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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Walking With GOD

Walking with GOD is not the easiest way to go.

It's hard because its the straight and narrow path... because it denies the flesh and serves the SPIRIT. Most of the time it's really hard to follow GODS word because we want to follow our own desires.

But if we are to find heaven, we must... follow GODS laws.

There are rules for a reason!

Like with my sin... Gluttony. The world is full of wonderful tasty foods. It can appeal to any tastes. You can watch TV and see so much food it makes you want to go get some!

Why is gluttony a sin? Because GOD is the god of the LIVING... and obesity does not promote LIFE! When you make food your god... it will kill you!

I fight this everyday. If I didn't, I would weigh 300 lbs or more!

It is my sin and I am always, everyday aware that if I eat to much it would be way worse for me... yes I am full and satiated and can sleep better. But that is when we start to pack on the pounds. And those extra pounds are unhealthy!

I saw a woman the other day... a YOUNG woman... she was very obese. I mean she probably weighed more than 300 lbs. I watched her walking. And wondered if she knew what she looked like with her tummy falling so much in the front it hung down almost to her knees. And even worse when she walked away I could see the little circle or indent if you will, on her hiney... around the most personal place... you know... the indent from sitting on the throne...  it almost jumps out at ya! It was the one thing I would not want to happen to me. So I am careful and eat healthy and less than what I used to. Its an everyday struggle for me!

We now know so much about health and problems these days... I can see why it is a sin to over eat. And let me say, it is the hardest thing to do because there are restaurants on every corner... and half ways down the block!

You have to have personal rules. Set limits.

We must remember that we have GOD with us to help us 'just say NO'.

The same is true with other sin.

GOD says don't do adultery. But, look how easy it is to do! Websites created just to help you cheat... some people... so very willing to help you cheat. I guess when they can help you sin, they can look down on you and think of themselves more highly.

Women... heck... GIRLS have been walking the street for thousands of years, to find men who will give them money for sex. It's to easy... It's to easy... Society has created a place where sin is easier to follow than to be saintly and follow GODS plans... GODS ways... GODS words!

Why is adultery a sin? Because it promotes pain and death. GOD is the god of the LIVING... GOD wants us to LOVE each other... love our families... and cherish our friends! Love and cherish ALL the people around us! It is pleasing not only to GOD but to US also... and we are easily pleased.

We also have other sin... like the people who are getting away with murder these days. Thinking themselves to be as a god, arrogant and selfish and thinking only of themselves... not caring about the lives of others.

Why is murder a sin?

Because it does not promote LIFE or LOVE both of which are OF GOD!

I read somewhere about Adams 1st wife. Now I am not saying that Adam had a first wife... I wasn't there to see with my own eyes... but there were people there, back then... and they talked about it and wrote about it. But not all religions believe in Lilith... I hear the Christians and Muslims totally scratched her off the books. Well, that's how some people are... some people believe if a woman displeases a man he has a right to kill her. Strange to me because GOD says that we are not to judge. Even with Lilith, GOD did not command that she be killed for her sin, she was cast away... sent away to do her evil somewhere else... GOD wasn't going to have it! Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin. Now when a woman cheats and murders and eats babies she should be tried by a jury of her peers and the husband should be granted PEACE.

From what I read... when Adam and Eve, (whom they say, was Adams 2nd wife) got kicked out of the Garden, Adam went off by himself and never had time for a wife after that.

Now, I know a lie from the truth and I can see this happening. But there's one thing where they are wrong... GOD did not make Eve from Adams rib, literally! What that means is in the body of the Family... or Clan if you will... he went to Adams Family where he got Adam from and got Eve, to raise her up to HELP Adam... not hurt him like Lilith did.

And just touching on this... why is homosexuality a sin? Because GOD is the god of the LIVING and homosexuality does NOT promote life!  Why is abortion a sin? Because abortion does not promote LIFE and even takes the mothers life sometimes too...

Babies are a gift from GOD... they are LIFE they are OUR FUTURE!

GOD says it is a sin to fornicate... that is sex before marriage. When this happens there are unwanted babies... and pregnant girls who know in their heart that they would not make a good mother.

