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Monday, March 23, 2015

Beyond Jesus

I feel like my job as MotherPope is to try to simplify things of the spirit... its not so bad because I always pray before writing and it just takes off... even tho its my fingers doing the typing... it is GODS spirit that moves me... motivates me... makes me get up at 5am with a blog in my head! HAHAHA... You know it really doesn't matter to me tho, because when I am on GODS side... I know HE is on mine!

My thoughts today are about what goes on after you accept Jesus and you gain GODS SPIRIT within your own heart and mind! We must remember what Jesus told the woman with multiple husbands that she was forgiven... "now go and sin no more!"

Surely, what brought us to Jesus is the desire to do things the right way!

I mean, if you really don't care... and you love the sin your in... well you go on with your bad self and don't come whining when things fall apart for you! Like so many do... because here's the problem, some proclaim Jesus for to be seen of the PEOPLE... or certain people... because around other people those 'half hearts' would never even mention the name of Jesus!

But we're not talking about them today. They can go and do all the wrong evil stupid stuff they want to... and believe me, they will soon suffer the results of their ungodly wandering ways.

OUR knowledge has been around since... uhhh... 4-ever!

We have kept track... and GOD told us what not to do. Well, I guess it was to much for some people to read and understand... or maybe they just didn't care...   So then GOD sent us Jesus to make it simple for us... Just LOVE ONE ANOTHER... because then you would not do the terrible things to other people, especially to other people who trust us.

I believe the trouble comes when some of us get confused on what GODS love actually is. We get all caught up in lust and self love that we forget that it's not about us as individuals so much as it is about ... US... as a united PEOPLE with the GOD of LOVE leading and guiding us by HIS SPIRIT!

But beyond loving each other... hmmmm... well before we go there... I want us to understand... that, with all due respect to the great and lovely Whitney Houston... God rest her soul... she was a human blessed by GOD who lost touch with her reality. Sad sad sad... :( but... the greatest love of all is NOT self love... loving yourself to the point where your food and your clothes and your stuff has always got to be the best and the most perfect... to show everyone else how great you are... no, no, no... the greatest love of all is the ability to love others more than yourself. We are so into this ME ME ME general thinking... and then of course some have all the admiration for the one voted most rich or most beautiful. Not the way of GOD...  But don't you see this 'self love'... is putting your self more important then the GOD of LOVE who tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... ...Hmmmm... I am thinking of a religion whose god tells them to love themselves more than others... and I think that's just the wrong thing to do. GOD says, WE ALL matter!

Now, just as the Islamic Imams are calling out for 'lone wolves' to attack and kill... I am going to ask people to act out on their own to 'help others' when they see the need! (for every action, there will be a reaction!)

Years ago, Amy Grant used to sing to GOD... "I only have to do what I can find." And this is key.

But how bout this... This call goes out to all of GODS children who are rich and want to do good for GOD... go to the places where poor people hang out... sit in the room where they do their paperwork to get govt assistance... look around... when you see 1 woman struggling with children... CHOOSE HER... take her and help her... or... buy many many gift cards from Walmart where they can get food and stuff and pass them out to poor people... and those of you who can really afford it... reach out to the ones living on the street... find them an apartment and pay for a year... help them find a job...

If you find someone you really trust and proves to have GODS spirit... give them a credit card... buy them a home or a car... whatever you see that they need!

Let the spirit move you to do good things for others who need it... and do it without thinking twice... do not expect them to pay it back... do not ask them for anything... because whatever you do for people in need... it is like you are doing it to Jesus!

There are so many people in need... and then there are so many people with so much they don't know what to do with it all. I hope you heed GODS call!

I love the Holidays... they are fun, and colorful and just make life more interesting... but... I don't celebrate them. For I feel we should have the spirit of giving and thanksgiving... everyday!

Give with JOY in your heart... and with thanks to GOD for leading you to a place where you can really do some good for THE PEOPLE!

And when you are led by GOD... you will not be led to the people who are evil and corrupt... just talk to them a little bit... GOD will give you discernment to know which have that 'entitlement mentality' and which have that true 'humble gratefulness' that comes from the spirit of GOD... just as a righteous rich person should be grateful to GOD for the gifts that they are given and allowed to share!

In loving one another you have love and respect for your elders... or I should say your 'righteous elders'... run run run fast, away from your evil elders!

