Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, November 23, 2018

New News

Things are getting pretty heated up these days.

And as we watch with our mouths hanging open at the atrocities in the world... we need to remember that at the same time more and more people are becoming more and more what GOD wants us to be.

Regardless of color or creed or doctrine or tradition!

GOD is not all about the OUTSIDE of people... GOD is about the INSIDE of people!

So many people worry about how they look to others on the outside... but don't give a care what GOD sees on their inside.

So many don't even think that GOD is there watching their insides... I am not talking about your innards... not talking about your bowels or organs. I am talking about your soul!

What you see and feel when you close your eyes!

Do you have a spirit of GOODNESS as GOD has told us about? Or do you have a spirit of horribleness that the Devils convince you that you need, to get by in the world!

It's much better for good sleep to have a clear happy mind when you lay down.

I go through moments where I can see men... seeking power over the people. Notice I say men? Cause a real woman would only want to have power over herself. And that's also true about men.

GODLY men only seek power over their own soul. Greedy arrogant men seek to control others.

I am amazed at how some people lead good godly lives and don't even realise they are doing what GOD wants them to do! I am very happy for these types of people... following a good path by choice and not because someone put a label on them. GOD I wish I was apart of that crowd of people... they learn goodness without labels from good parents and family who simply choose to do good because it feels so much better than doing bad.

Doing bad always entails hurting other people... whether known or unknown.

Doing bad is as simply as following a bad idea.

Doing good is quite the opposite. Doing good is simply following what has been tried and true and known to be 'THE GOOD LIFE'

A lot of us wonder why we can't seem to have the good life... when at the same moment it's most likely our own selves that keeps us from it. Bad choices makes for bad consequences every time!

Like... Drug obsession will most likely always lead to heart explosion!

We know because some caring adult has told us the truth about this way of life. Or we see the victims piling up in the morgue.

Which leads me to the fact that also some people only teach their kids to do bad, mean things. Because a kid lives what they learn in most cases. For me all the mean violence I saw, it made me NOT want to live like that!

But for too many there is no one to teach them the good things... I was blessed by GOD to have had my Grandparents! They were what I call PPP's... Practically Perfect People!

People who know GODS laws and no matter how they're feeling they follow GODS path and let it pass.


Have you ever noticed that the crowd who chooses to do good they have a good life?

Well see my mother did teach me to do bad. And there have been times that I have done things that I would of never done had I not had the mother that I had. But at the end of the day I had GOD. And HE has always been there for me. I have always noticed in my crazy life that GOD was always there in a pinch!

I LOVE that I have a personal relationship with GOD and I don't need any man or woman to tell me the way... GOD within will always direct your path to that which is good!

Now before I go any farther let me say... I am not against religions... they were originally good and most are still good and there is only a few that went astray. Now a religion is a form of words that we call a doctrine. It is an old way of life and has always meant to be good. Even our own USA documents were inspired by Godly men. Godly men who loved and protected... THE PEOPLE.

Now some religions are set up to fool and con the righteous man to give his all to the church. And that's OK if the church is not corrupt. But if they are trying to con you about some god in the sky and makes you wait for some man to come gliding out of the worldly sky... keeping you hooked coming back for more mysterious words... well they are not the type of people that GOD has commissioned. Beware of a god who loves only under condition!

I believe there are a lot of places out there who are inspired by the GOD... Yahweh. I mean that's as far back as I can go with officially naming men of GOD. But I'm sure I could come up with some more that GOD could show me.

You will know them by their attitude and how they treat people.

Thinking about the real people who are not treating people very well.

They could be a kid who is lost in this cruel world... it could be a man led by men who live to control men no matter what. Like how the Germans shot babies to death around WW2... most of those people are dead now. But they will not be glorified by GOD because they did not acknowledge Jesus and the meaning of his death and why we should not be killing people just for some idea of a perfect race. Ohhh its a really crazy story... you should read about it someday.

Oh... by the way... I just want to clear up the notion that some religious people have, that someday there will be no races... only one type of people. Now I asked GOD about this and HE said NO.  That long ago HE taught us to respect our people of different races. It was the evil men who started the degradation of racism when there were slaves who were made to feel inferior. And the emotion was passed down to the young ones even when it wasn't happening to them.

I believe that GOD will forever foresee that every race is unique and beautiful!

I hate to see someone or someone's degrading others for any reason.

But to look down on someone cause of their skin color... is crazy... and it's all flipping in the public today. Blacks against whites... Asians against Mexicans. And visa versa.  Totally uncalled for! Anyone causing you to feel any of these feelings... well... they're leading you astray, my peeps!

Did you catch what I just wrote above?

GOD believes in and sees the unique beauty in ALL of us...

And GOD will always have those families who believe it is right to marry their own kind... I mean GOD said it... 'Reproduce and multiply, after your own kind!' You see that is for ALL of us. Now... is it a bad thing to marry out of your race?...  well, GOD gives us FREEDOM... so if you want to marry out of your race... if you are in love with someone who is different... GOD wants you to be happy in the place that you choose.... but you know first your gonna have to get your momma and daddy to know that you do have the freedom to choose. But... and if you do that. Please understand that many bloodlines want you to do what GOD says and reproduce after your own kind.

I love that RESPECT is a huge deal to GOD.

We respect each other even if we disagree.


Now... I want to talk about that flood of people trying to get in the USA.

First of all... Law says they have no right to come here.

Now... that being said... know that there are some people who are trying to conquer the world. They want to implement laws to take away our voice our guns and our homes. Even now there are evil men working to accomplish this task. One world order they call it. I don't believe that this is the right thing and we as a people will always fight to keep America free and also fight to free others who still live in bondage.

This force has already gotten into Mexico... among other places. And the strange thing is they think they are doing the right thing. It's a religious issue for them and they love to die to make a statement.

Now death is not of GOD...

GOD is the god of the living.

Jesus said let the dead bury the dead.

GOD inspires us to LOVE one another... do GOOD to one another... HELP each other out!

It's really simply. Very kind loving actions...

Any thing that is good and honest and joyful is of GOD!

Invasions are so outdated.

Those men who are hanging out at the gates... waiting to get into the USA... should know that you don't break into or force yourself into a place where you are seeking help. Someone is telling these people things that are not true. I heard one lady say... "we got problems of our own"

The most that will happen is the invasion will continue to force itself on... but we all know this goes against what GOD wants... so we know they will eventually fail.

We all know already that they get in and either sell drugs rape and murder... or suck us dry.

I wish I could whisper to all the young women out there... Don't let a man plant his seed... you will not his priority anymore. My Grandmother used to say... "Keep a dime between your knees"... these days we can say hold a dollar between your knees. HAHAHA...

Well... it's a matter of respect. They don't know respect.

And that goes back to the time when people fell away from GOD for various reasons. Kids aren't taught GODS ethics and morals and principals that have been laid out before the knowledge of men.

All we have to do is acknowledge there is something superior than us... and it's all the ones who have lived and died and gone to the light. We need to give them credit for warning us of impending evil of men.  And we ALL know it because we all share that SPIRIT of GOD that leads us and guides us through this twisted world.

We have to know what Adam and Eve found out that day they made clothes of leaves... and I won't go into another line about that... but fact is... WE KNOW GOD... there have been many people before us and will be many many coming after us.... and of course there's US...

Once we ask Jesus to come into our hearts and minds... we can see in the light which is the spirit... and eventually we have a GODS eye view!

As all this rumbles around in our heads... Please know...


Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!