Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, May 27, 2016

Spread Your Peace

One of the worst things that I see in the world is people who whine and complain.

WHY??? It's not a good thing, unless your whining to someone who can change things for you! But it does no good to whine to people who can do nothing to change things just because they are close to you.

Now I know there is a time and a place for complaining, but to be whining about everything all the time... to one who cannot change things... Oh, maybe it helps you let off steam... but it does not make for PEACE. And PEACE is one of those things that GOD LOVES... and wants for us!

I know there's a lot worse things going on in the world, but disrupting the PEACE is not good for your soul! Even if its in your own home... where you have your own peace to say your piece!

But for your own sake... seek PEACE in all that you do. Try hard not to disrupt the PEACE, no matter if its someone else's or your own. It only brings hard feelings... and remember Moses gave us the law of divorce, because of the 'hardness of our hearts'. GOD never meant for a man and woman to be divorced... GOD intended for us to live in PEACE with one another... LOVING and helping each other to have a better life, not mess things up with a bunch of anger and strife.

The only thing that keeps me going is that I am able to see people live like this! Loving... caring about each other and never wanting to add a speck of anxiety to anyone's day!

You know, its all about sin and having 'self control' of ones self not to sin...

Self control can change our world!

Throughout history people have written about life... and smart men and women along the way have told us what they did and what happened to them because of it. And we are fools, if we don't listen and pay attention to them. They have lived life and know things because of experience. Like with me...I listen to the elders... and when I wasn't listening to them I was reading about them. Even these days, when I can't sleep at night I will get online and read bios about PEOPLE... what they did... who they were around. And I can learn by them. So here I am... hoping to appeal to some young folk who will take my words and use them to make their own lives better!

One of the saddest things, is a life wasted on ignorance... or lack of knowledge... and you young people have no excuse... the info is at your finger tips! You are brought up in the 'age of info'! Learn from it!

Don't waste your time in search of the next party... LIFE is not about the next party... and if you do fall into that habit of looking/living for the next party you will be sadly alone when the parties over.

What do you see when you look at you? Do you see someone who is relaxed and helping others to relax? Are you trying to make the days better? Are you trying to help your co worker to feel better? Are you even caring about the other people who live around you?

Sometimes we can be a little grouchy and be OK... but when we complain and not even have a solution to fix things... what a waste of time and energy... I have a very smart soul sister who gets real frustrated when she gives people good advice with a solution and they don't take her advice and continue complaining about things. And I totally get it! If you are unhappy about something, keep your peace and think of ways to make the change needed for a better happier tomorrow!

Don't waste your time being unhappy... GOD wants us to be happy and well and prosperous... GOD wants us to have LOVE of life... LOVE for PEOPLE... and GOD wants us to promote HIS word of TRUTH and JOY and PEACEFULNESS...

GOD never intended for people to walk around grumbling, wanting to die!

GOD is all about LIFE and LOVE and loving life with the PEOPLE around you...

How would we like it if someone came into our homes and into our face with anger and complains and we couldn't do a thing about it... oh on occasion its OK when your upset about some corrupt action in your life by some corrupt person who loves to hate and cause distension.

GOD says its OK to be angry, but don't allow your anger to cause you to sin... two wrongs don't make a right... it just makes you both wrong! The best thing to do is know GODS word... know what GOD wants for us... and strive to make it happen... its all about our personal choice.

Please... for GODS sake... hold onto PEACE... and spread your peace to other PEOPLE... its a good thing when you only allow peace to flow from you... its a good thing when other people are blessed to know and feel your PEACE...

When something disturbs your PEACE... look for the answer... fix it without causing to much stress on those people around you... You will be glad you did! :)

When you love someone or someones... you want them to feel GOOD, you want them to feel HAPPY... you want them to think about you in a way that brings warm fuzzies... you only seek PEACE and JOY for them... and this is how GOD wants us to be!

