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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Satans Sins

What a crazy day for news!

Today in downtown Houston a man stole an ambulance, drove off and crashed into a pole or another vehicle... cant remember which as there was another accident at the same time and I don't remember which hit the pole and which hit the other vehicle... but anyway, that's beside the point! When he got out, he told people that 'God told him to do it'!

This is a classic example of how Satan can use a human to work against GOD. Now, how many people will hear that and say something negative about GOD???... again... and they do it because they do not know or understand GOD!

Right off the top, we know that GOD tells us 'not to steal'... so a man of GOD would of never stole any vehicle in the first place... GOD would never tell us to do something that HE has always said was a sin... if we follow this mans crazy logic, it would mean that GOD is telling us to sin... well, we ALL know who is telling us to sin!... We know its that lying thief himself... Satan!

Remember, its all different for different people... but this man has never known GOD... or if he ever did, he has fallen away and is listening to Satan... remember GOD and Satan are both here in spirit... they are both telling you to do this or that... always throwing ideas at you to either catch or not catch... in our hearts and minds we have to sort it all out. And GOD has given us a HUGE heads up on the bad habits of Satan... so we know that it is Satan who tells us to sin!

Again... ISIS has gone into another ancient place and destroyed it. This is another lie of Satan... he loves it when he can make a human be destructive and disrespectful to others! Satan is dancing in the streets with joy when he sees his servants destroy old churches and other places that are sacred!

Another example of Satans antics is the news of Hillary Clintons private email being used for uhhhh... what?  Now if it was NOT such a big deal, why didn't she use her proper govt email address? Now I am not pointing my finger at Hillary herself as I know for a fact it was Satan using someone to encourage her to do it. I just don't think Hillary is that stupid to come up with the idea on her own... someone seduced her into doing that, so that they would have access to her personal space. Now I know it goes deeper than that... but you get the idea I'm sure!

And one more example... those loco Bokos down in Africa, are at it again... I think they are seeing their end is near... I think they know that the whole world is against them... trouble is... they really don't care! And I am sure we will see many more go out the hard way. And we must not fret when we see them going down... yeah they are humans... yeah they got families... but when you make Satan the god of your life... well... it is written and proclaimed here today... 'your gonna go down'... and will live in the hell that Satan has created with all his lies and murders and destructions.

Even as we know that Satan is out there throwing all sorts of bad ideas at us... we know by the spirit of GOD that it is Satan... and he is wrong... and a stupid sinner himself... who takes delite in bringing as many humans down with him as possible! And he will be laughing at you when you discover that there IS a spiritual world... and you denied it all that time... and suddenly discover there is not another chance... you blew it!

Don't listen to Satan.. he will lead you down the road to ruin!

Instead live with LOVE leading and guiding you into the way that is good!

GOD has promised us the comforter... which is the Holy Ghost... which is the spirit of GOD that is living and breathing in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE!

Be a child of GOD, with Jesus HIS seed... sown for the salvation of our souls...

And you will find the way that is good...

And you WILL then... know GOD!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!



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