Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Love, Our Love, ONE Love

My love is... our love... and that is ONE LOVE... around the world love! 

When people realize that LOVE is key to a good life... that will be when we see the second coming of will be when we all learn to share HIS LOVE and that would be the LOVE of the FATHER who is GOD who IS a spirit which lives within the hearts and minds of HIS people!

My love is so strong that I spend my time thanking GOD for the opportunity to help others. 

Our love is so wonderful, that we learn to work together for the common good of all.  But that doesn't mean we sacrifice any one on purpose! 

I wish ALL MEN could learn that life is to short as it is... to waste time harming instead of healing! We must have honorable intentions and practice peace and not just talk about it! I know THE PEOPLE are hearing my words... my blog is now read in 44 countries... and I thank GOD for that, because I feel blessed to be able to be here and speak my mind! Lord knows, everyone knows I'm gonna speak my mind... as long as my mind is there to be able to think and reason and figure out and learn and teach... things like, we should learn something new everyday and that would mean being open minded to the truth when you see it and having the ability to make changes for the better! And that is... to consider the space and feelings of others. If you are offending someone... BACK OFF... GOD tells us not to be offensive or rude or hurtful!

Put away the ways of old and evolve into a new age... That would be the age of PEOPLE who find the truth about true love... they almost had it right in the 60's... but they screwed up thinking sex was love... OH Dear PEOPLE... sex is not love... but in a sexual explanation, GODs love is like our hearts making love... getting as close to each other in our hearts, as possible... and that includes deep places... like sacrificing our own self for others who need us more than we need ourselves!

Oh last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... there was a band from Jamaica... I LOVE Jamaican music! I love Bob Marley, even tho he wasn't perfect in everything he did... his music was perfect and will continue on as the generations go by... ok... I am going on about my own thoughts... lol... but I do love PEOPLE all around the world... just like Jesus tells me to... I am in love with every culture and every creed... I love the diversity of THE PEOPLE... it's ingrained in me somehow... I can find the beauty in every race! And I do mean race... that would be ummm Arabian people... not Muslim people...because we all know being a Muslim is NOT a race of people... but a creed. And even then it's all about the difference between the ones who implement Sharia Law. Sharia Law is not about PEOPLE LOVING PEOPLE... but about people CONTROLLING people! And that is the one thing that we know that we cannot, should not do... control people. I mean, if some people prove that they cannot control themselves... then yes, we need those people in a controlled place where we all know they need to be. 

But the FREEDOM we are givin... the ability to make that personal choice of which path to follow... that is what GOD wanted from the first place! But men continue with this control crap! Hey! SET THE PEOPLE FREE! Allow for personal choice! Because GOD only wants a servant who serves HIM willingly... its a heart thing... ya know? Between each of us and GOD... only.

'ONE LOVE' which serves all... hopes for all and dreams for all... will one day rise up... not to make war... not to show hate... but to HUG and show nothing but LOVE for one another! 

We can all be different and still be the same with ONE LOVE felt round the world...not for the sake of Thanksgiving... or Mothers day etc etc etc... but for EVERY DAY of our life! 

There is so much murmuring and complaining... but we are taught not to do that. We sit down and talk about the issue like adults and work out the problem with detailed finesse!

I have admitted here that I lost my love when I ...  'done him wrong'... but here I am still, showing the love to the children... because... 'such is the kingdom of heaven'... 

But I am still suffering for that terrible choice I made all those years ago when I chose to harm instead of heal... but please forgive me because my mother taught me to hate... to be angry and resentful and to seek revenge, even when its cold. My mother was not a very good mother. 

So no one can tell me that LOVE does not overcome evil... what matters is how hard are you gonna fight for it? How hard will you fight for the righteous goodness of loving someone? ...anyone? ... everyone, if possible... because I guarantee... GOD is not looking at the color of our skin... (we all bleed red blood) or the size of our income... (we all make our way)... NO... GOD looks at the heart... which is reflected there if you just look in the mirror and see something more than your flesh or your dress... GOD looks for LOVE!