Now, I bet some of you are thinking that I am complaining here too. But here is my deal... my kids are adults! And they are all doing good! Oh things are not perfect... but things are going pretty good for them because they are making good choices... I have told them over and over the things that I am telling you... and so here I am trying to spread the GOOD NEWS again... I only want to help you and other PEOPLE to understand the ways of GOD. Its not that I am so special... its that I grew up in hell and GOD helped me out of there! And if GOD did it for me, HE will do it for you too!

Maybe you don't have time to read the Bible... altho there are many books that help you read and understand bits and parts of it... slowly... BUT... I am telling you that when you invite GOD into your heart and mind... as GOD said HE would 'write HIS laws into our hearts and minds'... so that's all you  really need...  GOD living in your heart and then slowly read the New Testament. GOD doesn't want you to stress yourself out over it... GOD wants you to go at your own pace and things will be revealed to you by HIS SPIRIT. Sometimes when you get over zealous... your nerves fray and you cannot read and understand at peak performance.

Easy does it says the Turtle :)

But there will also be times where you will need to run fast like the rabbit! When David was confronted with Goliath... David did not scare easy and he did not run away from the task... He had FAITH... that GOD would take care of everything! And GOD did just that!

Remember... GOD does not want to fix the world... the world is wonderful and there are many of GODS children already here, doing many a good things for all who they can!

You see... GOD wants to fix the problems that make the PEOPLE complain... and that is to stop the hate and the corruption and the arrogance and the violence that the dark side has to offer. Demons love it when they can get you to do these things. And how do they get the power? You give it to them when you follow them... so please... have a heart... do not follow those in darkness.

Bring out your PEACE... LOVE those around you enough to show them you care!

Follow Jesus! Read about him... understand HIS LOVE and CARE!

We're going to make it! Because this is GODS promise!

I have seen the gates of heaven... I can see the glory of GOD shining down on us, creating in US a new creature... for the old has passed away... we are BLESSED by GOD to continue...


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. Donald Trump

My take on Donald Trump is the same as the ones who know him best. Although I don't know him personally, GOD shows me things that I cannot see with fleshly eyes. These are things that I must feel with my heart. And in my heart I know that The Donald is a GOOD MAN!

Some people are making things up... (as some do)... just to sabotage his run for President!

I can see there are a bunch of people who lie and cheat and steal and they do it on purpose... they're not supposed to, but they do it for the LOVE of money. Some people love money to the extent of corruption and this is what is happening to often... in our world today. And they do also involve other people who have no clue, but they follow along just because their associate/superior tells them to... and might imply it is to save their job.

Yes, the corruption runs deep... and we can see it, if we're not spiritually blind.

Some people don't realize this truth... because they live so much in the world they cannot see the other side of life... but WE can see... throughout history, people have known the difference between GOOD and evil... going way back... I remember when there was a movie that depicted an an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other... both trying to influence their host... even in Star Wars... its all about GOOD ~v~ evil... the battle has been there since the beginning of time! We can see that someone is trying to do good and then, someone else is there to sabotage them... why???  The answers vary, all the way from personal amusement/entertainment... to personal gain... whether it be monetary or position. It always concerns 'itself.

We still can see this in the world today... many people... BILLIONS of people... serve GOD... who is the ultimate GOOD... the lovely LOVE, the wonderful JOY and the awesome PEACE among men... and then you have the other side... the evil corrupt side... that is always in constant competition with GOD for your soul, and once they get in, they (the demons) take over. And they don't want you to know this... that is why they make you laugh and not believe.

We will know them by their actions... the legacy they leave!

