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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I See... Current Events

I have seen more in this life than I want to. But GOD must want me here to write my thoughts because here I am... and we are up to 95 countries now... so GOD must be having me do this for to help you to understand HIS TRUTH, for the Lord is with me!

I saw a post from Syria... an ISIS man had cut a Christians throat and hung him up to die as he said, "See, Jesus didn't come to save him"... This shows the mentality of ISIS... and I have a message for him... for them...

Dude... you are so wrong... and I'm going to tell you why... because you see, Jesus already saved that Christian... Jesus already came into his heart and mind to live, so that when 'you' decided to end his life... Yes, you... all you see is a man dying. You never see the man living... and just because you can kill the body... you can never kill the SPIRIT! And he knew that... so you didn't destroy him, you only set him free! You think that you control life and death? Just because 'you think' its right?

How wrong can you be when you cant even see that Jesus came to save YOU!

He came to save YOU from your misguided deeds your sins and your creed... and to help you to understand you have been following a false GOD the whole time. As GOD clearly states HE is the GOD of the LIVING... and for real... HE doesn't like it when you play GOD and murder for sin... and if you think that GOD gives you the power to murder someone just because they don't believe the same as you do, you are very much mistaken and will feel GODS wrath with a quickness and you will totally understand as you meet GOD, to be judged!

Some people are so blinded when they refuse to open their minds and hearts to the Lord GOD who loves us so much that he sacrificed Jesus for to show us what we're doing wrong.

Yes yes, the Christians used to do this too... many people throughout history have. But that doesn't make it right! Stop using that as an excuse! GOD says NO!

Jesus did not come to save the ones who got it going on... the ones who know LOVE and respect for others. Jesus came for people who are believing a lie... who are doing wrong... and that is YOU! The ones who believe they must kill all those who don't follow along with the corruption of murder for sin. Sure, some people believe its a good thing. I cant count how many Christians thought it lovely that the attack in Orlando came and murdered for sin... it's a sad fact, but it's not the way GOD intended for us to deal with sin.

How can you think that you can change the world with violence and death and destruction, when most people in the world never hear about you and what your doing? You think your some sort of hero, because you are killing someone who is not Muslim? You are a disgrace and you are NOT a hero and will never reach around the world because most PEOPLE know the truth... LIFE is good... death is bad... creating something beautiful is good... tearing down something beautiful is bad.

And you get so defiant because you feel like your doing what your told to do... but again... your wrong because they are wrong, two wrongs don't make it right... it just makes you both wrong. There is no love and respect for others... you say you are with the religion of peace, and you think its the truth, but you forget that its only a religion of peace with your own. Screw everyone else... right?

Well that's where your wrong! You would be so offended if it was Christians murdering your people and you would fight and fight and fight and make war... with no end in sight.

Jesus holds the keys to heaven and hell...

Jesus says to LOVE one another... do good to one another... HE is not saying to love and be good only to whom you think deserves it. Jesus came so that those who have fallen can pick themselves up off the floor and dust themselves off and try again.

Only this time, include the message of Jesus!

When PEOPLE around the world see and understand these words, then... it is written the end will come. Not the end of the world... some people have used those words to scam others, with the fear... and the misunderstandings... but you see, we can see beyond that now. Its not a mystery anymore. Its not going to end the world... its going to end the hate and the corruption and the death of sin.

It could of never happened before now... because throughout time there was no way for all of us to know and hear... but today we have the technology to reach around the world... We are all paying attention... except for the ones who have no access to this sort of thing... but many do. And around the world is where the SPIRIT of Jesus will now go! Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

Another thing that has been weighing heavy on my heart is this...

I saw a video of an 11 year old little boy.

And he was saying things that I KNOW were written down by an adult... and this kid, he did practice and he did well.. but I heard the catch in his voice... I felt his spirit of not wanting to be there, much less say the things he was told to say. And I am very angry that some supposedly adults have drug this child into the game... the kid was from Iraq... at first he was complaining about our troops coming in... and then complained about the troops leaving them vulnerable to ISIS and other groups who profess murder for sin and death to all who don't believe...

You know... just thinking about it gives me the creeps... I can feel the spirit of these men and its all of evil... wrongdoers... men who follow a 'religion' that gives them power over the people. When GOD really means for THE PEOPLE to hold the power!

Good thing for me is, I am human... I live in a place where I can turn it off... I can go about my merry way and not have to worry about it. But then, GOD gives me the gift to feel the spirits of the ones who only want to raise their children in peace... the ones who secretly in their hearts hate the Sharia Law, and they want to abolish the out dated ancient barbaric ways... but they know that they have to shhhh and not say anything because that would bring certain death for them and the innocent children who have to live their life in fear...

This IS WRONG PEOPLE... Just plain wrong!

There is a right way and there is a wrong way... and its wrong to raise kids up in war and hate and violence and blood and pain! Wrong wrong wrong... how many times do I have to say it???

The young boy goes on to blame the American PEOPLE... HA! Most of the American people don't even know what the hell is going on in this child's world! And to be honest... most people don't care because they are all ready to HATE you back and figure if you want to raise your children in hell... whatever. Its to bad, but Americans are going to feel that way. Most Americans are just living their lives in peace... working and taking care of home and family because its THE RIGHT thing to do. They would never think of hurting their kids... and many Americans are ready to kill you for hurting their kids... you see, your hate and violence can be matched... and like Rambo said... "They... (meaning you) drew first blood." And we will be stronger and better with the real GOD on our side!

You as Muslims who want to play GOD and want to show violence and death if the people don't mind you... you will someday see... YOU'RE WRONG! Your bad... your evil because you are going against GOD... when HE tried to help straighten us out... you just defy HIM and do your own thing that puts you in GODS PLACE... Yes, when any PEOPLE put themselves as playing GOD... and demand men to do evil to one another... your gonna fall! I guarantee it!

Because GODS PEOPLE are GOOD PEOPLE... and we support LIFE and LIBERTY and the FREEDOM to choose your way!

You know... this reminds me of some words... the desecration/ abomination... something something about sitting in a place not meant for mere men... and it seems to me that this happens when men sit in a place thinking themselves as GOD... and they don't acknowledge YHWH GOD at all and think of themselves as a superior supreme being.

My GOD... can't we keep anything sacred?

Can we tell this little child that we do love him and that we do care about his future... and we want him and his sisters to go to school and learn the golden rule and learn to LOVE others?

Is there any way... someone can give this kid a hug and tell him it's going to be OK soon...

Only when ALL PEOPLE can humble themselves and acknowledge that it's not all about US... there have been millions or more before us and there will be millions or more after we're dead and gone... and where do you think all those little balls of energy go? They go to the others... and together they all make up GOD The Almighty!

And with GOD... it doesn't matter when you pray... or where you pray... or what you have on... GOD is not a respecter of persons... GOD says HE has PEOPLE all over the world who follow HIS simple words... LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF...

I saw the bombing in Turkey in the news... now is that showing the LOVE?

Absolutely not!

You have to stop the hate... in order to find the LOVE!

I know... your only doing what you are told to do... but I am telling you now... STOP IT! If some Imam tells you to go blow yourself up in an airport or a restaurant or any other place... KNOW this is not what GOD wants you to do... don't go... and get away from the idiot who told you to do it!

Be like the 3 wise men and DON'T go back to the one who told you to do it!

We're never going to stop the war if you continue in your hate...

Because WE as GODS PEOPLE... not only here in America, but also around the world... are going to see you as evil... we are a SMART PEOPLE... we can see and know the truth! And we will always be your doom... because always good overcomes evil... and if you can't see that... you need to take another look!

