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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Colorado Is On the RIGHT Track

It was the woman who said on the news this morning that selling 'pot' in Colorado will be a DISASTER that brought me in here to write this today...

HAHAHAHA... Are you kidding me? Do you know how STOOGE you look? Saying this? when EVERY SINGLE pot smoker knows the truth about the issue! I can bet that you have never smoked 'pot' before!

The ban in 1937 was a result of a LIE! The law against marijuana was based on the fact that there was a murder that was committed back in 1903, the story that I got from a 'pot' smoking United States Marshall is this one... Long ago a certain politicians wife was having an affair with her local black jazz piano player... and as usual word got back to the husband and when he went in to confront them and to kill the black man, the black man killed the white man in self defense. And back then it could NEVER be known that this certain MANs wife was with a 'black man' Oh God forbid! So it was covered up... instead of talking about how it was a crime of racism and passion... there was some pot in the hotel room... so they 'got' the black man for murder because, Uh... he was so 'high' on pot he went crazy... this story could never be told among the people to save the image of the family. So... I feel like this beautiful fragrant useful plant... that grows from a seed in the ground... got a bum rap that day. And created the illusion among the people that the lovely plant was evil. This is mans mistake and man MUST and will fix it!

We know that GODs law always trumps mans law.

In the beginning it was known... Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 tells us! "And GOD said"...  and that's all I am going to post here so look it up and see for yourself what GOD has to say about this issue!

Now, I want to tell you what WILL happen in the near future!~

THE PEOPLE of Colorado will be a PEACEFUL one... Puffing their legal herb in their own homes... that will take many off the streets! Giving THE PEOPLE a safe place to purchase the living plant safely is an excellent idea... it will be registered so sellers cant rip THE PEOPLE off!

The state of Colorado will become one of the richest states very very quickly!

Pot smokers are a mellow sort of people and an honest bunch. Very predictable! Many will be flocking to move to Colorado to become a HAPPY CAMPER!

The feds salivate for the urge to disrupt the process because our system has been programmed for many years to HATE and condemn the beautiful valuable plant. But I am telling you now... anyone working for the system... working against the FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE will find that GOD HIMSELF will be standing in their way... every step of the way. Be this known to all who play the game!


Let the ones who drink, drink... and let the ones all pilled out on Drs meds be a zombie in the bed... and crack down on the 'crack' and 'meth' heads... the man made chemicals that change people on the inside!

And let the 'pot smokers' smoke...

And all will be well in the land!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


When I first got this idea, I sorta argued with GOD, I just was afraid people would get the wrong idea, change the meaning... But it does no good to argue with GOD... I was reminded, with the word we set things straight, not confuse them more. So here goes...

Pretenders are a problem. There are so many pretenders in the world today. Some pretending to be good, some pretending to be bad... some pretending to love... some pretending to care... its a mess! Pretenders are a serious problem because you can't trust them. They are like spies who have a double agenda.

I think its very important to know a pretender when you see one. You can tell by the tale tell signs. You can sense something is not right and sometimes you can see it right in their eyes, they lie and say things because they know you need to hear them. But they don't mean a word of it. They are pretending. Oh the worst is when people are pretending to be happy. Well, maybe the worst is to pretend to be in love.

Pretending to be loyal is deception. Pretending to listen is ignoring. These are not what we want for our PEOPLE! Pretenders will be on your side... only in your mind. They have a secret motive.

People pretending to be religious is a hoot... because the true PEOPLE of GOD will know the truth.

You can look around and see all the pretenders... they are pretending to love the game... they are pretending to be your friend... they are pretending to work... they are pretending to have the perfect body. Why? because of some sick joke within their own minds. They get a kick out of the deception... leading people astray just to prove to themselves how stupid people are, in all their own sick ego, they laugh at the vulnerability of PEOPLE who trust. Its a hard road to trust a pretender.
Pretenders act like they know you want them to be.

We need to call out all pretenders... make 'em step up... because all pretenders are sinners who have allowed the evil into their lives... allowed the corruption to take over for the pleasures and destruction of the flesh... liars, deceivers... people who cause hurt and pain... and then laugh at you in your sorrow.

