE... the party is a result of a good life... when you work all week and then on Friday or Saturday, go out with your friends... enjoy yourself, but just don't love the party more than you love GOD! Remember your sensibilities... remember your responsibilities... remember not to blow your money on the party... because in the end, you will have nothing.

So invest your time in the good things for you and the people you love... doesn't matter how you do it... just do it... LOVE EACH OTHER... stay close in hearts with each other... CARE about this...

Remember GOD, Respect your elders... I LOVE this part cause now I'm an elder! HAHAHA

We need to put the SPIRIT OF GOD back into ALL our hearts and minds... that is where GOD intended for us to be... with HIM... in SPIRIT!


Praise GOD Thank You Jesus! We got another country this past week! We are now up to 106 countries! And I Thank GOD for it!

I am sorry I haven't been able to be in here to be MotherPope much lately, but my babies daddy lost his job and Praise GOD, I am working! Getting paid minimum wage to take care of folks... and I Thank GOD I can pay the basic bills!

I want to thank you for coming to read this blog, it has gone way farther than I ever thought it would... and I think GOD for that! And I Thank GOD for You too!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Lion and The Lamb

These thoughts have been in my head for weeks now and the only way I can get them out is to come in here and put it all down in words! So here I am... and I am glad to be here... we are up to 105 countries and several countries a week! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

Something that bothers me a lot is when some people act a certain way and then get mad when other people do the same action to them. Oh, there are so many examples here... like someone will lie... but they get very angry when someone lies to them. Some will cheat... both with sex or money... and they get so mad when someone cheats... or cheats on... them!

The thing my mother used to say to us the most is... "Don't do as I do, do as I say!"

I never could understand that... it was very confusing to me... I mean, if you don't want me to do it, why are you doing it??? But I never verbalised anything like that... that would of brought on a wham that would of knocked me to the other side of the room!

So now even today I am wondering why some people still do this? It cant be because of stupidity because my mother was super intelligent... she just didn't use it for the good of her children and family. She used it on 'how to get away with having more fun' than should be allowed a body!

And it seems to be, that this is the result of the inward persona, the one who identifies only with itself. These people don't see beyond their own noses.

If you are doing something that you wouldn't want your children to do, you must know that its wrong to do it... somewhere inside... you know its wrong.

So why do it?

I believe it is purely self serving... as in pertaining to the physical... materialistic parts of life. Nothing to do with the inside... the spirit... the heart and soul of the matter.

If you are doing something to someone, that you would not want done to you... simple golden rule here... 'Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you'... or your kids.

This is the golden rule... and Jesus said it... and so did Confucius, over 400 years before Jesus... they just said it differently. Confucius said it like I did... "Don't do something to someone, that you wouldn't want done to you." and Jesus said it this way... "Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!"

Would you want someone to break into your mommas house and steal her stuff and rape her?... maybe kill her??? Would you want that done to you and your family???

Well, then don't do it to other people!

You want people to be nice to you and help you out when you need it???

Then you be nice and help other people out when they need it!

Now to some of you... this is common knowledge... your family... or someone, taught you well... but to others, they never had anyone teach them these important words. So they don't know... they just serve themselves when they do wrong... like, go rob a store... ect... they are only thinking of their selfish needs. Not thinking that there is a system of things.. the way society works... and has always worked.

You see these are the words of the ancients... people who have been there done that and wrote to tell US about it... if they didn't live to tell about it... well... GOD always leaves someone who knew to tell US the truth.

People who scoff at the Bible are scoffing at their elders who already knows what works and what doesn't work! Its nothing new!

Its really about the defiant attitude of some of the people who think of themselves as their god. And in their minds they are their god... and a god for as many as they can find to follow them.

And when you choose to follow someone, make sure they are showing LOVE... not sex... not power... but the LOVE that Jesus taught us about. The LOVE that loves the children and helps the homeless. The LOVE that cares about something other than 'self'.

Remember when GOD told us that the meek will inherit the earth?

It's because the meek are the ones who see themselves as a servant of GOD... they know there is a higher power that has been alive in the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE since the beginning of time... we are as they were... and we are as they will be... its like a tapestry of life all woven together that combines the HUMANS to LOVE each other and LIVE in PEACE with each other.

You know how sometimes people are compared to animals?

Well the phrase 'the lion laying down with the lamb' is symbolic for the HUMANS... the ones who are meek and appreciate GOD and follow HIS ways... a common SPIRIT of GOOD among the people... We have this already... There are many Lambs in the world!

But then you have the ones who live to attack and kill and devour the lamb... and this too is ambiguous... this comes from men who follow their own ways... the ways that they teach their sons... to go in and devour and conquer... to take over and destroy the ancient knowledge. These men seek POWER and control of THE PEOPLE.