We all must go through it...  you know... its a personal thing... and GOD is a spirit WHO CAN get all up in there... in your heart and your mind... BUT... you must remember... you find, most always... what you seek... and you ALWAYS find GOD when YOU seek HIM... and no one or nothing else has anything to do with it! Just between spirits... YOURS and GODS!

Its not hard to life a good life... its just about choosing who you serve...

Who do you serve? Examine yourself and you will see... you should be all that you are meant to be... to them... to us... to the world... in this day... just show what you say...

What do U say?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Should US Invade Syria?

I can't believe I just saw an ad for a poll asking this question! Should the US help invade Syria?


What kind of people are running things here in the USA? Sharia Loving Muslims?

Syria is the last hold out for secularism. You can be who you want to be in Syria... but not if the IS takes hold of it. If that happens, Syria will also belong to Islam where they hate everyone who is not a Muslim and are instructed to murder anyone who won't convert, unless they are rich and can pay money to be left alive.

What a sick evil world it is under Sharia Law.

Syria run by Assad is not run by Sharia Law. But if the idiots who are trying to take it by force have their way, Sharia Law will come in and there will be many heads a rolling!

I personally think its the Muslims that Obama has paved the way for into our system, who want the world subjected to Sharia... this is their ultimate goal... to spread Islams Sharia Law world wide. This is the Sharia that murders for sin... the Sharia creates a life where men can play gods and command jihad to conquer the world for Allah. And remember my friends... 'If the blind lead the blind... they both fall into the ditch.'

I would rather have a world with no religion, than live in a world under Sharia.

It is amazing to me with all the information in the world, these certain men think we should still murder for sin. Now I understand the law of the land, where people do get the death penalty for committing certain crimes. But under Sharia Law... most sin is legal. It is legal for a man to have 4 wives at a time... here in America a man can have more than 4 women in his life... but not be married to more than 1 at a time. A man having sex with a goat is legal in Islamland... as long as the goat is a female. It is legal under Sharia Law for a man to beat and/or murder his wife... legal for a father or brother or Uncle or Grandpa to murder a female family member for sin...  Oh the list goes on and on... but I will not, for times sake go on and on about the sins of Islam. But if I'm asked... :) I will talk about it.

And while I am here... I also want to comment on Israel and Gaza. Again, arrogant men who want to spread Sharia Law... They wanted Gaza... Israel says, 'OK, have Gaza'... and then they use Gaza to get close enough to shoot Israel! Have they not ever heard, 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'? If a man loves bloodshed he is not of GOD... because the real GOD >IS< LOVE... Sharia Law shows no love!

I hope... and I pray... in Jesus Christs name... that GOD knocks out the evil quickly! The Bible tells us it will be 1 generation that sees the Holy War finished... and now... we have the power to do it, see it, know it! We have the power to tell the world how wrong HATE is... how wrong it is to play god and murder for sin... how wrong it is to lie... or pressure anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

People... GOD is not a god of war... HE does not like bloodshed... HE wishes 4 the people LOVE and prosperity... and to treat each other like we want to be treated! I read a comment a day or so ago... and it is so true... 'Islam is the only religion that does not know the GOLDEN RULE!'

I pray for all of us... there are so many places where the evil is trying to spread its wings over the populations and cover them with Islam... in my heart I know they are fighting a losing battle, because I know according to THE WORD... THE PEOPLE of GOD will rise up and smash out the evil within... it has happened before... over and over and over... throughout history... there are many stories told and also untold stories of GOOD~V~EVIL... I mean that's a lot of what Genesis was all about... mans inner battle of good verses evil... well it was about more than that... but for times sake... we know GOD gave us the freedom to choose to do good or evil... and one day... I can see it.. around the world THE PEOPLE will stand and declare victory for the GOOD PEOPLE blessed by the GOD of LOVE!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A

Saturday, July 12, 2014

FUCK YOU! Its The Age

Uh, NOT! What is the fascination with these words? Why do people even use them?

The answer is simple... the people who use it are defiant and disrespectful!

What is the use? There is no good use of these 2 words!