When it comes to all the evil in the world... we stay away from it... we do not partake in those ways that have been proven to be bad over the years... and years... and years. How many times in the world has it been said... "I'm sorry, I was drunk!"

OK... now that doesn't mean you mustn't drink... it just means you should drink only a little... to where you always have control of your heart and mind and body. Because you know... its all about self control... because it's good to control the urge to have sex with the neighbor or a co worker... sure it would be fun and exciting... but hardly proper!

Sure sometimes you want to smack the crap out of someone... HEY... I have those thoughts too! I really do! Honest! But... I know its all about CONTROLLING MYSELF! And so I never smack them, even when I want to so badly! We know that old violent ways don't work... they have a rebound effect on the children of defiance... with a 'gonna get you back' attitude, which leads to too many children killing parents. Another serious chapter in the book...

But hey, wanna go out dancing and partying with your friends on a Friday or Saturday? HEY, you young folk... have fun! But don't get so stupidly drunk that you lose control and do something you will regret later... you see this is where its about having the spirit of GOD inside your heart and mind telling you that it is wrong to lose your mind to the drink and do things with your body that you know you shouldn't because the consequences could be catastrophic!

So after you find your love for Jesus... its all about knowing right from wrong and trying not to do the wrong stuff anymore... and boy do I have some stories for ya on that subject... but best save it for another time! :)

Loving Jesus is the first and foremost thing that changes our direction to finding GOD... and understanding the legacy of Jesus will be what keeps HIM ALIVE within the spirit of THE PEOPLE!

GOD Bless us, Everyone! And I want to say a special prayer for Ted Cruz... who I see as the next JFK... or Ronald Reagan, or a mix of the 2!

GOD save America!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Respecting Religions

When I was little and lived in hell... nobody came and told me the way out. Our secrets were so hidden, nobody knew the pain that I was in, as I learned to repress it and keep it a secret. I think it was because I was ashamed of it. Sure, I had friends who had normal families, I did see here and there things that made me believe in a better world.

But for a kid...  their world is all they know. They don't know that there are so many people out there who want to help them. Throughout my childhood... I think there were a few teachers who stopped to take a good look at me, but I had gotten so good at holding in my pain and suffering... how could they know unless I'd let it show?

I have always been alone inside... no one close to me... the ones who were supposed to love me the most, my mother and dad... were not there for me. Well I never knew my dad till I was about 9... and my mother was... well, she was my mother. Thank GOD for my Grandparents, who didn't know me that well either... but they did the best they could to show me the right way to live.

You know, I really don't blame any of them for my suffering. In fact I praise GOD that I went through it, because it made me who I am today... a survivor! A real life survivor.

It was a real nightmare... haunting me in my dreams... and continued to be most all my life. Until a few years ago and I finally conquered my demons. It was a hard road.

Alas, I cannot go back and change anything.

Truth is... there is good and evil in the world for us to choose from. We can live in darkness, making the same mistakes over and over again... or we can find a way to get out!

My day dream as a little girl was always to get out and live like the other kids... with normal families who cared deeply about their children... in my heart I felt like no one cared deeply about me.

OK I'm gonna save all that for the bio... but my point is... I was living in a very terrible state and is probably why I have anxiety problems. My Doc feels like I am dealing with PTSD from it all. And I am. I know I am... I can never erase those horrible memories :(

So in my dark despair... I began to search for an escape...

Oh I looked everywhere... I went to a Methodist church with my Grandparents when I was with them. It was a huge church and it made me feel so small, but accepted me as their own, lots of good people were in that church... when I got a little older my sis and I used to walk to Sunday school and church at the neighborhood Baptist church... I learned the big mystery of GOD with words like... Jesus Loves you... and gave his life for you. And the people were good people... but still I kept my secrets.

Throughout my life I have gone to many different churches... read many different religious books, met many different people from all walks of life. And now as a Grandma... I see things differently than when I was a kid. My world is no longer limited to my pain.

As I got older and I got baptized in the name of Jesus... I began a more serious search, because now... GOD was with me! He might of been a small entity to me back then... but over the years as I have gotten closer to HIM... wow... you cant even imagine how big HE really is!

And me? HAHAHA... I wake up talking to GOD... and go to bed talking to GOD... as GOD loves it when we 'pray without ceasing'! We are in constant communion with HIM and HE never leaves us. Not like HE used to have to do with the ones of old... and some of the ones today... GOD hurts from the ones HE has lost to the dark side.

