Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fallen Spirit

As I look out into the world I can see 2 things happening. One, the people have been falling away from GOD for several years now and continue to fall away as they see people in the world doing horrible things in the name of GOD or Allah. And two... I can see a huge mass of people going back to the churches realizing there's more to life than our flesh! We must feed the spirit!

I want to tell you that things in the world are bad. Why? Because people are listening to the wrong voice!

WE MUST NOT DENY OUR SPIRITUAL SIDE! If we deny our spiritual side, we are merely robots walking around in life with no spirit or life in the soul. (We do see some who are living like this.)

PEOPLE, there is a spiritual side... and there we find the basis of the holy war. GOOD against Evil. It is not just a game... but a reality that people have been living since the beginning of knowledge and have based many a story and game and home on.

You must need to know who your home (body) lives for.

I know this is going to sound weird... and believe me, if I wasn't me and had not seen the things I have seen, I would think it weird too and would want to forget about it. But we simply cant do that. The price will be to much to pay when we finally realize we have lost our way.

You see, in our heads there is us... ourselves... thinking and wondering about things... and then there are the 2 entities of the spiritual world. They are BOTH there inside your head... one is GOD and HE is telling you to do GOOD things... and the other is Satan... with all his minions at his disposal who roam around and can be commanded to overpower the people who have weakness of the flesh.

GOD gives us a choice because it gives HIM much much more pleasure when we come to HIM willingly rather than to serve HIM by threats and fear of ones life.

GOD gave us freedom for HIS OWN GLORY! We are not here because we have to be, we are here because WE WANT TO BE! And we do what we do because we want to.

But who're you gonna listen to?

When you agree with GOD and choose LOVE, you can have THE MOST AWESOME LIFE, no matter what bad thing happens, GOD will turn it around for the GOOD, for goodness sake!

Now, walking with GOD is wonderful... and lots of people do it! But then there are those who are listening to the demons and allowing them to overpower and control the human self. Let me give you a few examples. Because how can we know unless we know what each team stands for.

Now there is a man called Warren Jeffs, he was popular in Salt Lake City. He said GOD talked through him and had many followers, even some still today. And if you follow the religiousness of his sect, you would probably be OK. But we know that Mr Jeffs was listening to the wrong entity, because he was molesting all the little boys whom he had power over by seducing them gently with mind control. Mr Jeffs was listening to Satan because Satan fulfilled his lusts of the flesh. Mr Jeffs was corrupting with his lies. He was talking out one home and living in another. If you don't understand that, ask GOD because its quiet interesting! :)

Now I am not saying all of Mr Jeffs followers are like that. You know, evil inside... and exposing the evil in time that got him to do some time. And I wonder if he is getting 'all he needs' in the prison system? I pray for the survivors of Mr Jeffs and hope they can put away the memories of that life and learn to live in the now with LOVE leading and guiding them!

And there are others, we have seen many a Godly man fall from grace. GOD says 'there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'. So, when men try to hide their secrets they always end up exposing the truth in the end. And then they wonder why life is so bad. Hmmm, could it be your personal choices?

I also want to talk about a group of people led by The Greens they are out of Sacramento Ca. They too, are listening to the wrong entity. GOD tells us that Satan knows THE WORD and uses it to his advantage. These people are like a militia. GOD is certainly not a GOD OF war... no way Jose' ... GOD only makes war when HE has to, when HE is pushed into doing something HE doesn't want for HIS people, WAR. These people also lie and are destructive. God does not lie nor is HE destructive.
GOD promotes PEACE and LOVE.

GOD says LOVE your enemies. Do GOOD to those who hurt you and use you and abuse you.

Which brings me to another group. The Muslims. They too are listening to the wrong entity. They are NOT following the ways that GOD wants HIS PEOPLE to follow! And again... GOD does not endorse jihad. Jihad is apart of Islam whether some Muslims want to admit it or not. Again... its not all the people, some people just live their lives as they are told. This is much like the Greens in Sacramento. It is militant. And they certainly do not love their enemies... they are hacking heads off as we speak. (At least The Greens don't hack heads off, but the demands are the same, mean and cruel!)

I feel most sorry for the Muslims, because if they get a corrupt Imam, they got to 'tow the line' or their heads will roll too! It is a most horrible life. The Muslims are trying to get rights here in America, and they deny the violent jihad. But if jihad is apart if Islam why don't they denounce Islam for Christianity? (Same God?) Which is totally based on THE GOD OF LOVE! So why are they not realizing the thing that they are running from is right beside them as long as there is jihad going on somewhere in the world?