It just shows to go ya... you can't ever tell about some things in this life. But we CAN tell if someone entertains demons. We can tell by the attitude and habits of each person... if you know what to look for... and how can you know?  ... well, if you don't know, read about it for yourself?

The Word... GODS WORD... If followed, it will bring you to an ultimate life of goodness and TRUTH! You can never go wrong when you follow GOD! HE'S been there since the beginning, HE KNOWS what is good and what is bad already!

Why do people fail? Because they take GOD out of the equation and they think with the flesh... what feels good to the flesh... that is what they want to do... and they want you to allow them to... and GOD wants you to allow them to... too.

But as for US... the Children of the Living GOD...

We know its the LOVE and the care that is in our hearts and minds that causes us to do the right things in life! When we love our parents... we respect them as older and wiser... also remembering that just because they are older doesn't automatically make them right. Like my parents... or non parents... the parents who loved themselves more than they did their kids and home and extended family!

I knew a man... a GODLY man who worked hard all his life, even to the age of 75... but before then when he worked a full time 40 hours a week job, he came home and worked with the children... sat down and wrote out letters and numbers... all the way to building a 'clock' and teaching them how to read time! His children were above average in intelligence! On the weekends he spent his time working on the house... doing the yard... mending the fences and replacing broken windows! He LOVED his home and family, just like GOD told him in his heart he should!

And then there is another man... he was an awesome man I must admit! I loved him with all my heart! But... when he got off work, he chose to ride the streets, looking for easy women and spent his evenings entertaining them... and they him! While his kids were at home... not learning anything... not doing good. But the father didn't care. He was happy doing his thing! His wife got bored and she started cheating... soon they hated each other and got a divorce. His house fell apart... the children failed and didn't even finish school... left to a street education. And you know that didn't go well.

So when we understand that GOD want's us to be like that first man... to where your heart and mind are only focused on the GOOD that you can do for THE FAMILY... that is when we will find paradise! That is when we will see GOD working in our lives with the LOVE and care that HE gives US! When we love our kids and homes and parents more than we love our self pleasures... that is the sacrifice that we make... we deny our flesh for the bond that we create with the ones we LOVE and who LOVE us!

Love the Children...

Love the parents...

Love your friends who are close like family...

LOVE is the answer to a world of problems!

I heard someone complaining today about the kids who are young adults now... you know... the ones who grew up after we took GOD out of our systems? They are selfish and self serving and have no empathy for others. They will lie, cheat and steal what they want. They have no moral boundaries.... because GOD is not in their hearts and minds to show them truth and such things. And then someone else said, every generation has something gone wrong... and my first thought was how one day they will get it right! When they realize that GOD is a real thing! Not some myth or story from long ago.

GODS SPIRIT is the same as it was millions of years ago... and HE will be the same GOD millions of years into our future! I saw it in the election... I see it in the smiles and actions of most PEOPLE who are led by the SPIRIT to do good for each other!

I would never be the sort of person who would walk down your hallway to the restroom and pause in your room to go through your stuff to pick out what I am going to stick in my pocket, just because I want to! Noooo... and you shouldn't be that way either!

You know the answer... I can tell you now that I can see GOD still working within the hearts and minds of a LOT of PEOPLE in the earth!

Sure we can focus on the bad ones and wonder how they got so lost...

But lets check out all the GOOD GODLY ones who are doing things in the name of Jesus!

Healing hearts and healing minds in the name of Jesus!

Sharing the SPIRIT of LOVE with all the others who also LOVE GOD!

Getting it together as a PEOPLE and creating a place where we can all live in PEACE and JOY ... with LOVING CARE for each other!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus for teaching our forefathers all the goodness YOU have for us! Thank You GOD for all YOUR PEOPLE who have it together and knows the difference between lies and truth and good and bad...

When GOD told Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of LIFE... or they would die... HE wasn't talking about a worldly death... HE was talking about the death of the SPIRIT... which Praise GOD... didn't get the best of US!



GOD IS Truth...



Like GOD shows us... Through Jesus Christ... who was the final sacrifice...

Read it for yourself... start with the New Testament!

Start with Jesus!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA