Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, May 18, 2019

My Surprise

I feel like I need to pinch myself!

I can hardly believe it!

I Praise GOD at this wonderful event!

I have never had anyone other than my Grandmother do something so nice for me!

My friend who I have known since 1972 bought me a laptop! I am able to come in here.... HAHAHA I am able to stay in here.... but I cant really, because I have so much stuff to do... I must keep up. But instead of retiring to my bedroom while my grandkids are on the PC out there and its to noisy anyway... I am in the peace and quiet in my room. Able to be here!

I am so grateful to GOD for giving me a boost in the arse!

I really don't mind serving others. And writing this blog which started out being a journal is something I want to leave behind when my time on this earth is over.

You know, years ago someone in a small church... a man of GOD laid his hands on me and prayed and GOD spoke through him telling me that one day I would be... a prophet and a teacher. I was 23. I didn't really understand back then, but now... I can see the travel of my spirit the past 30+ years... I have so learned and have grown so much in the Lord.

The only thing that bothered me was knowing things I shouldn't know. That scares me and others at different times. I remember the first time... well I have written about it here before... but I was so freaked out I had to sit right down on the floor of the post office!

A few days ago someone, who wasn't in a good mood... told me that I had an answer for everything... and I was thinking... and that's bad  why? Well Praise God that I have that gift! HAHAHA

I will admit some people don't like it when I shut them up. Its a gift! And I'm not going to apologize for any truth that I tell. maybe I won't even want to say it, but say it I must. I remember the time I argued with GOD for 4 days,,, and can you guess who won? Do your self a favor and don't argue to much. waste of time as GOD is all truth and justice... love and peace. You will only be wasting your time and energy. You CAN argue with GOD but forewarn, in the end you will not win.

I feel like the most important thing for me to do is get PEOPLE back in touch with GOD,

I mean that was the whole purpose of Jesus, to take salvation out of the hands of certain people and put the responsibility inside our own human self. I mean, people say don't judge... and I don't... only GOD knows another persons heart. I know that GOD does give out the good and the bad, you know … the consequences of sin. There's no way to get beyond that, it is a for real event and if ya don't learn it from me you will learn this the hard way, by making mistakes that others have made before. Its always best to learn from other peoples mistakes... that way you don't make many of your own.

And its true that what works for one may not work for someone else who doesn't have the same perspective. So something might happen to one as a consequence and something different might apply to another person whose heart is in the right place.


Life is so topsy turvy... it takes the knowledge of GOD to help us figure it all out, to get by in this world... in this life. To have a better life.  I know we can get by without our spirit... we can live for the flesh... have lots of fun... but let me tell you... that's not what's going to save you in the end.
When you have the knowledge of GOD in your heart and soul... you are connected 24\7... nothing can keep you from knowing or having GOOD information... because GOD does talk to anyone who seeks HIM out. You cant see the spirit... but you can feel the spirit like you feel the wind blow.

I believe that many people turn away from GOD because they don't understand a lot about spirits and old laws verses new ones. We are progressing as a people and even the young folk can be taught to love one another. They almost got it in the 60's but they confused sex with love. That was like a time of sexual revolution and sex became main theme in many areas of life.

Its an old sin. Many continue this sin today. Hey we all have something that we need to work on, And I can tell you the reason it is a sin. GOD IS the god of the LIVING... with the ability to have a happy life. But many people get judged. It's not our job to judge. GOD will be the one to do the judging and GOD will be the one to get the revenge.

So I am here rambling on, it feels good! I am so very happy to be able to get on here and let out my thoughts!

I think one of the most important things to know is GOD does not want to rule us through fear. And know that there is a difference between fear and respect... its really much better to serve GOD because we LOVE to! Because we LOVE each other...

GOD is a label that we put on LOVE... CARE... RESPECT for others. The way we act towards each other. Everyday we choose how we are going to act. Faced with different scenarios we have a choice. Choose whom you will serve.

Ever since the beginning of time... that is recorded time... because time was still time before we labeled it as time. but back way when... there has always been... a basic cause. Good against evil. Of course we have taken it way far these days. We now have evil against evil.

Lets remember that GOD has been around way longer than we have. None can say they are as old as GOD. GOD is the god of the living and we have been alive for a very long time. As a spirit.

But life is not all about the spirit. We know that we have the flesh. The problem is... our flesh wants what our flesh wants... this is what causes us to make mistakes. If we feed our flesh what it wants... more than we feed our spirit, there is an unbalance that comes in a heart and mind as one seeks their own pleasure. GOD wants us to enjoy life... to be happy and peaceful... but he doesn't want us to get so caught up in our flesh that we deny the spirit. If you only acknowledge the flesh you are only living life at 50%

Where is heaven? Our heaven is what we make of things here on earth. I see many many good people who have found the joys of truth and goodness. Lots of good people in the world doing lots of good things... and we LOVE IT!

What is life all about? I am saying its all about PEOPLE... as in WE THE PEOPLE... wen all matter. We are all here for a purpose and we should spend our time here doing good things. Make the world a better place through LOVING EACH OTHER... Parents, please I beg you... Please LOVE your children more than you love yourself. I know lots of people do... but to many don't. Neither my mother or father loved us kids more than themselves. Please don't provoke your kids to anger. Love the children.... remember??? For such is the kingdom of heaven. Create a good life for your children. When you love them... it teaches them to love others.

OK.. I am going to pray to GOD that I can be who HE wants me to be!

I thank GOD for the love HE put in the hearts of HIS PEOPLE!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus! IJCNA