It must be nice to be able to not care about people on the other side of the world. To go out and party and have a great time while others are living in poverty and violence. Children unable to sleep at night, not just because of a hungry stomach but also with the guns and bombs going off around them, can you imagine for a minute with me what that must feel like? GOD does NOT want the children to have such worries. The worry of 'will the next bomb fall on my house'? must be a living nightmare :(

PEOPLE... we must acknowledge both of the sides of the spirit. Good and Evil. We know tho. Already THE PEOPLE know there is this strong line and most ride on the right side. But some are riding on the side of evil... Lets not allow these evil people to disconnect us with the REAL GOD! The GOD of LOVE!

When we follow LOVE, we do good things for each other.

When we follow LOVE, we are KIND and we think of THE PEOPLE more than we think of 'self'... a good thing to remember is GOD is 1st, my friends and family are 2nd, and I am 3rd. It really breaks my heart when I see a parent putting themselves above the needs of their children. The children are much to special... are a really big deal, because they are our future! We must instill GOOD in the hearts and minds of our children!

Like I said before, there are many who are teaching the children good things... but there are to many teaching bad things. We need to UNITE as A PEOPLE of GOD and recognize the difference between GOOD and Evil and work hard to promote the GOOD.

Muslims, do not murder your children... that is not showing THE LOVE. You tell me you worship the same GOD as the old testament... and then you credit a man named Mohammad for teaching you a better way. But the 'better way' is not to hate... and not to murder for sin.

When someone sins... sometimes they don't realize what their doing because they get all caught up in the moment and fall for the lusts of the flesh and BAM... they are sinners... BUT... GOD sent Jesus to show us a better way. A way that HE wanted for us since Genesis. A way that we cant follow if we are living for the lusts of the flesh and forgetting the needs of the SPIRIT!

I want to say something that I want to make specific. I do NOT talk for GOD. I talk TO GOD... WITH GOD... I am not GOD, but a mere vessel of HIS LOVE! No one is able to talk FOR GOD. GOD speaks for HIMSELF in the SPIRIT that HE IS... in your own heart and mind! Wanna find GOD? Look right inside your own self and hear the voice of GOD... HE is there telling you to do good things!

I have a favorite line; 'I only have to do what I can find...' In fact you could say this song is my personal anthem, I found a good video, but there are 2 things to keep in mind. Every time she says You or You'll... or refers to You... she is singing TO GOD... so all the Y's should be capitalized. And at the very end... it is not...  'is what You made me' is it actually "is what You've made, in me! I think that is important.

So, I will leave you with that beautiful song... and may we all FIND THE WAY TO GOD!


Thursday, June 12, 2014


My days are a little crazy taking care of all my grand children... but a labor of love for me.

There are 6 of them and they are 7, 6, 5, 28 months, 18 months and 15 months.

Yes this is a very hard job, but I love all the children and will take care of them as long as I have to.

Well my daughter has a potty mouth... she is really trying hard to stop saying the F word because its not so funny when the babies start their parroting... saying it at random times.

So the 18 month old was repeatedly saying the F word and the older kids were telling on him constantly... and I did hear him and at one point, I was in the kitchen with all the kids around me and he said it again for like the 20th time... and I swung around from the sink and leaned over in his face, put my hand up in front of his face ready to pop him in the mouth and said in a very angry voice... "Say it again!"

And he high 5'ed me!

I had to spin back around pretty quickly to hide my laughter!

I am still laughing now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heated Anger

I woke up to the news about Obama talking about this new shooting in Oregon. Grrrrr... I have really tried hard to stay quiet about him... but I am not sorry... I cannot, any longer!

For one thing, I cant stand to look at this man... and when I hear his voice I CRINGE and pray for 2016 and pray that Obama and his administration doesn't DESTROY our country by then.

First of all... NO OBAMA, I am NOT ashamed of my government for 'allowing' this to happen???

MY GOD, that's like saying that our govt heard about and approved the act beforehand!


If we have something to WORRY about... an if we had something to be ashamed of, it would be why the OBAMA administration knew beforehand about the trade of 5 Taliban angry murderous men for 1 soldier who had gone astray! That's what I want to know about... because it sounds like to me Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and wants the Taliban and the loco Boko Haram and the AlQada to win!

And with his remarks about the NRA... what the hell? Why should we be afraid of the NRA? The NRA is not the ones going out there and murdering. If anything our young people are hearing how the Muslims murder for sin, so they are thinking its OK to murder for sin!