Donald Trump... you can see he is a good man... if you look at him through a GODS eye view... (which you can get if you have our Lord and Savior in your soul)... you can see that The Donald is doing things the way he should... he didn't have a bunch of woman on the side when he was married. You can see he did it the right way...  he gave the wife some money and a stipend and married the next one and then the next one. GOD doesn't care how many woman a man loves... but GOD says that anyone who is trying to lead a PEOPLE should only be the husband of one wife... why??? Because when you deal with more than one woman... you don't have much time for the other things that GOD wants you to do. You can serve GOD better if you be alone... but if you desire sex and cannot live without it... then by all means... get a spouse... but there are many people who don't have a high sex drive... these are those who spend more time in the spirit than in the flesh... adding here, that some who live in the world in the flesh, don't understand the ways of the spirit, and just wing it!

It bothers me a lot when I see people saying terrible things about The Donald... I see it a lot these days... and I also see that these people are reading it off of a script or repeating it... something that someone else wrote or said... and I also see people beyond that... who call and tell these people what to write, with the ability to embellish for the entertainment and confusion of the masses! They do this for the personal gain on ones agenda!

One of the worst things in the world is that THE PEOPLE are always changing... as we grow older we learn more and more... and by the time we get to the end of our lives... if we are lucky we are old and wise and can tell others the truth of our stories before we die... IF they choose to listen.

One of the greatest things in the world is that THE PEOPLE are always changing... and so as some become corrupt and try to change things for the worst... (as that ole Satan tried to do way back in Genesis) the younger ones coming up can see with honest hearts and minds... and can help change the many mistakes that their forefathers had made in the past.

We now have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE our way... we will not be pushed around by bullies who want to maintain control of our souls for their personal gain and not for the benefit of THE PEOPLE!

Some would have you believe that you are incompetent and cannot know the WHOLE STORY like they do... but trust GOD that HE will tell you TRUTH... you will feel wholeheartedly what GOD puts there for you to know! We must know... because if we keep our heads buried in the sand, that will only allow the evil to take over in our world... just as it has in the past... and WHY did the evil take over??? Because THE PEOPLE were to busy thinking about themselves to lift their heads up and take a look at what's going on around them!

Now, some say that The Donald has made some bad business and went bankrupt... they like to twist the truth... and the truth is... some people used 'his name' in business and they are the ones who messed up... not The Donald!

I believe with all my heart, The Donald is gifted by GOD... to see and know TRUTH as he learns it in his heart... he has a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY... and he will leave behind a POWERFUL legacy! He is also a GREAT BUSINESS MAN... very intelligent... with just the right amount of gumption to stand up and say "UH... NO, we are not going to allow illegal aliens in our country to destroy it like they have their own countries!"

In the USA we have many people who are 'strong and good' and are well able to do their own thing and make a success of it! We are a GOOD PEOPLE... UNDER GOD... just like it has been for so long... you DON'T fix something that's not broken! And I see so many who are trying to break it!

I also agree with Donald Trump about Vince Foster... I have always seen another person involved there... I do not believe the man shot himself, if he had a problem he would of simply gone back home to his family who LOVED him. I too, believe that corrupt people want to take over for evils sake... When Saudi Arabia says, our own government created the 911... I would say 'well then, the evil is within'!

I believe religions are like politics... the same as BIG BUSINESS... Oh sure some can take you where you need to be... but others... well, I am seeing that long ago battle... GOOD against evil. And all could fall away...  if men seek the self pleasures of the dark side.

Let US remember here today that Donald Trump does not have to run for president... he has so much going on in his life, he can sit back all leisurely like and watch it all happen... getting involved when needed... Donald Trump does NOT NEED to run for President... he is not dependent on the government to take care of him or his family.


WE AS A PEOPLE need Donald Trump to run for President because... he doesn't depend on the government or us to pay his way! However, I feel that personally in his heart, he DOES feel like he needs to run for President to save what is left of the COMMON WEALTH... to save US from the corruption that is trying so hard to stay in the game... now remember here... GOD has given US the keys to heaven... Jesus went into hell and took them from Satan himself... because he... The Christ was the final sacrifice for sin... now we can see with new eyes... the eyes of experience...