You think your gonna win just because you scare a few people... I am here to tell you... Goliath was a HUGE horrendous fighter... the best of his clan... but yet not even he was mighty enough to kill the small teenager David who had GOD on his side! And Goliath fell!

GOD works wonders in mysterious ways! Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus! :)

One thing more that is in my heart today... this story doesn't get much publicity... because it doesn't fit onto the plan of those who want war and want to control the people... but... I see more than just the TV news... I have news sources from around the world... and I see that GOD is reaching those whom HIS WORD is intended to reach. And, I don't mind sitting here and writing for GOD because I am after all, HIS faithful servant... and I know I have complained about sitting here in the heat... but for real... I do it because I want to help GOD show you... 'It's all about the LOVE, Man!'

I am so happy to see many people today... even some from ISIS... finding Jesus!

Knowing the LOVE that Jesus wants to share!

And going home to family and friends and neighbors and doing good deeds for others! Instead of causing the death and pain, through hate and the power to dominate PEOPLE.

And I Thank GOD that HE gives me a way to show you the truth of life... my kids are gown... adults on their own and I feel like GOD has made me every ones mother to scold and correct as needed.

Smart people will hear and follow Jesus and then it will spread and grow within a PEOPLE... and then people will no longer live in fear... but will find PEACE... through 'loving each other' and doing 'good things' for each other.

Let go of the bad... let go of the old evil habits... let go of the ways of old demons who only want you to hate and destroy everything... let go of the strong idea to kill anyone in your way... and grab hold of the wonderment of not only a 'social love', but a UNITED LOVE that supersedes all colors and creeds... and shares this LOVE with everyone around the world!

When GOD sent Jesus to save the lost souls from hell... HE never wanted for us to all be alike... HE loves the diversity of HIS PEOPLE! HE loves to look across the land and see PEOPLE loving PEOPLE... helping and caring for each other no matter what nationality!

Life is not... and should never be about death and destruction of all who are different, all who oppose...  to GOD its all about 'who wants to go and do what the good Lord tells them to do'.

When you live with death and destruction and hate... you can never reach the beautiful place where GOD wants us all to be and you will never find in death what you can find in life.

Life is to be cherished.. Life is meant to be lived in a way that is good and honest and clean for all who live it... but it doesn't happen with all that blood letting!

When you bring in lies and deception though manipulation... and self centered ways... no one wins... it just makes you a liar and an evil person and your days are numbered... and soon, the young folk are gonna actually get it... and will understand!

My heart goes out the the young boy who spoke on that video... the 11 year old who was reading what others wrote.  But I saw through his pain... he's really just a kid who only wants to go play ball with his friends... and not think of adult problems.

And to the one who murdered a Christian and mocked GOD as he said, 'Jesus didn't save the Christian'... I say... Look into your own heart and mind and see that GOD wants you to know HIM too... and HE is there for you to find too... let go of your 'men killing men' way of life.

Because the one Jesus has come to save is YOU!

But of course if you want to stay stubborn in your sin... you will die in your sin and will never have a chance to know anything that GOD has to offer.

To me it's a simple thing... but I know its not so simple when you have elders not just telling you but forcing you to fight and kill other people. This is born of hate and destruction... and the idea that you must murder all who don't agree with your way of life.

Just remember one thing... it all starts with YOU...

GOD will forgive and direct you into the way of LOVE... and if you follow LOVE... the LOVE will follow YOU... and your children will know you as a GOOD MAN who loved and helped others to learn and grow into the way that is GOOD and RIGHT and JUST!

Know that it is an abomination for you to play GOD...

There is only ONE GOD... HE is the GOD of the LIVING and Long life and happy grand children and good times and in LOVING ONE ANOTHER... we fulfill HIS desires!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!


Sunday, June 26, 2016


I am feeling the stress coming to an end... THE PEOPLE KNOW!

I am safe in the knowledge that our GOOD GOD always overcomes evil... its a long story... way back since Genesis that I know of... and probably back even farther.

Now, we have the ability to have all the knowledge in the world! And there are some people who do not like that fact! Some people want US to stay stupid and out of their business... they don't want us to see their corruption! They don't want us to know their dirty deeds done in secret because they know... if we knew... we would not stand for their bad habits and they would be exposed and punished!

Because they know they are wrong!

I was watching Jerry Springer... I love to watch his show because it makes me feel really good about myself! Anyway... I love to watch people and see what they naturally do, sometimes they act like animals. Just a few days ago, there was this homosexual... and he was a cute guy... sweet too... he had written a poem for his male lover... and I don't know how different it was from any love poem out there... but for the ending... that was different... and the last few words were... something, something... "to hide our mortal sins"...


I must give this young man kudos for speaking the truth... not only of his love... but the truth of it! Yes, it is a mortal sin... and everyone knows it! We feel it in our heart as GOD exposed IT!

And it goes on and on around the world... some people lying, yet they still know the truth. Unless of course there are mental issues going on. Some people are so mentally ill they can make themselves believe a lie.

But you know what they say... "The TRUTH will set you FREE!"

And PRAISE GOD, so many PEOPLE can see and know the truth!

Hiding sin and lies might of been possible years ago... but not any more! :)

We are a SMART PEOPLE! And don't you forget it!

I can feel all the Muslims who are secretly partying inside themselves... seeing the events of the day... because they know they will soon be free from bondage! I can feel their pain and their suffering. But they cant say anything... you see because it goes like this... and it happens all the time under Sharia... a man gets mad at his wife... he can legally rip her out of the home and shout out her sin and lop off her head... and if another woman... her mother or her daughter or her sister says anything... they get murdered too! This is the way of life for them... and I can feel the other women... grieving in pain... praying to GOD for some relief! They know that if GOOD wins... they will soon be able to express their opinion freely without fear of death... you wonder why we don't have Muslims standing up and speaking out... its because they are in fear for their lives! Some do gain the guts to speak out and they do! But too many still want to follow the old ways and they want us to do it too and if we don't, they kill us for not believing in them and their ideology!

And the ones in the know... know this TRUTH... unfortunately not all of the people do because they haven't been watching the news and they really don't care what goes on outside of their home.

But, many do CARE! Especially the ones who live there!

We need to care too!

And we do!

When Brexit happened, I knew that they knew too...

And that is my relief!

There are some pretty powerful men who want to make Islam to dominate the earth. And they think they are right to do this! But they are wrong! And GOD will soon show them that fact!

GOD gives us the FREEDOM to be what we want to be and no one should be forcing their ideology on anyone else... there are many paths to follow... find you one and keep on walking!

There are many who talk of this one world order... and these are men who want to control it all... they want to take GODS place in our hearts and they want the power to tell everyone in the world what to do and what they can say.

We live in an amazing time... because we are going to be able to watch the final battle play out... look and see the truth of the battle of good against evil... men standing up wanting to be a GOD... But here's the trigger... it will never happen! Because WE the PEOPLE know... and we are allowed to speak out and share our thoughts and we can all come to the agreement that JESUS came to save us from the evil domination of demons and devils... Yes, Eve bit that bite and knew both good and evil... and then spent the rest of her life fighting the evil... and so we do... its been done before... and now we get to see it happen a final time and we are going to kick Satan out the door and hes gonna get out of our lives... because we know he is bad for us!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

But for now... they want all of us to stay stupid and preoccupied and not see their lies. They want to glorify themselves... and be greedy... and mean and hateful to all who oppose them!

The reason why Christianity works is because it is based on LOVE and respect of others... as GOD says... "LOVE your neighbor as yourself."

But GOD has also  been known to be very fierce when HIS way has been dissed. And besides, who would NOT want to live with LOVE leading and guiding them, anyway?