And I cant believe this one... >>> Obama said, “The United States does not have a monopoly on crazy people.” Yet “we’re the only developed country” that repeatedly has such terrible acts. “There’s no place else like this,” the president said. <<<

Is he kidding? Seems like there are lots of places around the world where there are these sort of attacks... sure is a lot of them in Islamland! And what makes it even crazier... is, it would be like The Baptists and Catholics fighting and murdering each other and The Catholics murdering anyone who doesn't agree with them. Does Obama really expect us to believe that? HA!

I am sick to death of these comments from this man who thinks the American PEOPLE are fools! NO Obama... you are wrong... just like your Muslim brothers who play god and murder for sin are wrong.

PEOPLE... we live in the GREATEST country in the world! We should be PROUD of the country that was created BY THE PEOPLE! And believe me, THE PEOPLE will have their say!

You see, that's part of the GREAT DEAL we have here in America! We have the freedom to come in here and lay our thoughts out on the table... and we have the right to TALK about things! I am wondering if that 'trade' they did... you know the one... 5 to 1... would of happened like that if THE PEOPLE had gotten wind of it before it was done. But Obama did it in secret... didn't ask the American PEOPLE how they felt about this. Because if I would of known... if MANY OF US... knew... we would of stood up and said... "not only no, but HELL NO!"

I can speak with all honesty about the way I feel... and right now... I am more proud of Putin as a Prez... I am even more proud of Assad as as Prez... than I am of Obama as a Prez. I think he is arrogantly out to ruin things... and if I was to bet on it... it would be because of that little comment he made in his book... that if it came down to it, he would stand with the faith of his father... and his father was Muslim! And we all know that a child born of a Muslim father is considered Muslim... and all converts are put to death... except when they have a purpose to advance Islam through lies and destruction.

In this world there are GOOD PEOPLE... and there are BAD PEOPLE...

We really need to know the difference!

I pray for America... and I pray for THE PEOPLE who are running America... that they find and expose all corruption... and speak out against the wrong doers... we can win this one...

We WILL win this one!


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Current Events

There sure is a lot of insanity going on today! 

Lets start with the two, 12 year old girls who plotted to murder their friend who they deceived with a lie to lure her into the woods to this horrible fate. Such actions never cease to amaze me in the fact that you can never know about people. It makes me wonder if these girls knew/know Jesus. Some people no matter how good they act or how good their deeds are... if they are more into the physical world than they are the spiritual world, these things will happen. If these girls believed in GOD and Jesus... and not Slenderman... this event would of never happened. 

It is very important to know the spiritual world that is of GOD. I believe 'the light' is something we are attracted to because all our past beloved relatives are there. When my Grandmother dropped over the day she died... I gave her CPR... (it was one of the worst days of my life)... while I was trying to save her, I could feel many people hovering over my shoulder pulling her their way... for a moment it was a great battle... I was pulling her here and they were all pulling her there... I couldn't see them, but I could FEEL THEM... even my beloved Great Aunt... she was trying to comfort me giving me many reasons why it was OK to let go.

And when Ms. Vanita passed I was leaning over her bed at the hospital with my hand on her heart watching her heart beat on the monitor get farther and farther apart and then go flat. We knew it was happening. I felt her release... I felt her in the back seat of the car as we drove home... (I had taken her to many Dr visits and she loved to sit in the back seat)! And when we were all gathered together afterwards... I could feel her come in from the garage.. go into her bedroom closet and then come out the hallway and then out, right above the front door... she was FREE!

Because I am sensitive to the spirits, I can feel them. 

So I know there is a spiritual world where we go when our bodies wear out or get murdered. I know for a fact, there is no doubt in my mind about this... even as my Grandfather lay on his death bed... at my house... we had hospice. I was lucky to have been able to spend that time with him.  And in the few days before he died, he would be telling me what he was seeing. And he saw all his relatives in that room, he said they were coming and going through a veil in the corner of the room... his Grandmother knitting... his wife, (my Grandmother) sewing... another rocking in a rocking chair... and more. 

I am a believer because I felt what he saw!

So, to see the world in all the disarray of the day, I have to cry... Have we lost our spirit?

There is the second death... if you are not worthy... your spirit will die... and will not be remembered. We must be aware of our spirit. We must control our flesh by the spirit. We must know... we believe!