Which brings me to this fact... I get very frustrated when I see people talking about how Trump said that... and now he's saying this... what matters is that Donald Trump has lived a huuuuuuge life... and he might have been under the impression that some people were something different than they really were... he saw the good in them... until he learned the bad. Anyone is like that... you meet someone and they are all nice and proper... and then later on you discover they were a liar... a cheat... or a pedophile or a murderer... oh, they hid their sin so well...

Donald Trump also raised some great kids! He told them... Don't drink, Don't smoke, Don't do drugs... he led them into the right direction... there is not one odd duck among them... he has all his ducks in a row... he has it well put together... he is truly a Man among Men!

I think a lot of Trump haters are just jealous!

And I can also see that some are paid and influenced to hate him...

Such a sad state of affairs!

And I can see that many... many of the ones who are running things are in fear of their lives... they know that some of the ones on the side of evil would stop at nothing to stop Donald Trump... but these men know that Donald is the man for the job! To go into Washington D.C. and set things right that have been set wrong.

Donald Trump is the man who believes in the value of a hard worker... someone who believes in TRUTH and will stand up for it, if they can stand beside each other! Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to stand up when its not what some people want you to do.

Some people are living off of others... not doing anything good... just being there... sucking up a paycheck... and they don't want anyone thinking they are not worthy.

Such a crazy world we live in. I feel sad for those who have no spiritual eyes to see the ways of the spirit... no matter which side of the spirit world we're dealing with at the moment.

I believe that GOOD men will stand up and fix our system... that worked just fine and dandy before the lust and greed took over within the hearts and minds of some people running things... and in time... we will have that paradise that GOD has promised us... and it will be created with the SPIRIT of GOD... the SPIRIT of A GOOD PEOPLE who are working together to help one another survive!

And I pray... Lets remember here... the greatest thing about Donald Trump...

HE'S REAL... He's US... He isn't perfect... He's HUMAN...

You can nit pic and complain to try and fake people out... and make them believe we can't let someone like The Donald in... But I say... We must as A PEOPLE... usher Donald Trump into the White House... to make of it once again... the Greatest Nation... filled with PEOPLE that matter... PEOPLE who care... no matter, color or creed... doctrine or tradition...

WE THE PEOPLE matter! And we always will!

There are more people who love GOD than don't... and GOD  will always win!

As will We The People when we get it together and recognize the evil within and actually stand up and do something about it!

Protect THE PEOPLE...

Promote THE PEOPLE...

And serve THE PEOPLE...

These things are not being done at this point!

Please look to the truth... do some research on the people running things... Learn the difference between Right and Wrong...

And speak out!

Vote for Donald Trump!

The Man among Men!

GOD Bless you Donald Trump... I love you! I love all your wives... I love all your children... and I love the direction you're going in... follow it to the end! PLEASE... and Thank You for taking US with you... You are a mighty warrior... facing the hardest part of your life... Please know we stand with you! So many of us who haven't even spoken of our LOVE for you!


GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Sometimes they are hard to see, but they are there... out there somewhere where we can't actually see them with our own eyes... all the time. They are the ones who choose to follow GOD... the ones who choose to LOVE and CARE and HELP other people. They have a good heart... a pure heart with a GODLY LOVE that leads them into the way that is GOOD!

And that is precisely when Satan himself, tries his best to drag you down and away from GOD so that you feel strife and hate and anger and have the ability to lash out with violence and mean words to those who you don't give a care about.

But SPIRITUALLY... I see BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE almost everywhere I go!

Remember the song 'Beautiful People'? ... not to be confused with The Beautiful People song, sung by Marilyn Manson... but the one sung by... Melanie Safka... I think it gives us a wonderful message! Look it up... check it out... you might love it as much as I do! :)

Last month on April 9th I was able to travel with Sharon again... remember she is the widow who lost her husband a couple years ago. They used to travel a lot. And the coolest thing since coolaid... is that she has many friends who would pay to go with her... GOD Bless her... but she told me she enjoys my company so much that she would rather pay for me to go... What a blessing for me! And what a wonderful, BEAUTIFUL soul my friend Sharon has! If not for her... I would never get to go... as I live in poverty and you know you must have money to travel like that. You could possibly travel in poverty... but you are still dependent on the kindness of others for certain things. Just as I was dependent on Sharon to pay for the food and lodging we needed.

