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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Respecting Religions

When I was little and lived in hell... nobody came and told me the way out. Our secrets were so hidden, nobody knew the pain that I was in, as I learned to repress it and keep it a secret. I think it was because I was ashamed of it. Sure, I had friends who had normal families, I did see here and there things that made me believe in a better world.

But for a kid...  their world is all they know. They don't know that there are so many people out there who want to help them. Throughout my childhood... I think there were a few teachers who stopped to take a good look at me, but I had gotten so good at holding in my pain and suffering... how could they know unless I'd let it show?

I have always been alone inside... no one close to me... the ones who were supposed to love me the most, my mother and dad... were not there for me. Well I never knew my dad till I was about 9... and my mother was... well, she was my mother. Thank GOD for my Grandparents, who didn't know me that well either... but they did the best they could to show me the right way to live.

You know, I really don't blame any of them for my suffering. In fact I praise GOD that I went through it, because it made me who I am today... a survivor! A real life survivor.

It was a real nightmare... haunting me in my dreams... and continued to be most all my life. Until a few years ago and I finally conquered my demons. It was a hard road.

Alas, I cannot go back and change anything.

Truth is... there is good and evil in the world for us to choose from. We can live in darkness, making the same mistakes over and over again... or we can find a way to get out!

My day dream as a little girl was always to get out and live like the other kids... with normal families who cared deeply about their children... in my heart I felt like no one cared deeply about me.

OK I'm gonna save all that for the bio... but my point is... I was living in a very terrible state and is probably why I have anxiety problems. My Doc feels like I am dealing with PTSD from it all. And I am. I know I am... I can never erase those horrible memories :(

So in my dark despair... I began to search for an escape...

Oh I looked everywhere... I went to a Methodist church with my Grandparents when I was with them. It was a huge church and it made me feel so small, but accepted me as their own, lots of good people were in that church... when I got a little older my sis and I used to walk to Sunday school and church at the neighborhood Baptist church... I learned the big mystery of GOD with words like... Jesus Loves you... and gave his life for you. And the people were good people... but still I kept my secrets.

Throughout my life I have gone to many different churches... read many different religious books, met many different people from all walks of life. And now as a Grandma... I see things differently than when I was a kid. My world is no longer limited to my pain.

As I got older and I got baptized in the name of Jesus... I began a more serious search, because now... GOD was with me! He might of been a small entity to me back then... but over the years as I have gotten closer to HIM... wow... you cant even imagine how big HE really is!

And me? HAHAHA... I wake up talking to GOD... and go to bed talking to GOD... as GOD loves it when we 'pray without ceasing'! We are in constant communion with HIM and HE never leaves us. Not like HE used to have to do with the ones of old... and some of the ones today... GOD hurts from the ones HE has lost to the dark side.

Now in my life... I never took things to seriously, that others told me because in my mind, I knew there was probably something that they were not telling me (just like I wasn't telling them). So I wanted to find out for myself! So I started reading my Bible... myself... to learn it... for me... I've read it 7 times over in my life... some parts I have read thousands of times over... reading for myself... with GODS spirit inside... it showed me a whole new world! Now, I would suggest if your going to start reading the Bible for yourself, please start at Matthew... read the new testament first because that is the covenant we have with GOD for today! Yes, read the old testament after you have read the new one, its gonna be a bit hard to deal with as there is some terrible things back then... but then again... there is still terrible things going on today. But the old testament should be used to school us on the ways of old. Not something we do today. Its totally different now than it was back then. One biggie... we no longer sacrifice for sin.

I would like to point out that the most important difference between the old and the new testament is... in the old... GOD would only dwell within certain few, who spoke and led the people... but sadly men become corrupt... so GOD had to make a way so that we all have equal access to HIM... so HE took HIS spirit out from behind a veil.. and sent Jesus to have and disperse HIS spirit... which is the HOLY GHOST... to comfort us in our hardship and pain... we are so blessed to live in this age! I mean... when we get the word around the world... and simply explain its about a common spirit... doesn't matter color, custom or creed...

We are led by LOVE...

Now this is something deep... that not a lot of people have talked about. In fact, I don't ever recollect anyone talking about the 7 spirits of GOD that is talked about in Revelations.

So who are we to judge one another?

I believe it was men who created 'religions' to control the people... keep them like minded. Which is OK... but of course... the spirit of GOD is not in all religions! You can find peace and happiness in many religions... but you can only FIND GOD through Jesus... why?

Because the message he gave... and his life that he gave... an innocent good man sacrificed because of lies and arrogance of some of the 'religious men' to show their corruption... now I had to think in men's terms here... that led me to the understanding of the root of why men want to hold onto such ancient barbaric practices... that yeah they did way back when...