Poor Snowden, GOD Bless him...  I feel so sad for the kid. I say kid because I am old enough to be his momma... but I feel this great sadness with the loss of a normal life for him. When he was just doing the right thing to let the people know that they are being monitored... and the govt comes down on him like he has ruined their secret weapon! And I thank GOD for the Russians who have so graciously taken him in to keep him safe from his haters.  

So relax Kerry, Snowden is NOT a traitor. In his heart he was doing the right thing for the people, which is commendable these days. I mean... people have so many secrets these days, its really sad that we must be protected from ourselves.

And in the same note... as many who are living in the dark... there are many more living in the light. I love this person whoever they are who is hiding money and then tweeting hints for THE PEOPLE to find it! Now this is what I am talking about! So many people are coming up with great ways to make life better for us all!

Now this one guy who was traded for 5... hmmmmm... whats with the ratio? Why 1 for 5? Why not 5 for 5? Something is amiss. Never can we trust anyone anymore. They lie to your face. These certain men who make themselves as gods... and anytime throughout history, people have tried to make themselves into a god... well, they always fall. So please recognize there is only 1 GOD to worship and serve and that is the GOD OF LOVE. Whose son Jesus taught us to love one another and do good to one another... 

Not to murder or destroy on a whim... or plot to cause harm to anyone. You must let go and let GOD be the judge... GOD knows exactly how to get to them. And believe me... HE will!

It is the smart intelligent person who recognizes that they are not the GOD but the creation of GOD. Which is the common spirit among THE PEOPLE which professes LOVE and forgiveness when you mess up. GOD will not only forgive you for messing up.. HE will also help you clean up your mess!

The wonderful bright spirit of GOODNESS and LOVE among THE PEOPLE!

The greatest thing about it... is loving the diversity! Did you know there are 7 spirits of GOD? That means there are 7 ways to follow GOD... which is there for the diversity of THE PEOPLE!

I loved watching Will and Kate's wedding because of all the diversity of people at the wedding! And I did set the alarm to get up to watch it from the very beginning! GOD Bless Will and Kate and family! 

So with all due respect to many ways of goodness.... (sorta like there are many ways to do one thing on the computer) depending on culture and mood, we can all find our own way to GOD!

Be who you are... be who you want to be... but LOVE GOD and follow Jesus... LOVE ONE ANOTHER...  its very simple... you don't have to make a show of it... you just have to step out on faith and know that when you seek GOD... HE will make HIMSELF known to you! When you feel the peace inside and tell GOD to come in... HE will... and it doesn't take anything more than that... only by faith can we walk in HIS way.

If those 12 year old girls would of known Jesus... the thought to harm would of never been there. 

I think the greatest thing about GOD is HE is so personable... HE gets inside your head... inside you heart and makes it pure and clean... by the blood of Jesus. You know it is HIM because HE is so good and right and loving... teaching us to love each other as HE loves us!

Jesus was the final sacrifice... we no longer play god and sacrifice for sin anymore. Oh, some cultures do. But that is not what GOD wants from us. GOD wants PEACE and LOVE and JOY to reign within the hearts and  minds of HIS PEOPLE! 

We are losing touch with our spiritual side... we are living to much in the world... and there is both good and evil in the world... I want to get more into that later... dealing with Genesis and what GOD was trying to do there... and how his closest friend stabbed HIM in the back... just like so many do today. But that is for another day.

For today...

I pray in Jesus name that we find the truth and hold fast to goodness... GOD is not about death and destruction... we have reached a new age... we are enlightened! We know/feel the LOVE!

I see the news of how some of THE PEOPLE are standing up against the evils in the world. And the common spirit says we will win in the end. But before we can do that we must be very clear on who the enemy really is... and in today's world... where a friend can lure you away with a lie... and by the grace of GOD the young girl who was stabbed 19 times, did not die! GOD told us that... that no matter what... HE will protect us. Just like the soldier who was fixing to be shot and the bad guys gun jammed... that's GOD... as the combined power of all the spirits of all the saints that have ever lived and will ever live... that's GOD.

And GOD loves us... and wants us to stop the violence and each have our place... our own space.

People need to understand that we bring on our own problems by the choices we make. There is evil in the world and if you get involved it will devour you. GOD has given us good advice to live a good life if we seek it. But we must be strong and fight the enemy!

Just remember the words of Jesus...




Its so simple even a child can do it!

GOD, please come into my life and lead and guide me into the way that is good and right... teach me the ways of old... show me to the truth and to the light... Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior... I am washed clean by HIS blood sacrifice... I am no longer bound by sin...  IJCN,A 

And... AMEN :)