But I don't really feel dependent on Sharon... she never makes me feel anything lowly... I only feel like a sister filled with LOVE and gratitude and giving thanks to GOD for putting it in her heart to ask me to go with her! Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

We both feel a connection with Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico! We have been there 2 times now... and again, got to see Jose and Wilbur (aka Shibata)... it was so good to see their happy smiling faces! If you ever get to go... go to Progreso! The people are so friendly and kind and interesting and helpful! I cherish my memories of these BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! And I hope I didn't freak Wilbur out to much when gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I told him I would love to live there! I know he has 3 women... HAHAHA ... I don't know if this is a joke or not... Jose said it, but I wouldn't doubt it one bit... it could be true... maybe not legal... but true anyway, because the man Wilbur is a gooooood one! And certainly, easy to LOVE! And I easily LOVE all GODS children!

I am so grateful to my friend Sharon... she could never know how much I appreciate her. She loves to get me out of the mad house that I live in. Praise GOD! And Sharon and I are already wanting to go back... the feeling there in the Yucatan is of a special BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Even tho the ancients did practice human sacrifice, but many people did and they are now a GODLY People... mostly Catholic... and please don't condemn Catholics... I know that some of the churches in the world are what GOD calls... 'having a form of religion but lacking the SPIRIT! (more on that later)... but who are we to judge? Because it really is between GOD and the PEOPLE running things! We cannot say all Priests are bad by the actions of a few. Even when the PEOPLE running an apple orchard collects their apples for market... they still go through them and pick out the bad ones, NOT for human consumption.

And its not that I am Catholic... I am not. But I believe that I can conform to any religion that LOVES Jesus! I am that multifaceted! Because many different types of people love Jesus!

Like Yesterday...

Well, let me go back to last week. I had a friend who came over to bring me back my Grandmothers griddle I had loaned her... and we were sitting and chatting and she happened to mention the woman who usually helps her in the kitchen at her church wasn't going to be there on Tuesday... and she was stressing about doing all that work alone. She told me it was a womens Bible Study group, that meets every Tuesday... I didn't even ask her what sort of Church it was before I asked her if I could come help her... Oh... the look on her face was one that... I knew I couldn't back down from. You see, I am usually very reclusive... I have had some bad experiences in different churches in my past... so I don't really care to go mix with other people like that... besides I know my Bible like the back of my hand! I really just wanted to help my friend in the kitchen.

So the morning came... and I was feeling good... I was able to get up and was motivated to go... even tho there was a part of me that didn't want to go, I got ready and took off...

I rode with her from her place... and was a little nervous at first... but started helping in the kitchen and it was all good... the Ladies in this non denominational Church were the most BEAUTIFUL ladies I had seen since... well... since I was a young girl and into my mid 20's... I used to go with my Grandmother to her Church for her womens meetings... these women... like those women... were Christian women... they go strictly out of the Bible. They LOVE each other and I could feel their LOVE for me... ohhh not 100%... but about 99.9%... and that is just because some of them are working on their own issues that holds them back from loving others... but in general... were kind loving helpful caring people!

And I have been to these types of Churches before...

And it was good!

