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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heated Anger

I woke up to the news about Obama talking about this new shooting in Oregon. Grrrrr... I have really tried hard to stay quiet about him... but I am not sorry... I cannot, any longer!

For one thing, I cant stand to look at this man... and when I hear his voice I CRINGE and pray for 2016 and pray that Obama and his administration doesn't DESTROY our country by then.

First of all... NO OBAMA, I am NOT ashamed of my government for 'allowing' this to happen???

MY GOD, that's like saying that our govt heard about and approved the act beforehand!


If we have something to WORRY about... an if we had something to be ashamed of, it would be why the OBAMA administration knew beforehand about the trade of 5 Taliban angry murderous men for 1 soldier who had gone astray! That's what I want to know about... because it sounds like to me Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and wants the Taliban and the loco Boko Haram and the AlQada to win!

And with his remarks about the NRA... what the hell? Why should we be afraid of the NRA? The NRA is not the ones going out there and murdering. If anything our young people are hearing how the Muslims murder for sin, so they are thinking its OK to murder for sin!

And I cant believe this one... >>> Obama said, “The United States does not have a monopoly on crazy people.” Yet “we’re the only developed country” that repeatedly has such terrible acts. “There’s no place else like this,” the president said. <<<

Is he kidding? Seems like there are lots of places around the world where there are these sort of attacks... sure is a lot of them in Islamland! And what makes it even crazier... is, it would be like The Baptists and Catholics fighting and murdering each other and The Catholics murdering anyone who doesn't agree with them. Does Obama really expect us to believe that? HA!

I am sick to death of these comments from this man who thinks the American PEOPLE are fools! NO Obama... you are wrong... just like your Muslim brothers who play god and murder for sin are wrong.

PEOPLE... we live in the GREATEST country in the world! We should be PROUD of the country that was created BY THE PEOPLE! And believe me, THE PEOPLE will have their say!

You see, that's part of the GREAT DEAL we have here in America! We have the freedom to come in here and lay our thoughts out on the table... and we have the right to TALK about things! I am wondering if that 'trade' they did... you know the one... 5 to 1... would of happened like that if THE PEOPLE had gotten wind of it before it was done. But Obama did it in secret... didn't ask the American PEOPLE how they felt about this. Because if I would of known... if MANY OF US... knew... we would of stood up and said... "not only no, but HELL NO!"

I can speak with all honesty about the way I feel... and right now... I am more proud of Putin as a Prez... I am even more proud of Assad as as Prez... than I am of Obama as a Prez. I think he is arrogantly out to ruin things... and if I was to bet on it... it would be because of that little comment he made in his book... that if it came down to it, he would stand with the faith of his father... and his father was Muslim! And we all know that a child born of a Muslim father is considered Muslim... and all converts are put to death... except when they have a purpose to advance Islam through lies and destruction.

In this world there are GOOD PEOPLE... and there are BAD PEOPLE...

We really need to know the difference!

I pray for America... and I pray for THE PEOPLE who are running America... that they find and expose all corruption... and speak out against the wrong doers... we can win this one...

We WILL win this one!



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