I wish all the people who say 'Fuck You' would STOP it right now! It has no part of LOVE or respecting others. When you say this word it is like verbally spitting on people! Its the modern day 'I spit in your face!' attitude. But no person of class does this! Just like THE PEOPLE were so upset when some soldiers urinated on dead enemy. It is understandable... but not classy at all.

It is also not productive in the world. In fact, saying these words is counter productive! It makes people see you are the 'arrogant self' that you are. And that's really whats going on. People are all arrogant and speak out these words without even thinking, or knowing... it makes them look stupid!

Anyone with any common sense or any amount of education and class can find other words to properly get across what their thinking! It is not hard to do to find THE WORDS to let someone know how your feeling without insulting them. Insults are never productive... name calling is never productive!


I know and I understand that saying these words are a statement of FREEDOM. Yeah! For real... we have the freedom to show others that we are uneducated and disrespectful, if not just a tad defiant!

What happened to our civility? What about setting a good example for the children? Why are parents shocked and upset when their children repeats these words to others? Like extended family... and school.

Many people in certain cultures may think its OK to say these words... in fact... I gotta tell ya... all this fuss about name calling... people all offended... did I tell you I was sitting in a fast food place and there was a group of African Americans sitting at the next table... OMG, I can't count how many times they called each other 'nigga'... Me thinks that's like the English calling each other 'cracka'...  :(

Would we of ever heard Doris Day or Laurie Partridge say FUCK YOU?

Never, I say!

PEOPLE are degraded... and degrading... not holding to a more classier act!

GOD says LOVE ONE ANOTHER... and we all know this is not a GODly thing to do... it not only disrespects... it degrades... oh yeah... did I mention that? Well, I said degraded and degrading... and now I am saying degrades... draws down.. spits on. And it is clear that LOVE does not get involved with these actions. LOVE lifts a person up... LOVE respects others... LOVE leads THE PEOPLE into a way that is good and honest and clean and respectable!

If we can follow this simple law... I mean if we are that unlearned that we have to break it down like that... it is what it is... LOVE is patient and kind... if we simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER... that's all we need!

But... if we SEEK GOD... we will SEE GOD! That's HIS promise to us... all of us... if we look for GOD... we will find HIM... and that's just how it is... sorta like 'the choice' in Genesis... we are all given the choice to follow GOD or to not follow GOD. And let me say... in our attitude... it shows who we chose!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!


Monday, July 07, 2014

Wrong Things

Nowadays, nothing ceases to amaze me on the 'lack of respect' and the 'lack of honor' in the world. It is so good if you can live like that. You know, with respect and morality! There are people out there who have parents and grand parents who do the right things and the kids grow up and follow along... doing the right thing... and thus, the world goes round, as it should.

But sometimes things go very wrong. There are 3 things I want to post here. 3 things that just bug the crap out of me... 3 things that I couldn't stop, even when I tried. I think I posted something referring to one of them months ago. But here goes.

There is a widow who is in her 60's... who has lived in the same home for over 40 years.... the home was paid for and because she couldn't keep up with the paperwork and got behind and all tangled up in red tape... the home she paid for has now been sold by the Municipal Utilities District. For $3500.00!!! I can't believe we live in a world where the establishment literally cuts the throat of the senior citizen! I don't know how she is going to make it... I told her she could come stay here but we live in poverty and our central air doesn't work and she can't be in the heat like that, she is on 14 different medicines! And I think the lawyers work together to screw the people as gently as possible! I can't believe this has happened!

And another story of truth...  a single mom... who lives with her parents and was listed on the income tax... adding several thousand dollars to get back for her and her kids... But because her dad owed back child support... the state took her money and gave it to her little half sisters mother. So according to these actions it shows that an adult child is responsible for the parents back child support! This really hurt the mother... who was counting on that money to get a car so she could go to school and work. So now the mother is stuck at her parents house with her kids, no job and no school, having to depend on the tax payers to feed her and her kids! A real crying shame it is... the state isn't run by humans anymore... people are robots!