The only thing I didn't agree with was, when the Teacher said some days are not so easy for her and one day she was standing out on her porch and looking up at the clouds and asked Jesus when is he going to come straighten out the mess in the world... and she said... because the Bible says Jesus would come like he went... from within the clouds... now, if you have read my thoughts on this before... you know I don't believe that Jesus will come in a physical form dropping out of the sky. I kept wanting to shout out... "But He's here already... and HE is right now inside of you"  You see... I believe that Jesus is already here and he is here in SPIRIT... even as much as he probably has a few blood relatives still here on earth... yes... I said blood relatives... because after all... Jesus was a man of the flesh... he was born unto a human existence. He did have family and I do believe that there are descendants from his family... but remember the Jews rejected Jesus... his own PEOPLE rejected him... and so GOD reached out to the Gentiles... (that's you and me my friend) and the promise is unto all who believe with FAITH knowing... and seeing the TRUTH of Jesus!

You see, sometimes we misunderstand something or other because the Bible is so ambiguous. You MUST have the SPIRIT to understand... and in this ladies case, she was simply teaching what she had been taught from the people she serves. Now please don't misunderstand me... The lady was a beautiful Christian lady... and she has her own issues and her own walk with GOD... its not for me to say anything different to her at this point... because what she teaches WORKS. But when people spend their lives LOOKING to the sky for Jesus... they just can't see that Jesus is HERE... that HE LIVES in the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE and can be seen reflected in the eyes of HIS PEOPLE because it is his SPIRIT that has returned to LIVE forever with US! Not a fleshly body!

Some religions believe in the trinity... where you have GOD The Father... and Jesus the son... and The Holy Ghost, which is what lives on and on in the hearts and minds of GODS PEOPLE! His spirit is ALIVE and well and we can know that Jesus is alive and well WITHIN US... HE IS with GOD and GOD IS WITH US! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!!!

You see... its like this... lets examine the egg... it is a single thing... we crack it and eat it... or we leave it alone to create a live chicken... we can do whatever we choose with it... and so it is with the trinity... a single entity... that we can do whatever with... you see with the egg... you have the shell, the white and the yolk... all 3 things are one... together... or it can be used individually. It doesn't matter to GOD because HE is right there telling you to do this or that at the time you need to do it... Jesus was the man of flesh who knew GOD and left HIS SPIRIT with us... to lead and guide us as a PEOPLE!

All you have to do to know GOD... is to seek HIM!    HE is there... I promise! Remember in Revelations GOD tells us... "I will write my laws into your hearts and minds... and I will be to you a GOD and you will be to me a PEOPLE!" So once you invite GOD in... HE there for U too!

Getting back to the Bible Study...

I totally enjoyed being there... and I felt GOD there... I was touched deeply with all of these women who all are living by FAITH... just believing because that's what GOD wants us to do...


Because GOD is LOVE and GOD gives all the GOOD things in life!  HOME and FAMILY and CARING about them is what makes GOD tick! Loving your children and your neighbors is what GOD wants for us, in order to experience the very best that life has to offer!

Oh sure you can choose to uhhh... 'do your own thing'... but if its not serving the greater good, your going to one day regret it. Like so many people do these days... they do what feels good to their flesh... they live in the flesh and serve their flesh... and they drink to much, eat to much, smoke to much and have adulterous affairs... they murder for personal satisfaction... and worst of all... they pervert the TRUTH! Some never knowing the truth... :(

Satan has surely gotten inside our worldly system and his goal was to screw up GODS plan... Satan wants you to hate others... hurt others... only think about yourself... and screw the good ones who are trying to do good... because that is what he does! Satan wants us to be just like him... you see the 'war against good and evil' out there? Its raging isn't it? Well those who choose not to believe in Jesus can't see it because they have been programmed to serve and live only in the flesh. Like... some people think that its all about themselves.

In fact, that was one of the first things that this Lady teacher said... "Its not about me!"

Yes, these women... have something good to offer!

At first we sang songs and at the end, there was prayer... and they specifically prayed for 3 people who came in all crippled up... I saw everything... my friend had set us close to the front and I was in the middle of it all... all these beautiful ladies all around me communing with GOD... I felt so good!