There has always been the fight. But how many times did GOD win already and THE PEOPLE lived in PEACE? Shouldn't we of learned something from it already?

Oh... I guess some had other things on their minds. To bad :(

But many of us have!

We have learned that having power is good... having the ability to talk things out like grown ups is a good thing. There will always be ying and yang... but you know... GOOD always overcomes evil! We know it and you should know it too. Anyone who wants that ancient demonic barbaric Sharia Law to rule the earth, HAS ANOTHER THOUGHT COMING!

Imagine with me, if you please... a place where LOVE LIVES... a place where PEOPLE love each other and they love to get together and do things that brings JOY and PEACE and wonderment of how we ever got so lucky! And lets say... you as a stranger, walk in the door and you are suddenly greeted by HAPPY people who are glad you came and you are offered fabulous foods and yummy drinks... you are welcomed and appreciated as another human being... one of GODS children! There is singing and dancing and amusements and entertainment galore! A fascinating place to be! But you don't have to stay, if you don't want to... you can always go out that door... and again.. when you want that PERFECT PEACE and LOVE... you are always welcomed back!

If I was born on the dark side... I would never want to leave this group of PEOPLE whom GOD has joined together to celebrate HIS SON, Jesus and the LOVE he had to share with US!

OK now... part of me doesn't even want to go to the next place... because it is so dark... but I do it for/with GOD... and as we enter the room there is a heaviness in the air... someone comes to greet you and they ask you, "do you support the son of Satan?" If you say 'no' they kill you on the spot... if you happen to say 'yes'... you are allowed in... only to see the most horrible things that life has to offer. People killing each other... women in bondage to the next John that pays Satan a price for them... and if that person rapes and abuses them, it doesn't matter because the next sucker will be coming soon. They don't offer you any food, but they do offer you strange potions that they know can kill you... but they don't care, because you are only a commodity, they can destroy and discard you at any moment. You look around and you see death and destruction and defiance of all that is good... and you tremble in fear because you know you're not ever going to get out of this place.

Just as you can invite GOD in your heart... you can also invite the evil one in... because they love the power of Satan and will give their lives for it... in the end, it not only sucks for us... it also sucks for the fallen one... because nothing good comes of it. Just the evil satisfaction he has brought another soul down... another fool who is deceived by a pretty smile and a nice tickle spot.

So which place would you want to be?

I want to be in the beautiful lovely place where PEOPLE are good to each other and you never have to worry about someone starting shit with you just to get revenge or to see how far they can push you around. I want to be in a place where there is JOY and LIFE and wonderful things to do and fascinating people to hang with... where all are respected and allowed to do their own thing. A place where you never have to worry about how your going to eat or where your going to sleep... because GOD has a beautiful mansion right over the hill, waiting for you to be with HIM. And for the most part, you don't have to die to get there!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

And so the move out of the Union... is a fabulous bold statement to let the world know where THE PEOPLE STAND! We are standing with GOD... no matter how many must die... we will never cave to the evil in the world just because they are being evil. We know they are evil and we are going to work on that!

I do believe that our nation has become corrupted... a place where Satan lives and reigns... He defies justice... and shows contempt for the PEOPLE.


We know! We are shown the truth by GOD... and some of us may fall...

But in the end...

Whose gonna win?

The same ONE who has won over and over and over throughout time and place... and will always win in the end of every battle... and here we are coming to it again... because we are a SMART PEOPLE... and we are not going to join a group of men who think they are above everyone else and thinks we should all worship them. NO... we need to hang onto our different cultures and creeds... our individuality is a good thing and will NOT divide us, but unite us as a beautiful diverse PEOPLE who loves to share our LIFE with each other! We are all in this together...

We will overcome the evil and the evil will eventually die off!

I am feeling much better now... because I know... right over the horizon there... there is PEACE and LOVE... a place where THE PEOPLE work together for the common good!

I was watching one of the old Family Feud shows, with Richard Dawson and it was one of those celebrity shows... where some of the old stars got together and competed for charity. And he came to Florence Henderson... and before she answered, she said a little prayer to GOD... and Richard chided her, saying 'oh, not on a game show'... but she stood on her GOD and she had the correct answer! Praise GOD!  Then at the end of the game when they were doing those quick 5 questions... they were at the very end and before exposing the answer that won the game... both Richard and Florence said a little prayer... and they won! It was LOVELY to me, to see this really happen! I love Florence Henderson! I love Richard Dawson!

We are at a point where we are fixing to see again... PEOPLE win with GOD...

In my heart I believe we will... because it's the way it should be!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus! :)


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trumps Speech

Wow... that was really something! I love Donald Trump! He is such a good man... And when I watched his speech, I saw him speak from his heart and soul! I love it when PEOPLE do this!

Yes, we sure loved Donald before he got into politics... and then so many people insulting him and started telling twisted lies... manipulating us through speculation... not truth!

But GOD loves The Donald! He went in there and spoke the truth and it hit home!

I can see him in the White House, kicking out all the wasted money grabbers and installing a more purposeful cabinet! I can see him appointing people to go out and find these old run down factories and such and fix them up to make them usable again! I can see the PEOPLE going back to work! Doing our own thing... making our own way. And then the government will sell these old places to businesses who can use them for manufacturing! And can give government grants for business who will take over the old buildings that are sitting useless at the moment and create a business!

Now, that is not what he said he would do... but I can see him doing it!

Our system is truly corrupted! I think I was one of the first few who shouted out about the Muslims infiltrating our system. But by then it was to late to stop it... now we need Trump, (who knows all about what's going on) to go in there and CLEAN HOUSE!

Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat and an instigator of murder... she sold us out to our enemy... if so many ignorant people put this woman... (Lord, I don't even want to call her a woman... she is a monster... a beast)... If she gains power she will surely sell us out to foreigners. She doesn't care about our PEOPLE, she cares only for to fill her own purse! It would be a disaster!

I love the way Donald Trump takes strong cleansing breaths as he speaks strong words of LOVE and HELP for OUR COUNTRY!    Lord, I wish I would of had a dad like that!

Like The Donald, I also feel strongly that PEOPLE are PEOPLE around the world... PEOPLE just want to raise their children in PEACE! But then you have the ones who want all the power... and they are fighting and making things difficult for all of us. They have taught some to HATE and KILL and destroy!  But seems to me on the whole, America is not crazy and radical... most people only want to live with LOVE... and want to share the world... not fight over it!

Men create wars... why can't these men sit down and talk it out? Why are we not sharing the world... after all, it doesn't really belong to us... we are only here for awhile. I am sure that many people who thought they were all that... and the world was their oyster... well... they are dead now. The world didn't belong to them and neither does it belong to any man or woman... the land can only be loaned by use of money... yours for the holding... but one day you will die and the land and the world will still be going on for our Children and our Children's children! What will be our legacy? What will 'THE PEOPLE' be saying about 'us' a thousand years from now?

Because look at us... we still talk about men like Jesus... Nostradamus... Confucius... Socrates... King David... Solomon...  Abraham Lincoln... among so many others!

I am sorta freaking out as I realize that we are really backwards in life... and I remember one of the old prophets said in the last days... 'good will be bad and bad will be good'... and I have seen that in so many places... but it really dawned on me today... that Russia always had a reputation as 'the bad guys'... and Americans were the 'good guys'... now to me, this is all a 'show and tell' as it goes... because in these days... look and see... looks like Americans are the bad guys... and Russians are the good guys.

