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Thursday, August 31, 2006

What a Duffus...

I cant believe the things that life hits us with sometimes.
And you know that there are always red flags that we see and never pay attention to.
I feel like such a duffus.

I should of known. I should of figured it out. But I didn't.

My last electric bill was $670.00, yes, full American greenbacks. I was shocked! The one before that was $503.00 and the 2 prior to that was about $450.00. I was so mad. I thought it was a conspiracy with the electric company. I thought they were raking me over the coals. How was I supposed to pay those sort of bills??? I freaked out and had shut everything off when I got the $503.00 bill. I shut off the TV and the PC's. I even put the A/C temp up to 82* ... we suffered greatly. I couldn't do anything during the day except read a book. And I did my house cleaning and laundry at night so as to stay cool and conserve energy. You can imagine my surprise after all that, I get the one for $670.00!!! I was livid, baffled!

I had noticed a few weeks ago the dial outside was spinning to fast. I would go back inside the house and look around. There would be NOTHING on and the thing was still spinning unusually fast. I was so upset. What to do? Could it possibly be just the basic fridge and TV's making it go that high?

Well then yesterday morning, after everyone was gone to school and work. I was up in the front hallway looking for a book and heard this strange noise. I cocked my head to the side to get a better listen. Nothing was on in the house. I was confused. I opened my front door and that's when it hit me. Noooo... not the Texas heat... the thought hit me. 'Check the A/C unit outside'. You know the big box outside that comes with central air? Walking around the house, I discovered IT WAS ON AND RUNNING! I rushed back in the house to confirm the inside unit was off... and it was. Rushed back out and the outside was running still! I knew I had a serious problem. And I bet I have had the same problem for several weeks.

So, I have some friends, (Thank GOD for friends) Tim and Kris who own a heating and A/C shop. So I called Kris, told her my problem and she said she would have Tim call. He called before dark wanting my son to go out and check something, but my son was to busy running off my sisters violent boyfriend at her house.... altho I didn't know that at the time. It was late when my son came home and I was in bed.

This morning I was back on the phone to Kris, (GOD BLESS HER) and she told me Tim was going to stop by between jobs. And when he got here, he confirmed what he already knew. There was some sort of relay switch that wasn't working and most likely hadn't been working for several weeks.

I was so happy to know the problem wasn't as bad as it could of been. We were very lucky we didn't burn up the motor. He replaced the switch, took him less than 10 minutes. And when he was done, he said... "Just pay me for the part and don't worry about the rest." What a lifesaver he was this morning! (Thank you Tim) And now I only had to worry about the $1100.00 for the electricity company. I have to pay it, it wasn't their fault my switch went out. Yeah, I really owe for that mess up.

I am not going to worry to much now that I have it fixed. I still have it set on 80* during the day and 78* at night. That should help make the bill go down even more than if I left it on 71* like we used to. I may just set it on a steady 78* all the time. 78* is a good temp when it is 90* something outside. Altho, it has been cooling down some. And in September, it should go down even farther. I cant wait to have LESS electric bills. I cant wait to have coolness in the air outside. I am going to get out in the storage room and get through all those boxes.

Here is an off the subject side note. I tried one of those fruit and yogurt parfaits from McDonalds. They are very good, just remember one helpful hint.... let the fruit thaw before biting into it with sensitive teeth... unless you like to eat frozen fruit!