Now in my life... I never took things to seriously, that others told me because in my mind, I knew there was probably something that they were not telling me (just like I wasn't telling them). So I wanted to find out for myself! So I started reading my Bible... myself... to learn it... for me... I've read it 7 times over in my life... some parts I have read thousands of times over... reading for myself... with GODS spirit inside... it showed me a whole new world! Now, I would suggest if your going to start reading the Bible for yourself, please start at Matthew... read the new testament first because that is the covenant we have with GOD for today! Yes, read the old testament after you have read the new one, its gonna be a bit hard to deal with as there is some terrible things back then... but then again... there is still terrible things going on today. But the old testament should be used to school us on the ways of old. Not something we do today. Its totally different now than it was back then. One biggie... we no longer sacrifice for sin.

I would like to point out that the most important difference between the old and the new testament is... in the old... GOD would only dwell within certain few, who spoke and led the people... but sadly men become corrupt... so GOD had to make a way so that we all have equal access to HIM... so HE took HIS spirit out from behind a veil.. and sent Jesus to have and disperse HIS spirit... which is the HOLY GHOST... to comfort us in our hardship and pain... we are so blessed to live in this age! I mean... when we get the word around the world... and simply explain its about a common spirit... doesn't matter color, custom or creed...

We are led by LOVE...

Now this is something deep... that not a lot of people have talked about. In fact, I don't ever recollect anyone talking about the 7 spirits of GOD that is talked about in Revelations.

So who are we to judge one another?

I believe it was men who created 'religions' to control the people... keep them like minded. Which is OK... but of course... the spirit of GOD is not in all religions! You can find peace and happiness in many religions... but you can only FIND GOD through Jesus... why?

Because the message he gave... and his life that he gave... an innocent good man sacrificed because of lies and arrogance of some of the 'religious men' to show their corruption... now I had to think in men's terms here... that led me to the understanding of the root of why men want to hold onto such ancient barbaric practices... that yeah they did way back when...

But what of the now???

How bout TODAY... because this is the day that GOD has allotted to us... What are we going to do with the life that GOD has given us?

Because GOD is the GOD of the living... the GOD of LIFE... every time a child is born GOD shows us that there will be LIFE!

And loving that life is what HE wants us to do...

But when we create problems through our high minded mistakes... its hard to love life.

We have been told from the beginning... the 10 commandments... in fact our laws are based on these things. But then... here came Jesus to say... 'Hey... this is the way..."  And he teaches us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... and HELP EACH OTHER OUT!


Now either ya get it... or ya don't.

Its all a personal road we must travel... you can walk it alone... sure you can... and you will live and die... but you would not have GODS spirit... so how can you go home to GOD? You don't... and that is the second death... and that is, death of the spirit... when GOD says... "I never knew you!"

Its a private thing to be chatting with GOD... HE will tell you the truth of all things... HE will show you in unimaginable ways the truth of HIS existence. No one else can show you GOD... you must find HIM on your own... and when you do... you WILL know it! Its a private personal relationship...

But that doesn't mean you are all alone... for GOD gives out HIS spirit to all who call on HIM in the name of Jesus... and there is where we find...

Its all about the LOVE, Man!

The love of man... the love of WE THE PEOPLE!

United by LOVE for one another!

Remember... 7 SPIRITS of GOD...

All finding their way to LOVE... and when you find that LOVE... you realize there is respect and honor among all people!

Well, I thought that I was done... but GOD says there is something else...

Islam... an ancient religion... GOD is telling me that Allah is one of the 7 spirits... and pleads with the people to find the LOVE...   For LOVE is not all about hating others... why do you hate so much? GOD has nothing to do with hating... and you are hating the Jews... another one of the 7 spirits of GOD! And GOD is very angry with your arrogance and your selfish visions... and will fight till all 7 spirits come together into one accord with HIS spirit unto completion!

You are doing things wrong if you are following hate and violence... you will never know peace... your joy in destruction is only the joy of the evil one coming out in your soul... please don't accept the dark ideas... be enlightened... its about the LOVE! When you are hanging a gay or fornicator... or throwing a gay off the building, or stoning an adulteress... you are not showing love or respect for the FREEDOM of the PEOPLE...

You are following a OLD long ago habit of men trying to control men... through fear and violence.

We are in the AGE OF THE SPIRIT... the spirit that LOVES and CARES... not judges and condemns... GODS majority will still find your actions of hate and greed and arrogance an abomination unto HIM. And as long as you follow the dark side you will never win.