We as GODS PEOPLE are destined to be FREE... to live and be the way that GOD intended for us to be. The way our forefathers in America sought and fought for THE PEOPLE.

I don't understand how some people can say there is no GOD...

I see these days with spiritual eyes... and there is evidence of GOD everywhere... everyday for many many people who have been raised in the tradition of LOVE... they may not go to a certain church... or such... but they act on their LOVE for one another every day!

There is an order of things that GOD has set down for us many many years ago...

And yet... some still defy GOD.

If we could... would... all see and agree that GOD is LOVE and Jesus is the key to finding GOD...

Well... you know... I believe that is when we will see the 2nd coming of Jesus... when He is shown in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE! The SPIRIT OF GOD ALIVE INSIDE OF...


It doesn't matter which labels you use... as long as you have LOVE leading you and guiding you into the way that is good, for not just you and yours... but for others too!

Remembering the 7 spirits of GOD... knowing there are 7 continents... different doctrines and different traditions. Its all GOOD if you live with LOVE in your heart... LOVE that includes ALL OF US... we all claim to be GODS children... but remember there are good habits... that WE do follow and live with... and following the ways of LOVE is all that matters to GOD!


We will soon see the day when the ONES who act like Lions, roam the earth without harming the lambs... its not literal... although I have seen that done already... literally... but what I am talking about is 'spiritually'.

I think a HUGE problem in the world today is to many people do not know... or do not believe in the spirit... they only live for the flesh and they only think of their flesh... or the flesh of another person... hey... life is crazy like that... and WE as GODS PEOPLE need to learn SELF CONTROL when we want to do something wrong... like... many times I want to go smack someone... I mean literally I want to go up to them and swing my arm and hit them as hard as I can... BUT... GOD says its not the violence that gets us anywhere... because if I did that to someone they would just want to smack me back and then a physical fight would be on... and we know that in the new testament GOD tells us through HIS SPIRIT that we are not to be involved with those actions... You really need to read it for yourself... there are lists in there that tell us what NOT to do!

I love lists!

The whole plan of GOD is for us to all live CARING about each other. I care about you... you care about me... IT WORKS!

I can see throughout history that there are many people who have lived and died seeking their own... and isn't it weird when people really believe themselves to be a god... GOD then shows them how they are NOT!

Think of all the young people who have died young... now this is ambiguous... so I will say both. Some people die young because they are such beautiful souls... the world doesn't deserve them and GOD brings them back to heaven to be loved like they should be. But, there are other people who 'think themselves a god'... literally... now I am not talking about 'humble people' who we love... I am talking about arrogant people who hurt other people for personal gain.

We all have a choice on who we are in this world... many have come and gone and they created a history... or a legacy of themselves that others later on come and read about!

What will your story be?

Will people remember you as a beautiful loving caring soul who roamed the earth seeking people to HELP!? Or a selfish self centered one who only cared about what they can get from others?

This is key to what GOD wants for us... HE wants us to live in peace with each other...

I mean... Be who you are... hang out with who you want... but remember there are others out there just like you... who want to live in peace... who wants to spend their time on earth loving their families... loving their neighbors... You know GOD has told us that the simple rule is to love your neighbors as you love yourself.

And thus is the problem... when people love themselves more than they do others.

Its simple.

But for many years the evil, dark side, can I say Satan??? ... has been using beauty to teach us to be self centered... its that 'me, me, me' type of people I am talking about... now I am not going to point fingers or name names... I shouldn't have to... you should be able to understand my words and know truth yourself when you see it, with GOD living in your heart and mind.

I should be able to speak truth and you with GODS spirit will know truth and sometimes truth hurts... but we deal with it on a daily basis, fighting spirits... that are called demons that try to pound the wrong thoughts in our head.

Oh yes... I have always said there are naturally 3 voices in our heads... there is GOD telling us to do good... there is Satan telling us to do bad... and then there is ourselves in the mix trying to figure out who's who!

You can't go wrong if you have GOD living in your heart and soul... You will invite GOD into your heart to live and guide you with HIS SPIRIT! And this is what will save you!

Believe in Jesus... He was a REAL MAN who had GODS SPIRIT... and He left... for us when we ask for it... Its called the Holy Ghost... a spirit of GOODNESS that teaches us to be good!

And when we are all GOOD... there will be no more more rapes... no more murdering... because WE as a PEOPLE will have our world in check!

As of now the world is filled with both the good and the bad... but one day after so many people phase out the bad there will be only good! And things will be good down Main St, USA!

We have been going down down down... but now...