And here's a real kicker! Oh your gonna LOVE this one! A step mother who is legally married to her step sons dad... takes the thousands of dollars they got in back child support 'for the boy'... and she goes to California, for a 'shrink your stomach' operation! Oh yeah! This REALLY happened! I suppose it didn't occur to her to buy the boy a bed of his own! Or use it for school clothes... this is the same step mother who makes the mother buy all the school clothes and supplies... and then takes the child support money like that...  from a car accident payment... you know, if you wreck your car... and the insurance owes you money... if you owe back child support, you wont get that money. And you will be stuck like chuck... depending on the tax payers to buy your food!

It amazes me that there are people out there who do this! Its that ME ME ME generation... its all about ME... do you know anyone like that? Always... only concerned about themselves?

Well, maybe now that I got that out it will stop bugging me. Or maybe not... because its so darn irritating when you know something is wrong... but there is nothing you can do about it. I did try to contact the IRS... and nothing happened... such a HUGE mess!

I pray for our country... I pray THE PEOPLE work together to keep things from continuing in this horrible direction. I am so disgusted and disappointed our system has come to such corruption! :(


Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I do admit I am no scholar. I have never graduated from 'the right school'. But in my years, I have read so many books it isn't even funny! And in these readings there has been a lot of 'ologies'... Psychology, Theology, Sociology... even biographies, but my main interest was religions... I have inherited and have read all the religious books I possibly could! I have read many different Religions religious books. Of course the Bible, I have read a full 7 times, but of course not Numbers, once was enough for me... but the other books... yup, 7 times! Some parts I have read thousands of times... I feel like I know the Bible like the back of my hand. In those 7 times of reading the Bible, I have read different versions... my favorite version is the Hebrew/Greek Key Study Bible... because it has OPENED my eyes more than reading all the other versions. It is amazing to me what I got out of that particular Bible!

So, I do stand on the Word Of GOD ... I even wrote a song about it. We call it SOTWOG... (Standing on the word of GOD)... I am not an expert about doing this tech stuff, I did try to make a video of it a couple years ago, but some players wont play it... it was a rough draft... I should post it here anyway. The quality is not good, taken with my old phone... but at least some players can play it and it wont go lost forever.

Im here to tell you something
I hope you understand
GOD is great and powerful,
if you just take HIS hand
HE says HE'LL keep HIS promises
to all that take a stand
Im standing on the word
Standing on the word
standing on the word of GOD
When Im alone and troubled
the devil comes to me
he says I'll make it better,
just get on your knees to me
I say NOPE I wont,
Nope,Nope, No
I'm standin' on the word,
Standing on the word
Standing on the word of GOD
Now you know the secret
Learned many years ago
If you'll just keep your faith in HIM,
trust HIM and you'll know
He'll bless you and He'll keep you
from all your cares and woes
Standing on the word
Standing on the word
Standing on the word of GOD!

OK now... I was called into here today to write bout Religions... so here goes...

Religions have not always been apart of the HUMAN experiment... there was a time when men were left to themselves and had no spirit within them... some were peaceful and some were savages. And some were peaceful savages... THE PEOPLE of long ago were no dummies... they tried to teach a good legacy with basic rules... but...

Over a period of time... men learned that they could CONTROL THE PEOPLE... through religion... and it seems that each culture had their own way of doing things... we do need to respect all of the different religions just as we respect the different colored skin. Religions come from men... information passed down thousands of years. Over time 'men' have modified things. THE PEOPLE are learning to 'just live the good life and do things the right way'. THE PEOPLE are learning what GOD was talking about in Genesis... THE PEOPLE need to know they have spiritual side too, that has the root knowledge of good and evil. We know things now that have never been known around the world in times past... and the reason for this is technology. When it was prophesied certain events would be seen around the world THE PEOPLE were astounded... "how could things be seen around the world"? It was a great mystery. But it was known it would happen... because GOD always chooses certain people to carry on HIS WORD... and many many many are doing it and doing it really well! All around the world, people are living good and prosperous lives because 'the lamb can finally lie down with the lion'...  and it has been this way since modern age of technology! We can now know civility and peace among diversity... with love and respect for all. IJCN,A