And then my thought went even deeper as GOD showed me that, basically GOOD PEOPLE are everywhere! When we used to see the Russians as bad asses... there were still many many Russians who were home loving... family devoted... PEOPLE who lived and did the best they could for the benefit of the PEOPLE around them! And now... as people around the world look at Americans as the bad ones... We as THE PEOPLE know that there are billions of good happy loving PEOPLE who only want to raise their children with the knowledge of GOD... and that is to LOVE OTHERS as we love ourselves. And NOT to be selfish and inconsiderate!

The change we need from Donald Trump will be FOR THE LOVE OF THE PEOPLE! All PEOPLE... Hillary wants to hand us over to Satan who runs an ideology that murders for sin... murders all gays and all who have sex outside of lawful marriage. This is not what GOD wants us to do and if this happens... it will set us back thousands of years!

The reason we must change things now, is because we have the technology to reach around the world with our thoughts and ideas,,, and we can now... all agree that LOVE of THE PEOPLE is the most important thing... and we can tell the world how that LOVE works, and that LOVE does not include hidden corruption. Trump says "If we don't do it now, we may never do it!" And I can see that if we allow Satan into our system now... things will only get worse.

Considering the times... I don't see that happening... but we all need to stand up and tell the truth and be heard!

We need to all agree that our SYSTEM is based on Judaeo/Christian values... and that means Jesus... the one who taught us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...  not to hate and destroy each other.

And when we tell the world about Jesus... we can all see... that the most important thing in this world is HOME and FAMILY... not 'religion and politics'... because at the end of the day... its generations of PEOPLE who make the world go round... and we need PEOPLE who play fair in politics and business.

If PEOPLE loved and cared about other people they would not cheat or lie to make a buck... because that is loving money more than PEOPLE... and GOD says... its all about LOVING PEOPLE more than money, because GOD dwells in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... and when we all learn about LOVE and RESPECT... which is what GOD offers... then the end of corruption will come as those who are falsely led will die off... and we WILL get over it!

We WILL have the GOOD LIFE that GOD promised to US!

We The American PEOPLE are an Awesome People! We are strong and righteous... We still believe that GOD is bigger than LIFE... and we will know in our own hearts and minds the concept of LOVE and HELP and we will CARE about others... just as much as we care about ourselves.

I recently saw an old Andy Griffith show, where there was a collection going on in the town for something I cant remember... and Andy gets upset with Opie for only putting in 3 pennies... (3 pennies was a lot back then) but Andy wanted Opie to feel the loving care more and put in at least a nickle or dollar... and soon we find out... that Opie didn't want to give up his savings because he wanted to buy a little neighbor girl a new coat that she needed! Wow... it hit me like a ton of bricks... they knew... back then what was good and generous and what was bad and self serving!

We will then also LOVE and RESPECT our Police... yes I can see a place that we create where PEOPLE LOVE the police. I love the Police and I have always thought that they were underpaid... you see these singers and actors and athletes making millions of dollars and they are just having a good time! But our Police officers are risking their lives... EVERY DAY... with to many of them losing it... and they and our teachers and our military... get the shaft... I will never understand that... why are our Police and teachers and military paid so low in our system? They keep us safe and help us take care of our children! I wish we could make the change... where actors and singers got paid what our police and teachers get paid. And pay teachers and police much more so that more people would strive to be Police officers and teachers!

Lets BELIEVE in the future of our country! Because we aren't going any where... every day we are going to wake up in this world... we and our children and our children's children... and so forth and so on... and one day we will achieve the goals that GOD has in mind for us!

And the world will be a better place... not just for here... but also for there... and over there... and in that other place too... it will be a GOOD CHANGE for Everyone... not just the ones in power. And the ones who do hold the power will know that it was WE THE PEOPLE who gave them that power... and will know that we are the ones who can take it away!

If we forget about GOD... which many people have, since Satan has infiltrated our system and is trying to take GOD out of our lives... well GOD is what teaches us the difference between LOVE and hate... between caring only for ourselves and caring about others also.

In a perfect world... WE ALL acknowledge GOD... and know that HE wants us to have optimal life... for ALL of US... not just the ones over there... or up there.... but for ALL of us who wake up in the morning with a good plan for the day... to be productive and make this world a better place! And that is what Donald Trump has planned for us! Hillary only wants to make 'her world' a better place.

It does sort of freak me out when I see how people become pretenders... and with all the criminal activities Hillary has done... how in the world... are people supporting her as President? There are so many things she has done that show us that she would be the worst president ever... but I suppose for to long we have watched our system become corrupted with greedy selfish people who think only of themselves. And in this time of need... we can't afford to fall any farther into the corrupted pit that our current administration has designed for us.

To many people are not even thinking... they're all caught up in their own lives of pleasure and content... to many are not thinking about anyone else's situation. It freaks me out at how many of the American PEOPLE are not paying attention... but I also know... that the squeaky wheel gets the grease... and there are more wheels running smoothly that we don't hear who actually know the way.

Yes, we are headed down a rocky road... Hillary Clinton is so... well... I know that there are PEOPLE who have seen the way that she acts... and sees the way she 'pretends' to be... and they are trying to warn us as to what sort of person she is... I have never thought that such a rude crude person would be bluffing their way to the White House!

Read, read, read... learn the truth...

Hillary mentioned Donald Trumps casinos... and well... she thinks she can build up the hate against him because he runs such places??? But look and see... it is what is in the world... some PEOPLE are rich enough to be OK with it... it is true that casinos take money from the poor people too... but these people choose to go in there... its just like gluttony... eating is just fine... but some people take it to far... owning a gun is fine... but some people take it to far.

I bring up gluttony because that is my sin... but it isn't the foods fault... it is my WEAKNESS that is at fault... and I struggle everyday to control this urge. In a list of the top 20 things that cause premature death... obesity is #5... Oh yeah... (abortion is #1) and this is why GOD says these things are a sin... because GOD is the god of the LIVING and gluttony and abortion do not promote LIFE...

Oh yeah, its nice and comforting to eat so much yummy foods... after all its out there... but throughout TIME, GOD has seen many people die to young, due to obesity... and that is why HE tells us not to be a glutton... its a sin... well to others they don't have that sin... their metabolism and desires don't weigh them down! Its all about balance and need.

And also the need to control our selves!

Our worst problem here in the USA is the taking out of GOD from the hearts and minds of OUR PEOPLE... take GOD away and there is no sense of wrong and right... you know... the basic lesson that our ancestors learned in the Garden of Eden! We are not learning that lesson because some say we don't need GOD. But boy do we ever need GOD... so that HE can live in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... and when we get angry we know its not the right thing to go into a place and murder all the people there, just because we're mad and want to make a statement!

Forgetting about GOD is the worst thing that we have ever done...

And finding our way back to HIM will be the answer that we need... to put GOODNESS back into the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... sure our children might rebel and be defiant... but we have what they need... and that is patience and understanding and the strength to give the right advice for a new direction!

Donald Trump is going in that right direction... I'd say it would do us a WORLD of good to follow him! He is the one to triumph over the evil in the world... he is one with good direction!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus for all the GOOD GODLY PEOPLE we have... who have the knowledge of good and evil and will choose the GODLY GOOD every time!

GOD Bless Us... Everyone! In Jesus Christs name...

And GOD Bless America... Again!  AMEN :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

My Message To Muslims

I don't hate you. But you hate me...

Well, now wait... GOD is saying that not all Muslims hate me. Some love me! And that makes me very happy because I know that my message is going out loud and clear! And I PRAISE GOD for the ones who I can touch in their hearts! I feel like its what GOD wants for me to do! And not just me... there are many many many PEOPLE preaching and teaching LOVE!