We are alert... we are paying attention... we want to learn how to do better! We let go of anger and bitterness and we give it to GOD... and GOD shows us a BETTER WAY!

We learn that LOVE is a GOOD thing... and if you say no one loves you, it's probably that you are not allowing them to. Your own actions dictates other peoples actions towards you!

Be GOOD to others... and others will be GOOD to you! And if they don't... turn around and leave... go somewhere where people are GOOD to you... give the hate and disrespect of others to GOD... "Revenge is Mine" says GOD!

GOD has a way of getting rid of it and one day the devil will not be bothering us anymore!

One more thing before I go...

Please read the New Testament... don't start with the old... you will get bored if you are not much of a reader... but start with the New Testament! It holds the keys to getting to know the MAN... The Legend... The one and only... JESUS CHRIST... who really lived and had a family and dealt with a corrupt system and was the final sacrifice for sin! GOD did this on purpose, because our nature is sinful and instead of being murdered for our sin, we rehabilitate! We help other people who have not learned the truth of life! They can find GOD and see truth and do better... just like so many of us have done!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus for these words... and this blog... I never thought it would reach 105 countries... and several counties a week are logging on and more than one all the time! I humbly accept this TRUTH... and I hope GOD keeps me here for a long long time!

I don't care what labels you wear... I love you... GOD loves you and wants to help you have a great life and find heaven!

And I promise you, you will never find heaven going out with a bang! And that was for whom it was meant for... GOD says its only for certain people to understand... and they will!

GOD Bless US, Everyone!, IJCNA


Thursday, February 09, 2017

1 LOVE, 2 Loves, 3 Loves... And More!

I remember it was 2010 when I first became aware of the Muslim plot to overthrow Americas government. I knew the plan because I have read the Koran for myself. It is not for the faint of heart... the problem is, they... or some of them... are still following the old ways... they do not give Jesus His just due... and that makes Jesus's death just like any other... but truth is... GOD proclaimed it as the death of the final sacrifice for sin. It was not good for men to play god and pretend they know what's going on. No one can know the inside of a person except GOD. And this is because some people do not believe in nor give credit to the demons, which are roaming the earth... where as, GOD knows how they can posses and manipulate :(

Therefore we no longer sacrifice for sin... we rehabilitate! :)

When I look into the world today I no longer fear the Muslim taker over of the USA...

That was their plan... and WE as a PEOPLE stopped this ongoing infestation of those who hate us and want to harm us. And it shouldn't have to be that way, but they know not the LOVE OF GOD! But, it is what it is... and most good Muslims know our situation and are also concerned... its hard to tell a good Muslim from a bad one.

And I am not picking on Muslims... sometimes in most populations... its hard to tell the bad guys from the good, when they do so well at hiding who they are. Which tells me that they know they are wrong, but they just don't care!

Could this be drug related?

There are some drugs out there... POPULAR drugs that are prescribed to many many people... the pills that make you not care! They are supposed to fight depression... but really they just take away your emotions... and this could be a real problem.

We should ALL CARE!

Why take pills that take away our feelings?

You know... GOD works within us... within our FEELINGS... and maybe... just maybe the devil created these pills to knock out GOD within us! For over 2000 years PEOPLE have lived with GOD within them... going around in their lives doing good for each other... feeling happy to see so many people happy! Men of GOD who stay men of GOD by personal choice!

Awwww But I do digress...

So, I am at a point where I am not worried about America anymore! We have elected a President who may not be the most perfect person in the world... but tell me... who is without sin?

If Donald Trump had any sin in him... GOD washed it away by the bloody death of Christ Jesus.

Donald Trump is a very smart man... and will straighten out our system for GODS sake!

So, no longer worried about the fate of America... we diverted an internal bomb by not electing Hillary. Do you know what some Muslims told me all those years ago? They told me that 911 was an inside job... and I knew they were telling me the truth... and the only way I could understand it was to know that Muslims had already infiltrated our government system. The more I looked the more I discovered the depth of the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, now that we are beyond that... now I see us working together for the good of us ALL. We are smart enough to know what is good and what is bad... I mean they learned that from the Garden of Eden many, many moons ago.

So the enemy now is within US...

We can now see what we do is either good or bad... there is not an 'I don't know' theme... we know to lie to someone is bad, because we wouldn't want someone to lie to us.

You can manipulate people with lies... we see this everyday.

This is the enemy within... and we must focus on the fact that we all have to work together to show the world this truth. If we all love Jesus and we ALL learn about who He was and what He did by dying for us that day... we will learn the same plan... the plan to LOVE each other!