But there is one religion of men... and that is the so called peaceful Islam.... you see they have this idea that they must spread Islam world wide because it is commanded of them by Allah... and this is truth... just like the Christians are commanded to spread the Gospels world wide...  but Islam wants to overpower the world with Sharia Law... and if you don't know what that is... you must get involved and do a web search on 'Sharia Law' and learn that this law is still alive and well living in the hearts and minds of ancient and barbaric men... yes there was a time when Christians did the same thing... but Jesus... the SON OF GOD... came and changed things to the way that GOD wanted since Genesis... but men kept bringing religions into the mix... we know 'men' fight about politics and religions... and you know... its all about 'the control of the masses. I am a witness to the fact that some men (and women) love to CONTROL people.  It is common in most abusive relationships... the abuse is all about the control... and Sharia Law does this... it 'controls the people'... it does NOT give them a voice or a choice.

I was reading an article today about some religious Imam a Sunni Muslim said 'without apostasy laws Islam wouldn't exist'!  Please allow me to tell you why... 'because anyone with common sense can see the light and  know the truth'... and most Americans have that FREEDOM to sit back a minute and check it out and know that it is not right. We as A PEOPLE will not be controlled by men... but by GOD!

Where do you find GOD? Not in any religion... you find GOD in your own heart and mind... HE displays HIMSELF as LOVE and KINDNESS towards others. Because that is what LIFE is all about... LOVE... it's the LOVE that is given and the LOVE that is received and carried on throughout the generations. When the key of life is discovered and THE PEOPLE follow the way that is good... they find themselves living the good life! Living for the only true GOD... the GOD OF LOVE!

I do believe if you have found a good religion and you are happy there... Like at Lakewood Church in Houston led by a great man, Joel Osteen... or Second Baptist... also led by a man of GOD... Dr Ed Young! And there are many more good churches in your neighborhood too... you just need to find the one that is good for you! It is good for people to have a place to go and gather together with other like minded people... and Lakewood and Second Babtist are just 2 of my favorites and also 2 of the biggest churches here in Houston. And both these men can be seen on TV! GOD Bless em' :)

PEOPLE in general are good people who know that LOVE is key to life and LOVING each other is crucial. But there is Islam... the religion that still to this day remains barbaric. Murdering its children for sin. Its all about 'the control of the people' ... it is sad that some are blinded to the truth and follow blindly the way of old, that does not give the FREEDOM that GOD allows to THE PEOPLE!

Of all the religions that I have read about, Islam is the one that worries me the most. I pray for them to become enlightened and come into the 21st century!

Its not that I am a hater. Altho I am associated with haters... but its Islam itself, that teaches Muslims to hate non Muslims... do the Muslims see that demanding tolerance for Islam and then not tolerating other religions is not allowing for the FREEDOM OF PERSONAL CHOICE?

This gives me a whole new thought of what John Lennon was talking about in his song, Imagine. Surely he must of seen the problems that religions cause when they 'fight over the people'. Muslims have to abduct women by gunpoint to be wives and serve them and bear children for jihad. Because most women in their right mind knows jihad is not good... just a bunch of arrogant men wanting to control the people and run things as they like... holding on to the thoughts of Mohammad... and we all know what sort of man he was... he might of pretended to be good in front of some... but enough have survived to tell us the truth. And I must give kudos to the Arabs who have seen the light and spoken the truth... unfortunately in some places who espouse Sharia Law, if you speak out against their ancient brutal ways, you don't survive the day... or month or year. To many good Muslims are being murdered by the ones who want to force Islam on the whole wide world... and personally I am OFFENDED... because I know in my heart and mind GOD gave us THE POWER TO CHOOSE... and you know there is POWER TO THE PEOPLE along the way. The good people will prevail... it was written and so shall be in times to come...

GOD bless All of THE PEOPLE around GODs beautiful diverse earth who are living at peace with LOVE leading and guiding us into the way that is good and right and clean... IJCN,A