Here is a wake up call to all Pretenders... we are on to you! We can see how you are... and we may not say anything to your face, just because we don't like your drama... but rest assured... we won't be with you in the end, you will have your reward with the other evils in life. Which will be death... and then you can never hurt anyone ever again... and THE PEOPLE will remember your deception and be aware. And when you are in need.. no one will be there for you... except other evil souls who will be giving you all the evil they can muster up... and you will die both in the physical and spiritual worlds.

Your amusement only serves us to the extent that your legacy does. We remember and we know that we are allowed to choose our way... we don't have to be a pretender... we can choose a life with a good future, studying hard to become an intelligent person with a purpose... to live in a way that THE PEOPLE will be left better off when we are gone.

Being a pretender, you are only fooling yourself. Because GOD knows your heart and mind! GOD sees your intent and purpose even when you hide it from the world, GOD knows... and with that... HIS PEOPLE will know! You cannot choose evil and make people think you are good, because we can see the truth for ourselves... we can see you for what you are... a liar and a misleader... a deceiver.

Its so freaky to me to know people actually get a kick out of doing and creating evil things.

And as usual with sinners... we shun them because they do what GOD says for us not to do. They have no care... no love of others... when it was clearly written that to LOVE ONE ANOTHER is the way to go... and in loving one another we do not lie or deceive. After all, we would not want to be lied to by someone who loves us!

Knowing the truth about life... and knowing what is the most important thing, in LOVING ONE ANOTHER... we show that WE THE PEOPLE are the most important thing... as A PEOPLE its what we teach the children, that will matter... and when we all get together and teach them that to LOVE one another is the good and right thing to do... then we will be living in paradise... and in the future generations they will only remember the pretenders and will be grateful to GOD for not having to deal with them... because all will be truthful and want to do their part... there will be no more people pretending to get good things done... they will actually be DOING them!

And WE THE PEOPLE will all know the truth and goodness of GOD, as we all share THE LOVE!

Thursday, December 05, 2013


People are so caught up in the idea of a magical religion. And there may be miracles which may seem like magic... but it is not. We are lulled into a false sense of security thinking all is well. It is not.

It is heading in the wrong direction and it isn't any one persons fault.

The problem is THE BEAST we have created.

We are no longer run by THE PEOPLE... the machines have taken over.

No longer can you make a call and have a sympathetic ear. The machines tell us what we must do, without feeling or thought. They are only doing what some people have programmed it to do. Producing revenue.

I was feeling sad and afraid because I don't have enough money to pay the taxes on the house this year. Oh of course I am going to be OK, GOD in all HIS infinite wisdom has solved the problem. We are going to be OK... but... while I was down I was talking to a friend whose problems were way more complicated, I was almost giddy to have my own problems. I have heard it said that there is someone out there who has it much worse... and this is always true. Here is a worse story from a friend after I told her how sad I was... verbatim...

