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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hard Hearted Habits

It's a crying shame that we have developed such habits to where we start hating and hurting others.

By now we should know what will bring us good results and what will bring us bad results.

It breaks my heart to see the LOVE that is trampled underfoot simply because people are to stubborn to forgive. If GOD can forgive us when we need it... we should forgive others when they need it.

I know, it's hard to know the difference between the ones who are blowing smoke and the ones who mean it. But the truth is, we should forgive because that is what Jesus tells us to do.

It takes the weight off our shoulders and enables us to let it go! No longer bound to hate.

I have been thinking about how there are to many people who are strong in their stubbornness, refusing to compromise. To bad too, because reality could be so different if we could just learn to be kind. Forgiving others when they mess up. For we know we have messed up a time or 2.

It is a sad world where some succumb to the belittling and abuse of others. And they are happy to live with it. Its like they cant see their life any different!

But this is not the way we should be.

GOD has warned us about the hardening of our hearts, we all need to learn how to LOVE!

Oh I know... I find myself hating too... Oh yes... I sure do have some hate going on for a certain few people... and that is because of the abuse and the stupidity of the ones who refuse to let go of the evil in their lives and they carry it over to others... an when that affects me... oh yes, believe me 'I hate'!

But the thing we must remember is we are all 'not perfect' we all have those feelings... and there are many that will keep us from our rightful place with GOD... IF we allow them to.

So its best to keep life simple... love unconditionally... if someone you love messes up... PLEASE don't stop loving them... PLEASE start forgiving them. But also beware... they could be trouble for you if you allow them to be. So its best to follow Jesus and let HIM be the one who rules your life... the one who rules your soul... because Jesus stood for truth and justice and the wonderful ability to love someone through their sin. Like we say these days... hate the sin... love the sinner... and have hope that one day they will see the light too!

So we must never give up on them... oh, but be aware... that some are 'beyond repair'... as GOD gives some up to a reprobate mind, we should all be aware that some will never change. Some will stay hard hearted and be mean and refuse a compromise. But which is which, is not for us to know... only GOD knows the hearts and minds of the people, HE is the one to pass judgement.

When people started wanting a divorce... it was not the way that GOD wanted... because GOD wants us to find the love of our youth and stay with them only through thick and thin...  our whole life and be a family... and we know this is true even today... we feel betrayed if we marry and then find out our love was cheating, (was not real).

I watch Maury and Jerry Springer... I know how some people are... mean and hateful... and hard... very hard hearted. And this is why GOD allowed us to get divorced... so we wouldn't have to live with a mean abusive person, which too many people have become mean and abusive. And it is sad to see some live with the abuse, simply because they don't know any other way.

I grew up with abuse... and so when I married, I married men who abused me, because that was what I was used to... my mother was terribly abusive to us. She would strip us naked and beat us until we would bleed, because that was the purpose. But I also knew my mother loved me... she was always standing up for me when someone tried to hurt me... but it was allowed for her to hurt me. Which was very confusing to me, back then.

My older sister used to say that one day we would grow up and we wouldn't have to live like that any more... we would dream of a different world while sleeping on the kitchen floor next to the iron heater next to the wall. It was a hard life back then.

Its terrible that some people pick up that mean streak.

I always wanted a home and family... something I never really had with my mother marrying 8 or more times... corrupt horrible evil men... it was a nightmare... it was a miracle I survived.

But all 3 times that I married... all three men hit me... and verbally abused me. The second one beat me really bad... kicked me and punched me... gave me bloody lips and noses... black eyes and bruises all over my body... he was a drunk idiot. And so I am glad that GOD gave us a way to escape...

There is some religion where wife beating is allowed... and that is when the wife has a different opinion than her esteemed husband. Oh its a mess everywhere... but it is terrible to live in a place where you can legally beat your wife. Thank GOD some PEOPLE know a real man never puts a harsh hand on his woman... he cuts off her credit cards instead!

People have a habit of playing around with whoever wants to play. Living loose and free... but this lifestyle will only bring you pain. Try to avoid this at all costs.

And women should know, that these days we don't have to get married... we can have our own life whatever we want it to be... education is key and we are so very lucky to live in a place where women can have their own lives and not be bound to mean hateful men. We don't have to marry and have babies if we don't want to. We can stay single and not worry about men ... we can seek our own happiness with doing what we love to do. Women who live like this do not have the problems of women who must marry to have a life. Isn't it nice to marry for LOVE and come together and create a new life from that love? Instead of being forced to marry for convenience?

I suppose it has its purpose... and some women still want to be kept... but you better have a subservient attitude if you want to please your man... because if a man is supporting you... you don't want to piss him off to much... he will not want you around anymore.

I am so happy for my sisters who are able to make their own life and be happy doing their own thing... not having to depend on a man and babies to make them happy. But also remember that people are different... some actually love being married and having babies... this is sure great for people who want to do that. But not necessary these days.

It is nice to follow the American dream... as long as people do not abuse one another.

Jesus teaches us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... how can someone love someone and abuse them... truth be told a person who abuses knows nothing of true love... when you love someone you do not want them to feel pain. You don't want to hurt them at all.

You simply want to LOVE THEM...

When love turns to hate... it was never true love at all... but only a facsimile of love.

True love... LOVES...

... is never mean or hateful...

Do not be fooled...

... and you wont be hurt again.

GOD Bless us.... Everyone! 


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