But what of the now???

How bout TODAY... because this is the day that GOD has allotted to us... What are we going to do with the life that GOD has given us?

Because GOD is the GOD of the living... the GOD of LIFE... every time a child is born GOD shows us that there will be LIFE!

And loving that life is what HE wants us to do...

But when we create problems through our high minded mistakes... its hard to love life.

We have been told from the beginning... the 10 commandments... in fact our laws are based on these things. But then... here came Jesus to say... 'Hey... this is the way..."  And he teaches us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... and HELP EACH OTHER OUT!


Now either ya get it... or ya don't.

Its all a personal road we must travel... you can walk it alone... sure you can... and you will live and die... but you would not have GODS spirit... so how can you go home to GOD? You don't... and that is the second death... and that is, death of the spirit... when GOD says... "I never knew you!"

Its a private thing to be chatting with GOD... HE will tell you the truth of all things... HE will show you in unimaginable ways the truth of HIS existence. No one else can show you GOD... you must find HIM on your own... and when you do... you WILL know it! Its a private personal relationship...

But that doesn't mean you are all alone... for GOD gives out HIS spirit to all who call on HIM in the name of Jesus... and there is where we find...

Its all about the LOVE, Man!

The love of man... the love of WE THE PEOPLE!

United by LOVE for one another!

Remember... 7 SPIRITS of GOD...

All finding their way to LOVE... and when you find that LOVE... you realize there is respect and honor among all people!

Well, I thought that I was done... but GOD says there is something else...

Islam... an ancient religion... GOD is telling me that Allah is one of the 7 spirits... and pleads with the people to find the LOVE...   For LOVE is not all about hating others... why do you hate so much? GOD has nothing to do with hating... and you are hating the Jews... another one of the 7 spirits of GOD! And GOD is very angry with your arrogance and your selfish visions... and will fight till all 7 spirits come together into one accord with HIS spirit unto completion!

You are doing things wrong if you are following hate and violence... you will never know peace... your joy in destruction is only the joy of the evil one coming out in your soul... please don't accept the dark ideas... be enlightened... its about the LOVE! When you are hanging a gay or fornicator... or throwing a gay off the building, or stoning an adulteress... you are not showing love or respect for the FREEDOM of the PEOPLE...

You are following a OLD long ago habit of men trying to control men... through fear and violence.

We are in the AGE OF THE SPIRIT... the spirit that LOVES and CARES... not judges and condemns... GODS majority will still find your actions of hate and greed and arrogance an abomination unto HIM. And as long as you follow the dark side you will never win.

Because in the end... we know GOD wins... and LOVE will be the key to our success!

I can see it happening today, seeing people caring about others... rich people caring about the poor people... as well as the poor people caring about the rich people, who are able to help them!

The problems come when hate spreads among the people.

We must stop the hating... and overcome hate with LOVE!

Now some may want to live in the dark side... if they want to, we must let them! They will suffer for their own sins. Or as we say in Texas... "God'll get em'..."

Respecting other peoples customs and habits is good. As we are a diverse world... and isn't it great there are differences? Life would be so boring if we were all alike! Viva la differance...however the French say it! I am part French HAHAHA :)

For ourselves... we do not hate... we do not cause pain to others... simply because we love them and don't want to cause them pain... we want to help them to become better people... we don't just throw people away like that... we must love and care in order to instill loving actions in others.

The root of GOD is found in LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

But at the same time... until Islam gives up the sacrificing for sin... we must always be aware that they see all others as ungodly and feel it is their job unto Allah to annihilate all his non believers... well... unless they can pay money. Hmmmmm...

Now I know... I can see... there are Muslims who know that to murder in this fashion is not any part of loving life... loving each other... and they want things to be different... but they can't talk about it. Because those ancient barbaric horrible habits would come back on them and they would also be murdered in cold blood. Not every Muslim wants Sharia Law... in fact there are people working to get Sharia Law taken out of Islam... so that they may become updated with LOVE and the FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE to choose and love democracy! Many want to just catch up with the rest of the world!

So now we know that anyone who professes to know GOD and still murders for sin... does not in fact know GOD and needs to start their own search.

When I see all these people going on killing sprees... when I see men sexually assault children... I know that they do NOT know GOD. Remember? We know them by their actions... they are dark and evil people who allow the dark side to take over... usually for selfish purposes and we are not blinded to that truth.

Many people from many places can be hiding their evil behind many religions... but that doesn't mean they are all bad. For all intents and purposes... GOD is ALIVE and well within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... all 7 of HIS different spirits!

Don'tcha just love diversity?

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA


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