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Monday, March 23, 2015

Beyond Jesus

I feel like my job as MotherPope is to try to simplify things of the spirit... its not so bad because I always pray before writing and it just takes off... even tho its my fingers doing the typing... it is GODS spirit that moves me... motivates me... makes me get up at 5am with a blog in my head! HAHAHA... You know it really doesn't matter to me tho, because when I am on GODS side... I know HE is on mine!

My thoughts today are about what goes on after you accept Jesus and you gain GODS SPIRIT within your own heart and mind! We must remember what Jesus told the woman with multiple husbands that she was forgiven... "now go and sin no more!"

Surely, what brought us to Jesus is the desire to do things the right way!

I mean, if you really don't care... and you love the sin your in... well you go on with your bad self and don't come whining when things fall apart for you! Like so many do... because here's the problem, some proclaim Jesus for to be seen of the PEOPLE... or certain people... because around other people those 'half hearts' would never even mention the name of Jesus!

But we're not talking about them today. They can go and do all the wrong evil stupid stuff they want to... and believe me, they will soon suffer the results of their ungodly wandering ways.

OUR knowledge has been around since... uhhh... 4-ever!

We have kept track... and GOD told us what not to do. Well, I guess it was to much for some people to read and understand... or maybe they just didn't care...   So then GOD sent us Jesus to make it simple for us... Just LOVE ONE ANOTHER... because then you would not do the terrible things to other people, especially to other people who trust us.

I believe the trouble comes when some of us get confused on what GODS love actually is. We get all caught up in lust and self love that we forget that it's not about us as individuals so much as it is about ... US... as a united PEOPLE with the GOD of LOVE leading and guiding us by HIS SPIRIT!

But beyond loving each other... hmmmm... well before we go there... I want us to understand... that, with all due respect to the great and lovely Whitney Houston... God rest her soul... she was a human blessed by GOD who lost touch with her reality. Sad sad sad... :( but... the greatest love of all is NOT self love... loving yourself to the point where your food and your clothes and your stuff has always got to be the best and the most perfect... to show everyone else how great you are... no, no, no... the greatest love of all is the ability to love others more than yourself. We are so into this ME ME ME general thinking... and then of course some have all the admiration for the one voted most rich or most beautiful. Not the way of GOD...  But don't you see this 'self love'... is putting your self more important then the GOD of LOVE who tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... ...Hmmmm... I am thinking of a religion whose god tells them to love themselves more than others... and I think that's just the wrong thing to do. GOD says, WE ALL matter!

Now, just as the Islamic Imams are calling out for 'lone wolves' to attack and kill... I am going to ask people to act out on their own to 'help others' when they see the need! (for every action, there will be a reaction!)

Years ago, Amy Grant used to sing to GOD... "I only have to do what I can find." And this is key.

But how bout this... This call goes out to all of GODS children who are rich and want to do good for GOD... go to the places where poor people hang out... sit in the room where they do their paperwork to get govt assistance... look around... when you see 1 woman struggling with children... CHOOSE HER... take her and help her... or... buy many many gift cards from Walmart where they can get food and stuff and pass them out to poor people... and those of you who can really afford it... reach out to the ones living on the street... find them an apartment and pay for a year... help them find a job...

If you find someone you really trust and proves to have GODS spirit... give them a credit card... buy them a home or a car... whatever you see that they need!

Let the spirit move you to do good things for others who need it... and do it without thinking twice... do not expect them to pay it back... do not ask them for anything... because whatever you do for people in need... it is like you are doing it to Jesus!

There are so many people in need... and then there are so many people with so much they don't know what to do with it all. I hope you heed GODS call!

I love the Holidays... they are fun, and colorful and just make life more interesting... but... I don't celebrate them. For I feel we should have the spirit of giving and thanksgiving... everyday!

Give with JOY in your heart... and with thanks to GOD for leading you to a place where you can really do some good for THE PEOPLE!

And when you are led by GOD... you will not be led to the people who are evil and corrupt... just talk to them a little bit... GOD will give you discernment to know which have that 'entitlement mentality' and which have that true 'humble gratefulness' that comes from the spirit of GOD... just as a righteous rich person should be grateful to GOD for the gifts that they are given and allowed to share!

In loving one another you have love and respect for your elders... or I should say your 'righteous elders'... run run run fast, away from your evil elders!

When it comes to all the evil in the world... we stay away from it... we do not partake in those ways that have been proven to be bad over the years... and years... and years. How many times in the world has it been said... "I'm sorry, I was drunk!"

OK... now that doesn't mean you mustn't drink... it just means you should drink only a little... to where you always have control of your heart and mind and body. Because you know... its all about self control... because it's good to control the urge to have sex with the neighbor or a co worker... sure it would be fun and exciting... but hardly proper!

Sure sometimes you want to smack the crap out of someone... HEY... I have those thoughts too! I really do! Honest! But... I know its all about CONTROLLING MYSELF! And so I never smack them, even when I want to so badly! We know that old violent ways don't work... they have a rebound effect on the children of defiance... with a 'gonna get you back' attitude, which leads to too many children killing parents. Another serious chapter in the book...

But hey, wanna go out dancing and partying with your friends on a Friday or Saturday? HEY, you young folk... have fun! But don't get so stupidly drunk that you lose control and do something you will regret later... you see this is where its about having the spirit of GOD inside your heart and mind telling you that it is wrong to lose your mind to the drink and do things with your body that you know you shouldn't because the consequences could be catastrophic!

So after you find your love for Jesus... its all about knowing right from wrong and trying not to do the wrong stuff anymore... and boy do I have some stories for ya on that subject... but best save it for another time! :)

Loving Jesus is the first and foremost thing that changes our direction to finding GOD... and understanding the legacy of Jesus will be what keeps HIM ALIVE within the spirit of THE PEOPLE!

GOD Bless us, Everyone! And I want to say a special prayer for Ted Cruz... who I see as the next JFK... or Ronald Reagan, or a mix of the 2!

GOD save America!



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