It breaks my heart so see some people love themselves more than their children and more than their spouse. GOD says we sacrifice ourselves for the LOVE of OTHERS... what greater love has a person, that they would lay down their lives for their beloved... mother, dad, brother, sister or cousin or best friend... the list goes on and on.

I see the tendency of decency evolving in the world.

And I Thank GOD for it!

When the guy down the street brings us food because he knows we live in poverty... I Thank GOD... when my little grand children come and give me hugs and tell me they love me... I Thank GOD!

It's these PEOPLE who keep me going!

Sometimes I just want to go to bed and never get up... but every day that I wake up and have the breath of life... I Thank GOD! GOD is the god of the LIVING... and I am ALIVE!

So, I have been relaxing a little knowing that our Nation is in good hands with Donald Trump and his posse, who are running things for the good of the American PEOPLE! Praise GOD!

I want to focus on more important issues...

I can see a PEOPLE who take the best in life and make it better!

So many people taking the worst in life and struggling to make things better!

Knowing that we CAN as a PEOPLE  do better and get it right!

We are SMART!

We learn from the mistakes of others!

We stand our ground and demand that TRUTH be told!

We finally see the satisfaction of justice! The imprisonment of sin... and the strength of A PEOPLE who are on a path of righteousness... being able to make others understand TRUTH!

Its gonna happen... as I can see it... I've always been a few years ahead... Thanking GOD for the plan to make life BETTER for ALL!

Until this all changes... I feel sorry for the souls, caught up in addiction... they think they can control the drug... but the drug seeks to control you... where you no longer care about anything except getting that drug. You know... whether you get it from the pharmacy or you get it on the streets... those chemicals will harm you... in the end they will kill you! No matter what, we need to overcome our addictions... they are set to bring us down. They are from Satan and they can be rebuked and they will leave you!

That's how it happened for me when I quit smoking cigarettes... I loved cigarettes... loved everything about them... from the smell of a fresh opened pack... and the control of the smoke coming out of my mouth which I loved to control... like French inhaling.. all the way to neatly tucking the buts away in an ashtray of my choice. I told GOD I loved those things... but I loved HIM more and I know that my body is the temple, so I would quit for HIM... I did ask HIM for some help. I prayed as I smoked my last cigarette and I went to sleep for the night. When I woke up... OMG, I had NO DESIRE to smoke! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus that GOD had mercy on my soul and took away the desire!

Desire is hard to handle sometimes... not just for a cigarette, but for booze and sex too... the strong desire for mating when you are virginal... that is a hard one.

No matter what your desires are... we should always follow the word of GOD and understand that the things that GOD tells us to stay away from, is for our own good!

I know a man who is an Atheist... or he claims to be... he thinks that we are our own god... he says that whatever we do, we do for ourselves... I feel so sad for him... because when you have no guidelines and there is no line drawn... you fall into temptations that are not good for you. And he is only human... and succumbed to the addiction :(

It is so important to know the things that will bring us down.

When I grew up... I never had a Dad... I never even knew my dad till I was about 9 years old. And even then he came to visit us, with his 16 year old girlfriend... I don't know... but I felt like he loved her more than he did me and my sister. His was a weakness of the flesh. I very often have resentments that he was not there for me. Why didn't he give a care about me? And I find sometimes I get envious of those who do have good parents and have a good life guided by a family of LOVE for one another! This is something I deal with a lot, but I have learned to 'give it to GOD'!

What matters for me today is, I have a home that protects me... a family who loves me... I have had mostly good reports from the Dr. I wake up every day and I am needed...

Praise GOD that I have things that I need too...  people whom I LOVE more than myself who are there for me too... I have grandchildren who are spread out so much that I will have great grands to carry on the LOVE that I have taught my grandchildren! They are so awesome... human still... but they know that I LOVE them and they LOVE each other! There was a time when they started fighting with each other... especially the girls, but after many 'talks' from me... they are now each others best friend!

I Thank GOD for the info HE has given me throughout the years, that helps me to help them!

I remember over 40 years ago... my Grandmother would complain... "You worry about others, but you don't worry about yourself!"

I am happy to say... Nanny, in Heaven... I know you are with GOD and I know you can see that I have found a GODLY balance... I do care about me too... but still... just like the old Baptist church taught me in their wisdom... 'GOD is first... My Friends and Family are second... and I am third'...

You see, I am in there too... I care about me too... and you should care about you too... but PLEASE learn GODS word by reading the New Testament... don't worry about the old testament yet... read that later... and know that it doesn't really apply to us anymore... not since Jesus came and left us the HOLY GHOST... which is the SPIRIT OF GOD, who LIVES in our own hearts and minds and always reminds us to take care of others... for this is PERFECT LOVE!


GOD bless US, Everyone! :)