Oh forget about the old fogies who are so set in their old habit, they refuse to see beyond their own noses! You are young... you are smart... you can know the old ways are just that... 'OLD WAYS'

There are 2 things you need to do for GOD... (I don't know why GOD wants me to be the one to say this... but I cannot NOT do something when GOD tells me to)... GOD wants you to be a better PEOPLE... and learn how LOVE and RESPECT works both ways!

You say your Holy Book is the same as the Christian Old testament... and I believe you. I have read your Holy Book. But you are forgetting something VERY important... you are believing in the old testament... but did you not see the words that predicted the coming of Jesus? ... to save us from our own selves? Jesus came to save the souls of mankind!

GOD did not like the way that men went about back then... thinking they could sin all week and then come into temple and sacrifice a prized goat or lamb or dove or whatever they said it to be back then... GOD saw that it had nothing to do with the HEART OF MEN... because that animal, that was symbolic for sacrifice for sin, meant nothing to them... they had the animals, lots and lots of them... the animals bred naturally, was no skin off the mans nose... in other words, they could sin and get away with it and feel like it was all good. And GOD was unhappy about this... so HE figured a way to get into the HEART OF MANKIND...

And then there was Jesus... the final sacrifice... the end of the old... the beginning of the new!

And we are saved by his deeds!

But Muslims do not give him credit for what he did...

I mean you say he was a teacher and all... but what about him dying for our sins? Leaving us a direct connection to GOD with the Holy Ghost... which is THE SPIRIT OF GODS rebirth in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE!?!

When you murder for sin... you not only discount Jesus you also take away any hope of helping them to do better. Lots of people are stubborn and don't like it when you get all forcefully up in their face, and demand they do this or not do that. And so naturally... your lopping off their heads or throwing them off of tall buildings and FORCE them to die in their sin!

Our life should NOT be about policing the world for sin... it should be about personally getting through our own sin that keeps us from a total connection with GOD... the GOD who only wants whats best for ALL of us! We should know sin... and recognize when we need a change in our life. There is nothing that gives GOD more JOY than to see someone overcome the sin in their life! And there is so much out there in the world...sometimes it takes us some time to get through the bad to find the good. We can't all be blessed to be born into the perfect life. Some of us struggle! And instead of HELPING us... you are saying "Off with their head!" ... there is no chance for rehabilitation! No chance to be be reconnected to GOD!

Sin is a private thing and should not be paraded out into the street!

My Grandparents were Methodists and they believed in keeping the sin in their lives private... and it wasn't even their sin that destroyed them, it was their daughters. And after all, its really no bodies business... it is only between ourselves and GOD. Many people do have a mediator who can help a soul to work through the problems in our lives. But all we really need is GOD in our hearts!

Your old fashioned ways of doing things suits men... not GOD!

GOD promotes LIFE and LOVE and HELP... your way takes the power of GOD and puts it into mens hands... and we know with men... they can become corrupt. Men should not be trying to play GOD! GOD doesn't like this because you are discounting HIS SPIRIT!

Isn't it odd how we can meet someone who seems practically perfect in our eyes... and we admire them and respect them... and then one day down the road we discover they had been a liar and a cheat and probably stole over a hundred grand from me... HA... and we are like... WOW... he seemed like such a nice person... and we quickly learn about the wolf in sheeps clothing.

And that is how corruption is...

But one day... I can totally see... it is so clear to me... where there comes a time that corruption dies off! Where our youth learn that not everything is what it seems to be and so they take more caution with things then we did. And THEY will soon be able to stop corruption before it starts! :)

And that is by STOPPING the sacrifice for sin!

Acknowledging JESUS and HIS message!

LOVING and CARING about others...

The greatest commandment ... OK wait, I will call it a commandment once because that is the word for the 'old ways'... now GOD wants ALL OF US to know that this 'thing' is now a 'suggestion' and that, for us to have the perfect life... ALL OF US... that suggestion is... to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR JUST LIKE YOU LOVE YOURSELF! Because to GOD... your neighbor is just as important as you are... now, I'm not saying that everyone should be in the same worldly class... because we serve each other right and proper with the separation of the classes... but... it's always a good thing when the President respects the janitor as well as his own brother!

HA! You knew that already didn't you? :)

I do believe the HEART OF MANKIND has changed... just like GOD intended!

GOD sent Jesus to show us the way... and we latched on and are still going strong in the SPIRIT of the PEOPLE! In our hearts we know... because in our hearts... GOD GROWS and then love shows!

When you get a taste of the LOVE that comes with Jesus... WOW...

When you realize that its good to LOVE EACH OTHER...

Hate will go away...

And where there is no hate... there is LOVE and love brings PEACE and JOY...

Oh what a wonderful feeling!

Please... Muslims... Please... if we are to be brothers and sisters... we all should believe that GOD IS LOVE... Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin and instead of throwing gays off of tall buildings you should gather them to a safe place to learn on their own about sin and let GOD work HIS wonders in their hearts! You as a person cannot make them change... or even try to do better! And although the law remains the same. Homosexuality is still a sin. Only GOD can make the change!

Now I don't want to have haters here... if you don't think that homosexuality is a sin... your not reading the word of GOD... GOD is the same today as HE has ever been... and living within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... and Muslims happen to believe that homosexuality is a sin.

And we know that we all have sin... in one way or another...

We should not judge each other... only LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

If we don't like something that someone does... we just get away from them... GOD will make a way for you to find HIM... HE has promised us... this is HIS word, SEEK HIM and you shall find HIM!

My next vision is... we become a world of seekers... Oh you know there are so many already... are you ready to join them? Be a SEEKER... and find GOD!

The first step is the New Testament... The story of Jesus! What he said and what he did in his life has direct influence on our own! Learn everything you can about Jesus in the New Testament!!!

You will be surprised at what will happen!

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Sunday, June 12, 2016

50 Dead In Orlando

Wow... so sad for the families of the victims.

But this doesn't surprise me, since there has been some Imams who have instructed Muslims around the world to attack Lone wolf style. Yes... its true. I am not one to tell lies... I have actually heard Imams instruct these sort of murders.

And of course, the dad of the murderer... has been instructed by Islam to say that it has nothing to do with Islam. You know, you can deceive people quickly by adding a lie to some truth. I see our politicians doing it all the time.

Yes, this mass murder has 'everything' to do with Islam... because under Sharia Law, homosexuals are put to death. Its hard for me to know that some people are so blinded that they cannot see that this gunman and his family see this thing as an honor... they believe that this gunman will go to paradise and have unlimited wine and many many virgins.

It freaks me out that I live in a place where Muslims consider most people as ungodly, evil people. When GOD shows me how they think about us... WOW... nothing is farther than the truth.

Yes, we do have many sins that are considered OK here in America... but that's because some people don't see these things as sin... they don't see them as anything other than pleasurable.

Homosexuality is by GOD... a sin... it does not promote LIFE and it goes against nature... I would like to know how many animals in the world have been see seen putting their penis into the anus of another male and humping till ejaculation, or orally bringing stimulation to another animal gratification? I do believe that some animals have been shown by men... or women... but it is certainly not the norm. Its perverted sex and practiced by the humans.

We are in real trouble by GOD, when we accept these sins as OK...

And these Muslims think they are doing GOD a service by murdering them.


They are forgetting that Jesus came to be the final sacrifice for sin. We no longer murder for sin and this is where Islam has it wrong, following something other than Jesus.

Yeah, the gunman didn't like to see homosexual activity... Hey... neither do I... but GOD says; 'Since the beginning of time, there has been homosexuals... but WE as HIS PEOPLE do not do that.'

We can hate it all we want... most saints do hate sin... but we have no right to judge them. We do not know their heart... and their sin is their own personal business... we should just stay away from them.