Because in the end... we know GOD wins... and LOVE will be the key to our success!

I can see it happening today, seeing people caring about others... rich people caring about the poor people... as well as the poor people caring about the rich people, who are able to help them!

The problems come when hate spreads among the people.

We must stop the hating... and overcome hate with LOVE!

Now some may want to live in the dark side... if they want to, we must let them! They will suffer for their own sins. Or as we say in Texas... "God'll get em'..."

Respecting other peoples customs and habits is good. As we are a diverse world... and isn't it great there are differences? Life would be so boring if we were all alike! Viva la differance...however the French say it! I am part French HAHAHA :)

For ourselves... we do not hate... we do not cause pain to others... simply because we love them and don't want to cause them pain... we want to help them to become better people... we don't just throw people away like that... we must love and care in order to instill loving actions in others.

The root of GOD is found in LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

But at the same time... until Islam gives up the sacrificing for sin... we must always be aware that they see all others as ungodly and feel it is their job unto Allah to annihilate all his non believers... well... unless they can pay money. Hmmmmm...

Now I know... I can see... there are Muslims who know that to murder in this fashion is not any part of loving life... loving each other... and they want things to be different... but they can't talk about it. Because those ancient barbaric horrible habits would come back on them and they would also be murdered in cold blood. Not every Muslim wants Sharia Law... in fact there are people working to get Sharia Law taken out of Islam... so that they may become updated with LOVE and the FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE to choose and love democracy! Many want to just catch up with the rest of the world!

So now we know that anyone who professes to know GOD and still murders for sin... does not in fact know GOD and needs to start their own search.

When I see all these people going on killing sprees... when I see men sexually assault children... I know that they do NOT know GOD. Remember? We know them by their actions... they are dark and evil people who allow the dark side to take over... usually for selfish purposes and we are not blinded to that truth.

Many people from many places can be hiding their evil behind many religions... but that doesn't mean they are all bad. For all intents and purposes... GOD is ALIVE and well within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... all 7 of HIS different spirits!

Don'tcha just love diversity?

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, March 16, 2015

Stereotyped, Stigmatized and Condemned

It's so hard for me to believe we still have such a corrupt system. But in my heart I can feel THE PEOPLE rising up to straighten the way... for we need to be straightened out for sure!

I have already written about how the law became corrupt in this matter... so I wont spend a lot of time doing that. Because the point I need to make today is that we still got it backwards!

I would love to see a reality show... well, as a matter of fact, I can actually see it in the spirit... so that tells me that prob one day it will happen... if it wasn't it would be covered with black splotches... now I know that sounds crazy but this is what I do... what GOD has gifted me with... that's why I always come in here to write it all down... and I thank you for reading... you know most all GODs workers have been a little uuummmmmm... out of this world! HAHAHA... so anyways...

I would love to see a reality show showing two places... sorta like WifeSwap... only in these two places there would be drinkers in one... and all that goes with that... and the other place would be all and only potsmokers... and all that goes with that! Oh... wow... I can see it now... different people from different places... calling in wanting to do the show... like Big Brother... and let the chips fall where they may... so that ALL can see the results!

Now... I am feeling like I should not talk about the differences... we just need to SEE them!

OK, here is some truth... the #2 woman that I have been writing about the past couple of months is actually my daughter... and for years... evil people have used lies and partial truth to call into CPS... for various reasons... but, they were all because they got mad at her. Now as her mother, it has been horrible on me too... about 6 years ago, CPS made my daughter go to drug classes... and because she lived with me and she was a minor... that got me involved too... and we all know by now that I am a advocate for the thing that grows from a seed and fulfills a need... (I grew up in hell and have had many pharmaceuticals prescribed to me... but they made me into a zombie)! Well... I did do a urine test and THC was found... but it was at such low levels that I passed a urine test just 2 weeks later... and that was because I am NOT what they think I am, I do not lay around all day making smoking pot my top priority. They categorize all pot smokers into 1 lump... and you have to remember... only some are actually 'bad people'... and they are usually doing way more than just smoking pot, many do very well with their life! You see, when I went to the drug classes with my daughter, (they had to put us into separate classes something about not opening up in front of each other)... but when I was there, we were laughed at... people were there for some really terrible drugs, PCP... Heroin... and other horrible stuff...  and when I had to say... "Hello my name is Nancy and I am here because Im a pot smoker and have smoked pot since 1972"... OMG... were we ever laughed at! Even the owner/manager of the place called me into her office one day and I told her my story, she told me to "never stop fighting"... I think she understood that I was not the person 'the system' thought I was. Anyway... I felt the pity from them... and vowed I would never stop fighting for 'OUR' (the potsmokers) rights too!