"Oh no :(  I'm losing my job soon too. I was told they were going to renew my contract for another year, then Friday my boss got an email from corporate to start cutting people because business is down and they are moving the plant to Greens Bayou and my boss will no longer need me :( And I can't collect unemployment because I am an an independent contractor. I asked my daughter to take over the car payments, but her job has cut her hours too. I financed the car through our bank and they said they don't want to work with us and said they will seize our account to pay for the car. And I have been with this bank for over 20 years! We tried to borrow from my husbands 401 and was told there wasn't enough money to borrow from. My husband was like, 'what?' and they said stocks were going down and some went under. And the 401 people never asked us if we wanted the 401 invested in high risk stock, they just did it and lost everything! This is why I have been so depressed... all I do is sit and cry for hours at a time. I guess our government is sending to much money to foreign aid, letting our own suffer. Everything is just crap these days... the world is going to hell in a hand basket!  People are jobless, homeless and hungry. We cant even figure out how we are going to pay rent this month. And after today they start charging fees and crap... its like a sick joke... if we had the money we would pay, but why add fines and fees to make it more difficult for us to pay? Since the bank will seize our account over the car, my husband has decided to let his truck get repossessed. He didn't finance the truck through the bank and 3 people sharing 1 car... ugh... especially since I have to start the useless job hunt soon, knowing there aren't any jobs :(  and we don't have any kids to take care of anymore but we are struggling harder than we did back then... you think we would be better off! And throw in a spine injury and that makes it harder. I put one of our dogs up for adoption at a min pin rescue of Houston and they said they can't afford to take him... is that a joke or what? Seems like everyone everywhere is struggling :(  its the government... they are turning us all into poor people. Its like being punished for being poor while the government holds 5 thousand dollars a plate dinners to talk about  what to do about the poor people... ironic. And now people are going to be fined by the government  for not being able to buy health insurance when we can't even afford to pay rent... Look at what has happened to Chicago... its only a matter of time before all USA is broke like that. Get a gun girl... crime is going up and you need a way to protect what little the government hasn't taken. And what is really sad is I have to ask my mom for help with the rent and she is on social security and prob cant afford to help... I'm afraid  to even ask her. I have been selling our stuff on ebay just to help make ends meet. I don't think I told you I was cut to 10 hours a week at work... and at the end of January I won't even have a job :(  I told my husband  I don't think its worth it for me to even make the drive for 10 hours and to top it off they made it 2 five hour days when they could have made it one 10 hour day... I drive 45 minutes for 50 bucks... I guess they don't know I have to pay for gas : (  45 minutes there and 45 minutes back... and 100 bucks a week. 45 minutes each way 2 X a week. And everyone thinks my husband makes lots of money because he works at a chemical plant... lol... he makes 50 thousand a year and 12 thousand of  that goes to rent and 1000 for mandatory rental insurance... and I could go on but you know how much things cost..."

Yes my friend, I sure do. We are living in poverty. Last year my babies daddy made a little over ten grand and that will be about what we make again this year. We have used all my savings and have gone into the negative now... living on my good credit. Figuring somethings gotta give sometime.

But the beast has risen... and we have created the beast... it is certainly the machines, the computers that are telling us what to do. We must pay that fine or get another penalty. And there is no one to call... no one really knows whose in charge. I say the beast is in charge. The heartless computers are telling us we must pay. Oh there is a way around it, but only for those who have influence with someone who can go in and change the program. But that doesn't stop the beast. No, the beast is alive and well and sucking the life out of honest hard working Americans.

I am not sure how we are going to fix this, as it seems that people are motivated by greed. And what makes it worse is the greed affects poor people the worst. Rich people are not even acknowledging their greed.

Jesus says, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, Do good to one another, Bear one anothers burdens.

The computers do not have the capabilities to LOVE or care or help... all they do is suck!

Since very early in history, there has been different levels of people. You have the extremely rich, the rich and the middle class and the poor and the very poor. Each is in service to the next level. And the super rich are responsible for the very poor. People need help, which includes create in them, a person who can do a service... and get them to working.

I saw on the news, some people are demanding a pay raise.

Seems like that's what we all want. More money.

It is good and right to live without it. The more money you have the more complicated life is. There are so many computers that suck the money even before we make it. Its better to live in poverty.

The greed has reached down into the very heart and soul and purse and bank accounts of THE PEOPLE.

Is there no one to protect us from... ourselves? :(

Whenever rich people get together to create a system that takes from the poor, it is never a good thing. This is wrong. Is this how people get rich? Robbing the poor and creating more poor people?

When people get right with GOD and follow the rules this does not happen.

The very worst is...when our system becomes corrupt and it uses revenue for evil things like drugs and prostitution... unnecessary war... this is what makes people get on drugs and call prostitutes. The sadness of THE PEOPLE trying to escape their reality... trying to feel a little better for a little while is heartbreaking. The GOOD PEOPLE know this is not the way to conduct themselves but we persevere and report corruption.

This is the only way we can overcome the mess we are in. See the corruption and make arrangements to change it. To create a more caring system that takes personal issues into consideration before it requires or demands payment.

We can do this... just waiting for THE PEOPLE to demand the change!