When you murder for sin you force the sinner to die in their sin... never being able to see the truth from GOD and make the changes needed for a non sinning life.

Its like gluttony... which is my sin... I LOVE to eat... and I have to fight this feeling of wanting to eat yummy stuff all day and all night, every day of my life... if I didn't fight the urge... I would become one of those huge 500 lbs or more obese people who cant get out of the bed.

Now the thing to consider here is... homosexuality is more than just a sin. Its an abomination. And that is because GOD is the god of the LIVING... homosexuality does not promote LIFE.

What we do about sin... our own sin is, we work everyday that we live to overcome the sin. Yes, we may fall... but we get up and try again... forever seeking to please GOD. As GOD says... 'stay away and don't do homosexuality.' GOD does not say... go in and murder every homosexual you can find.

Men do this for to have 'power over mankind'... to play as a god

My theory is, that some men get a real kick out of seeing another man beneath themselves.

It is a sad day we live in.

We are supposed to be humble and work for the common good of all. But these homosexuals make it about themselves. Thinking themselves as the ultimate being.

I do not believe that ALL Muslims want this 'murder for sin' crap to continue. Jesus changes all that and we cant help what ideology we are born under. We live in... what we are born in.

Another way that Muslim murder for sin is they are allowed to legally murder their women for sin. Thank GOD we follow Jesus where I live... because practically every woman I know would be dead, murdered by men, under Islam. Did you know that if a Muslim wife pizzes off her Muslim husband, he has the legal right to drag her into the square and announce to everyone her 'sin' and then cut off her head. And then here comes a little van to come and pick the body up and everyone goes along their merry way.

When my mother was alive, she would tell me... "that's how they want it!" But I can tell you here and now... that is not how GOD wants it.

GOD wants us to be free to be whomever we want to be!

Of course GOD wants us to all serve HIM, but HE knows that as long as hell exists, not all will follow the GOOD things in life. There are many who, without GODS direction will do what ever makes them happy. Not knowing that in the end... they are hurting their own self.

Its not just the glutton who gets hurt by sickness and disease and death... it also hurts the PEOPLE who love them... but in today's society 'fat people' are not only accepted, they are LOVED!  And I think that is because WE AS A PEOPLE choose to Love and Accept everyone, as is! You know when you buy a car 'as is' by law you take the car faults and all.

And that is all fine and good, but that is not helping on the streets where evil is allowed to roam freely. Oh, I did so love the long ago times... where PEOPLE would know to take certain activities behind closed doors. Encourage sinners not to sin...  Where is the decorum???... the RESPECT for others beliefs???... Why is it that when we must respect them for being homosexual, they don't have to respect us for believing in a long term common thought... that the GOD of the LIVING says NO... that does no good for the promotion of LIFE.

And, they need to keep their actions to them selves, not cram it down our throats.

And... these actions of a man who disapproves to the point of murdering for sin to show other PEOPLE what is planned for them, if they do that sin too. He believed he was doing right.

Its so hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

Its been my goal in life to show Muslims that they are NOT following Jesus and therefore not following GOD when they continue to murder for sin.

There is no room for HATE.

This gunman hated the homosexuals... not the sin.  You see many men and women know to keep these actions under wraps. Even early Hollywood had what they called, 'Lavender marriages'... where their homosexuality was hidden from the public. They knew it was a sin... back then Church and GOD were real popular among the PEOPLE!

But now... some want to parade it in the streets! And that is not a good thing, because it is showing the children that 'something that is an abomination to GOD' is fabulous within mankind.

And I hear, its really bad for someone, when they work or do things to corrupt the children.

PEOPLE who allow evil into their lives are those who also promote evil among the children.

But all is not lost. It is written that THE PEOPLE will be a GODLY one and will cause all sin to be abolished... and we will ALL understand!

There are many who already understand. There are billions... possibly trillions or more, around the world... who LOVE GOD no matter what label you put on them!

I pray for MANKIND to get back to GOD, the one who gives us knowledge and wisdom beyond our own means... when we have an open mind we can see GODS plan. And as I see it... I really want to be there... one day I want to be in a place where ALL THE PEOPLE know and follow the LOVE and PEACEFULNESS of GOD! Where we all help each other with 'LOVE' leading and guiding us into the way that is good!

Until we choose to teach the children about GOD... these things will continue to happen... and worse... because they might happen to you!

Continue to fight the good fight of faith in a LOVE that supersedes all colors and creeds!

Until then... know that Muslims have it out for sinners... to murder them in their sin.

We must teach them the way of LOVE... the way of Jesus who loved the sinner enough to tell them they were sinners... what did Jesus say? "Go, and sin no more!"

When will Islam learn that to murder for sin... IS SIN!

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I have known a lot of people in my time. I suppose GOD has seen fit for me to meet all sorts of people to learn from them. HA... How can I learn from an atheist? Well... its not complicated!

My son claims to be an atheist. I wouldn't count on that staying the same for ever. He is young and of course being the strong man that he is, he loves to think that he has it all under control without GOD.

But truth is... not many people find PEACE without GOD.

You can find LOVE... as with my son... when he started noticing girls around 7 yrs old, I started telling him that in life there will be LOTS of pretty girls... "but there will be 1 that is so special to you that you will love only her with all of your heart... You see, girls come and girls go... but a wife is there for life!" And wouldn't ya know it... he learned how to be a good, loving husband to one wife... they love each other so much, they are both really freaked out at the thought of losing the other. There is no adultery going on and they are still crazy about each other. They are married now going on 14 years and have 3 beautiful healthy children!

Praise GOD, my son listened to me! I don't think he realized that, that info came to me from GODS WORD! And I know that before my sons life is over, GOD will show him the truth!

But sometimes love has nothing to do with it! Sometimes if you don't have GOD leading you, you fall for the wolf in sheep's clothing and it turns out to be a nightmare! As we know, that spiritual demons roam the earth seeking whom they may overcome and devour... and so you must have the spirit to fight them off in the spirit... if you don't acknowledge them, they can appeal to your fleshly desires and without even thinking about it... you are lost in sin.

I don't believe in murdering anyone who doesn't believe in GOD... as GOD gives us the FREEDOM to choose our own way... we create our own lives the way we want! Its a gift! But we must remember, if we are not listening to GODS word, there is no good guidance, there is no SPIRIT inside our hearts or minds, telling us what to do and what NOT to do...  and then some people just play it like it comes, when it comes to life. Although, I can't understand why anyone would choose to go through life with blinders on. No SPIRIT to show them the way, or tell them the things that they need to know.

And, how scary it must be to only worship/believe in this organic life only and have nothing to look forward to after death! I was with my grandmother when she passed over. My grandfather had called me and told me, my grandmother had fallen down and he couldn't get her up, (he was 92 and very frail). So I went over there... and helped her up and we were walking to her bed... when she suddenly fell down again... I will always remember her hand trying to grab the door knob of the hall closet. I called 911 and they asked me if I wanted to try and save her... of course I said YES... but in my heart I knew she was gone... I did do the CPR... but I was bothered really badly by some people standing over my back... I thought it was the ambulance people... but when I looked up, no one was there... it was a terrible struggle I had at that moment. I didn't realize until later that it was my Great Aunt, I loved her so much... and her bothers and parents and other family members who had come to take part in her passing... it was like I was trying to keep her here and they were trying to pull her there. Well now I understand GODS intent that day. And if anyone ever says to me that there is no afterlife... I will laugh in their face...because I KNOW... the story goes on... but this is not about all that... this is a blog, not my life story! Well, maybe I do put some of my true life stories in here... but thank GOD, HE tells me when to stop! Its wonderful how GOD works when HE LIVES inside our hearts and minds... GOD actually talks to you when you get close enough to hear HIM! :)

Praise GOD!