Now look around! See the laws changing?

It is STUPID to have a law against something such as cannabis... that could be and SHOULD BE grown in our gardens! It is NOT what some people think it is... who have no experience with it. I do understand that many people who have never smoked it, continue the law that was created against it, oh about 100 years ago! Good honest people have been raised up by good honest people and simply continue the law... simply because they were taught that way.

But that's not the way it should be!

Something I find very hard to wrap my head around is that gays have come out of the closet, but potsmokers are still hiding in it! Really freaks me out!

Now, many PEOPLE are coming into our system with the real knowledge that 'pot' is way over rated... and some know that the murder that was committed back on 1903 that caused legislation to pass this ridiculous law in the first place... was based on a cover up and a lie.

And so many are suffering because people want to play judge and jury on something they know nothing about! It is about time we correct this... because I am really tired of CPS stereotyping us...  my daughter is a good person... and I need to say something that I really don't want to... but I must speak the truth... my daughter... was a simple 'pot smoker'... she was a little lazy but kept up on her stuff... I helped her out a lot... because I have always done things for her... and I love making her life better than mine... remember I swept her floor and gave her my mattress when her babies daddy took his bed and moved out... (it didn't turn out good for him when he discovered that it was me who was sleeping on the floor... not my daughter) ...

So like I was saying... she was a typical pot smoker... always keeping up... then she had the baby... and I have written about this before so skipping to a 'trace of THC' found leading to them taking all her children away... screaming... wailing... it was gut wrenching... and hard to believe they would do this in this day and age... and shortly after this... her new born babies father... passed away in her bed... (more on that later) and now she is seeing a psychologist, which is actually really good considering what she has been through... but now she is on... Prozac... Klonipin... and Ambien... and now... she is like a zombie... doesn't care about much of anything... and sleeps most the time. And when she is awake, she's not really awake... you know? Like alert? It is a real serious change and I don't think its a change for the better! It would be much much better if they would just give her the cannabis back! She was not a zombie back then.

Hey, we could grow that in our back yard if it was legal! And another benefit... y'all know my family lives in poverty... we made a smidgen over $17 grand this past year... so my daughter has medical paid for by the hard working taxpayers... and she is prescribed these man made pills that cost the tax payers... thousands of dollars a year! (And I do thank the American people for that... I appreciate her having the medical)... not like me, I will try not to cost you a dime... I will die instead of being able to get medical. Which many people have done, as they slip through the cracks of our system. It is sad that we have such a great nation and such a poor run system.

But I must confess... I do have hope in THE PEOPLE... because we are basically GOOD... GODLY PEOPLE... and even, there are those who don't profess to be Godly, but follow Gods basic law anyway... and that is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... Sadly there are many who have turned their backs on GOD and religions because so much corruption has been exposed... and instead of understanding that humans are not perfect and they do sin... and forgiving them and helping them through rehab... they pass judgement and automatically think they are totally evil and throw them off the train... riding on that timely life line.

It is wrong that we categorize people. I remember my mother at least tried the pot before passing judgment and she said... "it was very over rated, it just enhances what ever mood your in."  HAHAHA no wonder many partyers want to smoke a 'doob'... it just makes the moment better!

Now, I actually feel like a victim. And in my heart I am so angry at the way things are. Having my grandchildren ripped out of my house because my daughter smoked a joint a couple months ago. Its really crazy... as hard as I try to do everything... to the point of exhaustion... because you see... my life is all about others... I take to heart the message of Jesus... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELP EACH OTHER OUT! You see this is why Jesus is so special... you can simply wrap his message up in a tidy note that anyone... even a 7 year old, can understand! I wake up early... for other people... I love helping the children... do you honestly think that 'pot' would be a higher priority to me than the children??? Huh?  I say... NEVER!

What is life all about? I say its the PEOPLE... the people you love and who love you... different for different people... but one day... we will ALL come together with one thought... and that would be the legacy of the man, Jesus... the one who taught us that its not 'the religious' who hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven!   And... because he specifically died for us... ALL OF US... not just a chosen few...  so that instead of sacrificing for sin... WE rehabilitate!

