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Monday, March 16, 2015

Stereotyped, Stigmatized and Condemned

It's so hard for me to believe we still have such a corrupt system. But in my heart I can feel THE PEOPLE rising up to straighten the way... for we need to be straightened out for sure!

I have already written about how the law became corrupt in this matter... so I wont spend a lot of time doing that. Because the point I need to make today is that we still got it backwards!

I would love to see a reality show... well, as a matter of fact, I can actually see it in the spirit... so that tells me that prob one day it will happen... if it wasn't it would be covered with black splotches... now I know that sounds crazy but this is what I do... what GOD has gifted me with... that's why I always come in here to write it all down... and I thank you for reading... you know most all GODs workers have been a little uuummmmmm... out of this world! HAHAHA... so anyways...

I would love to see a reality show showing two places... sorta like WifeSwap... only in these two places there would be drinkers in one... and all that goes with that... and the other place would be all and only potsmokers... and all that goes with that! Oh... wow... I can see it now... different people from different places... calling in wanting to do the show... like Big Brother... and let the chips fall where they may... so that ALL can see the results!

Now... I am feeling like I should not talk about the differences... we just need to SEE them!

OK, here is some truth... the #2 woman that I have been writing about the past couple of months is actually my daughter... and for years... evil people have used lies and partial truth to call into CPS... for various reasons... but, they were all because they got mad at her. Now as her mother, it has been horrible on me too... about 6 years ago, CPS made my daughter go to drug classes... and because she lived with me and she was a minor... that got me involved too... and we all know by now that I am a advocate for the thing that grows from a seed and fulfills a need... (I grew up in hell and have had many pharmaceuticals prescribed to me... but they made me into a zombie)! Well... I did do a urine test and THC was found... but it was at such low levels that I passed a urine test just 2 weeks later... and that was because I am NOT what they think I am, I do not lay around all day making smoking pot my top priority. They categorize all pot smokers into 1 lump... and you have to remember... only some are actually 'bad people'... and they are usually doing way more than just smoking pot, many do very well with their life! You see, when I went to the drug classes with my daughter, (they had to put us into separate classes something about not opening up in front of each other)... but when I was there, we were laughed at... people were there for some really terrible drugs, PCP... Heroin... and other horrible stuff...  and when I had to say... "Hello my name is Nancy and I am here because Im a pot smoker and have smoked pot since 1972"... OMG... were we ever laughed at! Even the owner/manager of the place called me into her office one day and I told her my story, she told me to "never stop fighting"... I think she understood that I was not the person 'the system' thought I was. Anyway... I felt the pity from them... and vowed I would never stop fighting for 'OUR' (the potsmokers) rights too!

Now look around! See the laws changing?

It is STUPID to have a law against something such as cannabis... that could be and SHOULD BE grown in our gardens! It is NOT what some people think it is... who have no experience with it. I do understand that many people who have never smoked it, continue the law that was created against it, oh about 100 years ago! Good honest people have been raised up by good honest people and simply continue the law... simply because they were taught that way.

But that's not the way it should be!

Something I find very hard to wrap my head around is that gays have come out of the closet, but potsmokers are still hiding in it! Really freaks me out!

Now, many PEOPLE are coming into our system with the real knowledge that 'pot' is way over rated... and some know that the murder that was committed back on 1903 that caused legislation to pass this ridiculous law in the first place... was based on a cover up and a lie.

And so many are suffering because people want to play judge and jury on something they know nothing about! It is about time we correct this... because I am really tired of CPS stereotyping us...  my daughter is a good person... and I need to say something that I really don't want to... but I must speak the truth... my daughter... was a simple 'pot smoker'... she was a little lazy but kept up on her stuff... I helped her out a lot... because I have always done things for her... and I love making her life better than mine... remember I swept her floor and gave her my mattress when her babies daddy took his bed and moved out... (it didn't turn out good for him when he discovered that it was me who was sleeping on the floor... not my daughter) ...

So like I was saying... she was a typical pot smoker... always keeping up... then she had the baby... and I have written about this before so skipping to a 'trace of THC' found leading to them taking all her children away... screaming... wailing... it was gut wrenching... and hard to believe they would do this in this day and age... and shortly after this... her new born babies father... passed away in her bed... (more on that later) and now she is seeing a psychologist, which is actually really good considering what she has been through... but now she is on... Prozac... Klonipin... and Ambien... and now... she is like a zombie... doesn't care about much of anything... and sleeps most the time. And when she is awake, she's not really awake... you know? Like alert? It is a real serious change and I don't think its a change for the better! It would be much much better if they would just give her the cannabis back! She was not a zombie back then.

Hey, we could grow that in our back yard if it was legal! And another benefit... y'all know my family lives in poverty... we made a smidgen over $17 grand this past year... so my daughter has medical paid for by the hard working taxpayers... and she is prescribed these man made pills that cost the tax payers... thousands of dollars a year! (And I do thank the American people for that... I appreciate her having the medical)... not like me, I will try not to cost you a dime... I will die instead of being able to get medical. Which many people have done, as they slip through the cracks of our system. It is sad that we have such a great nation and such a poor run system.

But I must confess... I do have hope in THE PEOPLE... because we are basically GOOD... GODLY PEOPLE... and even, there are those who don't profess to be Godly, but follow Gods basic law anyway... and that is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... Sadly there are many who have turned their backs on GOD and religions because so much corruption has been exposed... and instead of understanding that humans are not perfect and they do sin... and forgiving them and helping them through rehab... they pass judgement and automatically think they are totally evil and throw them off the train... riding on that timely life line.

It is wrong that we categorize people. I remember my mother at least tried the pot before passing judgment and she said... "it was very over rated, it just enhances what ever mood your in."  HAHAHA no wonder many partyers want to smoke a 'doob'... it just makes the moment better!

Now, I actually feel like a victim. And in my heart I am so angry at the way things are. Having my grandchildren ripped out of my house because my daughter smoked a joint a couple months ago. Its really crazy... as hard as I try to do everything... to the point of exhaustion... because you see... my life is all about others... I take to heart the message of Jesus... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELP EACH OTHER OUT! You see this is why Jesus is so special... you can simply wrap his message up in a tidy note that anyone... even a 7 year old, can understand! I wake up early... for other people... I love helping the children... do you honestly think that 'pot' would be a higher priority to me than the children??? Huh?  I say... NEVER!

What is life all about? I say its the PEOPLE... the people you love and who love you... different for different people... but one day... we will ALL come together with one thought... and that would be the legacy of the man, Jesus... the one who taught us that its not 'the religious' who hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven!   And... because he specifically died for us... ALL OF US... not just a chosen few...  so that instead of sacrificing for sin... WE rehabilitate!

And we help each other to overcome the ills of this life...

Through... learning to LOVE one another.

Which is something I always give to the children... true unconditional LOVE... other than a clean home, and clean clothes and good foods and vitamins... so now, they are missing out on my love... taken away by people who have no clue... who are only doing their job like they're told to do.

Such an injustice :(

GOD Bless us... Everyone!   IJCNA


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