THAT is why GOD sent Jesus! It was a way for the SPIRIT to come in the flesh and Jesus had the SPIRIT... and he SHARED that spirit with US... when he died... the SPIRIT WAS STILL WITH US!

And IS still with anyone who chooses to believe!

Atheists need to broaden their minds and learn about GOD...

I say to you...

GOD is the common spirit that LIVES within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... GOD is the culmination of all the saints and all the sinners that has ever lived and died upon the earth! GOD can see you with the eyes of any living thing... and even knows your soul from the inside out!

You can lie to people and you can even lie to yourself... but you can't lie to GOD... and if you try to... HE will convict your heart and show you the TRUTH!

When you turn your back on GOD, you turn your back on so much knowledge. Without this knowledge you are free game to the dark side. And how can anyone with good common sense not want to believe in a god that stands for LOVE, Truth, Joy... Peace and safety? Are you so wrapped up in the things of the world that you have no time to learn about its ancient history?

I think some people start to read the Bible but then get convicted of their sins... and they don't like that! They want to do the thing that they love to do, because it makes them feel good with no feeling bad about it, at the time. When some men sin... GOD convicted their hearts... they don't want any of that... they want to go on doing the thing that pleases their flesh. And they do... not knowing that in the end it will all come to a bad conclusion! That could of been avoided!

If we know GOD and we have HIS word...  we know in advance what causes trouble! A lot of us were raised by parents who knew from their elders that there are some things that are very bad for us to do... but some do them for the self satisfaction and give no thought to the bad side until it smacks them in the face! I don't know whether to laugh at them or cry for them... I see both sides... but they didn't... until it was to late to go back and change things :(

The worst thing we have done as a nation is take GOD out of the equation... corrupt men don't want GOD hanging around getting onto them for being corrupt! So they fight to satisfy their own flesh,,, not the GREAT SPIRIT OF GOD that creates a good foundation of justice!

Children are not taught anymore how to respect a higher power... they learn in their mind, there is no higher power than themselves. They see themselves as a god of their world... and only what they think and feel matters to them, in their world... this is why you have so many violent attacks! Used to be, we were taught BY GOD not to do the violent riots and murder for personal gain... anger used to not be explosive to cause men to rage on and kill and destroy anything in their path!

GOD was kicked out of our system... by arrogant greedy people who only want what they want and screw anyone who gets in their way... they do not know kindness or care for others. Which is another thing GOD teaches us... to care and help others when we can! So that's another thing that Atheists allow themselves the luxury of not caring.

So if GOD says.... no violence... no riots... Atheists are not able to hear this message!

I am not saying that all Atheists are horrible raging people... I am saying without acknowledging Jesus... there is no message for them to hear... no goodness and mercy to find/follow.

It also allows hate to fester and grow to something that cannot be controlled! No SPIRIT of goodness to appeal to within. Just death and destruction...

Power over THE PEOPLE is what they are going for.

I am sure the man who stabbed the little 11 year old boy a couple few weeks ago, didn't have GOD leading him to LOVE that kid.  Satan doesn't care... he is amused at your pain... he wants you to suffer... and so he is going to go latch on... to any free agent out there who doesn't have GOD to warn them of potential danger!

Lord, it gives me the creeps just thinking about it... and that is what the demons want! They delight in ruining someones day... anyone's! They laugh as they destroy your home and family!

Because GOD is PRO home and family!

And if those Atheists would just realize that HOME and FAMILY is what life is all about, they would be in the know!!!

Oh yes! I do feel like the answer to that great question in life... 'What is life all about?' ...

The answer is, THE PEOPLE!

The PEOPLE who love us... and the people who we love!

My Grandparents LOVED me... and now I am LOVING my grandchildren... its a beautiful chain of LOVE that is passed on down to help our children FIND HEAVEN!

Yes, heaven does exist... we can find it if we really want to! But beware... hell does exist too... whether you want to believe it or not... hell exists to take GOD out of business... to ruin GODS plan for US to have a wonderful life!

Basically, I feel sorry for anyone who chooses to run their own show without GOD leading the way... and every time, I have seen a fall... maybe you saw it too!

We know and agree that GOD is real!

HE LIVES within US!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Around The World

I used to be waiting for the world to change...

Now, I realize that its not the world that needs to be changed. The world is a wonderful, beautiful place! Its the PEOPLE who turn it ugly. Or I should say SOME people.

The past week MotherPope has exploded with PEOPLE... We are now up to 85 countries! And I Thank GOD for that... I am so excited and am sitting in wonderment! GOD did this... and this is my reward for hanging in there all the years living in HELL... and knowing that I can't do GODS job... I may can do the physical parts of it... but GOD is a SPIRIT... and it is HIS SPIRIT that inspires us to do the physical parts of it. GOD LIVES in the hearts and minds... and I can only do so much... But GOD can actually change the heart of THE PEOPLE!

The past few days, I have been fighting demons and feeling so raw inside that I am begging GOD to either take me to be with HIM, or make me worthy of winning! I think about Paul who was in prison for so long... all he had were writing tools... (nothing like we have here, to where I can post around the world)! And his support came from the guards... he had no connection with the world around him. That jail cell was his world... and Praise GOD he hung in there with GOD till the very end. Even Job... WOW... he lost everything that meant anything to him... all he had left was a nagging wife who criticized him terribly and demanded he deny his GOD, that would allow the devastation to happen. He hung in there... if he would of given up... he would of never seen the glory of GOD that came back for him!

I am believing and praying for... THE PEOPLE!

I have been feeling like I am sitting on the tip of a tornado... seeing the hate and the love being twisted to serve the nature of the beast, I am feeling such despair. But I remember that it's darkest before the dawn, and I just want to sell my books and go on book tours and meet PEOPLE and help them escape HELL... Yes I do feel like I have escaped, even though the demons are so much into the world. I feel like with the technology in the world today, we can change that... it can be done!

Looking at all the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE who have lived in the world... and made it a better place, gives me fresh hope for a better tomorrow for our children!

Seeing perilous times, makes my blood run cold... and then it boils... makes me want to go out there and physically stop the ones who are corrupt and evil, the ones who don't care about the welfare of the children. But I know that GOD gives us 'free will' and if they want to be corrupt, well I guess its their right to choose the dark side. But here's the clincher... GOD will get them!

This morning when I was taking the grand children to school, the eldest was saying, that something his cousin loved was scary... and I know each of these children by heart... and I told him that what is scary to one is not so scary to the other... people feel things differently and so some people laugh at supposedly scary things. I remember when the movie, The Exorcist came out, way back when... we laughed at the most scary parts... we thought they were goofy. I think the scene that bothered me the most was not the most horrible or insane... it was when the girl pee'd on the floor at her mothers party in front of all the guests. You see... what is scary to one is not so scary to others... we are so different inside!

I am so happy about being a part of my grand childrens lives. I am thrilled to the bone to see so many beautiful PEOPLE around the world who have shown their love for US! The Facebook page has attracted thousands the past week! Most all have been positive. I have posted there on Facebook... to please be patient with me... I am not used to this and I am doing it alone... and I am way behind on the private messages... when it hit around 400, I felt overwhelmed and I had to shut it down. I don't mean delete the page, I would never delete all that work... but I just had to get off the computer... I do have an earthly life here and I must do laundry and dishes and clean the floors and cook and help guide the children... so there is always something that needs to be done around here.

But I can show GOD how much I love HIM, by coming in here and investing in HIS PEOPLE... I know that one day I will be with HIM and I want HIM to be HAPPY with me! There will always be dishes to wash and floors to mop and food to be prepared. But there will not always be the chance to come in here and help GOD change the hearts of THE PEOPLE.