I saw two of the 3 broken women walking with other women... they were walking with nothing but the hands of the women walking with them... it was so beautiful I cried... well, I cried before that... in fact I couldn't stop crying... not like wailing... just weeping silently... and feeling the pain of the past leaving me, also led me to more tears... The SPIRIT of GOD was alive and well and working within these ladies!

Then she pointed at me and motioned me to come to her...

I never told these people that I already LOVE GOD... altho they could probably tell... but I wanted to show them my worn Bible... (which I had forgotten at home)... and I wanted to grab a guitar and sing songs for them... you know... SOTWOG! But I kept silent... GOD told me to shhhh and observe...

These are just a FEW of the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE out there worshiping HIM!

They touched my heart and soul... they shared their LOVE with me... they shared GOD with me... they shared direction and HOPE with me... in FAITH... through Jesus Christ, the final sacrifice for sin! Praise GOD...

Yes, its complicated... but that is because GOD must confound the 'wise and prudent'...

HAHAHA because some people think they know it all... so the truth is not shown to them... for awhile... because we know that GOD works it out for each of us to confront the truth before our end and we can do it the hard way or we can do it HIS way... not always the easy way if you are going to fight the demons... but the easy way if you just follow Jesus and mind your own business!

You see in order to fight demons... you must get personally involved with the ones who are hosting the demons... and sometimes its really hard to deal with, because the demons are sometimes stronger than the person hosting them... but GOD gives us a free will and we only have to want the demons to leave in order to match GODS will... and when our will matches GODS will :) it can work miracles!

Getting back to the Bible study... when I was standing there with all those beautiful womens hands on me, praying for me... and the one places her hand on my forehead and prays for me...I felt GODS presence and knew in my heart I was going to be OK! And if you know me... you know what I dream of... selling my books and going on book tours! Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus! :)

Some of these women looked at me... like their SPIRIT was telling them something about me... but not a word was spoken on my part... my mouth was full of rejoicing and praises for GOD who brought me there... to see... some of HIS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

The Lady kept saying things to me in the spirit... like I was right there in the center of it all... she was almost as amazed as I was... and it was a miracle of GODS love speaking volumes to me! She couldn't of known my secret needs... only GOD knew the particulars!

I also met the pastor... I think I might had startled him SPIRITUALLY... I have noticed some men of GOD looking at me like they can't quite figure it all out! HAHAHA... I can't even figure it all out... altho if I have an issue, I know that I can always take it to GOD and GOD straightens me out... completely!

I remember when I wrote Proverbs 2000... there was a few times I had to ask GOD... 'huh?' and GOD would show me the answers... but there was a moment... it took me 3 days to get the meaning behind something to do with a cloak... I just couldn't get it... and on the 3rd day I was in the shower washing my hair... and all of a sudden... it all fit together!  I think it took GOD some time to show me the complexity of that one! But I did... and the basic thought with that was... about how hard it is for a rich person to know if they are loved for themselves or their money.

Anyway... the tears came dripping down my face... the women at this Bible study knew something was strange about me... they just didn't know what! HAHAHA I wanted so much to tell them... "I am MotherPope... I write a blog about GOD that is read around the world in 75 countries!!! I LOVE GOD and know Jesus already!" But The Lord told me not to...

So I didn't.

So with my torn and patched skirt and my stained shirt... I could of been a vagrant off the street and yet they still loved me... Shared GOD with me... And I LOVED that!

I thank GOD that I was able to experience that day... because GOD told me there are so many more just like them all over the world! HE showed me that HIS PEOPLE are something else... something special... and YES... I did see Jesus reflected in her eyes!

No matter color or creed or doctrine or tradition... when PEOPLE LOVE EACH OTHER...

There GOD IS... in the midst with HIS WORD OF TRUTH!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

I also want to mention here that I had planned this blog to also contain more about Donald Trump... but I went so off on here so many times that I think its long enough for now... and besides... The Donald deserves his own blog.... but please know that he and his family should have a mention here... as they are also humans... who are also... BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Today I am thanking GOD for all HIS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!