And we help each other to overcome the ills of this life...

Through... learning to LOVE one another.

Which is something I always give to the children... true unconditional LOVE... other than a clean home, and clean clothes and good foods and vitamins... so now, they are missing out on my love... taken away by people who have no clue... who are only doing their job like they're told to do.

Such an injustice :(

GOD Bless us... Everyone!   IJCNA

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Satans Sins

What a crazy day for news!

Today in downtown Houston a man stole an ambulance, drove off and crashed into a pole or another vehicle... cant remember which as there was another accident at the same time and I don't remember which hit the pole and which hit the other vehicle... but anyway, that's beside the point! When he got out, he told people that 'God told him to do it'!

This is a classic example of how Satan can use a human to work against GOD. Now, how many people will hear that and say something negative about GOD???... again... and they do it because they do not know or understand GOD!

Right off the top, we know that GOD tells us 'not to steal'... so a man of GOD would of never stole any vehicle in the first place... GOD would never tell us to do something that HE has always said was a sin... if we follow this mans crazy logic, it would mean that GOD is telling us to sin... well, we ALL know who is telling us to sin!... We know its that lying thief himself... Satan!

Remember, its all different for different people... but this man has never known GOD... or if he ever did, he has fallen away and is listening to Satan... remember GOD and Satan are both here in spirit... they are both telling you to do this or that... always throwing ideas at you to either catch or not catch... in our hearts and minds we have to sort it all out. And GOD has given us a HUGE heads up on the bad habits of Satan... so we know that it is Satan who tells us to sin!

Again... ISIS has gone into another ancient place and destroyed it. This is another lie of Satan... he loves it when he can make a human be destructive and disrespectful to others! Satan is dancing in the streets with joy when he sees his servants destroy old churches and other places that are sacred!

Another example of Satans antics is the news of Hillary Clintons private email being used for uhhhh... what?  Now if it was NOT such a big deal, why didn't she use her proper govt email address? Now I am not pointing my finger at Hillary herself as I know for a fact it was Satan using someone to encourage her to do it. I just don't think Hillary is that stupid to come up with the idea on her own... someone seduced her into doing that, so that they would have access to her personal space. Now I know it goes deeper than that... but you get the idea I'm sure!

And one more example... those loco Bokos down in Africa, are at it again... I think they are seeing their end is near... I think they know that the whole world is against them... trouble is... they really don't care! And I am sure we will see many more go out the hard way. And we must not fret when we see them going down... yeah they are humans... yeah they got families... but when you make Satan the god of your life... well... it is written and proclaimed here today... 'your gonna go down'... and will live in the hell that Satan has created with all his lies and murders and destructions.

Even as we know that Satan is out there throwing all sorts of bad ideas at us... we know by the spirit of GOD that it is Satan... and he is wrong... and a stupid sinner himself... who takes delite in bringing as many humans down with him as possible! And he will be laughing at you when you discover that there IS a spiritual world... and you denied it all that time... and suddenly discover there is not another chance... you blew it!

Don't listen to Satan.. he will lead you down the road to ruin!

Instead live with LOVE leading and guiding you into the way that is good!

GOD has promised us the comforter... which is the Holy Ghost... which is the spirit of GOD that is living and breathing in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE!

Be a child of GOD, with Jesus HIS seed... sown for the salvation of our souls...

And you will find the way that is good...

And you WILL then... know GOD!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!


Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hard Hearted Habits

It's a crying shame that we have developed such habits to where we start hating and hurting others.

By now we should know what will bring us good results and what will bring us bad results.

It breaks my heart to see the LOVE that is trampled underfoot simply because people are to stubborn to forgive. If GOD can forgive us when we need it... we should forgive others when they need it.

I know, it's hard to know the difference between the ones who are blowing smoke and the ones who mean it. But the truth is, we should forgive because that is what Jesus tells us to do.

It takes the weight off our shoulders and enables us to let it go! No longer bound to hate.

I have been thinking about how there are to many people who are strong in their stubbornness, refusing to compromise. To bad too, because reality could be so different if we could just learn to be kind. Forgiving others when they mess up. For we know we have messed up a time or 2.

It is a sad world where some succumb to the belittling and abuse of others. And they are happy to live with it. Its like they cant see their life any different!

But this is not the way we should be.

GOD has warned us about the hardening of our hearts, we all need to learn how to LOVE!

