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Monday, March 19, 2012

WOman, Inspired by God

Ive watched them fall
one by one...
all the great nations
under the sun...
and it was soon called
for all men to say...
'I think I will show love
as I go on my way'...
it caught on so quickly...
the people soon saw...
a new way to live...
a new way to SOLVE,
all the worlds problems
in one little quote,
upon the babe Jesus
our prayers of hope...
and soon all the people
will all live life free...
and be the great people
we were meant to be :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

At My Wits End? I think NOT!

I finally got myself out of the bed. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. Feeling lost and depressed. It seemed like everything was crashing in on me. I had posted on Yahoo... Altho I got 35 thumbs up... I also ruffeled a lot of feathers. Its hard to deal with the negativity. But I am reminded that the Bible says we shall be hated among men. And there was some who stuck up for me. God Bless Em...

And I saw where Pat Robertson came out and said we should legalize the weed! That made me feel better. Like someone is finally admitting that this natrual herb, which bears seed, is harmless. I know smoking anything is not good. But there are other ways to ingest to feel better. And remembering that just breathing the polluted air is bad for us. Eating foods with pesticides are bad for us. Fat and sugars... There is so much in life that is bad for us.

That was part of my depression in the bed.

It was a mix of many things that got me down.

I want to say here that I know there are many aspects/tribes of muslims... Islam has many sorts of people just like Christians have different sorts of people. And sometimes I do think Islam was originally a good thing. But somehow it became corrupt. But the whole world seems to have gone corrupt. At least in a lot of HIGH PLACES. I know for a fact that there is corruption here in Houston in HIGH PLACES. But the people have... and will... always police themselves. I can see the seeds growing in Islam to take away Sharia Law. And if that happens... then I guess I wont have to worry and complain anymore. But until then... as long as there is 1 woman suffering under Sharia... (and all that Sharia implies)... I will fight with them about it. Women should have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! A fine example is the spread of Sharia through the muslim brotherhood, to Morocco... a 16 year old girl has killed herself after being forced to marry her rapist to 'save her family honor'. So the girl eats rat poison... because she did NOT have the freedom to choose!

I feel this girl was reaching out to the world. Trying hard to get someones attention. She knew some people would not stand for this! And I will be among my sisters who stand together against the implimentation of sharia! A big part of my frustration was that people didnt understand the truth of Islam... well maybe now they do!

So, I see... I am not standing alone. By GOD I will stand together... with Pat Robertson... Free the weed! With this young 16 year old child, Amina... who chose to end her life rather than suffer under sharia. Another Christian woman awaits execution in Islamland for not converting to Islam. And I know there are many many more stories that are posted.

Yes, I was sad and depressed and questioned if it was all worth it. I can see where Islam is good in some things. But I also see that it has gone corrupt just like our own government has. Its time to make an overhaul.

I got out yesterday, after being depressed in the bed for 3 days. And one of the first people I meet is a close friend and neighbor whose son 'killed himself'... I cant imagine her pain. She said her husband said she needs to get over it... she says her marriage is in jepordy. I see her... up and getting stuff done... makes me feel like I am to soft. But I guess we all have our own crosses to bear. But this woman gave me such great hope... and we do what we always do. Pick ourselves up and keep on keeping on. Go with the flow, move with the groove...

Life is surely full of many sorrows. Its to bad that we cant realise that the problems are just going to get worse if we dont make changes. They have to start with personal reflection... are we being selfish and greedy? I know I can't live like that... and when others choose to... I just can't be apart of that.

I know that I will continue... doing what I do. Trying to talk some sense into people who are self centered sheeple. Pushed through this world... some living prosperous, when they choose to live right and have the cooperation with other family members. Some make serious mistakes that cause problems that could of been avoided if only the person would of listened to sensibilities.

I think one of the biggest problems is the lack of respect that the youth has been putting out there. Our children are being programmed like robots by this corrupt horrible media awareness... I wish we could ban revenge shows. Hate filled song lyrics... I wish we could ban those quick loan places. Now see, thats where Islam has a heads up on us. They dont charge interest on usery.

The USA wonders what we are going to do about the debt. Hmmm. How about stop the spending. Some things are neccesary. Like war. The muslims got me all upset at the misunderstanders... that I said something I really didnt mean. I posted to bring our troops home, meaning I was sick and tired of all the BS. People critiqe... we dont have troops in Syria. Well, duh... I know that... but we have troops over where ever helping the muslim brotherhood where ever they may be.

I hate labels. Sheeple put alot into labels. But the funny thing is... GOD doesnt!God doesnt care how many letters you have after your name... or what kind of car you drive... GOD doesnt even care about the beauty you have on your arm... or your fancy pools or country clubs. That is not what is going to get you into heaven.

It is about the loving care you invest in people. Did you spread LOVE? Or did you spread hate and gossip? Did you teach your kids to show respect? Or contempt?

Its all about you.

We each are born into this world to make our own personal choices. Well, that is, except the muslims... they give you no choice in Sharia. But in Genesis, which most people see as the beginning. (I dont) It was about personal choice. GOD told Adam and Eve not to do something, but gave them a personal choice to see if they would listen to HIM. And just like most teenagers and young adults, they dont want to listen. So whatever seduced Eve, some say it was a serpant, I think it was a man... (with the soul of a snake) but he only did that to defy GOD. I wonder if Satan ever gave GOD the apology HE deserved? I guess we will never know. Did he apologise or did he stalk off and remain defiant? Corrupting GODs plan.

I have said this before... and my Grandmother said it before me... 'you have your good an bad in every race'. Some people profess to be good but on the inside they are liars and cheaters and users and abusers. And its very hard to tell the bad from the good because the deception is so clever.

So here's a word to all you low class, evil, haters, the sharia loving muslims... no matter what end of the thread you weave... I will never let you get me down because my GOD has strength beyond measure... and even if I fail... a sister or a brother will fall right into my steps... we are all on a march to SERVE GOD! And for me... that is making people aware of the evils of the creeping 'sharia'...

Aware of corruption in all places. Even the CPS here in Houston. A simple web search can varify this. Things are not what they seem.

Right now everyone is hating on Assad... of Syria. I saw this mans interview with BB Walters. I just couldn't see evil in this man. I dont believe he is killing his own people. If his people are being murdered it is the muslim brotherhood.

You can see that Assads wife is not covered. Some muslims say he is a FALSE muslim. Well, GOOD! I am glad his texts were about American Idol and other entertainers... I am glad his wife was texting about 'shoes'. At least she isnt throwing acid or hot oil on her servants or spreading hate. She just doesnt seem like an evil person. These people are just like regular humans, I feel it in my bones.

And the haters are all over that like white on rice.

I have haters... why? Because of my mouth? People dont like the truth, do they?

I also have so many blessings in this world. A clean home, an old reliable car...good kids, beautiful grand children... And some really good personal friends!

I dont have to go to a place where people hate me... Because I choose to stand and fight for my sister! I do it because I am commited to GOD to do it. And I only hope that HE continues to favor me... (Thanks T an C and D and R) And even my mother, whom I haven't ever liked when I was a child.. I can now say, I like my mother and where she is in her personal search in this world. You see. I can live and let live. My son is an Athiest and my mother is a Wiccan... and who am I to tell them what to think or do?

I am free to be me. They are free to be whom they want to be too.

It is what it is.


Let it be...