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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sometimes I wonder about what is going on with me when I have to deal with the internal mental issues of life. Some people may think I am crazy when I say that I hear voices in my head. But the thing is... I think its actually normal. Think about it. Remember those old movies where a devil is on one shoulder and an angel is on the other? Well, there are 2 voices right there. And then of course we have our own self and so that's a voice too. So there you have a total of 3 voices that we can hear, if we are allowed to listen. One voice (spirit) is telling us to do bad things for selfish reasons and the other voice (spirit) is telling us to do good things for the benefit of others. And of course we have to decide whose advice we are going to follow. I often argue with the voices in my head. This does not make me crazy. It makes me what I am supposed to be, a human being with ideas and thoughts with the freedom to have the choice of doing good or bad... and hope for the wisdom to know the difference! We are a people who has choices to do right or wrong and to communicate and argue with the others. This doesn't make me upset or confused. And I certainly don't think I am crazy or psycho. It is so sad that these days you have to be afraid to talk about these issues. I am not afraid. People who know me, know the truth about who I am and how I am.

I honestly think it is the lie of man who convinces us we need medication if we hear voices. I honestly think it is the objective of the pharmaceutical companies to convince us we need to take their medicine for this purpose. Along with other pills for other purposes. It is their objective to make money selling pills. Most people just have the sense not to talk about this for fear of judgement. And others, they are just so entwined with one side or the other that it's all they hear and know. For they have no voice of their own. Only the voice of which they follow.

Now, I have all my voices straightened out for the most part. And I have my most prized resource... my HOTLINE TO GOD! And yes I DO talk to HIM. I am not strange or odd. I am not doing anything that anyone else couldn't do. Anyone, if they listen close enough can hear GOD. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the fight of good and evil... and of course I have to get my 2 cents in there too... it is hard to know who is talking. So that is when I have to stop talking and pay attention... God speaks the truth... of good things as it is HIS good pleasure. The devil speaks lies and tries to get you stirred up into hatred and revenge. And he gets pleasure at your downfall.

Sometimes its hard to step out on faith and believe in whats real when it seems like it isn't real. But it really is so you have to believe it cause if you don't, you too will fall. Not to worry... we just pick ourselves up and get right back on track... sorta like a good diet. *SMILE*

GOD is always there to show me the truth. Just this past Friday my daughter called me from a strange number very upset cause she had lost her phone. For hours I had to hear her rant... no matter what I said, she said I was stupid and making things worse. I looked to GOD and HE said... "Don't worry, she will find her phone and learn a lesson." Oh OK... so I went about what I was doing. Then soon enough I received a text from her, she had found her phone. And so I asked her with all her ranting and raging, who was she mad at? lol... she text back, 'myself' so that was her lesson. I didn't have to say anything more. Just smiled up at GOD, feeling the affirmation that HE IS THERE!

About 3 nights ago, a friend stopped by. Dave G. I met him a few years ago, he used to work with my son. He is older than my son, yet younger than me. Well, he came over and sat and chatted for an hour or so. Which he does a couple times a month. But this time... there was something he taught me! When he got up to leave, this is what he said. "Nancy, I always love to come and talk to you, your like a therapist, I think I need to start paying you!" You know, I just smiled... knowing that again GOD was reaffirming who I am as a person. Showing me that I am here for people who don't have anyone they can go to in times of need.

So, here I am. If you are feeling lost and alone, feel free to write to me. Send a SASE and I will write you back. This is free for anyone in pain. I know how you feel. I have been there.

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