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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fallen Spirit

As I look out into the world I can see 2 things happening. One, the people have been falling away from GOD for several years now and continue to fall away as they see people in the world doing horrible things in the name of GOD or Allah. And two... I can see a huge mass of people going back to the churches realizing there's more to life than our flesh! We must feed the spirit!

I want to tell you that things in the world are bad. Why? Because people are listening to the wrong voice!

WE MUST NOT DENY OUR SPIRITUAL SIDE! If we deny our spiritual side, we are merely robots walking around in life with no spirit or life in the soul. (We do see some who are living like this.)

PEOPLE, there is a spiritual side... and there we find the basis of the holy war. GOOD against Evil. It is not just a game... but a reality that people have been living since the beginning of knowledge and have based many a story and game and home on.

You must need to know who your home (body) lives for.

I know this is going to sound weird... and believe me, if I wasn't me and had not seen the things I have seen, I would think it weird too and would want to forget about it. But we simply cant do that. The price will be to much to pay when we finally realize we have lost our way.

You see, in our heads there is us... ourselves... thinking and wondering about things... and then there are the 2 entities of the spiritual world. They are BOTH there inside your head... one is GOD and HE is telling you to do GOOD things... and the other is Satan... with all his minions at his disposal who roam around and can be commanded to overpower the people who have weakness of the flesh.

GOD gives us a choice because it gives HIM much much more pleasure when we come to HIM willingly rather than to serve HIM by threats and fear of ones life.

GOD gave us freedom for HIS OWN GLORY! We are not here because we have to be, we are here because WE WANT TO BE! And we do what we do because we want to.

But who're you gonna listen to?

When you agree with GOD and choose LOVE, you can have THE MOST AWESOME LIFE, no matter what bad thing happens, GOD will turn it around for the GOOD, for goodness sake!

Now, walking with GOD is wonderful... and lots of people do it! But then there are those who are listening to the demons and allowing them to overpower and control the human self. Let me give you a few examples. Because how can we know unless we know what each team stands for.

Now there is a man called Warren Jeffs, he was popular in Salt Lake City. He said GOD talked through him and had many followers, even some still today. And if you follow the religiousness of his sect, you would probably be OK. But we know that Mr Jeffs was listening to the wrong entity, because he was molesting all the little boys whom he had power over by seducing them gently with mind control. Mr Jeffs was listening to Satan because Satan fulfilled his lusts of the flesh. Mr Jeffs was corrupting with his lies. He was talking out one home and living in another. If you don't understand that, ask GOD because its quiet interesting! :)

Now I am not saying all of Mr Jeffs followers are like that. You know, evil inside... and exposing the evil in time that got him to do some time. And I wonder if he is getting 'all he needs' in the prison system? I pray for the survivors of Mr Jeffs and hope they can put away the memories of that life and learn to live in the now with LOVE leading and guiding them!

And there are others, we have seen many a Godly man fall from grace. GOD says 'there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'. So, when men try to hide their secrets they always end up exposing the truth in the end. And then they wonder why life is so bad. Hmmm, could it be your personal choices?

I also want to talk about a group of people led by The Greens they are out of Sacramento Ca. They too, are listening to the wrong entity. GOD tells us that Satan knows THE WORD and uses it to his advantage. These people are like a militia. GOD is certainly not a GOD OF war... no way Jose' ... GOD only makes war when HE has to, when HE is pushed into doing something HE doesn't want for HIS people, WAR. These people also lie and are destructive. God does not lie nor is HE destructive.
GOD promotes PEACE and LOVE.

GOD says LOVE your enemies. Do GOOD to those who hurt you and use you and abuse you.

Which brings me to another group. The Muslims. They too are listening to the wrong entity. They are NOT following the ways that GOD wants HIS PEOPLE to follow! And again... GOD does not endorse jihad. Jihad is apart of Islam whether some Muslims want to admit it or not. Again... its not all the people, some people just live their lives as they are told. This is much like the Greens in Sacramento. It is militant. And they certainly do not love their enemies... they are hacking heads off as we speak. (At least The Greens don't hack heads off, but the demands are the same, mean and cruel!)

I feel most sorry for the Muslims, because if they get a corrupt Imam, they got to 'tow the line' or their heads will roll too! It is a most horrible life. The Muslims are trying to get rights here in America, and they deny the violent jihad. But if jihad is apart if Islam why don't they denounce Islam for Christianity? (Same God?) Which is totally based on THE GOD OF LOVE! So why are they not realizing the thing that they are running from is right beside them as long as there is jihad going on somewhere in the world?

It must be nice to be able to not care about people on the other side of the world. To go out and party and have a great time while others are living in poverty and violence. Children unable to sleep at night, not just because of a hungry stomach but also with the guns and bombs going off around them, can you imagine for a minute with me what that must feel like? GOD does NOT want the children to have such worries. The worry of 'will the next bomb fall on my house'? must be a living nightmare :(

PEOPLE... we must acknowledge both of the sides of the spirit. Good and Evil. We know tho. Already THE PEOPLE know there is this strong line and most ride on the right side. But some are riding on the side of evil... Lets not allow these evil people to disconnect us with the REAL GOD! The GOD of LOVE!

When we follow LOVE, we do good things for each other.

When we follow LOVE, we are KIND and we think of THE PEOPLE more than we think of 'self'... a good thing to remember is GOD is 1st, my friends and family are 2nd, and I am 3rd. It really breaks my heart when I see a parent putting themselves above the needs of their children. The children are much to special... are a really big deal, because they are our future! We must instill GOOD in the hearts and minds of our children!

Like I said before, there are many who are teaching the children good things... but there are to many teaching bad things. We need to UNITE as A PEOPLE of GOD and recognize the difference between GOOD and Evil and work hard to promote the GOOD.

Muslims, do not murder your children... that is not showing THE LOVE. You tell me you worship the same GOD as the old testament... and then you credit a man named Mohammad for teaching you a better way. But the 'better way' is not to hate... and not to murder for sin.

When someone sins... sometimes they don't realize what their doing because they get all caught up in the moment and fall for the lusts of the flesh and BAM... they are sinners... BUT... GOD sent Jesus to show us a better way. A way that HE wanted for us since Genesis. A way that we cant follow if we are living for the lusts of the flesh and forgetting the needs of the SPIRIT!

I want to say something that I want to make specific. I do NOT talk for GOD. I talk TO GOD... WITH GOD... I am not GOD, but a mere vessel of HIS LOVE! No one is able to talk FOR GOD. GOD speaks for HIMSELF in the SPIRIT that HE IS... in your own heart and mind! Wanna find GOD? Look right inside your own self and hear the voice of GOD... HE is there telling you to do good things!

I have a favorite line; 'I only have to do what I can find...' In fact you could say this song is my personal anthem, I found a good video, but there are 2 things to keep in mind. Every time she says You or You'll... or refers to You... she is singing TO GOD... so all the Y's should be capitalized. And at the very end... it is not...  'is what You made me' is it actually "is what You've made, in me! I think that is important.

So, I will leave you with that beautiful song... and may we all FIND THE WAY TO GOD!



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