I am a vessel... I gave my life to GOD because HE gave my life to me!

So many of GODS people in the world who need to see that GOD is real.

So many people in the world who only follow themselves... doesn't make them demons... it just means they cannot see beyond their own noses. We cant expect them to understand when they don't even see the spiritual side of LIFE. It's out there... some just choose not to look!

There is good and there is bad... there is heaven and there is hell... there are people who care and there are people who don't care. Its a crazy mixed up world out there.

I sometimes blame my father who abandoned us when I was so very young, I don't even remember him leaving... but I now realize that if he had stayed and been a good father to me, he would of protected me from the bad parts of life and if I didn't have the bad side come into my life I wouldn't be here now, telling you how to survive and avoid the hell on earth...

So, here I am... filled with so much LOVE from PEOPLE around the world... I am sorry that I cannot come and live with all the ones who want me to... I wish I could... but the best I can do is share my SPIRIT... and talk about the things that are wrong in this life... you know... the things that can be changed simply by changing our hearts!

I wish that everyone could wake up tomorrow and be delivered from the hate among THE PEOPLE... because you see... that is the root of the problems among the PEOPLE... well, no... there is actually one thing above hate... and that is arrogance... or I can say it is that way most of the time. Arrogance is something that makes us see others as... beneath us... and able to be hated. But then again... there are those who even hate themselves... yes... HATE is the enemy of GOD.

GODS word is all about LOVING ONE ANOTHER... and if we are loving one another, you are loved and no one is hated. No one is considered less of a human being.

I believe that is what Genesis was all about. I won't get into all of that now... I am saving that for it's own blog... or its own book... whichever GOD leads me to write on that subject. But the whole idea behind Genesis was GODS desire to prove to THE PEOPLE that we are all equal... some may live in heaven and some may live in hell... but we all serve a purpose. The farmer that works in the dirt is just as important as the ones who are doctors working in sterile environment. The farmer is sustaining LIFE growing food that we all need... and the Doctors are working to keep that life going, beyond the natural time of most bodies. So you see they are both serving to sustain LIFE...

GOD is the god of the LIVING... we are his vessels...

Some say that the Bible was written by men... would they be surprised that they are right!?! Or will they know that they are right??? Because the Bible WAS written by men... you can see it that way if you only live in the flesh... but if you know the SPIRIT... you know that the Bible was written by people who were INSPIRED by GOD!

GOD doesn't have fingers to type or write... HE uses ours!

So when we all come into the knowledge of GOD... when we all understand, its all about US... as A PEOPLE working together for the common good of THE PEOPLE... what will we do???

Will we continue the hate?

Oh wow.. if there's one thing I hate... is hate...

Oh yeah... I can handle a lot of things... you know... things that are sins... like if you want to cheat on your wife... or become an alcoholic or a sex maniac... hey... you will have to deal with GOD about that later... but hate... its so 'out there'... thrown at us here and there by demonic evil people who choose to serve Satan, now why would anyone want to serve Satan? Well, Satan will entice you with fleshly pleasures... like... why does a person commit adultery? Because of the way it makes them 'feel'... why does a person over eat? Or over drink? Because of the way it makes them feel!

Sin feels good... doesn't mean it IS good! That is why GOD tried so long ago to tell us which things are bad and which are good. You have the freedom to ignore HIS advice... but PLEASE no crying about something you chose for yourself... yeah it's terrible that you sinned and now you lost your family because of the pain... did you stop to think of the consequences beforehand? Because GOD tells us in HIS word... that "There is NOTHING hidden that shall not be revealed." So if we have GODS knowledge, we know... before hand when something is going to have a bad ending... and it will... in the end... be brought out as truth... not mysteriously... but by PEOPLE who are in the know... People love to have something juicy to talk about. And if you think no one saw you doing something... well GOD saw you... and GOD is a SPIRIT that lives within the PEOPLE and one day GOD will have one of HIS vessels... discover and expose your corruption! Praise GOD... because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that... You think you can get away with murder... and maybe no one saw it... but GOD saw it... and GOD will get you for it! No one else has to worry about it... only you!

When someone dies in a unnatural way...  it's ambiguous... sometimes GOD is taking someone off of the earth because they are just to beautiful, and the world does not deserve them... they go and they are forever young... forever beautiful... sinless... soulful people who GOD chooses for HIS own... and then you have someone who is so ugly in their hearts that they don't deserve to be in the world... GOD knows they would do more damage than good, so they are out of here, usually in some horrific way. We can all see that!

GOD is so multi faceted... its hard to tell which part of HIM is shining down on us.

GOD gives out the good and the bad according to our works... our attitudes and our productivity.

This is why I love to be on GODS side!

Yes, I do dance with the devil... I have to in order to know his steps... his movements among the PEOPLE... and I am Thankful to GOD for the ones who do not know the evils in the world... the ones who listen to others when we are talking about LIFE and what it has to offer, and they really want to do the right thing, not so much for themselves but for their families... the other PEOPLE in their lives!

I believe in my heart that one day... some way... all who are upon the earth will all agree and see the difference... remember... Eve ate that apple... (that is not to say it was actually an apple, I believe it is only symbolic) But the whole deal was she was enticed... by Satan... because he told her that she would become as gods... now, what he knew in his cold hard heart... was... GODS experiment was destroyed... Satan was laughing inside himself at the foolish woman who believed him and did partake... only to find out... that nothing really happened to them... well, except when GOD discovered she had defied HIM and Adam followed along with her... GOD was so HURT and angry... the only thing HE could do was end the experiment... and make them leave HIS garden.

Now the greatest thing for today is... We have already proven GOD right in this matter!

I hear and can see... that many many people around the world, in all sorts of races and religions... are finding GOD, through Jesus! Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin... and all we have to do is have the same SPIRIT as Jesus and it doesn't matter to GOD which label you put on yourself!

LOVE is LOVE in all colors and creeds!

GOD is not a respecter of persons and neither should we be...

The least is as great as the most!

I am so excited because I can see US, ALL of US... finding our way to GOD and still keeping our diversity... we can all LOVE GOD and live for HIM and still keep our own doctrines and traditions... and also having respect for others.. because without them... there would be no 7 SPIRITS of GOD!

When fighting the devil for our souls... we do not look to any clan or nation... We look to ourselves and come into agreement that EVERYONE is LOVED by GOD!

Here's a personal message that I am feeling here today...


I love to know the ones who contact me on Facebook out of approximately 400 messages... (yes they are still adding up). Out of the ones I saw... there was only 1... just one... saying... "Oh your just another blond bitch, whose got nothing to say."  HA... Truth is... I have a lot to say... but the messages were coming in so fast I just couldn't keep up... and... I am not blond... I am totally grey headed! This man... and praise GOD for him... still has a lot to learn.. and one big thing he needs to learn is... 'he does not know it all' :)

Thank you for being a friend... here and on Facebook... I love that GOD is bringing so many PEOPLE to touch my heart and inspire me to continue here... and there. To tell you the truth, not to long ago I wanted to quit... but today... the blessings of GODS LOVE are abundantly clear!

And I am so happy to know you... I see you as individuals... even tho last I checked Facebook friends were about 2500... Wow... I thank GOD so much for you... because I fought my way out of hell, with GOD on my side! And it is an amazing thing to me... HA... me... the small recluse who hides in her closet... can step up and say...








Let us NOT take HIM for granted anymore!


Thank You Jesus... for your sacrifice... that saved the souls of THE PEOPLE!

GOD Bless us... Everyone...