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Thursday, November 16, 2006


I never thought I would ever see the day where the TRUTH was inadmissible in court.
I have never seen anything so communistic in all my life. When I went to the court today and saw the Judge, an Asian woman, I felt good thinking she would be fair and would see the truth. I think I associated her with the very nice Asians that I know in this neighborhood, but now I know that all Asians aren't as honorable as they are supposed to be. Just goes to show you that all people, even the ones with historical honor can become corrupt.

I had all my paperwork together! I had a paper with the day of heavy trash highlighted... and also a receipt for the work done a day before that, but this horrible fat prosecutor stabbed me in the back several times saying the receipt and the names of all my neighbors were hearsay, fabricated.. they more or less called me a liar and had me over a barrel because of all the papers I signed.

I have donated several hundred if not thousands of dollars to different forms of police... but I will never donate another dime to them. They raped me and hung me on a hook. I will never look at a police officer or a city official the same way again. I am going to be an outlaw because I have tried to be a good citizen and look where it got me... called a liar and then money taken that would of gone on Christmas. That's a real treat for my children.

I have always taught my children to do the right thing and things will be right for you. But this crackerjack court system of ours has made the rules in their favor and learned how to manipulate with words that don't make any sense.

Heres the way it went...
Heavy trash was set for pickup the 17th of August. On the 16th, a man came by and gave me a very good price on taking down an old dead tree. It was a very good deal. But if it would of cost more, I would of waited another month or two... because it was on my list of things to do. But I knew that heavy trash came on the 17th because it was the 3rd Thursday of the month. So I hired him to take the tree down on the 16th, and got a receipt! Well, the city of Houston sometimes comes a day earlier... and in this case they did. They came early on the 16th, I just didn't know it. It was a gamble, but I just knew with the receipt it would be OK. Boy was I ever wrong. If I would of known then what I know now... I would of gotten out there and rolled the tree back up on the lawn and waited till the next 'right time' to put it out.

So I thought that with the condition of the tree I didn't think any of my neighbors would complain. I felt like they would want to get it down. It was falling down during the storms and high winds. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I got the first ticket off of my door. I felt OK, I will just take the paperwork to the Judge. The next week I got another ticket on my door. OK, go to the Judge... I have all my paperwork together, the Judge can see the truth with their own eyes. So I go, to both arraignments. Got a date for both tickets.

Today I go to the first trial.. I chose a trial with a Judge because I was under the assumption that the truth would set me free. HA! The fat prosecutor called me up and asked me if I wanted to pay a hundred dollars or have a trial. I said I wanted to speak to the Judge. He says.. "Oh you cant speak to the Judge, you want to have a trial?" Yes, that's right. SO he tells me to go and wait till they call my name. I did. 2 and half hours later I get to the Judge, she gives me and the other people a paper to sign that gives up all our rights... and the fat prosecutor asks the inspector a bunch of obvious questions and then passes to me. As soon as I pulled out the receipt, he hollers "well as far as I am concerned that paper is hearsay." I look to the Judge and she says... if you have something like that you need to bring the person. They asked me what else I had... and I pulled out my list of 15 or so names of friends and neighbors, they didn't even look at it. Again he says "that paper too, is hearsay" I couldn't believe it! Again the Judge says "you need to bring the people". I asked for time to get them and because of a paper they had me sign I had to have them today... I couldn't believe it! Since when is truth inadmissible in court??? I think it was all a scam. A scam the City of Houston has set up to rape the poor and innocent.

When I told her the city came a day early, the city didn't pick up on the right day. Then she told me I needed to have the proof that the city didn't come that day. HA! How am I going to get that info from the very place that was persecuting me???

So the sad fact is... the fine was higher than the pre-cost... the pre-cost being if I would of paid them off before seeing the Judge. This is the biggest gambling racket I have ever seen in a long time. There was evil in the air and I wanted out. And why even try to appeal??? What? Argue with the city of Houston??? GOD forbid! You cant win, why argue a losing battle when they make the rules to favor them?

I am not the type of person to defy the law... I would never put heavy trash out on the wrong day. It just goes against my nature. I have always had great respect for our judicial system. And now I know why some people want a trial by Jury. You cant trust anyone anymore.. not even the Judges. I know the saddest thing in this life is CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES. We all know about it... but we are powerless. The city has all the power. They make it impossible for us as citizens to win.

But The TRUTH has made me a winner anyway...
and GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH and GOD will fix it. I am sure of it.