Oh I know... I find myself hating too... Oh yes... I sure do have some hate going on for a certain few people... and that is because of the abuse and the stupidity of the ones who refuse to let go of the evil in their lives and they carry it over to others... an when that affects me... oh yes, believe me 'I hate'!

But the thing we must remember is we are all 'not perfect' we all have those feelings... and there are many that will keep us from our rightful place with GOD... IF we allow them to.

So its best to keep life simple... love unconditionally... if someone you love messes up... PLEASE don't stop loving them... PLEASE start forgiving them. But also beware... they could be trouble for you if you allow them to be. So its best to follow Jesus and let HIM be the one who rules your life... the one who rules your soul... because Jesus stood for truth and justice and the wonderful ability to love someone through their sin. Like we say these days... hate the sin... love the sinner... and have hope that one day they will see the light too!

So we must never give up on them... oh, but be aware... that some are 'beyond repair'... as GOD gives some up to a reprobate mind, we should all be aware that some will never change. Some will stay hard hearted and be mean and refuse a compromise. But which is which, is not for us to know... only GOD knows the hearts and minds of the people, HE is the one to pass judgement.

When people started wanting a divorce... it was not the way that GOD wanted... because GOD wants us to find the love of our youth and stay with them only through thick and thin...  our whole life and be a family... and we know this is true even today... we feel betrayed if we marry and then find out our love was cheating, (was not real).

I watch Maury and Jerry Springer... I know how some people are... mean and hateful... and hard... very hard hearted. And this is why GOD allowed us to get divorced... so we wouldn't have to live with a mean abusive person, which too many people have become mean and abusive. And it is sad to see some live with the abuse, simply because they don't know any other way.

I grew up with abuse... and so when I married, I married men who abused me, because that was what I was used to... my mother was terribly abusive to us. She would strip us naked and beat us until we would bleed, because that was the purpose. But I also knew my mother loved me... she was always standing up for me when someone tried to hurt me... but it was allowed for her to hurt me. Which was very confusing to me, back then.

My older sister used to say that one day we would grow up and we wouldn't have to live like that any more... we would dream of a different world while sleeping on the kitchen floor next to the iron heater next to the wall. It was a hard life back then.

Its terrible that some people pick up that mean streak.

I always wanted a home and family... something I never really had with my mother marrying 8 or more times... corrupt horrible evil men... it was a nightmare... it was a miracle I survived.

But all 3 times that I married... all three men hit me... and verbally abused me. The second one beat me really bad... kicked me and punched me... gave me bloody lips and noses... black eyes and bruises all over my body... he was a drunk idiot. And so I am glad that GOD gave us a way to escape...

There is some religion where wife beating is allowed... and that is when the wife has a different opinion than her esteemed husband. Oh its a mess everywhere... but it is terrible to live in a place where you can legally beat your wife. Thank GOD some PEOPLE know a real man never puts a harsh hand on his woman... he cuts off her credit cards instead!

People have a habit of playing around with whoever wants to play. Living loose and free... but this lifestyle will only bring you pain. Try to avoid this at all costs.

And women should know, that these days we don't have to get married... we can have our own life whatever we want it to be... education is key and we are so very lucky to live in a place where women can have their own lives and not be bound to mean hateful men. We don't have to marry and have babies if we don't want to. We can stay single and not worry about men ... we can seek our own happiness with doing what we love to do. Women who live like this do not have the problems of women who must marry to have a life. Isn't it nice to marry for LOVE and come together and create a new life from that love? Instead of being forced to marry for convenience?

I suppose it has its purpose... and some women still want to be kept... but you better have a subservient attitude if you want to please your man... because if a man is supporting you... you don't want to piss him off to much... he will not want you around anymore.

I am so happy for my sisters who are able to make their own life and be happy doing their own thing... not having to depend on a man and babies to make them happy. But also remember that people are different... some actually love being married and having babies... this is sure great for people who want to do that. But not necessary these days.

It is nice to follow the American dream... as long as people do not abuse one another.

Jesus teaches us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... how can someone love someone and abuse them... truth be told a person who abuses knows nothing of true love... when you love someone you do not want them to feel pain. You don't want to hurt them at all.

You simply want to LOVE THEM...

When love turns to hate... it was never true love at all... but only a facsimile of love.

True love... LOVES...

... is never mean or hateful...

Do not be fooled...

... and you wont be hurt again.

GOD Bless us.... Everyone!